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REMINDER: Slave Roleplay Restrictions!

Series-related/Miscellaneous Roleplay is the only subforum where slave roleplays are accepted. However, that does not mean there are no rules:

  • All slave roleplays must contain Gaia-appropriate content - sexual themes or fetishes are not permitted. For more information on Gaia-appropriate content in roleplaying, click here

  • There is to be no abuse, physical or sexual, and no other explicit or graphic content.

  • Never tell other users to "take it to PMs" - cybering is not allowed anywhere on Gaia, including in the Private Messaging system.

  • Slave collar/charm/other systems must never suggest sexual themes or categorise slaves as preferring or being the targets of sexual advances or torture/abuse.

  • Roleplay creators must encourage following Gaia's Terms of Service and the forum rules. If users in your thread are posting content that is violating the Terms of Service and/or the forum rules, it is your responsibility to report the relevant thread or posts.

The consequences of violating these rules may be severe and lead to warnings or bans being placed on your accounts as appropriate. If you find posts or threads violating any of the above rules, please report them!

Thank you for your cooperation.