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INTRODUCTION: Tremors in the Earth

Telmaro, the land of paradise. The land where the season is ever spring and the rolling fields ever green and teeming with life. The land whose forests are vast and lush. The land whose mountain peaks pierce the sky and make it bleed the mist that cloaks their high places. This is Telmaro, the land whose name means “Dawn of Time”.
But it is not always so in Telmaro. Telmaro is not the paradise it seems. The land suffers from war and strife just like any other world. Evil is always trying to overcome the barriers that protect Telmarian soil, and demons prowl the dark places of the earth.

Overview: Our story begins in the Eldar Wood at the Savior’s Beginnings, a massive tree that has housed the Saviors since the Founding of Aradin. And the story ends when the Dark Tempter fails in his vengeful quest……or succeeds.

Telmaro has recently been suffering from minor earthquakes whose origins aren't known, and the current Savior Seth-il is an outcast for a crime he hasn't committed. Since the banishment of the Savior, disorder has begun to take root in the four kingdoms of Men, and politics is swiftly heading to anarchy. Telmaro is entering a Dark Age.
Seth has his share of problems to deal with. He has had troubling dreams and visions for the past three months. They repeat the same message. Evil is near. With the six Aradin scattered throughout the world they are too far away for him to warn. And so he waits for a sign.
clang! clang! clang!

The heat of the forge dampened Seth's brow as he hammered out the new sword. He wiped the sweat and resumedhammering the white-hot steel. The sword is nearly completed, and he dipped the blade into a vat of water. With his right hand he gripped the heavy tongs holding the blade, and with his left he twiddled his fingers to clear the steam and sent the vapor back into the vat. He set the sword on the cooling rack and grabbed a rag. He stepped outside into the cool evening air and took a deep breath. After forging the sword all day it was good to stretch. He jumped as the ground underneath his feet suddenly trembles and he stomps the ground and focuses his energy deep into the earth. The source of the tremor cannot be found.....again. He sighed in frustration and merely stabalized the ground around him and the forge. "Third one this week, and it's only...." He looked into the forge where the stone calendar hung, "Tuesday, I need to get out more." He jumped again as a distant bang echoed through the forest.
"Now what?" He threw off the forge apron and leapt into the air. He pushed upward until he reached 200 feet and leveled off to hover. Smoke spiraled to the west and he immediately flew to the fire. Less than a minute later he arrived at the scene: the forest clearing that housed the portal to and from the Island. Emerald flames sputtered in the grass, and smoke obscured everything. He blew a gentle current of air through the haze until distinct figures could be seen. He gasped. "What the hell are you guys doing here?!"
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Sinku got up and dusted himself off." Well ya see we wanted to pay you a visit but our plan didn't work as planned it seems.....stuff wasn't supposed to catch fire....." He said with a nervous chuckle.
Lief stood with smoke surrounding him, his eyes glowing a dull red at the moment. "Yea, sorry Seth....we must have done something wrong. heh...Well anyway how is everything going?" Lief chuckled.
OOC// Mind if I set this RP's time to be in the future of when mine is completed? I'll change the wording if you decide otherwise! =)


Wing gave a weary smile and brushed the hair out of her eyes. "It's been a few months... A few rather peaceful months! ...I must again must thank you for joining us in the struggle against Blood when you were not obliged to."

...The final battle of their world had been, to understate, a bloodbath. After all was over the knight felt that she had been staring through a looking glass at nothing more than a dream, but her revelry had been restrained to about a span of three days. After being reminded thoroughly of the extent of her lost powers, Wing had been training diligently away from Khaos Base, even turning away the determined Reign's plea to follow her in case something went wrong.

In case something went wrong, indeed. A couple of nicks and scratches ran all over her, marking where perfection had wavered during fights. She tightened the bandage on her right arm, a rather nasty slash from an emeralden dragon resided underneath it. This beast she couldn't even best; if it weren't for quick thinking and a narrow cave squeeze she might not have been here right now... She had refused healing aid from Sinku as well; she had made her own mistakes, and she was going to pay for it with her own pain.

Of course, when she received the carrier pigeon message from the group offering the short visit(and possibly vacation) to Telmaro, an affirmative answer wasn't something she had to think twice about.
A tall figure strode calmly from the smoke brushing debris from his pale colored jacket. A black muzzle, just barely visible inside a drawn hood, tested the air. Deep crimson eyes met with those of his Khaos comrades, a scrappy coon dog and a slender hybrid. "Sinku, Lief, it's been awhile." Reign withdrew his hood and turned his eyes to his beloved. "I remember you being a lot harder to follow."
"So melodramatic." The smile promptly left her face when the kitco uttered his last sentence.

She made a note that, the next time she needed to leave base, she'd do it without telling him. Or anyone he might wring the answers out of.

Was "I'll be training east of the island by myself to gain experience" too much to ask for?
Seth's anger dissolved into guilt as he realized the extent of his absence. He couldn't think of anything to say until he noticed one particular individual missing in the ranks. The one individual he had given the second key.
"Where's Lena?"
Lief looked on as Wing and Reign appeared around the same time from differing directions. He stared back at Seth and was silent as he thought about where Lena was last seen. He never answered the question but instead looked around for any sign of her.
Reign groaned and ran a hand through his hair. "It's not like I came rushing to your rescue or anything, but did you really think that you were so lucky that that hole in the cavern appeared?"

"It was already there!" Wing snapped back, but the thought hadn't occurred to here before that she could have escaped at the beginning if she had seen it.

She looked away in thought. "..."

The kitco sighed. "I had to hold a lot back to just stand there and watch."

The kitsune looked back at him with mixed feelings. "But..." She regarded the others who were around them though. "We'll talk about this later."

"As you wish." Reign bowed his head slightly.
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Sinku sighed and rolled his eyes" you two squabble more than I do with my sister ........" Sinku walked over to seth and lightly punched him in the shoulder ." hey at least we got most of the gang back together." Sinku said with a chuckle.
Reign sighed "It's a tragedy really... she's such a benevolent martyr... and I myself oppose the inevidable trying to stop her. It's rather poetic... after all, I'm sure that hole would've appeared if a certain earth Bender hadn't been present." He gave Wing a playful sneer even though he agreed to discuss it another time. The kitko realized he had yet to speak to the lean Aradin they had come to see. "I wish I knew where she was Seth. I haven't been to Khaos base since Wing left." His eyes again locked teasingly at his mate while a grin stretched across his muzzle.
"Well finding her is kinda important since she's the one who activated the portal on Elden Island in the first place. You were there.....weren't you? No, that's not a question, you WERE there cuz you had to be in order to make it here." He ran his hands through his hair and sighed in frustration. "I'll bet the demons'll be going crazy if they read the power levels coming from this field. We'll have a right ol' party sure enough" he mumbled grumpily and looked around just in case.
OOC// Seth's an elf now that he's back at Telmaro, right? If not I'll change my post!


Wing looked away and crossed her arms...

As soon as Seth spoke, Wing remembered that they weren't in a land inhabited by furries anymore. In fact, she had just only now adjusted to the view of Seth being a hairless sans-muzzle being; she personally thought his blue-wolf form more befitting. How anyone could live in a place like this boggled her; did they all look like Seth? She supposed this was normal if one was born here; apologies for her preconceptions.

A mixture of the furred and non-furred worlds in her opinion could upset the balance... She wondered if this 'visit' was really a good idea.

Then again, there was one upside of being in a world inhabited by non-furs. "Lena's a silver wolf, and we're in a green forest. I'm sure she wouldn't be too hard to spot."

"Lena?" The kitsune yelled, her voice showing a hint of weariness that the group wasn't completely organized yet.

Honestly, working alone was easier sometimes.
Reign reached an arm behind his head to scratch. "A portal eh?... never noticed one... heh guess my mind was one tracked into following... and not being seen." He grinned sheepishly "As for your demons... I could use the exercise... maybe one of them could tell us of Lena's whereabouts"

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