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"We’ve reached a point where the matter cannot be resolved with words."
"Having this many suicidal people around is really getting on my nerves."
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is we all die."
"Unlike in fairy tales, the world doesn’t live happily ever after."

                      Giving away the information about Fonic Artes wasn’t as bad as he thought. Most of the group were from other worlds, so they could’ve just inferred it to be something from Aselia. There was one person who did notice it too well. It obviously had to be the woman who Collette had called professor. Not only that, she had also caught the thing about his spear. But before she could get too many questions out in the open, everyone faded away and so did Jade. The building and waters that surrounded him were replaced with innumerable trees and dirt. ”Didn’t expect that to happen again,” he said, not realising that there were others around him. Soon enough he noticed Anise and Luke were there. ”Ah, lucky us,” he said, smiling to his comrades. ”Good to see you are both okay, Luke, Master Anise.” Hearing a grown man like himself call a girl barely in her teens “master” would be weird without the context that she was the Fon Master. It was a tease, of sorts. Kinda like how she always called him Colonel.

                      Talking about what had happened would have to wait. The three weren’t alone afterall. It was only after Yohan had spoken that Jade noticed he too was with them. He said something that caught Jade’s attention. He crouched down next to Lloyd and looked at him for a moment. ”So this is Lloyd...” If the guy was injured, they would need to take him somewhere to get patched up. Yohan was the only one from the group, other than Lloyd, who couldn’t be counted in because of his lack of consciousness, that could have any idea of just where they all were. ”Luke, come here and carry Lloyd,” he ordered the red-head. Why would he do something if he could pass it on to someone else? Looking at Yohan, he asked, ”you seem to have an idea of where we are. Do you know of a place we could take him? I need to ask him some questions.”

The who?
Yohan, Anise, Luke, and who appears to be Lloyd
The where?
somewhere in the Iselia Forest
The what?
Talking. Trying to get Luke to carry Lloyd to wherever Yohan can think of.

"People have the right to choose their own path to destruction."
"I merely expressed distrust as a matter of formality."
"I suppose the score won't matter if everyone's dead."
"Accepting the truth is difficult. But it is also necessary."

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I used to think I was all alone in a war-torn world
RICHARD That is, until I made a friendship that can't be broken

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ✦ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

This was getting to be a bit inconvienent. He was trapped on a world that he didn't know, and the only two people that could guide him had been separated from him. It was one thing to wake up in a strange place; to be fully awake and watch your companions fade and vanish, only to be taken to different place yourself, was another thing entirely. As he looked around, he recalled seeing this city from the mountains. Did that mean he was in Meltokio? Well, I guess it's not so bad if I was brought here, but I was beginning to like Kratos and the others....I'm attracted to odd groups. He sighed, but then noticed he was with two other people and a...creature of some sort. Actually, looking at the well-built blonde, Richard felt a sense of deja vu. Before he could say anything, the creature spoke to him, making him jump back a little. This thing wasn't as big as Noishe or Verius, but he'd probably never get used to talking monsters or animals. King Peony? Does this thing know a king that resembles me? How strange.... He regained his posture and looked at the creature. "Forgive me, but I'm afraid I'm not this...King Peony you spoke of. My name is Richard, and I am the king of Windor." No use hiding it. He'd already told Kratos and the others, and since Verius had figured it out on his own, he didn't think there was any point to hide it. Of course, without his rapier, he'd be defenseless if they attacked him. Looking back at the buff blonde, Richard approached him and looked at him suspiciously. "I feel like I've seen you before. Do we know each other?"
Where I'm At Meltokio
Who I'm With Camael, Guy, and Mieu
How I'm Feeling Surprised, Curious
What I'm Carrying Nothing
OutOfCatacombs --


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        With: Jay, Genis, and Akito
        Where I am: Fooji Mountains
        Communicator: No messages

                                                    xxxxx Poisson held the communicator in hand, watching carefully. She expected the monster to appear any second. Suddenly, she noticed her body beginning to fade. She didn't have time to say a single thing, before appearing in a completely different area. It looked like she was at the top of a mountain... Poisson stayed calm, noticing three unfamiliar people standing off to the side. She could go down the mountain herself, but it would be safer if she went with others. Then again, she shouldn't be so trusting. Last time, she felt fine going with people she didn't know, because Asbel was there. Though this time it was just her. "Did you three suddenly appear here as well?" She asked, deciding to speak with them. She wasn't planning on going with them, but she should at least talk to them, and maybe even get some information. The last place she had appeared in was Gaoracchia Forest, but this place was completely new to her. She soon began to think about Pascal and the others. They had all agreed to meet at a place called Altamira, but she could be even farther from it now. She took out the communicator, sending a quick message. Arriving at Altamira might take longer than I expected. Asbel and I were split up somehow. She sent the message, looking back to the three.

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      xx|xxWe have a Map?! :: ↖↖ - Iselia Forest :: )
          xx|xxHey! Keep those thoughts inside :: ↖↖ - Still confused but sort of relieved )
              xx|xxAttention! Company Present :: ↖↖ - Anise, Jade, two others, and Lloyd )

Luke fon Fabre

          Luke felt as if things were going from weird to extremely strange. Regardless of this fact he attempted to keep a composed and relaxed expression on his face. That was until something Flynn said caused him to slightly freak. Tilting his head at bit his eyes noticed that the blond soldier begin to turn transparent. 'What's going on?' Raising his left hand up towards his face he too now realized that he was beginning to fade. Honestly the strangest things were occurring today. First meeting someone who looked identical to Guy and now this? Luke did not resist, as much as he wanted to struggle. What would be the point of it? Closing his eyes Luke only hoped nothing even more bizarre would happen to him but that was more than likely. Especially in this situation.

          After what felt like a minute he reopened to his eyes to find that he was no longer in the strange town. His new surroundings were filled with green trees, healthy grass, and a short annoying girl. Oh great now he was with Anise. Anise..?! Luke blinked a few times before venturing over to the girl. "Anise what are you doing here?!" he asked in a rather abrupt tone. Luke's answer seemed plain as day but still he asked. Of course she wouldn't know, when did she know anything. If only Jade was there. Regardless of how much he annoyed him the facts remained that he knew more than most of them. Lo and behold as soon as Luke turned he saw the necromancer. "Jade too?!" Not even a few moments in and Jade was already making him do manual labor.

          "Figures. Why do I have to do it?" Some things never changed. Eying the male on the ground he scrunched his face up slightly. This was Lloyd Irving? He didn't seem like some kind of savior of the world. Just like a normal boy like him. Still he shouldn't judge anyone just by looks alone. "Alright alright I'm going" Luke uttered as he reached down to grab the male. Boy was Lloyd heavy. Struggling at first he attempted to pick him up until putting him over his shoulders. "Where are we anyway?"
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Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear

"My victory is a victory for my people!"

Well, this was just getting ridiculous! What kind of world was this place? She was in the middle of a perfectly good discussion with a perfectly good group of people, only to be rudely... um... Rudely transposed somewhere else! At least she wasn't in a weird, mountain place. When Natalia materialized in the middle of... where ever she was... she quickly looked around for her new (and old) traveling troupe. Her few moments of aimless wandering ended in vain; she didn't see the rigid posture of the other noble, the weird dog of that mysterious man, or the nostalgic pigtails of her old friend. Natalia was beginning to feel disheartened, was this journey nothing but a trial after trial of separation? It was hard for the princess to piece together what objective the sage was trying to accomplish by continuously scattering people about? While Natalia may not have been able to understand the entire plot, she understood it was her duty as the princess of Kimlasca to withstand these trials and ensure the safety of her people! She didn't plan on letting some silly, little thing like being randomly spirited away every day discourage her from achieving her goal.

Curling her fingers into her palms, Natalia planted her fists against her hips. Now what was she to do? Wander aimlessly around? Maybe if she could spot people that looked as lost or confused as she did, they could form a new rag tag group of confused adventurers! But most people looked like they knew what they were doing and looked like they belonged there.

"Verius?" She questioned, spotting the distinct looking creature amongst the sea of strangers. What a welcomed sight! "Verius!" She exclaimed more surely as she rushed over to him, "Do you have any idea as to what happened?" She hoped he would know something, after all he was able to sense that she wasn't from this world, so he must have some special ability to pick up on supernatural occurrences. "I don't know where we are, or where the others went to..."

She certainly missed having Anise around, it was comforting to be near her old friend. It was a reminder that this would, hopefully soon, be resolved and they would be home in their rightful world soon. "Is it normal to have such bizarre things happen in this world?" She asked the being while she continued to scan the area for any other oddities.

"That is the power of Lanvalderian artes!"

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Who: Verius X
Where: ??? X
Condition: Stable X
Feeling: Lost X
Out of Castle: -- X



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Summon Spirit of Heart

Heading to Meltokio with Kratos and the others sounded like a comforting plan. He didn't trust any of them completely, but they were all good people. Even Kratos, despite the fact that he had earlier stated that he was a traitor and he didn't trust him anymore. He was...disheartened that Kratos accepted that, and he could feel the guilt in the man's heart. So, he was pained by his past betrayals as well. Actually, now that Verius thought about it, Kratos was a very pained man. As they began their trek down the mountain again, Verius noticed they were all fading. Even Noishe. He stopped walking, looking down at his feet, only to see he was experiencing the same thing as well. Before he could question what was going on, he and everyone else vanished. When his sight adjusted, he saw he was in Palmacosta. This is starting to become a nuisance. He heard someone call out to him and looked over. At first, he thought and hoped it was Sheena, but soon saw it was Natalia. His ears went down just a bit, but they weren't too expressive. "I believe that whatever is causing the bizarre weather has brought us to wherever it is we are supposed to be....At least, that's what I think. I can't say for sure, but I don't doubt we're meant to be here." She stated her concerns for their whereabouts and for the others, only to make Verius tilt his head. He remembered she wasn't from Aselia. "We're in Palmacosta. I'm sure the others are fine." He looked around, noticing only two people that really stuck out. The first was Marta. Though he didn't know her that well, he had followed Ratatosk on their journey simply to observe, so he knew who she and Emil was. He had actually felt a small bit of jealousy for the other Summon Spirits, who all had Centurions. But, it couldn't be helped. He wasn't fully recognized as a Summon Spirit, but he'd gain a Centurion sometime in the future. The other was a woman with purple hair and long ears who carried a staff. Sort of like an elven Sheena. "Normal? No, I'm afraid not. Unless we're using teleport devices to get to one part of a structure to another, I'm afraid random transportation in this manner is...unusual." He had said "we" unknowingly. He had only ever used the devices when dealing with temples and Desian Ranches with Sheena and them.

Marta, Natalia, and Judith
O u t O f C o r r i n e :


Yuhei Hanejima

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Ѧɨӄɨѻ Ғυʝɨϣɑґɑ ɑɳɗ Ѵɑɳɨɭɭе Ңѻϣɑґɗʂ
Șɨɭеɳϯ Ѧʂʂɑʂʂɨɳʂ

This was not the best time to be teleported again. The first time was okay. At least she and Vanille weren't hurt. But, now Vanille was injured. To make it worse, they'd landed in Triet, right outside the inn. Her main concern was making sure Vanille's injuries didn't get infected. Picking the unconsious half-elf up, Aikio rushed into the inn and looked around. There was a group of people. She didn't know them, so she went over to another area and set Vanille down on a chair. Pulling down the mask that covered her nose and mouth, she reached into her bag and pulled out a small, clam-like item and opened it. There was a gel-like substances inside, only unlike apple gels and such, this gel was applied to injuries and worked to help seal wounds. Vanille's injuries weren't that great; she was most likely knocked out because of the shear force of the bear's attack. Aikio applied the gel to Vanille's cuts after cleaning away the sand. After she was finished, she put the item back in her bag and watched Vanille. It didn't look like she was going to wake up anytime soon. At the very least, I should get a room for us and lay her in a bed so she can rest. Aikio stood and went to counter, buying one room with two bed. It wasn't long before Vanille was tucked in a bed and resting, Aikio back in the lobby and thinking of why they would be teleported again. At least we still have our weapons. "Still....Being teleported from across the world in one day is just too much. I think I'm going to go insane if it happens again."

--Vanille is unconsious--

Current Position
Triet :: Inn Lobby Triet :: Inn Room
Current Party
Vanille, Cheria, Hubert, and Syren No one
Current Actions
Wondering why all this is happening....While Vanille is injured.... Nothing. I'm knocked out.
Active Quest
Emotional Status
Concerned, Annoyed Unconsious
Physical Condition
75/100 0/100
Mental Stability
90/100 50/100
Mana Concentration
36/100 82/100
Group Inventory
Steel Scythe x1, Steel Shuriken x1, Life Bottle x10, Apple Gel x10, Orange Gel x10, Magic Lens x30, 7890 Gald, Healing Applicant

Sirea Angelie


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                                              xxxxxxxMoѕeѕ Sandor

        With: Tear, Euphemia, and Leonard
        Where I am: Luin
        Mood: Confused and hungry

                                                                    Moses was just about to make a comeback towards Jay, before noticing his body beginning to fade away. He looked to the others, noticing the same happening to them. "Whoa! The hell's goin' on!?" He yelled out, before completely disappearing. It didn't look like he was in Palmacosta anymore. Was this what happened last time, too? The bandit looked around, noticing three others speaking to him. He was surprised to hear that the same thing had happened to them, too. "You guys too? I was just about to get somethin' to eat before I was brought here." He spoke. Back when he was brought to Palmacosta, he'd lost all of his money. He'd have to find someone who had money to get some food. He looked to the girl with brown hair as she introduced herself. He'd almost forgotten to introduce himself. "I'm Moses. Guess I'll have to stick with ya'll for a while."

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                _______ T h e ( U n s e e n ) I n f o r m a n t
                __________{ mood : Doubtful }___{ location : Fooji Mountains }___{ company : Poisson, Akito, and Genis. }

                              J a y - -
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                              ▅▅ Orange gel x 5 -- Life Bottle x5 -- 55,000 gald ▅▅

                                      It was bothersome to appear in one place after another, but since it wasn't changeable, there was little reason for complaining. This simply meant that he would have to work together with these unfamiliar individuals instead of being a loner. These mountains were tall with steep slopes, if he were to fall he would be done for. It was good to have a group so that they could lend a hand when necessary.

                                      One of the three spoke, she was a petite female, likely only a child. She questioned them all, asking if they had appeared here at random as well.
                                      "Yes, I'm afraid we've suffered the same fate. It would be wise for us all to stay together, I doubt any of us are familiar with this land."

                                      This said, Jay turned his gaze toward the other two strangers, one was a male with white hair and the other was -- Akito? It would be nice if this was someone he could trust, however they had only recently met in their last group. He would avoid trusting him for as long as he could. He would never trust one who sent off bad vibes.
                                      So Jay turned his gaze away from Akito, digging his hands into his pockets. This was when he realized Colette had the items she had bought for him.
                                      I should have purchased those items myself...
                                      The only reason he had asked for Colette to purchase them was because he was unfamiliar with Aselia. Jay turned, beginning to start down the mountain path without a word.

                                      O O C;;-- Eh... this post isn't great.

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Euphemia Zarlight
'Every mind is manipulated.. It's just a matter of how that determines their life.'


Euphemia looked up at Tear. "We're in Luin, far from Ozette and the Gaoracchia Forest." She stood and looked at the man brown-red hair, her head tilted a bit. She was curious about his eyepatch. Well, if it even was an eyepatch. "What a peculiar accessory. You are a very odd-looking man." "Again with your words....They'll get you hurt one day, Lady Euphemia." "I can defend myself." That said, Euphemia didn't necessarily dislike the man called Moses. She had always liked people with darker skin for some strange reason, finding it exotic. Kind of like her. Euphemia stood up straight and went to the fountain. "He bares a remarkable resemblance to the statue. They were built not too long ago." The people here must regard him as a great hero. As she looked at the statue, feeling a bit of what seemed like happiness form, she suddenly heard something. Well, felt. She didn't actually hear anything, but she picked up on a powerful presence that was trying to contact her. It actually hurt her head. The presence was very powerful, and she hadn't been prepared. Lifting one of her hands, she rested it against her head and shook her head a bit to try and clear away the sudden jab of pain. "Lady Euphemia?" "I-I'm fine, Noire. Just a little...surprised is all." The pain disappeared, and she turned to where the presence had seeped in from. She didn't need an introduction to know who it was. "Kuzuryūshin. Kuzuryūshin is...calling me." Noire stayed quite, not seeming to have anything to say. Perhaps he was stunned. After all, the dragon that had contacted her was powerful, and as far as Euphemia knew, he did not rely on anyone. If that was the case, why would he go out of his way to contact Euphemia? Did he need help? "Noire, beyond the Hima mountains, Kratos said the remains of a grand tower rest in an area that can't be reached by foot, correct?" "As I recall, yes. Why?" "...I must...go there. Kuzuryūshin is waiting." She wanted to spread her wings and take off right then and there, but she knew that Kuzuryūshin had something to do with the weather and the arrival of so many otherworldly visitors. She couldn't just abandon them and go off on her own. Besides, she may need their help.


Who is that?: Noire, Leonard, Tear, and Moses
Where am I?: Luin
My Condition: Curious
Out of Claws: --

Sirea Angelie

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𝔗𝔢𝔞𝔯 𝔊𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔰
Mystearica Aura Fende

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You could find me at: Luin
I'm currently with: Euphemia, Leonard, and Moses
My thoughts: "Who is Kuzuryūshin?"
My current action: Figuring out where to go.

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Tear gazed at Moses for a moment as he mention that he would have to stick with her, Leonard, and Euphemia for a while. It would seem that even he was brought her in the same matter as herself, Leonard, and Euphemia. "I have no objections." She said in a calm tone. "Hopefully we don't end up teleported again." She hoped that Luke and the others were alright.

She then glanced over to Euphemia as she mentioned that they were in Luin. "So where should we go next?" She asked. It was then she noticed the girl resting her head on her hand. She was about to ask if she was alright, but Euphemia had mentioned something about Kuzuryūshin. "Kuzuryūshin?" It would seem that Euphemia had figured out where to go next.
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←→XXI don't believe this . . .
( location ) ←→ Triet. inn x ( company ) ←→ Cheria, Aikio, and Syren x ( actions ) ←→ speaking to the others x ( status ) ←→ Healthy, but startled and worried
( items held ) ←→ peach gel :: 5 , Brave Vesperia :: 1


                █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Know your place!

                                    They had managed to get to the inn before everything went wrong. AGAIN. He had turned back to make sure that the others were following him, and it was like they weren't there. At first, he could assume that heat was getting to his mind, but he had grown up living in the desert. Training in the desert. That wouldn't make sense, also seeming as how this place was a lot cooler than one would expect... No, that wasn't it. The people before him were fading, right in front of his eyes. He could see through Pascal, which filled his mind and heart with fear. "Pascal?!" He ran up to the Amarcian, just in time for her to fade and disappear. She was gone. Gone. Hubert stared in disbelief for a moment, not even the worried whispers of the people in the inn could phase him. Pascal was gone, just like that. Where did she go? Was she alright?!

                                    "Hubert!" Someone, a familiar voice, called out to him, causing him to turn to face who it was. His eyes were still wide, he was still in slight shock, but not enough to not see that it was Cheria.

                                    "Ch-Cheria..." It took him a moment to compose himself, mostly while she was asking him where they were. He knew where they were, but that wasn't the information he wanted right now. He wanted to know where the others (mainly just Pascal) had gone to. If they had been teleported again, why didn't he go, and why was Cheria now here? And these other people... It was like they all had been taken away and he was left behind. This wasn't good. 'Pascal...' He thought sadly to himself. She had the communicator to. At least if she was in trouble, she could use it to speak with Asbel. But along with the loss of the Amarcian, he had now lost contact with his brother as well.

                                    "Triet..." He answered her question softly as his blue gems turned to look at the others who had "appeared." One look like she was injured, but someone took her away quickly before anything could be done. Cheria could've healed her. Hell, he had a minor skill in such. Why the haste...? Well, it didn't matter. Hubert watched them leave before he turned to the woman next to him. He wasn't trying to mask his slight fright, nor his pain in having watched Pascal fade like that. He was now more worried than he ever had been. "The desert city Triet. I'm also glad to see you unharmed. We..." That's right, their plan. They were going to talk it over, wasn't something mentioned about Iselia? It would seem they would need a new plan. And were these people who came with Cheria in their same situation? Or...

                                    "Ahem! A plan was about to be discussed on our next course of action but..." He turned to see that one of the duo who had headed up to the rooms was now back in the lobby. She had mentioned something about being teleported from across the world. So, was she from around here? "I think finding a way to stop these... 'unexpected travelings' would better suit our objects. Or at least we should find a reason behind them. All will be for naught if we continue to move around without direction or bearing."
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Cheria Barnes
Angel of Lhant

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User Image I'm at: Triet
User Image I'm with: Aikio, Syren, Hubert
User Image What I'm thinking: "I hope everyone's alright..."
User Image What am I doing: Talking with Hubert

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Cheria frowned a bit as she noticed that Hubert seemed to be worried. However, he did manage to tell her that they were in a place called Triet. "Triet? Wonder how far away that is from Palmacosta..." She said, taking a moment to think. That is until her eyes gaze upon the other arrivals. A look of concern is shown on her face as she saw the one of them was injured. "Excuse me, I could help he-" She cut herself off as the other woman had taken the injured one away. She didn't mind healing the injured, even if they were complete strangers. As long she was able to help others, it made her happy.

Her gaze shifted back to Hubert as he mentioned that he was glad to see that she was unharmed. "Likewise. I don't suppose you've seen Asbel or the others before you got teleported here, did you? Were you able to find Lloyd and Kratos?" She was unaware that Hubert didn't get teleported like herself. She thought also that perhaps Hubert might've had better luck with locating Kratos and Lloyd. Asbel... She was worried about the red-haired noble, even though she knew that he could take care of himself.

When Hubert began to mention about what the plan was, she figured that she should tell him what all she knew before her arrival in Triet. "I ended up at a place called Palmacosta before I arrived here. Most of the people I've met were also searching for Lloyd and Kratos...One of them I met happened to be a friend of Lloyd's. We had planned on taking a ship to a place called Izoold in order to get to Iselia...but I ended up here." She sighed a bit. "I hope this teleportation thing doesn't happen often..."

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxɕєηȉѕ Șαgє
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~Ҭɦϵ Ӎαηα Ӎαѕʈϵɾ~x
Its been so long since that fateful day
That our lives were forever changed
We changed the world
Now I can walk with my head held high
I no longer have to hide

Genis had been watching and listening to Flynn when he felt the mana around them spike. At first he thought that there'd be an attack soon but then he saw everyone begin to fade. He blinked then almost blacked out himself as the mana spike grew.He grimaced as it created a pressure in his head that was worse than a headache. His vision blackened as he too faded completely "OW!"
A sudden breeze brought Genis back to himself. He opened his eyes only to find himself really close to a cliff that he knew. He was in the Fooji Mountains. He jumped back from the ledge with a gasp and turned away from the breath taking sight. He was getting aggravated from suddenly being in one place then another in the matter of seconds. "What did you get me into this time Lloyd!?" He turned more and noticed a completely new group of people that he hadn't noticed before. As he watched them he felt the mana spike stop. "Oh, thank goodness. That headache was the worst. And yes I suddenly appeared here. This place is called the Fooji Mountains. I really wish I could have appeared in Iselia!" First answered the girl's question before trailing off, mumbling to himself again, though he didn't know that probably everyone here had heard his comment about Lloyd earlier.

I'm on my way homexxxxxxx
Its been so long since we all talkedxxxxxxx
Something bad is on its wayxxxxxxx
Its time to get back with the old gangxxxxxxx
Just like back in the old daysxxxxxxx
We're not the samexxxxxxx
I'm no longer afraidxxxxxxx

Look For Me At: Fooji Mountains
My People: Poisson, Jay, Akito
My Thoughts: That was unpleasant...
I Am: Aggravated
I Have: 10 Apple Gels, 10 Orange Gels, 10 Life Bottles, 10 Holy Bottles, Seraphia, Map
Don't Mess With Me: Kendama
Mana Available: 100/100
Stamina Available: 100/100
Out of Calamity: Sorry if this sucks.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~The Fourth Ion Replica~x
I have heard that eyes can reflect the soulxxxxxxx
And pictures tell a thousand storiesxxxxxxx
But when I look at youxxxxxxx
Why don't I feel it's truexxxxxxx
There's so much said in empty wordsxxxxxxx
There are people talking everywhere I lookxxxxxxx
No one saying what they meanxxxxxxx
Still they talk anywayxxxxxxx
When there's nothing to sayxxxxxxx
There's so much said in empty wordsxxxxxxx

He had begun to walk towards the inn when something began to feel off. As he stepped through the door he noticed the others were fading. He gasped as a blinding light filled his vision and then he dropped to the ground "ow...."
"ugh... cold..." His vision came back from the whiteness of the headache olnly to see more white. First he thought he'd gone blind but then he looked up more and saw the buildings around him. "wh...where am I...I?" He was stuttering again but this time it was from the cold. The dress like thing he wore was not made for this kind of weather. He shuddered as the heat in his body was leached out of him. "Ah.... s...so c...cold...." He was getting too cold too quickly, he knew. He might go into shock or something. His body was beginning to feel heavy and he couldn't lift his arms now. He just noticed Jensen was here too before the cold made him fall asleep.

I've heard it all so many timesxxxxxxx
I still try to believexxxxxxx
But you give it awayxxxxxxx
With the things you don't sayxxxxxxx
There's so much said in empty wordsxxxxxxx
I've heard it all so many timesxxxxxxx
I still try to believexxxxxxx
But you give it awayxxxxxxx
With the things you don't sayxxxxxxx
There's so much said in empty wordsxxxxxxx

                                                                                You've listened, but you never heard
                                                                                There's so much said in empty words

Look For Me Here: someplace cold
Around Me: Jensen, and others
I Am: Cold
On My Mind: COLD!
Out of Calamity: Sorry if this is short...
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