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Peanut butter <3 0.3125 31.2% [ 5 ]
Chocolate chip! 0.5 50.0% [ 8 ]
Oatmeal? 0.1875 18.8% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 16 ]
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Miss Lonely Forever
Just so you know, I have put your name in slot 1. But, like I said, I won't be starting until the trade is sent :]

Ah, it's fine. I had to get off my computer all day or I would have already sent the trade, sorry about that.
Miss Lonely Forever
No worries :]
I'll begin bumping now; please complete your side of the trade so I can complete the trade as soon as I'm finished?
Thanks n_n
Rain and Dreams's avatar

Golden Sophomore

b u m p m e !
Username: iRain and Dreams
Thread to Bump: Click!
Number of Bumps: 1000.
Other: Please no long breaks. Post on my thread as soon as you can - make sure to bump my thread often.
Total (tips are loved): 20k.

iRain And Dreams
I have accepted your order :} Thanks so much for the tip <3
You said no long breaks. Do you mean between each bump, or between when bump (as in the hours in between)?
Please complete your side of the trade. Thanks :]

Edit: Any preferred bump type?

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