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Because I'm not going to tell you my real name...

"You are gorgeous baby. I didn't pick Autumn because not only is she ugly but she didn't come to receive my little mission with Fletch." Babe smiled at her. "Yes, how about that." She laughed along with Sarah.

"I know they won't." She knew that Sarah was getting all excited. "Oh, we will gorgeous, we'll have so much fun that we won't be able to sleep."

When Babe pushed her on the floor, she carried on kissing and kissing her. She even gave out a short squeal of excitement, when Sarah started squeezing her butt. She wanted to do more but she knew it wasn't possible yet especially with Fletch in the limo. Squeezing Sarah's butt, she pulled up Sarah's dress and put her hands suggestively on Sarah's thighs. She kissed her again and then stood up.
"We're going to drop you of at the supermarket again." She kissed Sarah's head lightly and pulled her to her feet. "You'll drive back, pretend everything's okay and then we'll drive Fletch back. I need you to pack a rucksack and I'll pick you up after dinner, okay?" She smiled at her, kissed her again and then lightly knocked on the wall, the limo came to a stop and she opened the door, taking Sarah's hand and giving her one more kiss, she led her out the limo.
"Tell no one of this and of Fletch's mission." She smiled and then saw Fletch in the window, she needed Fletch to think that they were enemies. "Have a nice life." She pushed Sarah lightly and then got back in the limo.
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Fletch sat there in silence as the two men drove on, aware of the gun at his head. However his heart skipped a beat when he saw they were at the Supermarket, he could escape from these people at last. He jumped when he heard a knock behind him but then smiled as the limo came to a stop. He looked out the window and saw Sarah get pushed out by Babe, now he knew it was his time to get bullied. Giving a reassuring smile at Sarah, he turned pale again.
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"Look, we'll go out tonight Victoria and do some major shopping. I think a new wardrobe is in order." Autumn said as she smiled at her. "Thanks, I'm thinking of taking over Daddy's company. He owns the Editing company, Readers inc. Fashion is just what I do on the side."

"Anyways, I'll catch up with you later. I'm going to get some lessons." Autumn said as she left the kitchen with Sam. "I can't wait to get out there and ride some waves. This will be so much fun!" She said as she stripped down into nothing and donned on her green bikini with black polka dots. "Yes a bikini would be hotter." She said as she winked at him. "It could come off at any time."

"Okay, let's go do this! I can't hold my excitement any longer." Grabbing his hand she led him out of the bedroom and towards the ocean. The waves crept over the sand slowly making the sand a darker shade than it was. Nothing felt better than having sand between your toes. "Well teacher, your student is ready to learn."

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