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Yuki looked up at her and smiled a bit.
"Y-yea....your right...haha...I have busted a few in a fight. It's always funny to watch them cringe and curl up like a dead spider. But Levi's.....it was so...b.....uh..erm...never mind. Your shirt hun."
Yuki snapped and her clothes went back into place.
"I brought us all food..." Yuki smiled a bit, her face still blazing.
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Dominic gladly accepted his food and began eating. Levi finished up his shower and dried off in the bathroom, he then put his clothes on and walked out glancing at yuki then going over and sitting on the bed.

"What's for breakfast?"
Yuki smiled and said clearly
Eggs, hash browns, and waffles. Hope you guys done mind. she got up with a sigh/yawn and stretched.
What are we to do today? she asked.
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Dominic finished his food and then went into the bathroom to take a shower, few minutes later he comes out washed and dressed.

"Well i was thinking we could go for a visit at the park tonight. For the day i got no idea."

Levi sat at the bed eating his breakfast.

"You're a great cook yuki."
Yuki smiled and scratched the back of her head
Heh thanks...Im glad you like it. she then turned to Dominic
The park sounds great! yuki cheered.
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"Not right now, but later in the evening. The forrest is more interesting around that time."

Levi looks at Dominic with a bit of concern.

"You do know there are wolves in those woods right?"

Dominic nods and smiles.
Yuki grinned and put an arm over Dominic
I like the way you think my friend... She said in a content tone. She then sat nexto Alicia and gave her a hug, then rocked back and forth.
Awwww its my little aliciaaaaa. She sang in a baby tone.
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Alicia smiled and flicked Yuki's forehead "Pft, could you be any louder" she sighed taking some waffles and slathering them with jelly and butter "I don't know about you. but wolves are the least of your worries they don't normally bother people. As for what we should do today since it looks like we would be staying for a while I'm going to get a pay-check Yuki's money won't last us forever and i didn't have much in the first place"
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Dominic sat down next to Alicia and whispered to her.

"Uh, how do you plan to get a paycheck? any accounts we have dont exist yet."

Levi took his plate to the sink and washed them then set them on the dry rack.
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She gave him a sly smile "After my parents died Iran away because i didn't agree with my family setting me with an arrange marriage. so before I went to the school how do you think I survived on my own." she said as she pulled out a knife twirling it in her fingers.
Yuki heard and got what she was going at.
"Might I help? I love those jobs." Yuki smirked and remembered how she used to do that too.
"And I think Levi should have an escort to his job...." Yuki gave Dominic a hard look as if telling him to play body guard. She then hugged Alicia more and giggled. She wanted a sister for the longest time, so she kinda looked up to Alicia though she would never know.
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Dominic looked at yuki then at levi and chuckled.

"What makes you think he needs to have me around? I'm sure levi is able to take care of himself."

Levi nodded as he looked at his watch.

"I have to be somewhere to go to today anyway and I prefer to go alone."
Yuki glared at Dominic, her eyes seemed to peirce through him like freshly sharpened blades.
Im sure it wont be a problem for you to go with him... she snarled.
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Dominic looked at Yuki and folded his arms.

"He said he wanted to go alone, but i guess i can keep him company for the walk there but once we get close to where he needs to go im going to allow his privacy."
Yuki sighed
Fine but but while your out go pick up some food. she commanded kindly, giving him $50.

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