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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageWelcome, I am Full Moon Tarot. Please call me Madam Trix or just Trix. I will gladly read for you for six nights. Around each full moon and around each new moon. This means the day before, the day of, and the day after the full and new moon I will be doing the readings.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away as I will answer them. If you do ask something that has already been asked I will point you to the list of questions. For reading please have a question for me. The question can be a basic "What do I need to know?" if you don't know what to ask.

All readings come with the meaning that is NOT based on what the book of the deck says. If you wish to see what the book says I will do one-two(1-2) cards for free. If you wish more then that I ask you please understand that I will be asking for 50gg per card for a meaning from the book. If you would like to see everything I have for that card it will be 100gg per card. I will also need a few days to get the information together.

I may go away for a while now. If I do around reading dates I'm sorry I am working for an accountant. I mostly answer the phones and run pay stubs for her but during "Hell Week" I get stuck doing more for her. Mostly data entry stuff. So I get tiered and don't have time or motivation to check/post/work in my own shop. Please understand that I am an adult who has a life outside of my computer. I'm sorry if this becomes a problem. If you need me ASAP please message Bugs-Bunny-Coinin that is my wonderful man and he will let me know to check this.
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User Image☪ Follow Gaia's TOS.
☪ Do not discuss my religion with me.
☪ No flaming.
☪ Do not steal from this shop.
☪ Do not expect an interpretation with every reading.
☪ Do not quote the first page.
☪ Title Trade with Spread Name or Divination Type
☪ Read over the spreads
☪ If you order during a current cycle use the next set of dates.
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Please fill out the form and post or pm it. Please put your answers out side of the bold underlined area.
Tarot Readings
[u][b]Reading Type:[/b][/u]
[b][u] Interpretation:[/u][/b]

Name: Your name/screen name
Question: What ever you want to ask.
Reading Type: Moderate, Simple, Daily, or Difficult
Spread:What spread you want me to use.
Date: The date you want it done by does not matter for daily
Deck: Any of my decks listed.
Interpretation: Yes or No

[u][b]Type of Spell:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Spell Name:[/b][/u]

Name: Your name/screen name
Type of Spell: Luck, money, etc.
Spell Name: The name of the spell used
Date: Optional. If you need it done on a special day.

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageDaily Spreads 500gg{Done all month long no need to pick a date for this one.}
Simple Spreads 1,000gg
Moderate Spreads 2,500gg
Difficult Spreads 5,000gg
Interpretation +1,000gg
Live Reading +1,000gg
Full List Of Spreads
Spells of Good 1,000
Spells List
Bribe Divinations
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageNew Moon:
Full Moon:
☪12/19-Date Unavailable its my Birthday! I WILL BE GONE ALL DAY!
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageAll readings are only most accurate in the 24 hours after the reading. I only do three tarot readings a day and I only do them six times a month. The six times a month is only for the bigger spreads that are four plus(4+) cards. Meaning any that are one-three(1-3) cards I will do all month. I do not intemperate your readings because I am not you. They mean different things to different people and that is just the way it is. I can tell you what I got from it but that is only on request and with the extra compensation.
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageI work with four(4) decks. You can chose my Manga, Vampire, Mini, or Oracle deck. I will have more information on them in the spreads listing.
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageI'm Trix, and that is not my real name it is my magical name. I am a Wiccan High Priestess who has a very small coven. Now because I'm Wiccan does not mean I want to get into a argument about my religion or about me being wrong because of when I joined or anything like that.

I have been reading for 6 years and have had a very high accuracy rate on readings I have done. Even though most people think that my gift is a joke. I also dabble in a few other divination forms and if you are willing to bribe me I will be more then happy to do them for you.
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image☪May 08, 2012: Shop Setup Started
☪May 13, 2012: Shop Opened
☪June 03, 2012: Received First Order
☪June 07, 2012: First repeat Business
☪July 03 & 04, 2012: Trix gone for work
☪September 14, 2012: Trix offers Spells
☪September 14, 2012: Trix adds Updates
☪December 19, 2012: No readings done its my birthday
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageQ: Do you have a key for the different types of spreads?
A: Yes I have them listed at the bottom of the each of the descriptions.
Q: When will you have the full descriptions up for the spreads?
A: I am not sure I try to update them when I am online. I am also waiting on someone else as well to get the headings done for me.
Q: I sent my trade so why does it say "waiting on trade"?
A: "Waiting on Trade" is just a default status for readings. If I really am waiting on trade it would not be in the reading status area and would be all caps.

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