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~The Story of what's been happening

After the battle of Aang, and everyone else, peace had restored to all the nations. People believed that the four nations Air, Earth, water and Fire, were at peace with each other. Of course this was a mistake to believe, there is a new nation called the shadow nation, they have been forming a new nation, hidden under ground.

There leader, and creator of the Shadow nation is Kaiden Ichiru. They want to rule all of the four nations, and create a new world. Though they’ve become too much of a danger, they burn down villages, kill the innocent, they could be anyone near and far form any where. This world needs the avatar, but if she doesn’t know what she can become, or who she is, what chance does she have? Will anyone help her? Or will she be betrayed, and the Shadow nation wins?

1: Follow gaias guidelines.
2: Violence and romance is greatly encouraged but use common sense please
3: No canons please
4: Please tell me if your going to be away for a bit, please tell us in advance and be as active as possible ^^
5: No god-modding, and don’t kill without permission.
6: Have how ever many characters you like but keep up with them ^^
7: Use () [] or whatever for ooc please
8: Send the pm with the title ‘A whole new world’ to show you read the rules
9: Please be semi-lit, so no ~~ or ** and pelase at least five lines a post, if writers block four lines, won't be hard ^^
10: And have fun!! ^^ Please ^^

Send to me please, you know the title ^^ Need shadow nation and guys ^^

[b]Gaianame: [/b]
[b]Character name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Nation: [/b] (Fire, Earth, Air, water and shadows)
[b]Your element: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Bio: [/b]
[b]Rank: [/b] (Only needed if important so Prince, Rougue etc, but if you want something like prince ask ^^)
[b]Appearance: [/b] (anime please)
~Map of everywhere ^^ ~

User Image

The part that is Roku's resting place is where the Shadow Nations HQ is
~Water Nation Profiles~
~Fire Nation Profiles~

Gaianame: arc-angel-of-oblivion
Character name: Kyoko
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nation: Fire
Your element: Fire at the moment, need to learn all four
Personality: Kyoko is a friendly, optimistic and kind hearted girl. She can be sturborn but has a good heart. She tends to act on impulse rather than plan things through. She likes to trust people, but isn't an idiot, she likes to see the good in everyone. She can be very brave, strong willed and a true fighter when needed, but also when needed she's a gentle person, who can be shy and timid also.
Rank: She's the avatar
Bio: Kyoko was born in a small area of the fire nation, she was brought up in a small village on the out skurts of the central fire nation. She doesn't know she's the avatar, or anything about herself or family. The shadow nation came to her village, and burnt it down, she's the only survivor of her home village. She lost her best friend, a boy who was roughly her age, he was accused of being the avatar when Kyoko tried to protect him, she got seriously injured, and he took her away from the village, however he was found and taken from her, he made her promise to hide and be safe. She's been on the run for about half a year now, she has seen people taken left and right, as the shadow nation try to find her. She has no idea she's the avatar since no one got the chance to tell her, so she's been on the run. She doesn't know what to do, or what she can do to stop all this.
Appearance: User Image

Gaianame: Konoha ANBU leaf ninja
Character name: Kizuku Zetsumi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nation: Fire
Your element: Fire/Lightning
Bio: Kizuku was only young when he was found abandonded by his parents, an old hermit took him in and when he saw potential taught him the ways of fire bending. At only 7 he was drafted into the military and at 9 became leader of his squad, his commanders saw he was unmatched on the battle field and at 16 gave him the rank of General over the northern armies, after the war 3 years later he resigned and decided on a normal life away from war
Rank: Ex-Military
Appearance:User Image

Gaianame: xXxMuffinxMasterxXx
Character name: Miliya Kitake
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nation: Fire
Your element: Fire
Personality: Loud around people she knows and quiet around new people
Bio: Miliya and her brother, Sepheral, are the prince and princess of the Fire Nation. She was raised with everything she didn't want. She was never happy growing up under her father's shadow. Everyone treated her different when all she wanted was to be normal. Miliya often ran away from home, longing to be free. But she was either caught by the guards or her brother. Miliya wants to meet new people and see the world. So her father has arranged a trip for her and her brother to go explore the 3 other nations. Miliya is very excited for this.
Rank: Princess
Appearance: Miliya is On The Right

Gaianame: xXxMuffinxMasterxXx
Character name: Sepheral Kitake
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nation: Fire
Your element: Fire
Personality: Sepheral is always loud, no matter who is around
Bio: Sepheral is the opposite of his sister, Miliya. He loved growing up as a prince with everything. He loved being treated like royalty. He loved to foil his sisters attempts at escape. But he was only trying to protect her. Both twins don't know very many people outside of the castle. Sepheral couldn't care less about the trip to the other 3 nations his father set up, but it will be a nice change of scenery.
Rank: Prince
Appearance: Sepheral is On The Left

Gaianame: Flash grenade
Character name: Jet and Stinger.
Age: 15 and 15.
Gender: Males.
Nation: Earth.
Your element: Fire.
Personality: Jet: Quiet. A nice guy when you get to know him. Stinger: A bit more out going, but generally the same as his brother.
Bio: They grew up together in Earth Kingdom, and they always knew they were from fire nation, but kept it a secret. Now though, they travel a lot, honing their skills. They are very skilled in their bending. For combat, Jet enjoys using his large number of hidden daggers and knives. Stinger however, fights with two plain swords.
Rank: None.
Appearance, Jet in black Stinger in white:
User Image

Gaianame: auggie18
Character name: Kel Arao
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation: Water
Your element: Fire
Personality: Kel is a giddy adrenaline junky. He lives for thrills and sees life a temporary thing, both his and others. Reckless. Foolhardy. Dangerous. He is not a serious person and sees the world as a big joke.
Bio: Son of a Fire Nation soldier and a water tribe woman, Kel was raised in world that disliked him by a listless and dispassionate woman. As soon as he was old enough, he ran away and joined a group of gypsies. They taught how to steal and trained him into a first class acrobat. It was with the gypsies where Kel began to embrace the wonderful emptiness of Chaos.
Rank: None
Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Character name:Alec
Your element:Fire/Lighting
Personality:Alec always keeps a cool head.He is the type of person who always has a backup plan for everything he does.
Bio:Alec grew up as a orphan.At the age of 5 he learned how to fire Bend from a traveling Fire bending master.When he turned 10 he joined the army taking the our a lonely foot soldier.After years of fighting he was given the rank of General of his own navy.
Appearance:User Image
~Earth Nation Profiles~

User Image

Gaianame: arc-angel-of-love
Character name: Rose Lee
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Nation: Earth
Your element: Earth
Personality: She can be very childish, or very serious, she can be cold, or her mouth can be too open at times. It just depends. She is a strong warrior, and can be very sturborn and blunt, but can be very quite and polite.
Bio: She was brought up in the royal family, and of course, learnt what she needed too. She was kept in the palace, often sneaking out to train when her family didn't look, despite the fact she was brought up to be a perfect princess, she rebelled against it. Which of course, allowed for trouble, and also an interetsing life.
Rank: Princess

Gaianame: Virgil Demira
Character name: Zetsu Rushida
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nation: Earth
Your element: Fire/ Lightning
Personality: He's often very cold towards people, doesn't like putting his trust in people. Likes to have a good fight once in a while
Bio: He was abandoned by his parents at birth, but was taken in by a kind couple and they raised him. When he was thirteen he burnt down the village he was living in killing the people who raised him and most of his friends there, the reason he did it remains a mystery to everyone except him. Before the word got out who did it he joined the military under an assumed name, "Lee Fong", when he was seventeen and well trained he left the Military, but before he did he Burnt down the base he was stationed in and fled to the Earth nation city Ba-Sing-Se were he has remained even today. He regrets what he had to do to the people he killed, but it had to be done....after all he isn't evil. He uses a Katana with a Jet black blade which he carries on his person at all times
Rank: Ex-Military, one of the Fire Nation's most wanted criminals.
Appearance: User Image
~Air Nation Profiles~
~Shadow Nation profiles~
( Reminder: Bad guys after the avatar)

Gaianame: arc-angel-of-love
Character name: Kaiden Ichiru
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Nation: Shadow nation
Your element: Earth bending master
Personality: Distant and serious and. He won't harm you if you don't get on his bad side, but be warned his bad side you don't want to get on. He's kinder to his top three ranked followers, than anyone else. He tends to only talk when needed, and doesn't take his work lightly, failure he doesn't like. He's calm and collected but can be a gentleman if needed, and is very polite when needed, he can always put on an act.
Bio: Born in the Earth Nation, he was of a noble family, he was brought up on strict ways to act, always being trapped, he spent his whole child hood under his father training day in and day out. His mother died of a serious illness when he was eight years old, as he saw her slowly die in her bed as she said bye to him. When he was fifteen, already very well known in sword play, and Earth bending, he ran away from home and created the Shadow nation, he's after the avatar, and wants to create a new world, and rule the Earth.
Appearance: User Image

Gaianame: EriLee-Chan
Character name: Eri
Age: 17
Gender: female
Nation: Shadow
Your element: Metal
Personality: Eri is a strong willed girl. When she is order or comanded to kill, or attack, she gives it her all. When shes not spying on other nations or fighting, she writes poems and ink pictures.
Bio: Born in the Earth nation, half blind.Her mother, the great-great-great grand daughter of Toph, would teach her her families personally type of earth bending, metal bending. She got made at her mother in one of their lessons and left. She stoyed away on a ship and ended up on Avatar Roku's Temple. She later joined the Shadows as a spy on other nations and a warrior.
Rank: Spy

Gaianame: Miyuki sutoku
Character name: Mai Harutokumo and Dai harutokumo
Age: 16
Gender: Male and Male
Nation: Shadow
Your element: Shadow
Personality: They are both bubbly and are pretty much great fighters. They have always hated the air nation and the avatar of the fire nation. They make living fun and have never been separated from each other.
Bio: They have always hated the air nation and the avatar of the fire nation. They make living fun and have never been separated. They learned how to fight and accommodate each others strengths. They both lived in the castle all of their lives and have never been out, so they don't know what the Avatar looks like only that she is a girl. Dai and Mai both protect everything that they hold dear and have never had to choose one over the other. The twins have also been known as the troublesome duo.
Rank: Prince maybe?
Appearance: User Image<-- Dai-kun
User Image<--Mai-kun

Gaianame:Xrodney the broken onex
Character name:Rodney
Age: 16
Nation: shadows
Your element:shadows
Bio:Of the newly discovered nation Rodney's family was the first to expand the knowledge of the nation,some believe the shadow nation to be the unstoppable forces.Rodney joined a group that traveled the world but he lost them at sea,Now he searches for them.
Appearance: User Image
White list

setsunameioh555: For being first to join ^^
Konoha ANBU leaf ninja : For being the first boy ^^

Black List

~Rp opened
~Kyoko is still in the fire nation
~Kyoko met Stinger and Jet
~ The group then met the royal prince and princess of the fire nation
~ The group have the royal brother and sister travelling with them
~ Dai and Mai have begun there journey
~Shadow Nation are now active
~Kyoko and the group are now in Ba-sing-se
~A criminal has come into contact with Kyoko, Jet and Stinger, but what's the connection to him and Kyoko?
User Image

~Kyoko~The Avatar: Where do I go now?

Kyoko had been staying over night in an inn she'd found, she had sneaked into the backroom, hoping to not be found. As morning came she yawned gently, as she sat up out of the bunk bead. Her name was Kyoko, from the Fire nation, she was the avatar. Not that she knew that. Then again no one 'knew' who she was, people had heard rumours the avatar was a girl, but no one would of suggested this young girl. She stood up, only to hear a twney year old mans voice walk in, as he started to yell, she jumped up. "Sorry!" She said, as he started fire bending at her, she dodged, and dodged, until she ran out of the inn, with her clothes burnt badly. She ran to a lake near by, and fell against it gently. That failed.. She thought sadly, as she sat up. She curled up her hand, and made a fire ball, as she glanced into it, bringing her knees up to her chest.

((Everyone start from where you live please ^^))
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hopeless star of the northern water tribe

Enya sighed as she walked to the shore, she hugged herself tightly from the cold that bore down on her and her land. She wondered if there was ever a place warm, her parents had never left the tribe and it rarely got very warm around these parts. Her heart leaped for hope of something else. The problem was how could she travel at this time? the Shadow Kingdom was on the move and ready to jump on any tribe, any civilian for control. It felt absollutely hopeless to even walk out her door.
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13,700 Points
  • Hellraiser 500
  • Noble Shade 100
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~Atami:Water Bender~

Atami walked through the door of the house she and her mother used to share. It had been almost seven years now and she couldn't believe she'd learned so much from someone who wasn't related to her. "I'm home," she muttered and knelt in front of the shrine that had been set up for her mother. "You won't believe how much I've learned, mom." She blinked hard to keep the tears from her eyes. Maybe visiting had been a bad idea.

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