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۩ December 1998 ۩

A prison set far off in the sea under the noses of the government is where our next story takes place in. Unfortunately most of the prisoners there people Umbrella thought to be "dangerous to there 'busyness' " and were locked up. Ever sense, Alfred Ashford the last remaining member of the Ashford family was set in charge of the jail. Outraged, and without a soul to talk to. He slowly went insane from loneliness, so what did he do? He made two genetic experiments or rather his researchers did. Mostly resembling him and his sister Alexia, it wasn't before long that they grew up and presented themselves as adults. But when Umbrella slowly starts to catch there new loose ends..... Everything starts to fall apart, Norman and Scarecrow. Have formed a alliance with one another ultimately after the same things. During Wesker's plans to get a sample of the T-Veronica project. Norman and Scarecrow need some as well, using Wesker's plan as the perfect time to take such a thing. It won't be a easy feet..... Who will survive? Will anyone? There is only one way to find out.
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Rule #1~ Trolling, Bullying, Flaming, God modding, I classify them all the same. Do any of them and you're a** is gone!

Rule #2~ If you talk OOC (Out Of Character) put (())-{{}}-[[]]-// // any of those around you're post.

Rule #3~ God modding as stated before is a quick way to get yourself kicked out, its when you give you're oc to powerful of a weapon, Make them jump around the map without logical moving to the location, or give you're person powers. BOW ocs are reserved for the people on the white list, people I trust are only on the white list. See below for the black and white list.

Rule #4~ Post regularly, or at least try you're best. If you don't have the time to keep up with us then don't join! This role play moves fast and if you're holding up the story you're gone! Just tell me if you're gonna be gone for a while, or if you need to drop out. If you need to drop out I'll delete you're profile and you're welcome back any time. Except if its like the final battle or its over.

Rule #5~ Oc attitude, I've been told how my oc acts is something I should fix. To be honest I HATED it, so don't tell anyone how there oc should act. Unless there being a Alice (Glory hog) then you can tell em one four. This RP is not to stroke you're ego!

Rule #6~ I'M THE FREAKING JUDGE! No ands ifs or buts about it, when I say you're gone. YOU-ARE-GONE! Continue to pester me and you're on the black list and my block list.

Rule #7~ T-Virus infection, were using T here. Witch means once you're bitten you're infected, there are three ways to solve this. one is to cut off the infected limb, another is to find the cure in Umbrella's lab if you can even get that far, the last one is to commit suicide with a shot to the head. The T-Virus doesn't give you powers on any level so deal with it, this is the live action move things actually make sense here!

Rule #8~ Keep away from sex related material, Resident Evil wasn't and never will be a porno. If you're gonna do something like that take it somewhere else. I won't put up with it and nether will the Admins.

Rule #9~ Dieing, you can in fact die. But it has to contribute something, once you are dead. You stay dead, you may not kill other people's ocs without there or my permission. The only time I prompt a kill is when you beak the rules thus making me want you gone.

Rule #10~ Send all profiles to me, thats Kaneapoo 002. Title the PM "Sure I'm not human anymore!" and put a dramallama in it. If you don't this is how I tell if you read the rules or not. I will tell you to please read the rules if you're profile vitiates any of the rules. And remember no BOWs unless you're on the white list.

Rule #11~ Posting styles, this RP is in PAST tense. Was not is, please put you're ocs Name, Location & Status above every post. If you can, fancy posts are very much welcome. Just don't write a novels worth of text. And no one line wonders, we can't work with one or two sentences.

Rule #12~ I encourage talk outside of the RP, it helps grow a friend bond that makes the role play more strong. I am always open to new friends, I'm also not stupid. I am very smart even fro someone my age, if you're trying to get something. I'll know.

Rule #13~ Ocs, for this RP the Ocs are going to be prisoners. AND JUST PRISONERS! The only acceptation are Norman, Scarecrow, and the Ashford two people there. Once we get on the plane to the Arctic base, the submissions will be closed. So that means you're oc can't have special gadgets and all that crap. Just there wits, a gun and a knife. THAT IS IT!
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✓ The last chapters ✓

# Chapter one #

Chapter one section one ✓

Chapter one section two ✓

Chapter one section three ✓

Chapter one section four ✓

# Chapter two #

Chapter two section one ✓

Chapter two section two ✓


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[b]Gaia user:[/b]

[i]Name:[/i] (First and Last please, middle is optional. No Canon's)

[u]Age:[/u] (Do I need to say anything else?.)

[b]Gender:[/b] (You are not aloud to have both genders)

[i]Detaining number:[/i] (There prison ID number)

[u]Personal Idiom:[/u] (Like Leon's lighter and Claire's lock pick)

[b]Height:[/b] (Optional, delete it if you don't want to fill it out. Its not my job to delete it!)

[i]Weight:[/i] (Optional, delete it if you don't want to fill it out. its not my job to delete it!)

[u]Biography:[/u] (Mandatory!, keep it shortened to 1-3 paragraphs. Tell how they got caught and all that)

[b]Additional notes:[/b] (likes/dislikes strengths/weaknesses n'stuff like that ya' know)

[i]Primary weapon:[/i] (Weapons suck as Magnums, RPG Launchers, Tommy guns, chain guns)

[u]Photo/ Appearance:[/u] (Ether is fine, but remember to describe VIVIDY what they look like if you do not have a photo)

[b]Family:[/b] (MUST MAKE SENSE! Can't be related to Canon in a daughter son way, unless they are old enough to have children. People who are off limits to relatives are~ Steve Burnside, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Leon S Kennedy, Rebbecca Chambers, Oswald E Spencer, Dr James Marcus)

[i]Past occupation:[/i] (What was there job before they got caught? No government assassins, or a guy who has a metal skeleton. This isn't X-men. )

[u]Theme:[/u] (Optional, delete it if you don't want to fill it out. its not my job to delete it!)

[b]Other Links:[/b] (Links to other info if any, if delete it if you don't want to fill it out. its not my job to delete it!)
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Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Erica Burnside

Age: Eleven February/21/1987

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 075789

Personal Idiom: Teddy bear Steve gave to her all those months ago in July

Height: About average to fit a child

Weight: About average to fit a child

Biography: After a while of trying to recover from both the nightmares of the outbreak and R#@p# trauma syndrome. Erica had been adopted as Claire's sister, but Erica wanted to keep her last name. After the events of Raccoon Erica was found and caught by Umbrella and brought to Rockfort island. Because she was a little girl, Alfred thought it wouldn't be a good idea for her to mingle with the other prisoners. And they also couldn't find a prison attire for they didn't have any other child prisoners before. So she was given a outfit Alexia used to ware as a child and she is put in her own cell in her own privet detention chamber. That is... Until Marcus Valentine arrived.

Additional notes: Erica isn't to cleaver, shes not to strong. And not to fast, but when it comes to a battle. The kids gloves are off, she easily grows attached and sometimes lets her feelings get in the way of her better judgement.

Primary weapon: 9mm from one of the dead guards, knife from one of the dead guards

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Steve Burnside (Brother), Mr Burnside (Father), Mrs Burnside (Mother), Claire Kenilworth (Non biological sister)

Past occupation: Shes only eleven, what can she work for?

Theme: "The silence" Mayday Parade

Other Links: Erica's diary Other bio

Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Marcus Fredrick Valentine

Age: Twelve

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 65210

Personal Idiom: Jill’s old S.T.A.R.S. knife

Height: Of a normal child

Weight: Of a normal child

Biography: Marcus’ life changed completely when his father died in the service. He and whats left of his family were hit with the terrible news. After a few months Marcus and Jill went on with there lives knowing there father would want them to. However, his Mother on the other hand. Didn’t let go of it so easily, one day Marcus returned from School to see his Mother had hung herself from the inside roof. Dropping his bag mortified he called his Sister to come check it out. He later ended up living with Jill for a few months, he quickly became attached to Albert Wesker, sort of looking up to him as a role model. He teaching him how to shoot a gun and use a knife, and one of his favorite tricks spinning a knife around in his hand. he does this a lot when hes board, after Jill disappeared Marcus went to go visit his Grandparents in the next state over. But to a stunning surprise the town he once knew was overrun by zombies and monsters. He was forced to abandon the life he once knew and just focus on survival. Finding a few others they managed to escape with there lives by the skin of there teeth. Before finding Leon, Claire and Sherry outside of the complex. Claire was in search of her brother Chris so he wanted to search for Jill along side her. So Claire took him with her, Marcus and her then searched Umbrella’s base stationed in Paris France. Only to be split apart in order to outrun the guards, while Claire outran a wave of helicopter fire. Marcus ran around the back spotting a few guards after him, using his child structure to hide in small shadows and take out them with stealth. Before a spot light was shined on him, Marcus then took off in a full sprint. He would have gotten away..... That was, until he came in contact with a glass door. Smashing it completely he was in way to much pain to move afterward, it was then Umbrella apprehended him and brought him to Rockfort, he is going to be stored with Erica. Given that they are around the same age so they didn’t see the harm in it.

Additional notes: Despite Marcus being a child, he has the ability to hold his own in a fight. And in no way needs to be protected, Marcus becomes angered if coddled or babied. He prefers to be a man and not feel anything at all. Although his feelings toward someone will cloud his mind and make him choose something he may regret. However, this is rarely the case. Unlike Erica, Marcus will choose the better course of action and a smart one. Hes a very reposeful kid who always gets a kick out of making a chain reaction and watching the bad guys fall! Marcus due to his past will come off as a hard a**, its due to the fact that he is unwilling to share anything. Strong tall and proud like his old man.

Primary weapon: Beretta special issue costume handgun, Jill’s old S.T.A.R.S. knife.

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Jill Valentine (Older sister), d**k Valentine (Father now passed), Jean Valentine (Mother now passed), Claire Redfield (Legal guardian)

Past occupation: Marcus you could say was working with Claire.

Theme: “Numb” By Linkin park

Other Links: Concept art Other bio

Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Norman Hue Wesker

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Detaining number: N/a him and Scarecrow are part of Wesker’s forces or at least thats how they got there.

Personal Idiom: Locket with a photo of his little sister inside.

Height: Six feet three inches

Weight: 186 Lbs

Biography: Norman was born in a clone line, called “The new Wesker children” who were a second try of the famous work on the first Wesker children that Albert was a product of. Umbrella claimed it was named after one of there top researchers (Wesker of course) Wesker created Norman, and each researcher made there own. Norman was considered to “unfitting” and shoved away in a cell for years after saving a few researchers from a fire. Bitter, angry, and enraged. Norman wanted revenge, once the outbreak of the Arklay training facility occurred he saw this as his chance to show them all just how capable he was. Killing all the new Wesker children in a slaughter of blood and screams. before he came to Lisa, she begged for mercy. And yet, something made Norman stop. Taking her along with him, the only other Wesker child who alluded his grasp was Emily. He praised Emily for her cleaver escape away from him, and hopes to meet her again. And offer her a job, its all about skill. And once he got into Raccoon he quickly found a group of two supposed evil people, forming a alliance with one of them Scarecrow. Soon the other turned on them and Norman and Scarecrow escaped. Forming a temporary alliance to get the Veronica Virus. Using his creators attack on the island or soon to be attack. As a cover.

Additional notes: Norman is a BOW, his abilities are... Super speed, Super strength, Enhanced agility, Telleporation, acute hearing, better sight then a humans, red cat’s eyes, and a new one. He can now manipulate fire with the aid of the S-Virus extracted and enhanced from Erica.

Primary weapon: Desert eagle wth/ silencer, switch machete

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Albert Wesker (“Father” but really his creator), Lisa Wesker (Supposed sister, but just from the same clone line), Emily Wesker (?????)

Past occupation: Norman is still the same a*****e and a member of “The organization”

Theme: “Indestructible” By Disturbed
Gaia user:ll Sexual Burrito ll

Name: Katt V. Hatsumoto A.K.A Big Katt

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 035972

Personal Idiom: matching Locket to her sisters

Height: 5'9

Weight: 125

Biography: Before being caught,she had attempted to kill two of Umbrellas people,they had found out she was the sister to Naiana,A Doll B.O.W that was taken by scarecrow in the fight for Raccoon city,she her self was seen as a half breed B.O.W,but she is nothing like her Sister,she is more of a rough and tumble gal,shes best friends with Chris and was able to get ahold of her before getting tossed into the hell hole of Jail,After hearing what happened to her Sister she made it a obligation to kill scarecrow with her bare hands.

Additional notes: Shes nice to her friends and keeps to her self unless her family of friends is messed with,she knows martial arts,she is the twin of her sister but its a year younger and has more of a human appearance.

Primary weapon: Knife from dead guard and a Shank hand made.

Photo/ Appearance: User Image

Family: Chris and Cindy are like her little Sisters,And Little sister to Naiana

Past occupation: Dancer And Bartender at the Raccoon city bar.

Theme: Buck Cherry-Crazy b***h

Gaia user: Shadowbane Kimikaro

Name: Chris Alondra

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 07891

Personal Idiom: Nana's Locket

Biography: Chris is a B.O.W made by umbrella like her sister Akira and baby sister Cindy Wanting to put an end to umbrella once and for all she and Cindy infiltrated Rockford island's base,they ended up getting caught.Chris was knocked out and kept under a eye of a doctor on the base.

Primary weapon: Knife,and needles

Photo/ Appearance: User Image she also has the Prisoner tag but she wears it on her arm due to the fact she has a pad lock necklace around her neck.

Family: Akira and Cindy both sisters

Past occupation: Worked at home

Theme: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Gaia user: Shadowbane Kimikaro

Name: Cindy Alondra

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 07892

Personal Idiom: a Stuffed dog

Biography: The same story as Chris however due to Cindy being to young and could have died she was locked up in a cage and kept an eye on.

Primary weapon: Nothing

Photo/ Appearance: User Image

Family: Akira and Chris older sisters

Past occupation: School kid

Theme: Until the end

Gaia user: Shadowbane Kimikaro

Name: Claire Kenilworth

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 115

Personal Idiom: A locket and red Bandanna

Biography: Claire had been captured with Erica but due to her being older she was not allowed to be with Erica she fought tooth and nail but no luck she was in a cage with the other prisoners,the tried to mess her up but it was the other way around,after all being a Gorrila B.O.W has it's advantages.

Primary weapon: A nail file and Knife as well as a pistol from a guard

Photo/ Appearance:User Image

Family: Erica Burnside (adoptive sister)

Past occupation: Mechanic

Theme: Stupify

Gaia user:Eternallyyours666

Name: Azrael Grey

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 01313

Personal Idiom: Lighter

Height:5'9 feet

Weight: 180 lbs

Biography:Azrael had been working for an Umbrella researcher as a bodyguard for a few years but he spoke up about some of the research being done and was shipped off to rockfort island.

Additional notes: Azrael is quiet but personable, but has a great dislike for people trying to give him orders.

Primary weapon: M1014 semi automatic shotgun, Desert Eagle chambered in .50 cal AE

Photo/ Appearance: Azrael stands at 5'9, with blue eyes shoulder length black hair with red streaks, generally clad in a pair of black jeans, combat boots and a black wife beater.

Family:Mother(Deceased) Father(Deceased)

Past occupation: Bodyguard

Gaia user:Emoking2012

Name: Nick Skinner

Age: 19

Gender: Well Male...Duh

Detaining number: 712-C432

Personal Idiom: A Machete his dad gave him.

Height: 6'4 feet

Weight: 182

Biography: Well we all know adults and teenagers like to get drunk and do stupid crap right?....Well nick didn't have to be drunk for this,it was so stupid it was smart.....He heard about a rich enterprise,umbrella,and decided to try to find some dirt and bribe them out.He broke into there record halls and snooped around.But before he could find anything he was caught.all he found was boring pills and what not.But instead of killing him as he expected from such strange people.Then sent him to a prison island.Were he was locked up.He hasn't told anyone the true story yet.

Additional notes: He has a super soft spot for children,and sweets.He will do anything for a honey bun.

Primary weapon: Machete...Confiscated upon arrival.It has a red rose engraved into it.

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Past occupation: Nightclub Bouncer

Gaia user: Project P30

Name: Anna Moore

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 23641

Personal Idiom: Mirror

Height: 5'5 ft

Weight: 111 lbs.

Biography: Anna Moore was your typical teenager. One who seemed to be liked by everyone, hated by few. Though she knew how to fight and got in trouble alot, she never stepped out a place. Not even once. But it wasn't her fault she ended up in Rockfort prison, no it was the fault of her parents. Unknown to their livly young daughter, her parents worked for the mysterious Umbrella Corporation.

Anna was always under surveillance, though that was very unaware to the cunning woman through her teenage years. But it wasn't because she shown any unusuallness was she casted into Rockfort. No, it was because she found a secret Umbrella file in her parents desk, a file that leaked vile information. Instantly, the Umbrella Corporation viewed Anna was a threat and broke into her home at night and took her away, bringing the very frightened girl to Rockfort. Her parents were killed for their stupidity on not hiding a file well enough.

Anna lived at Rockfort from the age 16 through 24, the age she is currently at. On many times she had been on death roles but was usually forgotton for more important prisoners. Anna is currently the most knowladgful of Rockfort, able to read it like the back of her head. And she is no pansy even. 9 years in prison made Anna cold and calculating, able to come up with powerful and cunning attacks in a instent. She also seems to know whats going on with Rockfort...

Additional notes: Dislikes the Alfred Ashford, though she knows more about him than anyone else. Likes powerful weapons that end with a loud BANG! Fears being killed very painfully

Primary weapon:RPG7 Rocket launcher, Hydra Shotgun and SIG 556 Machine gun. Is able to weild a Chainsaw and really large pointy knives

Photo/ Appearance: User Image

Family:Her parents were murdered when Anna was 16 before she came to Rockfort Island prision. They were Umbrella Co-workers who seemed to be working on a top secret project Anna accedently found out about

Past occupation: Anna was just a regular teen who had a knack for explosives. She worked at a heavy metal music CD shop. Over her days at Rockfort became a skilled fighter.
Gaia user: Hirotakeshinobi

Name: Ezekiel Raine Rakazi "Zeke"

Age: 25

Gender: male

Personal Idiom: His fiance's ring on a chain he wears around his neck.

Height: 5 ft. 11 in.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Biography: Zeke has always been the black sheep in his family. But he was always the only one with any sort of ethical or moral standards. There's not much to his childhood other than that he kept to himself and did what he had to to make it through his adolescent stages. He trained in mixed martial arts and after graduating high shcool, he was recruited as an officer for the state Prison in Racoon City. He soon moved up the ranks after a couple of years and became part of a national prison where he headed an elite squad called The Special Operations Response Team [SORT]. After the quick spread of the plague, he set out. He assisted in infiltrating a 'facility' and came across some close calls. After the the incident back in Raccoon City, He took off in the chopper with the others.Now comes Rockfort... a prison... his old stomping grounds.This is what he is made for...
Additional notes: Ezekiel is a kind-hearted individual. He is a caring person and would do anything in the world for someone if given the chance to be close to him.

Being a very self-disciplined person, Ezekiel is a hard worker, and is the type to finish what he starts. He has a strong will that helps him overcome stressful situations and his strong will has helped him overcome many of life's troubles in his past. He can be a loving, sensitive individual, but on the other hand, he can also be a very aggressive, cold and violent one, but only when necessary. Though he is a very calm and collected individual, he also a very aware and alert person, always knowing his surrounds at all times.

He enjoys working on and driving cars and motorcycles.

Primary weapon: Dual Desert Eagles and a solid steel short katana

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Son of Colton Raine and Elizabeth Corrie Rakazi. Both well ranked military soldiers. However he lost contact prior to the infection. His fiance, Zoe was fallen victim to the living dead.

Occupation: S.O.R.T. Team Leader Officer for a national prison.


Other Links: His helmet and bike
Gaia user: Reapernut

Name: Scarecrow

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Detaining number: N/A Here witih Wesker's forces on a recovery mission.

Personal Idiom: N/a

Biography: Scarecrow is an Tyrant B.O.W that survived all the outbreaks across America so far, including the Arklay mountains lab out break. After Racoon city, he forged a small alliance with Norman Wesker, in order to get samples required to start a new corporation, U.U, or Umbrella Underground.

Additional notes:
Doing things the hard way
Learning new languages
Having no Vodka
Being told he's an idiot
Being thrown into the dirt
Other B.O.W's that get on his nerves

Primary weapon: Dual Desert eagles

Photo/ Appearance: Wears a bandana around the lower half of his face, grey hair, dark red eyes, average build. Wears a dark grey hoodie, shades, fingerless leather gloves, combat boots, and green camo cargo pants.

Family: No known family

Past occupation: UBCS squadmate/LEGION.
Gaia user: I Mugen I

Name: Seiji Okura (Sei)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 097264

Personal Idiom: A pair of fingerless gloves that he slips on before any kind of battle. Given to him by his brother for his birthday.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 148 lbs

Biography: Seiji was born and raised in the Shinjiku region of Japan when crime ran rampant and underground organizations ruled the streets above. As the son of an American priest and Japanese nurse it was believed that Sei would take after his father and become a man of faith yet his mind was always elsewhere and he came to hate going to church everyday. Instead, the teen spent years roaming the city, tending to get into places and situations one shouldn't because of his habit of sticking his nose where it didn't belong. He was constantly in his brother's shadow and tends to come off as a bit of a hothead depending on the situation and his present company. He didn't have many friends as a child either making him a bit of a loner who craves attention.

One day, after witnessing what he thought was brutal murder by the hands of the yakuza, Seiji was chased and cornered in a small warehouse. He believed himself to be dead and just as the goon was about to pull the trigger, a cell phone rang. The shooter told Sei not to move and began to speak on the device, becoming increasingly frightened and fidgety as he argued about the progress of some type of medicine or drug or something. The man who was previously holding a gun to his head suddenly seemed to get really scared and turned to his partner. They began to talk lowly to each other, completely forgetting about Seiji when glass suddenly shattered above them. A helicopter was seen above which dropped down several black figures. They killed the goons instantly and seemed to hesitate when they saw the shivering teen. A wierd looking gun was held to his head and his eyes widened as a gun shot echoed through the town.

When Seiji finally awoke he was in a cell and had a throbbing headache. He remembers what happened before he was shot but has no idea where he is...

Additional notes: Seiji is an excellent brawler, having to defend himself multiple times at a young age from gangs in his city, and has a good head on his shoulders. He is able to figure out strategies in seconds when in a battle but may come across as braindead when it comes to anything else. He is also able to perform parkour, using it to traverse the city for most of his life.

Primary weapon: Any kind of melee weapon. Is unfamiliar with firearms.

Photo/ Appearance: User Image

Family: Michael Spencer (Father) Sarah Okura (Mother) and Michael Spencer Jr. (Older Brother)

Past occupation: Junior in High School
Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Jessica Hollis

Age: seventeen

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 769823-B.S.S

Personal Idiom: A locket there is nothing inside anymore.

Height: five feet four inches

Weight: 121 lbs

Biography: Jessica Hollis, a young woman trying to earn enough credits to graduate. Also typing her collage essay. She is very smart and very nice, was caught in the outbreak of Raccoon city meeting a young man named Nick. She grew a sort of blinded liking to him, she seemed to only like him due to the fact that he saved her. But now, she realizes her mistakes. After sacrificing herself to save the others from Nemesis, she seemed to have died. However, somehow... Umbrella found her, she woke up in a lab strapped to a table. Her wounds were healed, but she couldn't get out. She has no idea how many days have past, but she hasn't seen anyone sense she woke up. It seems they left her to die in this prison laboratory. Struggling and trying to escape so far her efforts were fruitless.

Additional notes: Jess' father is a cop, she is rather tomboyish and stays cool under pressure, Jess loves the rush of adventure but also knows when the right thing to do is run.

Primary weapon: Nothing

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Trevor Hollis (Uncle) Karry Hollis (Mother) Alick Chambers (Father)

Past occupation: High school student

Theme: Dead by sunrise- Let down
Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Mathew Mixer

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 778290

Personal Idiom: Lighter

Height: 7'1 ft

Weight: 321 lbs

Biography: About a year ago, Mathew got caught up in a bad deal with a unknown company. His family was abducted and he was left a note to bring them a certain amount of money to the abandoned warehouse. He showed up a bit to late and found his family dead, the police arrived after he killed everyone there. The last one got away, he was charged with killing 29 people. Sense Raccoon city doesn't have the death penalty. They sentenced him to life in prison, now he is the guy in the prison everyone fears and respects. At least he was until the outbreak of Raccoon city, after escaping he was caught. And brought to Rockfort island now hes the feared guy of that prison see the cycle XD

Additional notes: Mathew is a classic tough guy, being able to bench 350 pounds. He has the power for the job. But the speed he is lacking a bit, he knows all to well to use a gun.

Primary weapon: 9mm pistol

Photo/ Appearance: Mathew is a tall and very mussel bound man. He has a brown mullet and face scruff. His eyes are a deep green, he is waring a prison uniform with torn off sleeves. he has tattoos on his arms and neck. Also hon his back but you can't see it under his shirt. He also has one handcuff around his wrist much like Billy Colen. and he also still has his marriage ring.

Family: Killed by Umbrella

Past occupation: Prisoner of Raccoon, before that. A truck driver

Theme: "Bullet with a name" by Nonpoint
Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Don Kalvin (Call him TRASH)

Age: twenty one

Gender: Male

Detaining number: N/a hes a USS agent

Personal Idiom: Locket

Height: Average adult male

Weight: Average adult male

Biography: TRASH is Asian American, his mother moving to the states and meeting his father there. They had two children Don and Candy, TRASH'S Mother died a few years later. It didn't take long for his father to become a abusive drunk, witch is why TRASH never speaks of his family outside of his sister. One night in the dusk of the night TRASH planned to escape from his father's house with Candy. He lead them out flawlessly, almost getting caught TRASH'S skill of blending in and speed were not from years of training but a few weeks of him planning and taking every precondition necessary.

After he escaped with his little sister a kindly old woman found the two and offered to bring them to the local orphanage. TRASH and Candy were taken there and the years past, when TRASH was 16 his sister was 12 one day in there peaceful little life at the orphanage Umbrella was looking to do some recruiting. They stormed the orphanage and took anyone who was of age of fighting. TRASH was 16, Umbrella was taking 15-18 they killed anyone who was to young or to old. His sister being one of the many killed.

TRASH sense then has never spoken about his sister and keeps a little locket with a photo inside tucked under his USS gear. TRASH was trained for gorilla warfare and disarming bombs, he tends to use his better judgement to solve problems and survive. He lives on the "Never regret anything I've done." motto, this motto has no exceptions to anyone or anything. He doesn't dwell on the past but sometimes his comes back to haunt him. TRASH'S scar came from a mission when he was being interrogated by a Russian intelligence agency.

They slashed his eye during the interrogation. His team's leader ended up saving him along with MUTE and WOOD. TRASH walks a thin line of light and dark and never chooses sides. He gets the job done no matter what the cost. He puts priority over everything weather he says it or not

After TRASH's involvement is Raccoon city and other outbreaks. He was sent on a mission to Rockfort to recover the research on the Veronica virus. Finding out that the Ashford's lied about the information being lost. TRASH has been dispatched alone to recover the research, peace of cake for someone of his stature.

Additional notes: TRASH is our badass, TRASH is mostly designed for speed and agility, but he has shown that he possesses physical strength to a certain degree, as apposed to his friend TANK who has past back in Raccoon

Primary weapon: MP5 SMG, Combat knife

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: All dead

Past occupation: N/a still current as USS agent

Theme: "Kick in the teeth" Papa roach
Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Nightmare

Age: Early 20's

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 665430

Personal Idiom: A stone knife made back in the asylum

Height: Six foot five

Weight: 198 lbs

Biography: Kevin Ranger was a average man that worked at a factory. Once the company went under Umbrella bought the facility and all the jobs were transferred. When Kevin's job was in line to be layed off he begged the man in charge to not fire him. That he had a woman with a baby on the way. They offered him something very vague, later when he was to report to said job the USS grabbed him and brought him to a research facility. As a Ginnie pig for rookie researchers, Kevin no longer remembered anything of his past. And now is only known by the name "Nightmare". Losing his mind slowly only very short clips of his past will flash in his head. Other then that he isn't sure, Nightmare is a classic slasher Villon (One of those good ones not one of those cheep knock offs) crossed with a BOW. He never shows his face and always carves a sign into his victim. Somewhere usually the forehead, after being deemed way to dangerous he was sent to Rockford and put in maximum security lock down. After escaping and killing Chelsey's father Darrick Volt a researcher that experimented on him when he was still in training. They had to sedate him and lock him away in Alfred's mansion, in a special confinement chamber where his telleporting powers cannot escape. He has sworn to "Show Chelsey true pain and suffering" seeming how he wants full revenge and left a sharp mark running down her arm before she ran away. Nightmare let her run, for the thrill of finding her later.....

Additional notes: As stated before Nightmare isn't right in the head not even a little, hes sadistic and could scare/creep the hell out of anyone. He never shows his face waring a dark mask under a hood. His eyes are a two toned red and blue, it is a uncommon feature in most B.O.Ws but perhaps thats because he was experimented on so many ways. His abilities range from telleportation to a death stare that can pull you're worst fears back into you're mind. Witch is how he got the nickname "Nightmare" he has steel claws on both of his hands that can be unsheathed, they come out of his finger tips and are rather lightweight.

Primary weapon: His steel claws,

Photo/ Appearance: Nightmare's face is unknown and he wares a long dark red hood with a black mask underneath it. He has gloved that have holes poked though the tips due to him using his claws before. Black jeans and combat boots underneath, a long tattered scarf around his neck. Only his eyes are visible so he can use them to pull you're worst fears/memories back into you're head.

Family: None creditable

Past occupation: Factory worker

Theme: He has two, "Perfect insanity" By Disturbed and "Nightmare" By Avenge sevenfold
Gaia user:Shadowbane kimikaro

Name:Cat Toralei Crawler



Detaining number:2718

Personal Idiom: Lighter and makeup compact

Biography: Cat and Nick Noctus a couple and the leaders of a new formed gang,cat was put into Rockford prison for hacking into Umbrella's data base,nick however did not get captured and hid.

Additional notes: Cat's look has changed drastically

Primary weapon: Butterfly knife,handgun

Photo/ Appearance:User Image

Family: Mom and dad passed on

Past occupation: Gang leader

Theme: ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYcnUEll0eo&list=FLPws5RoZuq-8NcJDj1VGx8Q&index=10&feature=plpp_video


Gaia user:Shadowbane Kimikaro

Name: Alexandra Ashford


Gender:Female but dresses male

Detaining number:N/A

Biography:Alexandra (Alex) and her twin brother Fredrick are Ashford twins however are treated like siblings Alex is just like Alfred when it comes to cross dressing she's a bit weird.

Additional notes: Dispute the Ashford's having this obsession with Ants she hates Ants

Primary weapon: handgun

Photo/ Appearance:User Image

Family: Alfred Alexia and Fredrick are her siblings while

Theme: ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-_Hmt7d-bk&list=FLPws5RoZuq-8NcJDj1VGx8Q&index=31&feature=plpp_video


Gaia user:Shadowbane Kimikaro

Name: Yuki Lieberman



Detaining number:11567

Personal Idiom: N/A

Biography: Yuki born of a Japanese American family was born in Japan and raised there for a few years before moving to America,having this ability to see what a person's intentions are she had killed many people because as it turned out they were rapists or murderers she was deemed mentally insane even though she wasn't and was sent to Rockford island

Additional notes: smokes when stressed

Primary weapon: Two handguns that were custom made

Photo/ Appearance:User Image User Image

Family razz arents in japan Siblings who knows

Past occupation:N/A

Gaia user: Shadowbane

Name:Akio Hibiki


Gender: Male

Detaining number: 7667

Personal Idiom:A spiked dog collar


Weight: 250 mostly mussel

Biography: Akio and Hayate brothers used to live in Japan there parents were Yakuzua leaders but when their parents passed on they were passed on the Family lead,Akio and Hayate both were doing a Deal and they ended up doing it with the wrong person thus ending up in Rockford Prison they however escaped and followed the group in the shadows.

Additional notes: Akio has a thing for Claire

Primary weapon: His fathers Engraved Katanna

Photo/ Appearance:User Image

Family: Mother and Father Passed away from old age Hayate is his brother

Past occupation:Yakuzua Leader


Gaia user: Shadowbane kimikaro

Name: Hayate Hibiki



Detaining number:67783

Personal Idiom:His fathers dog tags

Height: 6'2"

Biography: Hayate and Akio brothers used to live in Japan there parents were Yakuzua leaders but when their parents passed on they were passed on the Family lead,Akio and Hayate both were doing a Deal and they ended up doing it with the wrong person thus ending up in Rockford Prison they however escaped and followed the group in the shadows.

Additional notes: has a thing for Katt

Primary weapon: His mother's Kama

Photo/ Appearance:User Image

Family: Parents passed on Akio Brother

Past occupation:Second in command Yakuzua Leader

Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Bridge

Age: sixteen

Gender: Male

Detaining number: 67854-2v

Personal Idiom: Handcuffs, more like a hindrance

Additional notes: He is a very very energetic boy who can never get enough of adventure. A suiting pain in the a** as well.

Primary weapon: 9mm pistol

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Unknown

Past occupation: Junior in high school

Theme: "I feel like dancin' " by All time low
Gaia user: Kaneapoo 002

Name: Hannah Martin

Age: Ten

Gender: Female

Detaining number: 45762

Personal Idiom: Lockpick

Height: Of a normal kid

Weight: Of a normal kid

Biography: Her Mother died a few years back, Hannah sense then has become a crook for a cause. She steals things that she needs to survive, she never steals things because she wants to. Whatever she doesn't need she gives to the orphans. Kinda like a robbin hood twist on things, after a few years of stealing things that they needed to survive her father decided it was time to sell something worth a lot of money. So they stole files from Umbrella and tried to sell them on the internet, one night her father wasn't at home and the USS came to arrest them. They found Hannah sleeping in her bed (or lack there of) taking her to Rockfort where she befriended Chelsey. Sense they were kids they were aloud to play with each other, Chelsey being the daughter of a worker and Hannah being a captive. Hannah grew a sisterly bond with Chelsey and after the outbreak started she killed one of the guards and started searching for her best friend.

Additional notes: Train how to steal to survive on the streets with her father. Hannah only steals something if she feels she needs it. Her family has no money after her mother died her father lost his job and can't get another one.

Primary weapon: 9mm pistol guard issue, toothed knife

Photo/ Appearance:
User Image

Family: Anthony Martin (Father), Jean Martin (Mother now passed)

Past occupation: Uh, shes ten but she is the master of stealing things.

Theme: "Time to go" Dropkick Murphy's
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Hilarious Lunatic

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We open to our survivors still in there cells and all, and remember. The outbreak starts when I say the word.
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User Image
Marcus Valentine
♪The kid with no fear, the fire inside♪
I'm Located⇨ I have no idea

My health is⇨ Fine

My primary mission objective is⇨ Find out where the heck I am

I'm thinking as of now⇨ "Ow, my head."

My current equipment is⇨ Nothing but the clothes on my back.

"I'm tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
Don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
Every step that I take is another mistake to you."

"Sometimes you have to give it a try.....

Marcus woke up on a bench bed, the room her was in seemed to be empty. The twelve year old sat up and held his head, "Awk, did I get the license plate of that train that hit me?" He groaned before a small figure about his age came up to him. "Are you okay?" She asked, Marcus chuckled. "I'm still breathing, thats a good sign." He said looking up to see a girl with long brown hair and deep blue eyes. Marcus stood up and fumbled a bit, before saying. "Where am I? And who are you?" He said before the girl giggled. "I'm Erica, Erica Burnside. And you're on a prison island of Umbrella." Marcus growled, "Great, now how am I going to find Jill?" He said pounding on the bars. He then turned to Erica, "The names Marcus Valentine." He said in a low tone, not seeing a guard around. "No guard? Thats pretty lazy for a high tech prison like this." He said shaking his head as his dirty brown hair followed suit. Erica thought for a moment, "He went to go check something out, the commander of this base asked him to come help him. Witch was a good thing because I really had to go tinkle and I didn't want to go in front of him." She said, Marcus narrowed his eyes. "To much info, we need to get out of here. I have a mission to finish!" He said slamming his knuckle into the bars. Nothing but a vibration came out, "E-easy, don't hurt yourself!" She said in a worried tone. "I don't care about a little pain I have more important things to do then rot away in a maximum security prison." He growled and leaned against the bars.

....Or you'll never know how it pans out."

"I'm tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
Don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
Every step that I take is another mistake to you"

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Claire growled as she sat in the corner of the cell picking her nails with a nail file she growled at the other males who came near her they backed up after that,getting to her feet she walked to the bars and shook them looking around seeing the guards and such walking back and forth and talking to other guards.She was pissed off at this very moment one wrong move and one of the Guards could have a broken finger.
Location: Cell.

Nick watched as a girl in the cell across the hall got u after growling and picking her nails.He laid on his bed and stared atthe cieling.This was so boring.He groaned and looked at the guards amking rounds.One tapped the bars on his cell."GET UP!"He screamed.Nick growled and sat up,his hair a mess,and his shirt slightly hanging off his shoulder.

(( IDK bad post))
Location: Cell

Azrael sat against the wall, waiting for a guard to make the same mistake as the last one."Come on, I promise I won't bite this time."He laughed, being in a sparsely populated part of the prison he knew he wouldn't be heard.
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Location: Cage

Cindy a little 5 year old B.O.W sat in a cage holding a stuff dog close to her chest she was currently dressed in rags she closed her eyes and spoke to Chris in her head Chris wake up Please I'm scared. She buried her face into the stuffed dog's fur as she held herself.

Location:exam room

Chris a B.O.W of 21 years was laying on a metal Exam table with wires sticking out of the side of her head and arm hearing her Sister talk to her in her head she opened her eyes quickly moving her eyes back and forth nobody was in the room sitting up slowly she screamed in pain as she felt the wires in her skin pulling them out she shivered as she sat sideways getting to her feet she wobbled as she walked around were was she then it hit her she remembered being captured of course.Chris took a deep breath in as she walked to a door opening it slightly so she could look inside she saw two Scientists and guards "s**t" Chris swore quietly before she walked back to the metal table pulling needle's that were once in her skin off the Machine keeping her vital's in check she walked to the door once again.Chris took another deep breath and slammed open the door "Surprise mother ********" she yelled as she threw the Needles in the Doctor's heads and Broke the neck's of the Guards killing them walking to a locker she found clothes that would fit her and Nana's locket getting dressed once dressed she walked to what looked to be she walked to what looked to be cameras keeping watch on the cells,looking at them she saw Claire Cindy Erica and some little boy her eyes went wide "Guys" Chris said before she looked around on the wall and found a power box "oh look what we have here" walking to it she smirked and opened the box Pulling the wires out of the box in her hands with her nails she watched as it went from Light to pitch black.
Location: cell.

Nick bolted upright went the lights went out."Guys what happened!!"He asked yelling to everyone.None of the guards answer.HE sat there listening to silence as he prayed nothing went wrong
Location: Cell

Anna made no reaction when the lights blew out. Surprisingly or not that happened quite a few times. A gaurd close by stumbled into her cell "s**t! It must be those damn rats again" Anna heard him mutter. She just rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall. She'd been there for 9 years. Things get boring fast.

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