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Story thus far....

It's been a decade since Ash's exploits in the Johto and Hoenn regions. The Kanto region is in the grips of a dark group called The Twilight hand. Unlike Teams Rocket, Magma and Aqua, their goals are about gaining political power, dominate the regions and press their views on the population of the four regions. The Kanto area is under their complete control, however many have fled to the Hoenn/Sinnoh area's to evade capture or pressed service. The likes of Professor Oaks and two of the elite four have eluded capture and have joined Cynthia in Sinnoh Castle. Two years ago, as this group began to gain a foothold in Kanto, Lance approached them in an attempt to stop them. The battle which took place was brutal and ended with the death of the famous master of the dragons. Not long after, Gary made his attempt without telling his grandfather or best friend, Ash of this. This meeting also ended fetally though is unconfirmed. Mewtwo, living peacefuly with his clones sensed the tides of war breaking and brought his group in an attempt to force the Twilight hand into submission. This major battle resulted in the complete destruction of Cinnabar Island along with Mewtwo's forces being wiped out completely, him included. Ash, along with Pikachu, Brock, May and his fiance; Misty struggle alongside trainers in an attempt to stem the tide which have crashed upon the shores of Johto and Hoenn. Where will you stand in this struggle? Will you fight alongside Ash and his companions or will you force the innocent into submission underneath your steel hands?
Rules and Regulations:

1: Follow Gaia ToS.

2: Yaoi/Yuri friendly.

3: Romance is welcome and encouraged but please keep it pg-13.

4: No Flaming.

5: Please, keep the cussing down, it's not a great show of intelligence.

6: Pokemon and humans can and WILL die but please, talk it through with either me or the Rper about who dies, you WILL need our permission.


8: Legendary Pokemon are reserved for a precious few people, permission will not be readily given as even the Elite Four of all the regions don't use them.

9: This IS a literate Rp. Using ** for actions and so forth will result in a size 12 boot in one's a**.

10: PM ME YOUR PROFILES. Posting them will result in immediate deletion/declination of your post.

11: Any OOC will be put in (()) or OOC:

12: OOC will be mixed with actual post's unless it's a necessary notification. If it's not vital, do not make a post that's not OOC only.

13: All photo's are to be submitted in URL format only.

14: This is a decade after Ash's exploits in Johto and Hoenn area's so some of the older NPC's such as Agatha from the Elite Four are dead from natural causes.

15: You can have as many characters as you want but you must be able to keep up with them.

16: This is meant to have an expansive plot so if you join, please plan on post a little often and staying for longer than 2-3 posts.

17: Due to the years and years of training amongst the trainers and breeders, the old rules of pokemon battles often still apply, at least amongst the more honorable combatants. Most still carry 6 companions and do 1v1/2v2 fights but on very rare occasions, some will carry more or less than 6 and will use more than 2 companions in battle.


19: You can start with just about any non-legendary pokemon from the four regions but they are NOT superpowerful.

20: If you want to be an original Pokemon Character such as Ash or Misty, create a profile for them.

21: Please, try to make your history a little rich and diverse. Not everyone in the world has some sort of truly tragic history.

22: Writer's block is understandable but one liner's are NOT acceptable.

23: More rules may be applied later.
Profile Skeleton

[b]Gaia Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Faction:[/b] (Cynthia's Resistance, Twilight Hand or Neutral.)
1:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
2:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
3:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
4:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
5:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
6:Pokemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
Rp Sample:

((Currently looking for people to play character's like Ash, Misty, Cynthia and so forth.))

Note: The Masterball is used by no other than Ash. Covert operatives of Cynthia's use a specially made and extremely expensive pokeball called the Shadow Ball. This ball is designed for those spec. Ops. who sneak into places and want to be silent. This ball normally looks like the basic pokeball but a switch near the main button turns it pure black and when opened to release or return it's occupant, the beam is black and provides no light at all. The ball itself is completely silent but for the tiny clicking sound when it opens or closes.
Cynthia's Forces:

Gaia Name: Mr Patches xd
Character Name: Dante Cross
Occupation: Trainer
Faction: Cynthia's Resistance
Personality Dante has a upbeat, and fiery personality. At first, he can come off as an a*****e with a horrible attitude. But that's just how he plays his cards. He doesn't trust people when he first meets them. So don't be shocked if he is rude to you at first, once you get to know him, he is a very nice person with lots of energy.
1: Toxicroak (Frog) (Pokeball)
2: Skarmory (Aziel) (Pokeball)
3: Eevee (Glacius) (Pokeball)
4:Cyndaquil (Kinder) (Pokeball)
5: Ampharos (Laisa) (Pokeball)
6: Haunter (Boo) (Pokeball)
History: Dante grew up in a trainer family. It started with his grandfather, then his father, then just before him was his older sister. For all six of his pokemon, he's caught them as low levels, if not got his older sister to breed them. He's trained them all from just little starting pokemon.

He one day dreams of seeing every pokemon that there is known to mankind.

Gaia Name: zombieNAMI.
Character Name: Nia
Age: 19.
Occupation: Store owner/Trainer.
Faction: Cynthia's Resistance.
Personality Well mannered, kind, can get hot headed if pushed, etc.
1: Gengar (Yami)(Duskball)
2: Ditto (N/a.)(Pokeball)
3: Infernape (Jack)(Luxury Ball)
4: Flaaffy (Nami)(Luxury Ball)
5: Alakazam (Hudini)(Luxury Ball)
6: Vespiquen (Queenie)(Luxury Ball)
History: Nia grew up in a small town off the shore line. It barely even existed, but the port there was it's hot spot. Soon, the grips of the enemy soon came and took over, destroying what Nia had; her family. She barely escaped and found herself owning a store in the Sinnoh region. She is undercover for the resistance. Nia trianed her pokemon well, and they also help her at the store.
Appearance Nia
Other: N/A.

Gaia Name: Katsumi_Hakubi
Character Name: Soma Shoryuu
Age: 21
Occupation: Trainer/Breeder
Faction: Cynthia's Resistance
Personality: For someone who's supposed to be a 'good guy', she doesn't really act like it. Her whole world revolves around her relationship to her own Pokémon, and any others she comes across. Soma is very anti-social by choice towards other Humans, but she's cooperative enough with select people from Cynthia's forces to get her orders and reports. She keeps conversations short and to the point, and rarely has an expression besides placid on her face. The only time she seems to come alive is when she's alone to tend and interact with her Pokémon.
1: Charizard (Pokeball)
2: Espeon (Luxury ball)
3: Grovyle (Pokeball)
4: Lapras (Net ball)
5: Electrike (Nest ball)
6: Umbreon (Repeat ball)
History: Soma used to be a top breeder, but kept herself clear of the limelight that normally came from grooming and beauty contests. She bred Pokémon for their own benefits, because she always believed that they were here before Humans ever were, and deserved to be treated better. Her Charizard is actually a family Pokémon she inherited at 12, and albeit being quite older than the rest of her team, is the most reliable. He's also the only one of her team who's been with her since she decided to be a trainer as well to bring out the potential in all Pokémon under her care. She's had many come and go once she decided they were at their peak to live a life to their fullest at their best. When the Twilight Hand came into the picture, she was appalled that Human nature was trying to override the very world she believed should have belonged to the Pokémon. Her current team has been, by far, her longest standing due to being caught up in missions and rescues under Cynthia's resistance.
Appearance: X
Other: Due to her active lifestyle and lack of personal care for a self-image, she tends to be mistaken for a young boy. She also doesn't keep her Charizard in his Pokéball, and allows him to freely roam by her side. Any Pokémon she has ever once cared for tend to recognize her and welcome her as one of their own. Soma also detests Rangers a large amount, calling them cheaters and manipulating worms.
Twilight Hand:

Gaia Name:RibukaRain
Character Name: Alice B. Laraway
Age: 17
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic
Faction: Twilight Hand
Personality Often a cheery person, though she has a bad attitude and gets stressed if she hurts someone's feelings.
1: Lucario Luci,Duskball)
2: Gallade Lade,Luxury Ball)
3: Dragnite Gonite,Luxury Ball)
4: Roserade Ro-chan, Luxury Ball
5: Lumineon Lume, Dusk Ball
6: Flaaffy Fi, Luxury Ball
History: Grew up in Almia, where her Dad was a ranger, and her mom was a Mechanic. While fixing a plane, a loose Hariyama broke the planes heavy wing, causing it to fall and crush Alice's mother and father. She didn't really want to become a ranger, and she did not want to help Pokemon other than hers, and she wanted power. So she joined the Twilight Hand, though now she's beginning to love Pokemon again.
Appearance She has thick blonde hair to her mid-back, bright green eyes and ivory skin, and about 5'3, and on the slim side of average. Normally will wear a plain halter neck dress with a full skirt.
Other: Is a great chef.

Gaia Name: xJuggaletteX_XTechnox
Character Name: Unnaleska Hanosaki
Age: Eighteen
Occupation:Silph Co. Board member/Spy
Faction:Twilight Hand
Unn isn't a person to get along with easiliy. She pokes at peoples mistakes, and problems rarely giving complements. She doesn't really treat her poke'mon all that well, besides her Absol she actually doesn't care for her poke'mon at all. Among all she is a hard workers, and dislikes mistakes, and failiure. Pure evil as most say, but when it calls for it she can be quite the actor.
1: Absol (Isis)(Shadow ball)
2: Houndoom (Ret)(Dusk ball)
3: Crobat (Vin)(Dusk ball)
4: Dusknoir (Demi)(Luxury ball)
5: PorygonZ (Sil)(Ultra ball)
6: Proygon2 (Sik)(Ultra ball)
Unn has always been the power student. She graduated from school earliy, and graduated collage with a masters in Technology, and buisness in only a short four years. Unn at the young age of Twenty-one got a desk job at the Silph co. and quickly grew up in the ranks. With her ruthless attitude she easily caught and trained her now most strongest companions, and when the threat of Twilight hand took over Saffron and all of Kanto Unn saw potental within the group, being quiet familiar with the past mistakes of Team Rocket. She also took that job going from a grunt to spy nearly to quickly.
AppearanceNever stare for too long......You will loose an eye!

Gaia Name: Kurai kaze kitsune
Character Name: Known as prince, true name unknown
Age:Appears in his early 20's or 30's
Faction:Twilight Hand
Personality His behavior can be marked at strange and in many eyes he had been marked as a cruel person.During some moments of battle, he does have a tendency to snap into a semi-state of insanity. otherwise he tends to smile in the background or just throw insults at others... to him not all seem like insults, just statements of the other person... that they may not like to hear.
1:Golduck (n/a)(Ultraball)
2:Ninorino (n/a)(Ultraball)
3:Sneasel (n/a)(Ultraball)
4:Arbok (n/a)(Ultraball)
5:Gangar (n/a)(Ultraball)
6:Ivysaur (n/a)(Pokeball)
History:Prince is a man who has been covering his tracts and history as much as he possibly could. Little is actually know about him with the exception of where he was originally from and the fact he is supposedly an only child. When in battle he only uses his pokemon. Insults may fly but his bark is worse then his bite. He is one who tends to use mental means of harm then physical. The pokemon he uses the most are his Gengar, Sneasle, and Golduck.
Other:His pokemon don't simply fight to knock the other Pokemon down, unless told to. They are not afraid of attacking people either.
Neutral Characters:

Gaia Name:Col. Roy
Character Name: Vaun Segura
Age: 19
Occupation: Former Trainer
Faction: None at this time.
Personality Vaun is a relatively quiet and reserved person, often grim and pessemistic.
1: Gardevoir (Nightingale)(Pokeball)
2: Weavile (Shade)(Pokeball)
3: Jolteon (Ghost)(Pokeball)
4: Pidgeot (Pheonix)(Greatball)
5: Infernape (Fury)(Pokeball)
6: Milotic (Leviathan)(Ultra Ball)
History: Vaun's family was your average family, kind mother, decent father, in and out doing pokemon battles and such. Their family was gifted with a strangely powerful and exceedingly loving Gardevoir. Gardevoir was taken deeply by Vaun whilst he grew up and played with her often. On vacation in Kanto, Vaun was seperated from his parents and stumbled across a shady looking group of people. Thinking he was being spied upon, they attacked the young boy. Gardevoir, sensing the danger Vaun was in and instantly teleported to protect him. Gardevoir took the brunt of the attacks, preventing the boy from getting hurt. When his parents arrived, they sent out their own pokemon to help the pair but it was already too late, Gardevoir had taken too much damage. Due to their bond, upon Gardevoir's death, Vaun recieved a touch of her powers. To this date, Vaun has the ability to teleport to locations he has already visited and can levitate objects, however no larger or heavier than a baseball. Currently, Vaun resides in the Sinnoh area near Canalave city and trains his current companions vigorously, trying to stay out of war that brews.
Appearance Vaun Segura
Other: Vaun, thanks heavily to Nightingale, can communicate via psychic links with his companions. This link isn't terribly strong and breaks after about fifty yards. It can, however, be boosted with direct help from his Gardevoir and can communicate with her from any distance because of her extraordinary psychic power. Communicating with the rest of his companions is basically simply them speaking into his mind though he likes to be verbal when talking to them. Note, he cannot read their minds and vice versa. He also keeps a Porygon Z and Alakazam stored away.

Gaia Name:Kurai kaze kitsune
Character Name: Anna Gonshrew
Occupation: Trainer
Faction: Neutral
Personality A bit of a cluts, Anna is usually a care free person. Has a tendency to go our of her way sometimes to get something she wants, and can be quite stubborn at times. Anna is nice and is willing to help sometimes more then others, she has a far worse bark then bite when trouble actually does come her way. Though she tends to avoid it as much as possible.
1:Charmeleon (Doku)(Pokeball)
2 razz ersian (Jynx)(Greatball)
3 biggrin itto (meta)(Greatball)
4:Flygon (Zral)(Nestball)
5:Sandslash (Jyn)(Greatball)
6 razz okemon (Nickname)(Pokeball)
History:Anna is a girl who has lived a rather uninteresting life up until she was 14 years old. On her 14 birthday she left her home with nothing but a charmander with her. As time had past and her journey went on she met new pokemon and had gone through many things that most trainers have to go against. Hiking over Mountains traveling over seas and what not. And during these travels she met up with many interesting pokemon but only a selected few actually ended up following.
Other:A Single pokemon wasn't originally caught by her and it would be her flygon, it doesn't always listen to her.

"]Gaia Name: SweetxSugarxPill
Character Name: Hinako Tsukino
Age: 16
Occupation: Trainer
Faction: Neutral
Personality She's rather bubbly and shy to others and she has a hard time to talk to people she doesn't know. She also has a soft spot for injured pokemon.
1: Ninetails (Ember) (Pokeball)
2: Kirlia (Kokoro) (Ultraball)
3: Umbreon (Kuro) (Premierball)
4: Luxray (shock)(Quickball)
5: Dewgong (Mizuko)(Netball)
6: Fearow (Sora)(Greatball)
History: She started her journey about two years ago and has traveled all across the lands capturing many different kinds of pokemon. Though she always kept her first partner by her side. Though she doesn't plan to be a breeder her mother had been so she knows many ways to heal and treat injured pokemon. After learning of the evil of Team Twlight she doesn't know if she wants to try to join the good side in fear of her pokemon dying but still she can't stand by and let them do as they please.
AppearanceA Sweet Flower
Other: She loves to sing which seems to calm pokemon

Gaia Name:RouRouRou
Character Name:Justin Chancellor
Occupation: Photographer
Faction: Neutral

Personality Amazingly friendly, it's almost like Justin doesn't know that there is a war on. That said, he's a really funny, upbeat and bubbly guy, he could come up to you if your whole family had just died and still make you smile.

1: Zangoose (Slash) (Great Ball)
2: Lucario (Rian) (Luxury Ball)
3: Pidgeotto (Ace)(Pokéball)

History: He was born in an orphanage in a small town miles away from anywhere. As he grew older, he was one of the many teenagers that where allowed out on a Pokémon Trainer's license. But, training was not one of Justin's dreams. It wasn't something he wanted to do. He wanted to sketch, photograph, and write about the world. This quickly got him a job as a War-journalist, and, having covered most of the Twilight Hand's destruction, he has seen...horrible things. Currently lives in Blackthorn City.


Other: Musically talented, Justin can sing, and play various instruments. Always carries an electric guitar, and can play extremely well. Also, his Lucario can communicate with him telepathically.

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The waves crashed against the rocks along the shoreline. Great sprays of salty mist lingered in the air as a young man with violet hues gazed at this fantastic spectacle. The day was perfect...The air was warm, salty and sweet. Vaun considered going for a swim but thought better of it, the water was probably freezing cold. Many thoughts were running through the young man's head as he sat there, alone on the patch of grass. He lived in relativel seclusion, near Canalave city. The problem was, people kept bothering him. He was a very well known trainer and quite a powerful one as well. Cynthia herself had been by a month ago. They had a fairly long conversation about the even that took place involving Mewtwo and the fact that Gary was still missing after eight months. It was rather disturbing but it wasn't something he could do anything about. These people were really trying to press him into thier service but he just wasn't willing. The young man took a deep breath as the sun sat lower in the sky, he'd been by himself for hours, just watching the ocean.

"Sitting by yourself again? This is kind of becoming a habit, isn't it?" Came a voice, floating softly behind him. Vaun didn't bother to turn around or even acknowledge the person who spoke. He let out a long, deep breath as May sat next to him, a bright smile gracing her lips. Her smile faltered as she noticed that he was basically ignoring him and untied her long, silky brown hair. She closed her eyes and let the breeze blow over her face. "It's usless...Cynthia herself came to persuade me and still failed....Whatever is going on outside of Canalave and my home, doesn't concern me." He said before she could open her mouth again. He turned his head and gazed at her for a moment before looking back to the ocean, now turning orange as the sun began to sink into it. "Look, I came to my parent's vacation home to live here in peace. I get occasional challenges from the kids that are still traveling around Sinnoh to train." Vaun stood up and brushed the seat of his pants off, looking down at May. "I don't know how to convey it to you people...I like you May, we've gotten along great in the past but please, stop bothering me about this." He said, once again cutting her off as she opened her mouth to speak. With that, he turned and began to walk away. The moment she began to get up to chase after him, it was like his physical being broke into pieces then disappeared. He had teleported away, leaving the young beauty standing by herself on the shore, looking thoroughly downcast.
Alice stretched out on a bed of flowers near Floroma town. She was resting, her eyes closed. There was a light breeze. She opened her eyes and pet the Pokemon that sat near to her, her well-trusted Lucario, Luci. She sighed and sat up. She didn't really think that she should've been there. She smoothed her rumpled, wind-blown hair with a brush, and stood, lifting floppy white canvas hat to her head.
"Luci, return." she said quietly. She picked up her toolbox, which contrasted horribly with her new pastel pink dress. She counted off her fingers, and let out Gonite, her Dragonite. "Now, Gonite." she said in a clear, careful voice. "The only one left it Canalave. Take me there, and then you can leave." Gonite flew fast, eager to get there. Alice landed on one foot, and silently returned Gonite to rest. She stretched her limbs and swung her toolbox as she walked, to look for work before she got caught.
zombieNAMI's avatar

Perfect Demigod

"No! Watch out for-" Crash! The vespiquen crashed into the sheep like pokemon called Flaaffy, as boxes opened. Different items spilled, and sprawled out onto the wooden floor. The shop keeper slapped her forehead. "Queenie, you need to be careful on where you land." letting out a helpless sigh, followed by a soft chuckle as a ditto and a gengar started to pick up the pieces. "If we want to open up on time, then we need to get going!" her violetish brown hues sparkled, which in return made her pokemon feel more at ease. Her black hair framed her pale face, as some pieces straggled down to caress her mid-front and back.

Nia was the shop keepers name. She was famous for having good marked down prices, along with her stunning looks for her age. Her store was also famous for opening near sunset. It stayed opened till midnight, which for Nia, she had to be careful. She'll never know what or who would be waltzing in through those doors.
Vaun reappeared thirty or so meters away, on a side path hidden from where he just was. He wasn't happy about leaving one of his closest friends like that but it was more upsetting that she was trying to sway his decision just like everyone else. This was something he didn't need, at least not right now. He didn't know entirely why he didn't want to join in the fight but he felt strongly against it. Vaun felt somewhat heartless, actually, feeling that the war wasn't his to fight, as long as it didn't reach the shores of Sinnoh. Slowly he walked the path he'd traversed hundreds of times before. His feet carried him along whilst he remained deep in thought. Something, however caught his eye as he moved along slowly. Looking up, he noticed a small shop just outside of town that had been closed up until this point. He considered the place for a moment then decided to enter. Pushing the door open and hearing a tiny bell jingle, he stepped through. As he entered, his eyes fell upon various items of a strange nature. This place caused his curiosity to pique as he went deeper into the store. He'd reached the counter as his eyes fell upon a rather attractive young lady. "Hello....This store is rather new. What do you sell in here?" He inquired, keeping his voice soft and low. He was a relatively soft spoken young man. With a soft sigh, he pulled his hair back and up, into a high ponytail, tying it up since it kept getting in his eyes. As he lowered his hands back to his sides, a lock of hair fell to the side of his face.

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