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Lily gave a light nod towards him. "I'll try not to, on both counts," she replies to him. "Who knows, maybe I'll come back just to enjoy the fresh air if nothing else." She honestly meant it to be a joke, as she started to leave, but the moment she opened the door she nearly gagged on the polluted smell of the air outside. Pulling a part of her cloak to her nose and mouth again, she closes the door and starts down the stairs before getting her bearings and figuring where to go now. Of the places she was told before, there were the Star's Eye for a drink, the port towards the river, and the mage mansions on the far side of town. She doubted she would be getting near the mansions.

(kay. have a good night.)
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((I wasn't planning on doing anything else until Tirellian went to go see Gideon))
((Okeedoke. I was kinda waiting on you, but I'll go ahead and work my way there. Would you mind setting the scene for me?))
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The bartender at Star's Eye never got used to seeing Gideon, nor did he particularly like seeing him. The man paid for his drinks and never started fights, but he sure as hell finished them when someone threatened him. All the same, he kept always kept the corner booth for Gideon open whenever he came in. The lighting was very poor in that area, so Gideon could remove his mask and goggles and drink in peace without anyone seeing his face. The bartender figured that was the reason anyway, either that or maybe Gideon was just a brooder and liked dark areas. It didn't really matter to him.

Dr. Gideon had arrived at least an hour and a half before the bar would close, sitting in his corner as usual and sipping on light alcoholic beverages while he played a game of solitaire. He didn't usually get many requests for poker at this time of the night. Most people who came to the Star's Eye late just wanted a good drink after a hard day's work. For tonight, however, it was just fine with Gideon. Hopefully he would be having company soon.
And here I almost forgot why I never come to this city, Tirellian thought bitterly, counting up the small pittance of coins he'd earned from shoe shining over the course of the afternoon. The patrons in that particular line of work were so stingy, and uppity, and seemed to think anyone performing any small service for them was a dog to be talked down to.
Is that what I sounded like back in the day? Tirellian wondered.
The coins dropped one by one from one hand to the other. Fifteen...sixteen...seventeen. Well, it'd cover a meal, anyway. Looks like he might be getting creative tonight in terms of finding board.
Unless that job offer of Dr. Gideon's had any merit. May as well check it out.
He found himself at the front door of the Star's Eye. Seemed like there was still plenty of festivity taking place inside. He started to go in.

Inside the tavern, there was a tug at Wayne’s jacket.
"Um…are you Mr. Gideon?" a youthful voice inquired. The speaker was found to be a boy, about twelve years in age and meager in income. His ragged clothes and dirty face indicated he probably made his home in the slums of Arula, if not on the streets. Regardless of his clearly pitiable lot in life, his orange hair and freckled expression gave him a look of innocent wonderment, magnified by the toothy smile that beamed up at the tinkerer.
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Gideon glanced at the boy with one eye when he pulled on his jacket, smiling lightly before put his mask back on and placed his goggles back over his eyes. When that was done he slowly moved out of the dark corner and leaned on the table in front of him, glancing down at the boy. He probably seemed intimidating, but that was of no concern to the doctor.
"I prefer Dr. Gideon, my boy. You seem to be out quite late for someone your age. Your mother must be worried I would imagine." Dr. Gideon said as he drew another card from his deck.
"Ain't got a mother, Dr. Gideon," the boy said. "But after what you done earlier today, my pa sent me after you to give you our thanks. That Mr. Linton was a right crooked lender. He was overchargin’ us on our home, and fixin’ to foreclose on us when my pa couldn’t pay."
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"Such happy coincidence then. I'm glad I was of assistance." Gideon said, placing one the card he had just drawn onto one of the stacks in front of him. From there he started to move the stacks around accordingly.
"So what is it that your father does, if I may ask?" Gideon questioned.
"Used to work the diamond mines in Minton down south. But after the fall of the Harkand family, he brought us up here and went into the employ of the steel mill." The boy’s gaze veered down towards Dr. Gideon's wristwatches. "That’s what you used to do Linton in, ain’t it? Can I see?"
Lily was considering going towards the port when a more urgent need came to her attention; the growling of her stomach causing her face to redden lightly. Perhaps it was a good time for her to grab a bite and drink, thinking back to what that young man from before had said. Perhaps the Star's Eye would be a good place to go for food.

Covering her nose and mouth so she wouldn't have to worry about the polluted air, she began to walk to where the Saloon was; soon finding it and entering shortly after another young man had done the same. Once she was inside, she looked around for a moment, pulling her traveling cloak down enough so she could see if the air was tolerable in here. She was mostly looking to see if there was a free table she could sit at, and to see how she could go about ordering food or drink.
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Gideon glanced at his watch and placed a hand on it, inspecting the weapon for a moment before shaking his head.
"I apologize, but it would not be well of me to let a child handle a weapon." Gideon replied.
"Crowded in here," Tirellian remarked offhandedly to the woman that came in right after him.
"Reckon I don't blame you, Dr. Gideon," the kid conceded, hands in pockets. "It's just, you don't see a gadget like that around every day. Only tinkerers get to walk around with great stuff like that. I was wonderin' where you got it from, is all."
Lily blinks and looks towards the man that had spoken to her. "...suppose it is..." she replies as she looks around some more. "...suppose its seat yourself here?" she mused, not seeing any indication that anyone was leading the patrons to any tables.
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Gideon smirked. This was where a conversation such a this could take a turn for the worse. He didn't know if the Seance Circle employed children now as spies, but it would surprise him the least. It did surprise him how paranoid his thinking was however, so regardless of what harm it might cause him he decided to answer honestly, if not vaguely.
"You're right, only a tinkerer could make such craftsmanship. The fellow that made this for me is one such man." Gideon stated.
"Imagine so. It's a saloon, not a high-falutin' cafe, after all," he shrugged. "I'm here looking for someone myself, so if you'll excuse me." He surveyed the tables for Gideon.
"Well, you're right lucky to have it." The lad backed up. "Reckon I oughtta let you go about your business. But my family's right grateful for what you did." He tipped his hat. "Name of Abagnale. Charlie Abagnale. My family ain't got much, but if you ever need a roof over your head, you can call on us. …Assumin' you don’t care how many holes that roof's got, mind you."

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