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((Sorry for lack of posting...my grandfather passes away this last Thursday so everything's hectic right now. But I am posting and now that things are calming down a bit I shall continue to post smile ))

Alexander bit back his coughs as the scene unfolded in front of him. The last victim was trying to save her research from two men in coats, who proceeded to try and kill her. Did they start the fire? What was the woman researching? In any case, now was not the time to start pondering. The fire was getting worse and Alexander was in pain. They needed to end this and get the woman out of here. He aimed with his pistol at the one attacking Burnie and fired.
((I'm so sorry Seraphim, hope you're doing ok!))

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((I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, Seraph, please take all the time you need.

But I'm afraid I have some more sad news, Abby (or Harken, still never call her by the new SN), has told me that because of real life conflicts she will most likely not be returning to the rp.So as it stands, we have some options that we need to consider.

We can keep going and continue the story. I'll have to find a way to write Tirellian out (I don't plan on killing him) and then we can proceed on without Abby. It might be awhile until we get a new member because we only get suitable rpers every blue moon, but I would stick with it if you guys want to. I do have an idea of things to occur in the future, but ultimately it's up to you guys if you want to keep rping.

The other option, as you probably would have guessed, would be to close down the rp. Some people are ok with rping with such a small group and at a steady pace such as we do, but I can understand it when others see it as not being as fun as it could be.

Take some time to think it over if you'd like. In the mean time, I'll proceed onward as usual.

Group HP

Dr. Gideon: 11
Burnie: 7
Alex: 5

Enemy HP

Gunner A: 8
Gunner B: 8 ))

The gunman that Alex fired attempted to evade the shot, but moved a second too slow as Alex's round hit him. As Burnie had attempted to return fire, her gun would have suffered a misfire and burnt herself instead. The two men took cover the best they could and fired on their attackers again, meanwhile the woman on the floor was attempting to gather up anything that was scattered about, such as books and notes, while trying to put out the flames covering the rest.

((Gunner A is attacking Dr. Gideon again
Gunner B is attacking Burnie again))

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Dr. Gideon moved to the hallway and took cover just outside the doorway to avoid the bullets being fired his way before he leaned out of cover and fired at the man he had hit earlier.

((Dr. Gideon firing on A))

AnzuAi rolled 1 20-sided dice: 7 Total: 7 (1-20)

((It's completely up to you guys if you want to finish this rp.))

Burnie winced as the metal burnt her hand. Damn wiring... she frowned and fiddled with the copper wires on the side of the gun before aiming and firing again.

DarkSeraphim28 rolled 1 20-sided dice: 19 Total: 19 (1-20)

((I'm all good for continuing. Thank you for the well wishes guys smile Things are getting a bit better on my end, thankfully. The craziness was starting to exhaust me. I'm definitely willing to continue, and I'll see if I can get a few others interested in the rp. smile ))

"Burnie!" Alexander quickly moved to her side, reloading and aiming his gun at the man again, firing off another shot. He tried to move Burnie and himself to cover after the woman took her shot, his gaze moving to the last victim. "Lady, the boat's going to sink! Get out of here while you still can!" There wasn't time to save everything she wanted. Unless this woman wanted to die, she needed to get her head together and save herself from the burning mass of wood.

(Firing at Gunman B)
((Hey guys, I just felt like I owed it to you to say it person. I have two jobs now, I work from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm on some days, and in my spare time I have six sewing commissions to finish. So I hate to abandon this RP, but I simply don't have time anymore. It was my first original story--I'm proud of it and want to write a book based on it someday. Sorry to have to go.

The Scholar's Guild does have different groups doing different things. There are a couple of others going out and recruiting people, and there are a couple staying at the guild and working on city planning for New Unity. Feel free to say Tirellian went to do something else for the New Unity Plan.

Also, Gray, Nathan and Guildmaster Cohen are 100% at your disposal to fill the questgiving role that Impa filled in Lost Prophecy of Hephistro. razz Nathan speaks in Cohen's stead when Cohen is having one of his delirium phases.))

Rubidian Ace Of Hearts rolled 2 20-sided dice: 8, 6 Total: 14 (2-40)

((Group HP

Dr. Gideon: 11
Burnie: 7
Alex: 5

Enemy HP

Gunner A: 8
Gunner B: 4

A firing on Dr. Gideon
B firing on Alex ))

Perhaps it was due to the smoke and the detoriating setting, but most of everyone's shots missed their mark the next round. Alex managed to sneak in a shot on one of the men however, who was now feeling severely woozy from the rounds being fired at him. Despite his protests, the woman on the ground refused to listen to Alex and kept scurrying to collect her notes while the gunners fired again.

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