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The Story...

I t has been a few months since the conclusion of TOA. Luke loves Tear, but does not want to hurt Natalia's feelings... Now he must make a hard decision about his life. Jade has went back to the capital of Malkuth with Guy, improving the experiments of replication and isofons. Jade is now replicating organs to help the sick. Guy has taken his interest in mechanics to a new level and began making his own inventions. (His phobia of women is finally coming to an end.) Anise went to Daath and became the first Fon Mistress. Tear still does her regular work at Yulia city, she helps her grandfather-Teodoro. Natalia has been trying to get people to calm down in Baticul because the Score is no longer apart of their lives. And that is... Pretty much the story thus far... We will create what happens next.

It's been a few months since the conclusion of ToA. Everyone is living their normal lives as for the heroes, it's a new light to them. Luke is going through daily things in his mansion. Natalia is expected to become the future Queen soon. Guy is living life as a noble in Grand Chokmah, he is currently working in several different Fon Machines to benefit Auldrant. Jade is now replicating for the good of people, for example, replicating organs for the sick. Anise is finally a Fon Master at Daath and helping Florian. Tear does her regular work at Yulia city, she helps her grandfather, Teodoro. Since the Score is no longer part of their lives, Auldrant is like a fetus, struggling to get past the old habits, so it is still shaken up and delicate.

Current Chapter ...

The sky used to be so blue, so pure and beautiful, but now it's blood red, same as the sea and the oceans. The subtle Auldrant is in a current state of shock, especially their people. To their horror, there are new monsters arising from the ashes of the dead. Incarnations are their names, these are monsters (Exbelua look alikes) who used to be real people. The story is, once a person dies in the real word, their sins that they have done gather and get confiscated, year by year, it grows like a virus. It takes thousands of years (900 years, minimum) for the 'virus' to take over the body. How? They're dead aren't they, yes they are. It's the soul, after a person dies, they go to Purgatory. Purgatory is like another Auldrant, the mirror of Auldrant, there's towns, people, and everything but they don't know they're dead. (ex. Guy's alive and Mary's dead, in Purgatory, Mary is alive and Guy is dead.) There could be some spiritual contact, there is a gate that souls and humans can go through, but they have to have the power to, it must be a 100% pure intention or a 100% evil intention. There are four (currently) people who reside in a black tower, Obsidian Tower, far far away somewhere, they are the main head courters of all the madness. Gaki, the leader, Helena (the ones who make Incarnations), the sub leader, and the little havoc twins, Tyou (male) and Mizuki (female).

The Twists ...

There is a woman named Melissa Ganbantien (she has a lot of hidden names, but this one is her real one) who is an undercover Summoner. More like a runaway to be exact. Many know her, many don't because she is the last Summoner out of hundreds about three decades ago. So she was a Summoner who was taught at Daath, she ran away because of her reasons, and eventually, Daath gave up on trying to find her. She uses all of the seven main fonons to summon, Shadow, Gnome, Sylph, Undine, Efreet, Rem, and her first one, Lorelei.

Angels exist, and one of their names is Miyun Watashae. She still keeps it a secret, only the ones in the group knows. All angels originate from a completely hidden city, Valhalla. It's also a place where Summoners originate as well. More about angels; not here yet...

Peony has twins, no, they are his siblings. Twenty year old Cemore and eighteen year old Kristy, they are twins, but because of problems, Kristy was held back two years. If Peony does not get married soon in a year, he will be abdicated from his throne and replaced with Cemore. Sadly, the currently Emperor does not wish to be married to anyone else but Nephry Osborne, who is already married and is Jade's sister. Cemore despises the royal court and the advisers, either him or Kristy will become the ruler of Malkuth.

Scions ...

Ones who possess the power of an element. They MUST accompany the Summoner (Melissa) to become one. They are important and cannot die by any costs (or else there would be problems). Their role is to provide the Summoner with the power of their element so her summoning skills can be more powerful. They also possess great arte of their element. They will be deemed 'Scion' if they have a PENDANT or any jewelry that they possess or will be given to them. They will become one if the symbol of the element appears on it.
Luke Fon Fabre: Caoeutti

Tear Grants: The Stalking Fairy

Anise Tatlin: xXLolita PrincessXx

Jade Curtiss: The Stalking Fairy

Natalia Lanvaldear:

Guy Cecil: Caoeutii

Ion/Florian: Serenus Harmony

Mieu: xXLolita PrincessXx

Noelle: Caoeutii

Peony: Venetian Darkbringer


Ginji: The Stalking Fairy


[Any others you want? PM me.]
Other Tales characters are allowed, just make them made ups.

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Aren't I beautiful? : (add an appearance here)


What's going on?



(Thank you, my friend, The Stalking Fairy for keeping track of the RP so you could make the summaries, it really helps. )

No current summaries ...
Day: (Like the days of the Week) Day Six, Morning.

Shadow - Gnomeday - Sylph - Undine - Efreetday - Remday

Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter


Since this is a twist of Tales of the Abyss and summon spirits, there are things that need to be defined.

The meaning of the red skies: Tiny fonon particles that are bunched up together to change the color of the sky. (It is normal now)

Scions: Ones who possess the power of an element. They MUST accompany the Summoner (Melissa) to become one. They are important and cannot die by any costs (or else there would be problems). Their role is to provide the Summoner with the power of their element so her summoning skills can be more powerful. They also possess great arte of their element. They will be deemed 'Scion' if they have a PENDANT or any jewelry that they possess or will be given to them. They will become one if the symbol of the element appears on it.

Ex: Luke is the Scion of Lorelei. When he is around Melissa, Lorelei's summon spirit, Skoll, will be more stronger. Luke also has artes of Lorelei that is stronger than the summoner herself.

Summoner: Ones who can summon a mystical animal from each element. The only one in all of Auldrant is Melissa and her goal is to get all of the summon spirits to complete her 'trial'. It requires a lot of energy, physically and mentally to withstand the burden. But, with the scion around, it relieves a lot and depletes a lot of energy. There used to be more than one, but Melissa is the last one. All of them originated from a floating city in the sky, Valhalla, the final place where everyone is supposed to go after getting all of the summon spirits.

Equation: Summoner (by itself) summons Skoll (summon spirit of Lorelei) < Summoner (with scion of Lorelei) summons Skoll

Therefore; Summon spirits are much stronger around Scion.

Purgatory: A place where ALL the dead from Auldrant go. It is a 'waiting period' where they either go to Heaven of Hell. People sin, and their sins carry over in there. The maximum of years they stay in there can be around a thousand years or such and if they don't be judged to go to Heaven or Hell, their sins slowly eat their heart, like a disease, and turn them into Incarnations. There are some events where smart ghosts from that realm go to Auldrant, they can either wander around or cause mischief. They can bring an alive person's soul into Purgatory. If that live soul stays there too long, he or she shall stay there. In order to return, that same ghost must bring them back. In that town, everything is normal, like another world. The sky is purple, there is no one richer or poorer in Purgatory. It is like at peace, none of them have memories of their past life in Auldrant or are conscious that they died. The family members or friends close to them that alive in Auldrant are considered dead to the person in Purgatory.

Ex: In Purgatory, Tear is dead to Van. In Auldrant, Van is dead to Tear.

Trial: The whole point is to collect all of the summon spirits before it becomes active and destroy things. Like a natural disaster. Summoner must tame them and gather the summon spirit and visit Valhalla where she will condemn her spirit. There, she will die unless there are special reasons to cease her incoming death. IF the Summoner dies during the trial, Auldrant is expected to have a 'Noah's Ark' event where Auldrant shall be washed away by sins. Only the few who survive will take over and form a new Auldrant.

Valhalla: Where the Summoners and angels originate. Final place where everyone should go.

Daath: They used to have records of summoning, but lost it all.

Malkuth: Cemore is going to be the Emperor if Peony, the current Emperor of Malkuth, FAILS to marry and make an offspring. Cemore and Kristy are the YOUNGER TWINS of Emperor Peony.

Summoner History: (Taken from Melissa's BIO)
Summoners are a selective group that was, in the myth, blessed by Lorelei himself. His intentions were to sacrifice that group of people to save the others. The seven families that were selected had character, faith, and endurance, which is why there were chosen. A Summoner’s job is risky, using their own life force to summon mystical and powerful beings from each element; Rem, Gnome, Sylph, Water, Fire, Light, and Lorelei. Most of the Summoners live in a floating city up in the heavens called Valhalla. They live with the Valkyries, the Einherjars, and a large group of normal people. The ‘Selected’, of whom they are called, are all Enherjars or Valkyries, except one family that was in by ‘pure luck’. This family was average people from Valhalla, searching for riches to aid their family, stuck in hunger, they were average, but then they were blessed, randomly when it was supposed to be another Valkyrie. That blessed family was Melissa’s ancestors. The whole point of being a Summoner is to get all of the summon spirits from each of its elements from it's temples. But the madness came too soon. It is passed by blood, there must be only two children, the first would be the Guardian of the Summoner and the second child will be the Summoner. A disease spread, suddenly, many of the population at Valhalla was blessed by disease, it was called the ‘morbus’. The whole point of being a Summoner, after the disease, is then to go to down to Auldrant and fight to the death to retrieve the seven elements that took off from the geniuine families and be given the ultamite power of being a High Summoner; it was called the Spiritual Era. Auldrant suffered from the battles, took record, and formed a treaty with Valhalla that normal Auldranians shall not interefere if the Summoners do not kill innocents or burn villages; unfortunately, all of the records were burned. Worst of the worst, the disease of being blessed killed all of the false Summoners and Guardians, and six of the genuine bloodlines and ceased. It's been a hundred years now and only one remains, and the ‘Last Summoner’ must sacrifice him or herself, after gathering and calming down all of the spirits, to sacrafice and pay for the things his or her ancenstors have done.
Cao's (un)official Scion Explanation

Scions are pretty much select individuals who are descendants of the seven sentiences in the Tales of the Abyss world. They are born like any other human, with the only difference being that they have the exact same fonon signature (like, their lil DNA thing) as the sentiences!

Asch has Lorelei's fonon signature.

For example, take Undine. Miyun is Undine's scion. As Undine's scion, Miyun has its fonon signature in here.

Only experts in fonology and have mastered most fonic artes, either in one element or in all (-coughLikeJadecough-) would be able to tell.

Some Scions, however, are weak, and it requires specific concentration to pick them out. These 'weak' Scions are only like this because they have yet to acquire their 'Scion Necklaces', or Catenas.


A Catena is a special necklace that is used to amplify a Scion's powers. Without it, the Scion is just lie any normal human being, save with more control on a specific fonon.

Dangers of Being a Scion

Not all Scions can handle being one. Being a Scion requires a lot of energy, stamina, and endurance (I think that's the same as energy but, whatev'). Some are blessed, and don't have to suffer consequences when invoking their special 'Scionic Powers' (made it up~)

Others, though, cannot, and tend to shorten their lifespan. This is a rare case, though.


Scions can freely manipulate the fonons of the sentience they are related to. For example, Sylph's scion has the ability to manipulate the fonons in a way that allows him to fly (with the height and duration being determined on how much s/he can handle).

The benefits are as followed (according to my fanfic, anyway; you choose what you want to use)

- All Scions can sense each other. Doesn't matter what element.
- Scions of Opposite elements (ex. Fire and Water, Wind and Earth) tend not to get along or, in rare cases, get along so well, that they live happily ever after. The end.
- If one element scion is in the territory of his/her opposite (ex. Wind in Earth, Fire in Water, and vice versa), that scion will be severely weakened in power, or will be unable to control his/her element as freely.
- LORELEI'S SCION HAS NO WEAKNESS! <-- Given. Do not think you can go head-to-head with a friggin hyperresonance. I know I can't.
- SHADOW'S SCION CAN MANIPULATE YOUR ABILITY TO SEE <-- Being the element of darkness, I should think this is obvious.
- REM'S SCION CAN FRIGGIN BLIND YOU BY THE BRIGHTNESS <-- Light. No likey light. If that Scion is glowing, turn away, unless you don't appreciate seeing. Rem is the Sun, after all =D;;;
- Scion's can communicate with their element's Summon Spirit with or without the Summoner's knowledge, though it really all depends if the Summon Spirit so chooses to do so. (Invoke Only)


Replicas. Replicas were not taken into account at the time the sentiences decided upon having scions. Therefor, if a replica of a Scion is created, then. . .there's two. =D;
The more the better, they say~
Nothing you can do about two Scions.

However, if the two scions decide to duke it out and decide to compete for that "NUMBER ONE" position, then that's their problem. Loser, though, is no longer a Scion.


By order:

Shadow (Before Rem)
Scion- Ace
Summon Spirit- _____, the Hound

Gnome (retrieved at Zao Ruins)
Scion- Kristy Malkuth**
Summon Spirit- Ursalus (female), the Bear

Sylph (retrieved at Meggiora Highlands)
Scion- Alex Masato**
Summon Spirit- Scythia (female), the Loyal Griffin

Undine (retrieved at Aramis Spring)
Scion- Miyun Watashae **
Summon Spirit- Luria (female) , the Sea Serpent

Efreet (After Undine)
Scion- Cemore Malkuth
Summon Spirit- ____, the Dragon

Rem (After Efreet)
Scion- Alice
Summon Spirit- _____, the Unicorn

Lorelei (Automatic)
Scion- Luke Fon Fabre**
Summon Spirit- Skoll (male), the Silver Wolf


PAIRINGS (Relationship):

Luke likes Tear; she likes him too.

Melissa likes Guy; he likes her too.

Miyun likes Cemore; he likes her too.

Alice likes Alex; unsure


User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/series-related-miscellaneous-role-play/tales-of-the-abyss-invoke-open/t.41076445_1/] [IMG]http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t92/teargrantsTOA/toagss.jpg[/IMG] [/url]


-follow the T.O.S
-PM character profiles
-keep it PG 16
-be literate
-no godmodding
-please no *'s for actions, that's part of literacy, write out your actions!

- I can add more rules
-Follow them all ...
๓เץยภ ฬคtครђคє

Miyun sat on a bridge wall in Grand Chokmah, Her crimson red eyes glancing at all the people around her --- She'd lost track of her friends, where could they have gone? The blond angel let out a small sigh, her wings weren't showing at the moment, but she sure did have them.
" .... Kristy .... Melissa ... " Miyun faced her head towards the ground, her eyes showing sadness, her brows furrowed.

"Gah! I need to stop worrying! Their ok! I just lost track of them, and nothing bad happened!" She told herself in thought, closing her eyes lightly.
"Then again who knows."

'Just smile!' She remembered people always saying to her, she put on a faint smile, but it faded as soon as it came.

"How did I leave that town anyways ...?" She asked herself, her hands tightening in her lap. "Strange ... Oh well! I'll find them! I will!" Miyun sprung up and began walking around the city.

тнє вєαυтιƒυℓ αηgєℓ
User ImageBaticul was quiet. The sun shone as bright as ever, the lower-class was busy down in the lower levels. . .and yet, something just didn't feel quite right.

Luke sighed as he looked out of the window of his room, leaning on the wall with his arms folded. Everything was still way too quiet. He'd had his coming-of-age ceremony and everything, but. . .for some reason, he was still stuck in his parents' manor. He didn't even know why. He was sure he had plenty of money to buy his own manor or something.

But that wasn't what he was currently thinking about.

'Tear. . .'

Where was she now? How was she doing?

These questions constantly plagued his mind.

And his friends. . .

He had yet to receive a single letter from them all, especially from Guy. He'd expected him, out of everyone, to send a letter.

"Maybe they're all just too busy," the young noble murmured to himself, pushing off from the wall and heading out of his bedroom. Maybe he should find something to keep his mind off of these things.
M E D I C I N E M A N C A N Y O U H E A R M Y C R Y?
User Image

_____J e s s a b e l l e &&A l l e n d e______________x . x

Work, work, and more paperwork. A General Officer was usually out on missions, not stuck indoors filling out papers. Though however boring it was, it had to get done and by staring at it, it wouldn't just magically do it on it's own. She procrastinated first by filing the papers with a 'complete' pile and an 'incomplete' pile. And let me tell you now, the incomplete one was beating the complete one by a long shot. Sighing some, she pulled the large stack of papers towards her and began to organize them alphabetically. Though eventually, she got down to work and made quite a dent in her work. Thank the Score.

Looking up from her desk after some time, Jessabelle rose one of her hands and pushed her fingers through her short locks. My, how the time passes and how her hand cramped... It was about time for her to take a stroll of sorts and loosen up any stiff muscles from sitting too long and from writing non-stop. Of course, the walk wouldn't last long, but she did need some fresh air. Stepping from her office, Jessa walked through the halls of the Military Headquarters in Malkuth and eventually reached the exit to the watery city. Shifting her eyes sky-ward, she glanced up at the open blue sky and sighed some. It was a nice day. Warm and not excruciatingly hot. From there, she began out into the capital city with long graceful strides. Perhaps she'd grab a bite to eat in the mean time...

Florian walked around the Cathedral, His emerald eyes darting from side to side. The green haired boy was looking for his friend -- his best friend, the one who always played with him ; Anise.
Florian hoped that she wasn't in the middle of any work ... He didn't want to interrupt her, he knew that there were certain times when he shouldn't come, and he messed up on it every time, he just really really wanted to see her! Was that really a problem? Obviously it was.

เ๏ภร Ŧเภคl гєקlเςค
Melissa Ganbantien

Melissa eyes were heavy and tired because of the gruesome trip from Chesedonia to Grand Chokmah. ‘Cetra’ is supposed to be in vacation right now, but what she is really doing is just getting away from the crowds to be plain Melissa. Wouldn’t they notice that Melissa is Cetra right away; it would be strange if they did. This woman is very skilled with using fonons and inventing new skills, so one day, she accidentally turned her hair jet black and eyes deep gold; thus born Cetra. Melissa was there to meet a girl named Kristy, a girl who she helped out and befriended later on.

She noticed a familiar looking girl walking by her. “Oh? Miyun, is that you?” she smiled, she made her way over to tap her shoulder.
๓เץยภ ฬคtครђคє

Miyun blinked, hearing the familiar voice, she turned her head; seeing Melissa.
"Ah! Melissa!" A grin came across her face as she turned her whole body around to see her friend.
"Why are you here? Do you have business here?" She didn't ask this rudely but curiously. Her crimson red eyes showed that curiousity, as her blond hair blew in the wind, her bangs flew into her eyes, so she pushed them into the right place again, still staring at Melissa.

тнє вєαυтιƒυℓ αηgєℓ
Melissa Ganbantien

Melissa smiled one of her polite and friendly smiles. “Oh, I’m just here to meet Kristy, you do remember her, right?”

[By the way, is Anthony still into ToA, will he be able to RP?]
๓เץยภ ฬคtครђคє

(Huh, Obviously. He told me he'd be Jade.)

Miyun nodded, "Yeah, I remember her!" The blond angel giggled, "The hyper , girl , blond twin ; Kristy." Miyun summed it all up easily, "How could I forget her? She's my friend as well."

тнє вєαυтιƒυℓ αηgєℓ

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