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((I've been in New York for the past weekend, sorry that I didn't give you guys a heads up before I left.))
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"Finibus, for the only reason that any man would go before you ask. We are men and women of research and we believe that there is much that the Native people can offer us." Dr. Gideon said to the Captain.
"I assure you that you would be well compensated for the voyage. We'd also like to leave as soon as humanly possible, if you may." Dr. Gideon said.
The young Captain looked him up and down one last time before nodding. "Aye, seems a fair reason, alrigh' m'lads and lassy," she said with a clap of her hands. "We can be off righ' now if y'wish it. As long as y'don't have anythin' t'gather, we can be sailin' on the open ocean within the next hour." Seacat turned on her heel and marched towards the gangplank of the ship, gesturing over her shoulder for them to follow.

The ship, when they were all on deck, seemed to be of a normal sort, she was a topsail schooner, the light brown wood of the railings and deck polished until it gleamed, yet with a few dings and dents here and there.The only oddity they could see was a large, folded metal net instead of one of the smaller sails at both the stern and the bow. The figurehead, an Egyptian queen, her paint fading and cracked, stared haughtily out to sea as her captain got to work.

"Do any of you know about sailin'?" Seacat called as she began fiddling with ropes and pulleys.

"I can fly an airship," Burnie offered as the woman rushed past her to tighten a flapping rope the other side of the ship.

"Tha' ain't much help, lassy. Anyone else?"
Alexander nearly fell to his knees and praised the Goddess for such a turn of events. They could be out of town by the end of the day instead of the week! It was quite fortunate that they had managed to run into a sea captain that was willing to take them to Finibus. As long as they paid of course, but then that wasn't a problem. He bounced on his heels as he looked around the deck. "We can finally get to Finibus. I've been wanting to study them for ages." He smiled widely, keeping up their "reason" for wanting to go. "Um...I don't...but I'm sure I can learn."
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Apparently it seemed that this man was going to help them set sail tonight. A most curious offer, Dr. Gideon suspected that he hadn't reeled in a good catch today and must be trying to make a profit in anyway he could.
"Quite appreciated my good fellow. As for helping out around the ship, I can help where needed, though I might need some proper instruction in certain areas." Dr. Gideon said as he stepped aboard.
"Good fellow?" Seacat spluttered. She placed her hands on her hips as she stood before the doctor, tall enough to see eye to eye with him. "Now y'narry be thinkin' I'm a man, would'ya?" She raised an eyebrow dangerously. "Because tha' ain't a good assumption t'make, sirrah," she continued, rolling the r on her tongue like a sweet.
"Anyway, I'm not sure how long it'll take t'reach Finibus, I'll consult me maps but it shouldn't take too long, I ken. In the meantime, you can all make yerselves useful around here and put ropes around these crates an' barrels an' such. Wouldn't look too good if me cargo went overboard, I doubt me clients would react kindly ter that!" As she walked towards the captains quarters, no doubt to find her maps, she continued talking loud enough for them to hear. "You're lucky I'm travellin' past Finibus, 'course I'll still have ter charge you full rate as if you were cargo yerselves!" she called casually before opening the door of the cabin and slipping inside.

((Does anyone have a link to the map or an idea of how long it would take?))
((map on the first page. It isn't marked but I think it's the small island southwest of Mercor. Judging by how far it is, it should be a shorter ride than it was from Arula to Salin, and I know that ride was roughly half a day))
((Ok, since a ship would go slower than an airship I'll say it will take about a day.))
((...uh... my estimate was based on how long it took the group to get from Arula to Salin by sea faring ship, not airship ^.^;'))
((Ok half a day?))
((that or just a bit shorter sounds right))
((Got it, thanks))

"Alrigh' landlubbers," Seacat called, coming out of her cabin. "I looked at me charts an' it seems tha' it'll take about half a day at the most t'reach Finibus, dependin' on the winds o'course."
Alexander bit his tongue to hold back his laughter at Gideon's slight slip up. The captain seemed to be a bit amused by it at least. "A half a day to get to Finibus? That's not bad considering our time table." He smiled brightly. Things were looking up at last. He then got to work helping the crew to secure down the cargo. It wasn't hard work and it would help keep him busy throughout the voyage. "We truly owe you a debt, captain. We've been attempting to gain passage for a while now. The ruins and culture of the natives of Finibus seemed to be beyond our reach."

Talei made good time getting to the docks that led to the Guild. She cheerily greeted some of the dock workers, having known them for a while now on her trips. Normally she would have struck up a conversation with them, but considering the message she was told to give, she wanted to get to Nathan as soon as possible. The entire situation was feeding her curiosity to no end. If she could have gotten away with it, she would have tailed Lily or even the group that headed to Mercor. As it was she could barely sit still now. She quickly made her way inside the guild as they docked. "Hello?" She politely stopped one of the scholars. "I'm looking for Nathan? I have a message for him."
Seacat waved a hand dismissively. "T'ain't nothin', laddy! Truth be told, Finibus ain't much outta my way, and there are some things along the way I need to... collect." Her eyes snapped to the nets above them quickly before she focused on the group again. "An' hopefully we won't run into trouble along the way, there is talk of..." she leaned in closer to them and whispered loudly, a mischievous glint in her storm-grey eyes, "Pirates in these passages." She straightened up and shrugged. "That's if y'believe the claims, o'course! Still, it's time we got goin'. Let's fire her up!"
With a few quick skips, Seacat leapt up to the quarterdeck and unwrapped the ropes around the wheel, kicking a level beside it to make a small wooden platform rise up from below decks. "Gentlemen, an' lady," She paused to fix her brass goggles over her eyes and hold onto the wheel. "I doubt you've ever seen a ship like the Queen Aseesea before.If you'd like to hold onto somethin', we'll be off!" Spinning dials and pressing switches on the platform, the sails and nets above them unfurled, the fabric of the white sails filling with air and billowing out. Seacat grinned at the sight, and spun the helm, the ship swinging towards the open ocean and leaving the dock behind.

((If everyone wants to, there could be a conflict mid-voyage, but it's entirely up to you guys. I just put the option out there!))
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((I was actually just about to request that we have a conflict, I had an idea set up for it in fact.))

"Fellow can be used towards a female as well." Dr. Gideon said with a sigh as he stepped back and let everything unfold before him. It was starting to seem like every single person they ran into was missing a few screws. Still, it was good that they were getting out of town, he figured that he should be thankful.

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