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Theseus Odetta O'Rouke

"I don't have time for fears."

I stood by the car as she spoke with Abby and her parents. I looked up at the sky and saw how blue the sky was, how fluffy the clouds were, and how clean the skies seemed. This was a rare day for me but then again I had just accomplished something that might have been impossible for others. When the girl finished I smiled and took my phone and the address. The girl then told me she'd have to pass on the academy. I could only shrug and smile "I could get you in for free but what you do now is up to you." I got into the care and waited for her before driving off towards Abby's home. The drive was long and it was mostly in silence with neither me or the psychic saying a single word to each other. I pulled up to Abby's house and stopped the car. I looked at her "Well, here we are. Have a nice life. I may or may not see you around and hopefully if I see you its not because you committed a crime or something." I said and smiled. I waited for her to get out and leave knowing this may be the last time I ever see her again.

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