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XXX Kaleb blinked when Darya agreed that it would be lame and left without taking his arm. He laughed quietly and shook his head, smirking slightly. He kind of liked her already. Maybe not in a wife kind of way, but he definitely wanted to get to know her better. He just walked off with her and got into the carriage with her.

XXX Damien also headed off to the carriage with Kiara. He still wasn't sure what was going on with them. Kiara didn't seem very interested in him at all. At least that's how it felt. Maybe they'd be able to talk once they were back at the castle. Even if they could visit with others maybe it would help a bit.

XXX Everyone was either in the carriage or headed back to the castle by other means. Once the carriage stopped, Damien and Kaleb both got out. Damien sighed a bit and smiled as he walked into the main entrance of the castle. It was good to be back. He was looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the night, but he'd still stay down to visit with people. There was a rather large gathering hall off of the main entrance. It was set up with some tables, snacks, and drinks for the lords and ladies. They were also playing music. Kaleb headed straight for the bar.
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Kiara looked at the earth announcer and smiled happily when he said that it was time for them to go. Finally the day was almost over and she turned around and looked at Damien. Unfortunately she couldn't stay in her room once they get back and she mentally sighed at that thought. Once the announcer was finished, she heard Damien's voice and smiled as she wrapped her arm around his as he led her to the ride that will be taking them back.

Throughout the ride, Kiara remained quiet and as she looked out the window on the way back to the castle. Closing her eyes, she quietly sighed to herself as she just relaxed. A few minutes later, they arrived back at the castle and she got out and stretched. Then she headed inside and followed the maids to the area were the music and dancing where going to be held. Kiara walked over to the bar and got her drink. Ordering her a drink, she waited for a few minutes before she thanked the man for her drink and she walked over a small table and sipped on it as her eyes wandered the area.

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          Darya road back to the castle in the carriage with Kaleb. She knew tonight was probably going to get interesting. She assumed something was going to happen. Well she mostly assumed everyone was going to get drunk and maybe a little wild. Things always got interesting when people got intoxicated, especially in groups. She knew things could get really interesting in a good way where everyone got drunk and happy, and it turned into a crazy party. Maybe people would start hooking up, who knows. Or it could go terribly wrong, people fighting, being over emotional, or just annoying. It was impossible to know what would happen now.

          Darya got out of the carriage and headed inside with everyone. She saw people immediately going to get alcohol. That's where she was headed. She went and got herself a drink. She was actually pretty good at drinking. She could drink some men under the table back at home. She loved showing them up. She probably wouldn't be doing that tonight though. She didn't need to get too rowdy with the boys or anything. She didn't need to cause trouble tonight, well at least not that much trouble. She would try and keep it minimal, or to only what was really necessary.

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