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gaia_diamond Teya Yuki Kasumi gaia_diamond


Said I'll always be a Friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end

Teya nodded to Risa to scan cautiously, following the faint light flowing ahead. The puppets irritated the young woman as she took light steps on the freezing forest floor, flinching each time the darkness played tricks with her mind. Perhaps it was simply fear crawling all over. Each clowns eyes seemed as if they were glancing side to side, their smiles grew wider, more sinister. "Just keep an eye out for anything that attacks you. Stay focus." she said with a light whisper, feeling a slight tug on her dress. Matt responded to her request, returning a grin as he and Hephaestus brimmed with courage. "Risa stay nearby me, I need you to help me back up Matt. I'll need you to light our way when ever there any approaching enemies. It's hard for me to see with that dim light over there." she gasped, feeling a sharp pain, like thorns digging deep into her skin, binding her from the comfort of the swaying light. "Are you serious! Ow!" Teya growled, attempting to fight out of the glimmering wires, tearing away bits of the attire that pierced into her corset and dress. Is this it? His hate?... Binding wires...

Eyes focused on Risa and Matt, the dripping blood was horror to the young woman's eyes. Clutching her MP3 player, Teya screamed with all her might, fighting the bits of tears forming in her eyes from the rusted wires clawing into her skin. "Yuki! Deep freeze!" The persona formed to wave a glowing a ice orb, bursting into a snowstorm to freeze and shatter the wires with a shimmering mist that circled around the the group, healing the the deep cuts over their bodies. The moment was brief as more of the wires twisted closer to the group. Teya looked ahead along the path to the star. The path was clear from the approaching vines. "Let's run along ahead." she shouted, pulling her comrades close to see limping puppets following close by. Teya lifted her hand to call upon Yuki once again, freezing a portion of the ground. A few puppets fell over, crawling towards the group as more jumped down from the trees.

"Just stay as a group, these wires are coming in fast. Bwhaa!" Teya flinched as one puppet landed on her head with a small hammer in its hand. "Eeh! Go away!" she brushed off the doll, holding it with both hands to tear one of its legs off. She shivered in terror to run and avoid the wires that motioned closer each time she turned back to peek.

The love is lost
Beauty and light
Have vanished from garden of delight
The dreams are gone
Midnight has come
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Ryugane Shiro

                            "I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined..."

                          Setting: Library
                          Plot: "It just keeps getting worse and worse!"
                          Characters: Xander, Ichika

                            While the other two worked, Ryu just stood back, trembling slightly. What was this nonsense? This wasn't a storybook, this was truly dangerous! One wrong move, and they could easily be killed! Why were they here? Why him?! He continued to watch, even as the meat puppets were attacked and what Ryu thought of as killed, they still were animated, and came back to fight over and over again. Now books were flying about as well, and they were carnivorous, attacking the three boys with their fangs bared. Ryu felt one of them clamp down on his shoulder and let out a scream, swatting it away and covering up the wound with his hand. Blood seeped out from his fingers and reddened his white shirt. To make things worse, he felt the cold water of the sprinklers falling on him. Some of it was mixed with his warm tears.

                            "We're dead guys! We're goners! No one's gonna know what happened, no ones gonna find our bodies, and no one's gonna remember us!" He broke down. At the sound of his words, Lumina stopped fighting and assisting the other two. "If you think that way, then that is a definite! But if you try to stay positive and help the others, then you might just make it out alive!"

                            That's when things took a storybook turn. Ichika, somehow, was able to solve their problems! He continued to destroy the meat soldiers, was able to stop the malicious books from attacking, and took them higher up to escape the flooding sprinklers. Ryu hesitantly followed them up onto the ice pillar, a soft pink taking his cheeks. Maybe this actually was a storybook type thing. Maybe they truly could make it out alive. He knew for sure now, turning to look at Ichika, heroes did exist.

                            But of course, their problems weren't over. Ryu felt the same tugging that he had felt in the room before. It was stronger than it was back then too! He looked down, noticing the water level getting even higher, and the torn up parts of the meat monsters still animated and trying to attack. He turned to the other two.
                            "What do we do now...?" One thing did catch his eye though: the number of books floating below them and the number of pedestals in the corner of the room were the same. "This may seem ridiculous, but what if we put the books on the pedestals? Maybe all of this will stop?"


                          "Staring at the blank page before you... Let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find..."

                            Author's Notes: Alright, so I had Ryu have a break down because of my inactivity, and sorry for not giving Xander any credit in that little bit... XD Also, does everyone each get a weapon? o.0

                          "Today is, where your book begins... And the rest is still unwritten..."
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Matt Pilgrim

Matt turned and gave Risa a serious look. "Down to a science.", he repeated himself cockily. He could hear Teya's whispers when he felt the sensation of a tug at his coat. Turning his head he saw nothing, and brushed it off thinking his mind was playing tricks on him. In the dark forest around him it didn't surprise him that he would get a little paranoid. "Hephaestus!", he yelled out returning to his usual level of enthusiasm. As his persona appeared something grabbed ahold of his wrist, quickly quickly tightening the grip forcing him to release the mp3.

Matt grimaced trying to reach for the fallen device as a warm sensation began to flow down his sleeve. Without a sound stay his heavy breathing, he then heard the cry of pain from the two girls. The agonizing sound took him back for a moment allowing more wires to attach to him. He was losing control of his own actions, as they began to cut into his skin releasing more of his blood. All he could was try to fight them off, he could see the marionettes' twisted smiles at his struggle.

The series of events ran through his head as he fought with the wires that bound him. "The auditorium, the marionettes, this accursed wire.", his thoughts were interrupted by the chilling freeze that came at him. The wires that bound him shattered into icy flakes, as his still struggling body flew forward to the ground. As Yuki healed the lacerations across his limbs, he felt rejuvenated. "Nobody makes a puppet out of me!!", he yelled out enraged snatching up the mp3 player he had dropped earlier. He would have stood his ground there, had Teya not pulled him along side her and Risa.

They ran through a clear path of forest chasing after the dim star in the sky. Matt looked back watching the pursuing clowns. A flash of light and the ground was covered in ice tripping up the shadows. No matter their condition they still crawled just to reach them. "These guys are persistent.", he said turning forward to see Teya dealing with one that had lept from the trees. He heard a small cackle, and looked up to see one jumping at him. Pulling back his fist, he slid to a stop. "Batter Up!", he yelled sending his fist forward as the clown's expression changed right before impact.

With a smile he turned around to the twisting wire. "I have had enough of this. Yuki protect them.", he said back to the persona itself with an excited grin etched into his face. He could feel his very soul burning up. "Hephaestus! Maragion!!", he yelled out summoning his persona, and simutaneously slamming his boxing glove into the ground. The flames erupted around him creating an intense shockwave of fire that spread through the forest burning everything it touched to a crisp. The sound of sizzling leaves, and crackling wood were the only sounds heard outside of the roaring forest fire. Matt stood up turning back towards the girls, "It's time to find the shadow causing all of this...", he said walking past the two following the dim star. "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!", he said with a more intense fire in his eyes.

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Risa continued running with her group, relieved by Yuki's healing powers, but still terrified of whatever was to come next. It didn't seem to matter what they did, the enemies were always on their trails. "There has to be some way to stop them!" Risa shouted as the enemies once again got up and kept following them. "Isn't there ANY way out of this hell!" She asked herself as Matt began fighting the shadows. "Altair! Help him!" She shouted as she sent her Persona to help fight against the incoming shadows.As Altair went to go help Matt, Risa turned to look at Teya. "Perhaps we should try to identify what's behind all of this?" She suggested nervously.

((OOC: Sorry for the short post....))

"Sometimes, I just wonder...."

Risa's Theme - Aerial Promenade

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"Life is truth, and never a dream... All souls know this from birth... ”

~Condition:All hell is breaking loose....

The little mouse gasped as Lance got to work on destroying the monsters,she watched as Lance continued to fight and looked back at Mora-chan and said "You hear that? lance said it's going to be okay...", Kim then rushed by Lance's side and held out the palm of her hand,a powerful aura emitted around her and another burst of power rattled the playlist, Asteria appeared before her once again, it held out the palm of it hand and fired away freezing the monsters setting them up for either mora or lance to follow up an attack

Kim watched as the playlist grew creepier and creepier, she couldn't help but notice the things that were attacking them, children...

"I do not know what kind of a person Xard-Senpai is...But I'm pretty sure he's not this kind!"

Asteria then clapped its hands and a green aura surrounded both the persona and its host "Asteria! Astral Barrier!"
at her word, the persona clapped its hands once again a bubble of force shielded the trio from anymore incoming attacks, Kim then bellowed out and fired another wave of Ice towards the wave of children

[occ:Confused as hell on the puzzle, Lance...Mora-senpai...Help me!! gonk ]



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The Emperor laughed a horrific laugh when Matt used fire magic on his marionettes. The boy made his trap far more deadly with his reckless use of power; the flaming puppets set fire to the forest around them, and the flames spread swiftly around the trio of actors. The heat was bad enough, but the lack of oxygen was far worse. They had to remove themselves from the auditorium soon, or be burned alive and possibly suffocate while they were at it; all around them the screams of people, men; women; and children, called out in pain and to be saved-none would come. Meanwhile, the burning puppets began to shed away their wooden skin for blood and bone within, for they were made out of corpses.

Ichika and company were not fairing any better. The water was rising more and more, and that meant the meat puppet pieces were getting closer and closer to rending them to pieces; not to mention, the black void that hovered above that threatened to suck them into oblivion. Their clock was ticking away their life.

And the last three friends that lay in the playground had enough trouble with undead children trying to rip them apart. Lance, Mora, and Kim were all going to die eventually as they expended more and more magic just to keep them all at bay; so many lives were close to being snuffed out all because of Xard's evil Shadow Emperor Arcana. At least their deaths would be quick; however, Xard himself was still fighting and he planned to beat himself even if he had to destroy himself from the inside-out.

While the Emperor was distracted with his winning against the Persona Users, Xard took advantage of this to gain some ground. He ignored all pain and thought of loss to focus on simply controlling the seemingly uncontrollable shadow; when Xard put his mind and dedication into something, the results were always phenomenal. "You're a bit too cocky, shadow d**k. Let's take you down a few pegs," growled with a grin. The Emperor suddenly lost control of both of his arms and portion of his power, which alarmed the shadow greatly.

"What? You shouldn't be able to do anything!" said the Emperor. Xard only laughed.

"This is my body, dingus. And this whole rope trick inside this frame does nothing to my thinking pieces inside my skull. So...about these trap rooms, let's get them out of there," he cackled with glee as he forced the Emperor to snap his own fingers and command the nine heroes to be expelled out of their demise.

The library suddenly opened up in the center to drain the water and corpses and debris. The black void that was bent on absorbing them reversed its force and pushed them instead into that very hole. Water, wood, and bodies would flow along with them as they gained speed. The walls were coated with slick algae, making it near impossible to use the walls to slow down the momentum they were gaining.

Inside the playground, the hell train came by and cut the second chain. The room suddenly fell, throwing the children into metal bars. This impaled them on metal spikes that came out to claim them, including the eyeless woman, and their black blood spilled out in spouts of turmoil and grief from their deaths. The three heroes inside fell as well along with the room that would normally hang directly downward, but it stopped short by getting caught on a metal lip. The forward wall, a mess with dead bodies, slid open to reveal a open path to slide down into, crunching the bodies with a sickly noise.

The light above the companions in the auditorium began leading them away from the flames through the only clear path. This would ultimately lead them to the stage, the likes of which appeared unscathed by the flames in the forest. The skeletons on strings still called out to them and clawed at their hindquarters as they all ran. Once they would get to the main attraction of the theater, a trap door would open up beneath them and send them down a similar slide to the other groups'.

They were all close to salvation, but the Emperor decided to fight back for control of the body. "They are mine to abuse, just as your body is! I won't let them escape safely!" he bellowed before commanding the slides to have long, protruding sharp needles from the floors and walls-ever ready to cut and stab them. Xard still was not going to just let go of his control, so he countered as much as he could by slowing down the needles' surfacing and speed of appearance to where his friends could possibly avoid most of the obstacles, except for any fall debris, of course.

"I won't lose to the other 'Me' like some chump with self loathing issues. Give me some more credit, Emperor a**-hat," said the rebelling teen; however, he was still slowly disappearing as time when by, and gaining what control he could was speeding up the process. Either way, the nine heroes would arrive at the cathedral where the Emperor sat atop his throne above them all, so all they would have to do was climb up to face the evil b*****d.

Beg and plead, it amuses me!
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gaia_diamond Teya Yuki Kasumi gaia_diamond


Said I'll always be a Friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end


"Yes. A shadow is behind this, but we will need the others help to figure this out." said Teya as she watched Altair and Hephaestus fighting off the never ending waves of clowns. Teya could hear the screams of men, women, and children. Sadness and terror pulsed inside her chest. She wanted to help, and she reached out a hand as they continued crying in the flames. Small tears streamed down her face, burning with guilt, as the auditorium began falling apart. A puppet latched onto Teya's ankle, its plastic skin melted into blood and flesh. The young woman screamed in the top of her lungs, falling backwards into a pile of ashes, leaving her skin and dress blackened in soot.

The only form of guidance was the faint light in the air. It led a clear path for the group to run towards to, and so they did, avoiding the hissing flames and melting dolls which were now skeletons dragging themselves quickly across the dirt ground. The trap door lead the trio to slide and dodge the needles that pointed out to pierce into the riders. Even the ceiling was falling apart, raining down boulders and corpses over the group. Something odd was going on, but Teya didn't mind so much. It seemed as though when the situation seemed like a gruesome death awaiting, there was always this hint of comfort that managed to pushed the group to keep on surviving. Whatever the small ray of hope was, it was keeping them alive. Teya simply twisted and arched her body around to feel several points slashing into her skin and lace dress, finally landing roughly on the cool stone floors of a throne room.

There they stood. The familiar group also making their way out from the trap doors. Teya fell down to her knees and gasped heavily. She was perfectly fine in health, but broke down in relief when she had finally thought of everything that happened inside the playlist up to this very point as she gazed up at the 'Emperor'. The darkness, the shredding wires, the blood and corpses. Teya glanced at Ichika, Mora, and Lance as they stepped out from the darkness, their gaze gleaming in the faint light. She jumped back onto her feet to run towards the warmth, hugging the entire group tightly. She gasped and wiped her tears to regain her concentration upon the shadow boss. They still needed to defeat him and find their missing friend. "Risa Matt, that guy up there. We have to defeat him, but I know we can endure just fine." she waved her arms enthusiastically to Kim, Xander and Ryu. The familiar, and even new faces only made Teya more excited. Now she felt like she had nothing to fear. "I'll help you with some back up kay?"

"I'll stay here to heal you all. Let's bring Xard back."
Teya stood nearby the entire group. "Ichi-kun, ready?" she said with a quick stretch, reliving all the stress in her back. "Mo-chan, let's knock a few punches to this guy's head." Teya roared to take one step forward. "Lance-kun, I might need some support to hurl up some storms with Kim-chan."
"Xard-kun?" she questioned, staring deep into the shadow's red eyes. Some where within the Shadow's mind, surly Xard was still rebelling. The crimson eyes grew stronger. Teya tilted her head to the group, "Time to Dominate and switch it up a little bit." she said calmly, holding her MP3 in front of her chest, glowing in Yuki's icy mist, "Ready to heal".


A complex surface
Laid out right before our eyes
Before the doors close
And it comes to an end
With you by my side I will fight and defend

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[[OOC: Hahaha.... Diablo....]]

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