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Angel Cintari

"I am no one's slave"

Angel remained quiet when Ellie said there was nothing she could do. In truth, Angel had expected such an answer, but it was hard to keep the small amount of hope she had from choking her further. A small smile was offered, sad in nature, and helpless in style. She looked away almost as quickly, instead focusing on Tirana's unhelpful words. It seemed like everything was out to make Angel's life into a hell now, and the woman became rather sullen over such a thought. She sunk back against the couch, watching Ellie carefully, though almost unseeingly, as Tirana yawned and fell into her lap. Absently, she wished she could be immune to vampire venom, as she watched Tirana's breath enter and leave her, deeply and evenly.

At least one of them was getting some sleep... It caused Angel to let a ghost of a smile pass her face. She could no longer partake in the human's optimism, for she knew better. She was smart enough to know the doomed misery of her own situation, but it was a bubble she would let Tirana to remain in, for as long as she possible could. At least one of them should be able to escape without scars. Absently, Angel began to stroke Tirana's strawberry colored hair with her soft touch, her delicate fingers smoothing out the red locks as she studied the girl's sleeping form.

"However painful it should consider yourself lucky you're immune to such venom. I fear my own fate won't be so lucky. Saiyuri picked me for a reason, and I'm sure my own blood will get me killed because of it..." Angel murmured softly to Ellie, as she continued to play with the slumbering human's hair. Her face remained expressionless, as she finally brought her gaze up to look at the cheetah experiment in front of her. A frown almost crossed her face, though it seemed dead in her misery. "I'm not trying to belittle what you went through. It sounds horrible, and I know I could never understand...but I'm afraid what I have in store for me will be just as bad, if not worse...I only wish I could have the resilience you've somehow developed, however horrible such a skill came from. I'm sorry if that sounds cold, but I know in just a day that I probably won't survive the fate that has been sealed for me," Angel said bitterly. Finally, the sad smile broke out fully over her features, as her eyes drifted to the still lively fire.

"You should rest now," Angel said wisely. Slowly, she fished her lap from Tirana's head, and placed a pillow under her human friend's head to fix the support. As she stood, Angel kept her gaze away from Ellie. "Keep the couch. You deserve it, and I rather wish to remain close to the fire tonight," she said mystically. Looking over to her own couch, she grabbed an extra pillow, before she walked through the room until she was right in front of the fire. She eased to her rear immediately, and sat against her rump for a moment as she stared into the beautiful flames. It was silent for a few moments, and Angel let a ghostly smile pass over her face. "I'm glad to have met you, Ellie....good night," she said kindly, in a quiet voice. Then, she turned enough to lay her pillow out ahead of her, before she stretched out upon the floor to lay on her side. Her head eased into the plush pillow, and her gaze remained to the fire, her body facing it, until sleep slowly gripped her into a dark, dreamless nightmare of rest.

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