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Who is the cutest Doppleganger in Iriphos?

The Oshawott Doppleganger 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
The Parasprite Doppleganger 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 2 ]
The Ruka Doppleganger 0.019230769230769 1.9% [ 1 ]
The Koromaru Doppleganger 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
The Mieu Doppleganger 0.057692307692308 5.8% [ 3 ]
The Johan and Zelos Dopplegangers (two for one package in one boat, go to arc 2) 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 12 ]
The Teddie Doppleganger 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
The Fluttershy Doppleganger 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
The Pidgeot Doppleganger 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
The Taco Doppleganger 0.26923076923077 26.9% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 52 ]
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Geoform-187 Codename: RidleyERROR1010101010 New Codename: Meta-Ridley Coordinates are as follows: Near the border of NDC, Heading East

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Meta-Ridley fired several homing missiles from his back that locked onto Laxus, the missiles trailed behind him, the closest one exploded from Laxus's punch while the rest followed unopposed for the moment. He kept flying off, the border of Neo Domino City was getting closer. Meta-Ridley held onto Carly tighter, he couldn't lose her now.
User ImageUser Image|| Location: The Shadow Realm||

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The Decepticon despot could not help but, let out a guttural laugh as Freakazoid emerged before him. "..heheheh and what are you supposed to be? A terrifying wraith here to plunge me into eternal torment? If this is this universe's interpretation of the underworld I am gravely disapointed! Hahahahahaheheheh!" Megatron continued to chuckle heartily as he raised his Fusion Cannon and aimed it at Freakazoid.
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"Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough"
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Transformation Sequence ¤ Yagyu Jubei In Action
Poke`mon: Sandshrew
Location: East of Southern Ruins - Mainland

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Jubei kept her sword at the ready as she eyed the last two who remained. While Axl's shot were meant to incapacitate, one went astray for the hopping gunman. She saw the glimmer as her eye widened.
The thought came too late as Jubei threw her arms up in defense. The explosion was significant enough to blow her back, but fortunately, she was far enough away from the detonation site to avoid as much damage as she could have. She was hit by shrapnel as she went airborne, and was falling back towards the others. She was dazed and unsure of where she was for the moment, the blast and the cuts enough to confuse her quite a bit once her feet left the ground. The remaining doppelgangers, aside from the one that fled, perished.
Sandshrew was flailing around as he pointed at the airborne Yagyu Jubei. Not that anyone but Aron could understand him but he shouted anyway.

(( "~Poke`talk~" / There is some ghosting of the doppelgangers here. ))

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
"You leave me no choice..."
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Location: Attempting Retreat, Field
Who is With Me: Team Raine, Team DMC
Current Battlechip: Barrier 100, Meteors x3



"I'm Lan Hikari of the Net Police"


Lan shielded himself and She- Hulk from wither with Barrier 100, the barrier dropped after the attack let up, he looked at Raine, his shots had hit Raine and slowed her down but by the time She hulk, Dante and himself dealt with Nasus, Raine would have escaped, he looked at She-Hulk, "Given our current circumstance and who our target is travelling with... I think it's best to retreat and engage when we are better prepared, you set up the gate, I'll cover you, Meteor Battlechip, triple download" said Lan, Raine may have gotten away but he'd have to give it to her allies, they were powerful in their own right, because of Ifreet, his meteors, a fire element battlechip, had plus 50 points of damage to them, each meteor did 25 without boost. the 72 meteors materialized in the air above all lit aflame, Lan pointed a finger at Nasus and smirked, "Fetch boy, Meteors, execute" said Lan in taunt, as the meteors began launching themselves at the general direction of Nasus. While the meteors launched themselves at Nasus, he looked at Welch, "I'm not able to heal anyone besides myself but... if it makes you feel better, I'm against hunting after Raine... I'd rather just find out the frame job and deal it from there..." said Lan, he went to She-Hulk, "We ready to go?" asked Lan


"Surrender Peacefully or Prepare for Battle"

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Location: EM Wave Roads (Following Raine)
My Opponent is: ------------
My Current Weapon:----
HP: 1500/1500
Barrier Status: Up
Theme:Rogue, Wave Battle, Ride On!

"I...am Rogue"

Rogue followed Raine, he could not prevent Lan's attack, looking back he saw the hail of fire that was heading towards Nasus, he could not defend him but even then, he didn't need to he was not obligated to save them, "LaPlace, follow Raine, discretion is no longer necessary, you may be visible" said Rogue, as he dashed around in the wave road. Laplace separated from Rogue and began to fly along side Raine, Laplace was held a virtual window,

"I will escort you to your destination, master will not be far behind, it looks bleak for your allies but only time will tell, try and find somewhere to land though, I can only block so many shots before I am recalled."

This was in the window for Raine and her passenger to read, after it was read the window would dissipate and Laplace will assume escort detail. Rogue looked ahead, this could be the chance he could 'ask' Raine for her information.

"Allow me to show you how your bonds weigh you down!"
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ㄨAxl: S Class Maverick Hunterㄨ
Location:East of Southern Ruins - Mainland
Theme: Me, AXL!
Health: ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
A-Trans: Active/Standby
Action Trigger Gauge:▇▇▇▇▇▇|▇▇▇▇▇▇|▇▇▇▇▇▇
Pokéballs: ● o o
DNA Cores:Wild JangoMad NautilusSilver HornMach Jentra

"The S-Class Maverick Hunter Axl is here, no need to fear!"

If Axl was a human he would have paled, Jiyu got hurt by his reckless shooting, "Ah crap, JIYU!" yelled Axl as he climbed out of the hole and dashed to catch her, he did so, catching her in bridal style, one look at her and he could tell it could have been worse but this is his first time dealing with an injured human, he was pretty sure welding a piece of metal was not going to patch up her wounds, Axl carried her to the pokemon, while he aimed at the explosion site, he could not risk anymore damage to Jiyu. "Sorry, I didn't watch were i was shooting..." apologized Axl, it wasn't the first time but at least reploids could take some damage but a human can't take the same amount, its like trying to put a hamster in a blender. Seeing as he wasn't picking up any movement, he moved to see what he could do, "You ok? You know, you're pretty lucky, any other reploid or human would be knocked out from that" said Axl, he tried to see if there were any bad injuries that needed attention, seeing none, he backed off a bit to give her space. ~"My master is such a ladies man! did you see him catch her, he's like her night in blue armor"~ said Aron as she cheered Axl for the save.

"Just the thought of wiping the floor with those Mavericks makes my trigger finger itch!"
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                                                          Sora looked at the people react to what happened, confused as to why they looked so tired still. He used his best healing spell, that should've helped them a lot more than it did right? It was as if something was sucking the life out of them, undoing the aid he had just given to them. Before the brunette could try to look for some kind of clue, someone had walked over to him. A woman with long green hair, along with some guards. Did he already mess up and break some kind of law!? For some reason he remembered being thrown in prison when he visited Tron's world, not a very good experience. Then again he was able to break out by using the Keyblade so it wasn't that bad? Anyway luckily it seemed he wasn't in trouble but was being thanked. The woman seemed very kind so far and asked him a few questions after calming the guards down.

                                                          Before Sora could give an answer another villager came over to Martel, clearly distressed. The things she was saying caused his eyes to widen in shock. People here were being killed, demons and monsters were outside, and they were expecting her to run off to save herself? Another person came over to calm the older woman down and clarified that she was a bit unstable due to things she had seen. Something called the First Wave and the Black-Winged Devil.. Why did that sound familiar to the Keyblader? 'Black Winged? The only person I saw with a black wing was Sephiroth.. But he vanished with Cloud when they started fighting. He couldn't have ended up here could he?' If that was the case then he could see why the people were so scared. Sora had fought the winged man before and it wasn't an easy fight at all. Donald and Goofy were even there to help and that man alone was able to fight them on equal footing. Something Martel said also caught his attention, guessing that the teenager was either a wandering traveler from this world or was a traveler that was 'displaced'.

                                                          Did that mean people from other worlds were coming here? Another person came by, a woman with a robotic arm, and offered help to the townsfolk. Why didn't Sora think of that sooner!? These people needed all the help they could get by the looks of it. "I don't know what's going on here but I'll help out any way I can! The name's Sora. Nice to meet you." A determined smile was on the brunette's face as he introduced himself and extended an offer of help. There was no way he was going to let these people suffer, not while there was something he could do. Martel's question wormed it's way back into the warrior's head as a nervous laugh passed his lips. No wonder Sora was getting strange looks, his weapon wasn't known in this world. "This is called a Keyblade. With it I'm able to use magic and fight monsters, it chose me to wield it." There could be no harm in a simple explanation.. right?

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Where: Western Ruins
Who: Townsfolk, Martel, and a woman with a robotic arm
Out of Chains: Sheesh. <<; Almost a month.. sorry folks.

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To all my fellow and most loveable players of Biogate,

I thank you all for helping make this to be one of the greatest multiverse rps I've ever been apart of. Since we started in 2011, we've had 2 straight years of awesomeness in the form of 3 wonderful arcs. We've had our shares of ups and downs with the roleplay as both players and the story themselves. From the Zaphian War that pitted a whole city against Cruxis to Walpurgis Night exploding Neo Domino City by causing the second Zero Reverse. We loved the comedy that insured from a pony landing on Zelos Wilder to several boys becoming magical girls. This was an rp I am proud to say I loved to have.

However, it's sad to say but some good things must come to an end. I wish it didn't happen until we completed the storyline, but sadly this is something that can't be avoided. Sometimes these things happen. With real life, school, and various other things, sadly, the posting has drastically gone down to a point that I hate to have to say the following:

I, Shadowkeykeeper, here by place Bio-Gate Arc 3 under Hiatus/Close status until further notice.

This means that posting in Bio-Gate is to cease as of right now sadly. However! This DOES NOT MEAN WE'RE DONE! We are going to have Bio-Gate offline for the next few months. After these few months, we will reopen the roleplay for everyone to start posting again.

I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart that the roleplay has to be shut down for now specially if certain preplanned events were to happen and fights as well. And I would like to give my sincerest apologies to those who had recently joined the roleplay. I'm so sorry. I hope that you all will understand and continue to be close as fellow players and friends.

I do respectfully ask to please be respectful to the decision. If you wish to voice your opinions, ideas, permissions involving the roleplay or concerns, please do so by pming me and avoid posting it on the OOC Boards. The OOC Boards will be still open for people to keep in contact and to keep an eye on news of Bio-Gate's reopening.

Thank you very much,

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