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for The HIVE 0.19230769230769 19.2% [ 5 ]
for myself 0.42307692307692 42.3% [ 11 ]
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“TECH! DO NOT CALL ME SHORT!!!” Haya yelled furiously having entered the room again to get some water just as the alarms went off, “I’m ready! Completely healed and ready to kick some butt!” she cried grinning as her wings appeared on her back when Storm asked who was going with her.
However the color immediately drained from her face at what she said next, “W-wait…d-did you just s-say….g-giant bugs?” Haya stuttered…if there was anything she was scared of the most…it was bugs, “Ah…I…uh….think my arm’s still broken!” she said quickly, “Yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to go with you guys! Too bad! Well I better go take care of my leg…I mean arm! Yeah arm! Bye!” she said taking off out of the room as fast as she could.
Once in the hallway, she sighed quietly and headed to Tech’s room, he did say he wanted to description of the machine so he could figure out a way to reverse its effects on Slade….and there was no way she was going back into the room after that, “Hey Tech! Open up!” she called knocking on the door and frowned, “Either open up…or I’ll go find a lighter and melt your door down.”
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~{The Guardsman}~

Treis chose not to call attention to what he had done to help Sora gain control of her powers- though he swallowed the tiniest bit when she reprimanded him for calling her Lady Takehashi. He closed his eyes, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow when she brought it up, glad for the sudden distraction provided for him by Nick. He summed things up rather well... though the sarcasm was a bit surprising. He considered saying something, but then shook his head slightly and turned back to Sora, speaking up.

"It seems that Slade and Red X are both back and at large... which is obviously a problem."
However, before he could continue, the alarm began to roar. He looked around, opening his communicator and hearing the update from Nick. He nodded, turning to Sora and raising one hand. He swallowed the lump in his throat, strengthening his resolve, and speaking up.
"Um, I w,will come as well. I want to start contributing, after all."
He then reached into his pocket once more, pulling out the small black book once again. Raising his hand up over the book as it flipped open, pages flipping rapidly across. As it came to rest, Treis stepped away from the table, the writing on the page glowing a bright purple, his voice echoing as a wind began to blow gently in the room

"I Am the Blade that drives back the Dark! I Am the Shield that withstands the Storm! I Am the Stone that stands against the Tide!"
The wind began to whirl around Treis, his coat and tie flapping in the wind as a glowing circle appeared beneath his feet. Arcane runes lit up with energy, waves of energy spread outward, and the runes ignited with flame, one after another, before a column of light erupted upward around Treis, blocking the young man completely from view.
"So long as I draw breath, I will protect the Innocent! I AM- THE GUARDSMAN!"
the pillar of light dissipated, the wind subsiding. When the light cleared, Treis' cape fell back over his shoulders, the light glinting slightly off of his armor. Dressed in dark armor, he struck an imposing figure. The spell book had grown to it's full size, a heavy and full sized tome. He held it under one arm. A helmet covered his head and masked his face, eyes glowing dimly in the shadows of the mask and hood that rested atop it. When he spoke again, his voice had deepened and echoed within the metal shell.

"Alright. I am ready to proceed."

Location ~ Titans Tower
Status ~ Ready to Deploy
Company ~ The Titans

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