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The year is what we know as 1875. The place is Rubidia, an Old West-reminiscent, mostly lawless territory sprawling with deserts, plains, and the occasional cedar forest. It is a time and place of exploration, of industrial revolution, and of turmoil.

Humans are a fickle and diverse race. Some are gifted with the aptitude for magic, some aren't. At some point in history, magic users (mages) gained dominance over non-magic users (nonmages). Since magic tends to run in families, each town in Rubidia is ruled by a mage family, who operate as magistrates, sherrifs, mayors and other positions of power. Mage families enjoy an aristocratic existence, while nonmages tend the land like servants and often endure oppression at the hands of their governing mage families.

Among nonmages, a class of tinkerers, engineers and technicians is emerging. They are finding they can use technology to achieve the same feats as magic users, and seeking to bring about an industrial revolution. Naturally, their mage superiors are doing all they can to put a stop to this, so that their way of life will not be threatened. For all their opposition, however, the technologically-gifted nonmages continue to work in secret, underground and in the shadows, until their day comes.

Also among the populace is a group of magic users who resent that their craft is being used to oppress others. They wish to show that magic is meant to be used for good, and they long for harmony between mages and nonmages.

Can there be peace for Rubidia? Or will there always be feuding and oppression, so long as there are differences among her people?

Which role will you play in this story? Are you a mage who governs over the lesser-endowed people? Are you a mage who yearns for peace? A tinkerer looking to improve the lot of the people with your inventions? Or a run of the mill, salt of the earth peasant, hoping to build a better life for you and yours?

.:How This RP Works:.

The major affiliations in this RP are the mages and the tinkerers. You can choose which one to be affiliated with. If you character is a mage, you have the ability to use magic. It can be fantasy magic (ex: Fireballs and lightning bolts) or it can be realistic magic (ex: charms and homespun spells). You may choose a specialty in magic, such as healing spells or elementals. Mages can buy gadgets from tinkerers, but they lack the technical savvy to build gadgets themselves.

If your character is a tinkerer, you are adept with mechanics. You can build guns, mechanical wagons, flying machines, anything your imagination permits. You can choose a specific kind of item you are especially proficient at making, such as weaponry or transportation. Tinkerers can buy some charms or enchanted items from mages, but they lack the spiritual fortitude to cast magic themselves.

You can also be “Unaffiliated,” meaning you don’t identify with either mages or tinkerers. Most unaffiliated characters are peasants, farmers, or otherwise have jobs that aren’t inherently dependent on magic or technology.

For the timebeing, please stick to good or neutral characters. Depending upon the success of the RP, we may allow evil characters later. Note that you can be a mage and still be good. Not all mages are bad.

Before you submit a profile, please read the rules and the Updates below. RUBIDIA MAP HERE.
Overview | How This RP Works | Rules | How To Join | User Image | How To Fight | Updates | Player Characters | Notable NPC's


arrow Be Literate
If you can’t write in complete legible sentences or spell at your age, you should shut off your computer right now and go study your grammar homework. Spamming, bumping, and leet is not welcome here.

arrow Two-Day Rule
If you are the plot master (e.g. the person leading a plot) and leave your fellow RPers hanging for two days without any prior warning, the other RPers are entitled to puppet their way through your plotpoint so they don't have to wait on you. Your character will still be presumed present.
If you are just a member of a plot (not the leader) and you aren’t here, the other RPers don’t have to wait on you at all. They may continue to progress in the story at any time. Your character will still be presumed present.

arrow Quitting/Rejoining
If you want to quit, just tell us and we'll take your profile down, no questions asked. Or if you disappear without warning for more than two weeks, we'll assume you quit and take your profile down. If you change your mind after quitting, or show up after a two-week absence, you are completely welcome to rejoin. We save all removed profiles; just say the word and we'll put it back up.

arrow Read These Rules
Put a pirate emoticon in your profile to show that you read and agree to the rules.

arrow Easy on the Mary Sues
No overpowered or overly perfect characters. That's no fun for everyone else. You can get stronger throughout the RP, but we look for a good balance of Strengths and Weaknesses in profiles.

arrow OOC chat
This RP is informal, and we love to get to know each other. OOC chat is encouraged, but make sure you separate it with (()) or something.

arrow No Cheating In Fights
This RP implements a dice system for Player vs. Player fights, which will be explained further down. Use this system well.

arrow Post Length Minimum Not Required
You don't have to dump out your character's life story or inner monologue just to make your posts 'long enough.' If you want to write a few paragraphs, go ahead. But if you can just as easily make your point in one or two sentences, then one or two sentences will do. It's a forum post, not an essay assignment. razz

.:.How To Join:.

1.) Fill out a profile in this format:
[b]Occupation:[/b] (optional)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] (Mage, Tinkerer, or Unaffiliated)
[b]Weapons/Magic Abilities:[/b]
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Important! Must be something that would challenge your character in combat. No trivial things like 'Fear of cats' or 'The smile of a beautiful maiden.')
[b]Background or Other Info:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Picture or short description.)
[b]Proof that you read the rules:[/b]
[b]How you met the pary:[/b] (Briefly describe how and why you joined the adventurers, that way you can automatically start off with them.)

2.) Do not PM profiles to Rubidian Ace Of Hearts. This is an alt account and doesn’t get checked frequently. Posting your profile in the thread is the fastest way to get noticed by one of the mods, and they will not mind the “interruption.” But if you simply must PM it, then send it to The Hearkened One.

3.) After you've posted your profile, one of the mods may suggest revisions. Common suggestions include: too many strengths and not enough weaknesses, inconsistency with events of RP, etc.
Mods may also check your recent posts for RPing experience. A lack of experience does not immediately disqualify you; you can still win us over with a well-written profile.

4.) If a mod tells you you're rejected, they'll try to explain why. If a mod tells you that you're accepted, you may begin posting. You may choose to join a plot on the Updates (see next post), or you can start your own.

Other than that, welcome to 'Séance and Sprocket.' We look forward to RPing with you. Oh, and check out the Updates section after this post to help you decide how to get started.
Overview | How This RP Works | Rules | How To Join | User Image | How To Fight | Updates | Player Characters | Notable NPC's

.:How To Fight:.

Why a regulated battle system in a forum RP? Because otherwise, you’d just be attacking and attacking the enemy until I relent and tell you it’s dead. razz This takes a little control out of the gamemaster’s hands and bequeaths it to the player. Also, it takes away the monotony of knowing you are always guaranteed to win.

1. When making a post that includes an attack (ex: “Joe fired his shotgun”) select the “Post Action” dropdown list to the right of “Post Message Screen.” Click on “Roll Dice.”

2. Choose the 20-sided die, and 1 for the # of dice.

3. The enemy will have a predetermined damage threshold of 20 or less, and a predetermined amount of health. If your dice roll exceeds the damage threshold, you do a fixed amount of damage.

4. Everything I just said also applies to the enemy fighting you.

5. When you start the RP, your attacks will always do 1-2 points of damage. You may level up by continued activity in this RP. After every 100 pages, you will be given a power-up to choose from. (Ex: The ability to combo-attack and use multiple dice rolls per round, an extra point of health, etc.)

6. Don’t be scared if you aren’t used to this system! It is new and experimental. If necessary, we will reserve a place to practice it until it becomes second nature. smile If you aren’t comfortable with it at first, you can start off by playing a character who doesn’t fight directly. We won’t murder you. wink
Overview | How This RP Works | Rules | How To Join | User Image | How To Fight | Updates | Player Characters | Notable NPC's


Missed out on the action? Don’t worry, this section will help you stay caught up in the plot even if you can’t be here every day.


Tirellian (The Hearkened One), Dr. Gideon (Grayfox7), Alex (DarkSeraphim28 ), and Burnie (AnzuAi) have agreed to help the Scholar's Guild carry out the New Unity Plan, an ambitious plan to build a floating city. The first step of putting this plan to action is to travel Rubidia searching for influential people, both mages and tinkerers, to assist on the project, all the while side-stepping the Seance Circle and Sprocket Syndicate. Our heroes traveled to Mercor to seek out Grover Edwin Fontaine, a professor who resides in an undersea lab. However, they arrived in Mercor in the aftermath of a bloody shootout, and began to investigate the details of the destruction.


Lily (Pilan) has been reunited with her family, the Celiuses who preside over Natum. While there, she discovered what may have been the cause of her memory loss.

It is September 27, 1875 in game time.
Overview | How This RP Works | Rules | How To Join | User Image | How To Fight | Updates | Player Characters | Notable NPC's

.:.Player Characters:.
The Hearkened One
Name: Tirellian Harkand
Age: 26
Occupation: Drifter and occasional guide
Affiliation: Mage.
Personality: Tirellian has had power and abused it, so he usually won’t seek a leader position in any groups he is allied with. He’ll offer advice where applicable, but will leave the decision-making to others. He’s generally laid back, content to go with the flow. He’s also a private person and doesn’t draw attention to himself, though he doesn’t try to deny his past and will share personal information if asked.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: Wields a crossbow, sometimes with magic-tipped arrows. Knows a very minimal amount of magic.
Strengths: Quick on the draw. Quite a precise sharpshooter.
Weaknesses: Not much of one for close-range combat. Also, his magic spells are limited to a short list of blessings and nature-based spells.
Background or Other Info: The Harkand family are known magic users and rulers of the southeastern diamond mining town, Minton. Argus Harkand, Tirellian’s father, was a fair magistrate to the miners of Minton, though ignorant of how to hold a pickaxe himself. Delacey Harkand, Argus’ wife and Tirellian’s mother, was a conniving gold-digger. She spoiled her son rotten and filled his head with crooked aspirations of power and wealth. Hence, when Tirellian succeeded Argus as magistrate, he gained a reputation as a tyrant in no time. He overworked the miners into exhaustion and dangerous conditions, simply to pocket a little extra profit which he often spent on entertaining himself or his courtesan of choice for the day. It wasn’t long before the workers had enough of this mistreatment and rebelled, dragging Tirellian into the neighboring mountain wilderness and leaving him there for dead.
Until then, Tirellian had been either unable to or simply uninterested in using magic. But faced with the harsh elements, he managed to survive when he discovered an ability, however weak, for nature-based spells. By blessing the wild berries and fruits he came across, he protected himself from poison. By willing the plants to grow thicker, he managed to shelter himself from the weather. Spared from death by this gift, he acknowledged that his misdeeds contributed to the turmoil in Rubidia. He set out to repay his debt to society however possible.
Appearance: Tirellian

Name: Wayne Gideon
Age: 30
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Wayne speaks with intelligence and confidence in a way that will often provoke others he suspect him of being arrogant. Despite being a tinkerer, the hated enemy of the mages, he doesn't seem to show fear of being discovered given how he displays his devices openly.
Weapons/Devices: Has several weapons hidden on his person. Each watch has a different function, one being a single shot small caliber pistol, one having a small blade and one having a spray to irritate attackers. The fourth watch does nothing but tell time.
Has a small cane with a small coyote head on the top and a hidden blade within. Carries two modified pistols named Liina and Victoria.
Strengths: Is an excellent shot and can think quickly on his feet. Seems to be prepared for most occasions.
Weaknesses: Because Wayne insists on wearing his goggles, mask and hat at all times, his peripheral vision suffers more than the average person, leaving him more vulnerable to being flanked and taken surprise.
Background or Other Info: Wayne, or Dr. Gideon as he calls himself, is a man that loves to hear himself talk and seems to believe that others do as well. He believes that the pursuit of knowledge is not one that should be restricted, hence why he has branded himself a tinkerer and openly opposes the mages. It's unknown if this vendetta is more personal than that, as Dr. Gideon also keeps his part of his face covered by a red and black leather mask at all times and usually keeps goggles over his face.
Appearance: 6'0 tall man with blue eyes and evidence of short, light brown hair. Wears a black and red leather mask over the lower half of his face and tinted goggles over his eyes. Also wears a small top hat and a coat, sometimes takes off the coat for combat.

Name: Lily Celius
Age: 21
Occupation: Wandering Swordswoman/ Battle mage (Windcleaver)
Affiliation: Mage
Personality: Lily for the most part is an amnesiac, often showing curiosity at things that are new or that she doesn't remember. The fact that she knows she has forgotten her past gives her a driving urge to find those that may know who she is; eager to regain her memories. That said, she will show some reluctance when it comes to making friends; though those that succeed can rely on her being loyal and helpful. She has a bit of a sore spot about her bust size, any comments aimed towards her small assets (or her believing such) are prone to send her on a rage.
Those familiar with Windcleaver would recall that she is quite vicious in battle, something Lily seems to have forgotten. On the other hand, the only ones that have really seen her were either her own family or those currently six feet under.
Weapons/Magic Abilities:
Armament Summon: A simple spell that Lily remembers, allowing her to switch from her normal clothes to her combat armor and her blade; no matter where they are at that particular point in time. On the downside, her normal clothes usually don't survive the summoning process and thus need to be replaced; as well as the fact that damage to her armor will still need to be repaired. It should be noted that her armor and sword are notoriously lightweight thanks to an enchantment. (if you don't agree to this ability, I'll remove it.)
Wind Control: Lily is a battle mage that is (or was) adept at controlling the wind and air. As such, she has the ability to use her magic to manipulate the wind to aid her however she sees fit. With the loss of her memories, the only thing she can do for now is use the wind to increase her running speed or the speed of any beasts of burden. As she regains her memories, so too will she regain knowledge on how to use her powers.
Strengths: Despite her amnesia, her body recalls how to fight. She is very skilled in bladed and unarmed combat forms, and her wind magic can be of aid to her. For now, though, she's just exceptionally light on her feet; though one should beware of her wind magic as she regains her memories.
Weaknesses: As lightweight as her armor is, it doesn't help her much when it comes to water. In fact, she has trouble swimming in water to begin with. It is a little known fact that if she's sent into a flying rage, she doesn't have as much control over her magic; as well as the fact her wind magic doesn't work too well when in areas where air is sealed up, such as a sealed room with no windows. Currently has trouble with long range attacks.
Background or Other Info: Lily, as she is known as, is the second oldest daughter of the Celius family living in Natum; a mage family notorious for being a unique breed of mage known simply as battle mages. Ever since she was four years old, she and her siblings have been raised to find and master combat forms that work for them and to utilize elemental magic. In Lily's case, her proficiency in wind magic and bladed combat. Often known as Battle Mage Windcleaver to those outside of her family, she and her siblings became enforcers of sorts; those that ensure that magefolk are the dominants in this world.
As Windcleaver, it was Lily's job to hunt down those that endanger magefolk, which usually meant going up against tinkerers. Her family knows she was sent out to the lands near Direct River between Quam and Pala to deal with a possible tinkerer threat there, but that was about a month ago. Lily had actually found and faced tinkerers there, but had been badly injured and suffered a head injury. When she awoke, she was in Pala with no memory beyond her first name. She has since been on a journey to try and remember who she is.
Appearance: Standing around 5' 4" with blond hair, green eyes, and a smaller than average bust size. Her hair is usually kept in a ponytail tied off with a black ribbon. Her normal clothes change fairly often, though she usually sticks to simple cheap clothing or wears a traveler's robe. Her combat clothes consist of a white dress with an exposed back; with armored boots, gauntlets, a breastplate, and small armored pieces along either side of her skirt.

Name: Alexander Holmes
Age: 20
Occupation: Librarian/Freelance Mechanic
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Alexander, or Alex for short, is a shy, quiet but kind young man who wishes to aid others through his abilities. He holds no hatred for magic users, but is rather nervous about showing his abilities in the open. Despite his youth he is quite intelligent though it is often hidden behind an anxious and socially awkward young man. Because of this he has some trouble connecting to others. However he is fiercely loyal and very protective of people he cares about. Can be a bit forgetful of small details when he gets involved in a project, becoming so focused he forgets about everything else.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: Though keeps them a secret, carries a number of special gadgets he invented. Though he doesn't like to cause harm, he carries a pair of special modified pistols which fire special rounds mean to incapacitate, not kill. However he does carry a pair of folding blades which are attached to sheaths strapped to his forearms. In addition to weapons, he also carries a special charmed pocket watch given to him by his mother. While it also tells time, it also has a small protection charm. Carries another watch which contains a sleeping gas.
Strengths: Is light on his feet and knows how to use his speed to his advantage. Knows how to defend himself in combat, using primarily his pistols and blades.
Weaknesses: Because Alex hates to cause harm to others, he does tend to hesitate during combat. Also he isn't physically the strongest so in a fight of pure strength he would lose.
Background or Other Info: Alexander was born in Natum to a single, mage mother. His father died of illness before he was born. His mother, despite being a mage, hated that her fellows used their powers to oppress others. As such, she taught her son to see people for who they were, not what they could do. Though Alex found his calling in mechanics and science, he found nothing but support from his mother until her death shortly after he turned 19. Gathering up his possessions and money, he then moved to Arula city in order to make a better life for himself. He soon got a job at a library, though he continues to work on his machines in secret. He has a fascination for flying, and has numerous inventions and projects devoted to the subject.
Appearance: Is a bit taller than average, with a slim but athletic build that allows for quick movement. Has sable brown eyes and longish dark blond hair that often falls into his eyes. Often wears Victorian clothing when out and about in public or working, whether it be in the library or in his workshop. As a result his clothes can be a bit rumpled or dirty due to his mechanical work. Often wears a pair of goggles on his head to protect his eyes during work, though sometimes forgets to remove them.

Name: Burnfa "Burnie" Gold
Occupation: Pilot of her plane "Medusa"
Affiliation: Pilot, affliated with Tinkerers
Personality: Bright and outgoing, sometimes hard to get along with because she can be stubborn. Is loyal and very tough.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: She fights with a revolver with a patterned handle, and is known to throw spanners and other engineering stuff at people who annoy her! She has no magical abilities.
Strengths: Good with engines, can fix almost anything. She is a sharp shoot!
Weaknesses: She has an old flying injury (a crash) that can trouble her during hard combat (her rib was broken and she has a scar across her stomach).This can lead to unfortunate collapsing!
Background or Other Info: Her father died in a plane crash, leaving Medusa to his sixteen year old daughter. Her mother was never around, she was a society lady who didn't approve of her lifestyle.
Appearance: (There is a pic but it's not done yet) Mid length auburn hair, with a plait by her right ear. wears flying goggles with a white blouse under a deep brown corset. Brown trousers tucked into black leather boots. Belt with gun and spanners!

The Count Nightmare
Name: Alvise Fiorenzo Batista
Age: 25
Occupation: Shop keeper's assistant/ Vigilante
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Vise is a clown, he's a funny guy who takes things with a grain of salt, a smirk, and a joke. He's very open, not a shy bone on him. He's sweet, and generally isn't sour to anyone. Vise does have a bit of a nervous side when presented with shorter girls. They tend to be his type, and he can blush and talk around points and ideas around them. In other words, he's a mess.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: Vise has only one actual weapon, a thinned version of a broadsword he carries strapped to his back. Its rarely ever pulled out though, as he tends to prefer using mind over muscle and trick foes. His next two items are items he works on constantly. The first is a sort of grapling hook fired from a small hand device. he calls it the hook shot. And while it doesn't have the biggest range, it can cross decent distances. The next is a bug. Yes, a bug. Made of copper and powered by electric nodes and steam, the bug has large mandibles and is used to fetch things from a distance. He oddly enough also carries a little bag filled with marbles. They're used for exactly what one would think. Tripping.
Strengths: Vise is pretty fast. His agility and wits are generally appreciated. most importantly, he's funny. Its perhaps his biggest psychological strength
Weaknesses: Vise can't fire a gun, he has a severe nerve issue in his dominant left hand that prevents his from firing a gun. The nerve disorder in his hand also means his hand to hand combat is limited to grapples or sword strikes. His second weakness is, he's very much impatient, often running blindly to help people. When it comes to his own safety he's careless, too focused on securing the safety of others. Next, is his fear of fish. he's DEATHLY afraid of marine life, but not just fish. Penguins, whales, anything that lives in the sea, except for sharks. he's not afraid of sharks, oddly enough.
Background or Other Info: A man who claims to know nothing but read everything, Alvise tries to keep himself an open book full of truths and dares. Vise works part of the day assisting an old man in his clock shop. He knows clockwork fairly well thanks to his mother and father's old shop. The job makes him money for his creating and for his other job... His current job has shown him the dark side of people, and while some faces, like Deserae's are clean faces, belonging to workers, others are hard and full of lies. Because f this, Vise takes on darker work. Vigilante Justice, taking out "bad guys" in the night. Thieves and rapists, all kinds of people fill the streets. Vise just tries to use what he knows to take at least a few away. As far as mages go, Vise is "es la vida" with them, minding his own until it becomes personal.
Appearance: Vise is roughly five eleven, five ten, and about one hundred and fifty pounds. He's got a runner's build really. He has oak brown hair, reaching his biceps in length and light brown eyes as pure as the mid day sun on wooden plank. He tends to wear commoners clothes for his day job, but for his night job, he dons a pair of goggles, a white shirt, and a special black vest with three long tails, meant to make him aerodynamic. He also wears workers boots at night, givinbg his kicks a little more "umph" should he need to use his legs.

Name: Maggie "Mags" Burke
Age: 19
Occupation: None
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Maggie is a rather sweet and quiet soul. Tenative around those she's not familiar with, however once she knows you better Maggie does have a quirky sense of humor. Also tends to talk to herself or the creations that she makes. She also likes to play with any weapon in her reach.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: A hunting knife that she keeps in a sheath on her ankle, two revolver pistols, and an 1800s steampunk version of a compound bow and arrows.
Strengths: She’s a really good marksman and is rather handy with almost any kind of tool out there.
Weaknesses: While Maggie is rather good at ranged attacks she is rather lacking in the melee combat or in close quarters.
Background or Other Info: Maggie’s family is chalked full of magic users, however she has no talent for it whatsoever. While her older siblings taunted her about her lack of talent Maggie’s father, Henry Burke, and her little brother, Ben, saw the mechanical inclinations she had and encouraged them. When she turned 18 Maggie set out to make her own way in the world and set-up shop in her hometown; specializing in weaponry i.e. guns or even giving a new twist to an old favorite like the bow and arrow.
Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Zay the Human Boy
Name: Raff Schjor
Age: 26
Occupation: Gunsmith
Affiliation: Tinkerer
Personality: Raff is calm and easy going, he gets along with pretty much anyone he meets! His charismatic personality often gets him out of trouble. Raff also enjoys a good fight, whether it be a fire fight or a brawl. The thrills are all the same.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: Shadow of the Heretic & Spawn of Corruption.
Strengths: Raff's slender figure and speed allow increased chance to evade attacks, uses combustion grenades.
Weaknesses: Fire-based magic.
Background or Other Info: Raffs from the slumbs of the city. His father was a gunsmith for the gangs decades ago, he taught Raff everything he knew about gunsmithing. When the mages began to oppress the city, they tried to raid Raff's home. This wouldn't go down quite so easily. After killing 3 or so of them one got a lucky shot, though Raff dodged it with ease; his little sister was burnt to a crisp. This image scars him, Raff holds a grudge on all mages now.

Raff was forced to flee the city after the uprising. There was nothing left for him in the city. Raff fled to the Ashen Woods where he lived in peace. One day though, he plans to take revenge on the b*****d mages that took those he held dear to him. He lived off the wildlife, anything from a small bird to a wild boar he fed off. He's been living in a small hut he made out of branches and straw ever since.
Appearance: Raff.
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Seance Circle
A fearsome, militant force composed of mages, the Seance Circle, aka "the Circle," is currently conducting an Inquisition to purge Rubidia of tinkerers. It's said that Inquisitors have also been known to kidnap children from nonmage families when those children show magical promise, and then raise them to become ruthless members of the Circle.

Sprocket Syndicate
An underground, mob-like society of tinkerers. Also known simply as "Sprockets," they operate, for the most part, in secrecy. It isn't uncommon to visit an innocuous-looking shop that is really a front for the Sprockets without ever knowing it. They harbor a deep hatred for the mages, especially the Circle, and would love nothing more than to see mages removed from power at any cost.

Scholar's Guild
Located on an island in the middle of the lake north of Natum, the Scholar's Guild is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, both scientific and magic. They strive for harmony between the two schools of thought, even when those schools of thought find themselves in conflict elsewhere in the world.

.:Notable NPC's:.

Memorable characters you’ve encountered across Rubidia. These profiles may change as characters’ roles evolve in the story. At the discretion of the gamemaster, some of these characters may be upgraded to player characters. Ask if you’d like to use one.
Name: Nathan Marley
Age: Late teens/early 20's
Occupation: Librarian, Scholar's Guild member
Personality: Appears to have a docile disposition and helpful attitude.
Background or Other Info: Nathan was first encountered in the failing library of Arula City. He claimed that the library was funded by the Scholar's Guild in an effort to help educate the people, but due to low patronage and stolen books, it wasn't very successful. His two closest friends are Alex Holmes and John Chapman, the former being a coworker at the library and the latter being his roommate. When John and Alex found themselves fugitives who must avoid capture by the Seance Circle, Nathan offered to take them to the safety of the Scholar's Guild, where he himself was headed for some kind of special announcement. He has been shown to possess some magic, including the ability to bless bandages for faster healing and to ward off pollutants.
Location: Scholar's Guild
Appearance: Scholarly and clean-cut.

Name: Gizmo Gladstone
Age: 40's
Occupation: Sprocket Syndicate member
Personality: An off-his-rocker, dreadfully paranoid old goat...who nevertheless is a genius at building and operating remote-controlled golems.
Background or Other Info: Originally from the diamond mining town of Minton, he intended his golems to be used in the mines, increasing productivity and easing the burden of the miners. However, when control of Minton passed from the elderly Argus Harkand to his spoiled and selfish son Tirellian, Gizmo's golems were among the first of the miners' luxuries to be scrapped by the bratty tyrant. Embittered, Gizmo left Minton, eventually joined the Sprocket Syndicate and now uses his golems to achieve their mysterious ends. It seems he hangs out with his young nephew Oliver, who acts as a foil to his uncle's paranoia, despite Gizmo insisting that he is no longer related to Oliver after being divorced by Oliver's aunt.
Location: Unknown, last seen in underground Arula.
Appearance: Think of every old-timey prospector you've ever seen, and put them together. That's Gizmo.

Name: The Ace Of Hearts
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Professional gambler
Personality: Unknown, but is said to be kindhearted and generous to the poor and needy.
Background or Other Info: This mysterious woman is never far from a tavern or saloon. She is said to be ruthless in a game of cards, billiards or darts, and has often walked away with the contents of an opulent and corrupt lord's wallet. The common folk seem to regard her highly, as she appears to use her winnings to help those in need. After the Mercor shootout, she challenged Jack Wheeler to a game of roulette, in which the winner would use the prize to pay for the damages to the town.
Location: Mercor
Appearance: The Ace Of Hearts

Name: Rose Celius
Age: 21
Occupation: Celius Battlemage (Flamehaze)
Personality: Rose is noted for how she feels about her family, having a particularly strong bond to her twin sister, Lily. Being one of the Celius family's battle mages, she has a dislike towards anyone that threatens magekind; especially towards Tinkerers for an as of yet unexplained reason. She does follow an honor code, though, which may gain even a tinkerer her temporary allegiance if they play their cards right.
Background or Other Info: Rose looks exactly like Lily, so much so that even Lily can figure Rose is her sister despite her amnesia. Rose has not spoken much about her past to those that have met her, but has shown herself to be calm and understanding regarding Lily's condition; though she seems adamant about bringing her back home.
Location: Natum, known to wander the lands
Appearance: Rose wears a red dress often, along with pulling her hair in a bun and tying it off with a red ribbon; she otherwise looks just like Lily. Though not seen yet, she can summon boots and a sword enchanted to resist high levels of heat.

Name: Guildmaster Cohen
Age: 70's
Occupation: Head of the Scholar's Guild
Personality: A kindly and sagely gentleman.
Background or Other Info: Cohen co-founded the Scholar's Guild 50 years ago. It is uncertain if any of the other co-founders are still alive. He is vehemently dedicated to the Guild's cause of harmony between science and magic. He was the one to propose the "New Unity Plan," an ambitious mission to build a floating city which will serve as a beacon of peace between science and magic. He also delegates many of the tasks in the New Unity Plan. While his heart and intentions are undoubtedly good, something seems oddly off about him, as evidenced by his asking Nathan to stay at the Guild and perform charm spells for undisclosed reasons.
Location: Scholar's Guild
Appearance: I tend to picture Sean Connery from the Indiana Jones movie.

Name: Leah Nemo
Age: 30's
Occupation: Sprocket Syndicate member
Personality: Confident and defiant
Background or Other Info: A submarine captain who was caught attempting to attack an Inquisitor's ship, she was to be executed in Mercor town square. Her Inquisitor executioners offered to lesson her sentence in exchange for the location of the undersea lab professor Grover Edwin Fontaine, but she refused. She was spared from execution, however, when a group of gunmen led by Jack Wheeler opened fire on the Inquisitors. During the confusion, she jumped into the harbor to escape.
Location: Unknown, last seen escaping her execution in Mercor
Appearance: Leah Nemo

Name: Jack Wheeler
Age: 30's
Occupation: Gunman
Personality: Smug and self-righteous
Background or Other Info: When Inquisitors began to occupy the lawless town of Mercor, Jack was the one to lead an assault on them. The entire town was gathered at the square for a public execution, which was the perfect opportunity for Jack and his men to shoot all the Inquisitors down from the rooftops. Within minutes, the Inquisitors were all dead, and Jack's men dumped their bodies in the harbor while Jack gave a rousing speech to the crowd. He fancies himself the saving grace of the town, but shows little regard for the innocent people who were hurt in the onslaught, or the buildings that were damaged.
Location: Mercor
Appearance: Jack Wheeler
Tirellian Harkand had not stopped coughing since he made his way through the Ashen Woods near Arula City, and into the industrial powerhouse itself. As famous as Rubidia's capital city of Arula was for its commerce, it was just as infamous for the steady stream of pollution that emitted from its factories and train station. The pollution rained down as ash, even coating the trees just to the south with the likeness of a perpetual dull snow.
He didn't have to be far past the gates of the city to see the grand clock tower, hanging above everything like a sentinel. It seemed strange that the magic families allowed such a marvel of engineering to exist. But, he figured, what better way for the magic families to keep the tinkerers busy with their hands and gadgets than to put them to work on a towering symbol of authority?
The enormous gears of the grand clock were vaguely visible behind a clock face of misty glass. Gigantic hands and numbers of brass adorned the face, constantly working together to remind the citizens below to stay on schedule in their daily routines. At this moment, the minute hand was barely within reach of the twelve, announcing the arrival of noon.
"So much for beating the lunch rush," Tirellian mused. But, he thought, in a place like this surely he could find an odd job or two in the afternoon.
Name: Deserae
Age: 24
Occupation: Trading post (fill in for absent vendors)
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Personality: Deserae is very intune with nature and it shows. Everything from the way she walks to her dusky voice says " I may walk among you but I belong with the forest." She is not really a quiet person but to those who don't know her she may seem so. It is more that she doesn't see the point in idle chatter and would say something of actual importance. She is friendly and will ask how you are but probably won't ask where you got that lovely bracelet you're wearing. Just don't make her angry! When riled she becomes an explosive ball of molten venom, not caring who her adversary is and she will be ruthless. Her fast wit comes in handy at these times. Allthough thankfully she is hard to anger and has a very live and let live personality.
Weapons/Magic Abilities: / She ia a healer and a Wind dancer. Don't know what that is?People have reported feeling a calm soothing breeze around her when she is happy, but make her angry and watch the wind bend to her rage. She does carry a knife tucked in a small sheath on her right calf because, hey, they come in handy!
Strengths: Intelligent and passionate she is very loyal towards those she cares about. She is a protector for her people's way of life.
Weaknesses: Her temper is also her biggest drawback because when she releases it she holds nothing back. It consumes her and doesn't ebb untill the problem is gone. This works wonders on true enemies but can be quite harmfull to those around her if she doesn't take note of them in her anger.
Background or Other Info: as the daughter of the head merchants at the traders post she has been around outsiders her whole life. Her father has taught her to learn everything she can from nature and people. He has instilled in her the value of making impartial decisions based on what is best for the land and the peoples. Her father has always told her how she looks just like her mother. Her mother died in a land slide accident where the new Rubidians were using newly engineered explosives to make the original trading post when Deserae was three. Being a compassionate man her father raised her and her two sisters to judge people by their soul and not their actions. Hence why the trading post was still opened after her mother's death. The new Rubidians were using faulty technology, not conspiring for murder. Deserae has taken on the task as a fill in merchant for any of the boothes so that she can follow her father's teaching and learn of all the land's people. She hopes to one day become an elder council member for her tribe but feels she must know about the outsiders in order to properly protect her people.
Appearance: Slightly taller than average with a slender build. She has dusky skin and black wayward tresses. She wears victorian clothes in the trading post to blend in but prefers the more natural clothing of her people.
Proof that you read the rules: pirate
Where you want to start off: Arula
On the first turn of the street corner, what should Tirellian encounter but a native's trading post. In an ashtray like this? He thought. The native Rubidians were known for keeping to their own territory, and weren't generally regarded to be at home in a city like this.
Just as well, he figured. His supply of enchanted arrows was getting low, and he had the handful of coins to do business. Perhaps this chance encounter could work to his benefit.
He approached the trading post.
"Good day," he greeted the dark-skinned proprietress. "Any enchanted arrows in stock here?"

" Why, yes, good sir, we do," Deserae smiled, " Would you prefer arrows that clense any game they fell or ones that ensure swift, painless death? We do offer them combined, if you travel they can be quite priceless to add to your possesions. We are having a special on them today. How many could I interest you in?" Deserae gave him her winning seller's smile. She didn't normally mention the combination arrows but, taking in his disheveled appearance, this man looked like he moved around alot. He might have the funds to support them, might not. Twas worth the risk. She felt she should watch him though... he did seem...possibly dangerous...
Cleansing and instant death? Well, both sounded like they had their uses. It was always a relief, not having to worry about foodborne illnesses when hunting close to such a polluted region. Then again, the instant death arrows would be invaluable the next time a bear turned hostile out there in the wilderness.
"I'll take the combination," he decided. "How many for 20 coins?"

Well, our sale is for ten for the price of thirty but... for you ... I suppose... I could go down to twenty five. Allthough if you would be interested in our flecthings of true aim or our quiver of holding, which keeps your arrows in untill you pull them out even if you drop it.... we could reach an even better bargain..." She rewarded him with her sultry smile.
Tirellian stifled an awkward chuckle. He had no idea the natives could be so enterprising! He counted up what was left in his pocket. 25 would be cutting it close. After all, if no work presented itself this afternoon, he would still like to have a meal and a roof somewhere to bank on. Well, maybe he could pass on the true aim and quiver of holding. His own eye and balance would have to continue to do.
"Gonna have to decline on those last to offers, appealing though they may be," he stated. "But 25 for the arrows, we can deal."

"very well. One moment please," Deserae asked as she dissapeared for a moment. "Here we are," Deserae held out the arrows with one hand and reached palm up with the other, "twenty five it is, Traveler."
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The concept of a bar was never something that could escape a town. It didn't matter how high class it was considered or if it was out in the wastes. If there was a town that had people in it, then there would be alcohol.
And where would there be alcohol without festivities? In the Star's Eye one could find such a thing. Travelers passing through town would always stop for a game of cards. Bets would be made, emotions would run high, and if things got too out of hand someone would end up dead. This was turning into one such time.
"What the hell? There's no ******** way you can get perfect hands four times in a row. Give me my money back!" A rather surly patron shouted as he stood up from a corner booth, knocking over his chair in the process and overall making quite a racket.
"I'm afraid that would go against the point of the game, Mr. Linton. The laws of Poker are what produce the excitement and give a rush of adrenaline. Where several parties are battling against each other in a game of wit, guile, and above all chance. It seems that luck was just not in your favor." A voice coming from the shadows of the booth said. The voice was firm and thorough, yet spoke in a way that had a subtle peck of mockery in it.
"You're a cheat Gideon! You want luck? I make my own luck you b*****d!" Mr. Linton shouted once more as he went for his side arm. The moment that the main touched his weapon, Dr. Gideon held up a hand in a motion for him to stop, slowing turning it over so his palm was upward.
"I implore you not to do such a thing Mr. Linton. You've already proven this morning that your gambling skills are suffering. I wouldn't put up such high stakes with a history such as yours." Dr. Gideon said calmly. Mr. Linton scowled and shook his head, finally pulling his six shooter completely out of its holster and pointing at Gideon, the man still refusing to yield.
"Say goodnight Gideon." Mr. Linton sneered. The man placed a thumb on the hammer of the pistol and cocked it back.
What followed the event was a gunshot and a loud thud, however when the bartender looked up he would only see Linton on the floor while Dr. Gideon shuffled the cards for another round.

"I'm not sure what his profession was, but if he specialized in creating luck he lacks in it severely. I apologize for the mess, bartender. Here, Mr. Linton shall pay for the compensation." Gideon said before removing the wallet he had just won in the last card game. As the cards were dealt once more, he replaced the tiny bullet in the watch that was furthest down his wrist, also taking a moment to clean the barrel after it had been fired. It was never a dull moment around these parts.

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