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(renamed from The Hunt for the White Demon)

This is Set Five Years after Esther is Crowned Queen of Albion. Abel Nightroad still hunts for his evil elder twin who is aptly named Contra Mundi. What Will come?

Storyline Update:
Abel has been founf in what is known now as the Other Nation, the Wildnerness, formerly known as the US. The USA was decimated during Armageddon and only a few cities remain. One of these being Sanford, Maine and another being Columbus, Ohio. The AX has been dispatched with holy order to ally with the paranormal agency there known as the AMT, or the Alien Minds team.

The AX and AMT have allied with the Empire, but now the Orden Rises once more. Will Cain revert? Is there time to save him before Isaak's Shadow Demon takes full possession? And will Abel and Sarah finally get thier act together and hook up?

Meanwhile In Ohio, A shadow branch of the Orden is gearing up to wage guerilla war on The AMT....yet there is another group watching the Orden, their bitter rivals, the Men in Black.

Now the AMT has gone thier own way and The AX are looking for new allies. The Albion Knights, also called Hellsing, are on the move as Millenium is secretly working within all groups.

As of now, Millennium has been utterly destroyed and Cain Nightlord is getting ready to surrender publicly, but peace is still tenuous as Iscariot, or Section XIII as they are called plan to disrupt this by sowing discord in the Vatican to sway the Pope and College of Cardinals to declare war on the Empire!!!
No Godmodding
Try to keep in chara
Be somewhat Literate
If you are playing Cain, please have knowledge of Trinity Blood
Please PM all Profiles to me. (Jarem Crusnik)
Please put in the Subject 'White Demon'

Game: Trinity Blood RP/with OC storyline by Agent-Sarah
Genre:Anime, Futuristic

Made Up's Welcome

OOC thread: Trinity Blood Season 2: Abel's Hunt OOC Thread Please put OOC comments here or plot bunny ideas. I need help!


Storyline and Rules
Canon Charas
Made up Charas
White/Black List
Other Ideas
Trinity Blood:
The Vatican:
Pope Alessandro XVIII -
Cardinal Caterina Sforza - Jarem Crusnik
Father Abel Nightroad aka Crusnik - Jarem Crusnik
Father Tres Iqus aka Gunslinger - gunslinger_tres
Father Leon Garcia de Asturias aka Dandelion -
Father Hugue de Watteau aka Sword Dancer -
Father William Walter Wordsworth aka Professor - gunslinger_tres
Vaclav Havel -
Sister Kate Scott aka Iron Maiden - gunslinger_tres

The Rozencreuz:
Contra Mundi aka Cain Nightroad -
Panzer Magier aka Issak Ferdinand von Kampfer - Jarem Crusnik
Marionettespieler aka Deitrich -

Esther Blanchett aka Queen of Albion -

The Empire:
The Empress aka Seth Nightroad - aggie24
Ion Fortuna, Earl of Memphis -
Asthroshe Asran, Duchess of Odessa -

(any others I forgot feel free to let me know.)



Hellsing Organization:
Sir Integra Hellsing
Alucard - Jarem Crusnik
Walter C. Dornez
Seras Victoria - V o l u n t a r y Victims
Captain Pip Bernadotte

Iscariot: (Vatican Section XIII)
Cardinal Enrico Maxwell
Paladin Alexander Anderson
Heinkel Wolfe
Yumie Takagi
Father Renaldo

The Major
The Doctor
The Captain
Francesco de Medici - Aggie24
First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle - V o l u n t a r y Victims
First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz
Warrant Officer Schrödinger - V o l u n t a r y Victims
Tubalcain Alhambra
Luke Valentine
Jan Valentine
Made Up Charas:

[b]User Name:[/b]
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Code Name:[/b]
[b]Side:[/b] [i]Vatican (AX, Inquisitior, Section XIII), Empire, Albion, Millennium, other nation, Hellsing[/i]
[b]Bio or History:[/b]


Taken Canons and Good Guys

User Name: Jarem Crusnik
Character name: Father Abel Nightroad
Code Name: Crusnik 02
Appearance: See Avie
Side: Vatican
Bio or History: Catholic priest who seems to be nothing more than a clumsy, absent-minded fool on the surface. In truth, he is a Crusnik, a vampire of extreme, extraordinary power, and is an ancient being, hundreds of years old. He is a vampire that feeds on the blood of vampires. But despite his strength, he adheres to a principle of pacifism and often refuses to kill his opponents outright. Abel is shown in flashbacks to have a hatred for humanity, but at some point that changes into his current pacifistic and peaceful outlook on life. He acknowledges having greatly sinned at some point in his life, though it is unclear as to what sin he committed, and much of his current personality is based on retribution for his sins. Abel has at one point referred to his Crusnik form as "a mark of his sins", though it is unknown what he meant by that. He shows some romantic feelings towards Esther Blanchett, though most of the time he appears oblivious that Esther returns the sentiment (as pointed out by Astharoshe Asran). In his human form he fights with a gun that shoots silver bullets. As a Crusnik, is able to transform into various forms based on the amount of nanomachines in his body that he activates. In his higher forms he wields a huge scythe materialized from his own blood. In The Star Of Sorrow II, it is revealed that pre-Armageddon, Nightroad was Commander in the UN Air and Space Force involved in the "Mars Colonization" project.

Born: Created 2088 A.D. in London, United Kingdom
Ranking: Vatican Priest and AX agent
Power: Nanomachine - Crusnik 02
Background: Abel was created in 2088 A.D. in London as one of the so-called "Test Tube Babies." There four artificial humans (Lilith Sahl, Cain Nightroad, Abel Nightroad, Seth Nightroad) were created to be in charge of the colonization of Mars after the Earth's population drastically increased. On Mars, the colonists discovered two alien technologies (the Bacillus and the Crusnik nanomachines), which they installed in their bodies: the colonists, the Bacillus; the Test Tube Babies, the Crusnik, since only their enhanced bodies were able to survive this combination. As the colonists returned to Earth, a war broke out between them and the humans who remained. Abel (hating the world for creating him and his beloved "siblings" as toys back then), Cain, and Seth took the Methuselah's side — while Lilith supported the humans' side. After she was killed by Cain (now insane after he had fused with the Crusnik nanomachines at 100%), Abel retrieved her body, and, in grief, brought it to the Vatican, where she was buried. For 900 years, Abel stayed by her side and wept, until young Caterina Sforza fled to the crypt as she was chased by Methuselah assassins. Abel, realizing that it was his task to continue Lilith's work and defend the humans, saved the young Caterina and chose to live on. He joined the AX at its foundation in May, 3055 A.D. Also, in "The Night Lords V.", Abel finds out that Cain is still alive. Near the end of the series, Abel is apparently killed by Cain. Father Tres later gives him Lilith's nanomachines, reviving him in 100% Crusnik form. Cain and Abel fight, but neither of them is victorious. During the ending credits, it is shown that Abel is indeed alive and is joined by Ion in his quest to kill Cain.

User Name: NPC'ed By Jarem Crusnik
Character name: Cain Nightroad
Code Name: Mein Herr Contra Mundi, Crusnik 01
Appearance: (see images)
Side: RozenCreuz
Bio or History:
The one who stands behind the Orden, he is lending them his nearly fathomless power. The motivations that drive him are unclear, but he is a being of destruction who, though not sharing the Orden's Biblical belief in Judgment Day, seems bent on the destruction of humanity and the world. In a flashback with Abel, back when they were children (maybe young teens), he is shown at least previously holding an optimistic belief in the individual's ability to shape destiny and change the world. His body was badly damaged by Seth and Abel when they dropped him from a space station, and he seems to have difficulty holding his makeshift body together. Towards the end of the series he hopes to take over Abel's body. He at one point kills Abel, but Abel is later revived using Lilith's nanomachines. (Mein Herr = German for "My lord"; Contra Mundi = Latin for "Against the World" wink

Codename: Seire Crusnik
Born: Created in 2088 AD in Berlin, Germany
Ranking: 10-1 'Ipsissimus, Order of the Rulers'
Power: Nanomachine - Crusnik 01
Background: The second oldest of the Test Tube Babies, Cain is often seen as Abel's elder twin. He was the leader of the Mars Colonialization Project, called the "Red Mars Project". Apparently a gentle, beloved leader, he in truth was filled with a hatred towards the world for creating him and his siblings as tools for the project. At an accident on Mars, he was killed, but Seth injected him with the Crusnik nanomachines and thus saved his life. However, he fused with the nanomachines at 100% and thus gave up control to them, in order to get the power to destroy the world, since he had an inherently destructive personality and could not stand his hatred. In the war following the return of the colonialists to earth, he took the side of the Returners. As Lilith protected the humans, he called her for negotiations, but killed her instead, calling her a "bad influence" on Abel, since she was bringing out his humanity and convincing him that his hatred for the world was wrong. Abel then pushed Cain out of the space ship and into the atmosphere, burning him to a pile of ash. From this ash, Cain regenerated back to his normal form, and met Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer about 900 years later. Together, they took over the Rosenkreutz Orden, until then a small, insignificant organisation in Berlin consisting of enemies of the Vatican. Through Cain and Isaak's charisma and power, the RCO grew into the world's leading terrorist organization.

Username: Jarem Crusnik
Character Name: Cardinal Caterina Sforza
Code Name: Steel Woman, Duchess of Milan
Appearance: See images
Side: Vatican, Holy Affairs Department Head
Bio: Known as the Duchess of Milan. A woman of strong will and determination, Caterina Sforza leads the special operation group AX, a sub-section of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Her subordinates frequently solve cases that involve subduing or eradicating rogue vampires. She strongly advocates making peace with the Empire and the concept of vampires and humans co-existing together. It appears that she has known Abel for quite some time, seeing how he had saved her from vampires when she was a child. (She joined the orden after AX was dissolved by Francesco di Medici. This part of the story is not in the anime.)

User Name: Agent-Sarah
Character name: Cardinal Francesco de Medici
Code Name: High Inquisitor, Ducke of Tuscany
Appearance: See Images
Side: Vatican, Head of the Inqusitorial Department.
Bio or History:Duke of Florence. The Department of Inquisition is under his command. He cannot be Pope since he is a b*****d son. Harboring a strong hatred for vampires, he frequently clashes with his younger sister, Cardinal Caterina, in her pursuits for negotiation and diplomacy. He does not compromise, and persists in responding with violence, often making decisions that will cost innocent lives "in the name of God." He is also known as the Duke of Tuscany.

User Name: Jarem Crusnik
Character name: [edit] Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer
Code Name:Panzer Magier or Wizard
Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:TrinityBlood_Isaak_Dietrich.jpg
Side: Rozencruez
Bio or History:An inventor of the Rosen Kreuz Orden, Isaak is also called Panzer Magier or wizard. Isaak is the vampire who is responsible for making Cain's current body, which had been permanently damaged by Seth and Abel 900 years ago. Despite his many talents, Isaak is somewhat of a mystery and has gone by many aliases in the past. He used to study at London University under the name of Isaac Butler, and was involved in the incident which killed William's fiancé and led to both to them being expelled. Since he met Cain, Isaak takes care of Cain's regeneration and leads the Orden with him, though his true motivation for doing so is unknown. He enjoys smoking cigarillos and quoting works of literature. Issak does not usually appear in public, preferring to let others carry out his plans. When he does move to the front lines, he shows excellent battle prowess and is not easily defeated.

Isaak possesses many talents and is well versed in the use of Lost Technologies. His primary weapon is an attack called the Arrow of Belial, a massive sphere of light that shoots a multitude of energy bolts at his opponent. He also possesses the ability to project a nearly impenatrable electromagnetic wall, known as the Shield of Asmoday, around his body. This defense can be utilized at will and is capable of blocking almost any assault. In addition, Isaak created artificial demons that he can summon into battle to aid him. He has two kinds of demons: dwarfs called the "Schatten Kobolds" that appear to be little devils concealing their forms in Kämpfer's shadow, and knomes, monstrous worm-like creatures with the ability to tunnel through the ground at amazing speeds. The latter only appear in the novels. His hair, which is made of thin mono-carbon fibers, is strong enough to cut through the hardest diamond making it another formidable weapon.

According to the novels, Dietrich von Lohengrin is Isaak's protege and it is probably under his tutelage that Dietrich gained the knowledge to create the Death Hunters. Isaak is last seen piloting the Orden's air ship while leading an attack on the city of Londinium in Albion. Through the combined efforts of the Church and the Kingdom of Albion, the ship was destroyed, presumably killing him in the explosion.

User Name: aggie24
Character name: Seth Nightroad
Code Name: Crusnik 03, Empress Augusta Vradica
Appearance: see images
Side: Empire
Bio or History: Seth was one of the crusniks, sister to Cain and Abel. After Armageddon, she became empress of the Methuselah and set up a great empire. She sees the Methuselah as her children and desires to protect them. However, she does wish for peace between the Methuselah and the Terrans. Seth enjoys dressing as a tea-seller and walking around town. Most Methuselah do not reconize her because she usually hides her face behind a veil when she appears in public as the empress.

Seth's crusnik power is the "fire of sound." The weapon that appears in her hands resembles two giant tuning forks and she uses the sound waves to dissentigrate her foes.

User Name: Aggie24
Character name: Father Tres Iqus
Code Name: Gunslinger
Appearance: See Images
Side: Vatican
Bio or History: Tres is either an android or possibly a cyborg of some sort. His body contains human parts, but is mostly comprised of machinery and advanced technology. He has lightning-quick reflexes and amazing marksmanship. His weapons of choice are two handguns. He also has other abilities which include things like scanning for vital signs.

Tres Iqus was created as a "killing machine." He is the third of ten of these machines ("Tres Iqus" means "three ten" wink which were created by an enemy of the Vatican. All of the others were destroyed, but Cardinal Sforza saved Tres, finding him not to be inherently evil and quite useful on her AX team. Tres acknowledges that she saved him and expresses some sort of gratitude and devotion in return.

User Name:
Character name: Sister Kate Scott
Code Name: Iron Maiden
Appearance: See Images
Side: Vatican
Bio or History: Kate Scott is a part of the AX. She appears as a hologram, but she is not a machine. She has a physical human body which slipped into a coma many years ago. She continues her life as a special sort of hologram, able to project herself into different places but also able to do physical tasks, such as making tea (which is quite excellent). She is connected to a battle airship, the Iron Maiden, which she controls and uses as a sort of base. She also acts as a head of communications for the AX team, relaying messages via the com links.

User Name: V o l u n t a r y Victims
Character name: Seras Victoria
Code Name: no code names although her nickname is Police Girl
Appearance: [x]
Side: Albion knights (hellsing organization)
Bio or History:
Seras was originally a policewoman who, along with the rest of her squad, was sent into Cheddar Village, where a vampire disguised as a priest had taken control of the town and turned its inhabitants into ghouls. Taken hostage by that vampire, who used her as a human shield, she was given a "choice" by Alucard after shooting her through the lung in order to kill the vampire: she could either die as a human, or be turned into a vampire herself, and live. She chose to live, and so Alucard turned her into a vampire. Shortly after that event Armageddon occurred and she fled to Mars until she thought it would be safe enough to return.
Following a series of unfortunate events Seras, a surviving colonist of Mars, managed to make it back to earth only to be captured and made a knight of an Albion family, the Hellsing organization. From then on she serves under Sir Integra Hellsing and Alucard.
Seras is an extremely powerful vampire, but still a long way from being as strong as Alucard due to the fact she refuses to drink his blood. Seras serves perfectly as long-range fire support and has an exceptional weapon known as Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon 'Harkonne’. Weighing 120 lb. (~60 kg) unloaded, this 30 mm, single-shot breech loader cannon uses various types of shells, including depleted uranium with silver for piercing armored targets and incendiary napalm rounds for destroying large groups of opponents both on land and in the air. Seras also uses the Extra Long-Range Bombardment Firearm system for Localized defensive use "Harkonnen II". It had a gross weight of 345kg and sported a pair of 30 mm auto cannons belt-fed from two large ammunition boxes carried on her back. Its maximum range was 4000m, and could snipe fast moving missiles and even shoot down Millennium airships. For additional firepower, the pair of cannons could double as a grenade launcher, launching two of the explosive incendiary grenades for wide-area field dominance "Vladimir," one from each barrel.
Aside from her deadly gun wielding abilities she has an array of attacks such as the ability to regenerate by using a strange shadow material, haste, a "third eye" ability like clairvoyance that lets her penetrate illusions and see things from afar as well as sense auras by the look of it, withstand sunlight and take flight. Although, most of this abilities can only be accessible after she drinks blood. During periods where she has not had any blood to drink she only has superior strength and speed at her disposal.

User Name:Jarem Crusnik
Character name: Alucard
Code Name: Nosferatu
Side:Bound Servant of the Hellsing Knights of Albion
Release Phrase: "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems (level), approval of Situation A recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent."
Bio or History:The most powerful warrior of the Hellsing organization (and arguably the world), Alucard is not a mere vampire, but one of the most ancient. He usually dresses in a Victorian fashion, including a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and a flamboyant and intricately knotted red bowtie, covered by a long red trench coat. He also wears a red fedora hat with a wide, floppy brim and a pair of circular, heavily tinted, wire-framed yellow sunglasses. He does wear other outfits, however. He has a vast range of supernatural techniques and is an expert gunfighter, his enhanced strength allowing him to wield pistols that most would consider heavy weaponry. He fights with ferocity and often extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been totally disabled and humiliated. He has a massive ego, and frequently gives enemies more than one chance to kill him before retaliating, if only to demonstrate his enormous powers. He is devoted to his master, Integra Hellsing, and is friends with Walter C. Dornez. He has feelings of affection towards his fledgling, Seras Victoria.

Coming to Earth when the Colonists did, it wasn't long before he was captured by the Hellsing family broken and bound to serve them until the Hellsing family died out. His cruel nature was exemplified when he murdered Cain Nightlord causing him to go psychotic. Alucard shows no tenderness save to those he cares for most. For the past 500 years he has kept his master alive by turning her methsuelah. He also has a son, which is now revealed as Isaak Fernando von Kampfer, the child's true name Isaac Hellsing. His one time fling with his master resulted in them marrying which the Albion Nobles took offense to, thus Alucard is not recognized as an Albion Noble, but merely a slave.
Made Up Charas page 1

The AMT, Alien Minds Team:

User Name: Agent-Sarah
Character name: Sarah Valentine
Code Name: Angel
Appearance: A 4'10" woman of althelic built with shoulder lengh blue hair and brown eyes.
Side: Other nation (America)
Bio or History: A paranormal investigator for the Alien Minds Team (AMT) for ten years. Her job is to find anything of the supernatural and bring them to justice. Through she may be short, Sarah is trained for gun and melee combat.
Sarah may look human, but she holds a unique secret...

User Name: Agent-Sarah
Character name: Daxter Lee
Code Name: Dead Lock
Appearance: 5'1" black man sporting dreadlocks and a tattoo on his right arm.
Side: Other nation (America)
Bio or History: A young man that joined the AMT when he helped them to stop a group of radical vampire slayers called the Night Hunters. Dead Lock was a former member of them until he questions the gang's actions.
He is very talented on making robots, upgrading weapons and inventing things to help the agents. He got the codename for his great aim.
Hating his first name, Dead Lock tells everyone to call him Dee.

User Name: Agent-Sarah
Character name: A.M.
Code Name: Alien Minds
Appearance: Appears in a form of a blue-tinted holograpic woman.
Side: Other nation (America)
Bio or History: A mascot for the Alien Minds Team Maine branch. Most of the AI's in the agencies are nice but A.M. is rude towards the rookies or visitors after she became defected. Through rude and crude, she helps out the agents.

Don Morningstar
User Name: Don Morningstar
Character name: Don Morningstar
Code Name: Day Walker
Appearance: A man with pale skin, icy blue eyes and long black hair and goatee. He wears a black coat and matching fedora when hunting.
Side: Other nation (America)
Bio or History: A Methuselah bounty hunter that hunts down Methuselah outlaws. His father was a human scienciest and his mother a Methuselah. He has got the code name for his ability to walk in broad daylight without dying.

User Name: Neomi789
Character name: V.I.C.T.O.R.I.A. [Given the name 'Victoria Cole']
Code Name: Victory [Calling her Victory in anything other than code will get you killed.]
Appearance: *coming*
Side: Technically the Vatican, but her recent work has been with Ion Fortuna as his partner. She also helps Abel from time to time, when he needs her.
Bio or History: Abel's old bodyguard, a modified version of the Crusnik. She met Ion Fortuna on one of her missions, and has since then become his semi-official partner. Victoria is actually 49 years old, she's trapped in the body of a thriteen year-old.

User Name: aggie24
Character name: Morwyn Feldstone
Code Name: none
Appearance: She looks like a 17 year old girl with skin so fair it almost seems to glow. She has long dark hair and green eyes that have a far-off look in them. She wears a tattered black dress which is sleeveless and would be floor length, but has become very worn and tattered along the bottom through the years. She also wears no shoes and she wears no jewelry save a simple necklace with a pendant shaped like a silver star. A dark aura surrounds her, but it is almost imperceptible.
Side: none
Bio or History: Morwyn is a human who lives in the forests of Maine. She is much, much older than she appears, dating back to Armageddon, almost as old as the crusniks. Her father was a great scientist in the United States, and when the crusnik nanomachines and bacillus virus came to Earth, he was on a team which handled some of the samples. He was specifically charged with using the crusnik nanomachines as a pattern to create new varieties of nanomachines. During the wars of Armageddon, devastation hit her town in the form of a strange sickness which was claiming lives. One by one her family died, until all that was left was Morwyn and her father. When Morwyn fell ill, her father didn't know what else to do, and he couldn't bear to lose her as well, so he injected the untested new nanomachines into her blood. It saved her life, but not knowing how to control the nanomachines, she accidentally killed her father. Since that time, Morwyn wandered around, at first trying to find a community which would accept her and eventually committing herself to the life of a hermit in the forests of Maine.

Morwyn's nanomachines keep her alive, preserving her perfectly in the condition she was in when they were injected: 17, weak, and pale. They have, however, thoroughly eradicated the sickness from her body. They work through absorbing light energy, so if she is in complete darkness too long it might kill her. The energy that is gathered is what keeps her alive, and she requires neither food nor drink. She absorbs light so strongly that there appears to be a dark aura which surrounds her. The nanomachines also provide a weapon for her, dispensing the energy that they absorb in the form of a ball of electric light. It was this power which accidentally killed her father. She now has control over this power, but she cannot use it too much, because it dispenses the energy that she lives off of, and she hates using it because of the painful memories that it has caused.

User Name: aggie24
Character name: Yolinda
Code Name: none
Appearance: She is average heighth and has shoulder-length sandy blonde hair. She has brown eyes and wears a black and white uniform.
Side: Empire
Bio or History: She is one of the many Terrans who live and work in Byzantium. She is a maid at the Imperial Palace and feels priveledged to be able to work there.
She is submissive to her superiors, but kind of fiesty with everyone else. She has a gentle and caring side that comes across sometimes as well. She sometimes is flirty just to get her way.

User Name: Mithos-kun
Character name: Maedel Lencarde
Code Name: "Flare Tempest"
Appearance: Only with a pair of goggles and a long headband
Bio or History: Maedel was an orphan, plain and simple. His family was killed by a gang of street thugs at an early age. Originally he was born in America, where he was taken in by a certain church that lived in a very rough neighborhood. He lived in an orphanage for some time. A cheerful and fun loving boy. But his parents left behind two weapons for him before they were killed. Why the left him these weapons or how they got them is unknown. One weapon was a rather unique looking pistol that shot bullets of fire that could set an enemy ablaze, the other weapon was a deadly looking, yet strangely designed sword that could harness the air around him and send wind blades at his enemies. For a while, he was taught how to fight (without the church's knowledge) by an unknown teacher, and considering the rough neighbor that Maedel lived in, he decided to defend the church with his skills and his weapon. He trained from the age of 10, a child prodigy in combat they would call him. After a while, when the church and orphanage had means to defend itself, Maedel left on a lonely journey on his own across the world. And now, at the age of 15, he received word that the Vatican had 'warriors' among its clan. Now, Maedel seeks out the AX, to prove his worth...
Made Up Charas page 2

V o l u n t a r y Victims

User Name: V o l u n t a r y Victims
Character name: pseudo name: Gunnar von Schliemann
Code Name: Rank 6=5// Immortal Scion
Appearance:[he’s a young one]
Side: Rozencreuz
Bio or History: Gunnar is one of Isaak’s newest creations; or, more exactly, his newest test subject. Only a year ago a small town, located in Estonia, was attacked by a Methuselah clan on a feeding frenzy. Gunnar and his family were residents of the town and were targets of the methuselah. As Gunnar’s parents tried to escape they abandoned the child hoping he’d be a good distraction as they fled. Instead, they were murdered and Gunnar was taken as a prisoner.

For some time he was held captive, until they decided the time was right to feed upon him. That time never came; instead some members of the Orden annihilated that clan of vampires, for reasons unknown. Isaak was amongst those members and Gunnar claimed he saved his life and then pleaded to be taken with them. The wizard didn’t pass up the ‘voluntary victim’ and used the boy as a test subject. What resulted of the testing was his conversion to a methuselah, his ability to regenerate is body at an accelerated rate and his immunity to most things that killed vampires, such as silver.

Gunnar’s memory was erased and he was given false ones instead, including a new name. He was also made a RCO member and given the rank 6= 5 and a title that translates to ‘immortal scion’. Aside to his ‘natural’ talent he can also control the dead with a high pitched whistle, inaudible to the ear. Although he may seem impossible to kill there are ways to do so…

User Name: V o l u n t a r y Victims
Character name: Sarah Sargon, Marquis of Salem // pseudonym: Ségolène von Abelinda
Code Name: AX: Sister Sarah, Holy Spirit// Orden: rank 7=4 The Transparent Mephistopheles
Appearance:[la la la]
Side: Rozencreuz
Bio or History: Sarah is a mixed blood child born into a wealthy family of the Empire. Her father is the Duke of Salem, as well as a Methuselah, while her mother was a terran commoner from Barcelona. For those who did not know the difference in their race they could be described as any other happy family of the Empire. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she was a terran, Sarah’s mother grew old and eventually died. Sarah, on the other hand, did not age and lived well beyond an average human lifespan. This was due to the vampire blood running through her veins. Not only that, but she also acquired a thirst for blood and had superhuman strength and speed. She was also immune to the harmful UV rays. On the other hand, she could not use haste and silver was still a problem to her. The mixed blood child also acquired a strange ability to dematerialize her body, although nobody really knows how. The years after her mother’s death were hard times. Her father was beginning to grow mad and he began to withdrawal himself from the world. Sarah then decided it was about time she left the family and ventured off on her own.

Sarah, as a child, was always informed by her father to choose the path that is true and right; the path of justice. Holding onto his words she joined the local police and rapidly advanced to an important position within the force. Eventually, AX caught word of her and invited her to join their organization. Of course, she accepted the invitation in hopes it would make her father proud. From there she worked alongside many members such as crusnik, dandelion and sword dancer.

During her rise to ‘fame’ her father continued to lose his sanity more and more. Or so they thought. He really had joined the Orden after claiming his eyes had been opened to the truth. He was the official information gatherer, codenamed Seeker. It took years until someone figured out he was up to no good. When word caught Caterina’s attention she sent out Sarah, Dandelion and Sword Dancer to take care of the job. At first, she was ordered only to capture him. But in a bad string of events she was then ordered to murder him. Or course she refused too for she did not desire to assassinate her father. In the end Dandilion and Sword Dancer had to take him out and Sarah was guilty of treason. Upon her father taking her last breath she asked why he had betrayed the Empire. His only response was, “Join the enemy and you will know.” After that Sarah was imprisoned, and called out only on suicide missions.

After 2 years of imprisonment Sarah’s curiosity was getting the best of her. She desired to know what her father meant. So, on her next mission out, she was ordered to kill some Orden members planning to wipe out a clan of vampires in Estonia. (Yes, the same event Gunnar apart of) Instead of sticking to orders she betrayed her fellow AX members and helped the annihilation in order to join the Orden.

At first, due to their suspicion that she was a spy, they sent her off to do their dirty work and tested her loyalty. Once she proved herself worthy she was given the lowest rank in the Orden. She also received some possessions left behind by her father, which were entrusted to Isaak. The contents were a whole library of book in which he filled with observations and a blade that was passed down from generation to generation of her family. It was a lost technology, a blade that could cut through any material, like whole buildings and diamonds. She eventually learned, after reading some of the books, why her father had joined the ‘evil’ side. It was because of the progression of human nature towards sin. His desire was to stop the suffering at its roots and wipe out all of humanity. This was his idea of justice. As she continued reading through his materials her blind eyes were opened to all the corruption and how no side was simply good or bad.

With that she pledged her loyalty to Cain and the Orden, changing her name to Ségolène as a symbol of restarting her life. Soon after that change Cain had been cleansed of his evil nature and she had to return to her homeland, the Empire, and face AX once more. They were gracious enough to forgive her, although she could never be a free again, she was under house arrest, except for the few times she visited the palace. Thankfully, this change didn’t last long and she was one of the few Orden members who are currently helping to reconstruct the organization. Since then she has been promoted to the rank 7=4. This is where we leave off in her story.

User Name: V o l u n t a r y victims
Character name: Rip van Winkle
Code Name: First Lieutenant
Appearance: [x]
Side: Millennium
Bio or History:
First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle, is a member of the Millennium forces. One of Millennium's top soldiers, and member of the Werewolf special forces.

She uses a long-barreled flintlock musket that fires magic bullets that "punish all without distinction", tracking targets of their own accord, and which are seemingly armor-piercing (they destroy helicopters, fighter jets and missiles with ease) and they are even able to change their trajectories in mid-flight repeatedly peppering a target with the same bullet. She seems to have a limited amount of these bullets, as she only uses one at a time. She doesn't appear to have any other powers beyond this however. She also enjoys singing operas, especially Der Freischütz, and she often compares herself to the character Kaspar from that opera.

User Name: V o l u n t a r y Victims
Character name: Schrödinger
Code Name: Warrant Officer
Side: Millennium
Bio or History: Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger, is a member of the Millennium forces. Schrödinger is a catboy (Werwolf would be the military unit he serves in), and was created by Doc. He has the form of a young boy with cat ears and a perpetual smirk, dressing in a Hitler Youth uniform and holding the rank of Warrant Officer. He is very similar to Gunnar in looks and personality and, aside from the cat ears, could be mistaken as the young boy.
The exact nature of Schrödinger's abilities has yet to be defined, although, due to the "Schrödinger's Cat" references, they could be quantum/reality-based. This is indirectly confirmed by the Major - he states that Schrödinger only exists for as long as he is aware of himself. It is because of this he can seem immortal, always being able to regenerate, teleport and even invade other’s minds. Schrödinger himself mysteriously states that he is "everywhere and nowhere", possibly meaning that, if he believes that he exists somewhere, then he will. This also explains his apparent regeneration/immortality. If he believes that he is unscathed, then he is.

User Name: V o l u n t a r y Victims
Character name: Zorin Blitz
Code Name: First lieutenant
Side: Millennium
Bio or History:
She is a tall, massively muscled female vampire who works for the Millennium organization and is part of its Werwolf force. She is also the commander of one of Millennium's zeppelin forces.

She is a formidable fighter, wielding a giant scythe with enough force to cut a man in half. One side of her body is covered with tattoos, which include some designs but are mostly letters when exercising her power of illusion; they flow from her body onto the walls and ground around her, extending her influence over the area. She can also read minds/souls allowing her to determine what illusions work best on her victims.
White List:
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V o l u n t a r y Victims

Black List:

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Occasionally I will be putting up songs onthis post that to me describe the Mood of the RP. It will change as I or my players see fit.

Planet Hell

Planet Hell

Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the blood red carpets before me
Behold this fair creation of God

My only wish to leave behind
All the days of the earth
An everyday hell of my kingdom come

The first rock thrown again
Welcome to hell, little Saint
Mother Gaia in slaughter
Welcome to paradise, soldier

My first cry neverending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer

In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer

In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

Welcome Down
To my
Planet Hell

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer

In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer

In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways
More Pics:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Left to right: Cain Nightroad, Seth Nightroad, Lillith Sahl, Abel Nightroad

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Queen Esther Blanchett

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Pope Alessandro XVIII

Stories Untold:

The Nightroad Feud: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Wandering alone in the wilderness he didnt know about, Abel Nightroad paused for a second to take in the sights and sounds around him...it was the typical wilderness and nothing was in hsi way...all but one being: Cain. His blood boiled thinking of his elder twin. he then walked on not knowing if anyone was there or where he was.

Abel smiled lightly seeing sme birds nearby and threw a few crumbs out of his pocket and then walked on..he didn't know he was in what was left of the US after armageddon. Being ex military he kept an ear open for danger but walked on all the same.

He soon arrived in what was a small town. Sanford. He mused and then walked on hoping to find a chruch..he was a priest so he could still rest in holy ground.

He entered silently and was immediatly hailed."Father!"

Abel whipped around hand on his revolver, but then he relaxed seeing a fellow priest. "hello."

"You come from The Vatican?"

"nay, Albion." Abel replied softly. "I need a place to rest."

'Right this way..."

Abel sighed heavily. The priest then went on.'I can't belive you are her...the hero that drove off that monster..."

Abel flinched. "Please....don't speak of that horrrible event..."
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Sarah was in the church, relaxing from a day of paperwork. She opens her eyes to see the priest coming in.
Abel gazed around and his eyes landed on Sarah. He bowed hsi head, but the pain in his eyes were apparent. Without warning though he just hit the floor and the priest paled.'Father Nightroad....Father!!!"
Abel made no movemts to even get up..His nanomachines were fully active and he didn't want anyone to see hsi face change. 'Don't look...please I beg you...run Father...."
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Worried, she rushes to the man's aid. "Are you all right man? What's wrong?"

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