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Dominic got up and answered the door.

"Yuki?! What happened??"

Levi looks up as Dominic guides the man carrying yuki into the room, he got up so he could lay her on the bed.

"Is she ok? Anything i can do to help?"
He looked at the two men in the room and set her on the bed gently "She was wandering the forests and tripped over an exposed root.. hurt her Ankle and leg very badly.." he looked on as they attended to her
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Dominic looked Alexander over and smiled.

"Another familiar face, Alicia is over there on the other bed napping, so far there are four of us resulting from our, 'Little problem', but i wouldnt want to go into details some people may not fully understand."

As Dominic spoke he signaled over at Levi and lightly shook his head hoping Alexander would catch on.
He looked over to the bed where she lay " I see.." he said quietly, He then looked at the signal Dominic gave to Levi Not knowing what he ment by it in a slightly confused stare.
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After dominic tended to yuki he walked over to Alexander and made sure his voice couldnt be heard by levi.

"That levi is from this timeline, and hes still human so he doesnt know about supernatural beings like you and me. So we have to play it safe with him."
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Alicia shook herself awake damn she must had passed out again. "ehh I must had been more tired then I thought." she streched at the sight of the full room. "Oh hey," she binked looking at Dominic. "Ehh? yuki?!"
"oh?.. well then alright.. Thank you for telling me.." he whispered back" Good thing I didn't fly over here.." So .. What now..?" he asked but then looked over to the girl that had just awoke
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She looked at the angle "And who the heck is he?" No doubt by his aura he was certinly and angle. "oh... mmm Sorry I didn't reconized You, before then mmm i had been trainling pretty hard just outside the school before... eh this happend. Alex, Right? i think we met at one of my friends parties. i'm Alicia " her eyes turned a deadly blue and she smirked "And I am Anna"
Yuki had lain quietly sleeping till she found someone to latch onto. She diddnt know who but the second she latched on she yanked them down into a forced cuddle. She always had a cuddling habit now that she thought of it in her dreaming. After pulling whoever it was down she then held on lightly but still strong enough to slightly signal not to move from her grasp.
Since he was the closest to the bed, he got pulled down. He was startled and looked around at everyone. He did not move.
Yuki woke up three minutes later slowly. She groaned and opened her eyes. For a moment her sight was blurred but then saw Alexander in her arms. Her eyes shot open and a million apologies spilled from her mouth.
Im so so sorry! I was asleep and I-I Im sorry!!!! she sputtered.
He stayed calm looking back to her " No need to be sorry.. it's alright.. Um.. Please calm down.." he shifted his eyes throughout the room again, staring at everyone.
Im really sorry. she said quietly as she was about to slowly let go. She then also looked around sheepishly with a red face.
He whispered " You are quite the apologetic one aren't you.. And again.. please, there is no reason to apologize.. I see no need for it.. if your comfortable.. I understand." He looked back at her with just a slight smile, still feeling everyone's eyes on them, he tried to ignore them, but their stares could be felt even if he didn't look directly back at them.
Yuki felt them starring too wich made her face all the more red. She then very lightly whispered in his ear
You feel them starring too huh? Its not fun but eh its ok. They mean no harm.
She smiled at him then sat up after letting go.
Did you sleep well Alicia? yuki asked trying to change the topic

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