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DISNEY'Sd eleted scen es

                                                        This lovely little thread is currently open and ready for business, Lit and up.. The all mighty and powerful god, would be me. Deipnosophist. It was inspired by Disney, Pixar and Studio Ghibli movies of all kinds. Not to mention the stories that might not have such a happy ending. All pictures belong to their rightful owners and if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. Last but not least you may find a link to the ooc right here: LINK HERE
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                                                        We have all read the stories and watched the films as children, of the heroic Disney characters who always seemed to fight against the the evil villains, get the guy or girl, and have the perfect endings we all wanted. Even those beloved characters had children of their own that made their own stories, nothing bad ever seemed to happen. At least the bad things didn't ever last forever. But have you ever wondered what would happen if they where real? If they lived in this world then where would they be? What kind of things would be going on in their world, not to mention what if their world now wasn't a place where happy endings even existed for everyone?

                                                        Have you ever heard of the town called Romulus? It's a small place really and you can find it just a few miles away from the big city life. Now in Romulus you can find anything you might want. There is rather decent sized shopping district, bookstores, a tiny mall. Hell there is even a waterpark, not very big but it's a water park! It has your everyday schools too.Even a few other places you might like. Movie theater, bowling alley, lake and stuff like that. If you haven't heard the name whispered on the lips of people. I will dare say that I'm surprised. It's most famous place of all though and the reason people are even in the town in the first place is the two facilites that take up most of the town. The two faclites are home to the screwed and the messed up civilization of the world. People come from all around to go here, some on their own and others well, let's just say it was for their own good. Recently the two facilites mergded together into one big place called Citricos Asylum . Or for a better sound: Citricos, where the broken go to get fixed and the fixed go to well hopefully stay that way.

                                                        Citricos isn't a strict palce at all, well that is if you follow the rules and don't get on the workers bad side. It's a home away from home, literally. The patients and workers live there, they come back there every day. If you have a job or if you go to school, that is what you do, leave for the day and come back at the right time. Unless you are checked in, and if that is the case say hello to your brand new home. The only thing is you can't just walk out, you need to sign out and be aprroved to leave every day and set a time to be back, just so they can check in on you. Citricos wants their patients safe at all times.

                                                        Any questions, well just ask me..

                                                        In this rp all of your favorite characters from Disney are brought in to the real world where they are either a patient or a staff member in a insane asylum. You can have them be anything you wish them to be. Maybe you want Cinderella to be classified as a workaholic or even Sleeping Beauty to have Narcolepsy. Maybe you want the Mad Hatter to be more mad then the doctors can help or our beloved Pooh Bear to have an eating disorder. It's up to you. Anything form a simple learning disorder, being gay, personality disorder, ect. It's up to you. Even the staff members can have something wrong with them if you wish, or maybe the staff member's are more messed up then the patients that they have been sworn to protect?

                                                        It's up to you.

                                                        So come join the madness and have a bit of dark fun inside out beloved asylum.
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                                                        x G E N E R A L
                                                        Always follow the Gaia Terms of Service. Respect others when you speak to them in the out of character thread and never ignore another role player. If I see someone being ignored or I hear about it, people will have hell to pay. We are all in this to have fun and meet people there should be nobody getting ignored. If you feel like you are don't feel weird about telling me, come right out and say it.Keep the out of character comments out of the in character thread. Don't auto-hit or god-mod or any of that. There is plenty of time and places to plan those kinds of things out, so you should take advantage of that. Swearing is, of course, allowed. Sometimes no word has the same impact as ********! Violence and romance are okay, I am not to worried about sexual things since I know you all are smart enough to keep it out of here.I know you all know when to stop and when to not put something in your post. Stay classy we have younlings in our midst and you know just as much as I do it isn't allowed here. Nobody needs to be getting in trouble or banned.

                                                        x L I T E R A C Y
                                                        This is a literate and above roleplay and I expect you to post at least three paragraphs per post ( I mean good sized ones too) —preferably more, but quality over quantity when it really comes down to it. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation to the best of your abilities. Avoid text talk at all costs, because it's not very likely that any of your characters will be allowed cellphones. Write in third person, past tense. Part of roleplaying is practicing your writing skills, so always edit your posts and do things to the best of your abilities. Effort is part of what counts, after all!

                                                        x P O S T I N G
                                                        Posting styles should always at least contain your character's name and a picture. Post at least once every few days—I want this roleplay to be pretty active. If you must quit the roleplay, message me and let me know. If you happen to have Skype, tell me! I'm on all the time and all of my best roleplays have been ones where everyone chats outside of the main thread. I know for a fact that at least a few people that are part of this thread also have Skype. I don't really want to tolerate with people having no inspiration and having to wait eons for posts. Look hard enough and you can at least bust something out. I too have that problems but work through it or do something to get your confidence back. If it's really a problem then talk to me or anyone else and start plotting some things out. To make things fair please try and use the ooc frequently or at least check in. Quote people if you are talking to them, because like myself I don't tend to like to make myself known in ooc's anymore.

                                                        x C H A R A C T E R S
                                                        Use real pictures only, and I mean it. I do have to approve of your choice so I 'm not going to list of what you can and can't have, that you will soon figure out on your own. Don't get your panties in a bunch if I end up denying your choices one after another. I want who you pick to look as close to your character as possible. Ex. Let's say you want to play Tiana. If that is the case then your character but be a female of dark skin. You want to play a french character? The make then French. If your character is a male, then who you play must be a male. There will be no gender switching. Now down to the animals, there are many animal characters in these movies. Do your best to find someone as close as you can, but if I feel it isn't good enough it's back to the drawing board for you. I will can make exceptions so don't fret you have a lot of personal freedom with what you wan. You may have as many characters as you want but only take as many characters as you can handle. I'm not going to stand you picking up character after character and then not being able to keep or or not posting for them all. If you take it then you play them well and there will be no, and I mean no taking a character and then deiced you don't want them anymore. I can't force you to keep them, but there will be no dropping without a good cause, think of it like a contract. Once again, if you really have a problem then come to me about it. I know we've all grown accustomed to seeing perfect looking humans, but be creative in who you chose for a face claim. Not everyone in the world will be perfect in here and hell they are in a institution it's okay of someone happens to be a bit chubby. Also characters can mingle if their single, Haha you don't need to stick to your series.

                                                        x A P P L Y I N G
                                                        Send in a reservation before you do a profile.A reservation is just a link to your samples and a 100 x 100 icon of the disney character you want, and a picture of you want to use for them, for me to approve. It is first come, first serve so if you really want someone then you better send me your reservation and it better be correct. I won't put you in consideration until everything is correct and I will tell you if it is not. Please don't waste my time. Title the reservations with the title of your character—such as "Jane" or "Tarzan" or "Oliver". When you send in your profile title it "profile". You will be putting your profiles in a test form and sending me the link. Don't stress too much over your profile or anything, it's not like it's to much. After all, we're here to roleplay, not spend hours working on a profile! Pictures on the front page will eventually link to the profiles.

                                                        [imgleft]A reasonable sized Image of model[/imgleft]

                                                        [size=24]H E L L O [color=COLOR1]❥[/color] T H E R E ! [/size]

                                                        [size=18][b]I[/b]am[/size] [color=COLOR 1] [size=11]CHARACTER NAME[/size][/color]

                                                        [size=18][b]I[/b]ama[/size] [color=COLOR1][size=11]PATIENT OR WORKER[/size][/color]

                                                        [size=18][b]I[/b]havebeen[/size] [color=COLOR1][size=11]EITHER HOW MANY YEARS YOU HAVE WORKED THERE OR WHAT YOUR PROBLEM(s) / ISSUE(s) IS.[/size][/color]

                                                        [size=18][b]M[/b]yheartsbeenbeating[/size] [color=COLOR1][size=11]YOUR AGE ( ANY AGE YOU WANT, COULD BE FIVE YEARS OLD AND UP)[/size][/color]

                                                        [align=center][size=24]❝[/size] [size=18]MOVIE QUOTE FROM YOU CHARACTER [/size] [size=24]❞[/size]

                                                        [IMG]ICON 1 OF CHARACTER CARTOON[/IMG][color=white]x[/color][IMG]ICON 2 OF CHARACTER FACE CLAIM[/IMG] [color=white]x [/color][IMG]ICON THREE OF CHARACTER CARTOON[/IMG][/align]
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                                                        Well here you go, all the characters that are currently taken. You can check back to see who's in or out. There isn't a limit on how many characters I will allow and don't forget you can be anyone your little heart desires. Good, evil, neutral, side character or even someone that only have about ten seconds of face time. Don't know any character but the main squeezes? Don't worry you're on the internet I bet you can figure out how to look up story characters. Guess what else, what if there is a character who had two different forms? Ex. Ursula and then her human form Vanessa.Thought human Ariel and mermaid Ariel do not count as different forms. Different people can play the different forms, just make sure you ask before choosing those. Some people might not like that. Want to access the profiles so you know what kind of person you are dealing with? The click the icon that holds the face claim, an all your questions will be answered.

                                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
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                                                        ᴡ ᴇ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ ↘ ↘

                    Monday]┃ Tuesday┃ Wednesday┃ Thursday┃ Friday┃Saturday]┃ Sunday

                    January┃ February┃ March┃ April┃ May┃ June┃ July┃ August┃ September┃ October┃ November┃ December

                    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

                    Spring » Summer » Fall » Winter

                    Morning » Midday » Evening » Night » Late Night/Early Morning

                    Warm » Hot » Chilly » Cold » Humid » Windy

                    Sunny » Cloudy » Rain » Hail » Snow » Storm

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    ROOM ASSIGNMENTS

                    ⒈st floor rooms




                    1. Periwinkle
                    2. Wolf

                    1. Donner
                    2. Litter Brother

                    1.Evil Queen
                    2. Haku

                    2. Nani

                    1. Tweedledee
                    2. Tweedledum

                    ⒉nd floor rooms




                    1.Ting Ting



                    1.John Rolfe

                    ⒊rd floor rooms


                    2.The Caterpillar

                    1. Young Macintosh

                    1. Shenzi


                    1. Amelia

                    1. Melpomene

                    ⒋thfloor rooms



                    2. Cheshire Cat

                    2. Pocahontas

                    1. Merida

                    ⒌th floor rooms




                    1.The Queen of Hearts

                    2.The White Rabbit

                    ⒍th floor rooms


                    1.Twin 1
                    2.Twin 2



                    1. Megera


                    ⒎th floor rooms
                    1.March Hare



                    1.Mad Hatter


                    2. Vixen

                    2. Gerogette
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                                                        I'll like to introduce you to our staff here at Citricos, they will help you with anything you would like. Every single one would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

                                                        Jin Sooh Lei - The head Doctor here at Citricos, and boss of the rest of the staff.
                                                        Blair Vega - Head of Security here at Citricos, and in charge of most safety here.
                                                        Reina De La Cruz - One of our many doctors you may find here.
                                                        Lee Chang Sun - The second head doctor here at Citricos, and is main guy to get all your pills and medicine from.
                                                        Tai Zheng Li - Personal assistant to Sooh and activities director.
                                                        Tau Dalen - Another one of our special therapists here for your needs.
                                                        Jessie Dubay - She work at our front desk as another one of our receptionist.
                                                        Brunhilde Quinn - Say hello to our new volunteer lifeguard.
                                                        Lir Aindréas Quinn - Meet the guy that keeps our gardens and plant life looking good.
                                                        Noella Maleficent Ra - Right thi way to the Doctor's hosue of pain.
                                                        Veronica Zara Pryde - Here is another Pediatrician
                                                        Ndale Nuka Dalen - Get it while it's hot! I'm not just talking about the food he cooks either.
                                                        Remy ( Ray) Otheo Tessie - He keeps this place looking tidy and clean.
                                                        Seunghyun "Mark" Choi -His bark isn't worse then his bite, our loyal guard dog.
                                                        Talon Cain -We are packed full with security and this woman is one you don't want to make angry.

                                                        Lee Rai Zu -Need some physical therapy? Well this here is your man.
                                                        Chen Yan Mei -Tai has some help since this young woman here joined in as an activities director.
                                                        Chen Qiao Ju -Quiet a useful girl as she does errands for Sooh and Chang that need done.
                                                        Keira Baker -Another happy face to tend the gardens.
                                                        Mika Fawn Palvin -Need something from the library, then this is your woman.
                                                        Chen Su Dae -Even Chang has a secretary.
                                                        Lola Evangeline Ames -Need someone to talk to and let everything out? Then she is the person to do it. A consular for you to use as you please.
                                                        Evangeline Ursula Daae -A Councilor for those in need of counselling.
                                                        Vanessa Eileene Daae -She isn't Wall-greens, but she is a pharmacist.
                                                        Albany Dillon Hester -Some say music can be therapy, she's one of them.
                                                        Lee, Hyung-Seok -Doctor, doctor tell me the news.
                                                        Elara Selene Anderson -Clean little maid.Also helps with the life guarding.
                                                        Eva Madeline Kerr -A physical trainer for those in need.
                                                        Edith Duff -A nanny or babysitter of sorts. Look after the young and in need.
                                                        Sybil Delahaye -The helpful hand to all the nurses her have here.
                                                        Jamie Jack Barakat - Help take care of the little kiddies and often seems one himself.
                                                        Peri Wrin Verena -Special caseworker for one of the patients here, she tends to be there for them mostly.
                                                        Jin Jong Hyun -Every place like this needs a good lawyer.
                                                        Hamilton, Hyo-Rin -It's nice to have someone who looks over the money and accounts of a place like this.
                                                        Kim Jin Ki -Security guard, since we keep having to get new ones.
                                                        Leon Schwarz -A man of the arts and willing to teach.
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                                                        RUMOR HAS IT THAT . . . . . .

                                                        ⊲ Scar was the leader of some crazy underground gang.
                                                        ⊲Maia killed a man with her bare hands.
                                                        ⊲Scar has thousands on illegitimate children.
                                                        ⊲Neil was scared so bad when he was a kid that his hair turned blue, so that's his natural color.
                                                        ⊲Maia is the queen of the underground fighting world.
                                                        ⊲Rizzo has slept with every person in the center.
                                                        ⊲Chang has been getting pretty close with a lot of other females lately.
                                                        ⊲Olive almost killed someone once for getting to close to the boys.
                                                        ⊲Sooh is just as insane as the patients.
                                                        ⊲Tai is a complete gay.
                                                        ⊲Scar eats babies.
                                                        ⊲Reina used to be a man.
                                                        ⊲Calcifer used to be a volunteer firefighter.
                                                        ⊲ Olive used to have a thing with Cal at one point, that's why she is always so jealous.
                                                        ⊲Darren pretends to be insane so he can stay with Cal and Olive.
                                                        ⊲ Blair shot one of the patients once point blank in the head. Staff covered it up completely.
                                                        ⊲ Neid seems to like pain a bit too much.
                                                        ⊲Freddie seemed to disappear after her took Olive away, and why did she come back looking so beat up? Black eye and all.
                                                        ⊲Calcifer has a pink haired stalker.
                                                        ⊲Maia and Lir have crazy street fights in the gardens. Lir wins every time.
                                                        ⊲Even though he just got here Aden's the real reason any patients go missing.
                                                        ⊲Shani seems to only like her relatives, in a very creepy way.
                                                        ⊲That blonde girl Nied was talking to? Yeah, Aden didn't like that and now no one can find her.
                                                        ⊲Sooh has a slight obsession with Asian dramas.
                                                        ⊲Olive has and army of all the males at Citricos. Nobody is safe if they are on her bad side.
                                                        ⊲Rita is so stupid that she doesn't know when or how to feel sad. So, she's always happy.
                                                        ⊲Veronica at one point had a thing with Tau's brother Malik. Guess she is close to the family.
                                                        ⊲Aden took control of ex-patients cameras and added a few of his own
                                                        ⊲ Whispers in the air that Chang seems to be getting a little TOO friendly with Sooh's female assistant along with his own.
                                                        ⊲ Oh no, troubles seems to be brewing in paradise between our loving Asian leaders.
                                                        ⊲Psyche and Puck are related, twins maybe?
                                                        ⊲ Brotherly hatred runs deeps. Rumor has it Scar killed Malik.
                                                        ⊲ Words been getting around the Rita once had a job as an exotic dancer, or was it a stripper?
                                                        ⊲ Letha is a robot and that is the real reason why she repeats things. It's her system glitching.
                                                        ⊲Did you know that Noe's actually just a ghost, that's why she appears out of no where, they say if you scare her, she'll haunt you too!
                                                        ⊲Truth is, Jax is actually a masochist, I mean he must be if he still likes Psyche.
                                                        ⊲November has probably slept with all the boys, that's why she doesn't want to share them, figures.
                                                        ⊲The twins are secretly perverts, and like it when people see them naked.
                                                        ⊲Tate is secretly a big teddy bear? Yeah right.
                                                        ⊲I heard Wednesday bats for the other team, makes sense since she hates men.
                                                        ⊲I heard Jamie talks a big game, but lacks where it counts.
                                                        ⊲I think Oisin isn't actually a mute, he just thinks he's too good to talk to anyone here.
                                                        ⊲Hyo-Rin has the hots for her little sister's dad? And here we thought Shani was the only one who was into her family.
                                                        ⊲I heard that before Chang married Sooh he was quite the man whore i'll bet he probably has dozens of illegitimate children running around Korea and China...I wonder if any of the Asians at Citricos are his kids.
                                                        ⊲Apparently the gay lawyer is hooking up with the female librarian. He must not really be gay after all.
                                                        ⊲Did you hear that Sooh's little brother had a thing for her husband when he was younger? It's the reason he hates Chang so much.
                                                        ⊲Apparently Seungri is some bad a** killer ninja assassin. Watch your backs everyone you might be on his kill list.
                                                        ⊲ Rumor has it that Dr. De La Cruz is dating the three headed guard dog but is knocked up with Scar's baby.
                                                        ⊲That little French maid Elara is such ha slut, apparently her goal for the hew year is to sleep with all the Lee brothers. I wonder if that includes Chang.
                                                        ⊲So Aden's masochistic lackey dated the asylum's lawyer when they were younger, I wonder if they will get back together or will hades get in their way.
                                                        ⊲Did you hear that Aleksander is cheating on Shenzi with that the red queen?
                                                        ⊲Apparently Lilo and the White rabbit are stuck in an arranged marriage.
                                                        ⊲More talk of arranged marriages did you hear about Yan and Rai Zu? Apparently they ran away from China to escape each other but still managed to end up at the same place.
                                                        ⊲Omg...Taemin and Minho are gay...together! But what about Vitani!
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                                                        WHAT IS THE DEAL? . . .

                                                        The day everyone had been waiting for is finally here; Christmas Day! After the fun at the party last night and the excitement that it brought to Citricos, people are in a grand mood for the holiday. Well most people maybe not every single person. To each their own. There has been a delivery of presents while people slept, and of course other still have some to give to people when they see them. It's bright and early in the morning, the children awake from the excitement and already opening presents to play with. Other people are still sleeping but there is still work so staff even though it is Christmas Citricos is still your job and you will still have work to do. No slacking off and working work.

                                                        The morning is all set up for relaxing and present opening. Not to mention a late breakfast of everything one would want on Christmas morning. There are not many events planned for Christmas but spending it will good people and relaxing. At night there will be grand Christmas dinner to wrap the loving holiday up. Good Cheer!

                                                        WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE AT?
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M a d XX a sXX a XX M a r c h XX H a r e

XXXX One pill makes you larger
XXXXXX And one pill makes you small
XXXXXXXX And the ones that mother gives you
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Don't do anything at all

User Image


                                                  " Still waking up with bats in the belfry..." Nied muttered as he stared up at the ceiling. He was hoping that the scene would have changed but alas he was still here. It was shame for he had such a nice dream where he was back at home with his parents and younger sibling.. But no. They still didn't want him back. ' Ah well they must be busy with tea time,..' He thought with a smile on his face as he continued to stare up. The older teenager had yet to sleep as he was lost in far too many thoughts. For some reason the insane Hatter had posed to him a question of great sorts and he still could not answer it. The question was buzzing in his head all night and how could one sleep when they did not know the answer! ' Damn him,..' He thought while narrowing his eyes as he was now glaring up as if it was the ceiling's fault for his misfortune. His eyes soon began to relax he heard the soft sounds of someone sleeping in his room. He glanced over to the other bed in the room, seeing it empty. He was sure that the doctors had a fun time watching him in this room. All he ever seemed to do was mutter things and try to make the room only his.

                                                  The boy suddenly sat up in his bed and pulled his covers off of him. His bed was a bit different then most as he wrote over the sheets in sharpie so they would always contain his favorite song lyrics. The cleaners always tried their best to wash it out but every time they tried to he would just write it back on there. New or old sheets didn't matter. Everyone around here knew that the "Hare" owned those sheets. He stood up from the bed and started to stretch out his bones, cracking them a new times, then walked over to his closet. He took out a white shirt with a bear mouths print on it, a pair of simple black pants with patches that he hand sewn in to them, and lastly a strange jacket which was two sides of different cloth. He quickly changed in to his outfit, then finally put on his hat to cover his mohawk. The last thing that went on him was his piercings and his clutch, which he put in his pocket. Inside the skull clutch was a lighter and simple pack of smokes that did him well in this crazy place. It was one of thew few things that kept him calm now a days. His creeper shoes where the last items to put on and when he was down he started to bounce in them. It was the one reason why he loved to wear those shoes. Plus he loved the feel of them on his feet.

                                                  When he was done the boy turned towards the window, now watching the snow fall from the sky with ease. It seemed to make him relax a bit as his shoulders and muscles seemed less tense then normal. He grew up where it snowed all the time however that was a long time ago. The boy had arrived here five years ago, when he was thirteen years old. He had almost forgotten abut his family however the snow always seemed to bright back the memories. ' Just go ask the Rabbit, ' He thought with a simple shrug of his shoulders before turning away from the window. Before leaving the room he gave one last glace towards his room before shutting the door behind him. The boy then made his way up stairs, heading to the roof tops. He had been to this place so long,.. When you practically lived at a place you started to know everything like where the hide outs are and what type of secrets everyone held. Mostly the staff. Knowing some of their dark secrets was all that needed to be said here and boom! Free access to the roofs. No one bothered him here and that was how he liked it.

                                                  The youth paused as he started straight at the window which lead to the roof tops. Unlike most places it didn't have a normal roof nor a emergency helicopter exit. Here the purpose was to lock them up from the world and this was the proof of it to him. Of course the dark secrets of the staff was still on his mind and thanks to his worlds this window was always unlocked. Deals where made and he was fine with it. ' Wounder is Sooh's up..' He thought as he leaned forward to take out the unscrewed screw in the window, opening it with ease. He then pushed the metal lining open before pushing his body up threw it. For a few seconds he sat in the window, having his back towards the outside world and his lower body still inside the main building. He seemed to be staring up at the red roof tops, trying to decide how he would do this. He was very tall which was a advantage here however he also knew that one mistake could land him in the hospital wing again. With a simple nod of his head the youth pushed his torso up, and placed his hands on the edge of the roof and digged his fingers in to the harsh metal. He could already feel the flesh on his hands breaking however it didn't seem to faze him at all. With a grunt coming from his boney form the youth forced the rest of his body up and rested on the slight slanted roof tops.

                                                  The snow clinged to the back of his jacket and his pants, damping them with ease as he laid there. It was still early in the morning and he could see his breath as he breathed out. He then reached in t his pocket and pulled out his skull clutch and opened it with ease. Taking out a pack of smokes and a simple black lighter. The boy opened up the pack and took out a yellow cigarette. The cigarettes of his choosing where Fantasia's as he enjoyed looking at all of the colorful items. They always seemed to cheer him up and why not? He could die of lung cancer with the cheerful colors of pink, yellow, blue, green and red. It was just fantastic to him. As he lit the cigarette he breathed the tobacco in, then back out with ease. "Twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle,.. " he muttered to himself as he let his legs dangle from the roof tops.


                                                  Location: Roof Tops. XXXXXXX Wearing: This

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                                      The sounds of wings flapping in the night sky was heard as Blair stood her ground on top of the skyscraper. She stood next to several statues of gargoyles that made out of pure stone. All of them where broken in to tiny little pieces as if someone did not want them anymore. Thrown away and destroyed. As the sun went down she couldn't help but to watch the stones as if waiting for something to happen however at it turned to night something horrific happened. The stone turned to flesh and now there was nothing more then cut up flesh and blood on the ground. Her eyes where wide with fear as the look of pure horror was shown on her face. She didn't even notice that she was close enough to the edge before she lost her balance and fell backgrounds. The only thing she could do was fall backgrounds and scream as she saw the pavement coming closer and closer.

                                      "AH!" The women threw her self up from the bed, waking up screaming from the nightmare that she just had. Her breathing was heavy and sweat poured down her face as she seemed to just stare ahead at the colorful walls in the room. After a few seconds the women looked around the room, making sure that she was in the correct place where she fell asleep. Damn it Blair everything's fine,..' She thought while glancing over to the sleeping form of her room mate. The younger female truly could sleep threw anything. With a small smile she slowly got out of her bed and stretched out her arms. A few popping sounds where heard as her bones where cracked, making her smile even more. Nothing was better then feeling your bones crack and pop in the morning. Now if only she could learn how to crack her back, then she would truly have a fantastic morning. After a few seconds of that fun the women ended up walking to the black painted shelf on her side of the room and opened several of the doors. She took out a pair of jeans, a simple shirt and her infamous red leather jacket. Getting dressed was easy for her as it was something she had to do every day. She never had time for a lazy day or a day of being pampered. That was the price she paid for trying her best to protect the patients in this place.

                                      " Well time to start another day Vega, " She said while putting on her glasses, then simply clicked on the security items for her job. The felt help a pair of handcuffs, a stun gun, a club and many other items just in case. There was a few times she had to stop fights and only once a small riot but that was long ago. The new patients where all friendly enough and she knew most of them by name. They where mostly kids after all, and they made mistakes all of the time. Some of the doctors had forgotten that however she would never. After all she was once a patient here, going in for memory lost, and thus she knew what it was like here. It was hell some days and others it was better then being at home. At least here you could forget about your problems and after awhile the thought of one's family not visiting went away. The fellow patients began to become family and soon that bound was all that mattered. Before she walked out of her room she stopped by a photo of her family and friends. She couldn't help but to let a warm smile appear on her face as she trace her index finger on the photo of one of the males in it. ' I'll do you proud,' She thought before sling her jacket over her shoulder and headed outside of the room. She closed the door quietly behind her, not wanting to wake up anyone in the hallway, before simply walking off.

                                      With a skip in her step she made her way from the first floor and to the ground level. It took her only a few minuets as she took the stairwell instead of an elevator. The main ground room was colored in white paint, giving an open room feeling which greeted new patients and old one's parents or friends who visited them. The room always made her smile however the front desk that hidden behind the main screen always made her feel off. She hated the bright orange coloring that it was painted with, mostly because it annoyed her eyes. It was too bright for her taste and reminded her of a child's dentist office, trying to pull off a child friendly space. Still it did seem to help the new patients feel a bit more relaxed when entering the strange new place and it helped the parents or friends minds to rest when seeing such a cheery opening. "Morning," She said while waving her left hand as she walked passed a few other workers in the main building. With a skip in her step she decided to do the main door alarm first, wanting to get it done before most of the patients woke up.


                                      Location : Ground Level XXXXXXXXWearing : This XXXXXXXX

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Hilarious Hunter

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                                                  Tick tock tick tock. This was Alice. Sitting in the middle of her bed, staring at the clock Tick tock tick tock. The more she stared at it, the more its face started to form. "Time takes forever." she said to the clock. The clocks sleepy eyes rolled in annoyance. "Now if you only kept on good terms with him. For instance. Say you wanted it to be lunch time. All you would have to do is give him a little hint. and poof! Its lunch time. Now your probably thinking, 'Im not hungry'. Just tell him to keep the clock still till you where hungry." Alice tilted her head in utter confusion. "Who am I suppose to be on good terms with?" the clock sighed. (Obviously not happy to be stuck on the wall) "Time!" he cried. The white haired girl frowned, not liking how a clock was ordering her around. Alice pursed her lips. "Your a clock...you should know. Its about 10:15 Am." The clock shook his head a bit. "No no no you dimwit! your supposed to be on good terms with time!" Alice didnt fancy argueing with a clock. So she just stayed silent for a second. Anouther sigh came from the clock, and his face suddenly dissapeared into oblivion. Alice looked at it for anouther moment. Debating if she should stay intill the face reappeared, or if she should go and explore her new home. Alice liked the second option. Hopping out of bed, her feet softly patted as she walked towards her shoes. Slipping the black boots on her feet. Though it took her a moment or too to get all the buckles in the right place. Looking over her shoes, she decided they where good enough. The girl began to make her way towards the door. "Was that 10:15am or 13:17am?" The clock yelled out as she was just about to exit. Alice spun around to see the clocks face back. "10:15 am. I really wish you wouldnt pop in and out like that...I never know when you want to talk to me." Alice stated. The clock frowned, and if it could shrug, it would. "Sorry." and the clock (Very slowy) Faded so he wouldnt startle Alice. The girl smiled with a satisfactory nod, and turned to walk out of the room.

                                                  The halls where really boring. They where odd too, because if she stared at them long enough, they started breathing! She looked at the wall as she walked, wondering if they had a mouth. But not seeing one, she decided it would be pointless to talk to the wall. Even if it didnt have a mouth to talk with, it also didnt have ears to listen with. Also no eyes to read her lips with when he couldnt hear her! So why the walls breathed, she did not know. The logic wasnt there. Seeing a hole in the bottom of the wall, where the floor and wall met, she wondered if she could get out of this place from there. It sure was small... "If only I could shut myself up like a telescope...Im sure if I tried hard enough I could manage it. Then I would reassemble myself when I got outside. Then I could go home." Though she didnt know where to began... (She was glad there was no one to listen to her, because she sounded quite foolish) Deciding that it was something to leave to the scientists...The young girl began exploring again.

                                                  There really was no one else! Everyone was eather on other levels, or inanimate objects. The objects where kind of mean. Always wanting to prove there point. Some of the guards didnt talk to her when she said hello. It really was quite boring here. Of course that rabbit had to go and rat her out to her father! 'Alice! your mad! totally bonkers! We must send you off!' he had said. (Well not exactly like that...) thinking about rabbits and rats.... Oh poor dinah! (Dinah was the cat)That furry thing must be so lonely! Only the rats to talk to. (You see, Alice would eather talk to herself or Dinah) "Oh i wish you where here with me. I do hope they remeber your saucer of milk at tea time... Though if you where here with me, im pretty sure you wouldnt be able to catch any rats. Maybe Bats though. Bats are like Rats in a way. Do cats eat bats....do bats eat cats?" she said with a yawn. She talked more nonsense when she was tierd. The girl started to sleep walk a bit. "Now tell me dinah...Have you ever eaten a bat?" she said in her dreamy state

                                                  Thunk! Alice found herself walking straight into a wall. "Dammit." she muttered under her breath. Lord knows where alice had wondered off to as she slept walked. A cold chill came over her, and she got the urge to hold her shoulders to stop her shivering. "Its so cold!" she said to herself. Begining to talk to herself a bit. "Oh stop your complaining Alice!" She pursed her lips. "But it is cold...." Alice sometimes would scold herself for doing childish things. She even sometimes became afraid of herself when she scolded herself! Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle...She heard from the window. Alice's curiousity over came her, and she walked towards the open window. Slightly leaning out to look at the sky. (not seeing the person that was on the roof) Where the clouds talking? It surely wouldnt be the strangest thing she had ever seen. Alice smiled to herself. "Oh i know that song!" she thought to herself.

                                                  "Twinkle twinkle little bat!
                                                  How I wonder where your at!

                                                  Up above the world you fly,
                                                  Like a tea-tray in the sky.
                                                  Twinkle twinkle----"

                                                  Alice finished her singing for a moment. Going over the words in her head. "Yeah...I think thats how you sing it..." she said to herself. Her mind drifting elsewhere. She really did want to know what was talking. If she didnt she would be confused all day who was talking to her, or if the voice was even talking to her. Though she hoped it was talking to her, because no one or thing seemed to be talking to her today. she started humming Twinkle twinle little bat to herself as she thought. She kept on looking to the far distance. "Imagine if I was in china. I couldnt blend in much. Dismiss the fact that everyones chinese, there all walking on there hands. Being on the other side of the earth and all..." she thought

                                                  ( Location: Looking out a window ) (Wearing: This!) (Orignal Organic Combustion-@ RyoRin: I love your Icons! Have you ever played the game Madness Returns?)

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                                                  Being a head doctor and one of the few main head at the facility, Sooh Le Jin was up with the sunrise like every single day. Away from her room, and located in one part of the exercise rooms on the main floor. She still had a while before patients started to awake for the day and until things started to kick up. Nothing ever started until at least around 10:00. When most of the patients would start to wake up, not all of them slept in so late but a good handful would. She didn’t need to worry about not being anywhere just yet since there were plenty of staff member who would be walking around already.’ Like a rock’ To jabs of her fists.Ha-Ha.’ I must be hard!’ Two more jabs followed that.Ha-Ha” Her movements were quick and balanced out.’ Like and oak, you must stand firm!’ Her body twisted as she changed positions. ’You must cut quick. Like my blade!’ Hands quickly slashing out in front of her body. Thank fast! Unafraid.’ Wrapping up her morning ritual as she removed the sweat from her brow. With that done, it would be time for her to take a quick shower before making her rounds as people started to wake up, like always she’d start on the bottom floor and make her way up.

                                                  As she excited the shower from her room and got dressed her walkie talkie was going off as it sat on her bed. Picking it up and listening to what was being said, it looked like one of the patients had decided to start some early morning ruckus on the fifth floor. Sighing softly as she pushed the raven strands of her hair behind her head and easily pinned them in place, she hooked her device to the back of her skirt and placed the ear piece around her ear before leaving her bedroom, making sure it was locked behind her. She would be lying if she said that she trusted all her patients in this place. Making her way up the stairs and to the fifth floor, Sooh didn’t need to call anyone else for help as she quickly took care of the situation.

                                                  The way to the stairs was short distance as she held a tight grip into the back of one of the patients, sighing as she walked him to the heavy metal door, opening it with one hand gently pushing him through, at least he stopped resisting now, at least she thought he had. Feeling the man pull away from her grasp she only let him go without a fight. There wouldn't be much he could do with his hands chained behind his back like they were, except maybe make himself look like a fool by falling or running away. He wouldn't be able to get out of them by himself; he'd be stuck with them on until his own doctor removed them when he came to fetch the man. She'd made the mistake of letting him free his hands to soon last time. The guy had gotten away right as she left the room. The poor woman at the office of the lock in was so devastated that someone got away. Sooh had to go in and calm her down herself.

                                                  The warmth of the building as they reached the front door was a great welcome, and her body slowly had that prickly feeling of being heated way to fast. The cold winter air was coming in the building from some place. She ignored it of course and continued on her way walking down halls to the ground floor. On their way down she spotted a patient or two making their way through the side court yard. Before this building had been built, the old one held a roof that everyone had access too. It was only the normal smokers who ever really used it. Sooh didn't worry too much about them being on the roof since it wasn't like they could jump or anything. The whole roof was barricaded with a tall chain fence, just for cases like suicides and a few other specific ones. The building though didn’t have a roof for access, and the courtyard was the only heaven for them, which was also blocked off. The only thing on the other side of that was a very long way down. As they reached the hall and he direction or the turn of the patients room she noticed he was going that way, and took his arm to lead him down the other way more. No pit stops." Continuing down the hall until they came to the main hallway, leading him in the opposite direction of the kitchens, and the living room area.

                                                  As they continued in silence she released his arm while they boarded and elevator and let the metal doors close them in, a slim finger pushing a small round button. It instantly lit up as the contraption began to descend lower. The lock in rooms were in a basement level away from everyone and the only way to get in or out was a elevator or a set of stairs but the door had a specific password for each staff member. Patients weren't allowed anywhere near that entrance. When the ting of the elevator signaled their arrival, Sooh lead the man to the doors of the lobby sitting him down in a chair." Samuel Rovers, checking in for lock down, he is all yours. Keep the cuffs on." Sooh spoke to the woman and man who were behind the desk of the lobby. They would be the ones to take him to a room, until the doctor could see him."Contact my husband and tell him he is here." Turning to leave she didn't even give a single glance before leaving the room and going to the elevator again. This time going back up to the ground floor so she could officially start her rounds, she’d have to check in with Vega to make sure nothing else was going on while she had been delivering the patient to the containment center.

                                                  Back up to the main floor, Sooh looked around as she made her round now, starting with the first floor and working her way up to the higher level. Everything seemed to be in complete order and nothing else was going wrong this morning. As she started to get higher in the level of the building she could feel slight cold again that she felt before.”Vega, can you check on the monitors to see which windows are open.” Sooh spoke into her mic that was hooked on her blouse while continuing up the stairs until she reached the seventh floor. Her last floor she had to run rounds on before she could go and get some food for herself. She would be sending something else to make sure people were getting up soon. Since it was the weekend patients got a little more leeway for when they slept. Reaching the floor, she opened the door and stepped into the hall, walking through the halls and checking lounges out. Shaking a little as she felt a breeze grace her pale skin, quickly tilting her head up in the direction of the cool air.” I have a faint idea who I will be running into here.” Sooh shook her head, crossing her arms behind her back as she walked up on the scene of Alice Foster looking out an opened window. It surely wasn’t her who opened the window, no no that couldn’t be right.” Morning Miss Foster, could I ask you to step away from the window?” Waiting for the young blonde girl to move before she walked up to the widow and looked out it, letting her eyes close for a few seconds to just listen to someone. Who she indeed did hear.” Mr. Keller, you know very well it isn’t safe up there and you are not allowed to even be up there.” Pushing herself away from the window as he tone got serious.” I’ve had to deal with someone this morning already, don’t make trouble and come down here, or you know I will get you myself.”



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                  █▌█▌█▌ █▌ █▌█▌█▌█▌ █▌ █▌█▌█▌█▌ █▌ █▌
                                  ______________ patient

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                                                          The entire night dear Patrick was cleaning his room with one of his dirty shirts that he had soaked before heading upstairs. He hadn’t realized the water dripping the entire time as he went up the stairs talking to himself about what to do. The voices in his head were telling him to go to the rooftop but he had decided to clean till he was satisfied. When he had finally finished cleaning up he just dumped his shirt into his basket of dirty clothes. “All clean now,” he muttered as he made sure once more that there wasn’t any dust on the nightstand. Nodding to himself at a job well done he just changed into a clean pair of clothes before heading downstairs. He had trouble deciding if he wanted to wear socks or not so one foot was covered and the other was bare. The workers had already figured out not to be surprised with the patients especially ones like Patrick. His parents had tried to keep him under control and they really wished he could have stayed home and learn but none of them were qualified to teach him and they had no money so he was sent to public school. At first things were going well but Patrick had ended up getting into a few fights. He would come home bruised and bleeding which worried his mother sick that she sent him to an insane asylum. Patrick had begged them not to leave him and he kept screaming for help as the staff brought him in. It took him a while to get use to the place before he left his room. One of the staff had to bring a plate of food upstairs or he would have starved to death.

                                                          Going down flight of stairs Patrick found himself in the main ground room. He just drifted towards one of the couches to only grab ahold of one of the arm chairs to only drag it towards the window. Coming to a stop Patrick just sat down on the cushions with his feet off the ground and close to his chest. He waited for his parents to come visit him the entire time like this. He avoided eating in the entire day until one of the staff had brought a plate of food. He usually ate half of his food or just one bite though there were times when he was forced to eat. The voices in his head kept telling him if he ate so much he would explode. The only way to block them was if Patrick had clamped his hands around his ear real tight. He was so close to ripping them off so one of the staffs had to put gloves on him. Sighing, Patrick just kept touching the window watching as some staff arrived or left to do something though some had lived here. Scratching his cheek he just kept tapping the window before laying his head down on the armchair to only mutter to himself “Needs a little oil! Toodle-oo, Stromboli! Grasshopper? Look here, you - you impudent young pup! It wouldn't hurt you to take orders from your grasshop - er, your conscience, if you have one! ,” he was known for saying random things and he did believe was a cricket once. It confused so much people just like his parents who looked at him weird when he mentioned he was a cricket. He was so close to jumping off the roof thinking he could fly.

                                                          Pressing his hand against the window he just came very close to only squint. He saw white stuff falling from the sky. Did this mean something bad was happening because whenever this happened his parents were always buckling him down in the car and keeping him from touching the sharp stuff or wrapped him up in heavy clothing. Looking around, Patrick stared at every staff coming around thinking they might approach them and if they did he might just flee. Burrowing his face into his hands he just whined "Leave me alone," the voices told him to just slam his head against the window. He kept rubbing at his eyes before deciding to do what he was told so lightly he pressed his forehead against the window before banging his head lightly. It wasn't as hard so he wouldn't end up breaking the glass though he was sure he wouldn't be able to think so well. He was sure to be scolded or told by Mrs. Sooh not to do such a reckless thing and that the voices in his head was his imagination but he would have reminded her once again that he wasn't and that they were real. He hated being told he was wrong and the fact that he was a clean freak made things difficult enough for him to stay still. He would be seen going to the janitors room looking for certain stuff. At first no one knew who was taking the rags and wax until it was time to check on their rooms. The janitor found his stuff and tried to take it back but he had gave the man such a hard time that he was sent down to confinement to get himself under control.

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M a d XX a sXX a XX M a r c h XX H a r e

XXXX One pill makes you larger
XXXXXX And one pill makes you small
XXXXXXXX And the ones that mother gives you
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Don't do anything at all

User Image


                                                  The young boy seemed to be enjoyed his time as he looked up at the sky, feeling drops of snow hit his face with ease. The boy didn't even bat an eye lash as one of the snow drops dropped in to his right eye. The cold feeling that was now inside his eye was such an amazing feeling to him. Cold, yet painful at the same time. The sight was something to behold now as the vision in his left eye was blurry while his other was perfectly fine. It was almost how he saw the world when he wasn't on his pills. Just so close. Almost there but it still lacked a tea pot and his best friend,.. ' Where is the top hat man? ' He thought while tilting his head back in to the snow. he brought the cigarette back up to his lips, only to in-hail and ex-hail from it, and blow out the colorful smoke back in to the air. he was still in such a amused daze before something seemed to gain his attention. Someone was singing. A pure voice that he knew was not his as he was not a female, at least today, nor did remember singing in such a pitch.

                                                  He knew that voice anywhere as she was the girl in his dreams. Literally. He had many dreams that he could remember and all where a bit off with their coloring of neon. If there was one thing though that remained constant it was that his old friends "Hatter" and "Mouse" where in them all. Once in awhile Alice would be in them but of course she was always dressed more nicely in them. Much more proper then what she wore in reality and some how she even spoke differently. He never told his doctors about these dreams as they where too much fun to lose. They would just give him more pills to play with mind and force his dreams to go away. He did not want that to ever happen. He loved his pill that gave him off personalities but not ones that destroyed his fun. " Alice you need to wear more dresses or you might be late, " He said in a muttered voice before reaching in to his pocket and pulled out from jacket lint. " I can make one if your smaller. If you take more pills then you might be soon enough, " He said while reaching his arm up in to the air, before dropping the lint back in to his own lap. He then quickly re-tracked his hand and put it close to his side, letting the snow re-wet it.

                                                  " Or you can stay perfect," He muttered while lifting up his right hand to have another drag of his cigarette from the ground. When he did this his eyes grew wide as he now started at the soaked cigarette in his hand. He must have put it out on the ice when he let his arm down, causing it to burn out. That was sad. ' no, no, no, no, no!' He thought while looking at the item with a hurt expression. In his eyes there was a look of pure confusion as he just stared at the wet paper item in his hands. No more yellow smoke was coming form it. No smoke at all. It wasn't making any sense to him at the moment. He knew what happened to his cigarette however it was the question of why it happened to it. "It's not yellow,.. No smoke... No smoke ,no smoke, smoke... " He muttered while looking up to the sky as if it held his answers. When he lifted this head it showed that there was tears starting to form in his eyes as they still showed nothing but him being confused. He couldn't even remember why he was on the ground or why he felt pain, forgetting that his cut his hands, just was fixating on the yellow cigarette that was no loner yellow.

                                                  Soon the voice of their beloved care taker, Sooh, was heard from below. This cause him to fully sit up on the roof, bending his knee's a bit, and listen closely to what the Asian care taker had to say. The tone of her voice was a pure sign that she wasn't in the best of moods and even if he was a bit loose in the head the male wasn't going to push her buttons. She was just as insane as the people who where checked in but she hide it well. Everyone had a problem, just some where better at hiding their demons then most. Plus he also knew she would come up there and get him down. She was a bit rougher with such things too and he did not wish to injure his body anymore. "No fun at all, " He said with a pouting voice before turning on his stomach and started to slowly side down from the roof tops. He had to do this very carefully or else there was a possibility of him falling straight off and on to the ground floor. Soon his damp legs could be scene sticking inside the window, then slowly the rest of his body. When he finally let his feet touch the ground floor his gaze went between the two females in front of him. His back was a bit hunched over as he started to appear as a child, about to be punished or be placed on time out.

                                                  He was much taller then the two girls however as he stood in front of Sooh with a sad expression on his face, it couldn't be helped that he appeared some how smaller. " I'll be a good boy, cross my hearts. " He said as both of his hands started to play with the side pockets of his pants, causing a few drops of cold blood to stain them. He wasn't too concern with it, nor being punched, however he wanted to play today and find his friend Hatter. No, Alek. He had to stop with that strange nick name one day or else he might be mad at him too. He couldn't stand the thought of two people being angry with him.


                                                  Location: with Alice and Sooh. XXXXXXX Wearing: This

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