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Lloyd F. Blythe

Lloyd was looking stunned at the Dragonite, who had made a rather surprising and smashing appearance and was now making motions, that seemed to imply that he wanted him to follow. One thing just happened just after another. This boy had challenged him out of the blue and beforing he could even accept or refuse, had called for his Magmar, which had enthusiasticly shot fire in the air and now this Dragonite popped up out of nowhere. Lloyd looked at the teenager who was staring at his Magmar, which lay in a rather unnatural bended way, next to the wall the Dragonite had thrown it against. The maelstorm of words had dried up, his cap laying in a puddle besides him. It was ripped of his head, due to the Magmar flying past him.
Bloody he**. Shock slowly making place for a feeling of alarm and curiosity. Lloyd felt his heart beating fast in his chest and a chill spread through his body.That pokéball just bounced off it, so it probably has a trainer..and since it's beckoning me that trainer wants something from me? He shot a quick look at the Magmar who still hadn't moved. Lloyd's grin only reached half of his face and was caused by a bit of denying amusement for his own curiosity in this situation. I think I'll pass...

The Dragonite had caused quite a commotion. People were running away, others carefully walked to the Magmar and it's trainer to see if they could help, while making sure that the Dragonite didn't make a move towards them and some were simply looking at the whole thing. Despite of all this, it was strangely silent.

Lumen was standing it front of Lloyd, his canines bared and snarling deeply at the Dragonite who had just dared to threaten his trainer. Luxray's were very pridefull creatures and when they had acknowledged a trainer, overly loyal and protective. It somehow made Lloyd feel sad and proud at the same time. Dang that thing looks frigging though..but I guess it's still alone. Lloyd stepped forward to fondle the Luxray's head. Alright boy, let's see how we'll do and get a little violent too. Show him what you've got. Lumen slowly stalked forward, low at the ground and ignoring the puddles under him, tail leisurly wagging form side to side, while electicity danced through it's fur. Thunderbolt. Lumen shot forward and released a bolt of electricity, which surged to the Dragonite
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~*Nathan Wander*~

After Nathan had handed out all the different lunches to his pokémon, he sat down on the grass and looked around. The spot he'd found was nice; there was enough space for Ignis to run around, Aeris could fly freely, Terra could eat some soil and play with the orb on Lucis' tail, and Lucis himself had the space to lie down and relax. The only problem was, there was no water for Aqua to relax in, and although Milotic weren't fully dependent on water, Nathan felt a bit guilty.
The thing that was on his mind the most, though, was what could possibly be waiting for him at home. His mother had called him a day ago, something about his father and new research. He didn't quite understand, because his father's research never really involved anything that would concern Nathan, so being asked to assist in some sort of study meant it had to be something special.
Some time passed, Nathan ate a delicious sandwich, and Ignis had finished running around and positioned himself behind his trainer to provide him with some comfort. Suddenly though, Ignis tilted one of his ears, and turned his head towards the edge of the forest, seemingly scanning the area for something. When Nathan looked around as well, he saw a young man, only a bit younger than himself walk out of the forest. The boy walked up to him, and in a slightly worried tone- perhaps he was only a bit timid, Nathan didn't know- asked "Excuse me, can I ask you something?"
"Well, aside from that being a question in itself, sure you can ask me a question. What's up?"

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Current location: at the edge of Viridian Forest
Company: Henry
What have i got with me: Potions and other trainer stuff, some Pokéballs, some food and 2 pairs of sunglasses

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Carlos Corven/ Twenty-Two/ Rocket Executive

A wide smirk appeeared On the face of the young man who was raised around pokemon and corrupt people known as Team Rocket. Carlos looked at his rare Dark Arcanine and smiled lightly nodding towards him and chewed on a piece of gum he had since he first arrived at their destination. He grabbed on of his pokeballs and tossed it in front of him watching his Nidoking come out with its roar. Carlos pointed his finger at his opponent and chuckled "Arcanine, Nidoking attack Arcanine use flame wheel, Nidoking use mach punch it's about time we finish this". He looke to see his Pokemon obey then made quick work of their opponents as the other trainer had no Pokemon left. He returned his Nidoking and looked at Arcanine with a smile he looked at the dining trainer and walked up to him grabbing the pokeballs from him and juggling them "a shame you said your Pokemon are worthy to battle mine yet i dominated the entire match. As a result Team Rocket now own your Pokemon and what ever money you have on you". He looked as the sobbing boy looked at him trying to fight to get his Pokemon back "you can't take them I trained hard to get them". He kept on trying to get his pokemon til he annoyed Carlos and Carlos flipped him as self defense and because he was annoying.

Carlos walked away Arcanine following suit and walked in the town as people hid from him or gave him a mean look. He wasn't a Rocket member who stood hidden no ever since they exposed their selfs when they took over Carlos came out from hiding he was one valuable member to them as he was an executive. He arrived at one of the buildings he stood at and pressed the button on the pc looking at his boss "what's up boss? Got some new pokemon for you...not strong but not weak either but they should be useful for something". He grabbed the pokeballs and put them in the device to transfer them to him once he was finished he turned off the pc and walked back out looking at Arcanine "come on Arc let's go find something entertaining to do".

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~ Abigor ~


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Lightning arced through the air and found its mark soon enough. The Dragonite took the full brunt of the attack and clenched his teeth, muscles tensing as the electricity coursed through them. As soon as the attack was over, Abigor let out a low growl of anger as an indication that his opponent wouldn't get away with just a scratch. The large dragon braced its body, pressing his heavy legs towards the ground, and in the blink of an eye; it was gone. Cloaked in some clear, white aura, it was seen a small amount of seconds later in the air making a straightforward dash towards Lumen.

Next thing it were the sounds of sirens of police cars coming around the corner and stopping in near the battle. Officers stepped outside of their vehicles and started making demands towards both parties. Foolishness. Foolishness, that was the only thing Abigor could see in the humans in front of him. Inhaling a large amount of air, an energy of blue sort started appearing in his mouth, taking the form of a ball. With a loud roar, a pulse of pure energy was shot towards the officers. Beam and car collided, creating a dramatic explosion with flames and metal flying around.


Place to be: Vermillion City
Company: Lloyd, Lumen
OutOfConspiracies: I'll let you do that thing we've discussed about.

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Lloyd F. Blythe

Shards and plates of metal flew around him, then one of the tires hit Lloyd straight in the back. He spun around, before tumbling to the ground. He had to blink a couple of times before the world became clear again. He was looking at the remnants of the policecar. The officers where laying dazed around the machine, while flames crawled over it, bellowing large amounts of smoke. "Well I'm not going to pay for that!" Lloyd looked behind to see if Lumen was alright. The Luxray was staggering on its legs, plates of metal laying around him, which had apperantly hit him. Lloyd pushed himself up and grabbed the great feline in his arms and staggered away from the harbor. Lloyd shot a look back to see if that Dragonite was anywehere near. He didn't see it anywhere around and through the smoke he couldn't see behind the car. Luckily for me that probably goes the other way around too. Lloyd shuffled into an alley, where he put Lumen down and then sat down next to him. The Pokémon was heavy. In the commotion he had completely forgotten that he could have simply put Lumen back into his pokéball. The pokémon had a few small cuts where blood was dripping out, but he thankfully didn't seem to have any major injuries. Lumen however seemed to be annoyed that he had been dragged away from the fight. Lloyd couldn't help to laugh at this and stroke the Luxray through it's fur. "That pride of yours is really something..mabye you get a chanche some other time." Lloyd tucked a bit of mud from his shirt and threw it away. Mud again...I just can't seem to get away from it lately. He sighed and stood up. "Let's get you checked and mended at the Pokécenter." He returned Lumen to his Pokéball and started walking towards the Pokécenter.

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