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While yuki is walking through the dark forest from the heavy dence tree tops and trips over a tree route falling into the strong arms of a boy.
I-Im sorry..... she pleaded trying to stand up straght.
OW! she yelped, she had twisted her ancel and her knee the wrong way. She winced and apologized over and over under her breath to him.
He looked startled and then at her ankle noticing it was really messed up, and kept hearing her apologize underneath her breath " It's alright miss.. It really is and most of all.. are you alright?." he asked quietly and calmly trying to keep her up on one leg, not to damage her injury more.
Yuki looked up and saw a georjous and toned young man. His blonde hair seemed to glisten along with his emerald eyes that seemed to memorize her more and more.
From the feel of your back....your an angel breed arent you? And I saw you back at school, before the mirror messed everything up. I passed you in the halls a lot but you kept your hood and head down. Ill be fine but are you okay? yuki asked looking up while her blueish silver eyes seemed to sparkle as a ray of light that peeked out from an open holes in the tree tips hit her eyes just right.
He stared at her eyes as they reminded him of his own he then replied " yes.. I am an Angel breed.. And again yes, I was at your school.. I don't know what happened.. I don't know where I am.." he hid his eyes as he sighed
The Mirror set us back in time. There are more of us. And done hide those eyes anymore. They are very beautiful. yuki said to him and swept his hair from his eyes with her hand gently grazing over his skin.
I am Yuki... she greeted him.
He Flinched lightly as she barely grazed his skin with her hand, watching it pass in front of his eyes as she fixed his hair " I-I.. see.. and I'm a bit happy knowing I wasn't the only one I guess.. My name is Alexander.. Nice to meet you in a .. somewhat proper greeting.. instead of just passing on in the hallways at school.." He gave an awkward pause as he noticed he slightly babbled just a bit
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Levi sighed as he looks at his burnt clothes and lowers his head.

"Everything i had was in my house, I'm going to have to try and remake my own stuff at the club, just hope Lady Helen will allow it."

Dominic looked at Levi with a bit of concern then opened his pack and looked at the book.

Meanwhile at the forest a person is watching Yuki and the Angel from afar.

"Hmm, an angel...that is most interesting..."
Alexander huh? Is it common for angels to have such beautiful eyes and a noble name to follow up with it? yuki asked with a smile. She then began to think to herself.
Okay....this is great! Sorry to admit but I feel just about done trying to win levis heart. But this guy....I dont know I just feel fuzzy already. And he just babbled! Cute! I hope he cant read minds....
Yuki smiled lightly with hopes he couldnt read minds and then tried to stand again. Another loud tell rang out in the forest. It was no use.
"U-uh.. Ahem.. well then.. Thank you.. I suggest you get off of that leg.. " Of course what he said was obvious, but he said it anyways. He took a breath in picking her up gently " there we go.." he said quietly "where did you say there were others?.." he looked to her for an answer
Yuki blushed at being picked up for a reason she diddnt know of.
Back at the hotel. Its the four seasons about 3 miles away. Could you take me back there please? yuki asked while still wincing.
"Well.. I would like to be able to try to get back home.. and that is the highest possibility of me doing so.. And not to mention your hurt.. So of course I will take you back where you strolled off from.." he looked up to the tree tops blocking his clearance for flight "Damnit.. looks like I have to walk.." he sighed but he couldn't help it "three miles you say?.. Well it will be a long walk but I can bare through it" he started to walk "that is until I find a clearing.."
Yuki wraped her arms around the back of his neck and smiled a bit
mhmm,there is one if u go straght for. 10 ft and then to the left... she said in a dazed tone, then fell asleep. She was breathing lightly and looked very content.
He did as he was instructed and followed the directions. About a half hour or more passed and he could see the building, he looked down and noticed she was still asleep and whispered " hey.. wake up.. We are here..psssssssst Yuki.. "
Yuki diddnt wake but said in her sleep to go to room 161 and knock on the door. She then nuzzled him with a smile and slept soundly again.
He watched as she fell back into her slumber, not bothering to try to wake her again. He walked quietly and silently with her in his arms to the requested room, took a slow breath, and knocked lightly hoping someone would hear.

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