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"тнιѕ plaтnιυм dιgιvιce. . . ιт'ѕ мιne."

"тнιѕ power, тнιѕ aвιlιтy. . . ιт'ѕ oυrѕ. and υѕιng тнιѕ, ι'll тear тнe world down. ι'll deѕтroy everyтнιng - ι'll мaĸe нιм lιѕтen тo мe."


      "Considering the fact that we woke up here, and there seem to be talking monsters-"

      "Digimon, ya dolt!"

      "-Digimon. . . No, I have no clue what's going on. . . Looks like you don't either," She said, pausing and falling silent as they argued. It looked quite heated, and sounded that way, too, so Aidan was silent as she watched the two of them go at it. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. She felt strange, and out of place, then. She really didn't know how to deal with this kind of situation. Especially since she must be in a coma. She had to be.

      "My name is Aidan. Aidan McCall."

      "Better believe it, pipsqueak! Though my minion looks a little stupid to be called a minion. . . ."

      Ignoring Impmon's jab, Aidan turned to a new voice, and found another male walking towards them.

      Deciding to be a little more outgoing in that moment - maybe they could actually decide where to go from there - Aidan gave a little wave. Impmon, on the other hand, crossed his arms over his chest and gave a slight, 'harrumph.'

      "Aw great, another chump! Betamon, this one looks dorky!"

      And, unknowing as to why she did it, Aidan turned and gave Impmon a little nudge. He jumped back, as though he were in pain, and she gave him a stern, disapproving look.

      "Behave yourself."

      "Anger issues. . . Sheesh!" Impmon replied, sticking out his tongue at her.

      Mature. Incredibly mature.


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▧▧▧ι คм кคιsєя v кคℓคωคɢ▨▨▨
Dracumon. The vampire beasts

After arguing with Dracumon about calling him names, Kaiser turned to Aiden.

"Nice to meet you Frau McCall." I am Kaiser Kalawag."

From the way she spoke, it sounded like she was British. Although Kaiser perferred to speak german to people, he could speak many other languages fluently. He really questioned why they were here. Now that he thought of it, he looked like one of the people that he used to hang out with before his father drove them away from him. The thought of his father drove Kaiser into a sad moment. What he had done was unforgivable. Maybe that was why he was here. Was this some sort of hell that people go to? It seemed quite like that with Dracumon and impmon. they both seemed to be little demons themselves. And also, if this was that case, why was Aiden here as well. Did she do something wrong as well? But he he didn't let his thoughts cloud his mind.

He said with a smile on his face to Aiden. 'I think..." he trailed off speaking when another person called to them both. Kaiser gave the new person a look of confusion for a sec. He thought that it was only him and Aiden here in this forest but now there was someone else.

Dracumon took the chance of Kaisers silents to add on to what Impmon had to say and said "Hey brain dead. Speak up. I can hardly hear what you said. Hey Betamon, you need to get your minions brain checked out."

Kaiser then delivered a hit to Dracumon's head.

"OWW. Hey, why did you do that Minion."Dracumon said as he cradled his head in pain.

"Show some respect to people you jerk."

Kaiser held his hand out as if to see if the new person as if to see if he would shake it.

Kaiser then walked over to the new person. "Hallo I am Kaiser Kalawag. If I may know your name, that would be nice."

Kaiser held his hand out as if to see if the new person as if to see if he would shake it.

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Kai listened as the other people and the digimon started talking to each other and him. The fact that the other digimon knew Betamon was slightly confused him. "Beta, do you know these two?" he asked.

Betamon nodded, "Yea, that's Impmon and he is Dracumon," he said as he pointed each one out. Then he turned to two digimon, "He isn't that bad... Not really," the amphibian digimon said in a small voice. He wasn't anywhere near as outgoing as the other two, but he still liked them.

"Imp and Darcu. Well Imp is appropriate." Kai then looked at the humans. "I'm Kai Kotan." The boy who introduced himself as Kaizer seemed like he wanted a hand shake, but Kai simply put his hands in his pockets. "This guy here is Beta," Kai motioned down to his digimon.

"Kai, you do know you're forgetting the -mon at the end of everyone's names." Betamon's comment was answered by a shrug from Kai.

"So I guess you guys have been together long enough to where you are the minions of these little guys?"
Yue looked from the kid with sunglasses to the girl with the rabbit and back again, looking utterly baffled. Were they even speaking English? The words had the cadence of it, but the sounds... She shook her head, then straightened up unconsciously before turning to the others. "My, uh. My name is Li Baiyue, and this is Xiao-" Again she stopped and looked around blankly, this time focusing her gaze on where Pagumon had been just moments before.

By the time the blue Digimon had caught her gaze again, it was too late; he had already wriggled and jumped his way over to Coronamon and flapped his ears angrily. "I am too the smartest! And I'll prove it to you right this second!" As Yue all but dove to grab him before he got himself killed picking a fight with something bigger than he was, Pagumon started glowing, seeming to dissolve into a simple wireframe for a few seconds before shifting, growing larger...

And then, the bright light that engulfed him vanished, and the creature that stood in front of Yue was larger, maybe the size of a human child, with long ears, wicked-looking claws, and a devil-may-care smirk on its face. "Now that the playing field's level, you want a piece of this?" he purred, gesturing towards Coronamon with a claw. "I'll turn you to -"

Before he could say anything else, Yue seized him by the tail and yanked him bodily backwards. "Surviving should be our first priority, not picking fights with everyone else, Xiao Pagumon-"

"Gazimon -"

"-Xiao Gazimon, then."
Yue turned to Alkyone, shaking her head a bit. "Sorry about that."
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      ((Post layout to come. It's going to be short, simple, and sweet. Until then, it's going to be bare for a little bit.))

      "This world continues to defy me!" She shrieked, her hand swiping across the heavy wooden table in front of her.

      Trays and scrolls were set up everywhere on the tale - containing everything from messages to battle plans. The trays contained an array of food that would put a king's feast to shame - if one could discount the strange oddities of the food available in the Digital World. A smattering of those trays and scrolls went flying through the air, and landed with a loud clatter on the floors and wall. Food and paper went everywhere, making the largest mess possible in the smallest amount of time.

      A frightened squeak left the rafters, and she glanced up with a snarl to find all of the Demidevimon cowering there, peering down at her and glancing at each other in fear. Lilithmon's tempers were nothing new to them - but they were something to feared. When Lilithmon grew angry, the Demidevimon were the first to feel her wrath - and often, they resulted in several Digimon being reduced to streams of data.

      "I will not let this happen. . . This will of this world. . ." She seethed, hands trembling as she straightened up. She turned to regard the mess she'd made on the floor and sneered at it, "No. I will make certain that this world will bend to my whims."

      "L-Lady Lilithmon," One of the Demidevimon stuttered, gliding down from the rafters and landing on the table before her, " You shouldn't be angry, Lady Lilithmon! Anger will diminish your beauty."

      Lilithmon smiled, her purple lips stretching on her face, her expression rearranging to form a calm, contented countenance. She came over to the small Digimon, and lifted her delicate-looking hand to gently rest on the top of its helmet, "Such a faithful servant, keeping my beauty in mind. . ." And the hand grasping his helmet locked down onto it, nails digging into the rigid fabric. She squeezed, increasing the pressure more and more until the Demidevimon began to beg, writhing and scrambling around, trying to escape from her - but his helmet crushed in on itself. She opened her palm, allowing the data to fly through the room, "But you should know that I'm beautiful, even when I'm angry."

      Turning from the table, she began to walk into a separate room, secluded from the rest of the castle that she'd taken root in. She paused before she passed through the door frame and turned her head, pinning her eyes on the rest of her loyal servants. The remaining Demidevimon stiffened, fear lighting in their eyes.

      "Clean this mess. I expect it to be tidy when I come back."

      "Y-Y-Yes Lady Lilithmon!" They cried, springing down from their perch to begin their assigned task.

      Lilithmon continued into the next room - which was decorated lavishly. Purple and black swaths of cloth draped over everything. Tables and candles were scattered throughout the room - but only served to lend it a cold, heartless light. The main focus of the room was a mirror - one that saw constant use by Lilithmon - but the true identity of this mirror was to serve as a portal. This portal allowed her to travel to a few other areas of the Digital World. . . And the object of her desire, this time, was a forest. More specifically, a certain forest where a few of the Digidestined had landed. She planned on using these Digidestined to combat the will of the Digital World. If this World called humans to its aid, then she could warp those humans. . .

      Lifting a golden claw, Lilithmon touched the surface of the mirror - and the surface rippled, indicating the portal was active. Stepping through it, Lilithmon found herself inside of the dark, ancient ruin that had once been dedicated to worshiping ancient warriors of the Digital World. Turning back to where she'd come from, she found the wall behind her resembled that of a stone wall. Excellent, the portal was still cloaked. When she was done, she'd step through it again to resume her planning.

      Turning again to walk through the ruins, she came upon the shrine that was the focus of the pyramid. Moving to stand atop the dais, Lilithmon placed her hands on her chest and closed her eyes. And now, it's time for me to change this world's fate. Power rippled through her, and when she spoke, her words carried on the wind, stretching out into the surrounding forest.

      "Come to me. . . Come to me, child. Follow my voice." It was a gentle whisper, a siren's song meant to catch the ear of any human close enough to hear it.

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