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The great Aether war was the end of civilization as it was once known. As for us, these piles of rubble that were once called cities, is all we have ever known. The forces that once drove our ancestors - love, hate, ambition, have been replaced by the pains of hunger, fear, and the will to survive. Only the strongest, most clever, or the most manipulative have been able to scratch out enough food to keep on going.

The war has been over for about 50 years now. The few that would have been able to remember what life was like before the chaos have likely already passed on. *The weapon that was unleashed at the end of the war shattered everything. No one except for a few high ranking government officials knew what the weapon even was. The general public never saw it coming.

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1. Send me or Horriblescreenname a message with your character if you'd like to join us.

2. Your character must abide by the limitation that there are very few resources. Please - no super characters that turn into dragons and eat all the other players in one bite. If you want a powerful ability it must have some sort of mechanic to balance it out, and we can work with you on that.

3. This is a fairly human setting, but if you can give me a good reason why your 6 legged caterpillar warrior is in a post apocalyptic steam punk world, I'll accept it.

4. I'd like to keep things semi literate. I understand sometimes that there are patches of writer's block, but it will not be accepted to write anything less than a paragraph.

5. No god modding and pre-approve death with the characters owner if you plan on killing someone.

6. I really don't want any clones of characters from popular shows like DBZ or Naruto or any of that. If you can really wow us though, we might allow it.

7. Ok guys I get that romance happens, in this setting I guess it can.. not very likely you know fighting for your life by finding the limited supplies of food, but if it does I want you guys to keep it pg 13 please utilize time skip or I will be having to remove you, violently.

8. Put the title of your pm as Pink Pon Pon Berries, so I know you have read the rules.
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^click for profiles^

Username: Your username so everyone else can find you.
Character Name: Your character's name, duh.
Strengths: Physically strong, dexterous, mechanically inclined, mutation, charismatic, guns, etc...
*side note* the more strengths you have, the less strong you are at each one
*for example, someone who is charismatic and is mechanically inclined would
*be half as mechanically inclined as someone who is just mechanically inclined
Secondary Attribute: Much less notable than a strength, does not detract from your strength
*examples - greater singer, faster than average runner
Specialty: Specialties are a subsection of one of your strengths. You may only have one specialty.
*examples for mechanical would be mobile armor tech, or automatons
Biography: This must be at least 3 paragraphs, come on guys it's not that hard, give them a hard life story they are surviving the apocalypse. Reveal as much as you want but I want at least this much, you can have your character not be aware of their origins as well, but this gives a slight opportunity for another character to know you better than yourself.. which might make for a delightful conversation.
Picture: I would prefer an anime picture, if you want to draw it yourself that's fine. But keep in mind the setting is post apocalypse and with a steam punk fashion.

Things that exist
-Aether: For those of you that are not familiar, is a substance that one might (falsely) compare to magic. The volatile and unpredictable nature of aether may seem to the common eye as magic, however it is in fact an element with a very defined (yet chaotic) set of rules. Using aether is much like burning gasoline or a candle - once you have used it, it's gone. You'll need to find more. Aether was a precious material during the war, so your best bets of getting your hands on some would be government research facilities or refined from meteorites if you have the knowledge and the technology to do so.

-Automatons: These are basically clockwork robots. They run off of a large coil that is manually wound up. Music boxes and wind up watches are powered in a similar fashion, however automatons can be programmed to follow simple commands. A mechanically inclined person would be able to program an automaton to fetch items for them, and a specialist could even make a humanlike robot.

-Mobile armor suits: Basically a robot exoskeleton.

-Monsters: These can be anything from automatons to mutated creatures from the past. Some of them a docile, but most of them would rather look at you as a meal than a companion. Most of these creatures are starving mindless animals. They do not care if you are alive or not because you are food.
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What's there to know about the great aether wars? Not much that really matters anymore. Both sides lost, and the world was cast into chaos. Originally, the whole continent of Yeura was ruled by two royal families. The House of Roses ruled the northern half of Yeura, and the House of Thorns ruled the south. By definition, it was a monarchist government, but each house had a parliament of elected officials as well, but let’s not get into the inner works of their politics, as both houses have long been destroyed.

The two houses had an old grudge for longer than anyone can remember. No one knows what started it, but most speculate it was just a personality conflict. The House of Roses being a bit environmentally conscious and artistically cultured, and the House of Thorns caring more about practicality and functionality rather than aesthetics. Whenever they'd actually work together, after all the bickering was out of the way, the end product was a beautiful combination of functionality and elegance. How unfortunate that it ended this way.

As for what lead to the war in the first place, the answer can be summed up to one word - Aether. A wonderful new energy source capable of transforming the entire world into a better place. The incredible properties of aether could be used to cure any disease, power magnificent machines, and perhaps even bring humanity together once and for all. It is refined and processed from certain, very rare, meteorites. Coincidently, the refinement process was one of the last innovations the two houses worked on together. Things were going fairly well until one day the largest aetherian meteorite smashed right into middle of Yeura. Although it was technically within Thornian jurisdiction, the House of Roses claimed that the area had originally been part of their territory and demanded half of the meteor. Naturally they refused, and things just got worse and worse.

The war wouldn't truly start until 5 years after that incident. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was one day when a diplomat from the north went missing. The House of Roses claimed it was an act of terrorism by their southern neighbors and declared all-out war. No one really knows what happened to the diplomat, but does it really matter anymore?

Things got gorier as the war went on. The new aether powered weapons caused destruction on a scale far larger than any war before it. Near the end, both sides were running out. Both sides were frantically working on alternative aether sources. House of Thorns (henceforth HoT) was working on a replicator. It was a fairly slow process, but over time they would be able to cultivate atherian properties in normal stone, however the House of Roses (henceforth HoR) was working on a worm hole.

HoR planned on launching a probe into the asteroid belt and opening a worm hole to harvest aetherian particles in that manner. Had they succeeded, this would've definitely been the most efficient manner of aether harvesting. As an added plus, having worm holes would've been nice for domestic uses as well. Although it looked good on paper, this endevour would be the undoing of Yeura.

The first field test of this technology was a bit of a covert ops mission. A HoR spy snuck a wormhole canister into the HoT aether supply house. The idea was to open the portal, have the reinforcements from the other side help them steal all their aether, retreat, and close it up. Things were going smoothly until the portals destabilized mid heist. Perhaps it had something to do with transporting that much refined aether through a wormhole that is essentially made of aether. Either way, it bloody blew the hell up, and the rest of society with it, from both sides of the portal.

Not a single inch of Yeura was untouched by the blast. As far as survivors? There was a handful of boats and zeppelins and even a large submarine called Nemo that were far enough away from the mainland to survive the destruction. The problem is that the land was scorched by 'magical' energy. Edible plants no longer grow anywhere. Everything has been tainted by aetherian radiation.

The majority of survivors, however, come from the Moley Colonies. When HoR began making plans for their portal heist field test, there was a rich humanitarian, Edmund Moley, who caught wind of this. He gathered the best minds from both houses and began to dig down into the earth with enormous aether powered drills. When they were about out of fuel, they dug a large main cavernous area near an aqueduct. Once out of juice, they began digging their new home and fortifying the cavern for the potential impact.

A few ventured to the surface to check the damage, and their reports were so devastating that none dared to venture back up for quite some time. Every couple years or so, a moley will get cabin fever so bad that they just have to go check and see for themselves how things are faring up top. Some even came back with horrible mutations! In the past 20 years, however, the mutations have pretty much come to a halt, and surface wanderers can go scavenge the wastes as they please.

The Moley Colonies

Most Moleys have spent their entire lives underground. As such, most have a pale complexion. Another side effect from the lack of light is the irises from most of the inhabitants eyes are very faded and nearly white. There are a few exceptions, of course. Anyone who spends most of their time up top regains most of their color, but such adventurous spirits are often are not welcome back to the dark safety of the Colony. Although the radiation is no longer a major threat, most inhabitants still fear the outside world, and fear that anyone whose been outside might bring some of that danger back with them.

As far as the structure of the colony itself, the deeper you go, the older the structures. Since their drills have long since had any aether to run on, the colonists found it easiest to simply expand upwards whenever more room was required.

Life in the colony isn't exactly a big underground picnic. They must continually dig for any source of fuel they can find - coal, oil, geothermal, whatever will keep the ever so dim lights on. Because of this, the entire colony is filled with twisting tunnels that often lead nowhere. This might be a problem, except that there are never any outsiders visiting to get lost.

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On occasion if your character isn't around other characters or you seem to be stuck, feel free to send us a pm we are more than happy to make your role playing experience much more exciting.

Because if either of us feel the role play is moving too slowly there will be a creature event.

This creature can be organic or it can be something mechanical gone crazy. More than likely you will encounter something organic that can be killed and taken for food, that is if it isn't poisonous.

When encountering the mechinaical kind there is a chance as gaining weapons or parts for a weapon. Keep in mind that these will be much more difficult to kill.

Either way pray that you are near another living soul for you may not survive this encounter.

OK Guys I am hoping to be opening this Role play on 7/1 So get your profiles in and get working on those starting posts.

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