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I would like to stay in with Judith, if you'll allow it.
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Versatile Businesswoman

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-coughcough- AHEM
Yuri Lowell and I are staying.
I will be dropping Poisson, Moses and Alvin.
Also, I'm sorry for complaining so much in the old thread. I promise to ignore any comment that bothers me in this new roleplay.
That would be all.
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Friendly Explorer

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I'll stay as Jay and the Oresoren.
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Versatile Businesswoman

Alright, now that Pascal and Hubert are gone, I have no regret of quitting.
But um... Would it be alright if I stayed as Yuri? No one would mind, right? xD
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Invisible Genius

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x -- destination -- x

Me: syren and florian
CorrineAri: meredith and anise
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x -- destination -- x

Keeping Flynn, dropping Hubert, and sticking with it for as long as I can~
OuO b
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i think i'll drop Pascal, but i've been given permission to play Leonard by Jewel. if that's okay with you, that is. we can discuss this over PM if you'd like. or, just you and Jewel....i don't know.
x -- destination -- x

...I think I'll keep both Malik and Verius, but if it gets too hard to keep up with both, I may drop one in the future. sweatdrop
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i only have repede, so....
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x -- destination -- x

MarMar: Kratos and Sophie
Yvonne: Yvonne/Yohan
Me: Asbel and Euphemia and her crew
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I'm staying and so is Guy Cecil.
x -- destination -- x

I'm staying. Keeping both Jade and Jensen.
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I am keeping Nix and Akito~. o wo
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Moonlight Werewolf

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x -- destination -- x

((I'm definitely sticking around...and so will Tear and Cheria. wink ))
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x -- destination -- x

(( OOC: -/ahem- Hope I am doing this alright...
The two characters I plan on keeping are Colette and Mieu >3< ))

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