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                      Wait huh? What's all this madness? Chances are if you've clicked on
                      this it was by chance. But if your still reading this then read on ahead and welcome yourself to
                      the world of ✱██ TAKE ◜f(ll)ight yet another cross over chat you've
                      probably seen. There's nothing setting this apart from the other ones you've seen before except
                      that everything here IS MAGICAL.
                      ...okay. That was a lie
                      A downright lie.
                      This is nothing more then a cross over chat home to everyone from Doctor Who to Sailor Moon.
                      If it's some sort of media then chances are you can find it here. Let Hibari and Shizuo bond over
                      their hatred for certain manipulative trolls. Perhaps Haruhi will find love in Tamaki, Naruto, or
                      even Ed? The possibilities are endless and you can pursue every single one of them if you
                      come and join us~
                      Don't let the page number scare you, come join the family! ❤

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                    1) I'm sure it doesn't need to be said but I'll say
                    it: Abide by the TOS at all times. It is there for a reason and myself (as well as many others)
                    really don't want to have our butts on the line because one person had to go and mess it up for

                    2) Be nice! Play nice! And do not! I'm sure you love it when people talk to you
                    and others enjoy it when they're talked to too. SO DO NOT IGNORE ANYONE!!! The only few
                    cases where I'll allow ignoring is if A) You're character is the most unsocial thing on the planet.
                    B) if you're busy or C) if you can't concentrate. Basically if you have a reason you can ignore
                    BUT IF YOU DON'T there will be warnings. Get three from me or a mod and you're gone.

                    3)Please try to make your formats pretty! They do not have to be back breaking
                    "Dear god I spent over TWO MONTHS (or insert any other time frame) making this!" good. Just
                    give the viewer something pretty to look at c: oh...and don't clutter it to the point where it
                    stretches the page like whoa. There are people who don't have the fastest internet on the face of
                    the planet and if they have to spend an hour loading the page just because you had to overload
                    your layout with all sorts of gif images, photos, and icons I can say they won't be happy. I sure
                    know I wouldn't. Oh, and for the love of our eye sockets stay away from colors like yellow
                    and aquamarine. They're horrible and not pleasing to the eyes as
                    you can see.
                    And layout theft: Just don't do it. People put a lot of hard work into their graphics and codes and
                    they aren't yours for the taking 8|
                    Put it simply: If you're inspired by a layout then that's okay. If you're layout ends up looking a lot
                    like someone else's but you know for a fact that you never saw it before then that's okay too.
                    Coincidences can happen. But if me or any of the mods catch wind that you stole a layout
                    and have proof of the fact then you're gone from the RP; no ifs, ands, or buts.
                    If you just can't make a layout then you can either ask me or one of the other members to make
                    you one. We're a nice family, just a little insane C:

                    4)Love is encouraged, whether it be hetero/yaoi/yuri/whatever the preference
                    may be. If you have a problem with this then use the back button to leave.

                    5) Spelling. Spelling spelling spelling spelling. I cannot reiterate this enough.
                    We want to see literacy. It does not have to be good literacy but just...please. For the sake
                    of my brain and the brains of others spell out your words. Just because this is a chat RP
                    does not mean I want to see "ppl typng lyk dis" or "Like This" or "LiKe ThIs" or "1ik3 7h15" or any
                    combination of that. As you can see it looks pretty annoying.
                    Also, no one-lining (except in certain accepted cases ie: un-social characters). We want a nice
                    flowing chat rp so that means I don't want to see just a "Hello" or a "Anyone here?" or anything
                    else that's either three words or only one sentence. It's pretty annoying since it doesn't give
                    the person responding much to go by.

                    6)Drama between characters is okay, it adds to the fun of things. But
                    drama between chat members is just a no. If I see it in my thread I will not care who started what
                    first, when and where. You will both be gone. And if you OOC it up in the thread indicate it as
                    such to your preference.

                    7)Now I know life's a b***h for a lot of us. Believe me...I've been there
                    with school and family drama and stuff. All I ask is you at least try to post at least twice a day,
                    that should keep people happy. Any trouble you have just let me know. I love all you guys and
                    really would hate it if you just up and disappeared :c

                    8 ) I'm gonna be nice and allow you to play as many characters
                    as you can handle just...please...don't hog all the characters from one series (like maybe
                    4 max from one series) and please....STAY IN CHARACTER! Hibari will not frolic in the flower
                    field with Mukuro, Ulquiorra will not suddenly be cheerful and serve ice cream to all the Espada,
                    and Death the Kid will not suddenly find beauty in asymmetrical objects you better get where
                    I'm going > n > If I get word that you're character is OOC, warnings will be issued. Save the
                    OOC-ness for the OOC event obviously. And if you want an OC then go look at the OC post

                    9)Title any reservations you have with
                    Ticket to board and make sure you send appropriate code with the
                    PM. Reservations will be held for two week.
                    TWO WEEKS, then they're open again. If you do not title the reservation correctly then I will
                    not look at it. Seriously, make sure you title it correctly.
                    Go to the codes section for the rest
                    of the profile info

                    10)Contact info can be found in the mod post. Make sure you hit it up.

                    More rules will be added onto at later dates c:
                    So no complaining if they change okay? Okay

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                    Reservation code (make sure you read it carefully):
                    Ticket holder, [b]Character name[/b] shall board the 12:43 flight to [b]series here[/b] on this date: [b]when reservation will end (Do not fill this out, I will)[/b]
                    [color=white]XXXXXXXXXXX[/color]Will [b]Gaia username[/b] confirm the reservation? [u]Y[/u]/N

                    Make sure you fill out this code (do not alter) when applying for characters and send it to either
                    me with the title Boarding call for (character name here). If you do not title it with this then, as
                    stated in the rules for the reservations, I will not look at it
                    Do not post in the profile thread until you get the okay from me!

                    [list][list][list][size=20][color=white]BLAHBLAHBLAH[/color][color=#000000]▇▇[/color] [color=COLOR4]▇▇[/color] [color=COLOR2]★[/color] [color=COLOR1]▇▇[/color] [color=#000000]▇▇[/color][/size]
                    [imgleft]http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad240/corbeau_noir/icons/98-Copy.png[/imgleft][size=7][color=white]rawrrawrrawrrr[/color][color=COLOR3][b]I'm living, throwing everything away[/b][/color][/size]
                    [size=7][color=white]rawrrawrrawrrawrrrrr[/color][color=COLOR1][b]Since you'll forget me, at the same time[/b][/color][/size]
                    [size=16][color=white]blahlah[/color][color=#000000]✰[/color][color=COLOR4]Last name[/color][color=COLOR1]☏[/color][color=COLOR2]First name[/color][/size]
                    [size=10][color=white]this is your complimentary random blank area[/color][/size]
                    [size=14][color=white]blahblah[/color][color=COLOR2][strike][color=COLOR3]▇[/color][color=COLOR1] ▇[/color][/strike][/color][color=white]x[/color][color=#000000]screen name[/color][/size]
                    [size=10][color=white]this is your complimentary random blank area[/color][/size]
                    [size=14][color=white]blahblah[/color][color=COLOR2][strike][color=COLOR3]▇[/color][color=COLOR1] ▇[/color][/strike][/color][color=white]x[/color][color=#000000]series[/color][/size][/list][/list][/list]

                    Example of a finished code:
                          BLAHBLAHBLAH▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇
                          User ImagerawrrawrrawrrrI'm living, throwing everything away
                          rawrrawrrawrrawrrrrrSince you'll forget me, at the same time
                          this is your complimentary random blank area
                          blahblahxMAIN゚character-ish◦◦ˇyoungest martillo✰green hats&&knife fights
                          this is your complimentary random blank area
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                            Send wishes with the following code and title it One for the road
                            If you see a character up here you were going to wish for just shoot me a PM saying so and I'll
                            tack your username on as well

                            [size=13][color=white]XX[/color][b][color=#000000]CALLING::[/color][/b][color=COLOR4]FIRST NAME[/color][color=COLOR1]★[/color][color=COLOR2]LAST NAME[/color][/size]
                            [size=12][color=white]xxxx[/color][/size][size=19][color=#000000]▆▆[/color] [color=COLOR3]▆▆[/color][color=COLOR2]☎[/color][color=COLOR1]▆▆[/color] [color=#000000]▆▆[/color][/size]
                            [size=13][color=white]XX[/color][color=COLOR4]board today with:[/color][color=#000000][b]your username[/b][/size]
                            [size=10][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][b][color=COLOR3]successful boarding?[/color][/b][color=COLOR1]Y[color=COLOR2]/[/color][color=#000000][u][color=COLOR4]N[/color][/u][/color][/size][/list][/list][/list]

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:xxCALLISTO
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  XXCALLING::PICKLESTHE DRUMMER
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:Cicada Labyrinth
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:xXxCamiBlackxXx
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:Official HinataHyuga
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:tech geek--x
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with: tech geek--x
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:tech geek--x
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:tech geek--x
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with:commander mars
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  XXCALLING::Fran- - -
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with: RyuseiStreamGirl
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with: RyuseiStreamGirl
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N

                                  xxxxxxUser Image
                                  xxxx▆▆ ▆▆▆▆ ▆▆
                                  XXboard today with: RyuseiStreamGirl
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuccessful boarding?Y/N
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                    Send romance updates with the title Is this seat taken?

                    Jasdevi ⇒ Lenalee
                    Toki ⇒ Celty
                    Merlin ⇒England
                    Syaoran ⇒Luna
                    Loki ⇒ Ino

                    Watanuki ❤ Doumeki
                    Kurogane ❤ Fai
                    Kadota ❤ Chikage
                    Graham ❤ Firo
                    Alyss ❤ Jack
                    Hatter ❤ "Alice"
                    Liesel ❤ Vlad
                    Death ❤ Percy
                    Elliot ❤ March
                    Oikawa Tsurara/Yuki-Onna ❤ Nura Rikuo

                    Elmer ✦ Huey
                    Izaya ✦ Shinra

                    Reo x Mitexi

                    A ❤ B (couple)
                    A ⇒ B (one way)
                    A ⇔ B (mutual)
                    A ✦ B (marriage)
                    A x B (break up)
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                    Send gossip here with the title On today's menu

                    "So Hinata and the Warden have had a thing for a while now, but she's totally betrothed to someone else. To make things worse Russia, who Hinata trusts has it out for the Warden, and says terrible things to her about him whenever they talk..."

                    "Remember how Celty's always been convinced that aliens are real? Well she was right. And after talking with Tak and Zim she started to really panic. She was so afraid Tak would abduct her she decided to strike first and made the alien an offer, Tak could dissect her, for a fee. Well needless to say Tak was delighted with the idea and accepted."

                    "Sasuke and Tsukiyomi have been talking for a while now, but Sasuke isn't Tsukiyomi's only friend. He has also become close with Itachi, who told Tsukiyomi something very secretive. Sasuke found out that they were hiding something and has now made it his mission to learn whatever dark secret they might be hiding.

                    Tsukiyomi finally spilled and told Sasuke Itachi's big secret. Once Sasuke got what he wanted, he abandoned his new friend. Now Sasuke says he wants nothing more to do with Tsukiyomi, to Tsuki's great dismay. To make matters worse, Tsukiyomi told Itachi what he'd done, and now Itachi is furious with him! Things are not looking up for Tsukiyomi..."
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                    Send quotes with the page number you found it on with the title Speaker announcement

                    "Would it be inappropriate for me to see the inside of your uterus before we're married...? "
                    Shinra to Celty pg 335

                    "Oh, I'm sure you're father won't mind! It's not like you're looking through porn!"
                    The Warden to Hinata on page 68

                    "Cheer yourself up now
                    or you will find me standing
                    naked at your door"
                    Graham to Firo pg 859

                    "Right, I should approach women much like one would approach a wounded animal. With great
                    caution and care, sneak up on them, speak gently and nicely, but try not to startle them."
                    Sai to Anastacia pg 1289

                    "You're a giant. You have to be strong >_> Stupid giant."
                    Hiroki to Nowaki pg 1430

                    Viral to Kamina, page 1573

                    "Bow down to me! Almighty Yuki!"
                    Yuki Kuran to Beast Boy, page 1620

                    "I AM KURAN YUKI, QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES."
                    Yuki Kuran to Euphemia li Britannia, page 1619

                    "Yeah, but you steal dead cats and rocks. I can find those in my backyard."
                    Harvey Dent (Two-Face) to Selina Kyle (Catwoman) page 1712

                    "K, I was really lonely anyway.
                    What with you playing with your joysticks all day..."
                    Watanuki to Doumeki page 1624

                    "It'll be quick then. Just a quick thing we can do together"
                    Doumeki to Watanuki on page 1752

                    "little ? ! i'm not little ! especially compared to that SHORT BLONDE LYING FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST !"
                    May Chang to Toki page 1867

                    "Alright alright I'll be a pessimist! -nods determined-"
                    Fai to Kurogane page 2422

                    "mad hatter? [ / looks at his hat ] hat is mad? why is hat mad?"
                    Chii to Mad Hatter page 2636

                    "//sighs .... Don't drink. Just try and think of something to deal with it.
                    Look up porn. If that will help, do it."

                    Death to Haymitch page 3977
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                    ▇▇▇▇XX It's A Wonderful Life ✈
                    Also known better as "What If?" basically what do you think would happen if certain
                    events in a character's life never happened? Like, what if Stein wasn't insane? What if Celty had
                    her head? The results and questions can be endless. Of course, try to avoid any AU changes
                    or OOC changes c:

                    ▇▇▇▇XX It's A Musical Life ✈
                    Is there anyone out there ‘cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe~

                    Er...Well anyways > w >;;
                    On this day whenever you open your mouth you suddenly find yourself with this strange urge
                    So what happens? Will you be singing love songs to that special someone? Or will you just be
                    singing out of shear embarrassment of the moment?
                    We’ll just have to see~

                    ▇▇▇▇XX Zombie Apocalypse ✈
                    Shotguns? Check. Food? Check. Ammunition? Check. Guide to surviving the zombie
                    apocalypse for dummies? Double check. Now make sure your characters have these things
                    because they'll be put to the test as an outbreak of zombies has infested each and every world.
                    You've got your generic zombies, your fast infected zombies, and barely a chance to survive this
                    plague (please feel free to reference this at any time c: )
                    Remember now, aim for the head.

                    ▇▇▇▇XX Breaking the fourth wall ✈
                    What wall are we breaking? The fourth wall to be precise~ Here you get to interact with
                    your characters and vise versa. So if you ever wanted the chance to embarrass the crap out of
                    your character this is the time to do it! Reveal yourself to be the true controller, expose their
                    secrets, the possibilities in this are just endless~

                    PM me any event ideas
                    past events thread
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User Image

        User ImageblaaaaaahxxCALLISTO
        blaaaaah▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇
        blaaaaaaaaaaahyour residential information broker not-okay leader

                            Hello~ Bonjour~ こんにちは〜 This is your fearless and most wonderful leader speaking
                            so listen! Well not really but do read y/y? c: Anyways, around these parts you can call me
                            Calli, Mi-chan, leader person, that one chick, whatever you can come up with just as long as it's
                            nothing rude okay? I'm your super awesome superior person who can double as a broker troll
                            thing if needed (okay not really but it sounded really cool). Stick around, see what's up, and
                            hope you have a good time!

                                CONTACT INFO
                                blah blah blahPM me
                                blah blah blahMSN: badfox_yako@hotmail.com (PM before adding)

        User ImageblaaaaaahFUNeral__xx
        blaaaaah▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇
        blaaaaaaaaaaahb***h in command #2 / cockroach woman

                            Just an ordinary cockroach hiding in your walls and scurrying into the shadows when you flick on
                            the lights. Or if you don't believe that, a college student living on the East coast with a part
                            time job that pays just enough so she can buy lunch and gas to drive to class. If you ever have
                            any questions about what it's like to work in a funeral home or about writing a paper for your
                            English class feel free to ask me. Other than that I'm basically useless. And a massive
                            Baccano fan. . . . So yeah... totally useless. But at least I'm optimistic about it!

                                CONTACT INFO
                                blah blah blahMSN -- benachr@gmail.com
                                blah blah blahPM me

        User ImageblaaaaaahCicada Labyrinth
        blaaaaah▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇
        blaaaaaaaaaaahfluffy bloodthirsty minion / inexplicable oddity of mankind

                            'Ello everyone, this is your resident hyperkinetic creature, making sure all you good girls and
                            boys keep your nose out of trouble! Granted I'm not one to talk, seeing as trouble is part of my
                            nature, but let's move on, eh? Despite my oh so scary exterior, I'm a very friendly fellow, and I'll
                            be happy to answer any questions you have, from why the sky is blue to when the Great Old
                            Ones will throw the world into madness. I'll also make sure that everyone's being civil to each
                            other, and no blood is shed unless it's all in good frenzied tomfoolery. You'll be seeing me a lot,
                            treasured children, so have fun, and don't be afraid to send me a friendly hello!

                                CONTACT INFO
                                blah blah blahPM me
                                blah blah blahEmail: ranzelmo@gmail.com

        User ImageblaaaaaahReku E Nightingale
        blaaaaah▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇
        blaaaaaaaaaaahrollie pollie minion number two / cheese extraordinair

                            Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard to Take Flight. I am one of your flight attendant
                            in this lovely crossover-chatroom. Please turn your attention to the flight attendant nearest
                            you for our safety demonstration. Well... there isn't really a demonstration and I'm not a flight
                            attendant. I'm just some gal on the east cost of the United States ;; Either way, you'll love your
                            stay here. If there are any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I will calmly
                            listen to any issues that may arise, and deal with it in a neutral manner until we ( the mods )
                            decide how to handle the subject at hand. Enjoy your stay~

                                CONTACT INFO
                                blah blah blahPM me
                                blah blah blahAIM - Starwind Wings

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User Image

                    July 3
                    Two bits of news for everyone right now. Here's the first:
                    I wonder if anyone can guess what's coming up. Can you? No? Well then I shall tell you:
                    big enough for you to get the message?~ Anyways yes, we shall be celebrating our one year
                    anniversary then. To be honest guys...I'm just amazed that we've gotten so far. When I first started
                    this roleplay with just myself and FUNeral__xx as the only members I never really thought we'd
                    ever get past the 100 page mark. But here we are, over 2730 pages and one year later and this
                    place is still going strong. And it's all thanks to you guys. You all made this possible and made me
                    such a happy evil overlord. If I could give you each a hug for making this possible, I would. But
                    unfortunately I'm poor and can't afford the air fair for such a thing so maybe this will suffice: the
                    one year anniversary event~
                    The event being: An event-a-palooza. What this compiles of is every single past event TF has
                    had in the past year. You can mix and match events as you please through the whole time to
                    add for a bit of extra fun~
                    The past events: love potion, blind date, next generation, chain day, gender bender, ooc, age
                    swap, secrets are out, au week (complimentary compilation of these events with their details
                    can be found here)
                    The length of time: one week starting on July 20th and ending midnight on July 27th.
                    Special note: Any chains should be organized between the people in it, and if you just want to
                    do the blind date then send me the information I need so I can get that sorted out for people
                    Now go and get yourself organized for the fun!

                    Now onto the second bit and slightly more serious news: Profile clean out shall commence the
                    week before, starting on July 13th and ending July 17th at midnight. Since this won't
                    start until the poll goes up on the thirteenth start thinking about who you're keeping and stuff
                    until then.
                    And don't wait. If you wait then chances are I won't allow you back unless you have a really good

                    September 5
                    I bet it's been a long time since you guys saw one of these right? Right. So I bet some of you
                    might have already guessed what this is all about. If you have then good for you~ But for those
                    of you that haven't I'll take pity and tell you what this little announcement is all about.
                    It's back to school time! clean out time! So from now until Thursday start thinking
                    about who you're gonna be keeping in this thread because the cleanout will start this Friday and
                    end Monday night. All you have to do is shoot me a PM with the list of characters you plan on
                    keeping and you're good to go. Oh and make sure you send it in with a nifty title. Rants about
                    how much you hate your current school year are more than welcome in your nifty title.
                    After this clean out I might decide to have everything moved to a new thread so make sure you
                    keep an eye out for that announcement later on o uob

                    September 19
                    Here we go guys! This is your two part announcement for...why yes: two things. So make
                    sure you read all of this or you're going to miss out on some important things!
                    Here's the first thing: The move has finally started! We're putting the old profile thread to rest and
                    moving to a new home. I'll give you guys two weeks to transfer your posts over to the new
                    thread. So by 10/3 I expect to see everyone's posts in that thread, and if you don't
                    transfer over to that thread by October third then you're out.
                    Here's the second thing: The event. As you can see it was quite the landslide so get ready for
                    a body swap
                    . Starting now you have time to go PM people and ask around in the OOC for
                    a character to swap bodies with for the extent of the event, and this will go on until October
                    . This should give you enough time to find body swaps and make layouts yes? Hopefully.

                    So now lets all get preparing for the event and get on the move!~

                    November 28
                    I bet you've all missed these. Well even if you didn't then I'll just assume you have and we'll be
                    on our way. It's almost winter break for many here at TF so how should we celebrate? Why not
                    choose an event and get ready for a move! Yes, you can shoot me for that last part but I'm sure
                    you'd agree with me.
                    Anyways, I'll give you four days to think about who you plan on keeping before the actual move
                    starts. Which means you'll want to keep an eye on this announcement for later details. And in
                    those four days you can choose yourself an event. So get to thinking!

                    NOV 30TH UPDATE
                    Of course this is when I'm writing this, but when you look at this then chances are it's already
                    the 1st of December (or whatever date it is). ANYWAYS Now onto the fun stuff: The move.
                    There's a new thread for profiles found here.
                    Before you do the mass move, just send me a PM with a list of the characters you plan on
                    keeping. Format it CHARACTER-SERIES for the sake of my sanity, please. Bonus points
                    if you do it in alphabetical order. Once you do this and I give the 'okay' then you can start the
                    mass move. The last day I'll be taking PMs is on the sixth, and if you want to title your
                    PM anything fancy then go right ahead.

                    Second line of business; EVENTS~! Are your characters ready to become fairytale characters?
                    Well I'm sure they are, because that's our event. Fairy Tale. If you plan on participating then
                    please have something on your layout (Graphic, name, etc) that indicates what fairytale your
                    character is stepping into or what fairytale character they're becoming. This event will start on
                    December 14th and end the following Saturday.
                    Now go and prepare!~

                    December 20
                    This may or may not be considered a semi-late announcement so hear me out before you all
                    shoot me >>;;
                    Anyways, we're all in the holidays with the end of the year quickly coming up for us so what
                    better way to celebrate the end (and start the beginning of the new year) here in Take Flight then
                    a... wait for it... an eventapalooza! Time to recreate the fun memories of old and even create new
                    and fun ones for the beginning of the new year~
                    We'll have everything from our very first event to our holiday events (Musical Day and Zombie
                    Apocalypse) running from December 31 until January 7 so feel free to mix and match
                    events as you please.
                    And your complimentary list of events (other than the two holiday events mentioned above) can
                    be found right here.
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User Image

                    So then, if you're reading this I can guess you're interested in an OC
                    character right? Well then you're in the right spot to look. Just so we can have a good time here
                    on Take Flight here's a few rules for them:

                    You know those things called Mary Sue and Gary Stuss? Yeah, we don't
                    want anything like that 8| to help determine if your OC is one of these here's two links to some
                    litmus tests: 1 2 3. If your OC passes
                    then continue on to reading~

                    You can have an OC that's loosely based on you, but not completely.

                    Going back to the above, you can't have an OC that's completely based
                    off of you and is inserted into a series. That's called a self insert, and is considered a Sue.

                    If your OC's inserted into a series, they can't automatically know
                    everyone and know everything about it. They're just normal people in the series that don't know
                    any of the secrets and stuff.

                    This one goes back to the above one. DO NOT CREATE AN OC THAT'S
                    THE LONG LOST SIBLING OF INSERT CHARACTER HERE. No one in any series has some
                    sort of long lost sibling unless they're already created by the author/mangaka/developer/whatever.
                    It's pretty much a Sue so just...no.

                    You also have to have at least 2 canon characters to get 1 OC

                    If you read all of that and still feel like applying for an OC, just fill out the below skeleton
                    completely and send it to me with the title My Own Gate. In order for it to be accepted the
                    code HAS to be filled out completely and correctly. Also myself and two other people will be
                    reading the backstory of your OC and deciding on whether or not it's okay. If you get two out of
                    three okays then congrats! You got yourself an OC. Just make sure you put up its info in the
                    profile thread

                    [imgleft]http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad240/corbeau_noir/100x150proimg.jpg[/imgleft][size=19][color=white]BLANK[/color][color=COLOR3]FIRST NAME[/color][color=COLOR1]⇡⇣[/color][color=COLOR2]LAST NAME[/color]
                    [size=15][color=white]xx[/color][color=COLOR3][strike][color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color][/strike][/color][size=18][color=COLOR1]❤[/color][/size][color=COLOR3][strike][color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color][/strike][/color][/size][size=14][color=COLOR1]AGE (write out)[/color][/size]
                    [size=11][color=white]BLAH[/color][color=COLOR2]user name here[/color][/size]
                    [size=9]Paragraphs or bullet points of back story go here[/size]

                    example of a completed code

                    Remember I have a right to change the notes/rules when I please
                    code also to be changed evenetually
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                                      aliced↘↘ SO LONG TO DEVOTIONUser Image

                                      Ah! c:
                                      So this is that thing Celty's always using.
                                      Is anyone here?

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alicePayalice myalice respectsalice to alicegracealice andalice virtuealice

aliceGivealice myalice regardsalice to alicesoul aliceand aliceromancealice
Silence No one
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                                                  And she puts her hands in her back pocketsAnd then the kerosene
                                                  And she puts her hands in her back pocketsAnd then the kerosene
                                                  And she puts her hands in her back pocketsAnd then the kerosene
                                                  And she puts her hands in her back pocketsAnd then the kerosene

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          RAVENNatsuno Yuuki
          where they're painting the passports brown

          the circus is in town

          well they got him in a trance

          the other's in his pants

          'Cause right now I can't read too goodSILENCE NO ONE

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                                                        ((/frowns)) Why am I so paranoid? She's dead so that's that?!
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