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                                                  Like she knew what would happen, it had exactly happened that way. She and Freddie had a little war of their own which in turn got her an elbow in the face right by her eye. Or was that he accidently smacked her in the face. (Was it and accident?) She wasn’t sure the whole thing had happened so fast and it was all fun in games, Olive of course like always came out the winner of the brawl. Smoothing out her patterned dress as she exited the stairwell, going the opposite direction of the blue haired boy. Their interaction between one another was done now and it was time to get back to the two people in her life that actually mattered. Darren and Calcifer needed her, that’s what was in her mind and they couldn’t be without her for too long, things wouldn’t be right. People would start to ask question and chaos would soon break out. It would always happen if they separate for too long when things were happening. Even the staff knew to get them together during events; it meant things would go much smoother. That was unless the trio had plans already ready to go through with. Which for this meeting they had no plans and no mission of Boogie himself. Turning her neck slowly she wanted to hiss a bit at the sore feeling she felt. Stopping in front of a mirror on the wall and inspection her thin neck, her face instantly went into a dead on glare at her reflection.

                                                  Her neck had already started to bruise from being trapped by the boss man earlier. If it was one thing Olive found out about herself over the years it was her body bruised super easy. The staff learned to not ask about every bruise she got after awhile. Which were a good thing and also a bad thing on their parts. She’d get a bruise from running into a table corner or getting bumped in the leg by Darren even if it wasn’t hard. Walking up closer to the mirror she looked at her eye, seeing the area around it slightly starting to puff up and darken a little, I would be a light black and blue by the time the meeting was up if not sooner. At least they never really hurt only changed colors. Not like the pain would bother her anyway. She was tough and pain was almost a second nature to the female. Running a hand through her dark locks she sighed while turning on her heels down the hall. She needed to get to that bloody meeting, only wanting to be there for the boys and too see the fresh meat. Oh the fresh meat was the best and she knew they were the perfect sets of prey.

                                                  Getting to the meeting room, she didn’t walk in right away, but peered around the corner, taking in everyone who was in the room already. Spotting the back of Darren’s head he walked straight into the room. Her finger idly messed with the two rings on her fingers that the boys got her one year. The jewelry reading ‘are you a good witch or a bad witch’ it was a perfect fit. Walking up to them, she let a sly grin spread to her features, she was now there and the fun could begin! Petting Darren’s unexpected head, resting her hand of his skull and tapping her fingers lightly on his head as her eyes searched Calcifer’s face. He was fuming and looked angry, what had happened when she was away? Frowning instantly, as she walked over to hit in the seat on the opposite side of Cal. Olive tilted her head and reached over to gently stroke his cheek, Pulling his face to face her own. Raising a questioning eyebrow, she wanted to know what got under her skin. Quickly glaring around the room at everyone, was the culprit here? Her attention slowly went back to Cal, eyes going back and forth between the two tricksters.

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                            DREAMING DREAMS blahblahblahblahwith happy endings
                                          blahIn backyards, winning battles with our wooden S W O R D Sblah
                                                                But now we've stepped into a cruel world
                                                                                      Where everybody stands and keeps score
                    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
                    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
                    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
                    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
                    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN

                                            Having spent the majority of her morning in the gym, Fallon could feel her stomach turning from hunger. Even if this new patient wasn’t willing to eat anything with her, Fallon was going to dig in. Nothing could keep her from stuffing her mouth; well almost nothing I mean if the building was burning down, there was no way she would keep eating. There was a limit of how much she loved food, there had to be. If there weren’t, she would surely be at least 200 lbs. Shoving her hands into her jacket pockets, Fallon lolled her head to the side to get a better look at the new comer. She had to admit, he seemed polite and all, however there was that comment he made earlier. He kept denying that he didn’t belong here, yet he had proven within the first moment of Fallon meeting him that he was in fact in the right place. Oh well, it wasn’t her place to decide these things, that was for Sooh and Chang to figure out, all she had to do was look intimidating, bring the muscle and lay down the law. Hearing him say he could go for eating something, a smile spread it’s way over Fallons face. Good, now she didn’t have to ditch the poor new kid and get yelled at. With his indication to go first, Fallon shrugged her shoulders in agreement and hurried over to the kitchen, bouncing up and down almost like a small child. What? She was hungry?

                                            With a plate in her hands, she waited for Tigger to get his food, giving him an odd look as they walked over to no particular area to sit. “ No, here’s fine.” She half muttered taking a seat, casually beginning to eat as a thought was still stuck on her mind. She hadn’t encountered anyone at the centre who was a patient with such good manners. I mean to be honest, Fallon wasn’t even sure she had as good manners he did. How could someone with such proper manners be thrust into this kind of environment? It just wasn’t something you saw with most patients. I mean sure, there were the sociopaths who would pretend to have manners in order to get thing from you but this kid. It actually looked like he was genuinely a polite man. Fallon paused and lowered her utensils for a moment as Tigger spoke, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion at his words. Why was he so proper? “It’s not problem, the cop can be a little aggressive sometimes especially when no ones around to stop them. I have to admit though, I’m a bit curious on why you’re here as well, I mean it’s not like I can look into files but there has to be a reason right? Maybe you’re just not aware of why yet” Fallon took a moment to pause and shrug her shoulders before smirking towards the new patient. “ I have to be honest though, I hope you stick around. We don’t really have people who are as proper and polite as you are around here, it’s a nice change.” It was last sentence Fallon could get into their awkward meeting before a rucuss across the room caught her attention.

                                            Awe man, why today?

                                            Most people would have been watching the fight with shock, and a little bit of fear, however for Fallon, she just sat there, dreading having to interfere with the incident. Thankfully, the small fight between Alek and Chang was over almost as soon as it started, well, looks like there was going to be need for her actual service today after all. “Gotta go” She spoke quickly before pushing herself out of the chair and out of the kitchen, she wanted to make sure no more ‘accidents’ were happening in the halls now that the fight had broken up. As she scurried out of the room she could hear Sooh’s strong voice echoing over the room, well she choose a good time to leave. She couldn’t help but feel guilty though, leaving that poor kid alone in the kitchen, hopefully he wouldn’t get into any trouble while she was away. Oh well, when she was here unfortunately her job came first. And right now it was to scout out any trouble brewing, though she hadn’t been ordered too, Fallon couldn’t help but feel like it was the right thing to do.

                                            For twenty minutes the red head wondered the halls of the establishment, one hand resting on her walkie-talkie, the other tucked into her pocket. The halls were clear, everyone seemingly heading obediently to the meeting. At least there weren’t any lingering brawls in the hallway, thank goodness. Pulling her hand out of her pants pocket, fallon glanced down at her watch, making a small noise in her throat once she noticed the time. Damn, time to head to that darn meeting. Hopefully all the new kids would find their way there alright. Picking up her walking pace, Fallon hurried through the halls, sending out small warnings to any straglers she saw in her travels. If she had to sit in on this meeting then she was going to make sure that all these other patients and workers had to as well. Within a short period of time, Fallon found herself waiting outside of the meeting room, stepping to the side allowing other people to enter instead of having to go around her. Fallon took a moment to watch people enter the room, as if gaining the courage to enter the room. It wasn’t like this was the first time she would be entering the darn thing.

                                            Letting out a small sigh, Fallon pushed her way through the door giving a small internal breath of relief seeing that Tigger had somehow found his way into the meeting room, at least that was one less thing to worry about for now. She went to go sit down however froze mid step seeing a certain person from the corner of her eyes, oh, Blair! Turning mid step, Fallon perched herself next to the older woman, shoving both of her hands in her pockets as she looked up to her ‘icon’ “ Tired yet?” Fallon spoke in a joking manner as she raised an eyebrow up at her superior. Ever since she had started here she had always looked up to Vega, she was just so strong, someone whom Fallon wanted to grow up to be like. Glancing around the room for a quick moment Fallon turned her attention back towards Blair. “Quite the morning huh? And there’s still so much to come. We should just go hide some where and take some naps” She half whined as she rested her back against the wall. If there was one thing Fallon loved more than food, that was nap. If only all the patients here could be trusted.

blah It's a showdown, and nobody comes to save you nowblah

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                                                        Heechul, or better known as Avery since most people can't pronounce his name correctly, was completely bored in his lonely room. He had never been more bored than he was right now as he swung his legs back and forth on his bed, just staring at the wall. Normally he would torment others with his random remarks or his typical backtalk. Not a lot of people enjoyed his company because of this, and even worse is that they have no control over him except for the dear Miss Sooh, Bermuda, and Scar. Those three were the only people he ever "behaves" around since drama tends to follow him around. Bermuda and Scar were excellent playthings when they were mad with him, particularly he enjoyed the "rough hours" he got to spend with each of them alone. But with Miss Sooh, it was different. It was as though he respected her like a humble queen of this manic "kingdom", which he loves to call. Yet all three of them, along with the other residents, despised them due to his knowledge of their secrets and disorders which he enjoyed to use to taunt them.

                                                        Suddenly the steel door that held him in his little prison slammed open. There stood two guards and a nurse at the doorway. The nurse was the first to step in to his cell, carrying a straitjacket in her arms. Avery just grinned happily at the trio when they had opened the door. They were slightly uncomfortable with the grin and they felt uneasy as they heard rumors that he knows everyone's secret just by looking at them. The nurse began to dress Heechul up cautiously since most patients would explode at any possible moment to attack. The two guards stood at the door and watched, ready to jump in to stop him from hurting the nurse. It was eerily quiet in the room as the nurse started to strap him in. Usually Avery would be talking their ears off and driving them insane, instead he was dead quiet. Maybe it was the boredom? Maybe his mind was racing around in his imaginary world? Whatever it was had stopped and brought him back to reality.

                                                        "Why, hello, sweethearts. What brings you to my quarters?" Heechul questioned as he eyed the guards before bringing his glance over the jacket. "We're moving you to a different room, Mister Kim. MIss Sooh thought it would be best for you to start interacting with others after so many years of isolation," the nurse replied as she finished strapping in the last buckle. "Come on, kiddo. It's time to meet your new roommate," one of the guards, the oldest among the two, said as he walked in to escort him out. "Really? Interesting," he mumbled to himself as he thought about tormenting his roommate a bit would be fun. Sure, he had the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, and the Dormouse to hang with, but those three were as mad as he was so it gets a bit boring from time to time, or as boring as it can be with a group of bat s**t insane people.

                                                        The two guards grabbed onto his arms to make sure Heechul didn't ran off and disappeared which he made into a habit over twenty years ago. Heechul didn't try to dash off and strip off his straitjacket somewhere he could hid out. He was too excited to meet his new roommate and "play" with him or her at every chance he got. After all being here at this asylum, he noticed that most people he met were starting to have a presence that met the standards of disney characters. How fun is this place? Then out of the blue, Heechul began to laugh his head off as the trio eyed at him with caution, not knowing what had just happen to cause such laughter. His laugh echoed through the halls and a bit through the whole floor, but he didn't care. He never really care what people thought of him. After all, he is the Cheshire Cat and as you have noticed he is not entirely there.

CC: Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way.
Alice: Who did?
CC: The White Rabbit.
Alice: He did?
CC: He did what?
Alice: Went that way.

CC: Who did?
Alice: The White Rabbit.
CC: What rabbit?
Alice: But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear.
CC: Can you stand on your head?
Alice: Oh!

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                                          After seeing Miss Mute get dragged away, nothing of interest happened. Well, at least nothing that interested Georgia. So, she sat down an enjoyed her lunch, once she finally got it. She took her time eating her food, not really feeling the need to rush and shovel it in her mouth. Unlike some of the patients at Citricos, Georgia was not lacking in manners and etiquette. However, even whenever she was being polite, she managed to come off as rude to the other dwellers of the massive building. Having finished ingesting her lunch for the day, Georgia found herself sitting alone in a comfortable silence. Every so often she would allow her eyes to wander around and look at the others. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed movement towards her. She looked over and saw a person walking in her direction. Before she could get a good look at their face, she knew instantly that the person was male by their build, height, and even how they carried themselves. It wasn't long before he was standing before her and she was able to identify whether he was worth her time or not. A smile formed on her lips as she decided that he was. She was expecting to hear flattering words or something of the sort, instead she was asked by the male if he could ask her a question.

                                          Given Georgia's natural ineptitude for smart a** remarks and sarcastic wit, she wanted so desperately to tell him that he had just asked her a question. However, she knew instantly upon laying her eyes on him that he was new. Not wanting to scare the poor but handsome boy away, Georgia decided to be polite. Yet, when she opened her mouth to give him a short but sweet "yes", the boy continued without even giving her a chance to speak. Instantly she felt insulted, annoyed, and slightly infuriated. Her boiling temper died down to a simmer as she listened to exactly what he had interrupted her to say. "Tell me what is such a lovely goddess like yourself doing here?" Now, that was more like it. Flattery could get anyone anywhere. Well, almost anywhere if it was applied to Georgia. She wasn't so easy to succumb to sweet words, but that didn't mean she didn't love hearing them. Despite knowing already how beautiful she was, Georgia adored hearing other people tell her so, even though they happened to only be stating the obvious. Still, Georgia couldn't help but smirk up at him. She appreciated his attempt. Really, she did, but she knew that he could do better than that. After all, she deserved the best.

                                          “You can't come up with anything better than that? You're telling me something I already know." Georgia gave a small roll of her eyes, something that anyone who didn't know better would merely see as a glance to the side. "Anyway, I'm being held here against my will, much like a majority of the people you see here. However, unlike them, I have no need to be here.” While speaking, she made a grand gesture towards everyone else in the room. Afterwards, she merely looked up at him and waited for a response of some sort. She was expecting something intelligent. Once again, she received the exact opposite. The boy before her continued to state the obvious. Yet, he managed to just barely make up for it by complimenting her yet again. She just wished he'd done it in a more direct way. Georgia never saw the point in taking the long way, felt that keeping things short and simple was best. “I couldn't agree with you more. There are many imbeciles here, as you will soon learn since you're obviously new. You say that as if I care about the jealousy of others.” Georgia resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him in a more obvious way. He was starting to get on her nerves, but she kept a smile on her lips.

                                          It was starting to become rather clear to Georgia just what he was trying to do. Despite his pretty face, she was starting to think that he wasn't worth her time. But she wasn't going to turn him away just yet. Despite his stupidity for playing tugging on a lion's tail, Georgia found him to be slightly entertaining. Yes, she could have some real fun with him. He seemed like the kind of guy that was apt to hold secrets. Oh, how she wanted to learn of any secrets that he had. Yes, then she would have some real fun. Pushing her thoughts away, she continued to give him her full and undivided attention, something very few were granted. “Then it sounds like I am going to have some fun. I don't know you well enough to know what you care about. Want me to take you to this meeting room?” His words almost made Georgia want to laugh. Know her well enough to know what she cared about? No one knew her well at all. None of the doctors had managed to find out exactly what made her tick, and it's their job to do that. This boy didn't know her, and she was going to be sure it stayed that way. But she wanted to know all she could about him.

                                          “If you think that dealing with pests is fun, sure. Why not. Well then, I'll let you know right now. I care about myself and no one else." That was going to be the only information about herself that she was going to give him. Well, aside from her name, which she wasn't going to give up quite yet. She wanted to see if she could make him wonder about who she was. The least she could see was that he wanted something from her, but she couldn't tell what. Whatever it was, she wasn't going to let him have it. "Are you sure it's not the other way around? Or have you had a chance to go exploring?” Georgia raised a brow at him. She figured that he hadn't gone off and explored Citricos and was more than likely shown and forced to come to where he was at the present moment. Hardly any new patients or workers got to explore. They were given a guided tour instead, an attempt at making sure nothing "happens" to them. Then, Georgia received his reply and had to forced herself to not laugh. Follow the crowd? The crowd of lunatics? Was he serious? Georgia wouldn't follow her fellow patients around as a mindless sheep if the staff paid her to. She was a leader, not a follower.

                                          Pushing that aside, she began to think about his first statement about screwing with people. 'Yes, just like how I'd love to screw with you. Possibly even screw you if you'd be up for it.' Oh, there was a list forming in Georgia's mind of all the awful things she could do as well as the pleasurable ones. But that was all up to him. She loved sex, but she wasn't bad enough an addict to force someone against their will. Georgia shook her head for a moment before smirking and giving him her opinion. After that, her eyes lit up as she gave a witty response to his latter statement. "Hm, I didn't peg you as a sheep." Now the witty banter had turned into a game. So far, Georgia was winning. Yeah, she was keeping score. Being in the lead made her smirk, and she wasn't afraid of letting him see it. She wanted him to know that she was getting the best of him. He was fresh meat and needed to learn his place. Georgia earned her place at the top of the food chain. There was no way she was going to let some new guy get the best of her, no matter how hot she thought he was.

                                          “I will be the judge of that. Don't get cute woman. Now care to come or sit there.” Well, there went his fake charm. Georgia was glad, though. She preferred that people show her their real sides rather than hiding behind some artificial mask. She'd know how they really were whether they did or not. It just saved her time and energy if they did it themselves. Getting rid of her polite smile, Georgia kept the smirk on her lips as she stood from the chair. She dusted the skirt of her dress off in case any crumbs had fallen into her lap that had gone unnoticed. “Let’s hope that your judgment is sound. Ah, we both know that I'm so much more than that.” The real fun was beginning, and she didn't want it to stop any time soon. But she knew that it would have to when they reached the meeting room they were supposed to go to. 'The one of many,' she thought with a mental groan. Georgia took a moment and glanced at the seat she'd been sitting in and then looked to the male before her. “I suppose I shall walk there with you. However, it would be unfair to others if I only grace you with my presence.” She could see that he regarded her remarks about herself with annoyance. Good. She was getting under his skin.

                                          Hearing him chuckle was a surprise. She thought of it as a rather pleasant sound. But she didn't like the words that followed it. “To think I thought you did not care about others.” Feeling insulted yet again, she felt the need to explain to him that beauty was something to be shared, despite how little a world she was currently sharing it with. “It seems like it will be my little world as well. Seeing that I am at the top it is only right if I pray on the weak.” Okay, now she wanted to smack that pretty face of his. He was not at the top, nowhere near it. 'He's either very brave or very stupid for saying that to me of all people. If only Scar could hear him.' Georgia knew that Scar, a member of the Citricos faculty, would have gotten a kick out of the words coming from the fresh meat. Scar and Georgia were two like minded people that shared some similar views. She thought of him as someone that she could connect with on an intellectual level. They were both members of the top, something that the newbie could only dream of being. Well, unless he started playing his cards right. But Georgia didn't suspect that he would be doing that any time soon.

                                          The two were coming upon the room when Georgia finally decided to speak. “We are about to be parting ways, unless you plan to spend time with me during the meeting. That is up to you." At first, she was just going to stop there and head inside. However, a better idea formed in her head. "Since you're new here, I'll give you a little piece of advice." Very few would understand just what the advice she was about to give him would mean. "Be careful about what you do. Think before you act. These walls have eyes." The little detail she "forgot" to mention was that the eyes of the walls were all her. Georgia was giving him a warning. She was telling him to be careful in a way she thought clever. Of course, she knew that he wouldn't understand. That was the way she wanted it. She wanted him to not read into her words, just think that she was telling him to be careful as to not get into trouble. Georgia wanted him to be naive. If he was naive, then he wouldn't be careful and do whatever he wanted. If he did whatever he wanted, then Georgia would be able to use anything nasty he did against him. Her eyes sparkled with delight as she looked up at him as he spoke his parting words. Yes, they would be seeing more of one another, even if he didn't want to.

                                          Georgia stepped into the room and easily found an empty seat. She watched the new guy enter soon after. As she watched him, she noticed a slight change in his actions after sitting down. Her eyebrows raised themselves in a show of curiosity. He looked confused, far from the confidence that he had been showing earlier as they spoke to one another. Before she could think on it more, Georgia was torn away from her feeling of wonder by feeling a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed as she looked straight ahead. Then, the person spoke and she instantly recognized just who it was. "Georgia, right? You look absolutely stunning." The nerve he had! To approach her without having confidence in knowing her name. She knew exactly who he was, but he clearly did not know her. She looked up at him and let out the venom she'd been holding back while talking to the fresh meat. "Alek, right? You disgust me," she said in a sickeningly sweet voice, a voice that didn't match her eyes as they burned with irritation."Aw. I like you too, Sweetheart." Now she wanted to gag. Sweetheart? No one called her "sweetheart". It was a term of endearment, something that Georgia was not interested in. Hearts and flowers were not something she yearned for. "I'm afraid that I don't like you at all." How she wanted for him to leave her be. His persistence was unnerving, and she did not like the feeling.

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                                                                    As the female leaned against the door way, she couldn't help but to watch as the patients all started to pile in the room. The first one who she noticed though was Cal, who appeared to notice her as well. His comment made her left eyebrow raise up, a bit surprised by it. Of course she simply let out a light chuckle as he walked passed her. " Always a charmer," She said as he by, only to watch him take a seat. At that moment the boy's personality seemed to shifted a bit, going in to a scowl of some kind. She had scene the devilish boy angry in the past, taking note of each time as she wanted to know the things to look out for, however it was a bit too early for him to be acting this way already. Something must have happened to set the boy off. Over the years she had learned that the boy did show signs of hostility to people who he didn't know too well. Even when the trio first met they appeared to have battle scars from whenever their first get together where, but not that was in the past, mostly. It was new people who tried to talk to them that she had to keep an eye on. Cal and his group where very,... Sensitive to new people and often they where shunned from them. There was a few people though who each of them got close to over the years, only a handful though.

                                                                    Right one cue the new guy in Darren walked in, only seconds apart from each other. Darren was about of Cal's little trio, and proof of it was that he was daring to sit next to the angry boy. In normal situations this would have been a terrible idea however the trio had a bond and when one was on edge it would take another to calm them down. She never asked why it worked out that way, and wished to respect the tricksters for now. They where still young and cooped up in this place so why should she take away all the fun for them. All long as order was in place then she saw no harm to them yet. There was some stunts they did in the pass that kept her on edge though, but those where in the past and it was a new day. ' Besides even they need someone to look out for them besides Mr White.' She thought as her eyes traveled around the room once more. She couldn't help but to pause when seeing Nied try to talk to the shy girl, Juliet. She was bit worried about the girl making friends however it the more insane though she was interesting then she should be fine. That was always a key clue in who to trust. The mad one's may have been hard to understand but they knew things that she even couldn't explain. It just took time to understand them is all, and if this was girl on their good list then she should be fine.

                                                                    Her eyes then moved back across the room as the pink haired female crossed it, sitting next to Alek. Their hair was matching, making her smile lightly at how similar the two looked in that split second. Psyche was a girl to look out for, mostly because she did not take kindly towards people who questioned her taste in fashion. Personally it was too flashy for her own taste but then again she was a jean and leather jacket wearing girl herself. It was rare to see her out of her city style, even then it was always a line in the fashion that she wore. It just made her more comfortable. And enters the last one,' She thought as she saw Olive's back walking towards the two other males. When the girl sat down she couldn't help but to have her eyes grow wide a bit. The girl had a small bruise starting to show under her eye. ' I'll have to ask about that after,' She thought, making a small mental note about asking of it. No one attacked her patients without just cause and Olive was one of those who she saw as an alright girl. Needed some guidance, but generally a good girl. Then again she had never been attacked by the trio before and thus did not know of their trouble fun. If she did then her opinion of them would certainly change within a heartbeat but until that time came they where simple children.

                                                                    "Hm? " The older female seemed to come from her thoughts when hearing a very familour voice by her side. She paused to turn her head to the side, only to see the face of Fallon . The girl was one of the youngest guards here that worked with Blair. Normally she would still be in training and not be allowed to be with the patients but the girl showed promise. She had high scores in everything she did and thus she rose to the top and was now standing with Blair as an equal, at least in her mind. " Haha, yeah it's still a bit too early for this." She said in a pleasant tone before pausing for a few seconds. "I guess we should be glad that someone hasn't pull the fire alarm yet. That noise would drive me insane if I had to listen to it for an hour again like last week. " She said with a light joking tone. Of course it was true though. The patients tended to love pull the bloody alarm's any chance they could get. Last week the fire alarm on the first floor and pulled and sprinklers came on. The entire computer systems where done for several hours and who knows what kind of chaos the patients caused during that time. It was insane.

                                                                    "We are suppose to keep an eye on our 'Mad Hatter' due to his little tea incident from this morning but besides that it will be the normal gang who we will have to keep a keen eye on. Jack was a bit riled up this morning so we must be sure to keep him away from caffeine or we will never get sleep. " She said while giving the girl a knowing wink. Honestly it was exhausting trying to keep up with the king of the asylum. He never slept, at least it seemed so, and thus the guards where always up all night trying to find him or to try and get him to sleep. Most of the time though Blair just gave up and tried play sane games like cards with him. Least to say it never lasted too long though. " Avery is also loose today so that should be very interesting." She said while tilting her head over towards the young Asain male who ended up taking a seat on the other side of the room. He seemed small enough to not cause any problems but the boy was made. He was sadistic as they came and she did not trust anyone being alone with him. The boy loved to play with peoples minds as if they where toys. What was worst was that he was growing tired of his regular play things and was now loose to play with the new patients.


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                                                      Before the young lady could answer him the doors to the room creaked a bit, causing him to turn his head towards them. Much to his relief his daughter had just walked in to the room, shoulders back and head held high. She was turning in to such strong woman, almost like her mother was. As the years where going by he did notice that his daughter look after his wife more them him. It was strange thinking that though, as his wife was a Norse woman and he was a simple Scottish man. One would think she got the bright red hair from him, but alas that was not the case. It was funny how those thing happened. The girl was wearing a pair of floral jeans, that where too tight for his own comfort, and a white shirt. ' Why couldn't she wear a undershirt? There are men here.' He thought while taking a quick glance over at the other side of the room. His gaze was first on the doctor who everyone nicknamed 'Scar'. The man was known to have a very predator view on some people here which made him very uncomfortable . Next eyes flashed over to Alek and Niel. Both males where people who never had trouble with but still, they where a bit older then her and he was no fool on his just one gaze can change the perception of males. After all he use to be a young lad and so knew about those craving all too well.

                                                      When his daughter took a seat next to him he couldn't help but to nod his head towards her. The girls smile was bright as the sun hitting the ocean and for a spit second he had to be home sick. He truly did miss the sea, especially since he had been cooped up here for so long. It felt like three years had been turned in to ten. This was a yearly job too and thus they had no days off. It wasn't too bad though, as he spent most of his days in the garden. The only reason he even came to this meeting was because it was the first time his daughter would be introduced to the rest of the workers and patients here. He needed to make sure that no one would get the wrong idea about her. " Brunhilde, " He said replying to her 'father' greeting. He knew that she hated her full name and many years she had wanted to go by some nick name. Ponyo if he remembered it correctly. Ever since the say she had started kindergarten and had met that silly Asian boy, she had started to hate her name. It was that boy's fault. She always loved her name before then, as he and her mother would tell her takes behind the Valkyrie woman of Norse. But now she didn't care too much more it. It was a shame and dishonor to him but some how his wife found the rumor in it. The woman truly was a goddess at times.

                                                      "I think you know most of the people here, " He said, leaning a bit to the side for her to hear him. He then pointed towards the door with his cane,. " You've met Blair from her showing you around but the girl next to her is Fallon. You and her might get along, with that fire spirit of yours. " He said, mostly because both females had a strong personality and had the bright red hair. He pause to point over towards Scar and his little group who where to the left side of them. " The man with the tan skin and black hair is named Doctor Dalen, although most people call him Scar due to the mark on his eye. His patients are always a bit off but besides that he is a brash young man. I do recommend staying far from him though. Him, blue hair and the black haired boy who caused the commotion this morning." He explained while meeting her eyes. His warning was very clear at this moment. It was for her protection really. He didn't want to her see her damaged in anyway and from what he had learned here over the three years was that it was easy to lose it. Some how the insane ones here seemed to grow more mad as the years grew by. It was strange but his gut feeling told him it was some of these peoples fault.

                                                      He then tilted his head to the right side of the room, pointing his chin towards the three teenagers in the back. " That is Cal, Darren and Olive. They seem to be a tight little group, never getting close to anyone minus Mr White who you will meet later. Cal is a upstanding boy, often helps me plant things sometimes. Darren is a bit shy and wont seem to speak with anyone besides Dr Charming and the trio. Olive, who has the bruise on her eye is a spit fire girl as well though she lacks word. I have yet to see her talk yet so I expect she is a mute. " He explained before the doors opened once more and something else had caught his eye. A young Asian boy had walked in with a strange expression on his face. Everything about the boy was screaming to stay far away from him however there was something interesting about the boy. His very presence had caused some of the older patients to stare wide eye as if they had knew him. But Lir had never scene the boy in the three years that he had worked here. " I want you to stay away from him too. " He finally said when the boy had taken his seat, far away from ear shot.

                                                      The male then paused for a second as he noticed something a bit off with her shirt. He had just realized that his daughter was wearing a suit piece bathing suit and not proper undergarments. She could have at least worn a sports bra of something near that shape to cover up. Especially considering the company that she was with. " Brunhilde, take this, you must be cold." He said in a rushed voice as he took off his leather jacket and quickly placed it on her shoulders. He made sure that the front of the jacket covered her shoulders and her top as much as possible. The jacket would be big on her as she was more thin in frame then him, but it would serve it's purpose. " There now, that looks much better." He said with a smile, happy over his work at protecting his daughter's frame from these males. Honestly he should win an award for the things he dose to protect her.

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They fall in line one at a time
Ready to play no time to lose
We've got to move steady your helm
Fire your guns it's time to run
Blow me away I will stay, in the mess I made
After the fall we'll shake it off
Show me the way

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all


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                                          Chang sighed, it was bugging him of all the days that the patients had to be the rowdiest it had to be when the chairwoman decided to pop in unannounced and seemingly uninvited. He groaned softly and ran his fingers through his raven locks, “Well I guess we’d better get started I’ll go prepare the meds.” He nodded and leaned in kissing Sooh’s cheek before making his way out of the meeting room and over to the medical cabinet, he had a list of all the patients who’d need meds, “Someone tell Vega to make sure she stays by Alek we don’t need there to be any more incidents.” He stated to one of the guards passing by. Once he’d prepared all the meds he returned to the room and began making his way around passing out the medication and standing there to make sure the patients took it and not pretended too, when he’d first started out he made the mistake of doing that and it nearly cost a guard his ear.

                                          He looked at Sooh, “Any time you’re read—“ He blinked and realized there were two missing, “Actually hold that thought.” He frowned and walked over to his wife and whispered into her hear, “Cordelia and Valarie are missing.” He frowned and blinked as he heard laughter coming from down the hallway when the girls walked in he frowned, “Your la—Cordelia whereis your mask.” He frowned and looked at the guards they were up in an instant and restraining the cannibal. He looked over at Valarie somewhat amazed that she wasn’t dead or bleeding, Cordelia doesn’t discriminate based on race or gender human is a human and food is food to her. It seems like there is a possibility that they could have made friends. Somehow he hoped not they were both enough of a handful by themselves together well…that would be a massive problem perhaps almost as bad as the three stooges. Cal, Olive and Darren.

                                          He looked around the room and frowned as Vitani went to go sit with the exsiting patients. “Ah Valarie over to the side of the room with the new patients.” He stated crossing his arms. Valarie glared at him and sent him an icy smile, “Or, I can sit with my big brother on the existing patients side of the room, after all wasn’t he assigned to keep and eye on me and he can’t do that if I’m across the room.” The little girl was mocking her, spitting his words back in his face. “You…” He frowned as Valarie walked right past him and over to Tau plopping down in his lap. “If you’re going to insist on sitting on that side Valarie sit in a seat not Tau’s lap.” Valarie glared once more, “His lap is a seat, you didn’t say anything when that brunette in the cafeteria was sitting on him, I’m his sister there’s not a problem.” He frowned and looked over at Sooh, honestly he knew that Tau and Valarie would protest and play up the we haven’t seen each other in so long are you really going to do this. “Oh come now Chang what harm could it be having her sit with erm…on him.” He looked over at Reina and frowned, “Et Tu Brute.” She chuckled and he sighed looking at Sooh, once she nodded he nodded. “Whatever.” Chang looked at Tai and smiled at him though the smile soon faded, he could see that his son was upset for whatever reason.

                                          Chang made his way over to Tai and Sooh and smiled at them, “Sooh let me borrow Tai Zheng for a moment.” He took Tai’s wrist and led him outside concern on his face, “What’s wrong?” He frowned, “Are you alright? “It was then that the marbles upstairs all clicked and he realized why Tai might have been angry, “Are you upset because I didn’t hit Alek?” He blinked the memory that he’d pushed away resurfacing, “Believe me I wanted to very badly but it wouldn’t have been professional and your mother would have killed me later for it.” He blinked and smirked, “You don’t want daddy to die do you?” He smiled and pulled Tai to him hugging his ‘son.’ He pulled away and kissed the boys forehead, “Don’t forget you have to meet me later for—“ “Mr. Chang I wasn’t aware that you have a son.” Naturally the Chairwoman had to pop up at this moment. “Erm Ms. Romano—“ “Anastasia or Ana is fine,” She looked over at Tai, “The boy from before I was not aware that you are the head doctors son.” She seemed to send an icy smile to Tai. “Uhm he’s not really my-“ “The meeting will be starting right? Let’s go in shall we?” Ana said nothing more but merely walked between the boys and entered the room.

                                          Chang frowned and shivered and looked at Tai once Ana was out of earshot. “I swear she gives me the freaking creeps.” He sighed and rolled his eyes placing a hand on Tai’s back, “After the meeting is over hang back you have Chinese lessons. I’ll get us something to eat and we’ll go back to the room and study yes?” Chang was more than aware that Tai’s Japanese is near perfect but his Chinese was no where near up to par for where he wanted it to be. Sooh and Chang often have conversations in Chinese when they don’t want the staff or patients to know what they are talking about, Tai being able to speak it would be good. He knows the boy understands it somewhat better then he speaks it. They have to work on both, so as of a month ago Chang decided to tutor his ‘son’ in the Chinese language. “You go in first.” He smiled and nodded as he ushered Tai in and then walked in after looking at Sooh, “We’re good to start.” He went over to his wife’s side and stood by her, “We definitely need to get better more advanced equipment. After this do you want to me to escort Alek to confinement or would you rather Vega do it? I’m not comfortable with you being near him plus the Chairwoman wants to speak with you and we can’t put that off any long, we might as well talk to dragon lady and get it over and done with.” HE stated in fluent Chinese.

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                                Boy I will be your sexy silk
                                wrap me around 'round 'round 'round
                                I'll be your p***y cat licking your milk right now
                                A kiss can last all night
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                                ✔✔✔✖✖✖✔✔✔ ✖✖✖✔✔✔

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                                The entire incident in the cafeteria was absolutely appalling, she couldn’t get over the fact that Aleksander had tossed tea in that poor waiters face, what had the man done to deserve that? It was not like the poor boy was aware that Alek was as lucid as an insane person could be. He looked no different and they way he approached people was no different expect when he began to make inappropriate advances towards Rizzo, a patient here for her addiction to sex and her depression problem. Reina frowned and ran her fingers through her hair Rizzo wasn’t do anything to help herself either there she was perched in Tau’s lap, then Neil, poor sweet confused Neil had to open his mouth and taunt Alek. The blue haired man didn’t stand a chance in hell, Alek was twice his size and much stockier built. As the fight happened she sprang to her feet, “One moment Catherin—“ But Sooh came to the rescue as per usual, she sighed and slowly lowered herself back down to her seat and looked at the raven haired patient female, “I’m sorry I hope you didn’t think I was ignoring you, but working here you must be ready for anything.” She sighed and sipped her coca, “It seems like today is a day for pure mischief, the musketeers seemed to have been causing problems this morning, I also heard a rumor that the Chairwoman is here as well.” IT was going to be a long day.

                                Just when she thought the drama was over and everything was under control it turned for the worst yet again when Alek taunted Sooh and then Chang responded. Alek did the unthinkable. He attacked the second in command. “Aye dios mio has he gone insane?” She frowned and gulped she was waiting for Chang to hit the patient back ,Chang wasn’t the type of person to be attacked and not defend himself but then Sooh hooked her arms around his waist and tried to hold him back, at first it didn’t seem to work but after a while it did, the guards dragged him Alek off and Tau who was being yelled at followed. THEN a very pretty and tiny blonde entered she really was quite beautiful and young she entered and opened her mouth and began to taunt Chang. The girl was new and messing with the boss already? Today really was an eventful in a bad way sort of day. As she listened she heard and realized this girl is Tau’s little sister. Well she could see a disobedient and snarky streak in her but she honestly saw nothing else wrong, perhaps the girl was bi-polar or something along those lines but she wouldn’t know how to diagnose that, she’s a medical doctor not a psychologist. Sooh announced that she wanted to see everyone in the meeting room and soon.

                                Reina bit her lip and stood up and stretched and looked back at Catherine, “Care to walk with me to the meeting room, it’s the monthly patient staff meeting.” She smiled and walked next to the raven haired female. There was silence between them, but it wasn’t at all awkward many people around them were chatting and she was required to be alert incase anything else happened here in the hall. When she made her way into the meeting room she searched for a seat and found one and sat down Tai was checking off the people that came in off his little clipboard, Sooh was watching like a hawk and Chang was giving the patients who required medication to somewhat sedate them their meds. She thought the meeting was going to begin when she heard Chang give Sooh the clear but he said hold that thought, she didn’t know what he said to her to stop the meeting from beginning he was whispering in her ear but what she did hear was laughter. Feminine laughter. She frowned it almost sounded sinister and she didn’t like that one little bit.

                                When Valarie entered with Cordelia who was currently lacking a mask she felt her heart go to her throat, Valarie could be in danger wasn’t she aware that she was walking arm in arm with a cannibal, one of the most dangerous patients currently residing here? She frowned they looked…like they could be friends with each other. Valarie broke away from Cordelia and she seemed to scan the crowd, she sat down in Tau’s lap and Reina couldn’t help but smile, her face absolutely lit up when she saw her brother, she could tell it had been a very long time and for the first time she saw a light in his eyes, he seemed happy, and not in the ‘I hurt you to make myself happy kind of way’ he seemed genuinely happy that she was there. “Ah Valarie over to the side of the room with the new patients.” Reina blinked and frowned how could Chang be like that, well obviously the standard protocol was for the new patients and staff to sit on one side of the room and the ones who’ve been here for a while on the other, but she hasn’t seen Tau in so long couldn’t the boss make an exception? “Or, I can sit with my big brother on the existing patients side of the room, after all wasn’t he assigned to keep and eye on me and he can’t do that if I’m across the room.” Reina frowned at the girls snarky tone and comment, it wasn’t going to help her cause if she snapped at him like that although he did say those words. She bit her lip as Chang’s expression turned annoyed “If you’re going to insist on sitting on that side Valarie sit in a seat not Tau’s lap.” Well at least he was letting her sit on this side of the room, ] “His lap is a seat, you didn’t say anything when that brunette in the cafeteria was sitting on him, I’m his sister there’s not a problem.” Reina blinked wow this girl had some attitude issue.

                                Reina giggled softly as Chang looked over at Sooh for help, “Oh come now Chang what harm could it be having her sit with erm…on him.” She corrected herself at the end and smiled, “They haven’t seen each other in a long time.” She pouted and laughed at Chang’s remark, “Et Tu Brute.” She chuckled again and shook her head, this was perhaps the first and probably only time that she’d ever help Tau not that he couldn’t easily manipulate his way into letting Valarie stay with him. Cordelia was seated next to Valarie, the two looked like they were close already, “It seems like you’ve made a friend Va—vitani.” She remembered the girl liked to be called that. When Valarie looked over the girl seemed confused, “Oh yes Cordy is my first friend here.” Reina smiled although on the inside she was worried, of all the people to make friends with ,”Well that’s nice,” She nodded, “I’m Reina De La Cruz, one of the doctors here.” “Like doctor MD or like psycho brain analyzing doctor.” Reina laughed, “I’m an MD.” She nodded, “Oh, cool, big brother are you friends with this woman?” Was all the girl said before she returned the talking to her elder brother. Reina laughed soflty and looked at Tau, “Honestly Tau I wonder how such a cute girl could ever be related to you.”Reina raised a brow and shrugged and focused as a tall platinum blonde female who had an air of danger about her entered the room, she glanced over at Sooh and offered her a nod before sitting down towards the front of the room. That. Must be the chair woman. Reina let her eyes roll over the female stopping on the hot pink pumps, she approves pink was one of her favorite colors, hell if it was up to her she’d paint her bedroom pink and let Tau suffer.

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✿✿✿ ❀❀❀ ✿✿✿ ❀❀❀ ✿✿✿

                                                No one compares you stand
                                                a l o n e
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                                                Music to my
                                                heart that’s what you are
                                                A song that goes on and on
                                                I love you like a
                                                l o v e s o n g baby
                                                And I keep hitting
                                                r e p e a t


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                                                Arianna smiled as Tai came over and sat with her and Patrick, “So nice of you to join us Tai.” She smiled, and blinked as the drama began. “Oh my,” she frowned and gasped drawing back into her seat as Alek or the Mad Hatter as he was called tossed tea into the poor workers face, she cringed the man would surely have fecund degree burns at least, she hoped to god his face wouldn’t scar. She bit her lip and glanced around, poor Patrick he must be so nervous. “Oh dear.” She gulped and then Neil stood up and began to attack Alek, “Has he gone insane!” She gasped out looking at Tai she frowned, she wasn’t going to step in though, even if she was staff she knew better than to try to break up a fight Alek got into, she’d wait for the guards to break it up, Alek wasn’t aware of how strong he is, when he has an adrenaline rush he could probably break through a wall. He doesn’t seem to care about pain either it fuels him.

                                                She sighed with relief as Sooh came in but at the same time she was frightened as well, she looked over at Tai who was shrinking back into his seat, she nearly had the same reaction, “Well at least Sooh broke everything up, I doubt Alek will do anything stupid with her here.” She smiled at Tai only to eat her words as Alek hit Chang. He hit him…and then kicked him. “Oh no…” she frowned she really didn’t like to see fights but in this case she was rooting for Chang to punch him. When he didn’t and Sooh held him back she frowned but she was relieved it was over, Alek was escorted out followed by Tau. Then came the scene the new blonde girl made. She sighed, “Well lunch is over now.” She stated trying to lighten the atmosphere she blinked as Tai looked angry for a moment, “Tai are you okay?” She went from relieved to concerned. Then he pushed away from the table, “I’m gonna go get some air, I’ll see you two at the meeting” She blinked and nodded a frown forming on her lips, even though he winked she could tell he was bothered by something. “Tai let’s talk later.” She smiled and stood up, “Come on Patrick let’s go to the meeting room.” She smiled and walked with Patrick there, “So we’re going to have a ton of fun tonight.” The silence was slightly awkward between them, she didn’t want to bring up the fight and risk scaring him or anything so she chose her words wisely.

                                                When they entered the conference room she smiled as she saw all the familiar faces, when her eyes landed on Alek she frowned. She saw Jessie sitting over by Noella. She wasn’t paying attention and she ended up bumping into someone, “Oh I’m so so sorry” She frowned and looked up at a very pretty brunette covered in tattoos. “Hello,” She smiled warmly, “You must be new here, I’m Arianna one of the receptionists,” She nodded, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, if no one has given you a tour of the facility I’d be happy to do it after the meeting.” She stated and waved, “We’d best go sit down you should sit on the other side of the room with the new comers.” She pointed to the other side and waved walking over and sitting next to Jessie, “Hey Jessie, hello Noella.” She smiled and looked at Jessie, “Ugh how was the desk? I’m sorry I left for lunch I should have waited you must have gotten swamped doing all the check ins and such” She pouted and blinked as she saw Chang take Tai outside she was instantly worried again, “I’ll be right back please save my seat for me.” She smiled at the pretty ginger female. “Taiiiiiii” She smiled and hooked her arms around his waist in a friendly hug, “Is everything okay?” she tilted her head and smiled, “I saw Chang drag you outside you alright?” She raised a brow and bit her lip, when he said it was nothing and he was fine she nodded, “Okay well if your not busy later come find me we can eat dinner together and then get the treats and snacks for the sleepover.” She grinned and kissed his cheek and then walked off back to sit next to Jessie. “Thanks for holding my seat Jessie.” She smiled at Patrick who she’d had sit next to her, “Patrick do you know Jessie?” she tilted her head, “Jessie this is Patrick he’s one of the patients here, Patrick this is my friend Jessie she’s a receptionist.” She smiled warmly. “I wonder when the meeting is going to begin?” She tilted her head.

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                        𝕳 e who makes a 𝖇 𝖊 𝖆 𝖘 𝖙 out of himself
                        𝕲 ets rid of the Pain of being a m a n

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                        He was amused, amused by everything the day had been far more productive then he could have ever imagined but then again s**t like this usually happened when he was ‘awake.’ Tau has a little sister. A little sister who would have thought? She’s hot too but he had a feeling he put his foot in his mouth when he’d made lewd comments towards her. Perhaps he should have kept his trap shut but then again he wasn’t the type to think before he opened his mouth. Ever. He wasn’t considerate like that. “ I missed you too.” Alek heard the words though just barely. The little girl has strength she nearly knocked Tau over. He almost, almost smiled watching the tender moment between the two Tau was allot like him he thrived off of making people miserable, to se him actually truly shocked and truly happy was rare. It was hard to shock him he’d tried many a time he was only partially shocked never truly like holy ******** what the hell just happened shocked, well he was about a minute ago. He probably should have stopped when Tau sneered at him and stated, “Off. Limits.” He put on a protective stance holding his sister to him, Alek decided that he’d envy the girl from afar, he knew Tau was allot of bark but he had one hell of a ******** nasty bite and he wasn’t afraid to beat the s**t out of someone if need be. And if the doctor didn’t get physical he had the means to royally mentally ******** someone over.

                        Once Vitani left Alek frowned, he actually felt rather worried, Cordelia was a handful not even he wanted to be stuck with her, it was like putting an angel in a room with satan she could be killed or corrupted. The little girl seemed innocent enough so he doubted shed been corrupted. Alek watched as Vitani spoke to her brother asking him to come find her, he smiled, “She seems cute, I don’t know how you two could possibly be related.” He smirked his tone a joking one. Then the atmosphere went from easy going to tense, as Tau’s facial expression dropped to serious. “Look, I’ll make a deal with you. Yes, my sister is a beautiful young woman, but no she is not going to be passed around this place. ” Alek blinked, he was still getting used to seeing this side of Tau, Tau was a very selfish all about me person he looked out for his own a** but seeing him and well being threatened by him as theman defended someone else was really rather shocking, and even though he was shocked he was taking this very seriously. “I can give you the dirt on any girl in this place, I know you know that, so pick some other girls and I’ll give you the right information to get to them. In exchange, you will leave my sister alone.” Alek raised a brow and nodded slowly considering what Tau had said.“I like you Alek, but I know how you work, and if I were talking to anyone else about my sister…I wouldn’t be talking. They wouldn’t be standing. I hope you see how kind I’m being right now.” Alek nodded once more he was truly lucky, Tau seemed like a lion protecting it’s cub, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch your sister or make any more advances on her. And for sparring me the beating I’ll look out for her too if your not around.” Tau is after all his best friend he had to do something nice right? Even though their friendship can be sorta odd. “I’m more worried for Cordelia. Vitani is like me, she’ll either charm you to death or beat you to death, but she always gets what she wants.”

                        Alek’s eyes widened, “Are you serious?” He blinked it was hard to imagine that sweet looking leather and lace clad girl to be anything short of sweet but it seems like looks are truly deceiving. ”If that’s the case things are going to be interesting. I wonder if they will become friends.” He stated, that would be one ******** hell of a dynamic duo right there. Then, they sat in silence for a few moments and the other began to pour in Sooh and Chang entered and Alek narrowed his eyes at the man but said nothing he sat in silence and watched that was until Georgia walked in, he couldn’t help but smirk she was one lady he’d love to get with however he knows about her vanity issues and girls like that piss him off, so instead he adored pissing her off. ”Georgia right? You look absolutely stunning.” He smirked and flashed her a grin, when she stopped and looked at him he had to bite back a laugh as she snapped at him ”Alek right? You disgust me.” He smirked she was mocking him sort of. He loved it. Aw I like you too sweetheart. He shook his head he couldn’t keep the s**t eating grin from his face, ”I’m afraid that I don’t like you at all.” He snickered, “Don’t be afraid love I don’t bite much.” He stated and then she walked off. He looked over at Tau and smirked, “Who shoved the stick up her a**.” It was then that Vitani walked over and joined them “Well hello Vitani.” He smiled kindly at her, “Hi, Alek right? You’ll have to forgive me there are so many people here and I suck with names.” He nodded, ” You comfy there?” He laughed and shot Tau an amused look. ”Yes I am. Hey big brother let’s get food, I didn’t get to eat so after this lets go eat together.” Alek shook his head it was hard to believe she was actually one evil little b***h. Cordelia sat down on the other side of Tau and he blinked slightly unnerved by her lack of mask. “Hey Cordelia.”

                        𝕮 an’t you help me as I’m starting to
                        𝕭 𝖀 𝕽 𝕹
                        𝕿oo many doses and I’m starting to get an attraction
                        𝕸y confidence is leaving me on my own
                        𝕬ll alone
                        𝕹o one can save me and you know I don’t
                        𝖂ant the attention

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                                                𝓜 i r r o r 𝓜 i r r o r 𝓞 n 𝓣 h e 𝓦 a l l
                                                𝓦 h o ‘ s 𝓣 h e 𝓢 e x i e s t 𝓞 f 𝓣 h e m 𝓐 l l

                                                𝓝 e v e r 𝓜 i n d 𝓘 𝓐 m


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                                                Honestly she hated this, being here she’d much rather be back home in New York where it was much, much warmer and she could commute back and forth. It was highly troublesome to have to reside in a place with insane patients. Ana sighed and ran her fingers through her long platinum blonde locks, it had been nearly an hour since she let Chang and Sooh go off and eat lunch together, she may be a b***h but she understood the value of them spending time together, plus they were probably talking about what they were going to say to her which would be good considering she would rather not be in their presence longer than necessary. She’d spent her time in her room making sure everything was unpacked and in it’s place, the fact that she had to share a room with someone was truly appalling. She’d done her research through snooping and figured out it was a man who she’d be rooming with. She hoped he was cute, she was going to be staying here for god only knows how long so she couldn’t be without sex for too long. It wouldn’t be hard to get someone into her bed though.

                                                She rolled her neck as she looked down at the designer watch on her right wrist, it was almost time for the meeting which means she’d have to put her murder mystery novel down and go meet the director and her husband and sit in on the monthly patient staff meeting. She was aware they held this once a month to introduce the new patients and give updates on the things going on. Quite frankly to her it felt like they were holding one big a** twelve step meeting. Well time to go, she got up and smoothed out her pencil skirt and her blazer and then she slipped her feet back into her hot pink stilettos and proceeded down the hall, that was another thing she did in the down time, she explored, she learned her way around the place. She wasn’t going to be getting lost anytime soon expect maybe in confinement she didn’t go to that floor so she didn’t know what to expect.

                                                As she walked she still gained odd looks people weren’t used to her presence yet, they probably never would be. She hoped she’d be gone as fast as she came. As she rounded a corner she blinked and held back for a moment as she saw Chang walk outside holding the ginger Asian boy’s wrist. She listened to them and her eyes widened in shock, that boy is their son? She wasn’t aware they had a kid. He’s only twenty eight and the kid couldn’t be more than twenty if that, they must have adopted him or something. Did Sooh’s eggs dry up or something? Who knows it wasn’t her business. ”Chang I wasn’t aware that you have a son.” She smirked at him, “Erm Ms. Romano—“ “Anastasia or Ana is fine,” She hated being called by her last name it made her feel old. “The boy from before I was not aware that you are the head doctors son.” She sent an icy smile to Tai. ”Uhm he’s not really my-“ “The meeting will be starting right? Let’s go in shall we?” She stated not wanting explanations or anything she’d already figured out the boy was adopted. She entered and eyes were on her, she immediately walked over to Sooh, “Well is everyone here yet? Can we begin the meeting?” She quirked a brow and then made her way to a seat near the front of the room, she ended up seated next to a tan skinned Indian looking woman, something about her seemed well bad a** like herself. “Does it usually take this long to begin one meeting.” She stated in a bored tone. She looked over the female. “I’m Anastasia Romaniv please call me Ana, you couldn’t possibly be a patient so you must be part of the staff correct?”


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Even numbers are God’s gift to us all
Odd numbers are sent from the devil

I say that we should banish all odd numbers
Because if I see just one of them I may just lose my mind

You see odd numbers drive me crazy.

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                                            Jessie kept an eye on Maleficent making sure the woman did not get up out of her seat. She knew the woman would not go far if she did but she needed to talk to her. The longer she held it in the more likely she would be to forget it. Maybe it would be best if she just got it over with, not like it was an embarrassing question just a real simple one. She was just about to call out to the woman again when she heard her last name. There it was the dreaded name she tried to get rid of so many times. Five letters that would hunt her for the rest of her life, well that would be until she found someone with the perfect last name. She turned in her chair to get a better look at the male and gave him a warm smile. No words had yet escaped her lips, the main reason was due to the fact she was thinking of what to call him. There were times when her obsession with even numbers took over and she was going to have to calm it down. It was just a name and it was not like he picked to have a first name that had an odd number in it as well as a last name. Her thoughts were running through her mind quickly and just as words were coming to her mouth in walked his daughter.

                                            She watched the girl sit down next to him and smiled at her as well. “Good morning. It’s a pleasure to see you all today.” In her mind she could not help but give herself a small pat on the back. She had managed to greet both of them with an even number of words. She turned around when she noticed that Lir was talking to his daughter. She never really liked looking at people with their parents. It made her somewhat sick in her stomach. It was not like it was their fault more of some things she remembered from her childhood. She wished her father had been somewhat like that. Granted he was a little bit over protective but still acting like a father. She could not really remember all the things she did with her father. The last thing she remembered was waking up in her bed and not seeing him. Other things were tied to the memory so she quickly shook the thoughts away. Now was not the time to be thinking about her past. It was the past for a reason and she had a whole new beginning. When she turned around to look at them again she watched as he handed her his jacket. Oh wow, maybe it was a good thing her father left. She knew she would not do well with being crowded. Being protective had its limits before it crossed over to somewhat annoying. Who was she to complain the sight was kind of cute in the end.

                                            Jessie attention turned towards the door when she noticed more people coming in. As she was looking around the room she could not help but notice an Asian male. Now when did he walk into the room? Since she had never seen him around before she knew that he had to be a new guy. Where he was sitting only backed up her idea about him being new. That was one of the people she happened to not greet today. Maybe after the meeting she would run into him and introduce herself. The more she looked at him she could not help but to feel bad for him. He was all alone in this big place and on top of that he looked kind of scared. Hopefully he would be able to find some friends because being alone in a place like this would be no fun at all. She did not dwell long on him instead her eyes went over to Chang and stopped when she spotted Arianna. The one person she did not mind spending a lot of time with.

                                            Arianna was the only one that she actually a lot of time with. Seeing that they worked together it was hard not to like the woman. She glanced over to the male who was with her and wondered just who could he be. As Arianna came closer to her she could not help but smile at her, “Nice to see you. Where have you been?” Then the question of the desk came up. She did not really know what happened at the desk seeing that she was knocked out cold. “No clue I overslept by some hours, sorry.” She shook her head, “No need to apologize I’m the one that did not show up.” Before she knew it Arianna was up and asking her to hold onto her seat. She nodded her head and placed her hand in the seat. That was the best thing she could do right then. Plus it was not like people were flocking to come sit next to her. While she had this time alone she figured she could ask her question. “Maleficent I have a quick question.” Jessie shifted in her seat when she got no reply from the woman and figured that she must have spaced out. She would try and ask her later on, that was if she remembered it. It did not take long for Arianna to come back and introduce the male who was called Patrick. She was going to try and remember that name. “Pleasure to meet you. My name is Jessie or Jess.” Jessie could not help but shrug to the next question.

                                            Hopefully the meeting would start soon. There were a lot of people in the room and without even thinking the count had stopped at an odd number. Just great she had not planned on counting but somehow she did and landed at an odd number. She had to have counted wrong that was her only reasoning so she quickly tacked on one to make it an even. That one would be anyone who was on their way to the room. Comforting numbers in her mind and as she was thinking her eyes stopped on a woman sitting next to Maleficent. Oddly in the back of her head she could not help but wonder why she felt like she had heard something about this woman before. In fact she had not so she had to be a new person. She was not going to put much thought into it. She was a new person that probably was not even all that important. What was important to her was getting this meeting started with and over with already. Some people in this room she did not like being around, granted somewhere staff but it just could not be helped. The fact that Alex was in the room did not make things better.

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                      A l l e y e s o n m e w h e n I w a l k i n
                      N o Q u e s t i o n t h a t t h i s g i r l ’ s a t e n
                      D o n ’ t h a t e m e c u z I ’ m b e a u t i f u l
                      M y w a l k m y t a l k t h e w a y I d r e s s
                      I t ’ s n o t m y f a u l t s o p l e a s e d o n ’ t t r i p
                      D o n ’ t h a t e m e c u z I ’ m b e a u t i f u l

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                      To be frank and honest she was nervous, just a bit she’d heard the girl she’d room with was a cannibal so that in itself was unnerving, she had to wonder what it would be like. She hoped this female would try to eat her, she had to get on her good side. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that they’d become friends, her weird gut feelings were usually never wrong and they were rare as well. She raised a brow as she watched Cordelia as an annoyed look crossed the gingers face "Welcome to Hell. Try not to get eaten honey." Vitani’s eyes narrowed she wasn’t fond of being spoken to in a sarcastic tone and whether she was trying to get on the girls good side or not she wasn’t going to be spoken to like that, “Oh don’t worry sweetie I don’t plan on getting eaten.” She stated and flopped back on her bed. "Ya....Cordelia the Cannibal." Vitani watched as the girl smirked, it was slightly unnerving that the girl could be proud of being the way she was, but then again she didn’t know the girls story so in usual circumstances she’d judge away but in this one she wouldn’t. That when she noticed it, the blood on the girls hand well that made her stomach flop and most definitely not in a good way. "Tau's your brother?"

                      Vitani blinked and looked over at Cordelia as she asked her that question, “Ya, you friends with my big brother or something?” She tilted her head, friends thy might be, Cordelia seemed to have the same sadistic personality she shared with her brother. "Get used to it. I can't be alone for a second or else the alarms go off. Seems people don't trust me. A shame right? I mean I'm not THAT bad." Vitani blinked and burst into laughter at the sarcasm in Cordelia’s tone, “It is such a shame you seem so…trustworthy.” She smiled as she stated her comment back sarcastically. She was beginning to enjoy this very much. Vitani watched as Cordy stood up and let her mask drop to the ground, she made easy work of the handcuffs as well. “Can you escape out of a straightjacket the way you got out of those?” She raised a brow, she’d never been in a straight jacket but she magined Cordelia may have been in one on more than one occasion. "I don't need you to tell me that." When Cordy flashed her the pointy toothed smirk Vitani felt like she should have been scared as ******** or unnerved at least but for some off reason, she wasn’t. Vitani sat up this time swinging so her legs were over the side of the bed she crossed them and smirked as Cordelia did all the work grabbing the guard and smashing his head. She had to wince that s**t looked painful. “Ouch.” She smirked, “Poor guy.” Her words held no remorse what so ever in fact they held a teasing tone.

                      Vitani laughed and stood up and clapped, "Now you know how it's done~" She smirked, “Why thank you oh wise yoda for teaching me how to immobilize a guard.” She smirked and walked over, watching as she rolled the man over, she was good and strong, "You know, I should really just bite you and end the misery~" Vitani blinked with the pointy teeth and the bite you comment she was beginning to think maybe vampires existed and Cordy was one, but obviously that she was impossible she smirked, she liked to play with her prey. Vitani appreciated that very much as she was the same way, she lured them in and ******** with their heads a bit before she finally had her way or really got what she wanted she also always left them wanting more. "But I wouldn't want to scare my now roomie the first 10 seconds she's here. I'll just take a taste though~" Vitani blinked and raised a brow, “Oh don’t hold back because of me dear,” Now what did disturb her was watching her lick the blood from the man’s cheek, that was disturbing. "You taste as good as you look." Val snickered as she kissed the man’s lips "Well come on." Val followed without looking back ,”He’s going to have one hell of a headache if he ever wakes up.” /color]She smirked, “Nice job.” She sighed, “This floor is boring and I believe all the people are heading to that lame a** meeting, do we honestly have to go?” She stated looking down at her French painted nails. When Cordelia said yes they had to go she pouted, “Well we can always stir up something in there, maybe you can get lunch.” She smirked and linked arms with the girl, “Did you see that blonde bimbo I heard she’s the chair woman, she looks like a real b***h to me.” She shrugged happy that Cordelia didn’t shrug out of her hold. “You were up in the room so you must have missed the commotion, apparently the Mad Hatter I can’t remember his name tossed scalding hot tea into some workers face and then beat the s**t out of this weird lanky dude with blue hair. Blue who the ******** dyes their hair blue he looks like a freaking smurf came on his head.” She rolled her eyes, “And then he got into a fight with Chang.” She shrugged, “Am I the only one who draws immense please out of screwing with Chang and his wife Suzie-q’s head?” She looked over at Cordelia they both laughed and loud.

                      Then they rounded the corner and entered the room and it seemed like instantly all eyes were on them, some looked shocked, others looked scared shitless probably because Cordelia was without her mask and cuffs right now and well Cordy sort of still had blood on her hands, quite literally. She smirked her eyes scanning the room making contact with many people before she and Cordy walked over to where her brother was sitting. She broke her hold on Cordy’s arm and plopped quite literally down in her big brothers lap Cordelia sitting on the other side if Tau. “Well perhaps the meeting won’t be so bad after all hmm Cordy?” she tilted her head and smirked at the girl. It didn’t take long for Changie-kins to notice she wasn’t on the correct side of the room “Ah Valarie over to the side of the room with the new patients.” Vitani glared at him she was going to give up on correcting him when it comes to her name the ******** just wouldn’t ever get it. Instead she gave him an icy smile as she linked her arms around Tau’s neck and cuddled closer to him, “Or, I can sit with my big brother on the existing patients side of the room, after all wasn’t he assigned to keep and eye on me and he can’t do that if I’m across the room.” She smirked she was mocking him and enjoying every moment of it as well “You…” Vitani tilted her head and quirked a brow a fake smile on her face, ”Yes Changie-kins? D you have something to say?” She grinned, “If you’re going to insist on sitting on that side Valarie sit in a seat not Tau’s lap.” Vitani glared at him again the man just wouldn’t give in and shut the ******** up “His lap is a seat, you didn’t say anything when that brunette in the cafeteria was sitting on him, I’m his sister there’s not a problem.” Vitani’s gaze was a challenging one, she mentally dared him to say something to that, she saw him look over at Suzie-q for help but Sooh wouldn’t get the chance to say anything because some spanish chick cut in, “Oh come now Chang what harm could it be having her sit with erm…on him.” Vitani blinked and looked over at the tan skinned woman she didn’t know who she was but she was semi thankful to her, she could clearly see that it had been a while. ”They haven’t seen each other in a long time.” Vitani smiled at this she was beginning to like this chick. “Et Tu Brute.”

                      Vitani chuckled and shook her head watching as Chang said whatever and gave in, she looked over at Reina contemplating introducing herself but she didn’t feel like it plus ******** those) said that Reina should introduce herself first. “It seems like you’ve made a friend Va—vitani.” Vitani blinked almost smiling as the female corrected herself, she appreciated that effort she wasn’t like Chang at all, Vitani looked over at Cordy she felt a slight connection with her, she’d always wanted a sister instead she got brothers, but she does love her brothers. Cordy and her were going to be the best of friends and cause some major ******** problems around here, the dynamic duo. “Oh yes Cordy is my first friend here.” She made sure to say that loudly she wanted people to know if they’d seen her little talk with the bosses earlier they’d know what type of personality she had and how this would be a bad thing. ”Well that’s nice,” Vitani nodded “I’m Reina De La Cruz, one of the doctors here.” Finally an introduction, “Like doctor MD or like psycho brain analyzing doctor.” She didn’t make it a habit of making friends with the therapists they usually pissed her off “I’m an MD.” Well that was slightly reassuring, she looked at Tau curious if they were friends, “Oh, cool, big brother are you friends with this woman?” “Honestly Tau I wonder how such a cute girl could ever be related to you.” Vitani blinked and raised a brow she was curious well they seemed to be either friends or rivals. “Hey Vitani.” She looked over at Alek and offered him a smile she was wracking her brain trying to think up his name…“Hi, Alek right? You’ll have to forgive me there are so many people here and I suck with names.” She was actually relieved when he nodded, once thing she didn’t like to do was embarrass herself. ” You comfy there?” Vitani raised a brow and smiled, ”Yes I am. Hey big brother let’s get food, I didn’t get to eat so after this lets go eat together.”

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The tears of a clown
the death of your prince
always makes little old me smile

Life is full of twisted people and I am their queen
No one can touch me
For I am the magnificent Maleficent

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                                            Noella closed her eyes and tried to place herself in a quiet place. All this noise was starting to get on her nerves. Just when was the meeting going to start. The faster things started the faster they ended. No people wanted to take their sweet loving time coming up to the room and now they would have to wait. She ran her fingers through her hair and let out an annoyed sigh. To top it all off Jess just had to sit close to her. There were so many empty seats in the room when they got there and this woman had to sit close to her. The woman was not right next to her but if she could feel her presence it was too close to her liking. Hopefully she would leave her alone or better yet just vanish along with some of the other people in the room. That would make things a little more interesting and thought alone made a small smirk appear on her lips. Her eyes happened to stop on the door when she noticed people coming in. Oh goodie more imbeciles.

                                            The woman she had seen before. If her memory served her correctly her name started with a G. That she was sure of now the rest of the letters in her name were not that important. It was good enough that she remembered the first letter. Not only that if her memory served her right she did not really like this woman. One of the many other women who thought they were God’s gift to everyone. In her opinion the woman was far from it. Anyone who had to slap on makeup to look cute were ugly. The makeup had to come off sooner and later. A funny thought crossed her mind. What if someone was to throw water onto that hag would her face melt off? She chuckled a little; no matter how she looked at it any harm done to that woman would be funny. Seeing people in pain just struck a pleasurable nerve. Her eyes landed next on the male who had taken a seat in the section designated for new people. How cute following orders. As she looked at him more she could not help but notice that he looked weak. A shame people like him never lasted long in a place like this. As a matter of fact they usually spent most of their time in the hospital part. Great another person that would be added to her list of having to take care of.

                                            She stopped gazing at the people in the room when she heard Lir talking to his daughter. What an annoying old man he was. All he did was ask about his daughter. You would swear that this girl was his heart, or some type of treasure. Some people found it cute for a father to care for his daughter while she saw it as a pain in her lower back. Noella could not help but be a tad bit relieved when she heard him talk to Jessie. She was glad that he was not talking to her and glad that now Jessie had someone to talk to. This meant that it would keep her busy long enough hopefully until the meeting started. She went back to checking out the people as they walked into room and wondered just how long it would take them all to drag their slow butts up into the room.

                                            As she was adjusting herself in her chair she noticed some of the top flight guards. How nice of them to show up after everything happened this morning. She never really saw the point in having them around, either you knew how to protect yourself or you did not. Having a few around really would not help you out. Noella did notice Chang over by Scar and the others but she did not think much on their little conversation. What did catch her attention was Alex talking to the woman who’s named started with a G. “My God Alex you are annoying.” She did not bother to say it low and she did not really care if he heard her or not. It was a fact he annoyed the crap out of her. His voice, his presence, his walk, his face, there was a nice little list but she would stop there. The only positive was what he did to people after that the negatives just stacked up. She rubbed her head and made a quick note of everyone that was around Scar. There was a new girl, one that she would not care to meet. There was nothing against the girl but unlike some people here she was not a walk up and introduce herself kind of girl. If the person was important they would come and see her. Other than that she would meet them whenever they needed to be treated. She did spot Cordelia, how nice of them to let that one walk freely. No feeling overcame her except the usual don’t bother me. Which she tended to feel towards most people.

                                            She had not been in her thoughts for a while when she heard some greet her. She gave a quick wave to acknowledge the woman. Oddly she felt as if she had a welcoming sign somewhere on her body. She did not really care for being greeted. When she wanted to be noticed people would know. Right now she wanted to be left alone and she was not getting it. No matter how much she hoped the others would keep Jess busy the woman found time to bother her. The best thing she could do in that situation was to ignore her. As long as she did not make direct eye contact she could act like she never even heard her. That was what she did and it seemed to finally get her the results she wanted. Now all she had to do was sit back and wait for this meeting to get started.

                                            But of course there was one more person that just had to annoy her. First off why the heck did the person have to come sit next to her? There were still plenty of seats available and she decided to plop her little unknown butt right next to her. “Does it usually take this long to begin one meeting.” Just who the heck was this woman? It seemed like the woman could read minds because soon she was giving her name and talking again. “I’m Anastasia Romaniv please call me Ana, you couldn’t possibly be a patient so you must be part of the staff correct?” Funny usually when people gave their name someone asked for it. In this case she could have sworn she did not even ask. In fact to this very moment she could have cared less what her name was. Who the heck gives their real name and then says to call me by this name. That was a waste a words and if she wanted a person to call them by one name then only give that name. If they had not been in this meeting room she could have said so many things but she was not. It was best to be somewhat nice and just go along with the introduction. “Call me Maleficent and that was a smart guess.” Now there was a nice two sided compliment. Clearly the woman was new here and something about her told her that she was maybe part of the staff. Her position was not that important to her. “As far as the meeting goes usually no.” She did not even bother to smile or smirk seeing that she was not amused at all. In fact what she was wondering was if there was some kind of friendly signed placed on her forehead. This meeting needed to start and end so she could be on her merry little way.

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                                                            There was no words to describe how relieved he felt. Scar ran a hand through his inky locks as he breathed a sigh of relief. There were a lot of things Scar could handle. He was strong thanks to his horrible parents. When you live in a house where no one will stand up for you, you learn to stand up for yourself. Scar had no problem with his father’s need to tear him down…or his desire to beat him down, but things changed when his younger siblings showed up. Scar should’ve known the moment he saw some new girl with his father that something was up. He hadn’t thought the man would dare have anymore kids. However, the more he thought about it the more it made sense. Scar and his older brother were growing up and that meant they’d eventually leave. What would their big, bad, father do then? Beat on his newest wife? Well it’d only be a matter of time before that started happening, since he beat the old one into her grave, but he’d need something else. If he only focused on his newest honey she’d be with the other one in the cold, hard, ground. That’s where the youngest Dalens came in. His father was overjoyed when his wife had first gotten pregnant and was just a jovial the next time it happened. It just meant there was some more punching bags for him to play with. Scar would never admit it but he loved the kids. They often looked up to Scar. This shouldn’t have been a surprise since he was their older brother, but even as they grew they didn’t judge him like the rest of the family. He worked to be worthy of their admiration though. Often Scar would step between their father and which ever kid he was trying to beat on. Especially if it was Vitani. She was a little girl and seemed to need the most protection. Every time Scar would crawl away battered and bruised he knew it was worth it. He would be there for the kids the way his brother was never there for him.

                                                            Of course that stopped when Scar left. He didn’t have to assume that their father turned his angry eyes toward the youngest Dalens. He knew he had. Scar couldn’t handle the idea that his siblings were being abused, they were the only ones beside himself that he truly cared for, but there wasn’t much he could do. As the years went by Scar busied himself with his work at Citricos and seeing just how well he could mess with his patients and colleagues. When Vitani showed up today he half expected her to attack him. How could she not be angry that he left her to fend for herself? Scar was angry at his older brother for that very thing. But Scar knew Vitani was a much better person than he could ever be. She did have a bit of an attitude and could be pretty vicious when she wanted but deep down he knew she was just a girl of circumstance. Scar had been like that at one point. His angry looks and hurtful words were just acting, but as he grew being a monster became second nature. Even monsters have a weakness and his younger siblings were his. Scar wouldn’t let anyone in here hurt Vitani. Which is why he was elated and surprised when Alek offered to keep an eye on Vitani. He was closer then an acquaintance with Alek but he wasn’t sure if they were friends. To be fair, Scar hadn’t had a real friend in years since he viewed everyone as his own personal play things. In fact, he was pretty sure he couldn’t form any sort of personal connection with anyone friend or foe. Scar just didn’t like talking about himself or his past and being a monster to people was so much easier if you didn’t know their story either.

                                                            But he did know their stories. He knew about Alek, Georgia, Avery and the rest. He had access to their files and being a therapist made people feel like they could talk to you. He also had information on the staff. That should come as no surprise, considering he was sleeping with most of them or was on good terms with a few in the loop little birdies. Surprisingly, it seemed that knowing about their pasts had no effect on him. Scar had always been worried that deep down he was still a good person which was why he’d never wanted to get to know any of his toys, however knowing their stories just seemed to make it easier to torment them. Still just because he knew their stories didn’t mean they’d ever know his. Scar was a master of misdirection. Many people, even his treasured Tai, had asked about his past yet they never got the same answer. Scar never tried to hide the fact he was lying about his past he just didn’t feel it was necessary anyone knew it. The only people that deserved to know were the ones that lived it with him. How funny it must seem that he was a therapist yet he wouldn’t talk about his own past. He chuckled a bit as he dragged himself out of his thoughts. Alek had been talking to him, had he not, so it was about time Scar answered him. “I would appreciate it if you’d keep an eye on her. If she sees you hanging around her it’d be more natural than me tailing after her.” He admitted with a laugh. “Of course I’m serious. I would never lie.” The corners of his lips curled up in a mischievous smile. Both of them knew Scar lied, hell, everyone probably knew he lied. “Hopefully they will, I’d rather Vitani be her friend than her snack.” He paused. “If they do become friends this whole place will never have a dull moment and we’re already in short supply of those.” He spoke the truth. Cordelia, though he had limited contact with her, was a handful just like Vitani. As Alek turned his attention to Georgia, Scar focused on Tai. He wanted to go over and comfort Tai, if only so he could play the caring friend for a few minutes, but that chance had disappeared as Tai talked with Sooh. Scar, like always, had another reason to want to go talk to Tai. It would look just lovely if he acted like he cared at all for Tai, but he also wanted a chance to ask if Tai was free tonight. Under the premise of getting dinner together, Scar had planned on getting Tai to himself, just for a bit. He hadn’t forgotten the way he acted earlier and how adorably awkward it was. Just thinking about it made Scar want to tackle Tai right there in front of the whole room. God knows these people could do with a good show. Everyone in the room seemed to be fuming or agitated. What a bummer.

                                                            Scar looked at Alek, then at Georgia’s retreating form, and grinned. “Who knows? I mean, this whole room looks like they need to lighten up.” He rolled his eyes. Scar’s eyes suddenly went wide as he felt a small frame plop onto his lap. It was his beloved sister! Scar wrapped his arms around her giving her a slight hug before letting them fall away. He looked to his other side to see Cordelia. She was a very pretty young lady, it was such a shame she only liked eating people the most awful, literal, way, otherwise they could probably have had some fun. Scar realized at that thought that he was probably a lot more messed up than he originally thought. Oh well. She was a cannibal, big deal, Scar had dealt with far worse in his lifetime. Besides she was obviously controlling herself right now. He flashed her a smile. “It’s good to see my sister has made a friend already.” He hadn’t had to ask if they were friends since they were currently near each other. Scar knew Vitani wouldn’t put up with people she didn’t like. He could understand that. His ears perked up at the sound of an all too familiar voice. He was surprised Chang had come over. Alek was right there and after what had happened he figured Chang would still be fuming. As Chang made some comment about Vitani sitting on the other side of the room Scar scoffed. Really? He was going to pull that right now. ‘Sick him Alek! Sick him!’ He thought with a smirk. Luckily Scar didn’t even have to open his mouth as Vitani defended her right to stay where she was. Things became even more interesting as Reina showed up and stuck up for the siblings. Something was going on here. Reina never stuck up for anything relating to Scar. Ever. Sure, she wanted in his pants, but on the surface she always acted like she despised him. That’s what made tormenting her so much fun. Scar contemplated why Reina was being nice and missed that Chang had given up and wandered off. “Alas we’re just roommates...though she'd like more.” Scar replied as he was pulled back to the conversation at hand. He smirked at Reina’s comment. “Can’t you see she gets her looks from me? Being absolutely gorgeous runs in the family.” He winked at Reina.

                                                            His eyes followed Reina’s to a platinum blonde that just walked in. Even from the other side of the room she reeked of stuck up witch. Scar was instantly intrigued. She was new, but everything about her screamed that she wasn’t staying, she had to be the chairwoman. Scar began to hold a little debate in his head. Should he or shouldn’t he try to sleep with her before her stay ends? On one hand trying to get her into bed and doing horrible, mentally degrading, things to her would be a blast. On the other hand she could get him fired. He’d have to think about this one. But that would be later, right now his eyes scanned the room, stopping on a familiar male. Avery. He had come into the room at some point, but with the growing group around Scar his entrance was overlooked. This little toy was interesting. He was off his rocker crazy but that’s what made him so enjoyable. Avery enjoyed their rough playtime and Scar had to admit he felt the same. The best part about it was Scar could go to Avery any time since he didn’t share a room with anyone. He had been in solitary for a long time. Unfortunately Scar heard that would be changing, from today onward Avery would be in a regular room and with a roommate too. Such a shame. This wouldn’t stop Scar. Nothing did. He always got what he wanted even if they’d have to have their playtime in front of Avery’s new roommate. Scar wouldn’t mind, his body was a work of art to be shared with all. He grinned at Avery signaling he had seen him which was more than most people got. He didn’t think the young man would join the growing group. Truthfully he didn’t care.

                                                            [[ OOC :: Clothes in bottom picture ~ ]]

                                                            Koiyama Isis



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