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Alexander had been lucky and fast enough to avoid any major burns while saving the poor trapped victims. He herded one to the nearest lifeboat and dashed back for another. He pressed the cloth over his mouth, trying not to inhale the deadly smoke. He pulled down his goggles to avoid getting ash into his eyes while it blackened his face and clothing. He hissed at the hot burning wood he had to touch as he pulled away debris to get to another victim. There weren't that many left that he could see, but every second counted.

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After checking the woman was safely in the lifeboat, Burnie explored for more survivors. She narrowed her eyes as she heard a banging from behind the door of the captain's cabin. Someone was trapped inside! Running over, she threw the door open, reeling back as a thick blanket of smoke blasted her in the face. She undid her red sash around her waist and wrapped it around her mouth and walked into the cabin, seeing a young man standing inside. "Come with me!" she yelled and he grabbed her offered hand, the two of them running out of the room towards the boats.

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((5 people rescued, 3 to go))

Dr. Gideon had burned one of his hands when saving one of the victims, but he could spend no time paying attention to it. There were still people that needed help. Dr. Gideon could hear screaming from up above, where he spotted someone hanging from one of the boons, about to fall. Dr. Gideon moved quickly and climbed up one of the rope ladders before leaping and catching the person, doing his best to cushion their fall as he landed.

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Alexander bit back a scream of pain. A piece of burning wood at hit him in the arm. Unfortunately Alex didn't have time to deal with it and fought through the pain. There were still people in trouble. His eyes widened as he saw someone pinned beneath some heavy looking debris. He ran over and grasped it with his hands, wincing at the burns and the heat of the wood. He hefted it with all of his strength, enough to allow those trapped beneath to crawl out. He was tired and sweating profusely from the heat, but he couldn't stop until they were safely to the lifeboat. However he couldn't hold back a scream as he felt himself scorched by a burst of flame and the feeling of something hot and heavy impacting with his back.

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"Stay there, alright?" Burnie told the boy as she helped him into the lifeboat. Let's see... is there anyone left? Yes, there! Up on the higher deck, by the helm. It may be the captain of the ship, she wasn't sure. Either way, the fire was creeping its way up to him. She scrambled up the stairs, her heart beating like a drum against her ribs. A splintering sound erupted from beneath her feet and she threw herself up to the deck just in time to stop her whole body going into the flames below. Tiny flames licked up her trousers and she yelped in pain as they seared her skin, patting them quickly to kill their path. Making her way over the the man, she grabbed him under the armpits and hauled him to his feet. Now wasn't the time for delicacy, they had to move. Luckily, the other stairs were still stable enough and the two of them half fell, half ran down them towards the boats.
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As Dr. Gideon helped the survivor into her boat, the young woman beat on his shoulder and pointed back towards the burning mess in the middle of the sinking ship.
"Wait! There's still one more in there! I saw a woman run back below deck!" She cried.

Dr. Gideon looked back and saw that the path to reach the bottom deck was on fire, and the lower decks were probably filling with water at this point. It didn't look like there would be time to save her...but something in Dr. Gideon's heart made him change his mind. How unnatural of him, it seemed as if his time with this group was starting to make him more idealistic. Dr. Gideon smiled and nodded before helping the woman into the life boat running back towards where the last victim was supposed to be.

"Alex, Burnie, come with me quick! I'll need your help to find this woman as fast as possible." Dr. Gideon shouted.
Alexander limped as he walked another man into the lifeboat. He felt as though he had been hit with the entire damn boat. His clothes were scorched, along with his hands, arms, legs and his back was most likely a mess. He didn't even want to contemplate it right now, despite the pain. He looked around, counting the people in the lifeboat. Wasn't there another...He turned when he heard Gideon shout, confirming his belief about the last passenger. Nodding, he pushed back the pain and followed the Doctor's lead.
"Right behind you, Doc!" Burnie gasped, clutching at the stitch in her side but swallowing and pushing the pain down. Her leg burned as if the fire was still eating at her skin, and it felt like the fabric was stuck to the wound, tugging whenever she moved, but there was someone left to save. She had to help, she just had to.
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((Sorry, writer's block. I'm mostly trying to figure out how to deal with the next part. I'll try to post it tonight.))
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The condition of the boat was much worse below deck. There was fire and smoke coming out of every corner, to which Dr. Gideon made sure to cover his mouth and keep his head down. A woman shouting could be heard from the far end of the corridor the group was standing in.
"Get away from me! Help!" She shouted. Dr. Gideon looked to Alex and Burnie, seeing that they had followed him down as requested, and gestured for them to follow him while keeping their heads down.
"We'd better hurry, Doc!" Burnie yelled through her scarf, her eyes stinging even behind her goggles. "It looks like we don't have much time left!
Alexander wiped the soot from his goggles and tightly held his dirty cloth against his mouth. His lungs were already in pain, along with various other parts of his body. But he could hear the cries of alarm from further down from the last victim. There wasn't much time left and from the sounds of it, someone else was on the ship as well. He pulled out his gun and followed Gideon and Burnie, trying to keep his aim in the fire and smoke. If he peered hard enough, he could have sworn he saw someone else along with the woman at the end...

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((Ack sorry guys I suck I know))

]As the group moved through the burning vessel towards the source of the distressed cry, they would eventually find themselves in a one of the passenger cabins. The room was on fire just like the rest of the burning boat, but that wasn't what would draw the group's attention. There was a woman on the floor that had thrown herself on top of a pile of books as if she was trying to save them, while a pair of men in brown dusters leveled pistols at her.

"Get away! I won't let you take my research!" She shouted at them. One of the men shrugged and shook his head.

"She's useless. Nothing valuable. Let's kill her and go, this whole thing's going under soon." He grunted. The other man replied by pulling cocking the hammer on his revolver, at which point Dr. Gideon emerged and fired on the man, not bothering with questions.

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((This will be a short fight, and good too because the group took a significant amount of damage already saving victims. The health stats at the moment are:

Dr. Gideon: 11
Burnie: 8
Alex: 5

Group DT: 12
Base Damage: 4

Enemy Health:

Gunner A: 8
Gunner B: 12
Base Damage: 3))

The two gunman turned as one of them caught a bullet in his shoulder. He immediately fired on the person that had shot at him while the other man fired on the people he was with.

((Gunner A is attacking Dr. Gideon
Gunner B is attacking Burnie ))

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"Dammit..." Burnie slung her new toy over her shoulder and cocked it, firing at the gunner who was aiming at her. "Nothing personal, but you're in the way, pal! she yelled as she pulled the trigger.

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