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Username: Himalaya44
Job of Interest: Tekteker, Writer, Roleplayer
Experience: Tekteks;
The Athenian God of War-User Image
Gold and Black are BACK-User Image
70's Disco Demon-User Image
My Dream Avatar, but it's good-User Image

I am in a Semi-lit. Roleplay, and have a post here that is literate, and new:
Trokou quickly ran after the man, and held his swords still in hand. "LILY!" he screamed with terror. He threw one of katanas when he was within 100 meters of the thug, and it pierced his free arm. The man yelled, but continued to run, with his katana in his arm. Trokou quickly grabbed the blade of his katana, and reached it out to Lily. They were now in a long alleyway. He held the blade with both hands. "Grab it Lily!" he screamed again. It was almost poking the man's shoulder, who had suddenly gotten a burst of speed. Trokou quickly used all of his enrgy, to the last drop, to barely have the handle at the man's shoulder. "Grab it!" he shouted again, his voice becoming hoarse, and his legs weakening. No! I won't let anything happen to her! he thought in his head, as his hands started to bleed from gripping the sharp edge so tightly. Blood dripped from his hands, and flew onto his white robe, and splattered, like a dead bug.

Expected Payment: We can work it out.
Other: I am on usualy from 10p.m. Eastern, to 1-2 a.m., but from the 28th of August and on, I can only be on from 7p.m Eastern, to 8-9 p.m. on Weekdays, and late at night on weekends. I am literate, but of course make mistakes, no one is human after all.
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heart Username: kisses0 in the rain heart


This is me. --->
User Image

Jobs of Interest:

Trash/ Flower collector- This is pretty much self explanitory.
1 gold per trash
4 gold per flower

Guild Searcher- All you have to do is tell me waht your looking for in your guild. I willl find one that is absolutely perfect and you won't have to spend your time looking for one!
50 Gold per guild.

Advertiser- Depending on what you need advertised, I can put you [Your store, or even a link to your topic] in my sig. It's pretty empty now so first come first serve. If there is no more room in my siggy, because of other adverts. whoever pays the highest gets to stay. I can also send pm's to tons of people and post everywhere about what you need advertised.
Signature- 20 gold per day
Advert Everywhere- 115 gold

Tekteking-I heart making avatars for people- I have made tons and everyone -except 2- have loved them!
100+ gold each

User Image

Get the look? http://www.tektek.org/avatar/3353055

Autoteking-I heart designing thinigs especially gaia cars. They are fun to design and easy to work with.
25 gold per car

User Image

User Image

User Image

Party coordinator- For this I will help you find the perfect house in towns for you to rave at. Once that's done, you send me a list of people you want to come. I will make ssure they know when and where and of any sudden changes of schedule.
600 gold per party

Social coordinator-Well this is pretty much a different name for secretary. I will keep you up to date on things you ask me to keep an eye out for. If you forward me pm's that are annoying or spam or loooong I will deal with them.
200+gold per week

Slave/Pet-Ooh this is fun o.O
500+ gold per week

I've got all I need baby.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[clickable ;D]
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((I'll pay 500g to be in teh Gold. ))
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Username: Becca-Ish
Job of Interest: Tektek, bump, trash, searching up info, typing, anything besides homework.
Experience: I'm on Gaia everyday and I've had this account for a year. I pretty know whats going on.
Expected Payment: 100 gp or 50gp
Other: I do not Please, no abusing my avitar. Thank-yous!

(BTW: I am sending teh 500 gold soons.)
I want a Job!
I want a Job
Hobbies razz lays Piano,Tekteks Random Types of Dream avis
Draws Creates profiles
Description:Hi i am the smartest Kid in my class
I got a 32 out of 40 in pythagoras so i got first place
at my school Plays all sorts of sports soccer basketball
football rugby Is a anime fan loves naruto
and well known throughout my school!

Here are some avis i teteked!

User Image

User Image
This one is only 15k only!
Payment for a dream avi is 200only!!!$$ biggrin
I also draw and make profiles!

Username: Katlyn-bunny
Banner: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Thread/Shop Name: n/a
Link: m/a
Looking For: GOOD ARTIST!!! Ticket collecter
Criteria: i pay from 1k-50k!! depending on how good the art is...i need couple art!...paying 1.5g per ticket! making 600k of tickets
Pay: depends ...1.5g per ticket....1-50k for couple art
Other: pm me if anyone is interested
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Fashionable Player

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Username: Princess_Kokoro
Job of Interest: Tek-teking (This includes theme avaters and dream avaters) Garbage Picking Flower Picking Auto Teking (Dream car) Cards/Slots Advertiser Story Writer Bug Collector
Experience:Tek-teking (This includes theme avaters and dream avaters) Garbage Picking Flower Picking Auto Teking (Dream car) Cards/Slots Advertiser Story Writer Bug Collector
Expected Payment: Tek-Teking Avater: 100g each avater
Garabage Picking: 1g each garbage
Flower Picking: 5g each flower
Auto Teking: 50g each car
Cards/Slots Person: 300g each 300 tickets
Advertiser In My Siggie: 100g each two hours
Advertiser Other places (Ill show you where i advertised): 100g each five advertisements i did
Story Writer: 300g Each Paragraph If you do not want it in paragraph form 30g each 3 sentences
Bug Collecter: 3g each bug

Other: Oh yea and i really need a job for my quest! And no be mean to me PM me for a job PM me for details

Tek-Teking Avater:

User Image

User Image


User Image

User Image

Story Writer:

My Disneyland Adventure

I walked up the airplane stairs and got excited it was my first time going to Disneyland I couldn't believe how happy I was of course, my brother been there bunches of time. I was so jealous of my brother he gets whatever he wants but what I get nothing! Today was the day i woke up when I heard that plane land Here we are Disneyland! I thought. My family walked out the plane as I did I was so happy. "Mom when are we going to go to the park!" I said excited as she responded. "Well its only 5:00 PM lets catch a hotel and then we can go to the park". I jumped in happiness as soon as i spotted a hotel i grabbed my mom's hand and ran to it as my brother followed."Mom how about here!?". My mother noddeed in agreement as soon as i knew it we were walking towards the park.

(Ill send you 100g right away)
Bump for youu...

YAY! Posted on one of the first 5 pages of the second thread!
Want to look better in those 'post your picture' threads?

Username: Smooz

Job of Interest: Photoshopper, airbrushing your pictures to make you look better.

Experience: About 7 years worth.

Expected Payment: Anywhere from free to a small fee, depending on the work. This is mostly for pratice, so I'm not going to charge much.

Other: I would love to show you examples, but I'd have to get permission from the people in the pics. sweatdrop It's not like me to show everyone a before and after without asking permission first.
im changing to gold. ill send trade to you

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