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"We'll find them, kiddo... We won't be able to stay there. We're probably wanted in every planet that exists now. But we can check on them." Brandon promises, working on the calculations with Maine's help.
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Turning around pup stood there as the smoke of the shot swirled around him. the hallway behind him was basically in shambles, apparently the shot hit an explosive on one of the marines. " Celtic, remember this. There is no such thing as overkill." He commented. Walking up to one of the three other Spartans, he helped the guy up and removed the restraints. [b"Thanks man, Don't know what we would have done if you didn't bump into us." The spartan thanked him.
"No problem, so who are you guys?" Pup asked, handing the guy a knife to help free the other two.
"Names Jack, this blonde is Samantha."he said as he broke her her bindings. "And that Ginger is Nick. We're whats left of Sabre squadron." Once Jack said that, an idea popped in his head. "Sabre? As in the fighters?" pup questioned. "Ya? why?" jack asked slightly confused. "Celtic, can you give us a route to the fighter hangers?" he asked as he looked up as if he was talking to god. "No problem."

After a few minutes of sneaking around the group finally made it to the hanger. Pup was in awe as he walked towards the Sabres. Six of them, all prepped and ready for use. returning back to his senses, Pup saw that the others already got into the sabres and were doing preflight checks. walking to a terminal, he inserted the A.I. core." Ok, yank me."
pulling the core out, he inserted it into his helmet. then he climbed into a sabre. Lucky for him, Pup spent a lot of his time in the Sabre Sims. so piloting it wouldn't be a problem. " All right ladies and gentleman, this is your flight leader here, all preflight checks are green and you are cleared for take off." Jack said over the squadron comm, indicating that we can launch.
Taking off, all four Sabres left the base behind in a trail of smoke. leaving the Atmosphere, the group ran through what was supposed to be a blockade with little effort. Finally slumping down in his seat. Pup finally breathed a sigh of reliefs. " well, we're out, Now what?" Pup heard Samantha ask over the comm. "Don't know, But im picking up two contacts. Pelicans by the size of it. move to intercept." Jack ordered. coming up on the Pelicans, Pup moved his Sabre to the side of the lead Pelican to see Brandon piloting it.
Brandon tosses him a salute. He shows his radio destroyed, then taps his own helmet. He didn't trust the radios for communication. Maine transmits to Pup the coordinates of the jump.

Serin lets out a hiss of breath, anger steaming through her. She knew a lot of the kids escaped. She spotted a ONI official coming over, she knew they drew straws to tell her bad news. She liked that as she storms over. "How. Many?" She growls in his face.

The official forces himself not to gulp and take a step back. "F-Fourty Ma'm..." The ONI official says. Her explosion was predicted and he wasn't disappointed.
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"You think I'm going to lay down and let you hurt us?"

"Wait, what if my dad sees the news... not that he watches the news, or reads the paper, or listens to the radio," said Alexis thinking about. "Now that I think about it... he should be camping right about now."

"You're dead wrong!"
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Pup returned the salute then sent the coordinates to the rest of the ships and took formation with the other Sabres, waiting for the two Pelicans to jump first.
Brandon jumps into space, breathing a sigh of relief as he leans back. "I don't know what's next, but for now... We're safe." He says quietly, running a hand through his sweat soaked hair. He looks over, seeing all the ships in space.

"Find them all... Even use the shits that were arrested here. Find each and every single one of them, or you will go through the hell that they went through without drugs." Serin growls at the ONI officer, him scrambling away to comply.
On the planet of Harvest, a lone destroyer patrols the area. A nameless captain standing at the viewing window of the bridge with his hands clasped behind him. It's been 20 years since the events of the Didact, and if not for a few Convenant attacks, it would be considered peaceful.

Until now...

"CAPTAIN!!! Slipspace ruptures detected!!! Hundreds of them!!!" Sensors calls, his voice frantic. The Captain rushes over to the terminal, looking at the information grimly. Him paling more and more as the information comes.

"EVASIVE MANEUVERS!!! Someone ID those ships!!!" The captain calls, alarms blaring all over the place as he looks at the screen.

"We have Forerunner and Convenant ships armed and headed our way!!! No transmissions or IFF signal!!!" Sensors calls frantically.

"Sir, radio signal from one of the ships!!! I'm putting it on the Intercom now!!!" Communications says, pressing buttons on her terminal.

A single voice booms out across the ship, powerful, ominous, all seeing, the words send fear down the members spine:

"We're here for war."

The Invasion has begun.

Alright, a few final notes before I end this. I'd like to thank everyone for participating. It hasn't been the easiest rp to do, but it was still a blast. I hope we can continue this for a long time. I have already opened and am accepting members in the new one:

The Invasion

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and I hope to see you in the new one.

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