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Sorry it took so long to update this, everybody! What character should make an appearance in the next event?

the Nightingale ~ another singing curse 0.055555555555556 5.6% [ 1 ]
Sherlock Holmes ~ to solve something . . . 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 10 ]
Muffin Man ~ he lives just down the lane . . . 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 3 ]
Little Bo Peep ~ she's lost her sheep! 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 2 ]
*poll whore option* 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 2 ]
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Welcome To Sequelton ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Many years ago, back in the time of legends and magic, a wicked witch placed a curse on a land that had been called 'Storybrooke'. It was to be frozen in time, and all of its ageless residents - characters from tales of legend - would forget their true identities. The spell seems to have encompassed the witch herself, and now the residents play out the same dramas over and over again for eternity, though their style and technology manages to improve with the outside world.

          Soon enough, a woman, who would later be revealed to be the child of one of the well known characters from the fables, came into Storybrooke. This woman did not know who she was -- what her 'true identity' was. Soon enough, someone started to open her eyes to the possibility of being a child of a fairy tale, and realizes her purpose to break the spell that had been cast on everyone in the town of Storybrooke.

          That had been the case, and after a certain amount of time, the lady had gone on and broke the spell . . . but the spell could never be truly broken. Not really. The spell returned, and immediately threw everyone back into its clutches. With this spell, everyone in the town is linked to some form of a fairy tale character. People cannot really leave the town, unless they are either coming back . . . or are a child of a fairy tale character. The town had been changed a bit, and grew a bit in size as well. The name had been changed as well, so what was once 'Storybrooke' is now 'Sequelton'. Makes sense, after all, does it not?

          This is the sequel to 'Once Upon A Time' . . .

based on ABC's Once Upon A Time
also based on Fairy Tales by various authors
created by master_of_snow
moderator{s} are R o s e D e m o n i c a & -x-
ooc & recruitment thread
◆◆◆ here ◆◆
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The Story❜s Chapters ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Prologue ~ Welcome To Sequelton
          Chapter One ~ The Story's Chapters
          Chapter Two ~ The Rules We Follow
          Chapter Three ~ Fairy Tale Characters
          Chapter Four ~ Reserving And Profiling
          Chapter Five ~ The Clock Tower
          Chapter Six ~ Story Thus Far
          Chapter Seven ~ The Story Banners
          Chapter Eight ~ The Other Books
          Chapter Nine ~ Heroes And Villains
          Chapter Ten ~ Remembering
          Chapter Eleven ~ Love Connections
          Chapter Twelve ~ Empty Pages Prequel
          Chapter Thirteen ~ Empty Pages Sequel
          Epilogue ~ And They Lived Happily Ever After
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The Rules We Follow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          ToS tab When joining Gaia, everyone had to check a box saying that you agreed to the terms of services. If you break any of Gaia's rules, you will be reported, and eventually banned forever from the site if you break the rules enough times. Got it? Good. Thank you.

          Literacy tab Ah, yes. Literacy. This is a literate, to an advanced literate role play. That means no text speech. No one liners. At least three to four paragraphs to a post. AND I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH! On your first post, however, when introducing your character, I expect more than that. Now, I understand, there are some times where you can only really squeeze out a few lines. That is ONLY ACCEPTABLE once in a while. I would like people to post at least once every few days. If things get hectic at home/work/school/life, let me know when you can. If you do not post for over a week, I am sorry to say but I can kill off your characters if need be. I hate it when I become stuck because the character mine is conversing with is not talking back . . . for days. It gets annoying, and I bet you would not want it done to you. Also, post in third person, past tense. It keeps the flow going through the paragraphs, and thus makes it easier to read the story. Oh, and guess what I found out? It is more professional to NOT use contractions! As in, instead of narrating and writing 'didn't', it is more professional to write 'did not'! When a character speaks, it is an entirely different story, as they could be the worst speakers in history. Narration is important, and thus I would like it to be legible and understandable. Thank you!

          Beautification tab I want pretty and beautiful posts. What do I mean by that? I mean no blinding colours, no strenuously small letters, and no obnoxiously large letters. Post in colours that one's eye can actually read without straining to read and without having to highlight to read. Also post in a size between size 10 to size 12. Also, in your posts, add some colour and decor! Like, pictures of your character, song lyrics, quotes that go along with your character . . . things of that nature. I hate 'naked' posts, in which it only has the narration of the character. No pictures, no nothing. Now, do not make your post a 'picture book', as in try to hide the fact that you did not post much each and every time. If your post becomes too much, I will let you know so that you can tone it down. Thank you!

          Your only limitation . . . tab Considering the fact that I do not know how many characters will be in this role play, let us just set the limit at . . . five characters a pop. I may amend this rule, or just delete it all together. Thing is, some of your characters might die. That is nature -- people die eventually. Even those who supposedly live forever must die at one point. Do not worry -- I will not kill off your character without talking to you first. If you wish to kill of someone else's character, please discuss with me via PM, OR discuss it with me in the OOC. Thank you.

          Character genders tab I have no set limits as to what each character has to be -- as in the gender. If you want make Maleficent a male . . . or change around the genders of Hansel and Gretel, I see no reason to stop you. HOWEVER, I would like it if Ariel was a woman married to Eric. Just saying.

          Profiling tab Ah, yes -- reservations and profiles. Even though there is a separate post for the skeleton of the reserve, I find it best to reiterate what I would like to see. Since this is a completely ORIGINAL story ( based on a television show ) by moi, I find it best to get to know the characters IN DEPTH. The reservation is simple and quaint, but the profile . . . oh, you shall be working on it for a while. It will be in a separate test thread, and information on it will be provided in the skeleton post. So, please read thoroughly. Thank you.

          The Emperor's New Clothes tab Interesting title for a rule, no? Anyway, I would like you ALL to take advantage of Polyvore. Why? Because, Polyvore is awesome. This is a site where you can create outfits for your character ( s ). It is easy, free, and totally do-able. I would like everyone to create a casual outfit, a work outfit ( if your character works in the shop ) and a formal outfit. They do not have to be done before you send me a link to your test thread, but it would be highly advisable if you completed one of the outfits before your first post, as a link should be provided to it. Thank you.

          Censorship tab Any who, cursing is allowed in the role play. Make sure that it is how your character would respond to the situation. And, no cursing every other word -- it is HIGHLY annoying. If you do not like seeing curses, then I suggest you put the filters on in your preferences and such. Got it? Good. Thank you.

          One Master to RULE THEM ALL! tab So, if you have not guessed yet, I, master_of_snow, am in charge. That means, whatever I say is LAW. I will not really be abusing this power much, as not even I am going to be GOD-MODDING. No one should do so, anyway. Unless the person who's character is going to be controlled has allowed for someone to move them here and there. Anyway, if I make a decision, you should all respect it. If you do not like me or my rules, you should leave now before it is too late. Oh, and I will have moderators ( hopefully ), and they will have to be obeyed as well! Thank you.

          Don't let the door hit you on the way out tab If you want to leave the role play, do so now before you apply. If you join the role play, and then realize you have too many role plays on your plate, leave before making that first post. Before you join any role play at any time, please check to make sure you will have adequate amounts of time to devote to each and every role play you enrolled in. If you think you will be gone for a long period of time ( like vacation, or because of finals in high school / college ), please shoot me up a PM or quote me in the OOC to tell me what dates you will not be on. That way, I will not kick you out and / or put you on the black list. Thank you.
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Fairy Tale Characters ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
please ask about children of characters -- no longer listing them. BUT if you want to be a child of two characters, send in a reservation anyway, and I'll see about accepting it. : )

          // correcting how this looks . . . //
          tab Aladdin ~ open
          tab Alice Liddel + Snow White + Snow-White Syrena Weiss ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Ariel Arela Lily Princeton ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Ariel's Child ~ open
          tab Ariel's Sisters ( six spots left ) ~ open
          tab Arthur Pendragon + Philip + Sorcerer's Apprentice Alexander Rene LaBeau ~ master-of-snow
          tab Auntie Em ~ open
          tab Aurora Jessica Reese Taylor ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Ax-Man + Peter Peter Canis ~ open
          tab Bandersnatch ~ open
          tab Bashful ~ open
          tab Beast Bane Everett Harrison ~ master-of-snow
          tab Belle Rebecca Elizabeth Harrison ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab Belle's Child + Lost Boy Emry Harrison ~ Fifi La YipYap
          tab Big Bad Wolf ~ open
          tab Blind Witch ~ open
          tab Blue Caterpillar ~ open
          tab Blue Fairy Maxi Littner ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Canary Prince ~ open
          tab Carpenter + Huntsman Justin Hunter Archer ~ master-of-snow
          tab Charming ~ open
          tab Cheshire Cat + Cowardly Lion ~ open
          tab Chip + Knave of Hearts + Rumpelstiltskin's Child Criss Daniel Pewterpott ~ master-of-snow
          tab Cinderella + Mary Ann Isabella Crane ~ master-of-snow
          tab Cinderella's Child + Narrator Nicholas Frederick Tolson ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab Clock Tower Keeper + Father Time Julian Thyme ~ master-of-snow
          tab Cogsworth ~ open
          tab Cupid ~ open
          tab Daisy ~ open
          tab Doc ~ open
          tab Dodo ~ open
          tab Dopey ~ open
          tab Dormouse + Jane Darling Janet Elizabeth Tesoro ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab Dorothy ~ open
          tab Duchess ~ open
          tab East Witch Nessa Rose ~ open
          tab Enchantress + Nightingale Rio Minstrel ~ master-of-snow
          tab Eric Erikson Leo Princeton ~ master-of-snow
          tab Evil Queen + Queen of Hearts Raven Amelia Nailliv ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab Fairy Godmother + Grandmother ~ open
          tab Fauna ~ open
          tab Flora ~ open
          tab Flounder ~ open
          tab Frankenstein Victor Persia Blitzkrieg ~ master-of-snow
          tab Frog Prince ~ open
          tab Frog Princess ~ open
          tab Gaston ~ open
          tab Genie + Magic Mirror ~ open
          tab Gepetto ~ open
          tab Giant ~ open
          tab Gingerbread Man ~ open
          tab Golden Goose ~ open
          tab Golden Harp ~ open
          tab Goldilocks + Jill Jill Goldilocks ~ Fifi La YipYap
          tab Good Fairy Galinda ~ open
          tab Gothel ~ open
          tab Gretel + Tweedledee Greta ~ open
          tab Grimsby ~ open
          tab Grumpy ~ open
          tab Guinevere ~ open
          tab Hansel + Tweedledum Hans Tweed ~ master-of-snow
          tab Happy ~ open
          tab Hog Brothers ( there are three ) ~ open
          tab Hook James Timothy Hook ~ master-of-snow
          tab Humpty Dumpty Victor Eggman ~ deceased
          tab Ice Maiden ~ open
          tab Jabberwocky ~ open
          tab Jack + Lost Boy + Robin Hood's Child Samuel Huntington ~ Rhys Renau
          tab Jack Frost Jack Frost ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Jack-in-the-Lantern + Rumpelstiltskin Sebastian Rayne ~ Kyouda
          tab Jafar ~ open
          tab Jasmine ~ open
          tab Jiminy Cricket ~ open
          tab John ~ open
          tab King + Midas ~ open
          tab Lancelot ~ open
          tab Lily ~ open
          tab Little Dancer ~ open
          tab Little John ~ open
          tab Lost Boys ( three slots left ) ~ open
          tab Lumiere ~ open
          tab Mad Hatter + Pied Piper + Queen of Hearts' Child Jacob Chordstreet ~ master-of-snow
          tab Maid Marian Mary Ann Huntington ~ deceased
          tab March Hare Elliot March ~ open
          tab Maleficent + Morgan le Fey Milena Faye Dragomir ~ open
          tab Mayblossom ~ open
          tab Merryweather ~ open
          tab Merlin + Sorcerer Axel Wolff ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab Miller ~ open
          tab Miller's Daughter Alexandrina Ivy Millhouse ~ open
          tab Miller's Daughter's Child ~ open
          tab Miss Muffet ~ open
          tab Mock Turtle ~ open
          tab Mouse ~ open
          tab Mrs. Potts Ruby Gertrude Pewterpott ~ open
          tab Muffin Man ~ open
          tab Munchkin ( there are two ) ~ open
          tab Mulan Misaki Yuki Hua ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab New Clothes Emperor George ~ open
          tab Nightmare ~ open
          tab Pauper + Wandering Prince Patrick Neil Weiss ~ master-of-snow
          tab Pea Princess ~ open
          tab Pea Princess' Child ~ open
          tab Peter Cottontail + White Rabbit Peter White ~ open
          tab Peter Pan Pierre Sky ~ master-of-snow
          tab Pinocchio ~ open
          tab Prince James ~ deceased
          tab Puss in Boots Alejandro Gato Con-Botas ~ open
          tab Psyche ~ open
          tab Psyche's Child ~ open
          tab Rapunzel Isabella Amethyst Golstrand ~ open
          tab Rapunzel's Child ( there are two slots ) ~ open
          tab Rapunzel's Prince Landon Eli Granger ~ open
          tab Red Riding Hood + Rose-Red + Wolf Valerie Ruby Wolfe ~ master-of-snow
          tab Red Riding Hood's Child ~ open
          tab Robin Hood Jonah Huntington ~ master-of-snow
          tab Rose Rosaline ~ deceased
          tab Rose's Child + Scarecrow Baelfire / Fiero ~ master-of-snow
          tab Sea Witch Ursula ~ open
          tab Sheriff of Nottingham ~ open
          tab Sleepy ~ open
          tab Smee ~ open
          tab Sneezy ~ open
          tab Snow Queen + White Queen Maria Blanche ~ open
          tab Snow White's Child Ashlee Alice Anderson ~ -Minaki-Shiyoki-Sisters-
          tab South Witch ~ open
          tab Starlight Princess ~ open
          tab Starlight Princess' Child ~ open
          tab Step-Mother ~ open
          tab Thumbelina Tabitha Guinevere Wade ~ R o s e D e m o n i c a
          tab Thrushbeard ~ open
          tab Tigerlily ~ open
          tab Tinkerbell ~ open
          tab Tin Man + Tin Soldier ~ open
          tab Tom Thumb ~ open
          tab Tremaine ~ open
          tab Triton ~ open
          tab Ugly Duckling Teal Mallard ~ open
          tab Ugly Stepsisters ( there are two ) ~ open
          tab Uncle Henry ~ open
          tab Uneasy Prince ~ open
          tab Walrus ~ open
          tab Wendy Darling Wendy Tesoro ~ open
          tab White Knight ~ open
          tab Wicked Witch Elphaba ~ open
          tab Wizard of Oz ~ open
          tab Woodsman ~ open
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Reserving And Profiling ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Do you want to join in on the story? Well, then, I guess you should fill out this reservation~! Oh, and when sending it to me via pm, please entitle your pm as 'Once Upon A Time . . .'

          The Story = [b]Fairy Tale Story[/b]
          The Character = [b]fairy tale character[/b]
          The Name = [b]character's name in Sequelton[/b]
          The Model = [b]what model / actor you will use[/b]
          Sent On = [b]Date you sent this on[/b]
          Link = [b][url=]posting examples[/url][/b]

          here's an example ( my character! )
          The Story = Peter Pan
          The Character = Peter Pan
          The Name = Pierre Sky
          The Model = Alex Pettyfer
          Sent On = November 6th, 2011

          See? Not that hard! Since I created Chip, who is 'Mrs. Potts' son, Mrs. Pott's real last name should be Pewterpott . . . unless you want to set up something with me.

          Now, for the profiles, you must create a test thread and send the url link to me. Entitle the pm 'Happily Ever After . . .' If I let you in with your test thread one, you will receive a pm entitled '. . . The End'. Only then will you be able to join the role play. With your test thread, please have the following information ::
          - Full Name
          - Age
          - Gender
          - Sexuality
          - Likes
          - Dislikes
          - Personality
          - History
          - Friends
          - Enemies
          - One True Love

          you can add more if you like, but I'd like to see all these in your test thread. A link to an example is here. This is my character, so no stealing him. : )

          Please follow all these steps carefully. Thank you!
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TheClockTower ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Time of day ~~~~~~~~~~~~
          early tab mid tab late
          morning tab afternoon tab night

          Season ~~~~~~~~~~~~
          winter tab spring tab summer tab fall

          Month ~~~~~~~~~~~~
          Jan tab Feb tab Mar tab Apr
          May tab June tab July tab Aug
          Sept tab Oct tab Nov tab Dec

          Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~
          Sun tab Mon tab Tues tab Wed tab Thurs tab Fri tab Sat
          22 tab 23 tab 24 tab 25 tab 26 tab 27 tab 28
          29 tab 29 tab 30 tab 31 tab 01 tab 02 tab 03
          04 tab 05 tab 06 tab 07 tab 08 tab 09 tab 10
          11 tab 12 tab 13 tab 14 tab 15 tab 16 tab 17
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StoryThus Far ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          We have a few different locations already set in motion.

          tab Sequelton High School -- all high schoolers go there and teachers work there. Current high schoolers & faculty ::
          tab tab Pierre Sky { student }
          tab tab Joshua Hook { swimming coach }
          tab tab Janet Tesoro { student }

          tab Sequelton University -- all college students go here and professors work there. Current college students & faculty ::
          tab tab Criss Pewterpott { student }
          tab tab Simon Schuster { professor of creative writing, npc }
          tab tab Misaki Yuki Hua { student }

          tab Briar Rose Florists -- the local florist shoppe. Current employees ::
          tab tab Bane Harrison { florist }

          tab Sequelton Medical -- the local hospital. Current workers ::
          tab tab Valerie Wolfe { doctor }

          tab Storybrooke-Sequelton Library -- the local library. Current workers ::
          tab tab Rebecca Harrison { part-time }

          tab Looking Glass News -- the town's newspaper building. Current employees ::
          tab tab -n/a-

          tab Emperor's New Clothes -- a fashion industry's store. Currently employed there ::
          tab tab -n/a-

          tab the Theatre Company -- where actors and playwriters gather. Currently working there ::
          tab tab Mr. & Mrs. Sky { actors and Pierre's parents, npc }
          tab tab Jonah Huntington { playwright }

          tab Jeweled Dragon -- a local jewelry store. Current employees ::
          tab tab -n/a-

          tab Sequelton Cleaners -- the tailor and the dry cleaners. Currently working there ::
          tab tab Isabella Crane -- subject to change
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The Story Banners ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          made by master_of_snow ://:
          User Image
          [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/series-related-miscellaneous-role-play/welcome-to-sequelton-closed-dnp/t.75992611/][img]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h319/discord_envy_and_deceit/Decorated images/fairyban.gif[/img][/url]

          User Image
          [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/series-related-miscellaneous-role-play/welcome-to-sequelton-closed-dnp/t.75992611/][img]http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h319/discord_envy_and_deceit/Decorated images/FairyGarden.jpg[/img][/url]

          wanna make a banner? go ahead! : )
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The Other Books ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Youtube ~
          User Image User Image

          DeviantArt ~
          User Image

          Polyvore ~
          User Image

          Roleplays ~
          User Image User Image

          Guilds ~

          Other Threads ~
          User Image

          // wanna have your link up here? Well, send me the link in a pm saying 'Read My Book'. Also, send a picture that is 50 high and 100 wide. OR send me a picture that you want as your button, and I'll resize it! //
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Heroes And Villains ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          WHITE LIST tab master_of_snow

          BLACK LIST tab Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks -- for being quite possibly the worst role player out there. And she's pretty sucky as a friend as well.
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Remembering ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Question for all :: should I add like . . . Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland . . . or some other fairy tale?

          Question for all :: I kind of want to make two of the 'prince' characters into brothers, maybe like a Prince and the Pauper story? IDK . . . just an idea . . . and such . . .

          Actors / Models / Singers used so far :: Christy Carlson Romano ( Belle ); James Marsters ( Beast ), Emilie de Ravin ( Cinderella + Mary Ann ); Ginnifer Goodwin ( Snow White + Alice + Snow-White ); Darren Criss ( Chip + Rumpelstiltskin's Son + Knave of Hearts ); Jonas Armstrong ( Robin Hood ); Andrew Lee Potts ( Pied Piper + Mad Hatter + Queen of Hearts' Son ); Cameron Monaghan ( Robin Hood's Son + Jack + Lost Boy ); Becky Lou Filip ( Jane + Dormouse ); Matt Bomer ( Prince Eric ); Alex Pettyfer ( Peter Pan ); Amanda Seyfried ( Red Riding Hood + Wolf + Rose-Red ); Helena Bonham Carter ( Evil Queen + Queen of Hearts ); Daniel di Tomasso ( Rumpelstiltskin + Jack-in-the-Lantern ); Freddie Highmore ( Narrator + Cinderella's Son ); Taylor Kitsch ( Arthur Pendragon + Prince Philip + Sorcerer's Apprentice ); Pierce Brosnan ( Merlin + Sorcerer ); BoA Kwon ( Nightingale + Enchantress ); Taylor Swift ( Aurora ); Adam Lambert ( Huntsman ); Neil Patrick Harris ( Wandering Prince + Pauper ); Diana Argon ( Thumbelina ); Gina Godfrey ( Maleficent + Morgan le Fey ); Dylan Sprayberry ( Belle's Child )

          Suggested Models / Actors to use! :: hm . . . some good people that are not used yet ~ Ashley Greene, Shiloh Fernandez, Simon Baker, Gerard Butler . . . if you need help finding an actor or model ( either male or female ) just let me know!

          INFO UPDATE :: Okay, Rapunzel and the prince have not gotten busy yet in the Sequelton forms. ALSO, I'm making it so that Cinderella has NOT been married, but she had a child that went up for adoption. ALSO, Valerie Wolfe ( Red Riding Hood ) has not found mr. perfect, and I would like it if there was an Ax-Man and a Wolf for her to have to choose from. I think it would be an awesome twist.
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Love Connections ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          I want to keep note of who is dating who, who's married to who . . . things like that. Also, what villain hates which characters would also be nice to know. Either pm me or mention something like it in the ooc. Thanks! There are some things I would like to already be established before we get the show on the road.

          ♥ = dating
          ♦ = married
          ✗ = hate

          Syrena Weiss ♦ Neil Patrick Weiss
          Rebecca Elizabeth Harrison ♦ Bane Everett Harrison
          Cinderella { Isabella Crane } ♦ Prince Charming { name } [[ subject to change ]]
          Ariel { name } ♦ Prince Eric { Erikson Leo Princeton } [[ can't change ]] ~ *plot*
          Red Riding Hood { Valerie Wolfe } ♦ Ax-Man { Peter Canis } [[ can't change ]] ~ *plot*
          Rapunzel { name } ♥ The Prince { name } [[ subject to change ]]
          Miller's Daughter { name } ♦ The King { name } [[ subject to change ]]
          Princess Aurora { Jessica Reese Taylor } ♥ Prince Phillip { Alexander Rene LaBeau } [[ subject to change ]]
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Empty Pages Prequel ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          // reserved for future use //
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Empty Pages Sequel ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          // reserved for future use //
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And They Lived Happily Ever After ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          open for reservations tab closed for reservations
          open for posting tab closed for posting
          empty tab satisfied tab full
          moved tab dying tab dead
          hiatus tab semi-hiatus
          literate tab advanced literacy

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