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A Sohma Vacation

ᴀ ʙ c ᴅ ᴇ ғ ɢ н ι נ ᴋ ʟ ᴍ ɴ ᴏ ᴘ ϙ ʀ s ᴛ u ν ᴡ x ʏ z

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                                                                  February 04, 2013

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                                                                  Accepting Reserves. Not open yet.

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                                                                  Will add in a minute
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A Sohma Vacation

ᴀ ʙ c ᴅ ᴇ ғ ɢ н ι נ ᴋ ʟ ᴍ ɴ ᴏ ᴘ ϙ ʀ s ᴛ u ν ᴡ x ʏ z

                                                                  I would like at least the name of your character and a picture of them in each post. You may add quotes, lyrics or whatever else you might want but it is not required. Also, Absolutely no one sentence posts. Every post should be between six sentences and three paragraphs. I don't want any of those super long posts either though. Do not write a whole book each post. This is not one of those kinds of roleplays. Last but no least, Write in third person and use proper grammar, correct spelling and such. (I do understand some mistakes though)

                                                                  Reserving is no required and i will not have a form for it in this roleplay but it is encouraged. If you do want to reserve, Just send me a pm asking me for that position. For profiles and reserves, title the pm 'A sohma Vacation'.

                                                                  Zodiac members personalities should have personalities kind of like the traditional dragon, dog, tiger or whatever. They do not have to be 100% like them though. Oh and don't mess with the profile skeleton please. I will make you refill out a new one.

                                                                  Romance is fine. Actually it is strongly encouraged but no doing the dirty in the thread. Just do a time-skip please. We don't need that here!

                                                            The God
                                                                  I usually allow the god to be nice or mean or whatever the creator wants them to be... But I realized the mean ones are more fun. So the god should be mean in this one. Also, I would like to request that the god is a male. Just because my character is going to be the doctor and I kind of want her to have a little crush on him. The god can be a female though, it was only a request not a rule.

                                                            Activity & Quitting
                                                                  Please try to stay active in the roleplay. I understand you all have lives and so do i.... Just try to post one a day or once every other day or something like that. If you go a week without posting, I will send a warning pm. If you still don't post in two days, I will remove your character and open the position...

                                                                  If you decide to quit, Don't just leave without saying anything (please). Just send me a pm telling me you don't want to be in the profile anymore. It's not that hard.

                                                            New Rules
                                                                  I probably won't add any new rules but if i do. I will post a notice in the roleplay [and maybe the title] and put the new rule in red for at least the first week. Then it will be just like the other rules. Please read them.

                                                                  Also, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to pm them to me. I will answer them the best i can.
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A Sohma Vacation

ᴀ ʙ c ᴅ ᴇ ғ ɢ н ι נ ᴋ ʟ ᴍ ɴ ᴏ ᴘ ϙ ʀ s ᴛ u ν ᴡ x ʏ z

                                                                  Now that the school year is over, The sohmas have decided to take a two month long vacation. Yup. That's right, two months. They will be staying in a large mansion which is very close to the beach. You can fall in love, fight, make friends, whatever you want. Well almost whatever you want. The god is going on this vacation so try not to make him mad if you want to be able to go out. ^_^
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A Sohma Vacation

ᴀ ʙ c ᴅ ᴇ ғ ɢ н ι נ ᴋ ʟ ᴍ ɴ ᴏ ᴘ ϙ ʀ s ᴛ u ν ᴡ x ʏ z

A strike means they are taken.
Italicized means they are reserved.
Neither means they are open.

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