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Dangerous Prophet

The Story

Your eyes blink, catching the dim light that flickers above you. As you begin to look around, you seem to be in a recording studio, however, one entirely decorated with the idea of Blue. You hear a voice come from where you were sitting before. “We start another story of the battle of the Persona and the Shadows. Many a time have these two powerful forces clashed, be it in the odd moments of the Midnight Hour or to the strange mystery of the Midnight Channel. Though, you’re story will not be any more regular or normal in comparison to these events.” The long nosed man before you smiles behind his elegantly interwoven hands. The tabletop in front of you and he has many cards lay atop of it, Twenty-two if you count correctly. The Long Nose Man speaks again. “Forgive my rudeness! This is the Velvet Room, a place that exists between dream reality, mind and matter. I am Igor.” He directs his hand to his side and a woman stands after it. She wears blue too, has white hair, and piercing golden eyes. “This is Margaret. She is my assistant.” Igor says as he returns his hand below his chin. He grins again.
You are a student at Hosekihana High School. You’ve heard about the rumors of strange appearances and disappearances due to the cursed Midnight Playlist, a story of a string of songs that play at midnight in the town. You’re still not sure if it exists or not, but I’m sure you will know soon enough.” Igor laughs a bit, but soon continues with his story. “Before your school was created, the rumors occurred every once in awhile, but after it’s completion and new students arrived, more occurrences have risen. You have either been at the school for it’s first year, or you are one of the many new student to the town and school. Many of you will begin your journey soon, and though a few of you may not see me for a while, do not forget that I am keeping tabs on all of you.” Igor smiles as he bows to you from his seat. “Your power will awaken to you soon, but be careful, and don’t forget who you are.” And the light turns off.

Oddly enough, the old man Igor is not lying to you. Hosekihana has been dealing with many a few mysteries and troubles as of late. Most of these paranormal dealings have been linked to an old rumor that started about the town a decade and a half ago. It’s said that on night when the wind catches a certain variety of cold and you have a broken of turned off radio (or other music device) a special frequency or “playlist” will start playing. Now most of the time the song are normal, and a few have spread rumors that the songs written in order encode some sort of message. The only thing for certain is that every once in a while, someone goes missing, vanished from their own home, and (At least within the confines of the rumor) that the only thing left is the buzzing on the radio. Lucky you, you get to continue or start high school here.
However, you’ve never truly been alone in this fight. Yes, the Persona. There’s no use arguing over its existence, as it is a part of you, and as we can see, you exist. A Persona is a reflection of you, who you are, how you interact with your friends, but in a form that allows you to harness power, to either protect your friends or destroy your foes. No Persona is much like another, much like you to another. A Persona chooses to be wielded by a person with a strong will, that believes in who they are in existence, and harnesses the power of that individual to grow. If you should falter, your Persona may not respond to you, so it is essential to retain yourself at all times. But do not be afraid, as are not the sole driving force against the Playlists and their Shadows.
School has been in session for a few months now. And the summer session’s vacation has begun. Soon you will be throw into the struggles that other before you have faced. Entering into a new world can be scary. Some of you may have been dropped into new and challenging situations before, but not in this way. This isn’t the start of a new adventure, in a quaint little town nestled in the mountains. It is the beginning of your journey, your struggle, where you will meet and gain powerful friends and defend against even more powerful foes. A time of Emotion, Love, Hate, Fun, Sadness, and then you will find the end, and the resolution.
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Dangerous Prophet


1. Follow the Gaian TOS
2. Respect everything and everyone.
3. What I or StellaYuna says, goes.
4. No Godmodding, unless given permission by the opposing player, or a moderator.
5. This is a semi-literate Role-play. Please: Post at least one paragraph or more for each response.
6. If complications limit your time, leaving you unable to continue, please inform a moderator, and the player(s) you may have been role-playing with
7. If you see another Role-player sitting alone with nothing to do try to engage them if you’re able. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this role-play whenever they feel they want to.
8. Please don't reformat the profile skeleton. We here want something simple and organized and easy for others to understand.
9. You are allowed to format your responses, though if your picture is too large, a moderator may ask that you either shrink it or lose it. Also, be sure that all responses are easily readable. If you require a new color you can you the codes found in this Gaian forum.
10. More rules and specifics about character designs will come before the Profile Skeletons.
11. Only 1 character to a Role-player. ((The exception being NPC characters, or plot sensitive characters, as I will roleplay most individuals Shadows or bosses.))
12. More rules may be applied later on.
13. ((If you need it to be said: Of course, have fun! ))

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Dangerous Prophet

Profile Skeletons

Now, in this particular Persona Roleplay, you, the Roleplayers, will not be picking out your own Personas, or more specifically, the Arcana that your Persona is based on. This skeleton has a few points that will help me determine a good match for you, and I will explain as such. Realize, however, that this isn’t the only basis I will be using to find a proper match for you, I will also need to have one or two day of your active roleplaying cooperation. This is to determine if I believe your profiles personality, the other profile points, and the way your character is roleplayed yields a specific Arcana. Don’t worry, though, after a few test on my friend’s characters, so this process won’t take exhaustingly long.

Once I feel many of you are decided, we will have our first Midnight Playlist encounter. That’s a hint you will receive your Persona Arcana soon.

The first five areas are classic no need for details right? Sadly, these are just formalities. But hey who knows?

6: After School Cub/Job: Pretty simple, you can use this as an extension of your personality, or it could be what weapon you use in the Midnight Playlist.

7, 8, 9: Favorites and Your Reasons: It’s a classic psychology quiz, hell, I’ll explain the meaning to it to anyone who doesn’t understand it later. This is what I’ve based a few of my friends Persona matches on, and it hasn’t lead too far astray yet.

10, 11: Standard Personality and History, though its say so down there I must insist, you know nothing about Persona or Shadows. You’re not an undercover Shadow Op. you’re just un-awakened, and normal.

12: Changing about yourself: I’ll admit, this only applies to a few Arcanas, and is likely something I’ll talk to you directly about if I’m considering you for one of these.

13, 14: Picture and Theme Song: Standard, easy, and required.

BIG NOTE: DO NOT fill in the Persona section of the profile but DO keep it attached as you turn in your profiles

As For a Title For the Pm? How About You Tell Me Who Your Favorite Paper Mario Companion Is?


Grade: ((Freshman, Junior, Senior))
Class: ((1-3 {Based on Grade, 1 = Freshman} , A-C {Which I will treat as Academic Placement} ))
After-School Club/Part-Time Job:
Favorite Color:
- ((Please List Three Words That Describe Why You Chose This Color.))
Favorite Animal:
- ((Please List Three Words That Describe Why You Chose This Animal.))
Favorite Body Of Water: ((Lakes, Rivers, Ocean, Even A Bath Tub Can Work.))
- ((Please List Three Words That Describe Why You Chose the Body Of Water.))
Personality: ((Trust me when I say this section will have little to do with what your Persona’s Arcana turns out to be. I’m going off all the other elements, including how you Roleplay the first few days.))
History: (Simple and clean, friends. Back-story of your life, please don’t feel obligated to kill your parents, or make them Evil.) ((For now, NONE OF YOU know ANYTHING about Shadows or Personas. Please don’t make me ignore you.))
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself:
Appearance: ((Picture is Appreciated, But feel free to use any amount of space you feel is necessary to describe your Character.)
Theme Song: ((In this case, I’m sorry, at the beginning, THIS IS NOT AN OPTIONAL POINT IN THE PROFILE. NO PERSONA OST’s))


The cards taken so far are:
Mora Mayberry: The Fool
Lance Howell: Chariot
Xard Asmodeus: Emperor
Teya Kasumi: Empress
Ichika Yamastuo: The Sun

I list this so that you may have an idea of what Personas we already have.
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Dangerous Prophet

Cast of Characters

Username: Sir_Kibble
Name: Ichika Yamatsuo
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Class: 3-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Student Council President
Favorite Color: Orange
- Bold
- Bright
- Uplifting
Favorite Animal: Wolf
- Loyal
- Pack
- Courageous
Favorite Body Of Water: Ocean
- Engulfing
- Deep
- Vast
Personality: Warm-hearted and kind, Ichika never turns down an opportunity to help another. Though it can lead to problems at times, Ichika is well preserved and able to stand after shortly after being knocked down. He tends to the Student Council as their current President, and tend to the Martial Arts Club when he can. Rarely is Ichika seen unhappy, and if he is, it is likely the cause of something serious.
History: Ichika moved out of his mother's house about a year ago, finally not able to cope with the negativity that arose from his step-father from time to time, affectionately referring that "It was cramping my style." He lives in a small apartment, very near the residential districts of the town, though he's rarely their anytime besides the late hours and when he sleeps. At school he's relatively well known, with the Student Council’s current rise in success under his supervision. He also has no record of a love life; most girls hear the rumor that he has extremely precise tastes, though many guys know he’s just as oblivious as a whale. No matter, he is one of the number one persons recommended by the general public to help with a problem.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: Learning to put himself before others.
Appearance: Ichika-kun
Theme Song: Luster - Hiroshi Shibasaki

ARCANA DESCRIPTION: Portrayed as a jester laughing very close to a cliff, accompanied with a dog at his heels. The Fool represents innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos, and creativity. As such, the silent protagonists from the recent adaptions often starts out the Fool Arcana, in reference of their personality are shaped via player's actions and decisions.

Username: StellaYuna
Name: Teya Kasumi
Age: 19
Grade: Senior
Class: 3-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: School: Martial Art's Club, Part-Time Job: Candy Shop
Favorite Color: Pink
- Affection
- Passion
- Love
Favorite Animal: Tiger
- Fierce
- Determined
- Ambitious
Favorite Body Of Water: Ocean
- Unity
- Harmony
- Synchronize
Personality: Teya is laid back and optimistic, confident yet naive. Her habit of high affection lead others away from her, thus she has grown to to enjoy being alone from time to time and enjoys peaceful environments. Teya's outgoing and ambitious nature makes her an energetic a mischievous girl.
History: Teya was raised as a happy teen that lived life as an Adventure, However she was alwasy alone due to her parents always working out of state, Thus she practically lives alone taking care of herself. She lives day to day and happily works at a Candy Shop and joined a Martial Art's club keeping herself busy in life... However, Teya always tries to get into trouble attempting to find anything to amuse her.
Breaking free, Teya prefers to stand outside the lines among the others. She reveals her affectionate nature to closest friends, Thus meaning that certain individual has done something Great to earn her concern, and chooses to express herself freely bringing a bright atmosphere even in the most depressing/dark situations. Caring for those around her more than her own well being, Teya's mother-like instincts always kicks in to serve as the Sanctuary for those around her Choosing to serve as a Shield. Teya put all her efforts into helping Others Grow and have a time to Shine. If it is one thing that would drive Teya into an enraged beserk-mode, it would have to involve if Any-One of her friends&allies getting harmed. She has pride in her 'Pack' due to some heavy influences in her life, as well as moving along to new more empowering new bonds, learning that one path is never the only one.
One Trait I would Change About My Self Naivety
Appearance: Teya Kasumi
Theme Song: Teya -Manic Drive - Music

ARCANA DESCRIPTION: Queens and goddesses of some sort. The Empress represents prosperity, creativity, sexuality, abundance, fertility and comfort (most often in helping maintain peace around them like an ideal mother would.) Within the Persona universe, the Empress Arcana often belongs to women of authority or motherly figures.

Username: Edward_CbBb
Name: Mora Mayberry
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Class: 2-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Part-Time job at Vinny's Records and Gear, Member in Art Club, Member of Student Council
Favorite Color: Blue
- Relaxed
- Inspiring
- Vast
Favorite Animal: Cat
- Adorable
- Calm
- Loving
Favorite Body Of Water: Lake
- Placid
- Simple
- Beautiful
Personality: Insecure on the inside, Mora forces herself at times to be outgoing. She's a loyal friend and quite funny when around friends, but hard to get to know. She keeps her feeling inside and focuses more on other people as a distraction, though her artwork and music she listens to can show her true colors at times. She finds peace in music of any kind and won't back down from anything.
History: What is there to say about Mora? Life was simple, growing up around the mountains and being home schooled until she was in middle school made things less hectic. The girl had a mom but no dad to speak of, literally. No one ever spoke of her father and she assumed he was either dead or a mistake. Her mother was always there and everything she needed as a parent.
An average student and nothing special about her, Mora reached high school and looked forward to becoming someone. Jeans and t-shirts, bare feet and her new kitten, the girl in her junior year is just looking to get by. Her mother let her get a job at a local music shop, she joined the art club, made some friends that would come and go, but she was always looking to be more. Maybe its was just her.
Mora has recently joined the Student Council by request, but more importantly has found a new set of friends. Her life may be changing in more ways than one!
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: To not be so normal
Appearance: Mora Mayberry
Theme Song: Disloyal Order of the Water Buffaloes - Fall Out Boy

ARCANA DESCRIPTION: In tarot readings, the Lovers Arcana initially represented two paths life could lead to, and thus a symbol of standing at a crossroad and needing to make a decision. Today, however, it is portrayed more of a symbol of love and romantic relationships, although it can also be a symbol of finding agreement with an ordinary friend or even two conflicting elements within. A commonality among individuals of the Lovers Arcana is their popularity and their emphasis on social interaction.

Username: Capricious Dream
Name: Lance Howell
Age: 17
Grade: junior
Class: 2-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Soccer Team
Favorite Color: Gold
- Pride
- Loyalty
- Strong
Favorite Animal: Lion
- Strength
- Independent
- Vicious
Favorite Body Of Water: Sink full of water
- Controlled
- Personal
- Warm
Personality: Headstrong and confidant, Lances words and actions are fueled by one thing alone: Pride. Arrogance flows through his veins, constantly pumping out cocky phrases, and remarks. Independent by choice, Lance prefers doing things alone. This includes foolhardy things like picking fights with groups of people, or challenging authority. Less of a team player, more of a star player. He gets lonely sometimes, but tries his best to hide it. In summary, he likes to think of himself as the alpha male, the king lion. But every lion needs a pride, right?
History: As a child, his mother died of a leukemia, leaving him in the sole care of his father. Being the child of a prodigal soccer star, Lance grew up constantly reminding himself to get stronger, thinking, "If i were stronger, maybe i could have helped mom. . ."
Once he got old enough to understand the world, he got into a serious spat with his father. Leaving all the money and fame behind, Lance lives his independent life seeking his own glory. His own fame. He now goes to school not for educations sake, but to start making a name for himself. In the back of his head the phrase echoes "Only the strong survive."
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: "I want to be stronger, strong enough to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders!"
Appearance: Lance Howell
Theme Song: The Gods Must be Crazy! - Periphery

ARCANA DESCRIPTION: Portrayed as a king leading a chariot made up of two differently colored horses. The Chariot Arcana is a symbol of victory, conquest, self-assertion, control, war and command.
PERSONA’S FORM: Twisted Lion Susano'o

Username: TheScorpioDragon
Name: Xard Asmodeus
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Class: 3-A
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Kendo Club/bookstore clerk
Favorite Color: Black
- Fear
- Eternal
- Death
Favorite Animal: Komodo Dragon
- Vicious
- Deadly
- Dominating
Favorite Body Of Water: Waterfall Basin
- Everlasting
- Immaculate
- Hypnotic
Personality: Xard is crafty, underhanded, and enjoys controlling what's around him. He is ambitious to where he would seek any high seat of power. He will serve the group below him, but it will most likely give him a greater boon in the end. He will use any advantage he can get over anyone.
History: Xard grew up with not many friends and was distant with his family. He was gifted with a grand intellect, but he also has a lack of empathy and is sadistic. That created a rift between anyone he associated with. Anyone that got close ended up being used in some ploy to put himself in a dominant position over others. You could say he was slightly a sociopath given how he would sometimes inflict a little pain on a his classmates should they not hand over what he wanted.
His family was originally from the United States. Given his name they are of Israeli decent. His father was part of the U.S. Air Force and got stationed in Okinawa after Xard had finished the six the grade in Florida; his father was previously stationed at Hurlburt Field AFB. He brought Xard and his mother with him to Japan where they would live even after his career ended.
His parents did not want to deal with him once he got out of middle school. So they sent him to the academy and paid for a dorm room. This was after he had almost set fire to the middle school during a bake sale contest. Nobody was buying his muffins, so the competition had to be eliminated. He did not regret the acts and found it rather hilarious when people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off from the sight of a few flames.
His psychologist recommended something physically tiring and tough to give his energy some direction. So he took up kendo. A sport he hoped to excel in and use against others should they prove to be damaging to his goals. And he would not mind being the best in the country.
As for the job he chose, let's just say he likes getting people to buy things and convincing them it is what they truly want.
With his background, Xard knows both English and Japanese.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: Xard does not actually like having a lack of friends-err-lackeys.
Appearance: Xard Asmodeus
Theme Song: Absolute Anthropoid

ARCANA DESCRIPTION: In tarot readings, the Emperor symbolizes the desire to control one's surroundings, and its appearance could suggest that one is trying too hard to achieve this, possibly causing trouble for others; some elements in life are just not controllable.

Username: Puppy_LOLZ
Name: Matt Pilgrim
Age: 16
Grade: Freshman
Class: 1-C
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Working after school in a convenient store
Favorite Color: Red
- Energy
- Action
- The color of leader of the power rangers
Favorite Animal: Dog
- Companion
- Protection
- Resourcefulness
Favorite Body Of Water: streams
- Small
- Continuous
- Life
Personality: A friendly and kinded hearted person. Matt has an indomitable spirit, and he seldom stays upset for long. He is usually very out going, and ready to meet new people. Matt goes out of his way to help others, and is very boastful of his actions. He also runs through the field of life with his pants around his ankles with no regrets.
History: Matt was born to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. His life was pretty average, and his parents were the normal business type. He wasn't athletic or smart, but he seemed to make friends wherever he went. As of this school year he will transferring to Hosekihana High School as a freshman, due to his parents' job transfers. Apon arrival to Hosekihana while walking through his new neighborhood, he helped out the owner of a local convenient store. Scoring himself a nice little after school job.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: To learn some modesty.
Appearance: Matt Pilgrim
Theme Song: Hell Above - Pierce The Veil

Username: TheScorpioDragon
Name: Jango Yakushi
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Class: 3-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Cashier at Hatake Records (Music Store)
Favorite Color: Red
- Romantic
- Flashy
- Strong
Favorite Animal: Chameleon
- Versatile
- Elegant
- Cool
Favorite Body Of Water: Rivers
- Swift
- Simple
- Stylish
Personality: Jango is extremely chilled and relaxed, though sometimes it can come across as lazy. Not a confrontational person he opts for the path of least resistance in any given situation. He avoids fights, both physical and verbal, if he can help it. Prefering the company of like-minded inidividuals, specifically those that share his laidback ideals. Never worrying and a firm belief that things will always resolve in an ideal manner. The only things that spark a rise out of him are his passions for Western Musicians, Dancers and parties. A skilled dancer who loves to move to the beat of Western Music, even using language and phrases that are a bit dated by todays standards that he picked up from their lyrics and lifestyles of the artists.
History: Jango has lived a balanced homestyle life, his parents worked hard for a living but never falling too far into desparity or being uplifted in affluence. He learned to treasure the luxuries and what time he had to himself outside of school work and other commitments. He discovered his passion for Western Music thanks to some CD's lent to him by an uncle from overseas. His interest grew to the only strongly held devotion that Jango had, having a massive effect on his lifestyle. Mastering the dancestyles portrayed in the music videos, Jango emulates his idols in both his vocabulary and his physicality. Currently he lives out of an apartment being partly paid for by his parents while he attends school here, supplementing his income with a part-time job. His colorful habits have actually been a big help to sales at the Music Store he works at.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: Try to find something productive to commit himself to.
Appearance: Jango
Theme Song: 1, 2, Jango!

Username: Amiko_Chan32
Name: Kimberly Grants
Age: 16
Class: Class 1-A
After-School Club/Part-Time Job:Book Club
Favorite Color: Yellow
- Bright
- Cheery
- Sense of Happiness
Favorite Animal: Mouse
- Small
- Courageous
- Tenacious
Favorite Body Of Water: Sea
- Vast
- Free
~A book worm by heart, First day at school and she had already browsed through 1/4 of the school's entire library collection, she's extremely shy at others and has trouble expressing herself in class,she was never the energy in her circle of friends, and was always stuttering when speaking to someone she's shy to.
~Kimberly's Life tragically snapped when she encountered her first bully,The Bully would often call her names and interrupt her during her presentations and class speeches (as she was voted as class president during her grade school days) and would often play embarrassing pranks on her,ever since then she had grown quite a phobia towards talking to others and is often sympathized by her parents, she had moved from another school to get away from all the pressure building up inside her there ,Here she had taken solitude at the school's library often taking the large dark rows of shelves to her advantage, she would hide there, her nosed pressed hard against books, shutting herself from the entire world for what would seem like hours and return to society wants the school bell rings.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: My addiction to self-confinement
Appearance: Kimberly Grants
Theme Song: Flowering Nights

Username: SashaSpearz
Name: Ryugane Shiro
Age: Seventeen
Grade: Senior
Class: 3A
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Book Club, Intern at Public Library
Favorite Color: Lavender
- Unique
- Delicate
- Modest
Favorite Animal: Dolphin
- Joyous
- Playful
- Intelligent
Favorite Body Of Water: Ocean
- Vast
- Mysterious
- Dolphins
Personality: Ryu has always been quiet and reserved, though he is not shy. He's just more of a loner, who doesn't find it easy to trust others and open up. He can be confident and easily talk to people who he needs to. He is depressed and lonely in his real life, which is why he constantly escapes into books.
History: Ryu came from an affluent family, but a lot of money is usually obtained through a lot of work. This was the case for his parents; they were always working, and usually too busy to spend time of him. He mostly befriended the maids and servants in his youth, and spent most of his free time in his family's personal library. Through books, he was able to escape into different worlds. He hated real life though, because he believed it would always be lonely and boring.
Ryu never really trusted people easily either. It was because whenever he opened up to one of the maids or servants, they were usually fired, or quit, and left his life. Just like laborers, Ryu grew up to believe that people were also replaceable. He didn't want the pain one felt when someone important left their life, and didn't want to miss them, so he stopped letting people inside.
After his Junior year, he found out that his parents had gotten transferred in their jobs. He would be living in a new town, surrounded by new people, and going to a new school for his last year of high school. Most kids would be devastated to hear this news, but Ryu didn't really care. He didn't know anyone around him well, and wasn't close to any of his classmates. He would be going to Hosekihana High School for Senior year, and has moved to Hosekihana.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: How distant and reserved I am.
Appearance: Ryugane Shiro
Theme Song: Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Username: Firanzia-Vice
Name: Risa Takada
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Class: 2-B
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: None at the moment, but she enjoys drawing and writing poetry in her free time
Favorite Color: Light Blue
- Calm
- Easy to lose herself in
- Makes her think of snow
Favorite Animal: Birds (all kinds)
- Free
- Birds-eye View (watching them fly makes her think about what they see, so she tends to think about how actions affect everything in an area)
- Graceful
Favorite Body Of Water: Lakes (Especially the lake by her family's vacation house in America)
- Positive memories
- Reflective (For some reason, reflective surfaces make her think about her life)
- Still (She likes how the still waters make her feel like the world has stopped)
Personality: Risa is a fairly simple girl. She is usually calm and tends to look at things with a "glass is half full" point of view. She often looses herself in thought, creating her own little fantasies based on what she sees around her. She loves being around people, but her spacey nature makes her seem distant at times. She has trouble connecting with other people because most of the people she has been around have been selfish and spoiled, so she didn't really want anything to do with them.
History: Risa was born into a family of above-average status, so she has never really understood the way most people think and struggle, having pretty much everything she wanted given to her. Despite having just about everything, she was always taught to be grateful and to do her best to understand others. She has gone to private school for most of her life, but after her freshman year of high-school, she decided to try something new, so she enrolled into public school. and she hopes to make some new friends and to better understand the world through her new experiences.
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: She wishes that she could connect with people more easily.
Appearance: Risa Takada
Theme Song: Aerial Promenade

Username: Mister Pointy
Name: Alexander (Alex, or Xander) Callen
Age: Sixteen
Grade: Freshman
Class: 1A
After-School Club/Part-Time Job: Before his family moved, he played in a band for a while. He sang and played the guitar. His Midnight Playlist weapon would be his guitar (he'll play a chord or two and cause a few different attacks. To start, his only move is a crescent blade of sound), though it'll look different than normal.
Normal guitar.
Midnight Playlist guitar (It is charged with energy like in the picture).
Favorite Color: Grey
- Cool (Not popular. Cool as in a soothing color.)
- Gentle
- Flexible (As in goes with many other colors.)
Favorite Animal: Snake
- Cunning
- Silent
- Fast
Favorite Body Of Water: Pond
- Calm
- Graceful
- Balanced (Ecosystem)
Personality: Xander is kind of a quiet kid. He tries to interact with others, but he hasn't had many friends. Due to this, he isn't very skilled at socializing. He's still a friendly person, and he'll do his best to help his friends.
History: Xander is a fairly average teenager. However he's never had much in the way of friends. Mainly it's because his father's job cause their family to move a lot. They'd lived in quite a few different places, but just as Xander would start to settle into a new place and make friends, they'd have to move again. After getting into an argument with his dad, he got the company to promise not to transfer them again until Xander graduated and was old enough to live on his own. (He's only attended his first day of school so far.)
One Thing You Want To Change About Yourself: His lack of skill at socializing.
Appearance: Alexander Callen
Theme Song: Awake and Alive by Skillet

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Dangerous Prophet

:Extra Bits and Announcements:

Rumor Mill: The Secrets Before Summer Break

As it has become common knowledge, the Roaring Lion, Lance Howell, has begun to board up with Ichika Yamastuo, after a similar fallout that the President had with his former family. Though the two haven't been as close since a few months ago, and the wild Tigress of the Martial Arts club seems to be at the center of the rumor. She is sought after by many of the boys, and with her instincts forcing Ichika and Lance to get along, the other girs feel that she is hogging the more attractive boys of the school.

In other mills, Mora Mayberry has been bombarded with requests and questions, though she has been avoiding the President. The rumors suggest that the two were close until the 'Teya Incident' and many wonder why she is still friends with the Tigress. The President has disappeared for the last week, leaving the current enforcing Disciplinary Officer Xard Asmodeus to enforce his own policies. Many believe that the President has disappeared to allow the conflict to subside, though others believe it is rather a family issue.

Summer Vacation is coming around, will the troubled group force themselves together again?
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Dangerous Prophet

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Ichika "The Sun" Yamastuo
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A singular figure, their head cover by a hood, stood at the front gate of Hosekihana High School. The bell had just rung just rung to signal the beginning of the summer vacation for the entirety of the school. The clubs weren't meeting, including his own, the Student Council, though he would have rather had to stay here, at the exit to intercept his target for the day. The last friend he hadn't talked to more than strictly the Council's agenda. It sort of saddened him, and at the same time he felt an odd tugging from inside him, Much like the driving forces inside the Playlists he had encountered. It was as if he wanted to force himself near them.
As the first student began to pass, they took note of the young man's change in appearance, and whispered to themselves in their own gossip. It didn't matter to him, as long as the motion was seen by the one he as waiting for, he was fine with his newer appearance. Truthfully, it was funny to him, like a constant shadow loomed over him, but it was oddly enough a shadow of the best intentions. He scratched at the back of his head, not releasing his cloak and making his adjustment entirely noticeable to the public. Rumors were becoming fast in the school, so he couldn't chance the person he was looking for to hear about his newest appearance and find another way out of the school.
It was an odd feeling for him, a selfish action to disappear as he did. No regards for the others concerns and that of the integrity of the Student Council. this was just something he knew he need to do for himself and him. Perhaps he could visit again and thank him for the kind and empowering words, but for now, the young man would continue to worry, as was the previous disposition of his, before the conversation.

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Matt Pilgrim

"Alright Gramps how's about this one? A teenager with zero talent almost gets crushed by a meteor while trying to find a place in the world, but the meteor is full of space goo that consumes his body! And now they work in unison to fight an evil syndicate that's trying to take over Japan!", Matt yelled excitedly flinging his arms into the air emphasizing his words. "What did you think of that one?!", he asked looking over his shoulder towards the counter of the convenience store. "I think you could actually be doing work instead of scaring off the costumers with your ridiculous stories.", the owner said becoming frustrated. "Why are you here? You don't even have to come into work till tomorrow. Isn't it summer break?", he asked Matt. "Well... yeah I guess it is.", he said looking quizically at his new boss. "Well don't you have any friends to bug instead of hanging around here?", he said rubbing the bridge of his nose where his glasses rested. "Give me a break Gramps I just got here, I haven't really taken a look around the city, but if you want me out so bad.", he said with a sigh resting his hands behind his head walking towards the entrance. "I'll be back tomorrow to start my shift.", he concluded pushing the door open, and crossing the threshold to the outside world.

The sun was high in the sky, and you could feel that it was summertime. Luckily today wasn't as muggy as it tended to get there. Matt walked down the sidewalk following the flow of traffic, unsure of his desitination he let his feet guide him. Pulling out his cell phone he looked up directions to the high school. Matt knew it'd be empty due to the summer break, but it'd be nice to know where he'd be spending his next few school years. Following the GPS it gave him time to think about this new chapter of his life, and how he could possibly make it twenty times cooler than it most likely was going to be.

Finally he reached the gates of Hosekihana High School. It was a decent sized school, but it was nothing like the ones in Tokyo. Matt peeked through the gates scoping out the courtyard. With the intense silence he eventually got bored of being there, and returned back to his journey for entertainment. He was beginning to feel as though there would be nothing interesting to do in this city at all. "One hell of a place to live.", he thought slouching over in depression as he feet dragged along the pavement.
The Solitary King

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"ahh" as he walks down the street " my back" he starts to lightly pound on his back with his left hand " work was torturous today boss was way to energetic with the sale on pizza's" as the memory of the chaotic day passes through his head like a movie. it showed the boss yelling and alot of custom orders being made by the customers and the outlandish delivery destinations. "im not going to call a off day it it ever happens again"

"well i hope school is different" as he stops and looks around "its quiet" as he looks at the park across from him and the silent buildings that stood there as they were watching his every movement.
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"Life is truth, and never a dream... All souls know this from birth... ”

~Condition:Inside classroom,Gloomy as usual

"Cl-Class President!?"
"I know its all sudden M'dear, but you are one of the more frequent guests in our library, and you also hav-"
"B-But Mrs.Pinestock!, I'm a freshman I c-can't p-possibly!"
"Perish the thought young one, you are capable of handling the responsibility, you have more respect for this books then anyone else i know of, now I'll see you later then"

A small thud echoed around the slightly empty halls of Hosekihana, she had entered school earlier then usual in an attempt to reserve as much books as she can to survive the heat wave known as summer vacation, she continued on her way breathing heavily as she comes to bear a new weight on her shoulder.

"Doomed to be class president...... " she sighed at her misfortune as she continued to walk through the hollow halls, she turned slightly to look around and stopped as she reached her destination.

Room 301 Class 1-A, she dreaded this place more than anything else in the world though she had no choice, she entered the room as her head was filled with noise of merriment and laughing inside the room, she sat down at her usual spot, the farthest chair in the room and began reading a book her head hidden behind the large covers.

"The truth is something that is chosen and grasped...Sometimes discovered with one's vision and will.”
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[Jango Yakushi]

[Location & Sensation: Leaving school for the Summer Break]
[Caught my Eye: Student Council President]
[1, 2, Jango!]

::They told him don't you ever come around here
::Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear


It wouldn't feel right to depart from this place by any other means than the manner in which he both arrived and had inhabited it for what had passed so far of the school year. The path leading to the front gate was the strip he would glide across. Several other students parted like the red sea, not out of respect or any real amazement at what he was doing but more of the proven fact he would crash into or through you if you got in the way.

An ash blonde haired student was making his departure down the dead middle of the expansive pathway. Moonwalking with one arm crossed along his waist, resting on his belt, while the other was braced over his face with the finger tips planted on his forehead. Head down as he gracefully glided backwards, coming to a stop just at the entrance. In a quick dynamic movement, he turned his head towards the Student Council. Revealing his red-tinted heart-shaped sunglasses.

An awkward moment of silent stillness transpired until the Moonwalking student suddenly raised up unto the tips of his feet and rapidly twirled in a fierce whirlwind of movement before coming to a stop. Facing forward. Twirled again. Facing backwards again. The moment came to an end and the student was Moonwalking away down the street, head down and purest confidence in his physicality that his backwards stride would go uninterupted.

School was out for the Summer. Time to go to work.


::There comes a time when we heed a certain call
::When the world must come together as one
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"I'm just a fool for you and I think I'm going crazy.. I can't control myself or contain my thoughts It's eating me up inside.."

Summer vacation. It was normally a time for the blonde to take off her sneakers and jeans and relax. It was a time of flip flops and grass in between your toes, a season to forget about schools and enemies. Short shorts and tank tops, fresh fruit and the sun on your skin, it was the only thing that should have been on her mind of the girl when the bell range for the last class, but that was not that case sadly. There was nothing about summer on the mind of the girl, not the grass or shorts or fruit, nothing except for the Sun.

The sun was bright and happy, something that Mora had always admired and looked forward to seeing. The Sun was always there to make her day a bit brighter. The last week though, it had all but vanished from her life. Ichika had disappeared for the last week before summer vacation, though she wasn't surprised that he didn't tell her. The blonde had been avoiding him, not wanting to risk seeing him around Teya and feeling her heart ache. The thought alone was enough to make her frown and shove her things into the backpack she had.

Mora gave a sigh and made her way down the halls of the school, running her hand over her locker for the last time. Well.. Maybe things will get better.. She thought, wishing she had her music with her. The blonde was still having no luck in finding a new pair of headphones, leaving her without her music for the last part of the school year. It was a shame, but gave her more reason to get out of the school and start the long walk home. It was 45 minutes one way, making her journey rather boring with nothing to listen to.

As the blonde made her way out of the school, a figure caught her eye by the gate of the school. A hooded boy stood by the gate, looking like he was looking for someone or at least waiting. It was odd, but Mora didn't have time to wonder when she had the walk home and her kitten waiting. The closer she got though, the more the figure became important to her. It dawned on her that the hooded boy was Ichika, looking a little worse for wear. Instead the Sun, the boy was looking clouded. She had questions and wanted answers, though it was hard to even say something.

"I-Ichika Sempai?" Came a small voice, the blonde walking up a bit closer to the boy. The more polite term seemed appropriate for the time being, seeing as it had been a while since the had actually spoken. It then dawned on the girl that he was probably waiting for Lance, making her shuffle her feet and look down a bit. "Waiting for Lance I take it?" Her voice got even smaller, a heavy feeling coming to her shoulders.

"...But heroes, at times, had to be fools."
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~As We Jam,
The Rhythm gets Stronger~


[[OOC: Whats Up Team? Hiya old and new people alike. Lets do this eh?

cat_3nodding ]]

Teya flexed her hands and neck, staring at the opponent standing before her. Both feet positioned perfectly on the polished wooden floor, and fists ready to jab. Lifting her hand smoothly Teya waved her index finger, her signature gesture, taunting the opponent to attack. The young male student dashed and tackled down the Tigress with both arms wrapped tightly around her slim waist. Words repeated in her mind, over and over again making her frown in frustration while trying to maintain concentration. 'I Hate Him. I Hate Him. He Stole My First Kiss!!! I HATE HIM!!' She parted her lips to gently inhale, pulling back her left foot to firmly stand, grasping the young mans waist and thrusting her body to back flip along with the young mans attack. The audience cringed to see the finishing attack, but all gasps as Teya propelled her opponents charge to land not on her back, but on the young mans head, Finishing off her own counter-attack in a wrestling stance. "Heehee! Nice Spar. Quit rushing though. Now, Time for me to clock out Kiddies. Training is over. Have a good summer eh?"

Teya wrapped a white towel over her neck to escort the summer-students out of the School Dojos that opened for summer classes. She found that training the younger crowds on how to defend for themselves would serve good purpose.

Soon freshening herself up, Teya marched out of the school campus, soon following the sidewalk towards the parks.

"Ahhh! This is nice. . ." The green trees fluttered in the faint summer breeze and the grass littered with colorful flowerbeds which the Tigress didn't hesitate to dart off into the mist of nature.

She crossed her arms to lay in a pillow of blue blossoms, humming a soothing melody.
"I love summer~"


~No Matter what I Say or what I Do,
Im Dangerous For You~

Feel That

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~Take the Words, Take the Music, Take the Mel-O-dy
Take the Beat
, But No One Takes the Soul Out of Me~

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"Life is truth, and never a dream... All souls know this from birth... ”

~Condition:Inside classroom,Gloomy as usual

"That would be all, class dismissed and i hope all of you would have an eventful summer"

A sudden rush of bags and chairs moved and danced around Kimberly's ears, she raised her head as her classmates began standing up and started talking excitedly about their plans for summer vacation, they would be having the time of their lives, whilst she would be reading books for the next month or so, she slowly stood up and grabbed her bag, she rapidly walked towards the door and was about to open it when...

Hey Kim!, word on the street is you're president of the bookclub next semester!
Yeah hope you D-don't stu-stutter du-during your ace-acceptance spe-speech! Hahahaha!".

Kim's heart raced

I D-don't..

her every word started to stutter

"pfft Haha! , you b-blundered already!? how 's about hiding in the library huh? oh wait, the school library is closed on summer vacations... too bad for you huh? haha..."

The bullies roared with laughter, Kim's eyes wear starting to fill with tears she closed her eyes and rushed outside, weaving through the sea of students in the hallway, the words ringed and shaked on her head like flies, she ran outside as the school bell rang signifying the start of summer vacation, she brushed past a couple of seniors and continued running all the way home

"The truth is something that is chosen and grasped...Sometimes discovered with one's vision and will.”
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[Jango Yakushi]

[Location & Sensation: Streetside, got my groove interupted]
[Caught my Eye: Teary-Eyed Bookish looking Girl (Kimberly Grants)]
[1, 2, Jango!]

::They told him don't you ever come around here
::Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear


The Moonwalker was striding his way down the street as nice as you please, young and old were both amazed and weirded out by this boys unconventional backwards motion. He felt and looked so at peace like this though, as unorthodox and needlessly hazardous a means of movement it may be it was ultimately his preferance. It had started off as mere emulation of an idol but now it was what he was comfortable with. Weaving dancing and posing into his everyday physicality had not been something these folks were used to. He'd had mixed reactions to this flamboyant habit but he was dealing with it...

One thing that irked him, though, was when his momentum got interrupted. Usually it was from bumping into someone that got in the way of his moonwalk but this time it was slightly different. Someone crashed into him from the front this time. That is to say where he was facing, not in the direction he was headed. Jango had long become accustomed to the hazards of this walk, he was able to brace himself perfectly and stand vigil upon impact.

The teary eyed bookish looking girl who had bumped into him suffered a bit of blowback though. She had been running a little blindly no doubt due to her distraught state. Jango held his mid-step position. His brow creased in slight frustration at having his groove impeded but upon lowering his hand from his face he left his irritation to rest "Relax, girl. You'll be hurtin' someone, doggin' around like that" dropping one arm to his side and adopting a more casual stance.

"You're in turmoil" He could see the tears in her eyes "Trouble in matters of the heart?"


::There comes a time when we heed a certain call
::When the world must come together as one

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