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Reign jerked away. "I'm fine, it's nothing to worry about. I don't need any sympathy just dull the pain."
"Can't a guy look after his friends?" He was sincerely smiling this time. Nothing hidden or mischievous was going on in his head, except maybe a twinge of jealousy.

Just then, Reign stumbled inside.

Instantly forgetting about her own weariness, she rushed to his side and dragged him onto a couch.

"Bourbon," she turned to the alchemist, "Is there anything you can do to help ease the pain, at least?"
The demons Sinku attacked regrew their limbs. Seth shook his head as he vaulted throught the trees above the lord. "I keep telling you that you have to stab their hearts. Otherwise they'll just come back."
He leaped over the lord's head and fired a bolt of light from both palms. The flash illuminated a small, black crown on the top of the lord's head. "Found ya." he whispered and was blown away by the blast of lightning that came from one of the horns. He rode on the air and glided back to the demon's head. He held his sword like a spear and prepared to throw.

Adam stumbled from the trees clutching his back. His eyes were silver and a dark aura surrounded his frame. "Okay now I'm really pissed" he said and threw himself into the mass of demons; cutting them in two at the heart.
Ulfang awoke to the sound of fighting and roaring. "What in the crap is going on out there?" Ulfang yelled as he walked toward the window. Upon looking out, he say his comrades in the midst of fighting a demon horde. "Crap, they never wake me up." Ulfang said looking for the quickest way out, which in this case, was the window. "I hope someone else gets blamed for this." Ulfang said running out the window and dropping into a glide toward the fight. He landed beside Sinku, "So what did i mi.." Ulfang said just before ducking an attack from one of the demons. "Ok really, what are these?" Ulfang said drawing his blade and quickly slicing the head off the demon that attacked him. Spontaniously, the demon's head returned, "Great, they grow back limbs. How do we kill em'" Ulfang said confusingly
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku growled in annoyance and drove his blades through the hearts of the two demons and launched him self into the air with a blast of wind taking him high above the demon lords head as he sheathed his blades and charged up a orb of mixed light and dark that sinku was just keeping from blowing up " Seth make that thing open it's mouth if you please!"
Akara had been lobbing fireballs into the hearts of demons and cutting others the pieces with blasts of light " hey guys is it just me or are these stronger than the last ones?" He yelled as he cut another one to shreds.
Bourbon made Reign to sit and removed any clothing from covering his shoulder. "Okay...I don't have any of my herbs with me....not much to work with besides what is in my system right now..."

Bourbon thought back to what he had eaten,what parts of Nature had slowly assimilated into his genome. An idea occurred but he was sure that Reign would not like it and that wing would probably hate him for it.

"Wing, promise you won't kill me. Reign, hold still. This is going to be...awkward... "

Bourbon's eyes were set serious, stolid. It was a face rarely seen. It had become somewhat known that whenever he was like this, Bourbon was at his most sincere and could be trusted...mostly.

He placed a thumb at the sides of Reign's shoulders as Bourbon's hands griped tightly about them. He brought his nose to Reign's arm and took in a long, closed-eyed whiff of Reign's scent, gagging.

"It's not you, it's this....oh whatever is in you. I'm about ready to start..."
Ulfang whipped around to see the one he had heard was Akara destroying the demons by destroying their hearts. "Oh, the hearts! Well that solves that problem." Ulfang said stretching before he dashed a zig-zag pattern between several of the demon, leaving each an elemental cut across their chest where the heart is located. "I've been wanting to try that." Ulfang said as all the cuts opened, dicing the heart inside each of the ten demons. "Well, that was fun, whose next?" Ulfang said grinning looking up at Sinku forming a strange, miscolored ball of energy. "Uh, Sinku, whats that?!" Ulfang yelled up to Sinku.
Seth threw his sword into the neck of the demon. "Now Sinku!" he yelled and the lord roared in rage as Seth pulled the sword out and backflipped off the neck to the ground. He immediately ran. He wasn't about to be crushed by demons when the lord separated.

Adam meanwhile had jumped into the very heart of the mass in the trees. His body glowed with light as he stabbed one.

"Secret technique no. 1: Light tentacles"
Tendrils of light burst from the aura surrounding him and flowed through the air. Whenever one came close to a demon it immediately pierced the heart and continued traveling. Adam was surrounded in a nimbus of light and dark bolts merely bounced off the shield as he stood still in focus.
A polite knock on the door sounded throughout the chamber and Oallen flowed in. He bowed to the furries and spoke in a monotonous tone.
"The Elden would like to hold a feast in your honor. It has been many years since we have seen your kind bless the soil of our lands. Formal dress is required of course. I will wait here while you prepare." The elf sat on the floor cross legged and closed his eyes. "A quick incentive if I may add. We have medicine that can heal your sick friend of his....affliction so you may want to hurry." With that Oallen said no more.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"Right!" Sinku launched the orb right down the throat of the demon lord " Hit the dirt!" Sinku said mere seconds before the orb blew up inside the demon lord with the force of a two thousand pound bomb blowing the demon lord into it's separate individual demons minus about twenty " Attack now !" Sinku said as he landed on the ground drawing the sword of the dawn and began hacking away through the hearts of any demon in his path with akara beside him launching orbs of light through the hearts of others.
Ohka smiled as she watched the explosion. She had always been somewhat of a pyro. She immediately sped into the newly degenerated demon lord and began attacking their hearts. "Random question," she said as she neared Seth's position. "How exactly do you put the barriers back up?"
Seth was too busy stabbing to answer verbally.
(You'll see) his voice echoed in Ohka's mind.

Adam broke the technique and jumped down from the tree. His eyes were still silver as he hacked his way through the horde. "There aren't as many this time" he remarked to Seth as he reached him. They stood back to back, father and son fighting to protect their home.

The numbers dwindled rapidly and soon there were only ten left. "Go on ahead and relight the barriers Seth, we've got it from here." Adam said and ran after the fleeing demons. Seth sat down to concentrate on the flickering flames only he could see.

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