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Yuki realised the time lapse and clapped her hands together. She then muttered words to a spell, in the end she had said to find the Levi she knew before the the time lapse. She appeared somewhere she hadnt known for it was too bright, bu she could feel she was near him.
Levi? I cant see...where are you? she muttered to him.
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In the light Levi's voice was heard along with Lukas, Shadowcrow and James.

"How can we bring them back? For all we know they may have been sent to some place terrible like new jersey or something...eww Snooky..."

"Levi calm down, geez ever since that damn mirror got blasted you have been your normal self again and frankly you are driving me nuts!"

"Look obviously the mirror sent them some where, but since the shards were destroyed by the Dragonbreath we cant follow them."

"Man, i hate standing around and doing nothing...I'll stand on my head!"

"Levi, try to be serious or something please."

"No thanks. Being sane for that period of time was very scary."
Yuki stumbled forward blindly.
JAMES! LUKAS! LEVI! SHADOWCROW!!! Where are you I cant see!!!! she yelled scrambling tward the sound and bumps into one of them, then falls back on her butt.
ow.... she muttered.
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The light fades showing the buildings once again and Levi is there on his back with a bloody nose.

"someone catch that license plate?"

He sat up and used his sleeve to help with the bleeding and looked at yuki.

"You alright? I didnt see you there."
Yuki got up and hugged him tight.
You know who I am right? You remember me? Please remember.... And if so do you remember everything? she pleaded. Holding him very closely.
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Alicia's head continued to spin but no longer she cloud hear the forest birds not what she had eairlyier thought as birds could had been cars she didn't now she only saw the sky. s**t. She also couldn't move. Shadowcrow where was he. And James what happend where was yuki and Levie. "miss are you alright?" she could have sworn she heard someone say ehh if only the headech could go away. No she wasn't ok and why does it feel like she had been in this situation before. Oh wait she had when she had cloasped before and shadowcrow had to Carry her. She felt herself slipping again. How much did she wanted sleep she cloud feel her eye begin to close again. "shadow..."
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Levi looked at yuki and tilted his head a bit.

"You're the girl i met in the alley a few hours ago, are you still looking for your friend?"

Dominic knelt down next to Alicia and lifted her up into his arms then moved his fingers around a bit and the two of the vanished, then reappeared behind levi and yuki.

"Yuki, we need to find someplace to rest Alicia."
Yuki turned in shock. She hugged Dominic and even went far enough that she kissed him with joy.
Finally someone from my time lapse! I missed you! And her!!!! Lets go! I bet there is a near motel. I have cash. she said happily finally able to see and walked with them, leaving that levi without a word.
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Levi shrugged as the three of them left leaving him alone on the sidewalk.

"Well, at least she found who she was looking for, we'll off to that new job offer, hopefully i got a chance."

Levi turned a corner passing the older woman from before as she hums a tune and follows Levi.

Dominic follows yuki while still carrying Alicia in his arms.

"Wasn't that Levi back there?"
not our Levi. Sorry. Anyhow whats going on? she asked
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Dominic looked a bit confused as they finally made it to a hotel.

Levi continued walking until he got to a fancy looking club with some front door guards.

"Uh, excuse me i'm here to the job audition. Who do i speak to."

One of the guards led levi into the club while the other stepped aside as the woman walked in shortly after.
Yuki payed for the room and they went up and layed down Alecia.
Whats going on Dominic,
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Dominic takes a seat as he pulls out a book from his pack and sets it down, the book gives off a faint glow as it opens up and reveals one page with writing and the rest blank.

"When the light faded this book was at my side, from the looks of it, its one of those artifacts that Lukas and Shadowcrow were going on about. Here look at this, 'Travelers from the future tossed in the time past, will create a timeline, different then the last.' now i'm not sure but i think these artifacts maybe more then simple powerful items, they maybe trying to guide us into something more."

Levi was led upstairs into an office where the woman was waiting patiently.

"Welcome Levi, you're right on time, I am Lady Helen, owner of this fine establishment. I understand that you want to be part of this club."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Please call me Lady Helen."

Levi felt a bit uneasy but he and Lady Helen continued on their conversation.
Yuki looked at him sternly.
"Where in there does it say where we can find the people from our timeline? I need to see our Levi... i need to. So can you please look, cause if i dont see him within the next 15minutes im gonna go crazy." She said with her eye slightly twitching as she tried to hold a grin.
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Dominic shrugs as he flips the pages a bit until more wording appears on the next page.

"Hmm, lets see... 'During the five days of rain, you will meet a vampire most insane. Beware of red clouds in the vast skies, there you will meet the Assassin with bright purple eyes. Be cautious on the night of no moon, there you will meet the crow of shadows and his platoon.' Well it seems to be talking about Levi, Lukas and Shadowcrow but Yuki you have to realize that there is a chance that the ones we know may not be in this time line with us. The risk of doubles meeting would be to high and it would cause great chaos."

Levi opened the door of Lady Helens office and left the club still thinking about the environment of the area and what Lady Helen had said.

"She scares me, but having this job would be great for me maybe I could get a better apartment with the pay i'd be getting."

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