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Parker Harris
"I'm not quiet, you're just too loud."
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ஐﻬIt seems that Cole wasn't willing to answer her question without coming off as throwing excuses, so Parker decided to let it go. She could have pushed it, but then she would make Cole uncomfortable and mad, which would be kind of funny. What was she thinking again? Ah, yes she was just going to bed.

Thor made himself comfortable as Parker tried to does off. It was only a few moments later that she had fallen asleep.

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OOC;Short post is incredibly short.
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Hilarious Sex Symbol

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de Sɑɨитe-Cσqμɨʅʅe
With: Clyde
Location: Pokemon Gym


Clyde was now eager to go out and get their first badge. Rosalina, still on the bed, was about ready to fall asleep. However, knowing Clyde, he wouldn't take no for an answer, so the girl swung her legs over and stood up. "Okay, okay. Fine". As Rosalina, Taro and Denka all walked out, she'd hoped that Clyde would follow. As the young girl exited the Pokemon Center, her eyes quickly scanned the area for the Gym. Soon, Rosie had spotted it in the distance. "Over there, let's go!". As Rosalina was off like a bullet towards the Gym, Taro and Denka followed behind. As the Girl stopped in front of the door, she couldn't help but admire the building. Wow... Nice. This is where I'm going to get my first Gym Badge... The start of our journey. As the sliding door opened, Rosie had mosied on inside.

(I shall wait for an explanation of the Gym)

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Clyde Lowell

PokeDollars: 2990
Clyde tapped his foot as he waited for the bird. He wondered what had taken his Pokemon so long to find. He soon found out that his Spearow has returned with Rose in tow. Arrow perched right back to his master's shoulder. Clyde smirked a bit as he saw her approach.

"Well, hello there slowpoke. What took you so long?" he asked in a joking tone as she asked what the situation was in this town.

"Well, I really don't know," Clyde replied as he looked around with the police still around. "I wish I knew, but let's not worry about that. I think it's like what happened in Hoenn though all over again with the Team Aqua and Team Magma situation from a few years back." He stared up to the sky again and sighed. If his adventure was going to turn into him fighting a organization bent on ruling the world, he'll gladly kick some a** though. He heard her little pep talk to her Pokemon and chuckled at that.

"That was cheesy," he mumbled softly as he looked around a bit again, surveying the city.

"We should probably heal up at a Pokemon center somewhere first, Rose. Then we should go to the gym," he suggested to the girl.

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