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        The obvious response to Raine’s question would’ve been a “you.” Jensen restrained himself from doing so. The only thing that came out of his mouth was a groan of frustration. If this woman, this half-elf, did have some sort of interest in the ruin, especially something that had to do with studying it, who was he to question her presence there? After all, he was there for his own studies, though his were on a more... personal level. ”Whatever.” Not exactly the best of starts. Despite being more open with the other group, Jensen felt himself go back to his usual self. Then he heard the other guy say something about poisson. At first the elf thought that he was referring to the substance rather than a person’s name. Had the name been spelled out, the two ‘s’ together would’ve given it away. But when he mentioned having been separated, it was obvious that he was talking about someone.

        ”Another other-worlder,” Jensen said under his breath, turning to face Asbel. ”This is Flanoir, the Snowy City. Though there isn’t as much snow as it used to be when I last came here.” That’s right. The last time Jensen had been in Flanoir had been over five years ago. He had gone there for the same reasons he had gone to Triet in the first place. The Temple of Ice was nearby. Valuable information could be found inside. And he did find some interesting things, just not what he was looking for.

        Despite being distracted with the other two, he was able to hear, just barely, Florian say something. He looked down to the ground to see him still laying on the snow. His skin was looking pale. Too pale almost. ’Not good,’ he thought. Not much of a surprise. With the sort of clothing the kid was wearing, he was bound to suffer from hypothermia any time soon unless they heat him up. For his part, Jensen was more than warm enough, he could spare his cloak. Undoing the knot that held it to his neck, he wrapped Florian with it as best as he could. But they were still outside. Even with the added warmth of the piece of cloth, the kid’s temperature would still lower. Jensen could tell that wasn’t conscious by this time; probably asleep. He lifted Florian off the ground and carried him on his arms. The load felt heavy. Judging by the size by the green-haired boy, he shouldn’t feel that heavy. He just didn’t know it then, but the light within Florian was acting negatively with the darkness he had been growing in him for all those years after he was exiled from Heimdall. ”Lets finish this conversation somewhere else. Somewhere warm.” He then started to walk towards the inn. From what he could tell, Florian didn’t need any medical assistance. Not yet anyways. The inn would do... for now.


The who?
Florian, that same gal from the ruins (Raine,) and some stranger from another world
The where?
The what?
"Better take Florian somewhere warm before he dies."
On Orange Cactus:

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Feel the pain
of those inferior beings
as you burn in Hell!

Ӄяɑϯѳs Ѧυяɨѳɳ
Ӎαɳ ѳʄ ӍɣʂϮϵɾɣ

Sacred powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls.
Rest in peace, sinners.

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Kratos looked at the others, though he didn't get a chance to speak before the woman with the white and red hair spoke. She sounded oddly like Colette and Kratos couldn't help be sweatdrop at it. Of course, he cared about Colette. But, there was only so much of her personality he could handle. Still, this woman didn't seem as...cheery as her, but maybe it was just the circumstances. "...Yes. My friends here are Noishe and Novia, but Noishe isn't a dog. He's a protozoan. And, the dragon isn't mine....I'm surprised she came to me so willingly." He looked at the three, smiling at Nix simply because she looked like Raine. At least he was with someone who looked like an old friend. "My name is Kratos Aurion....I'm guessing you three aren't from Aselia, but instead came from another world. Just like the three I've already met." It was then he noticed the three bear-like creatures, but they didn't appear dangerous. Actually, even to Kratos, they were kind of cute. Like plump teddy bears.

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If You Need Me, I Am At Gaoracchia Forest
I Am With Noishe, Novia, Pascal, Flynn, and Nix
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Out Of Cruxis Got permission from Jewel to have Novia be left behind in the forest.

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Ѧʂѣҽʆ ʟђαɳϯ
ʟѻɾɗ ѻʄ ʟђαɳϯ

The green-haired boy wasn't looking so good, and Asbel began to worry. Perhaps he was really sensitive to the cold? "H-Hey. Are you alright?" ...Of course he's not alright, you idiot. What the heck are you thinking? He watched the long-eared man place a cloak onto the boy and then lift him, heading for the inn. That was a good idea. Even if they didn't talk much, the kid would be able to warm up. Assuming the inn had it's own heating system, of course. But, he didn't doubt it. Asbel followed behind the guy, though he kept his gaze on the boy in case he got worse. "Ah....I'm Asbel. Are you friends with him?" If so, then he'd know that the kid was in trusting hands. He wasn't sure why, but something felt dark about this guy. Maybe it was just the ears.

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> Iselia Forest <
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Yvonne raised an eyebrow at Jade's words. "Your concern for his well-being is touching. You're lucky you're cute." She watched as the red-head, Luke as Jade called him, managed to pick Lloyd up. He wasn't that heavy, was he? Maybe it was the swords. He had two, after all. Yvonne got out her map and walked up the path a bit to study it in a bit of silence. I've never had a reason to go to Lloyd's home. I don't know where his house is located exactly. But, this map shows a road. Maybe if we follow it? She rolled up her map and looked over, seeing a Desian watching her. It was clear it was the one she'd been delivering the exspheres to, since she could see the bag of gald. This isn't a good time to trade. If Lloyd happens to gain consiousness for a few seconds to see me trading with a Desian, there's no way I'll wake up in the morning. Yvonne looked at the others, taking off her hat. At least she could use the rise in temperature here in the forest to her advantage. She fanned herself with her hat, and the Desian nodded before walking into the ranch's gates. She'd have to sneak out later tonight to complete the quest she'd been doing for a month. "Alright, crew! This way! Stay close, and be careful with our cargo!" She smiled, placing her hat back onto her head and turning, leading the way towards where she suspected Lloyd's house to be.

Yvonne's "gay" flirting has begun~! emotion_dowant

I wonder how Luke is going to react to see "Yohan" flirting with Jade. emotion_awesome

Oh, and of course Anise. emotion_sweatdrop
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Where am I? Meltokio
Who am I with? Richard, Mieu, and Guy
What am I feeling? Nervous, Confused
What am I doing? Reassuring King Richard and wondering where we're at.

He was just about to pick the injured girl up when he noticed she began to fade. What kind of world was this? Looking at the other woman, who seemed just as shocked, he had the urge to look down at himself and did so. It was happening to all three of the. "Wh-What the hell!?" It wasn't long before he appeared in a city, his eyes readjusting themselves since they were blinded by the flash of light. Looking around, he first noticed a blonde-haired guy with a sword and some sort of small monster on his shoulder. Out of nowhere, the monster spoke and Camael jumped back, looking over to see who it was talking to. What the hell is he doing here!? At least it wasn't Malik; Camael may not have been able to resist the urge to challenge the bladerang artist right then and there and settle the revenge he had bottled up inside. But, Richard wasn't on his hit list. Though he was a close friend to Malik and the others who were responsible for Kurt's death, Richard himself wasn't present during the time of his grandfather's final breath. When the king addressed him after correcting the creature, Camael shook his head and bowed to him. He felt ridiculous. "No, Your Majesty. We have not met, though your popularity in the country of Fendel has certainly given me high hopes. It is an honor to meet you, King Richard." Had Richard spotted Camael when he was following him and the others across Ephinea? Perhaps. Though he did well to stay hidden outside towns and such, when they were within on of the cities or villages or whatever, Camael didn't bother. He figured that he'd just be another citizen.

[[ OutOfCamael: Why do they not have a girl in their group!? DX And, all three of them are blonde! DX Except Mieu.... ]]


Yes, I know he's absent, but I'm quoting him anyway, dammit!
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≒The secret to my strength...is a secret!≒xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Without any warning, the scene before Judith's eyes began to swim, distorting those who she had been listening to, walking with, and talking to. For a few seconds, it had been absolutely black, but when she blinked, color returned to her and she could hear the faint crash of waves. It was nothing like where she had just been. It was a bit warmer here, and she could feel a nice breeze. Suddenly, someone was speaking to her. She turned her head and tried to focus in on the voice and the words, but she assumed it had to be another person that was in the same predicament as her. "I'm... I'm not quite sure what just happened... I don't even know where we are..."

As another voice began speaking, Judith found the source, being something like a large, multi-tailed fox. She looked at it with wonder, pondering on if it were an Entelexeia. Searching for a connection, she felt...something, but it wasn't like what she shared with Ba'ul.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx≒I'm so strong, I even scare myself!≒

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▶Location:: Outside Palmacosta◀
▶With:: Marta, Verius, Natalia◀
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Ѧɨӄɨѻ Ғυʝɨϣɑґɑ ɑɳɗ Ѵɑɳɨɭɭе Ңѻϣɑґɗʂ
Șɨɭеɳϯ Ѧʂʂɑʂʂɨɳʂ

Aikio looked over as the bluenette spoke. They weren't wearing anything Aikio had ever seen in any city, village, or town. Then again, she had never paid much attention. Perhaps they were nobles, or just very strange travelers. "I have a feeling it's not going to happen again anytime soon." She looked over at the wanted posters that were hung up on the wall and tore down the picture of a rather popular theif that was usually only found in the old mines on the Ossa Trail. It would be a good mission to take on. Rolling it up, she put it in her bag as she turned to face the bluenette and his companions. He looks remarkably like....Crap. I can't remember his name, but I know what he looks like. Vanille will know the name of Lezarano's president, wouldn't she? She realized she'd been staring at the blunette and she looked away quickly, trying to appear nonchalant, but probably failed at that.

--Vanille is unconsious--

Current Position
Triet :: Inn Lobby Triet :: Inn Room
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Cheria, Hubert, and Syren No one
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Wondering why all this is happening....While Vanille is injured.... Nothing. I'm knocked out.
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This Place Is Fun!
Gaorrachia Forest
Who Am I With?
Kratos, Noishe, Novia, Flynn, and Nix
Oh, I'm Feeling Fine!

Hearing the man introduce himself after he explained the two animals next to him, Pascal twirled excitedly. "You're one of the guys the sage said to find! Oh, man! Little Bro is going to be so jealous when I tell him!" Pascal got out her communicator and typed in a message. However, the bird returned almost immediately and Pascal scolded Hubert in her mind. Why would he leave his communicator back home? She sighed and put the device up, defeated. However, Kratos mentioned otherworlders and blinked. "Oh! Is anyone you've met in this picture?" She got out the same picture she showed to Jensen in Triet and held it out to Kratos. He pointed to Richard and she smiled. "So, he's okay, yeah? That's good. Oh....I doesn't suppose you've seen a little girl with long hair like mine, but instead of red, she has lavender in her hair?" He shook his head and Pascal slumped. So, Poisson hadn't ended up with him. The dragon snorted, and Pascal looked at it before she saw the look in the dragon's eyes. "Did you see Poisson?" Upon seeing the dragon bow her head, Pascal blinked. This dragon sure was tamed, wasn't it? Clapping her hands together, she looked around. "So, you're from here. Where should we go, Kratos?"

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I was given slight ghosting permission from Martel to play Kratos' answer to Pascal's question to save time. That was all.


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"Emil....Marta....They taught me that even a creature such as I can be more than a faithful servant."

Centurion of Darkness


"I will never again refer to instinct. I will follow the desires of a long forgotten heart."

Tenebrae looked at Malik, and then Colette. "This man and I are not friends, Colette. I hardly know anything about him, other than he is not from Aselia. As for you, sir, we are in Asgard." He turned and walked a few feet away. As he sat there, he felt something. The shear amount of mana of the presence was like being hit with a tidal wave; it literally knocked him to his side and his fur stood on end. The Centurion stood, and for a few moments, he was in a stance that looked like he was about to jump and bite someone. However, he stood up straight when the power dissolved until it could no longer be felt. That mana was nothing like I've ever felt. It was even stronger than Ratatosk's. What....Who could have caused such an amount of mana? As far as he knew, only the World Tree would be able to pursue such mana. However, this thing was living and breathing. And, it was calling out. However, Tenebrae doubted he was the intended person. "Colette, I feel we must go to the ruins of Sylvarants Tower of Salvation. Something is there, and I believe it needs help." He looked at Tenebrae and then the blonde-haired girl. "I suppose you two can come along as well."

Location Asgard
Company Colette, Malik, and Meredith
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Actions "Figuring out what that power belongs to."
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Akito Bartic

YokoYou've seen its »foundation«
YokoYokoHolding up a RAGGED ϟ nation
yokoalchemYou know it in your mind
YokoYookoCheWhat it's like and how it lies
YokoYookoChemYou want the right to resolution
YokoYookoChemYoYou want the right to get another portion
YokoalchemistYokoKYou know now is the time
YokoalchemistYokokokoKTo get ready for DETONATION


'Again with the strange transportation! I was closer to the Asgard Ranch but now I'm even farther away!' Akito shouted in his mind, seeing that he now appeared on the Fooji Mountains. It was on the Tethe'allan side and far away from where he needed to be. He spotted that the boy named Jay was still with him but everyone else was new. One seemed familiar with the area, a small boy with white hair. It seemed he was stuck with nothing but children.. "Indeed we just appeared here. I wouldn't have come to these blasted mountains on my own more than I have already. We should start making our way down and make introductions on the way." The man said, knowing that if they lolly-gagged around here then night would fall upon them and common sense was the stronger monsters would appear. Not that he couldn't handle dangerous monsters or anything, they were just a nuisance to fight.

Akito walked towards the path but stopped when he felt, no heard something calling out to him. A small smirk stretched across his face when he realized it was what he was looking for. The powerful dragon of legend. 'The Tower of Salvation is all the way over at other side of this world.. It will take some convincing to bring these fools along with me. If I leave on my own no doubt they would grow suspicious of me.' The scarf wearing man turned to look at them once again, the smirk gone from his lips. "I just had a fantastic idea~. You are all looking for your friends correct? Then I know where we can go where there is a good chance we'll find some of them there. The ruins of the Tower of Salvation.."

Where: Fooji Mountains
Who: Jay, Poisson, Genis
Condition: Perfect
Out of Caring: So sorry for the long wait! xx;;


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Nix Gallen

YokoFollowing the trail sketched when we were young,
yokokoWe search for an answer, while looking up at the same sky.
YokoyokoThe thoughts hidden in our chests are overflowing;
AlchemistYoThey soar in the sky and turn into silvery arrows.

YokoAs silver arrows intercept, our gazing pupils
yokokoWere surely reflecting the same dream.
YokoyokoEven if we stumble, even if we are injured,
AlchemistYoLet's take off, making the wind our wings.

YokoIn a faraway place where not even our voice can reach,
yokokoWe are surely looking up at the same sky.
YokoyokoNow I can finally believe that by a miracle we will meet again;
AlchemistYoI don't even need a reason.


Nix watched as Flynn healed the injury on her leg, a clear sign he could be trusted. It was good to be around people that at least seemed trustworthy, not that the people she was around first weren't. "Thank you very much, Flynn. I'll be sure to return the favor to you someday." She grabbed his hand as she lowered her leg back to the ground, just in case it still hurt and needed help. Thankfully her leg felt just fine so she would have no trouble getting around. A blush came to her face when the woman noticed she was still holding his hand and then let go. "I think I can walk fine on my own now thanks to your help."

The snowy haired woman turned her attention to Pascal and Kratos, who seemed to have their own conversation for a little while. Wait.. Did that man just introduce himself as Kratos? That's one of the people she was asked to find! "That's correct. I'm not from this world.. And it seems like my luck was left behind too. I just saw Lloyd a few moments ago but then I got transported here. The poor guy didn't look like he was in great shape either. Hopefully my friend ended up with him.. I hope the others are alright." Then something caught her eye, Kratos looking down at something nearby. Turning to look it was the Oresoren! "Oh! They must've come along with me somehow. Are the three of you okay?"


User ImageWho: Flynn, Oresoren, Kratos, Pascal X
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» Lloyd Irving «

                                                      xxxxxxxxLloyd watched as his mother fell from the cliff in the Iselia forest. He couldn't do anything but watch. His legs and his arms were not listening to him. They wouldn't move no matter how hard he had tried to make them move. His eyes got watery as she screamed out his name. After that, it was all quiet. Silence was the only thing that could be heard. "It's all your fault my dear Lloyd." Lloyd turned his head around but did not see anyone. Who was this person that kept calling out to him? What was it that the voice wanted? Was it his second thoughts or that voice in the background that always told him what he should do and what he shouldn't do. "You're father isn't going to happy my boy." Lloyd turned back to where he mother was earlier before she fell off of the cliff. There was no where near him. He was all alone. But haunted by this voice that he did not know. A voice that brought chills to his spin and fear in his eyes.

                                                      xxxxxxxx"Lloyd? Lloyd? Hello! Lloyd?" a voice faintly said to the boy. Lloyd closed his eyes tighter as he started to regain his conscious. He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the ground. He closed his eyes again and opened them once more. He was standing but not on his own. He could tell because he wasn't using his strength to stand on his own. "Colette? Was that Colette's voice?" the lad thought to himself as he slowly lifted his head. He looked around and his eyes fell upon a man in blue wearing glasses. He looked away and laid eyes on another male with a hat. He was just hearing things. There was no way Colette was here. "Hm... where... ugh... what happened? I... I though I was at Flanior." he said as he brought one hand to his head. He shook his head but that only made his head throb even more. He closed his eyes again and groaned.

                                                      xxxxxxxxLloyd sloely stood on his own and turned to face the male with red hair. "Thanks for the help. I appreciated it." he said as he looked around. It seemed that they were in the Iselia Forest. How did he get here, and what happened to Colette and the others? Who were these people as well. They didn't dress like they were from around here. "We're in the Iselia Forest. I think it best to go to my father's place and rest there. Or rather I need to rest more. There we will talk and try to see what's going on." Lloyd said following the male that was already walking ahead. His father's house wasn't that far away. Since they were near the Iselia Ranch, all they needed to go was north east and they'll be there in no time.

                                                                  location - Iselia Forest
                                                                  with - Jade, Yvonne, Luke, and Anise
                                                                  currently - Up and following Yvonne

                                                      © Hiei_Dark_Dragon_Jaganshi for the layout

                                                      OOC: Feel free to say we arrived at Dirks house.

✥✥✥"No! I'm not leaving you behind! I don't want to sacrifice anyone anymore!"✥✥✥

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✥✥✥"What you think of me is your own problem so don't tell me what I should do to change!"✥✥✥
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              x x x x x x x x } With a white piece of paper
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              x x x x x x x } Of just you and I

              x x x Without making a sound x x Without making a sound x x Without making a sound x x Without making a sound x x
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              x x || Mieu x x || 100%| It's so strong..Mieuuu.... x x || Meltokio
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              x x ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

                    Judging by this man's actions alone, it was quite evident that it was not King Peony. King Peony already knew Mieu! Why would he have a reason to be surprised by him? Mieu blinked and nodded as the male spoke. "I'm very sorry for mistaking you for King Peony mister Richard!" Although he had addressed himself as King as well, he had no clue what this Windor was. Though, soon enough, Richard was addressing the other male whom had been transported with them to this place. Judging by how they were talking though...it seems like these two people were from the same place! Was that place in this world too? Everything just seemed to confuse the poor cheagle, but at least he had Guy! Maybe he was destined to stick with Guy until they find Master and the others! Since they had ended up in the same place, Mieu could only find no other reason for it. Though..maybe they were supposed to hold hands or something whenever they were transported! Mieu didn't think that was right though. He had been holding onto Master's shoulder when they were transported and he ended up all by himself at first. Well, either way, it just seemed like everyone was lost and that they had to find their friends! That's what happened the first time they got transported, maybe it's the same way here this time.

                    Mieu would have to hold onto those thoughts for later though. Mieu's ears shot straight up, before drooping really low. Mieu climbed over Guy's shoulder, hanging onto it and hiding his body and most of his face from view. "Mieuuuu..... I sense something..! It's so strong...but it's also mean..." Mieu looked around, though he couldn't spot it in the nearby area. However, his eyes fell in the direction that he could sense it in. He didn't know where it was but...it was so strong. He looked over towards the other two. He wasn't sure if they would want to come along and go see what it was, but he knew Guy would want to go! There was always a chance that Master and the others would be going there too. Either way, it didn't feel close. If he could feel the presence from this far, well....that was just a sure sign that something bad was going to happen. "Mieuuu....." Mieu didn't exactly know how to describe it. It just felt like a really big and strong presence lurking around them. Oh...well, he technically just described it. His ears perked up again before they drooped once more, making him hold onto Guy a bit more. "Mieuu... Can we go check what it is?" He was mostly directing the question to Guy, but it was loud enough in case the other two were curious enough to want to go.

                    (( OOC: Sorry for the late reply.. >.< ))

              x x ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂
              x x x x x } If I go to the top of the hill
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R e p e d e

Repede remembered running in a desert, following Yuri's scent, when he was sucked up by a flash of light. When his vision came back, he was standing in the middle of a group of three people, who were in the middle of a crowd. He took a step back and wobbled a bit. The flash of light seemed to have disoriented him. But, he snapped out of it a few moments later. Without paying much attention to the three men around him, Repede sniffed the air to search for Yuri. There was no scent, and he whined, his ears going down. Where had Yuri gone? Was he still in the desert, or had the flash of light taken him, too? Repede sniffed the air again, hoping to catch onto anyone's scent. But, of course, he didn't smell anyone familiar. The dog soldier paced a little, catching the gazes of some of the citizens. Had they never seen a dog before? Or, was it because he had a weapon that caused them to stare? Either way, he didn't really care. Everyone here was a stranger, and he wasn't very comfortable with the situation. Who would be? I have to find Yuri and the others. Sniffing the air one last time to check and see if he missed anything, he didn't smell anything but an oncoming storm. Better than nothing; if Yuri or any of the others were close, then they'd probably take cover in the town. It was a hurricane, so the town and surrounding areas would probably be the most effected. Where am I? I don't recognize this place.

M a n ' s B e s t F r i e n d


You Can Find Me In
I Am Currently With
Alvin, Senel, and Zargo
This Feeling Must Be
Confused, Mistrust
My Actions Consist Of
Wondering where I am, and where Yuri is.
Out Of Cuteness
Repede's entry post...complete!

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◦◦◦ "Hey come on guys. Orange? Give me a better color."◦◦◦

Location: Meltokio
Surrounded by: Mieu, Richard, and Camael
What I'm doing: Conversing with Mieu

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xxxxxxxxGuy was just about to thank that man that had helped them get to the hospital in Flanoir, but he noticed that the man was starting to fade. What was going on? Guy turned to face the others and noticed that they were fading as well. Marta, Sophie, Mieu and the Oresoren Brothers were all fading as Davis was. He turned his attention away and looked at Nix. She too was fading. If they were all fading then that meant that he was fading as well right? Guy looked at his hand and indeed he was fading as the rest was. But what did this all mean? Right now he didn't want to be separated from Mieu and Nix. First off they were his real companions and they work will together in battle. Second, he was already happy that he was with at least two people that he knew. And for third, what if Nix gets hurt again? Guy already noticed something strange about that wound on her leg and the last thing he wanted was her to get injured again. But there was nothing that he could do.

xxxxxxxxGuy just watched as they all faded and he reappeared out of no where in a town. Guy looked around and noticed that they were others that were appearing as he was. There was a male that had blonde hair and other that had blonde. What was this group turning out to be? All males with the same exact style? Guy was brought out of his thoughts when he felt something crawl onto his shoulders. He turned his head to see that it was Mieu. Mieu seemed very concentrated about his surroundings. "I'm not sure Mieu. But this place looks like a palace. It kind of reminds me of Baticul and Daath." Guy was just as lost as Mieu was. There was a great chance that this group he was with was just as confused because the group before was just as lost was he was. Ever since they met up with that Sage everything started to be strange. It just wasn't the weather anymore. Guy felt like there was more than just the weather. But he couldn't pin point what it was.

xxxxxxxxGuy turned his attention to Mieu as he spoke of King Peony. Guy turned to the two male and sweatdropped. Both these male were not King Peony. But the blonde male with an attire of blueish and purple did look a lot like King Peony, but there was no way that Guy would make a mistake like Mieu. Guy scratched his head as the male address himself as Richard and a King but not King Peony. Before Guy could apologize for his little friend, Mieu himself already did so. "I guess it's good that I'm not the one being suspected of suspicion." Guy watched the two guys converse for bit until Mieu climbed on his shoulder again. Guy turned his head a little and looked at Mieu. Seems like something was up with him. Being cautious around his environment again?

xxxxxxxxGuy nodded to as Mieu mentioned something about feeling a mean presence. This wasn't the first time that this cheagle has done this. If it was something bad and Mieu felt it then it was something serious. Guy definitely wanted to check it out. He wondered what it could be. If it was going to put up a good fight then he'll go. But now he just remembered, there was no seventh fonist with them. "Ah... this was harder than I thought. I hope one of these two guys know some healing artes." Guy knew that his FOF change could no longer be used because these males were all from different worlds.

xxxxxxxxGuy Looked up at the creature as again. As ridiculous as it seems, Guy always trusted the cheagle because this cheagle risked his life for Guy's best friend who Mieu only calls master. Now that reminds him. "Sure. I want to know what is giving off that mean presence. But Mieu... did you just call Kind Richard Master? Isn't Luke your only master?" Guy wasn't too sure. Maybe the cheagle addressed every King as Master.

✥✥✥"That saying, don't you think, was a little bit too harsh?"✥✥✥

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✥✥✥"I don't know why women is a phobia that I cannot get over a long time ago.✥✥✥

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