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…Antonio Ivo…

Antonio just sat in his room as everything was going on. Even before this, he just sat in there most of the time not really talking with the rest of the group after he was released. The door opened behind the boy as the sound of multiple of clicks could be heard from behind as ONI guards aimed there weapons at the boy. "Ivo-974, it's time to go. Stand up and move with the guards to your new home. Oh and on a side note, those friends of yours trying to escape without you once again." The voice of Eric said to the boy by comm. link.

Antonio stood up and walked to the guards, who in turned handcuffed the boy and lead him to a ship. The little hope they were his family had disappeared as his A.I. Solitarius filled his head with more ill thoughts.
"See, they don't care for you. Only family you got is me and I'll never leave you like them." Solitarius said into the Antonio's ear as he walked.
Sara fights through the guards, Brandon following as they try to find Antonio. She stabs one, seeing another one coming. She ducks and slashes his legs out from under him before taking another one in the chest. "They came for war... How's the cameras?"

"Good, I'm more worried about the rest of the kids." Brandon says grimly, firing his Brute Shot. "I want to check on Antonio."
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"You think I'm going to lay down and let you hurt us?"

Alexis flew up into the vents and pulled out her pistol, there was one place she knew she could get to without anyone following her. The roof where the air-shafts lead to, she could get a good idea if anyone was up there right away.

"You're dead wrong!"
Brandon slices another with his knife. They were going down easily, but there were still overwhelming numbers. He fights back to back with Sara. "Stay together, I have an idea on how to get out of here. They can't get all of us together." He orders, kicking an ODST and breaking his jaw.
(Alright, we can split up, but you have to find your own ride out. Also, I say you have to have at least a few Spartan kids with you, even NPC. Do note as soon as the base is cleared out, you're going to be hunted by ONI and Spartan's. I know we can fight well against both, but some will be your teammates. I don't expect a single person to be able to get through the next timeskip not being in ONI's grasp if they go solo. I am going to limit the amount of Spartan V's in the next one mainly to keep my sanity to a good level. But we don't have to fully limit the group if a lot go their separate ways. I do have one condition: We regroup at the beginning of the next one. I am going to have help planning the missions, I hope, but at the same time, I already have enough groups to plan for, including the enemy and the rogue Spartans, most likely the hunters also. I can't do five groups separated also. If you are willing to do those conditions, you can do this scene as you wish other than the hunters and the rogue Spartans. Thanks guys.)
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Brandon would hear a familiar thumping sound and feel an all too familiar series of tremors in the floor as Benjamin thundered along behind him. Neil was not far behind Running as silently as he could; paying attention to radar as he ran. "This isn't gonna be easy!"
"No kidding... Have you guys seen the rest of the group?" Sara calls, firing off a few rounds with her shotgun, throwing a grenade into the ODST's. "I can't find Alex... And I heard there's ships outside."
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Tiber SR-360
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Tiber panicked a bit when the ODSTs dropped and sprinted off to get some weapons but only grabbed a magnum and assault rifle in order to stay more mobile. He then aimed his magnum up and looked around, not seeing any of the others. "Crap!" He then began to make his way trough the base hoping he wouldn't run into any soldiers. Unfortunately he turned a corner and saw two coming down the hall. "HEY, YOU" They called out but Tiber got to cover, hesitating to shoot them. "Spartan 360, I highly suggest standing down. Firing on friendly forces can result in being marked as a hostile." His AI spoke which made him hit the wall he was leaning against in frustration and ran back the way he came. He ran down but ended up facing some base guards that aimed at him. Tiber gasped and quickly turned, running down another way. In desperation he turned on his com so hopefully his friends could hear. "Guys, I lost ya! I need some-" "-Watch left." Meridia interrupted as an ODST came out of nowhere and tried to tackle him down. Tiber broke out of the man's grip and kept running until he reached a four-way hall and sighed. "Drop. Your. Weapon." ODST surrounded him on all sides and he stood with his magnum drawn, carefully changing targets that his visor marked friendly and wondering what to do. "Spartan 360... please. Stand down... Spartan 360?" Tiber's hands shook and his finger began to push down on the trigger... but all that was heard was a sigh... and he dropped his magnum... putting his hands in the air shortly afterwards.
"TIBER!!!" Sara calls, seeing him surrender as Brandon pulls her back. She snaps off more shots, ODST's crowding in between her and Tiber. Anger surges through her, she steps in, kicking heavily between one of their legs and kicking his neck to snap it. She wasn't losing anyone else. "ALEX!!! ANTONIO!!!"

"Pup!!! Alfred!!!" Brandon calls frantically, being pushed back as more forces arrive. They were trained to kill and augmented, but it was going to hell a lot faster than imagined.
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Alfred cleared the corridor linking the armory to the main building, and passed through the gate. He saw Brandon and Sara fighting. Alfred could barely heard what Brandon was saying, but nodded and opened fire at the enemy.
By the time Tiber's voice rang through the com channel, Alfred was running out of ammo for his battle rifle- and to think he was in the armory just seconds ago. He took cover behind a pillar, and switched to his assault rifle.
A fragmentation grenade exploded near his position, taking half of his shields.
"Elvie, now would be a great time for you to provide an escape route." Alfred referred to his A.I.
"I'm working on one, but all exits are blocked. Wait, I see an opening! It's an underground passage that leads right to the field outside. I'll upload its location to Sara and Brandon." The A.I replied, working diligently.
"How about the others?" He asked, firing his assault rifle.
"I'll start from you three, for I know your intentions."
"Thanks." The Spartan said before running and gunning toward the mark on his HUD representing Tiber, hoping he could still help the trapped comrade.
Brandon spots the opening, his brute shot running out long ago. He cursed as his spiker also runs out. He slashes a Spartan IV's throat open with his knife, stepping sideways and snapping another ones neck with a brutal kick. "Come on... Alfred, lets get out of here, we're way outnumbered here." He says, tugging on Sara's shoulder plate.

"What about Alex?" Sara says, anxiety eating away at her. She cared about the others, they were massively outnumbered, but Alex was her sister.
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"I'll send her the coordinates of the passage as well, then." Elvira said.
"At least she's alive, but I don't know if she was captured." Alfred murmured once he checked the status of Spartan Vs, listed in alphabetical order.
"Sorry, buddy." He added as he reluctantly abandoned the ordeal to save Tiber, transmitting the words through the com to him.
Suddenly the sound of a massive explosion came from the direction of the armory.
"Send it to everyone not captured... I don't care how much of a risk it is, I want as many kids to escape as possible." Brandon snaps, slashing another throat. "Maine, find any other passageways and mark and transmit it, same conditions. We can use the explosion as a cover for our way out. We'll find her, Sara, I promise."

Sara hesitates, reluctant to leave the others behind. "We can't help anyone if we're captured ourselves." Adelo says quietly. Sara closes her eyes in pain, taking a breath. "I'm sorry, everyone... Come on..." She says, reactivating the last bit of energy in her sword to fight to the tunnel.
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Pup was running down a corridor,somehow he got separated from the rest. Taking a left, he high tailed it out of there. but sadly he didn't get far. taking another left, Pup barreled right into a Marine, tumbling to the ground, he skidded across the ground, stopping only because something blocked his path. recovering from the fall, pup took the time to look around only to find himself in the middle of a dozen marines who had detained three other Spartan Vs.
Everyone was just looking at him, no one even moved. slowly realizing that a fully armored spartan just ran right into them, they couldn't figure out what they should do. most of the Spartans they were detaining weren't in armor, so it made the takeover easier. but they didn't expect that they would run into a fully armored battle ready spartan, so instead they just stared at him.

Without thinking pups hand slowly went behind his back and grabbed the railgun that he carried with him. at that they reacted, they Marines shot at him, but the bullets bounced off the armor only denting certain areas. moving instantly, Pup came up on the closest marine, watching as the poor soul attempted use his gun as a bat, Pup just shrugged off the impact and open palmed the guy in the chest, causing him to fly into two of his buddies. turning around, Pup brought out his railgun and swung the butt right into the side of anothers head, snapping his neck. finally clearing enough space around him, Pup the shouldered the weapon and fired a shot into ground at the rest of the marines feet. As the dust settled from the shot, all the marines were on the ground either dead or wounded. " A bit overkill don't you say?" Celtic said from the hallway intercom.
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"Yeah, go ahead. Send the data over to every Spartan on the list. We won't leave anyone who still has a chance to escape behind." Alfred told his A.I, following the map and marker on his HUD.
As he turned a corner, bullets zoomed by his helmet; he returned fire and downed three enemies.
His display indicated that their destination was only a corridor away.
Arriving at the entrance of the passage, his A.I instructed, "Now, insert me into the interface port. I'll override the locks."
He obeyed, but seconds later the A.I informed him that there is a malfunction.
"Uh, now what?" He asked in a nervous tone.
"Ugh, is this thing a century old?" The A.I boomed angrily. "Manual it is, then. See that oddity in the wall? Unscrew the panel and expose the circuitry."
Alfred went to the spot, released the blade on his forearm, and tried to rotate a screw.
"How I wish I had a Swiss knife at this moment," he commented. "Cover me. This will take a while."
Once the blade was set in plasma mode, he carefully slashed through the four corners of the sheet of metal that the screws held in place.

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