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The shop is now closed. Thank you to all my previous customers for all of your orders, and thank you to the bumpers who were employed here for helping to make my shop a success and get the orders done quickly!

Why did you close the shop?
First thing you gotta know is that I'm a Christian. Ive recently realized how much more important spending time with God is than spending so much time on Gaia.

Will the shop be reopening?
I am just doing some side-jobs to get some extra posts in while I chat with friends online. It would be hypocritical to re-open the shop after realizing how I've been called by my Saviour, Jesus, to a greater, more fulfilling purpose in life. I've asked my husband to faithfully keep my accountable to this, so I cannot see myself reopening this shop!

H e l l o and welcome to Audacious emotion_awesome
My customers will get exactly what they need for the price that they want!
This shop was created to aid me in my quest.

P r i c i n g
Totally up to you :] 2g/bump is the minimum, please!
Min. bump order = 5O
Max. bump order (untimed) = 1OOO
Max. bump order (timed) = 5OO
Offer bribe for more bumps or an indefinite slot.
I have the right to refuse any order for any reason.

Slots are Full.
Waiting List is Open.
I am curerntly hiring dedicated bumpers only.
Completed sixty orders and 41,793 bumps

C o n t e s t
--Make me a bump graphic. If I add it to the list of Bump Styles, I'll give you 3OO free bumps.

F e e d b a c k
"I love your bumping service! You're so friendly and you give the thread visitors some company when I am not present (which is almost all day). I loved it! I shall be using your services again when I need one!" -- Regine Masilang on page 56.

"you have very happy bumpers compared to other shops i've used in the past xd " -- TIME L0RD on page 3O.

"I am extremely satisfied with Their Bumps. I liked how they bumped but if someone did drop in and chat they would chat and then pick up the bumping once the thread was not busy anymore. I also liked how they got the bumps done in a timely manner, and even made me laugh at some of them a few times. (: I give this thread a thumbs up and a <3 I also plan to order again in the Future. Thanks so much!" -- Poleklaws on page 19

"This service is not only professional but has amazing customer service,and TheGooseWhisperer Is really nice,I have nothing but good things to say,and would absolutely recommend this bumping service 100%" -- Metalette / satisfied customer on page 12.

"Amazing Service. <3" -- Robo_iBenny on page 8.

"Great service last time so I thought I'd reorder ^_^" -- Mule - Bastion on page 13.

B l a c k l i s t
II Zeina II -- For scamming me and my bumpers by not completing payment for your bumps.
R u l e s
These are basic rules. READ THEM ALL. I bump the way you tell me to.

OO1. You may advertise charities and quests in your posts here. For other threads, PM for permission.
OO2. Send the trade IMMEDIATELY after you PM me your order. This shop runs on a first-come-first-serve process based on trades. The person
OO2. who sends their trade first will lock in a slot. Your order will only be accepted after your trade has been sent. If you place an order but
OO2. do not send the trade, then someone else places an order after you and they do send the trade, their order will be accepted first.
OO3. Complete the trade -- Bumping begins when the trade is completed. If this concerns you, PM me and I may void this rule
OO3. for you. I'm online often so replies are fast. I WILL NOT STEAL YOUR GOLD. People have scammed be before -- I do the bumps and they
OO3. cancel the trade, which is why I have this rule. If you do not complete the trade within 3 days of your order, your slot may be given
OO3. away to someone else.
OO4. Fill out the form fully and correctly to ensure you get the service you want -- If you are unsure of something, just ask :]
OO5. You must PM me the order, and you must use the form.
OO6. To order an infinite amount of bumps, please PM me a weekly pay offer.

S l o t s
black = slot status (open / closed)
underline = regular customer
lightblue = returning customer

Untimed: Full
Your order does not have times between bumps.
(Includes non-speedbump orders.)
OO1. Strider the Troll Muffin
OO2. Swirling Marionette
OO3. 2sarahgate
OO4. XX-Emma Uchiha-XX

Timed: Full
Your order will fill a slot here if it does not fit the criteria for a regular slot.
OO1. This Kitten Bites
OO2. lailahy
OO3. Anya KiIlian

If our slots are full, we put you here.
You can bribe to skip the wait list and move into a slot immediately.
OO1. x M A J E S T Y Wait time for this untimed slot is 13 days.
OO2. The Chrissikins Current wait time for a timed slot is ~3 weeks. Current wait time for an untimed slot is ~20 days.
OO3-OO5. Current wait time for a timed slot is ~3 weeks. Current wait time for an untimed slot is ~5 weeks.

O r d e r
I have rules.
before ordering.

Copy and paste all of what follows into a PM to TheGooseWhisperer:
[size=16][color=lightblue]b u m p m e ![/color][/size]
Thread to Bump:
Number of Bumps:
Gold per Bump (Your Price):
REMINDER: you must PM this order. Do not post it in the thread.

B u m p e r s
We're hiring ;D See post4 for details.
TheGooseWhisperer (Owner) // bumpz0r (mule)

C o m p l e t e d
41,793 bumps completed
Click username to view completion post.
157Miss Lonely Forever .1
788iRain And Dreams .2
5OOhapticc .3
2OORobo_iBenny .4
215Ouja Akuma .5
2OOPrincess Kuchiki .6
6OOAnother Dead_A .7
5OOmetalette .8
5OOMule - Bastion .9
1OOMindFacked .1O
26OSwirling Marionette
3OOChimeraDeimos .12
15OPerfectlyImperfrectWaffle .13
2OOtaempo .14
5OOLeonSavido .15
25OMindFaked .16
5OOMule - Bastion .16
3OOOpoleklaws .18
5OOJorbelle .2O
3OONibblez on u .21
3OOPerfectlyImperfrectWaffle .22
5OOCaoimhe Gallagher .23
15OOOziandra .24
665metalette .25
15OOOziandra .26
11OODullahans_ Scythe .27
3OOOEvelin333 .28
1OORobo_iBenny .29
5OoGore .3O
5OoGore .31
3OOII Zeina II .32
5OOCaoimhe Gallagher .34
5OOII Zeina II .35
5OOx M A J E S T Y .36
5OONiccolo Ammaniti .37
1OOOxXxXUchihaMadaraXxXx .38
5OOII Zeina II .39
2OOKato Everdeen .4O
6O3Tanabata Wish .41
1OOODoom Me Baby .42
2OOONibblez on u .43
5OOSinister_Bunneh .44
1OOObunneko .45
5OOlailahy .46
1OOOmaps to lose your way .47
9OOshooshpaps .48
2OOOx x kit katt x .49
3OOOEvelin333 .5O
4OORegine Masilang .51
11Oteddieberry .52
25-19- Jeng -19- .53
5OOReminicsing .54
2OOMiu aka Mii .55
3OOThe Atomic Cloud .56
27OMiss Staccato .57
1OOOMule - Bastion .58
3OOOStrider the Troll Muffin .59
B u m p S t y l e
I still use them for my side-bumping purposes and they were puchased from shops or made by myself. You can find the shops by searching the usernames credited below.

Here's some bump styles to choose from. If you have a different one let us know and we'll use it!
Credits: All bump graphics that say "do not steal" were created by myself, The Atomic Cloud, BabyDucklingLove, or lailahy. Please do not use without permission.

Regular Styles || 1-8 || Non-animal
OO1. bump ###

OO2. User Image -- do not steal.

OO3. User Image -- do not steal.

OO4. User Image

OO5. User Image

OO6. User Image -- do not steal.

OO7. User Image -- do not steal.

OO8. User Image -- do not steal.

Regular Styles || 9-11 || Animal
OO9. User Image -- do not steal.

User Image

### -- do not steal.

User Image

### -- do not steal.

Winter Seasonal || 12-14
O12. User Image -- do not steal.

User Image

### -- do not steal.

User Image -- do not steal.

Valentines Day Styles || 15-16
O15. User Image

O16. User Image
H i r i n g -- Please read this post before applying.

Not hiring, sorry.

Conditions for applying:
xxx → You complete at least 50 bumps per week.
xxx → Must be reliable. Please don't apply if you are going to bump one or two days and then go on hiatus for months.
xxx → Must be willing to bump as ordered by the customer.
xxx → Must not work for another bump shop. (You may work for other shops, though.)

Why work here instead of one of the other hundred bump shops out there?
xxx → You wont find any stuck up / stuffy people here. I am very friendly, fun and reasonable, and so are the people I hire.
xxx → Compared to many shops, I have very few rules.
xxx → With constantly full slots and little employees, there's always something to bump!
xxx → Varied orders. Want to bump every 1O mins while you're doing something else? We have a Slot for that ;D Want to bump as fast as
xxx → Gaia will allow? We have a Slot for that too!
xxx → Competitive pay. You get paid more (and tipped more on pay day) if you bump more.
xxx → Even if you don't bump a lot, the pay is still pretty good ;D
xxx → No applications for vacations / hiatus from bumping. Just a simple PM will do.

xxx → 1O-5O = 5g/bump
xxx → 51-1OO = 8g/bump
xxx → 1O1-5OO= 1Og/bump
xxx → 5O1-1OOO = 15g/bump.
xxx → The more you bump, the more of a tip I'll give you on payday.

Other information you may want to know:
xxx → No mindless bumping -- if someone comes into the thread you're bumping you have to quote them and chat.
xxx → Customers come to my shop because their thread is bumped -exactly- how they want; we don't want this reputation marred! If you
xxx → break my rules or break the rules given in the customer's order, you will be given 2 warnings. On the second warning, I will PM you
xxx → the consequence if this continues, depending on what restriction you are breaking.
xxx → If you have any questions before applying, please PM them to me.
xxx → Upon being hired, you will receive an PM explaining how to bump correctly. It's a simple PM that's there for you just in case you
xxx → don't get it. You will receive this even if you have bumping experience. Don't worry, it only takes 2-3 mins to read.

Please PM me this application. DO NOT POST. PM only. There are no wrong answers.
Do you have another job here on Gaia?:
What kind of bump experience do you have?:
Tell me a little about yourself (likes/dislikes/school/work/whatever you wanna say):
What times are you usually online?:
What is the minimum bumps per day you will be doing?:
Are there any days you won't be bumping?:
Why hire you instead of another applicant?:
Where/How did you hear about this job?:
Link In
PM or post if you would like to be listed here ;D

User Image -- created by M o c h i i B e a r x.

Link Out

User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image
User Image

Go Shopping
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

Awesome Arts
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

Petitions I signed
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. -- This would be useful for separating funds (ex. quest and charity funds).
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. -- Why don't they have this already?

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