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"It's been good business," he concluded, dropping the precise quantity of copper coins in Deserae's hand and accepting his wares. For good measure, he retrieved his crossbow (an innovation bought from small-time tinkerers in the modest town of Quam some time ago) and fitted one of his new arrows into it. Looked as thought it would shoot fine.
"Miss." He excused himself to put away his weapon and new projectiles, then head back towards the crowded street.
His coughing immediately resumed. He hadn't even realized it, but the polluted assault on his nostrils had somehow stopped in the presence of the trading post vendor. Now as he departed back into the crowd, the stench returned with a vengeance. Shrugging this off, he ventured further towards the heart of town: the clock tower.
At this point, the clock struck noon. A melodious chiming of bells and whistles started to release into the grimy atmosphere, preceding the twelve identical tones that marked the hour.
Just as the twelfth tone rang out, Tirellian found himself in for a start, as the grate he stood on to the side of the street suddenly erupted with a burst of steam.
Alarmed, he jolted back off the grate. The steam continued for a few seconds, then dissipated.
"What in the...?"
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Eventually no one else wanted to play with Dr. Gideon, all of them either had enough of him winning their money or in fear of ending up like Mr. Linton (who had now been disposed of in a proper manner by the staff). Having no other reason to stay, Dr. Gideon gathered up the things that were his, his coat and cane, and made his way out into the busy street.
Despite his appearance, nobody would really make a scene out of Dr. Gideon, not in this kind of crowd. It was something of a blessing, and it was why he did enjoy coming to big towns such as these. As he made his way back towards the entrance of the town, he noticed something peculiar. A man was taken aback by the clock tower's mechanism, so naturally Gideon had to take this moment to speak about it.
"It must be a hard life for the workers down in the mills and clockworks, hmm? All that hot air in their face constantly. Your reflexes are a bit too slow and POW! Your skin is no longer attached to your body. Such a dangerous and tragic profession I would think." Gideon said to the stranger.
"Mills and clockworks? Down there?" Tirellian tapped the grate with the tow of his boot. "That came from underground. Has Arula had enough of building up that they now have to start building down?"
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Name: Leona Flemington
Age: 28
Occupation: Marine Biologist/Mechanic/Dabbler
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Leona is anxious, irritable, frantic and reclusive. Stuck between being the youngest among her old friends and beginning to find herself the oldest of new groups of people means she doesn't know quite where she's supposed to fit in. Childish at times, but hates being condescended to. Will erupt into a fury if someone deems her unintelligent. However, she's absent-minded and tends to be forgetful or scatterbrained.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: Sonic pistols for underwater, designed after the biology of the pistol shrimp. These do little damage above water, but are really freaking loud.
Strengths: She is an intellectual and a skilled tinkerer. Her knowledge of marine biology assists her in creating devices that mimic the movements of dolphins, the breathing apparatus of the sea turtle, and other things. A tireless researcher.
Weaknesses: Can be a bit of a harpy. Tends to let her rage get the better of her and smash things up. Otherwise, she withdraws into quiet solitude. Possibly bipolar. Deathly, paralyzingly afraid of heights and flying.
Background or Other Info: Leona Flemington is the student of a man named Grover Edwin Fontaine. Fontaine was a sort of magely 'guru' figure who claimed to have made contact with people from a mystical sunken city. A charismatic, intelligent, kind, and philosophical man (despite his eccentricities), he took on the young Leona as a student at the age of twelve. Himself a skilled tinker, but without the mental bounds of logic, he oversaw the creation of an undersea laboratory and devoted himself to the study of hydraulics, pressure, and other relevant pursuits while Leona delved into the mechanics of aquatic creatures' movements. The young Leona was smitten with her teacher, but he was happily married. Nothing ever came of Leona's affection, and indeed he left Leona with the underwater research station, claiming to want to 'listen to the great blue sea above'. This was eight years ago, and Leona has been living in her undersea lab ever since.
Appearance: (picture coming, provided I can draw it) Average sized. Not skinny, maybe bordering on chubby, but swims a lot. On the short side of average height. Her hair was once a pleasant blonde shade, but owing to countless sprays of chlorine disinfectant, it has now turned a strange, thin sort of lurid teal-green shade. Wears her hair long, tied up in a wide bun and wrapped in a braid. Clothing often varies.
Proof that you read the rules: pirate
Where you want to start off: (I can work with anything you throw at me. smile Note: On aussie/kiwi/nihonjin time)
((Nacchan! *Glomps* I'll add your profile right away. It's 8 AM here and I'm about to leave for work, but I'll occasionally try to catch you around this time if possible. The action is just starting to pick up in Arula City, Rubidia's capital. There are weird, intermittent bursts of steam coming up through the street grates every few minutes, and there are rumors that something suspicious is happening underground.))
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"Well they could build all of these things topside but that would certainly grating on the eyes wouldn't it? And we could never have that, could we? If something isn't attractive, people dont' want to spend any time or money on it." Dr. Gideon laughed as he moved up and observed the grate as well, looking down.
"True enough." The importance of attractiveness was something Tirellian could certainly understand. He did hail from a diamond mining town, after all.
"So...the clock's machinations reach all the way underground, you say?"
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"Not just the clock, but other points of interest as well. The plumbing runs through under the streets as well. Or the sources of the screw down water taps that you might see in some areas, the water for those run in pipes under the city. All really fascinating really. The average individual wouldn't know a thing about any of it. That's the shame of it all." Dr. Gideon gave a sigh at the thought of knowledge going to waste, staring off into space for a moment before turning back to this stranger.
"I do not believe we have made introductions yet. You are?" Gideon asked.
As the man before him rattled off his assessment of the underground, Tirellian couldn't help but smirk slightly and veer his gaze off to the side. He'd forgotten how much some city folks liked to talk. Not that he minded a little civilized conversation, but it was an adjustment after weeks at a time in the tranquil outdoors.
Then the man asked for an introduction. This is where a first meeting could take a turn for the worse, should the person he was meeting have ties to Minton that predated three years. But he always felt it was best to be forthright about his identity, and let others pass their judgment on him sooner rather than later.
"Tirellian, formerly of the Harkands," he supplied.
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"Doctor Wayne Gideon. A pleasure sir." Dr. Gideon said, extending a hand for a shake. Upon moving his arm, Tirellian would have a better glance under Dr. Gideon's longcoat, to which he would see several small mechanical objects within and a holster running around his belt. Within the only visible holster was a pistol that had been outfitted with various pieces of what appeared to be brass and copper tubes that ran about on it. It was obvious that Dr. Gideon was either a tinkerer or had had dealings with one, and he wasn't trying to hide it at all.
"We are well met, Doctor." Tirellian accepted the handshake. He surveyed the array of gadgets and bits and bobs nestled within Dr. Gideon's coat. "Guess I wouldn't be wrong to assume you're not a doctor in the...traditional sense."
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Dr. Gideon laughed and gave a nod in response.
"You wouldn't find me working in an office or tending to the sick anyway." Dr. Gideon said before giving Tirellian a look over himself, fiddling with his cane in his left hand.
"And with an introduction like yourself I might not be wrong to assume that you're not a typical drifter type are you?" Gideon said.
"Am now," he affirmed. "I'm someone who did wrong, who no longer belongs in their hometown, and gets by moving place to place. Isn't that a 'typical drifter'?"
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"Indeed it is." Gideon replied. He felt no need to push the matter any further, everyone had their own secrets to keep. He'd be a hypocrite if he didn't believe such a thing.
"I apologize if I stepped on any toes, Mr. Tirellian. I was only making an observation." Gideon said with a light bow.
"No trouble. I'm not hiding anything...but I'm cautious enough," he replied.
"Anyway, since I've chanced to run into you, think you could point me to the best place for someone who just got into town to earn a coin or two?"

((Leaving work now. I'll log back on at home in about half an hour. smile ))

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