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Welcome to Red vs Blue: Project Freelancer

Before the simulation soldiers were in the backwater canyon so well-known and loved. There was Project Freelancer, a group of 49 soldiers who were trained in various parts of the field and different backgrounds to get an upgrade and an AI. At the end of the project, several died, several were injured beyond repair...

And none of their lives were the same again.

You know the story of Red vs Blue, now this is the story of Freelancer.

NOTE: We're starting at the BEGINNING of Freelancer. Unless our AI's come from somewhere else. You're not going to have fragments yet. Just to clear up any confusion.

1. No advertising other rp's here!!!!! You're welcome to join, but no websites or other rp links posted.

2. Nothing beyond hugging or kissing. No cybering allowed.

3. Not too much violence. There can be blood, no gore.

4. No godmodding. That means you can't be unhittable, undodgeable, be able to land every blow on your opponent, etc...

5. No controlling other people's chars without their permission. This especially goes for fighting.

6. To join, you have to PM me with the title "Project Freelancer" for the person you want to be or your profile.

7. No upgrades until the AI's are given out. Considering that the upgrades apparently do damage without a connection to control it.

8. If you want a relationship, you can flirt, but if the member asks you to back off, do so. Tucker I know makes a ton of sex jokes, that's fine, that's Tucker. But if members are starting to feel uncomfortable, back off. If you want a relationship with another member, ask the other member in advance, beyond a bit of flirting. I will ask you to stop if a member asks me to stop it.

9. Alright, due to the amount of upgrades that are NOT Project Freelancer related, I'm NOT going to accept any more that's not used by A: An AI, even if it's outside the program. B: not attached to your armor. This is mainly due to people coming to me with: "genetically and mechanically modified" body upgrades. Freelancer is NOT the Spartan program. It is a program that uses AI and armor upgrades like speed/cloaking/domed energy shields in the battlefield. Be creative, but DON'T come to me with any more non-armor upgrades.

10. Considering Freelancer has/uses Spartan/ODST armor... Please stick to that or some form of it. You can design it if you like, but NOTHING that's not canon to the series for the armor. This is from Halo. I can, despite my disclaimer, tell.

11. Have fun. biggrin


Carolina/Iota/Eta () : Darkhound64
York/Delta (logic) :
Wyoming/Gamma (deceit) :
North Dakota/Theta (Trust) : Sara Nightfire 2
South Dakota: Sara Nightfire 2
Maine/Sigma (creativity/ambition): Darkhound64
Washington/Epsilon(memory) :




OC profile

State Name:
Armor color:
Description (What the character looks like under armor):
AI/Personality (If going to have one, Note: All AI's given as a part of the actual program have to be under the greek alphabet, unless specified otherwise Link: here *ONE PERSONALITY EACH!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!! ONLY APPLICABLE TO ALPHA FRAGMENTS FOR GREEK ALPHABET ONLY NAME AND PERSONALITY!!! If not, please make it clear in PM you send me, even if it's a note beside your profile, it will get too confusing otherwise) :
Upgrade (Can be used without AI, but does damage to Freelancer who uses it):
Other (optional):

State names taken: Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Carolina, York, Wyoming, Connecticut, Maine, Washington, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico, California, Vermont, Arkansas, Nevada, Hawaii, Ohio, and Tennessee.

AI names taken: Al, Gamma, Omega, Theta, Sigma, Epsilon, Iota, Eta, Delta, Beta, Ash, Zeta, Tau, Omicron, Lambda, Psi, Tetris, Mu, Chi, and Alpha.

Personalities: Anger/rage, deceit, trust, conviction, creativity/ambition, logic, memories, courage, patience, emptiness, and jealousy.


Name: Sara Church
State Name: Virginia
Age: 12
Armor color: Sky Blue with black trim
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Short, with black hair and blonde highlights. Thin and agile, very young looking.
AI: Adelo, an experimental AI she found later in the program. Al for short
Upgrade: Ground shockwaves
Specialty: Infiltration
History: Pretty much unknown, she sticks to herself mostly, though has proven herself in fights to earn the right to be not bothered.

Name: Brandon Hunter
State Name: West Virginia
Age: 14
Armor color: White with Black trim
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Blonde hair with blue eyes, short and muscular.
AI: None yet
Upgrade (Can be used without AI, but does damage to Freelancer who uses it): Strength
Specialty: Hand to hand
History: Not much is known about him, initiated at the same time Sara was. Tough and cocky, good fighter.

Name: Alexis 'Spirit' McKennith
State Name: Montana
Age: 23
Armor color: Ice blue
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Messy red hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, and freckles
AI : Ash
Upgrade: Enhanced speed.
Specialty: Recon and Sniping
History: Born and raised as a soldier, Spirit was always labeled an outcast. Her only friend, Sarahsis, was in high school but that was a short lived friendship since said friend died. Spirit went into an uncontrollable rage and ended up getting arrested, later placed into a UNSC program to train juvenile teens to learn discipline. There she met her unit, they were the best of the best and they chose to take her in. Most of them died on a mission some survived, something Spirit didn't know about besides one. Valhalla, a woman with the survival smarts, after a few years Spirit finally got transferred to Freelancer.
Other (optional): When angered her strength increases and she goes into a uncontrollable rage. She is not allowed to be in around knives in this state. She is also very light hearted and can take a good joke.

Name: David "Montie" ------
State Name: Vermont
Age: 46
Armor color: Red and White
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Tall and muscular with dark brown eyes, almost black. Blond hair.
AI/Personality: None yet
Upgrade (Can be used without AI, but does damage to Freelancer who uses it): Unknown
Specialty: Close range combat
History: He was a member of Freelancer since the beginning. Very quiet and helpful, sticks to himself most of the time.
Other (optional):

Name: Liam Haze
State Name: Oregon
Age: 29
Armor color: Black and silver, one shoulder guard larger than the other.
Description: Average height, feminine appearance, short brown hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin.
AI/Personality: None
Upgrade: None
Specialty: Close quarter combat and weapons specialist
After graduating from high school Liam joined the UNSC. He has been serving for elven years.
Other (optional): He does use a gun but generally knives and a Japanese katana which he received from one of his teachers.

Name: ■■■■■■■ "James" Ramirez
State Name: New Mexico
Age: 32
Armor color: Brown with green detail. His armor is an older model than the rest.
Description: Light brown hair and eyes. Darker skin tone. Somewhat of a goatee. [xxxx]
AI/Personality: N/A
Upgrade: N/A
Specialty: Duals/Sidearms. Cooking
History: He was born in Monastir, New Harmony where he lived a simple life and helped out in his mother's restaurant. At 18 he took a job in the military as a cook. Any files on him show his first name to be James, who was a mere cook on board the UNSC frigate Ageis Fate. Information of him working for the Office of Naval Intelligence was left out or erased along with his real name. Now he ranks 49 in Freelancer and works maintenance as well as meals.
Other (optional): He speaks quietly with an accent. Wears his helmet and armor unless in private. It's said he gives the Director his haircuts... but it's just a rumor.

Name: Alexa 'Ghost' Vict
State Name: Alaska
Age: 25
Armor color: pure white with black trim
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Green eyes, Red hair, fair skin. Slim body
AI/Personality: Tau (Calculative)
Upgrade: N/A
Specialty: Long range tactics
History: Not much is known about her, the file was corrupted upon entrance into the Freelancers. Ask and ye shall receive.
Other: N/a

Name: Isaac “Graves” Rios
State Name: Arizona
Age: ??
Armor color: Black
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Longish unkempt black hair, red eyes, pale white skin. Thin and Tall. His right arm is completely robotic.
AI/Personality: Zeta (Insanity) – Everyone has that little bit of Insanity in them right?
Upgrade (Can be used without AI, but does damage to Freelancer who uses it): decomposing inorganic objects via touch
Specialty: Infiltration/Stealth
History: He isn’t one to enjoy talking about his past with others, therefore it is shrouded in a lot of mystery. He is the cause of a lot of fights as he is quick to anger and rather rash, often reckless at times – although some people respect that. Instead of using a sniper he prefers to get up close and personal with his enemies.

Name: Jacob Nion
State Name: California
Age: 24
Armor color: Blue with silver markings.
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Jacob has short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, fairly tan skin and is extremely muscular.
AI/Personality : Omicron/Courage
Upgrade: Telekinetics.
Specialty: Jack of all trades.
History: Jacob was always the hero growing up. Despite his size when compared to someone else he was always helping those he could. He always had a knack for copying people including trying to copy their voices although of course he could never get it perfect. Freelancer found him and recruited him at the age of 20. Jacob has worked there since.
Other (optional): Jacob is a very kind and generous person (most notably a gentleman), but you screw with those he cares about and he won't hesitate to rip out your arm and feed it to you while he beats you to death with the other one. He is also naturally gifted with photographic reflexes and voice mimicry.

Name: Deacon ''Deek'' McCay
State Name:Nevada
Age: 27
Armor color: Black Primary Armor
Description : Deek
AI/Personality :Lambda {Conviction} The AI much like it's trait is a strong willed AI That firmly hold to its and Deeks beilefs tends to question and stand up against anything going against them
Upgrade :His Right arm is a spartan laser cannon
Specialty: Direct Action and Asymettrical warfare
History: Deacon is a very loud and proud indivdual who grew up in a militaey family he was always a warrior he never backed down it was no suprise that when he joined the marines he was quickly brought into a special operation group.After many mission and many medals for his bravery and experience in combat he was told one day by his CO that the Marines and this thing called Project Freelancer were going to trade him for some sort of outpost for his ''Combat eficiency and having one of the highest kill counts in the armed forces, also his knowledge in unconventional warfare is nearly unmatched.'' He didnt care the reason all that mattered was that he was here and he loved his new job.He was quickly put up for implantation and with that came something else he had to lose he right arm so they could give him a new experimental weapon a built in Spartan laser he was happy he was a leftie.
Other (optional):

Name: Ray
State Name: Georgia
Age: 24
Armor color:
Primary Black
Secondary Blue
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Black hair, red eyes, fair skin with no energy sword mark(yet....)
AI/Personality : Has not been given one
Specialty: Energy swords and DMR
History: Georgia is new to this Freelancer project not quite sure about how things work but he was given the ability to control fire from another project (Hard to explain and he doesn't know about this so he doesn't use this ability). He was also an ODST and lived on Mars before he was taken at a young age

Name: Ace ----
State Name: Tennessee
Age: Late 30's
Armor color: Primarily dark blue, orange around the trim
Description (What the character looks like under armor): Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin.
AI/Personality: Psi(patience)
Upgrade: Enhanced speed upgrade modified to be used in controlled bursts. The trade off is that it isn't as fast as Carolina's version.
Specialty: Hand to hand combat.
History: There is a lot of black in "Ace's" file. What is known is he used to be in an ODST outfit that was used by ONI. After a mission during the war, Ace was one of the few survivor's left. Though he was cleared for active duty by psychiatrists, UNSC command saw it fit to put "Ace," giving him that codename, in Dr. Leonard Church's program. They saw it as a little experiment and wanted at least one soldier, even if he was technically broken, in the program to satisfy the politicians. He is normally seen with several knives/daggers on his armor and two out of armor.
Other (optional): He is a bit of an alcoholic hence his Freelancer codename.

Name: Leo Calvery
State Name: Agent Arkansas
Age: Twenty Six
Armor color: White, green, and blue (Though he rarely wears it since he doesn't do field work often)
Description: Auburn red like brown hair, 5'9, slim but well fit (which is surprising since he has a horrible diet), ivory white skin, Normally has large headphones one, he wears a mechanical sunglass visor, White a blue jacket, and a black shirt and jeans.
Personality: Gamer Nerd, A little obnoxious/hyper, loud mouth, sarcastic, obsessive, talkative, friendly, a bit of a slob, cowardly in a fight, a bit selfish and conceited, can be shy at times
AI/Personality: Tetris (Handmade AI) - A basic AI with an odd personality. It's main functions are to help hack into the computer games that Leo loves playing twenty four seven however it can be useful because it's very glitchy and can disrupt technology
Upgrade: His upgrade is called the "Virus" it can destroy, control and erase information within minutes in a super computer, on opponents it causes their armors to either lock down or he'd take them over and use them like puppets (I would obviously ask before using this on anyone) However if he uses more then twice in twenty four hours his suit with short circuit and his internal computer systems will shut down due to the power overload.
Specialty: Computer Surveillance, Hacking (He's an extreme Hacker), Computer coding, Mechanical expert, tactical/navigational expert, Video game expert
History: Leo was a bit of a spoiled brat back on earth. He comes from a rich family, his dad is a high official in the UNSC, and Leo did little with his life. He just stayed home and played video games, hacked, and tormented numerous high end businesses, internet sites, and even military compounds by screwing with their technology. Eventually he started getting paid for his actions and joined an underground group of hackers that used their abilities to steal information and money. They pretty much ran a digital black market. However they got selling top secret military information to terrorists and were put behind bars. With the help of his father he was released and worked as a UNSC computer expert. Though soon after he began his devious hacking once more and found out about a very secretive operation called freelancer. He was caught again, but this time instead of being condemned the Director found his skills useful and offered him a spot in freelancer rather then being sent to jail for a very very long time.

Leo didn't have a choice.
Other (optional): He loves sweet foods, cats, and he rarely leaves his room

Name: Caroline Yeti
State Name: Michigan
Age: 26
Armor color: White withe ice blue trim
Description: Ice blue eyes, pale skin, small face, short brown hair with green highlights (Clip on highlights she generally keeps them green), wiry body.
AI/Personality: Xi (Commitment)
Upgrade: Sonic blast
Specialty: Bait
History: After babysitting for college money Caroline decide to go into the military to help with her college. She found herself not liking the red tape and decided to go towards the merc route. She made a name for herself for her unusual tactics as 'The Berserker Merc' but it was because she kept rushing in without a thought. Her name in the military was 'Bait.' She still remembers the little girl she used to babysit.
Other (optional):

Name: Dan

State Name: Indiana

Age: 15

Armor color: orange

Description: black hair, hazel eyes, medium, has tattoos on arms.

AI: Chi

Upgrade: active camoflage

Specialty: sniper, close combat, stealth

History: once Dan was highly skilled in the arts of a ninja, he lived a life breaking in to highly secure places before, but then got caught and was thrown into prison, but found a way of escaping. Dan always checked the room and planned out how he can sneak through undetected, he killed a few guards since it was necessary to remain hidden and hid the bodies. By the time the warden found out Dan was long gone. He lived a life in hiding, trying to keep away from those who hunted him. Meanwhile the Director of Project Freelancer was tracking him, watching his every move and saw a good use for Dan. Dan had no choice, it was either he joins Project Freelancer or be hunted for many years to come.

Other (optional): not much of a talker.

Alright guys... You wore me out with posting all that for you. =3 It's open... We'll start offically tomorrow since I need to go to bed and jeat hasn't sent me a profile yet. =3
bump!!!!!!!! blaugh
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Agent North Dakota "North"

North steps off the ship, he watches South stagger out, glaring at the pilot who rolls her eyes. "It ain't my fault you can't take a bit of turbulance..." 479'er snaps, heading off to get coffee.

North looks at his twin, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We just got here, we should make a good impression and at least not deck anyone." He says with a chuckle, sensing her hostility.
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Invisible Phantom

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Alexa 'Ghost' Vict

Alexa watched as the pair came out of the ship before walking up to them. "And who might you two be?" Strapped across her back was her sniper rifle and her assault rifle was strapped to her leg. She crossed her arms and her AI came to life then.'New freelancers i bet.' Alexa ignored her AI and waited for a response.
(Just a note... If the AI came from Alpha, we don't have them yet. =3)

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Agent North Dakota "North"

"I'm Nathan... Or the designation they gave me... North Dakota... North for short. This is my sister, Cassie, or South Dakota or South." North says with a grin, offering his hand in a friendly manner.
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((not from alpha))

Alexa 'Ghost' Vict

Alexa smiled and took Nathan's hand before saying "Im Alexa Vict. Or Ghost as my designation says. Got any history?" She looked the pair up and down now before then saying "Interesting armour color by the way"
(Alright, making sure... Sorry... and your AI can be whatever you wish... I should fix that... *bangs head on wall for stupidity.)

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Agent North Dakota "North"

North shifts his weight uncomfortably, he notices South getting a slight twitch. "Not much, the usual... Joined the military... Was offered a position here in Freelancer. What about yourself?"

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