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TP: 100%
Location: Exodus
Fighting Style

"Wait for me, Martel..."

"Thank you, JARVIS. I'll handle it now."
Yuan sighed. Again? He made his way to the hangar, finding the amnesiac playing around on the rheairds again. Three months ago, hoping for a big lead on Mithos from the kid, and all he got was an amnesiac with a severe tendency to tinker. He waited until the boy seemed completely absorbed in his little "project".
"Aki! I do hope you aren't going to blow up another rheaird again. The last time had us repairing the hangar for two weeks and I'm sure you don't want to clean up a mess like that again."
His stern tone was mixed in with a calm one, as if scolding a child for taking something that wasn't his. But Yuan had to admit. Sometimes watching Aki was just like dealing with one.

"I'll find you out there somewhere..."
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User Image۞ Z E L O S X W I L D E R ۞
TP: 100%
Location: Tower of Salvation Ruins
Fighting Style

۞ ۞

No more games. They were close now. He looked back to Teddie and the others as they walked. She was close now. And she had nowhere to run.
"This is it."
Ba'ul was waiting a short distance away. Going on foot would be the only way to sneak up on her, and even then, Zelos had a small advantage the ghost hadn't noticed yet.
"All right everyone, we'll surround her and force her to fight us. Make sure we don't let her do anything to Judith, okay?"
Three months. Three months of chasing after Yubel for taking Judith away. He was tired of the game of cat and mouse. It would be over today, one way or another.
'Judith, hang on...we're coming...'

۞ ۞
"...I'll get Judith back...just you wait..."
Danny Phantom
╣Danny Phantom`s Theme╠
Location:Zaphian Castle

'Dude, seriously...'

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Danny was currently taking a flight through Zaphian. People waved to him as he flew by and he waved back. It had been three months since that battle. When he first woked up he was glad to see that he was right about them having won the battle. Unfortanitly they had lost a lot of good men including one of the captains. Flynn had been injured and Zelda pretty much watch over him the entire time he was in coma. There was a surprise for Danny too. The men had remember what he said about throwing a party in honor of the guy who made the most kills. The men actually threw him that party. He felt like he shouldn't have counted but they insisted. Danny had to admit they knew how to throw one great party. He had mostly stayed in Zaphian to help with the reconstruction and to tease the two love birds when Flynn had gotten better. He was glad that two had gotten together though. They made a good couple and were the cause of some gossip among the people considering it was Flynn. ~Speaking of the love birds I wonder what they are up to?~

'you are one crazed up Fruitloop.'
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[ Jacks Theme ]

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xxxx"We still don't know what this guy is after.
xxxxYou can't just say 'Hey look! Here's all my secret designs.' "

xxxxxx"...You-!...are you implying that we don't have 'real conversations?! "

[xxxxCurrent Location:xxxx // Neo Domino City xxxx]

          Jack remained relatively silent as Bruno told him the same that he had been saying. "...Every single day it's the same thing. When will there be anything..." Jack said, his voice slightly raising as he stood up, and walked over to the sinks and put the cup and plate beside them. Then looked over at Bruno, then looked away for a moment. "I really have no clue how those things work, or whatever...." He looked over at Bruno while he had the smile slapped on his face. "..but I suppose so..." He said, then walked upstairs. He walked into his room, closing the door behind him a little loudly. It may have echoed right downstairs, but Jack didn't pay much attention to it. He put on his white D-Wheel attire, and grabbed everything he usually brought with him. His deck and his phone...for emergencies, who knew with this world? He could get attacked by a flipping toaster.
          Jack walked downstairs, and looked over at Bruno. "...I'll...um, be heading out now.." He said, pausing for a moment as he walked over to his D Wheel. "...I'll be back later.......I have my phone if you need to contact me.." Jack said, then sat on his D Wheel. He grabbed his helmet, putting it over his head.
          Starting up his D Wheel, Jack took off out of the garage. What would getting a rheaird working do? How useful would that be again?

          When Jack stopped, he was at Martha's. He paused a moment, then took off his helmet and rested it on his lap for a few moments. He remained sitting on the D Wheel for a moment, the got off. He placed the helmet on the seat, then walked up the door. He put his fist out, then paused before the door. He took a breath in, then knocked on the door.

Overly Overpriced Cards:

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"Giving up everything has made
me finally realize...there was
something in the depths of
my heart holding me up..."
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Marik Ishtar....

Location: Outside of the Comet Observatory

User Image

Prepared for the worst, Marik closed his eyes for a moment. When Rosalina spoke, he opened his eyes and his eyes got a little larger. He wasn't expecting for the "no apology needed" and a small smile appeared on his face as one did for Rosalina.
"...I thought it would be at least stop by and...well, say hello.." He said, giving a crooked smile. "I also found it safe since it's been a month since my other side has even showed himself." He felt like he was saying he was off a smoking addiction for an amount of time or something, but it was still a relieve to hear himself say that.
"...I....I was also, uh...how do I put this?" Marik began to say, but caught himself to look for the right word. "I was....worried..." He said, hiding the two words he hid back in his mind....Those words being 'about you'...

" Look at that fool standing there. Soon he'll become a pawn in his own pathetic game. "
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Yukari Takeba ~The lovers Arcana~
~Energy 100~
Location- ~Tatsumi Port Island - Heading to the Paulowina mall.~

User Image
Yukari listened to Jiyu, Junpei and Simon for a moment as she sighed slightly. Now shaking her head as she fixed her bow. "Well we have been hiding out here long enough... I was thinking we should travel around the world again... At least for the most part. We still need to keep our promise to Tomoeda... They probably think we died or something... So we should at least let them know we are okay...." She then sighed slightly as she held her arm for a moment. She felt bad about saying this but. "I'm thinking we should find a way to stop those Dark Signers... That encounter months ago... I still feel sorta bad about it... We could have put a stop to them there... But we let them get away..." She said this in a slightly depressed tone. It was clear Yukari was more worried about their safety than anything. But after a moment of looking depressed she quickly changed to a more cheerful look. "So! Who wants to go to the mall for some supplies! We are going to need them if we follow my plan! Our first goal! Is finding more locations in this new world! We already know of a few! Plus it would be good if we checked up on Altessa sometime soon! It's been months since we have seen him!" She said this in a cheerful tone. Trying to keep everyone's hopes up as she started to walk toward the mall. It wasn't too far away. So the group could go there. Get some supplies then find a way to travel the world! It all seemed like a good idea! Now thinking for a moment as she looked back toward Simon smiling slightly. "I guess I should ask. You going to be okay with traveling again? We did promise to find you bro. So it would help if we actually... Well searched around for him. Judging by the sound of your bro. If he is anything like Stupei there those Dark Signers are going to want him as a 'friend' or something like that.... They seriously creeped me out though... Almost as much as that hanged man shadow or something..."
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The Princess of Destiny,
◇ ρяιиcєss zєℓםα ◇
Location: Zaphias
Magic Meter: 100%

"I know now the reason the goddesses left the Mirror of Twilight in this world..."


Zelda walked through the halls of the Zaphian castle. She had taken to living there for the past three months, mostly to watch over Flynn, who had been mortally wounded and had fallen into a coma, but she also wanted to help with the reconstruction of the city. She turned to the door she had been through many times before. She knocked twice before slowly opening the door, poking her head into Flynn's room. "Hello Flynn," she said with a smile. She stepped into the room and closed the door softly behind her. "I apologize for intruding, I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Though Flynn had woken from his coma two months ago, Zelda still constantly checked on him to make sure he was okay.


"They left it because it was their design that we should meet. Yes...that is what I believe..."

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TP: 100%
Location: Neo Domino City, Satellite District


Mithos' eyes were wide as he was approached. A strange man with an ice mana affinity was nearby, but he paid him no mind. His eyes were definitely on the girl.
". . ."
Did she sell newspapers? He couldn't tell. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, he still looked hesitantly at her. She wasn't dressed like Her, and she definitely didn't talk like Her. But it could still be a trick. He shook his head quietly to her first question, afraid she might dress him up in frilly clothes if he dared to ignore Her. He tried. Oh Martel he'd tried. But SHE made him. MADE him answer.
". . ."
He tried to calm down. She had the same hair color and look to her as his sister. Her affinity seemed tied to light mana. But she had that red aura on her arm, the sign that Yusei Fudo once spoke of. He was afraid. Would she attack him? Would she try to dress him funny? Or worse-would she try to sell him a newspaper? He then nodded to her second. She knew if he lied. She ALWAYS knew. The boy's eyes looked around hesitantly as he studied everything, terrified that something like HER might show up at any moment.

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Aki: The Assistant
★Aki`s Theme★
☆Fighting Style☆
Location: Exodus-Rheaird Hanger
TP Count: 500--100%
"Aw come on! You got to be better than that to pull me away..."

User Image

Aki was laughing alittle as he did some areal loops. He had remembered to grab the glasses before doing anything else. "Stats are all good. I can't believe I that I actually AHHHHH!" Yuan shouting his name scared him mid loop and he fell off and landed on his back. "owww..." he looked up at the modified rheaird and pressed a button so it could land safely. He got up and looked over at Yuan with a sheepish look. Aki couldn't help but tinker with the rheairds, they were the only things he could really look at while he was being healed. Sitting cross legged, "I said I was sorry for that one...It was Jarvis's fault that time and I cleaned up 99% of it." Then he got up, "But um, you don't have to worry about me blowing them up anymore, I actually got it to work..." he removed the glasses. "I wanted to improve them since they were having problems running with not enough mana and I think I cracked how to keep them running..." he fidgeted with the glasses, looking down alittle because he was in deep trouble for messing with the rheairds again. "And redesign for escape...or speed. It was based on something I remembered building along time ago...except better and wireless..."he looked up before looking at the rheaird he was on before, "I was going to surprise you with the fact that I got them to run even if there wasn't mana." He was excited when he mentioned the surprise before sighing, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have messed with them...again. I'll stop doing it..." Aki walked over to the table that had doubled as his bed for the first month there and set the glasses down. The rheaird had responded to his movements and followed before landing and shutting off after he pressed the button to turn it off.
"So...did you need me for something?" Aki thought he had a break but he figured his work was going to double for what he did.

"...from my work...which I thank you SO MUCH! I needed a break!"
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││║Cole McGrath║││

҉҈ ҉ Location - Neo Domino ҉҈ ҉
ʬ Karmatic Balance - very good ʬ

║ BttryCore Energy - 100% ║

slowly getting up as the sun hit the sofa he had put on a rooftop ,cole see's nothing but sun shine. never has he had this much peace he was kinda bored kinda wanted to got throw some cars into the oblivion but he couldn't. you see in the last months a series of events happend we incarcerated stein against my better judgement and a few weeks after it was mays birthday or spider-girl who is very good looking without her mask may i add almost right after the high fliers how our team is calling themselves swore to stay in neo domino to protect and serve , basically were cops. after a few rounds with the only woman to swing by evri now and again we seemed to have a liking for encoder and well now were dating

"ahhh! i never got to wake up this calm before"

he looked around he saw his little spider afar

"rounds already heh!,ill take the ground then"

he then glided to the top of a telephone pole and began to eat a bagel while he slowly strolled on the phone lines. after a few minutes he called it in to the higher authority

"hey babe, its all clear here hows thing on your end?... also were you wanna go tonight?"

well i did say higher authority.

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The strangeletter
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Kenshin Himura: Hitokori Battousai/Rurouni.
Location: Neo Domino Hospital

"A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use to speak of it, this is its true nature. What Kaoru-dono says are the words of one who has never dirtied her hands. An idealistic joke....I like Kaoru-dono's idealism better than its true nature. If one can ask so much, I want the world to accept this joke as its true nature."

Kenshin watched as SpiderGirl flew across the city of Neo Domino City. Kenshin had become accustomed to life in the new world but was still getting a hang on the new advance technology. Since the fight with Stein Kenshin and his crew had begun searching for the Earthbound gods that had taken control of Stein in the first so they could figure out how to return Stein to normal and figure out what they intended to do with the Souls they were collecting. Kenshin knew that the time was probably right to leave Neo domino in order to find this Earth Bound " I wonder were we should start searching" Kenshin said to himself.
Magaman Trigger /Volnutt
Megaman's Theme
Location: Inabi
I am first clase Purifier Unit ...'

User Image
Trigger was currently sitting down in a small cafe drinking his late. He was thinking about what had happen over the past couple of months. It had actually taken a lot of work from him and Aile in getting Subaru back to his normal self. They had been traveling for a while now. They had stopped in this town to relax and see if anybody was in need of ther services. They had start a sort of business were they would take care of any creatures that were causing trouble. He had to admit it was a pretty good idea considering what they all did before coming here. Trigger tooked another sip of his late and wonder were they would go next and wonding wher Subaru had gotten off too.

'Megaman Trigger'
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"I let a friend die once...-"

Location:Tower of Salvation ruins
Status:Oh no...poor Judith

Rukia took a heavy sigh as she followed Zelos as quiet as she could. The past three months were like a hollow hunting spree for her only different. She looked a little messy but it was because they hadn't rested a lot, or at least she hadn't. She wondered why Zelos felt like he was to be blamned for it. She drew her blade and held it as she followed. She wasn't going to let Yubel escape anymore...she swore it. "So...whats the ruins of this places called?" she asked quietly.

"-I won't allow a repeat.."

User Image
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Fashionable Lunatic

User ImageUser Image
δoul Ξater___

User Image

Soul flipped a coin in the air into the cashier's hand. In his hand was a soda cup in his hand with the tip of the straw in his mouth. It was still morning, so he chose to visit one of the local shops here and get something. He turned and walked away the shop he was just at, having his soda in hand. It's been three months now since the trouble with Stein, and since locking him up securely while he and the others tried to figure out how to get the old Stein back. But even before they could begin finding a way, Stein disappeared and is no where to be found. He hoped that Stein returned to their world and is back to normal again.

Even though the threat of Stein attacking while being possessed, or it seemed he was, by the Earthbound he spoke about, they still felt there was still danger with them. It was Kenshin that did say something about seeking them out and try to eradicate them or something. Or at least make it so no one can be harmed by them.

For now, it was rather peaceful, and he saw May swinging around as he looked up. He looked down to see where he was going and making sure he wasn't going to run into anything. He noticed Kenshin looking out of that hospital.

                                  Thoughts: What to do
                                  Location: Neo Domino City
                                  Out of Crazies:

User Image

User Image___User Image___User Image

User Image___User Image

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