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                      Ӈello, fellow civilian of Kurain Village! If you're reading this, you must have found the bulletin board in front of Town Hall. And, if you are bothering to read this far in, you must be new! In that case, welcome to our humble island; we hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, please proceed into the building directly in front of you. The mayor or their secretary will certainly help you out. But, let me make their jobs easier. Below this letter, you will find a map of the island. Feel free to take it to find your way around; I will replace it for you.

                      Ƞow, let me give you some history. Hopefully, this will interest you enough to pick up a book from the library to research more. But, in case you are bored easily, I will make this quick. To start off, let me briefly explain how this island came to be. I am going to include an excerpt from our most famous history book, Kurain Village: A History. Chapter 3, section 13 reads, "Legend has it, there was once an all-powerful being that protected the land. The first civilians of Kurain Village called her the Harvest Goddess. They worshiped her, acknowledging her as their leader. They built her a statue in the center of Kami woods, right beside the Goddess Spring. She resided there, venturing out occasionally to check on her loyal subjects. Eventually, she acquired the help of four of the villagers, making them immortal like her. She assigned each of them a season to watch over, and asked the villagers to make shrines for them also. She named them her sprites, and the five of them eventually became known as The Five Deities. Later, the Harvest Goddess fell in love with one of the villagers. They started dating, becoming more and more serious. Soon, the villager proposed, and the Harvest Goddess accepted. They were engaged, and the villager was made immortal. He was called the Harvest King, even though the two hadn't been married yet. A few days before they were married, the two love-birds fought."

                      "Ⱦhe only thing the two of them did was fight, and all the Harvest Sprites did was try to calm them down. Without the help of their deities, the villagers fell into despair. The town’s wealth began to diminish, and, eventually, the town fell into ruin. Realizing what they had caused, the harvest Goddess and King sealed themselves away in their respective shrines, leaving the sprites to rejuvenate the land." Now, this is all speculation, of course. Nobody has seen these sprites or gods, but the shrines still remain, and we still go to them for answers. This was supposed to have happened over ten centuries ago, so there are no remnants of the ruin told in the story. Our town likes to believe that our protectors are still sealed inside their shrines and will one day return, and that the sprites still live with us, disguised as regular villagers. We still worship them, and acknowledge them as our leaders, and we have many celebrations in their honor.

                      Шell, that is enough of a history lesson for today. If you want to learn more, please visit the library in town and check out a history book. Good luck settling in to town. Do your best to get along with your neighbors, and try to give back to your community. Everyone here wished you luck in your endeavors, and we hope to see you prosper.

Шelcome to Ҟurain Ѵillage!
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                          ɞaia ȾoϨ
                          This is pretty straight forward. If you aren't new, then you have probably read the Terms of Service for Gaia, or have at least heard about them and what they cover. All I have to say is, I give three warnings, and then you are out. I won't report you unless it's needed, but I'm not going to let you get away with anything either. Please, just make it easy on me and play nice and follow the rules.

                          This roleplay is Semi-Literate +, which means that I expect at least 2 full paragraphs. Feel free to write more, but please don't write a book for me to read. I need something to respond to, but I don't have the time to read an entire page and then write something legible back. And I expect at least five sentences a paragraph. And I do understand writers block, but don't use that excuse too often. Also, if you are busy and don't really have time to write a full response, either tell people to godmod you or write a short response that can keep your character's conversation going.

                          Ɍoleplay Ɍating
                          As most roleplay's are, this one is PG-13. That means, if you are going to "get busy," please just time skip. I will take up to kissing, but major make-out sessions and clothing removing are a little to highly rated for this RP. Gore and things don't really bother me, but they might bother others, so try to keep that to a minimum too. I don't know why that would be a problem in a Harvest Moon RP, but you can never be too sure.

                          You have heard this before. Don't auto-hit anyone without that players permission. Don't kill unless it has been run by me and the person you are killing. I will make you change a post, tell people to ignore your post, or delete your post if you fail to follow this rule. It's not that hard, and I understand a little bit of godmodding, like 'So-and-so followed so-and-so to the bakery,' because that just allows for a longer and more in-depth post. I will only allow this though if that action would already happen and you are just saying it to speed along your posts.

                          I like for posts to look pretty and readable. So please, no bright colors like yellow and cyan. Also, please include a picture of your character and their name somewhere in the post. You can include a quote, their location and thoughts, their appearance, and other things like that as well, if you so desire. Also, I would like you to add color or formats to your characters thoughts and speech so that we can easily tell when there is something other than actions going on. Also, no * or () or [] for actions, and no text talk either. Leave all that for the Ooc.

                          Ɍeserves & Ҏrofiles
                          The reserve and proflie coding will be located in the profile thread. I would like a test thread made for your characters profile, and a seperate post for each section. If you don't understand what I mean, you can go check it out and it will make more sense. Reserves are quite short, and they have very little info. I will hold a reserve for you for a week, which is quite generous. Also, the reserve is required so that the picture you send to me in it will be set in the character post in this thread. Feel free to send the reserve and the profile in the same PM. The reserve PM should be titled (Character Name), Now Arriving! Profile PM's should be titled (Character Name), Settling Into Town! If you send them at the same time, make the title of the PM a combination of them both. Or just include both titles, seperated by a backslash.

                          I like to see how the characters in my RP's are getting along, so I would like to see a journal for each of your characters. They don't have to be pretty. They can just be the townspeoples names and a colored heart or star beside their name. I want the journal to be located in the profile test thread. I would like them to be updated regularly, but I'm not really going to push it. If you want to make it pretty, then feel free to do so. I get annoyed with formatting, so mine won't be pretty until I have plenty of time to make them perfect.

                          You can have up to three characters at a time, unless I think you can't handle those or you can handle more. All characters should be anime. New rules will be added in red.
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Town Hall ;; 8am ~ 7pm ;; Closed Sundays
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Mayor || Secretary || Mail Carrier || Event Planner

Police Department ;; Never Closed
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Chief (Morning) || Officer (Morning) || Jailer (Morning)

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Chief (Night) || Officer (Night) || Jailer (Night)

Clinic ;; Never Closed
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Doctor (Morning) || Nurse (Morning) || Veterinarian (Morning)

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Doctor (Night) || Nurse (Night) || Veterinarian (Night)

Inn ;; 9am ~ 10pm ;; Closed Thursday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Maid || Cook || Waiter/Waitress

Bar ;; 7pm ~ 3am ;; Closed Wednesday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Bartender || Entertainer || Waiter/Waitress

General Store ;; 8am ~ 7pm ;; Closed Monday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Clerk 1 || Clerk 2 || Delivery Boy/Girl

Bakery ;; 10am ~ 6pm ;; Closed Saturday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Baker || Pastry Chef || Waitress

Cafe ;; 10am ~ 6pm ;; Closed Sunday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Waiter || Cook || Waitress

Florist ;; 9am ~ 6pm ;; Closed Tuesday
          User ImageUser Image
          Owner || Gardener

Tailor ;; 9am ~ 6pm ;; Closed Wednesday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Owner || Tailor || Designer || Model

Library ;; 10am ~ 5pm ;; Closed Thursday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Librarian || Helper || Poet || Writer

Church ;; 8am ~ 7pm ;; Closed Holidays
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Priest || Nun || Graveskeeper || Groundskeeper
User Image

Carpenter ;; 8am ~ 8pm ;; Closed Saturday
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Carpenter || Builder || Wood Cutter

Blacksmith ;; 8am ~ 8pm ;; Closed Saturday
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Blacksmith || Miner || Jewler

Farm ;; 7am ~ 7pm ;; Never Monday
          User ImageUser Image
          Store Owner || Farmer

Ranch ;; 7am ~ 7pm ;; Closed Monday
          User ImageUser Image
          Store Owner || Rancher

School ;; 8pm ~ 3am ;; Closed Weekends
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Principal || Teacher || Student ♂

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Student ♀ || Student ♂ || Student ♀

Beach ;; 9am ~ 4pm ;; Closed Sunday
          User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Fisherman || Juice Bar Owner || Snack Bar Owner || Surf Shack Owner

Goddess Spring ;; Never Closed
          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Harvest King || Harvest Goddess || Spring Sprite

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Summer Sprite || Autumn Sprite || Winter Sprite

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Witch || Wizard || Artist

          User ImageUser ImageUser Image
          Musician || Photographer || Thief
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                                          1. Town Hall/Mayor's Mansion - The large, red-roofed building would be the Town Hall, located at the top of the hill right above town. It can be seen for miles, and everyone goes there for most celebrations. The Mayor's Mansion is located right beside it. It is the blue-roofed building directly to the left of the Town Hall, and it is only slightly smaller than it. It it lives the mayor and their servants/helpers.

                                          2. xxxxxx Ranch - This area is where the ranch is located. The building with the red roof is the barn, and the small building beside it is the chicken coop. The house to the very right of the section would be the store, where you can buy or sell animals or animal products. The owner of the ranch lives in this house as well.

                                          3. Kami Woods - This forest contains the Goddess Spring, along with the two large shrines for the Harvest God and Goddess and the four smaller shrines for the Seasonal Sprites. The witch and wizard share a shop in the large tree located in this area, but they are not always open. The shop is more of just a base of operations, you might say.

                                          4. xxxxxx Mine - As the name implies, the town mine is located in this area. The Blacksmith's shop is located here as well, to the left of the opening of the mine. The area is also shared by fishermen, whom you can occasionally catch fishing in the large waterfall to the left of this area.

                                          5. Shopping District - This is the location of most of the stores in town, as well as a few upper-class residential houses. In this area is the Bakery, Cafe, Inn, Bar, School, Clinic, and General Store. It is normally the busiest part of town, and the streets are often crowded.

                                          6. xxxxxx Farm - The farm lands are located in this area. The building on the left is the store, which sells seeds, fertilizer, and produce. The building on the right is the home of the farmer. The two gray, cylindrical buildings to the left of those are the greenhouses, where plants that would be out of season are grown. The fields in front of the houses are full of plants fit for the season.

                                          7. Housing District - Most residents of Kurain Village live in this area. Some stores are located in this area, including the Police Department, Florist, Tailor, Library, and Church. This area is more calm than the Shopping District, but it is often bustling with people as well.

                                          8. xxxxxx Carpentery - This is a very wooded area, and it is the location of the Carpenter's store. The owner lives in the building in the middle of the area, and he runs his business by using the trees surrounding his house. This is a very dangerous area if you don't travel on the path, so be careful.

                                          9. The Beach - Lots of festivals are held in this area. This place is more of a place of relaxation and fun, rather than a business or living area, though both things are located here as well. There are a few beach houses, and located near those houses are shacks and stores selling small snacks and drinks.
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Шeather & Ⱦime for Ϩpring

|| Early Morning || Morning || Afternoon || Evening || Night || Midnight ||

|| Sunny || Foggy || Cloudy || Partly Cloudy ||

|| Calm || Drizzling || Heavy Rain || Snowy || Hail || Thunderstorm || Light Wind || Strong Wind ||

|| Freezing || Cold || Cool || Warm || Hot || Sweltering Hot ||

Σvents ⌡

It's a new year!
You probably celebrated last night,
But there are still decorations up!
Stay in the festive mood!
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2/5/13 ~ Thread completed (hopefully)!
Ҟoraleigh Ɍay Ϻiller
User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Image

In three words I can sum up
everything I've learned about life...

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                                                    Beepbeepbeep! Beepbeepbeep! Beepbeepbeep! Koraleigh rolled over in her bed, pulling her covers and pillow over top of her head. Still, the muffled sounds of her alarm clock managed to reach her. She sighed, giving up her fight against the morning. You win again... Kora threw her covers off in a huff, slammed her hand on her alarm clock, and threw her legs over the bed. She immediatly began shivering, since, even though it was spring, it was not yet warm outside. Instead of covering back up like she wanted, Kora dragged herself out of the bed and headed to her bathroom.

                                                    Koraleigh started the shower, turning it as hot as she could. She waited for a few seconds, then climbed in. She was greeted with ice-cold water, and she yelped loudly. Great, now the hot water heater is broken. She washed off as quickly as she could, hoping to get out of the freezing water without getting frost-bitten. In a matter of minutes, Kora had washed off, gotten out, dried off, and gotten dressed. She threw on a blanket over her shoulders, then proceeded into the kitchen. She checked the clock above her oven. 6:30? Wow, record time! Kora smiled in spite of herself, then made herself some tea.

                                                    After eating some breakfast, Kora took her daily medication. Kora was born with a Congenital heart defect, so she had to constantly take medication to make sure she didn't suffer any heart problems. As Kora took her medicine, she noticed that she was out of two of her medications. Awesome, another thing I have to do today. She grabbed the two pill bottles and stuffed them in her bag, deciding it would be best to get them after work. Kora headed out the door, locking it behind her.

                                                    When she got up to the Shopping District, she noticed that the Bakery was still closed, which meant that her boss had yet to arrive. I could open the store... Or I could just sit on a bench in the town square for a little while and read my book or talk to someone... Kora smiled and turned from the bakery, headed for the town square located about thirty seconds from the store. She didn't see many people, and didn't know the people she did see, so she just pulled out her book and began to read, waiting for someone interesting to come along or for her shift to start.

Where: Town Square
Doing: Reading
With: Nobody
Wearing: [ x ]
Journal: [ x ]
...It goes on

I know it sucks, but first posts are the worst for me. No responses from anyone else to go off of...
User ImageRoan de Vries
"If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us."
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It was almost as if last night never happened.
The air was crisp, the festive spirit had disappated and virtually no one was walking the streets. Even the sun was hiding behind the clouds today.

Well, that was perfectly fine for Roan! The last thing he wanted to do right now was to remember what had happened last night. No siree! Not only was it too embarassing, but he had better things to do. Things like live for the future!

Roan, you see, was an Officer-in-training--to the strictest degree. The officer in charge of teaching him didn't seem to be interested in doing much else. Much to his dismay, Roan had never arrested a "bad guy" or protected a villager or even gone on patrol. All he had done is paperwork. That and read his Officer-training manual a thousand times. His instructor seemed quite keen on having him memorize the book.

So memorize it he would.

In fact, Roan had woken up early today just to make a dent in that manual. His thought? If he actually memorized the manual, his instructor wouldn't have an excuse to keep him from actual police work anymore.

Well, that was what Roan had planned, anyway. But when he walked into the park, he was interrupted by a familiar face.

"Miss Koraleigh? Is that you?"

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User Image Sean Fannon
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
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Sean had never been big on holidays.

Now, this wasn't because he wasn't a partier--because Sean could party like no one's business--but because no one let him work on holidays. How is he supposed to keep an eye on his bacteria culture if they lock the clinic on holidays? He sure as heck couldn't bring the cultures home! Last time he did, Grandma sanitized and cleaned the lot of them.

Months of work, literally, down the drain.

Yesterday had given Sean yet another reason to dislike holidays.
Ugh... He didn't even want to think about it. Anything that brought him out to the church (of all places ) at four in the morning the day after was a good reason to hate holidays.

But now he was going to the park. To get some rest from this nonsense. After all, he still had a good few hours before Roan woke up. Might as well make the most of it before everything went to heck again.

Sean never got that quick break, though, because there, standing at the entrance of the park was Roan. And he was with that cute girl from the cafe.

Talk about a double jab to the stomach.
Not only did Sean have to talk to Roan earlier than he wanted, but now he had to do it in a civil way, pretending that nothing is wrong. Don't want to upset the cutie, after all.


"Hey! Both of you are up too early today. Go back to bed."

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