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Interesting Gekko

Name: Blaze Valentine.
Age: Eighteen.
Occupation: Engineer and Inventor.
Affiliation: Tinkerer.
Personality: He's always kind, friendly and plight when around others. He's very happy to give advice to others, and tends to be both cautious and curious around new things such as machinery.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: due to both his new arm and leg he has increased strength and power in his arm, once he masters his leg he believes he should be able to leap a couple of meters into the air, and as for his arm he can use it to crush objects and even block attacks.
Strengths: Increased strength and power, more chance to block attacks.
Weaknesses: Because of his new arm and leg he is not so light on his feet both because of the wight and lack of experience with them, he also has a tendency to crush any hand held items such as guns.
Background or Other Info: Brought up and taught by his Farther a master Engineer with a vast knowledge of the new aircraft's he picked up his skills fast, at the age of sixteen he began looking for work and soon enough found a job as a engineer aboard a large air ship. After a year and a half roughly he had his accident in which both his right arm and left leg was torn off by one of the ships engines and he has been trying to recover since he tends to keep his arm and leg cover as not to scare or possibly intimidate anyone.
Appearance: User Image
How you met the party: After not having enough finance as hoped for Blaze was seeking another way to escape to a new place and a new goal to achieve, He had made his way to the docks to find a cheaper way to travel.
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Dapper Spotter

((Blaze da Dude, based on your rp history I don't think this rp would fit you. I believe you should try to find another one.))
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Dapper Spotter

Back at the front of town, a man stumbled out of one a bar and ventured into the streets. He had been drinking quite a bit that night, yet not enough to be completely blacked out drunk just yet He had been looking to change that, but unforunately hitting on the bar maids too much gets you thrown out, and he wasn't too drunk to make a fuss. Jack Wheeler's men might decide to police the town again and he didn't want to be on their hit list. As he ventured through the streets, he would notice a small trio of black clad figures coming forth.

Two were almost identical, wearing strange outfits and masks, while the third walked between them and had a similar outifit sans mask, and their outfit was had gold linings throughout. The drunk hobbled backwards as he immediately recognized who these people were, even in his stupor, however one of the masked figures would immediately appear behind him to block his path. It was almost like the figure had appeared out of thin air. The drunk started to cry out as he turned again, only to immediately fall silent as a woman quietly shushed him. For some reason, the drunk was immediately soothed. He couldn't make a noise if he wanted to now.

"Just relax, we're not here to hurt you. But we are new in town, and we'd like to ask you a question. You will answer in honesty." The woman said in a soothing tone. The man nodded and smiled.

"Y-yeah. I'm gonna be honest. What do you wanna know?" He asked, stumbling some and almost falling if one of the masked figures hadn't seized him by the arm to stabilize him. The hooded woman smiled and looked past him into the town.

"Some Inquisitors were sent down here to search for Sprockets, did they find them?" She asked. The man quickly nodded and looked over his shoulder towards the other end of town.

"Yeah they sure did...a Ms. Nemo I think she was called. They caught her and were gonna execute her in public." He said. The woman gave puzzled look before she looked at the two figures holding the man, both having to stabilize him now.

"And did they?" She asked. The man paused for a moment before shaking his head.

"Nope! They were gonna, but some local guys took care of em. Shot those clock jocks dead and dumped in the harbor..hic!" He let out a light burp. The woman frowned and crossed her arms, giving a sigh before gesturing to the masked figures. They both let go of the man who promptly fell to the ground onto his knees. As he tried to catch his bearings, he looked up at the woman as she knelt down to him.

"Do you know the names of the men who killed the Inquisitors?" She asked. He stared at her in silence, blinking several times as if he couldn't quite understand.

"J..J-a...Ja....." He kept trying to form words but for some reason he couldn't make them out. The woman gave a sigh and stood back up.

"The alcohol is dulling his senses, this isn't worth our time. We'll ask someone else." She said. The two figures nodded and turned to move away, but not before the woman touched the man on the shoulder again.

"You will never touch alcohol again, otherwise you will vomit violently. If you have a wife and children, you will go home and be a faithful and dutiful husband." She said.

The man sat there in the middle of the street, stupefied. When he finally came to, he would notice that no one was around him, and that he suddenly had an urge to get home and teach his children how to read.

Eventually the trio would find the details they needed, the bodies had been dumped at the port. As they reached the area and searched, however, they would find no source of the bodies, but something else picked at the leader. She reached for her pocket watch, a rather extravagant version of the standard issue, this one being golden, and took a moment to focus.

"There's a watch leaving the harbor. Interesting. A defector hmm? These must be the ones that Maria is after." The woman said. She moved to the end of the dock and glanced out to sea, spotting a silhouette in the distance. The woman gave a smirk before turning to the other two with her.

"Send out a boat and go after them. I shall remain here and continue my search in the town." She said. The two figures both gave a bow in acknowledgment and then immediately vanished from thin air.
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Out on the water, Dr. Gideon decided to stand up on deck as they sailed onward. They had taken many forms of transportation in the past few days, a ferry, a carriage, and of course an airship. Dr. Gideon had always been fascinated by travel, but he never imagined experiencing it in this sort of fashion. Being on the run from the law with a group of renegades fighting for a better tomorrow. It was romantic in a way, but he wondered if the others felt the same way.

As he stood, Dr. Gideon could see other boats still out on the water as well. They appeared to be passenger boats, some coming in towards Mercor. They probably weren't going to be sailing any more tonight, these boats would come into port and stay there.

"You're doing us a great service, Captain. Had we waited for one of those, we would have been stuck in town another night." Dr. Gideon called out to their Captain.
Seacat glanced over at him and smiled, her hair blowing around her face. "Aye, narry a problem, good Doctor. To be honest, it was a good time for me to be leavin' town anyway," she confessed with a light laugh. She glanced behind her at the rest of the group. "If y'don't min' me sayin', you all don't look like the type for a simple day trip down t'Finibus t'look for a gent. Why are you doin' this?"
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Dapper Spotter

Dr. Gideon was prepared to make up some excuse story, he was quite used to it at this point. Perhaps they were researchers looking to see the natives of Rubidia first hand, or perhaps they were just tourists leaving town for awhile? Either one would do, however Dr. Gideon would be interrupted before he got a chance to speak.

Off in the distance, against the dusk sky, a fire erupted from one of the other boats. The flame stretched high into the sky and the screams of the passengers could be heard quite vividly from the group's current position.
"That's never a good sigh, is it?" Dr. Gideon muttered as he ran to the edge of the ship and looked in the direction of the vessel in danger. They were too far away to see much, but thankfully Dr. Gideon had a quick fix for that. Dr. Gideon placed a hand on the side of his masks' goggle lens and twisted them clockwise, the lens zooming in like a telescope and allowing him to get a closer look.

The boat was on fire and sinking quickly, the passengers on board were attempting to make it to the lifeboats, but it seemed as if they were being caught up in the debris and blocked off by flames. To make matters worse, some of the life boats were drifting away, empty. They must have been knocked loose when the explosion occurred. The boat wasn't very large, but there were at least 12 people on board, as far as Dr. Gideon could see, maybe even more perhaps.

"Blast, so much for a quiet night then. Captain, would you be so kind as to change our direction? It seems as if I have an excuse to pay you extra tonight." Dr. Gideon in an oddly casual tone.
"Already on it, Doctor," Seacat replied tersely, spinning the helm and winding the dial next to the compass on the platform. "I tol' you these waters were dangerous, I ken it might be pirates." She grimaced at the compass and glanced over her shoulder at the sails, which were only slightly full. "We don' have enough power to see us past as fast as I would like, sir, so if y'don' min' I'll show you what this baby can do, it would give us a better chance of outrunnin' them."

((Can they use electricity in Rubida?))
Soon the initial excitement was wearing off, and as they traveled Alexander started to feel a tad nauseous. He moved carefully and slowly on the boat, helping out where he could. Every once and a while he made his way to the center of and steadied himself on a flat surface. "Ugh...I've never gotten sea sick before...I really hope this passes quickly." It didn't quite help that the captain of the vessel seemed a bit...enthusiastic. Maybe he could just go below deck and lie down. Yes, that sounded like an excellent id-his eyes widen as he watched a ship go up in flames. He scrambled to the side of the boat, grabbing the edge and staring in horror. "Oh goddess..." He whispered, shaking from both nausea and horror. "P-Pirates? That's terrible..." Pirates? Or something worse? Maybe-no. He doubted Inquisitors would just blow up a ship. Besides it was too far out. He needed to stop being paranoid. His stomach lurched and he grabbed onto the sides of the boat tightly.
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"We won't know until we get there." Dr. Gideon said as the boat sailed through the water towards the wreckage. The vessel moved as close as it could to the fiery wreck and then stopped so they could safely board.

"Quickly, we need to try and save as many people as we can. There appears to be some lifeboats still strung up, we could get them into those." Dr. Gideon said as he pointed them out. Sure enough there were some unused lifeboats, in the panic some people must have jumped ship or been unable to reach them. There were a limited supply though, the others must have already been used or floated away on their own.

As for how this had happened, there were no signs of pirates. It was a mystery.

((This is how this will work. Roll a 20 sided die when you post to save someone. If you roll below a 5 or lower, you take 6 points of burn damage. 10 or lower is 3 points of burn damage. 10+ you save a victim unscathed. Roll a 20 and you save two people at once.))

There are 8 passengers in need of help.))
((Sorry, bit mixed up with University at the moment, I can post tomorrow. You guys just start without me. I'll keep Seacat on the ship though, and use Burnie until we need Seacat again if that's ok.))

DarkSeraphim28 rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16 Total: 16 (1-20)

Alexander tensed at the sight of the burning boat. It was horrible. The screams were terrible and there was no sign of what had happened to cause the incident. Alex's first instinct was to hide, to find some way to stay safe. But it was very quickly overridden by the need to help the people still remaining. There looked to be about 8 people still on board, so Alex charged after Gideon pointed out the lifeboats. He went to the first victim he saw, carefully trying to guide them to the lifeboats while avoiding the flames as best as he could. "Come on! To the lifeboats!" He shouted, pulling out a cloth to cover the victim's mouth to keep out the smoke. He didn't know how much time they had. Fires could turn very deadly on the seas, just the same as anywhere else.

GrayFox7 rolled 1 20-sided dice: 7 Total: 7 (1-20)

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Dr. Gideon searched the boat for any survivors and quickly spotted an adolescent man being trapped under some fallen debris. Without a word, Dr. Gideon moved to his side and attempted to move the rubble. It was very hot to touch, though Dr. Gideon moved quickly to pry the man free.

((Also I forgot to mention; you save a victim per action regardless if you get burned or not.))

AnzuAi rolled 1 20-sided dice: 18 Total: 18 (1-20)

"Lifeboats, right, I'm on it!" Burnie leapt onto the ship's deck and immediatly started coughing. She'd never been good with smoke, and there certainly was a lot of it around here. Her eyes stinging, she pulled her goggles down off her head to cover them. She scanned the ship for survivors. The cloud of smoke issuing from belowdecks cleared slightly as the wind picked up, and she saw a sprawled figure lying under a pile of ropes.
She sprinted across the deck to get to them, vaulting over a fallen beam and skidding to a halt in front of the body. Good, still alive. "Ok, time to go!" she said, throwing the already smoking ropes away from the woman and lifting her gently to lie across her back, pack-horse style. She held the woman's arms around her neck as she struggled back towards the Queen Aseesea.

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