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[Persona: Requis Aeterna]

[1.0] Intro

1.0 Persona: Requis Aeterna
2.0 Rules.
3.0 Plot, Chapters, and Timeline.
4.0 Setting.
5.0 Locations, places of importance.
6.0 Locals, Legends, and superstitions.
7.0 How Personas work.
8.0 Rules for Weaponry, spells, Stats, & Social Links
9.0 Profile skeleton & posting rules.
10.0 Character list Part 1 (Females).
11.0 Character list Part 2 (Males).
12.0 Character Stats, their attacks, and their Personas.
13.0 NPCs and Townsfolk .
14.0 Soundtrack and Links.
15.0 Banners, art, misc.

OOC Thread
Idea page! (Pirate Pad)
(We also have a Skype, ask for details! biggrin )
TV Tropes page thanks to Misc! <3
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[2.0] Rules
“Only a fool thinks he can bend and break nature, and not face it’s wrath.”

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User Image This RP is literate to advanced literate. That means you must be able to type a decent-sized post ranging from at least five complete sentences to a few paragraphs, and you cannot speak chat-speak, and absolutely no godmodding. For those of you who have RPed even a little, you should know what that means

User Image Romance is allowed and encouraged, but please keep it PG-13. Er… take anything else to PMs or somewhere off of Gaia. xD Heck, you can even have during the next day your character mention they did that, but no content actually on here happening. Also, swearing is perfectly fine, some characters even have their personality based partly around foul language and humor. Just please don’t go overboard, and avoid racism and such beyond your character.

User Image This thread is yaoi/yuri friendly. There are homosexuals and bisexuals around in real life, so it’s perfectly understandable. However, yaoi/yuri is not the main theme of this RP, but romance is certainly allowed so long as you obey the PG-13 rule of it mentioned above.

User Image Please be friendly. Sure, our characters may not get along, in fact, drama between them is highly encouraged for the angsty teens/young adults. But out of character, we’re all people, so lets be civil and make friends. We even have a Skype thread for that~

User Image NPCs will play an important role too. Some will be an arcana that has not been taken by player characters. There are chances that NPCs can die in this, so if there is someone in particular you really like, you may want to share a strong Social Link with them. Those who fade into the background, may also fade from existence.

User Image Since every Persona game takes place in Japan, so will this one. That means get ready to use your honorifics, know we’re using yen as currency, and just keep in mind the customs. I won’t be too strict about this, nor does it really matter if you use first name or last, just bare that in mind that it is a Japanese setting.

User Image The OOC once used for chat, is now more of a place for updates, and people mentioning breaks/vacations. Actual chatting is held on our Skype-channel. Please try to be active in there, and again for any important updates, let it be known on the OOC, since in Skype, messages can quickly get missed, while on the OOC it's easier to spot.

User Image This is a long-term RP. You do not have to post every day, but I do not want you abandoning this without a reason. We would like to keep it moving along at a good pace. At least three posts a week please. If something occurs, please PM me and announce your absence in the OOC thread so everyone is aware. We want to keep a constant pace, and if you’ll be gone awhile, try to finish up what you were doing with your character or have them separated for a bit. If you're leaving, please talk to me about it first.

User Image Also note that the RPs plot in the end is guided by ChachamaruV2 and I. Rather than just leaving everyone in a sandbox to do whatever and have the plot go no where, we’ll be providing an ongoing story, beginning, middle, climax, and end with plot twists, NPCs, mysteries, and even hidden events for those bold enough to look. There are open periods of time to do what you please, but note that at times, the group will need to meet for the next plot moment.

User Image Onion characters. It has happened far too many times where all of the characters in an RP had basic personalities. We want onion characters, once you peel away one layer, there should always be something underneath. Basically, try not to be a bland character and instead develop more over time. Variety is the spice of life, so, for the characters, try to make sure yours isn’t too similar than the others. One of the beautiful things about the Persona series was how no two characters were alike, so let’s keep that up, and when you're making a character, discuss it with me first before sending a profile.

User Image Due to the story and how it begins, we’re trying to set our characters in being either 17, 18, or 19 for the graduation. However, if you want your character to be a different age, but can still find a reason for them to be at the ceremony, then we can work that out. Maybe a teacher, or a younger student who’s older sibling is there, or your a parent for your child there, as long as it makes sense~ Just keep in mind, we’re doing this to avoid all the dull time wasted at school that would slow the RP down, and have more fun with the characters interacting and experiencing the life against Shadows and with a Persona. We’re aware that the school was important for other Persona games, but for a text based RP, that makes it a bit more difficult and it would be easier to forget about the school aspect. As well, a 'theme' to remember is that it does involve the progression in their lives from teenagers into adults.

User Image PM me your profiles, please with it written as ‘Persona: Character name here.’ If it’s posted in the RP or OOC, it will be deleted and ignored. PM me first with your ideas before making a profile though! Last thing I want to do is deny a profile someone put all their effort into because they missed something I could have simply told them about from the beginning. Discuss with me, before building a character basically.

User Image If you have any questions on something I did not make clear, or if you have a suggestion about a change to this RP, feel free to ask in the OOC. I am very friendly and quite lenient. I would readily make any change or addition, so long as it is reasonable. I would say you can PM me, but if you have a question, maybe someone else had that on their mind too, so it’s good to say it in the OOC among everyone.

User Image And of course, just have fun and make friends! That’s the point after all. ^_^

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And obey the King Frost!
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[3.0] Plot, Chapters, and Timeline
“So begins your journey. Chaos or peace, law or destruction…it all lies in your hands.”

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This RP is based around Shin Megami Tensei’s Persona series, in particular, the style of 3 and 4 in the ongoing saga. However, rather than being in the same setting, this RP takes place in a story of its own. Beyond Tartarus, and the Midnight channel being just a rumor, those have nothing to do with this RP other than it happening in the past few years. Though they will be referenced from time to time, treating this in a way as a canon to the rest. Personas are still quite the same as they are to the series and remain true to what they are, but the story is another episode in the ongoing tale of the Persona series.

In this story, our protagonists will find themselves on an important day of their lives, moving on in the next step of adulthood at High School graduation. After their time in Tsukuyomi High school, those lucky enough to graduate would be gathering one last time at the High school, ready to move on and leave their childhood behind. Many have moved on this island away from their parents, dorming or living in apartments to focus more on their studies at the highly esteemed school. Around the school, placed on Onigashima island, many strange occurrences have happened, and the town is riddled with rumor and mystery, though most of the students had always found it exciting to explore, some finding their own adventure on this island.

But, it’s become time to leave your childhood behind. To take the next step in life and become a young adult. Some refuse to embrace this so soon, others eager for the chance, but on one fateful day after our young adults have graduated, everything changes for a select few who's lives will never be the same. Soon, after the site of their first shadow, and someone disappearing, these particular students find themselves being the only ones who had seen it. In fact, the one who was consumed by the shadow, no one even seems to remember! But these few people gifted with Persona… they do. They know what they saw, and as a chilling warning, they receive messages on how it will happen again very soon. …But they won’t have to fight it alone, deep in their hearts, they can feel a power rising, preparing them for the war against the Shadows.

People disappearing, others behaving strangely during the full moon. Some call it lunacy, others speculate a conspiracy. But in this vast town where life is cheap, and nearly anything can be bought with money, few seem to really care about these issues. But as time goes on, and the hand of fate is dealt, soon humanity will realize the very brink of its own demise is approaching. Though, they are not powerless to stop what is approaching. Creatures of the abyss have become the stuff of nightmares to humanity, but some have found a new power to fight them. The power of their will, their spirit, their Persona.

Will you join the fight? Does the existence of mankind even stand a chance? There’s only one way to find out. So get ready, and prepare for a journey deep into the void, where there is no turning back, and the world and all of life itself stands on the edge of destruction. Fight for survival. Fight for the truth.


Chapter 1 [The Power Within] Pages 2 - 11
Chapter 2 [Chained Heat] Pages 11 - 26
Chapter 3 [An Explosive Wake Up Call] Pages 26 - 43
Chapter 4 [A Lost Voice] Pages 43 - 66
Chapter 5 [Fortitude And Fortunes] Pages 66 - 98
Chapter 6 [My Own Worst Enemy] Pages 98 - 124
Chapter 7 [A Shaken Calm] Pages 124 - Ongoing

“Never forget the long road you traveled, to guide you on the many roads ahead.”

Color meanings
Red = Shadow appearance / History change. A number is placed next to this, and all effects from history changes will have the corresponding number attached to it that happened from the history change.
Orange = New effect from history change
Blue = The original history to an event, but was changed, and that non-persona users wouldn't know about, or, they would see happening a different way due to the history change.

August 17-18, 2012
-(1)Eugene arrives to Onigashima as a foreign exchanged student.
-(1)Eugene's plain crashed during the flight over to Japan in a thunderstom

October ???, 2012
-The prior Persona group that Chisame Kotone is in has two of their members die off from a traitor in the group. Leaving Chisame, and two other members, who -to this day- are still on the lose.

October 24-25, 2012
-Chisame Kotone is locked in the Shadow World from the two traitors of the Persona group, and left for dead.

October 26, 2012
-Newspapers state that Chisame Kotone has gone missing.

December 15, 2012
-(2)Lilynet becomes pregnant with Lance's child.

December 24, 2012
-(3)Hiromasa and his partner at work, Seito, go out for a drink after work to spend Christmas Eve together. (3)But he dies of a heart attack. History is rewritten to make this death happen, since he became a shadow.

December 30, 2012
-(2) To make up for Lance's death, history rewrote that on this day, his Cafe exploded due to a gas leak. Lilynet was not there, so she survived.

January 1, 2013
-(4)Ameko and her boyfriend go out to a New Years Eve party as are together as the new year arrives. (4) This no longer happened, as on New Years, Ameko's boyfriend dies of leukemia.

January 2, 2013
-(2)Lilynet only days after grieving decided to join the police force, attempting to become a detective.

Feb 28, 2013
-3 Seito's shadow appears.
-Hiromasa's Persona awakens to fight Seito's shadow alone, and he gains his powers to defeat him, thus changing Seito's history to make up for his death.

-Hiromasa visits Velvet Room for the first time.

March 1, 2013
-4 Ameko's boyfriend's shadow appears.
-Ameko's Persona awakens to fight her boyfriend's shadow alone, and she gains her powers to defeat him, thus changing his history to make up for his death.

-Ameko visits Velvet Room for the first time.

March 2, 2013
-Hiromasa visits the shadow world for the first time, and meets Chisame, not far from the 'hub' area. The two very quickly become friends.
-Ameko also visits it for the first time, but entering through the mirror in her bedroom, arriving in the shadow world far enough away where Chisame can't detect her

March 6, 2013 (RP begun)

-A graduation party takes place at (2)Lance's cafe for class 3-B. All of class 3-B is there, as well as their teacher, Ms. Hakunae, (2)Lance, Lilynet, Symphony, and Kazune.
-(2)Instead of the cafe, people from class 3-B state it took place at Kagerou Maid Cafe.
-1 Eugene's shadow appears.
-Personas awaken in the following members: Sypher, Zoey, Kazune, Seotta, Akira, Katsumi, Batsu. They fight Eugene's shadow and defeat him, thus changing Eugene's history to make up for his death.
-Finding that no one else but the seven of them seem to realize what happened, the group trades contact info, and decided to rest and meet tomorrow.

-Sypher, Zoey, Kazune, Seotta, Akira, Katsumi, and Batsu visit the Velvet Room for the first time. At this point, the entire, current group has met Igor and Victoria.

March 7, 2013

-Seotta and Seraphim have a fight.
-The group tries to recover after last night and contact eachother.

-Jace Westworth unveils the Gold-Child project from Sindertech on Zoey's radio show, The Rundown.
-The group Sypher, Zoey, Kazune, Seotta, Akira, Kasumi, and Batsu all meet at Yuan Shi Park and enter the shadow world through the lake. This reveals to them the safe area void of shadows later known as 'The central hub' and where Chisame rests.
-Chisame and Hiromasa meet Lance's shadow in the shadow world.
-The group meets Hiromasa and Chisame. And after a conflict, they end up working together. Hiromasa and Chisame officially become a part of the group.
-After fighting a few shadows, the group leaves for the night, making plans to meet at Lance's tomorrow, the group not on the best of terms with eachother though.
-Symphony spots the group by the Yuan Shi park lake.

March 8, 2013

XXXMorning - Noon

-Sypher, Zoey, and Batsu meet at a cafe to discuss the Persona business. Akira arriving later with his siblings.
-Katsumi meets with Daisuke at the arcade, talking about the upcoming tournament. Symphony meets with Saori in cosplaying fun. And Kazune meets with Joseph, looking for her sister.
-Hiromasa and Seotta meet at the gym, shenanigans ensue.

-The entire group meets at Lance's cafe to discuss what they know about the Persona so far. Lance is acting odd, being aggressive and verbally abusive to Lilynet. They talk a little, before realizing this is not Lance.
-2 Lance's shadow appears.
-They fight Lance's shadow and defeat him, thus changing Lance's history to make up for his death. They save Lilynet in the process.
(2)-Lance's cafe is gone.
-The group departs in sorrow and anger, uncertain of their actions.

-Seraphim sneaks into Akira's house, and they spend some time. He later that night stops her from beating up Batsu.
-Hiromasa goes to visit Chisame in the shadow world.
-Sypher, Seotta, Batsu, Katsumi, and Zoey spend time at a restaurant to try and calm down. It ends disastrously as Zoey shadow within brings her darker ego out and she lashes out on the group, claiming she quits.

-A strange 'ghost ship' is located off the Ling Bao docks, causing an accident from a transport ship.

March 9, 2013

-Zoey discovers through some research what happened to Lance with the history change, and sends the details to Hiromasa.
-Akira meets with Gerald, and though at first unwilling, ends up talking to the ambiguous barber and gets his hair dyed. Then he gets molested by Gerald.
-Seraphim and Seotta have another fight, Batsu nearly involved before he escapes.
-In school at her swim team, Symphony pushes Kagura (Saori's sister) into the waters, even though she can't swim, and she nearly drowns. (Shadow influenced)
-Katsumi joins with Saori, first time meeting in real life, and demolish the competition at the game tournament, winning and also humiliating Daisuke.
-Zoey encounters her shadow that speaks to her through the mirror and computer monitor into her world. After an argument, she convinces Zoey to come join her, and Zoey hesitantly steps in, submitting to it's temptation for chaos and power.
-Batsu spends time with Chisame in the shadow world and become friends. Also they realize Zoey's shadow is on the rise.
-Hiromasa, Sypher, and Kazune hang out at Junes.

-Sypher, Hiromasa, and Kazune enter the Velvet room for guidance.
-Seotta allows Lina to stay at her house, things seeming pretty bad at Lina's place.
-Batsu warns the others about Zoey being in danger.

-Symphony goes to Seotta's house. Seotta left just before this, leaving Symphony and Lina alone. It gets awkward, before they get kicked out by Rin, but end up managing to convince her to stay, and spend the night.
-With Zoey missing, her show is cancelled.
-The group meets at the lakeside in Yuan Shi to go into the shadow world.
-Ameko enters the shadow world from her house/mirror around the same time the group does. Chisame hunts her down, thinking she's the intruder causing all of this mess. Fortunately, Ameko explains herself before Chisame harms her, and they work together.
-The group fights to get to Zoey's shadow and save her, but Akira gets there first, and almost convinced to kill her, nearly doing it.
-The group reaches Zoey just in time and defeat her shadow, saving Zoey. Afterwords, Chisame returns to them, sharing the news about Ameko. They leave the shadow world victorious, and Zoey awakening her new Persona, Oshun. Hiromasa stays with Chisame a little longer in the shadow world to talk.
-Kazune and Sypher get into an argument outside the like, Sypher humorously getting thrown back in by her. Ameko sees this all from afar, spying on them from the forest. Zoey offers to drive a portion of the group home.
-Satoshi and Saori start having relationship issues. Saori also learns that Symphony almost accidently drowned her sister, Kagura, and texts her that they need a serious talk tomorrow.
(2)-Lilynet contacts Batsu for what sounds somewhat like a date.

March 10, 2013

-Kazune, Sypher, and Hiromasa make plans to go to Junes again. Kazune get's a ride from Joseph, and ends up making night plans with him to go out on a date.
-Kazune, Sypher, and Hiromasa then end up shopping for cloths for Chisame
-Batsu and Zoey meet up to sort out things that her shadow said to him, and they end up becoming closer friends in the end. She also explains to Batsu what changes happened to Lilynet from the history-change Lance's death caused.
-Akira's twin siblings end up meeting with Ameko and play with her. Before convincing her to sneak into their own house and awaken Akira.
-Katsumi meets with Victoria in the Velvet room, where she explains to her how Persona and Shadows work in more detail. It is there that she reveals to Katsumi that Persona and Shadows are indeed one in the same. Then, Katsumi brings her to the human world for an hour where it gets rather awkward as Victoria gets a crash course about humans, ...Katsumi style.
-After sleeping over Seotta's, Symphony leaves first to meet with Saori, then Seotta leaves, but Lina stays a little longer. She talks to Rin - Seotta's older sister, and it doesn't go well at all between the two.
-Symphony and Saori meet at Pier 13 in Yuan Shi to discuss what happened between her and Kagura. It starts serious, a friendship nearly breaking, but after the long talk, they end it with a tearful hug, and all is forgiven.
-Seraphim spends some time with her friend Sena, before then tricking Rin, leading her into an alleyway and beating her up.
-Chisame's memories are slowly returning, though fractured, as she starts to remember how she got locked way in the shadow world.

-Rin is discovered, beaten in the alleyway, and someone in the real world uses a Diarama spell to heal her. The group has yet to learn about this. When she regains consciousness, she reports to the police and hospital.
-Sypher and Seotta spend a little time together and meet at the park, where they end up meeting Zoey and Kazune there as well. Eventually, the whole group gets to meet up with Chisame in the shadow world, followed by Ameko, as they get a proper introduction to the newest Persona member of the group. There, Zoey also announces she's throwing a party tonight to thank them for saving her.
-Symphony and Saori spend the afternoon together to try and lighten the mood.

-Zoey stays just a little longer in the shadow world to give Chisame a nintendo DS and talk to her, before going to her show. She then gets Saori's help to throw the party, doing her radio show before going to Satoshi's house to do it, unaware that Satoshi was never told this.
(2)-Batsu meets with Lilynet, catching up with her. She seems to have changed a lot from Lance's death by his shadow and how history effected her. As well, she seems a lot closer to Batsu, like the two are main supports for eachother. Oddly enough, she seems to hint that she doesn't like Batsu hanging around people like Zoey, Sypher, Kazune, and the rest of the group.
-Kazune and Joseph go on a romantic date in the Onigashima mountainside. Things get intimate in the truck and they have sex, ending things on a very good note and starting to consider a real relationship between them.
-Sypher goes to the radio show to meet with Zoey after her show and help her set up. He gets to meet Tammy then as well.
-Katsumi meets with Saori before she helps prepare the party. They go out for pizza and chat, seeming pretty close to one another.
-Hiromasa and Akira hang out for a bit, walking the town, and discussing more about eachother than anything. Eventually they meet up with Ameko

XXXLate Night
-The party begins. Eventually they all get there, have some drinks, pizza, hangout, and even play Kings Game. A few get drunk and don't quite remember the whole thing. But overall, they have a great time! However, Saori's behavior and not warning Satoshi of her invitation causes them to have some serious relationship problems at that moment.

-One way or another, the groups go home, most needing cabs.
-Ameko goes through via the shadow world, and leaves a sleeping Chisame her night-dress.
-A argument later, and revealing to Saori that he's moving; Saori and Satoshi break up, and not on a good note either.

March 11, 2013

-Seraphim meets Sypher on the streets. At first they talk for awhile as they walk and she tries roping him into her gang, but once Sypher says a few wrong things -shadow influenced- she beats him up pretty badly. Sena arrives in time to stop Seraphim from going too far and she runs. Sena helps Sypher out and takes him somewhere nearby to patch up.
-Daisuke meets Ameko at a cafe in Yuan Shi, and the two get along well right from the start, trade contact info, and make plans for tomorrow.
-Batsu goes out searching for a lost puppy he read about in the paper. Later he meets with Katsumi and they get along just fine and try to search together.
-Zoey goes to a cafe to try and wear off her hangover. There she meets Kazune, and their talk doesn't go so well.
-Sypher is taken to the same cafe with Sena's escort, and they ask for a first aid kit. They stay there for a bit until he's a little more recovered, Lina making her stay there awkward as Kazune is there working.
-Akira encounters his shadow as his reflection starts to taunt him, trying to make Akira feel useless to the group, and remind him that he's meant to be alone.

-Lina gets kicked out of the cafe that Kazune works out, by Kazune's own hands even, after the girl makes Sypher and Sena's arrival awkward. Before getting kicked out though, she asks Kazune about the graduation party and states it was at (2)the Kagerou maid cafe, rather than Lance's bar.
-Seraphim finds the lost dog Batsu is looking for, before Batsu and Katsumi find Seraphim herself with the dog. Katsumi chases Seraphim off in her perverted antics, even though Seraphim wasn't actually doing anything wrong.
-Akira goes out, and then meets with Zoey by chance. Both are stress, and she asks him if there's anything they can do. Akira decides on a shooting range despite Zoey's hesitance. They argue there, before Akira storms out.
-Kazune meets Jace during her shift, having seen him once before the two get into an awkward talk as she tries to convince him not to tell anyone about her moonlighting two different jobs.
-After leaving the shooting range, Akira gets beaten down badly in an alleyway by the culprit behind the whole mess with shadows and people dying. He never gets a chance to see who it is, the culprit singing in joy as he beats Akira, then tossing him into the shadow world.
-Ameko and Hiromasa spend a little time together and get to know eachother more.
-Zoey calls up Katsumi and they spend a little time, Katsumi cheering her up.
-Sena accompanies Sypher to bring him home, and goes with him inside, meeting Symphony as well. Symphony is a little jealous at first, but dismisses herself in not feeling well when even she realizes she's acting strange, unaware of her shadow-influence getting the best of her.

-Victoria contacts Kazune in her dreams when she's napping to tell her about Akira's abduction and that he's trapped in the shadow world.
-The group starts to meet in the shadow world to save Akira. Ameko meets Chisame since she takes the entrance through her room. Kazune goes through her own room to get to the shadow world but ends up having to fight a shadow herself. The rest of the group enters through the lake. Seotta never comes.
-Seotta goes searching out rumors about the 'ghost ship' at the Ling Bao pier, and encounters the culprit behind the killings. After a battle there, the killer able to summon a Persona in the real world, Seotta is beaten, and then drowned in the waters of Ling Bao.
-Symphony in her depressed state ends up texting Saori to come over. Saori, being rather upset and deeply reflecting on her now broken relationship with Satoshi, ends up going over. There, Symphony reveals to her a letter that she thinks is about being expelled from school, and Saori sticks up for her, trying to help. They arrange a meeting the next morning at the school to discuss the letter.
-The group fights Akira's shadow after taking on it's six minions, each representing a state in his troubled life. Entering the main room where the shadow is, Chisame is blocked out from getting into the fight from an unknown, shadow energy. Working together, they save Akira, and his new Persona awakens, Horus.
-Sypher and Zoey stay in the shadow world a little longer with Chisame, before leaving later and making plans for the next morning.
-After the fight and the group disbands, Kazune gets into an arguement with Joseph over the phone, while Ameko arranges a date with Daisuke. Kazune then afterwards talks with Jace through texts, the two bonding surprisingly well.
-Akira, Sypher, Batsu, Hiromasa, and Katsumi all get a ride back home from Zoey. Katsumi stirs up trouble and Hiro helps Akira with his wounds.
-Akira returns home to seeing Seraphim there, the albino having taken care of his siblings while he was out. She tends to his injuries and stays for the night.
-Katsumi gets a bunch of emails from her clan-mates, the girl planning something with their pictures for tomorrow.

March 12, 2013

-Ameko goes to the Velvet Room and meets Victoria to learn more about Personas, Shadows, and everything else that's going on.
-Katsumi goes to Sindertech, and Kazune goes to work. Both getting a cab ride from Joseph. At first, before Katsumi arrives in her business attire to go to the job fair, Kazune and Joseph patch things up from last night, only then for Katsumi to make the atmosphere awkward, yet befriends Joseph.
-Hiromasa goes to his job, and gets fired, blamed for the disappearance of Seotta since the prior day he said he would 'take care of it' in making sure she didn't cause a problem at the gym. His drunken boss assumes the worst and Hiromasa loses his job.
-Batsu goes to get a puppy with his mother~
-Zoey and Sypher take a ride together up to the mountains to find Seotta.
-Symphony and Saori consult the principal to talk about Symphony's status with the school. They find out it's not about her getting expelled because of the incident with Kagura, but instead her scholarship. Saori promises to help, but has doubts afterwords.
-Akira goes to the job fair at Sindertech and meets Katsumi there by chance. Katsumi's interview starts with Mortimer, and Akira's is with Celeste's.
(NOTE: At this time, Ameko left the RP and she deleted her posts. =x So she's been 'written out' like she was never in the RP)
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[4.0] Setting
“Just like a person, the world slowly evolves and changes too.”
User Image

Current Date And Weather

Friday: March 13, 2013

Time of Day:

[Sunny][Light Clouds][Cloudy][Rainy][Stormy][Snowy][Windy][Dry][Damp][???]


Your adventure takes place as of current time in March 2013, in the large city known as Onigashima. Population 190,000, first settled in 1731 by the Chinese, but the land was used in a trade between Japan and China in the early 1800s, the land to this day still having it's provinces keep the Chinese names as part of the agreement. The massive island is said to be just under 300 square miles (roughly as big as New York City) And is connected to Japan’s Yokohama county by the mile and a half long Ataraxia bridge built back in 1971. Though it is the only way on and off the busy, cable-suspension bridge, the island itself is built with enough businesses and is large enough to sustain itself and the people on it almost like a small country.

The edges of the island is surrounded by a shoreline and beautiful sands, while the island contains numerous businesses, trades, stores, housings, and docks, there is constantly something to do in the big city. The city itself though is divided into three districts. First, there is Yuan Shi, the casual suburbs, Yuan Shi is known to have the perfect setting housing, education, shopping, and everything in between. Then, there is Ling Bao Harbor. A lesser, more rundown part of Onigashima, it’s surrounds the island, and is known for its harbors and docks, and sometimes shady dealings at night. But during the day, anyone could tell you that the beaches and ferry rides are just breathtaking. Then finally, there is the Tai Shing district. The most wealthy part of Onigashima, Tai Shing is home to several corporations, and is scattered with skyscrapers and businesses and rich settings.

With its mass transit subway system, it’s easier to get around the vast city, transportation up to anybodies leisure. Voted as the sixth best city in Japan, Onigashima seems more like its own urban culture on this massive island, rather than just a city. And with its warm climate, the numerous beaches, the deep, urban society, the upscale cities, and peaceful towns, it’s easy to see why Onigashima is such a popular place in Japan, and highly recommended as a tourist attraction and also a place for many foreigners to live at.

Our story takes place here in Onigashima, as our characters find themselves ready to take their next step in life as High school has come to an end. Having graduated from class 3-B, some students have grown close bonds, others have made bitter enemies. Some planning for college soon, others already setting their eyes on their careers, the students have no idea what real fate is lurking for them on this grand day. Becoming an adult and growing up, learning your real purpose, and finding what you truly want in life as you find yourself taking the next big step. They say a person has a right to choose their path in life. But, what would you do if your world was turned upside down, and the life you thought you knew had changed forever…?
_____Enter the world of Shadows…
__________Bring life to your Persona…
________________Fight for what you believe in…
______________________Discover your true self…

The Canon of anime and other series

It should be mentioned that a few other anime/game series are also semi-canon in this RP.
-Persona 3, 4, and Arena are fully canon. Kirijo corp, Tartarus, Elizabeth, Igor, Margeret, Minato Arisato, Yu Narukami, all and more have existed and occurred!
-The series Oreimo is partially canon in this RP, including some of the characters but a few years later after that series.
-The game Katawa Shoujo has included a few characters in the RP and is somewhat canon.
-Attack on Titan, though not canon, is seen as having the same hype and more as it does in the real world. It's the most talked about anime right now.
-Despite the year in 2013, games and animes we have going on now even are still coming out. That lets us keep the current anime and game hype up for us and include it in the RP. x3 (for instance, pokemon X/Y came out Oct 2013, that's out now in the RP though)
-Others may be added as the series goes on, and we encourage sensible crossovers in the RP~
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[5.0] Locations, places of importance.
“Welcome to Paradise. Where all your dreams can come true. …And your nightmares.”

User Image

~Divided into three main districts, there is no end to what can be found in the island town of Onigashima~

Google maps view of Onigashima (thanks to Misc!) with and without districts labeled.
(Same deal as the height charts for full size)

Yuan Shi
The suburbs of Onigashima, where most of the islands families live. With a little bit of everything, and a very calm environment.

Tsukuyomi High School- Established twenty-three years ago, the High School is open to students Monday to Saturday where it all begins. The school has been known for having high academics, and voted as one of the top ten education facilities in Japan. Also known for its vast size, large array of unique clubs, and quality of their faculty who work well even one on one with students, it’s easy to see why people find it so promising.
School dorms, apartments, and housing- Located throughout Yuan Shi, numerous student dorms and housing facilities are scattered around the schools. Most students by the time of High School tend to stay here, away from their parents and on their own in one of these dorms. It’s not uncommon for students to live near the campus with others, often sharing a house with several bedrooms.
Kame-Kazumi Shrine- It’s a small shrine where people come to offer prayers, donate, and say their grace. Some say they can hear the dead in this area, some at peace, others in pain.
Martial arts Dojo- Several masters here teach different styles to their own preference, allowing people to come here during certain days in regards to their desired study. Monday and Thursday is Aikido, Tuesday and Friday is Karate, Wednesday and Sunday is Judo, and Saturdays is Tai-kwon-do.
Onigashima mall- The mall located near the center of Onigashima island, it’s two stories, shaped like a giant plus sign, as it contains two massive strips of stores. Known for having indoor trees and plans, a constant temperature at 72 degrees, its massive wishing fountain, and the gentle environment, some people even come here just to relax aside from shopping. Located inside there is a: CD Store, Gamer store, Coffee shop, food courts, Body Piercings, Clothing stores, Department stores. Body shop/vitamins, Photography shop, Cell phone services, Shoe stores, costume shop, Toy Store. Gift Shop, ect.
Karaoke bar/Coffee shop- Shiroi Tsuki Café as it is called holds nightly karaoke here, and sometimes up and coming musicians play here. It’s become a popular hang out for teens after school, the owner ‘Lance Starla’ being known to get along incredibly well with the kids despite his older age, clearly focusing the environment to be comfortable for the growing teens.
Ataraxia Bridge- This large cable suspension bridge spans out over a mile and a half long, with four lanes for traffic, to lanes leaving, the other to entering. There is a 150 yen toll for passing through by vehicle. But people walking or on bicycles can go over free. Cyclers have their own paths on the sides of the bridge, large enough that people often take it for a route on a sunny day to look over the waters.
Main subway station- Onigashimas subway system. It runs through all three districts with several stops between each, but the main station where people attain monthly passes is located here.
Kagerou Maid Cafe- Though it is called a maid cafe, there are male waiters who play butlers as well. There is one mandatory cosplay day a month, in which employees are dressed in playboy bunny outfits, yukatas, and seifuku among others. The owner is a strange but apparently very shrewd man with an affinity for capes and labeling everyone in sight an S or M. He refuses to answer to anything but Kagerou-sama.
Night Club- Also known as ‘The Insomnia Junction’, its open from 6pm to 4am, famed for ‘DJ Scratchman’ and his beats, the unforgettable parties, and occasionally rumored shady business that goes on here.
Hair Salon- ‘The Greatful Head’; owned by a very strange barber who, despite his/her professional skills as a barber, people have yet to even discern his/her gender. Either way, people don’t bother to ask, as the barber’s skills speak for themselves.
Junes- ‘Everyday’s a great day at your Junes~’ Onigashima’s largest grocery store is here in Yuan Shi. Always busy, and dwarfing the size to any other food market on the island, there is virtually nothing you can not find here in this store in terms of consumables. Though, some people think it’s a bit of a monopoly to the town, and putting smaller food markets out of business, so some boycott this place and go with smaller shops.
Onigashima Movie Theater- Rather than being a part of a chain of theaters, the island town has it’s own outside of the corporate companies. Its large complex holds 12 different showing theaters, and although they have the latest movies, certain nights they have specials, such as a day for classics, holiday themed movies, or even movies by popular demand.
Restaurants- ‘Yakinuki’ A popular family restaurant that has a modern and upbeat theme to it.
‘Kaiseki Ryori and Ryotei’ may be called "Japanese haute cuisine". It is a refined cooking style related to the tea ceremony, which emphasizes concepts such as simplicity and elegance. It can be enjoyed at special exclusive Japanese restaurants for business banquets and similar events.
‘Koba Tofu Grill’ While Koba Tofu Grill has a casual ambiance, solicitous care and the finest cuisine are guaranteed. It is truly a rare find.
Gun shop- Known as the ‘Ronin Calibur’, the older gentleman who owns this shop sells mostly antiques, but has had a fancy for older firearms. Since firearms are illegal in Japan unless special licensed, he tends to sell replicas, or self defense tools such as tazers, nightsticks, pepper sprays, and so forth. However, rumor has had it from time to time that the old man has done a few dealings of real firearms to people without licenses or ex-cops.
Sword shop- Known as ‘Sharp Side of the Moon,’ many find the place to be unwelcoming and intimidating. Not because it sells swords and close combat weaponry, but because the owner is brash and unwelcoming despite it being his business, and many speculate its involvement with the Yakuza.
Onigashima park- During the day, this park is always bustling with a crowd. Built as a city square nearly 12 acres large, people often come here with their loved ones, for a ride on their bicycle, a walk, to play music, or just for fresh air. It’s not uncommon to see a few wild animals running about, or hear the sounds of musicians. During the day, it’s a gentle little paradise. But at night, people fear coming here. Once the sun falls, people claim the sites of spirits on the loose, including the infamous ghost that appears at 11:34 pm every night. Few people come as well mostly in fear of stalkers or criminals, since despite the low crime rate in Onigashima, nearly half the incidents on the island happen here at night.
100 yen Store- “How much does this cost? 100 yen? Really! Then how much is- Oh, also 100? Then how much-” Even in Japan… it always happens.
Hobby Store- A game and hobby shop known as Kakkoi Yuugi, people come here to buy such things as models, gaming and art supplies, school supplies, and tabletop gaming gear. The shop has two floors and a basement dedicating to the two specialties and an open playing room. On the first floor is all of its artistic supplies. People coming for just about anything they need for such things as models, clay, paints, pencils, paper, ect. On the second floor though is where all the gamers come, as they have anything from Dungeons and dragons, to Warhammer, darts, chess, and any fun, social gaming. Then finally, in the surprisingly comfortable basement, tournaments and games are held for these games almost daily, a different style of game every day.
Fast Food Restaurants- With quite a few of these scattered around, it’s difficult to name them all, but fortunately, they haven’t outrun the real restaurants for business. However, there is one small, local ramen shop known as Warai-Warai Ramen, which has been known for its amazing quality for the price and quick service, becoming a popular place for students to stop at after school or people who finish work.
Arcade- Iconically named Hadouken Haven, the massive arcade is actually sponsored by a small group of game designers, both for tournaments, and simply for business. The arcade rotates the machines to keep in the newest arcade machines at all times. However, they make sure to keep the older ones that were most popular. Gaming tournaments are held Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Sake bar- A popular bar known as Botan Dōrō, the place has a share of many kinds of sakes, and does good business in Onigashima, even if there is a few strange share of rumors about it.

Ling Bao Harbor
Onigashima, docks, ports, and beaches, a few dealerships and stores are here, but it’s mostly known for its tourist attractions for the beautiful waters and clean beaches.

Docks- To the south and east edges of the island, there is a vast number of docks built along the shores for ships of all sizes. There is always docks available.
Car Dealership- In Onigashima, the car dealership here is quite a unique one for how they sell and do their business. The dealership has a contract not with just one brand of cars, instead, numerous different companies allow them to sell their cars at regular price, making it a one-stop-shop sort of deal for automobiles. As of recently, they’ve even included several lines of motorcycles to their stock too.
Car shop/accessories- Located conveniently close by to the car dealership is the local car shop. From expensive repairs to simple oil changes, they can do just about any maintenance you need for your vehicle. As well, they sell a variety of parts from engine to body, but are known for being quite expensive.
Junkyard- It all has to go somewhere. Close to the southern most docks is a landfill, separated between trash, recyclables, and metals, even a scrap yard of cars. Most of it is picked up by cargo boat to bring it over the small stretch of ocean to Japan, but there’s always something here.
Pool Hall- ‘Room with a Cue’ as it is called is actually one of the oldest still intact buildings in Onigashima. So much in fact that it goes against several building code violations. However, no one seems to care since it has become such a popular place by the docks, second to that of the infamous bar.
Shooting Range- Authorities and officials only are allowed here quite obviously. Police officers in training are here often, not just for learning firearms, but also running the physical obstacle courses here. However, they do allow paid training for certain privileged individuals at times.
Gym- Onigashima fit club was once known for its excellence in quality, always keeping up to date on the newest equipment, even having sparring rooms, and with many effective and friendly instructors. But over the years, the gyms renown has really been tarnished, and is worse for wear after they changed ownership.
Bar Named 'Used-to-bes,' it's known for the great food, friendly service, and infamous for there milkshakes and special wines. The title came when this bar had ended up being sold and bought over and over, the title and ownership to the bar changing a total of seven times in just nine years. Fortunately now it has become a stable and strong business, especially bringing in the sailors around the docks after a hard day’s work.
Apartment complexes- Though there are many apartments and housing in the Ling Bao district, most are quite rundown, the prices being cheap for a reason.
Local restaurants- Kappo-Kappa
A popular restaurant off the bay known for their incredible sushi and seafood, local and outside of the normal chain restaurants, people come here for the unique tastes and recipes. Oddly enough, despite how many people wish to give the chef credit for the amazing food, no one ever really sees him, leading some to speculate just who, or even how the food is made.
Orphanage- Almost home Orphanage fortunately doesn’t have a whole lot of children needed to be taken care of, meaning that the amount of orphans on the island are few. Even better, their renown for taking care of the children and bringing them up is of the best standards, giving the poor young ones a good start to their life and helping them by being the family they need.
Catholic Church- Though few come here, the church is always welcome, even to those who haven’t found faith. Unlike some churches of Japan, there are few to almost no bad rumors about this church, and the small building holds good standards and those who reside here are known to be very friendly. …However, there has been strange, unexplainable phenomena happening here occasionally, the worshippers believing it to be an act of God.
Beaches- Onigashima’s beaches are renowned for being cleaner than most of Japan’s beaches, and has become a popular staple to the tourism on the island. During the day, there are often lifeguards scattered about on duty.
Souvenir shops- Not surprising, since Onigashima has a good share of tourists, especially along the beach, there is a wide variety of souvenir shops, mostly selling things that locals wouldn’t care for. …Though if you do need a cheap t-shirt, why not get an I <3 Onigashimi one?
Boat/Ferry rides- Though the most popular way to Onigashima is to simply take the Ataraxia bridge to get across, there are some who prefer the sea, and there are many boats that go from the docks to other places in Japan. As well, tourists love taking a tour around the island, and there are even boats that go out to bring people for fishing in the crystal clear, blue waters.

Tai Shing
The most wealthy town in Pang Yin, Tai Shing is home to the several corporations, is scattered with massive, skyscraping buildings, and houses several famous people from all of Japan.

Sindertech Corperation- Deep in the heart of the Tai Shing district lies one of Sindertech's most proud establishments; their research facility. Though Sindertech is known worldwide -their company name as popular as Coca-Cola- and possessing 12 research facilities around the world, here on Onigashima lies one of their largest one.
The reason being that it is their main facility is because this was also where Sindertech was first established. The building much smaller as it was first purchased in 1939 by Jared Sinder and Lester Ashenval, it officially grew and Sindertech's name truly started n 1959. From their, they expanded by buying rights and forging pacts with numerous other companies, known to be possess the most widespread of partnerships in the world, including with the Korijo group.
As years passed, Sindertech had expanded to what is has today, now owned by Jared's grandson, Vangelis Sinder at the year 2000 came. Sindertech's main headquarters isn't far either in Japan, but here on Onigashima lies Sindertech's pride and joy of all their research Currently, Sindertech has been known for their medicinal research, often searching for cures to deadly diseases like AIDs and several cancers. Their lead researchers are Mortimer Vitision, Celeste Yari, Jace Westworth, and Gianna Garnet, all brought in from around the world from the most highly esteemed educational backgrounds.
Biolife industries- Also in Tai Shing lies Biolife industries, a specialized production facility for medical equipment and research. A well known company, who has recently shifted their goals to stem-cell research, many have rejected it over the controversial study. However, due to their lines of production, creating medicines and products for doctors, people have learned to widely accept it, despite their controversial practices.
Established back in 1974 by Kaede Yokina, the company originally started small as a biological studies center for human research. But overtime, it grew into the highly esteemed company it is now, Kaede being nearly in her 70s now still running the company, with no signs of a successor. Almost daily, shipping trucks and boats arrive to this company which is built right along the coast, delivering and shipping in and out supplies to be distributed around the world to hospitals everywhere. Though some people still protest against the company, it has severely dwindled down, almost as if out of pity when recently there was an assassination attempt on Ms. Yokina.
In an effort to try and find someone to run the company when she passes away, Kaede adopted two girls. One named Kagura, another who's name was never mentioned. Saori
Mount Tonigawa- Just over the western horizon of Tai Shing lies a Mount Tonigawa. Though certainly not an impressive one compared to most other mountains, it still gives a nice change of scenery to the busy life of the people in Onigashima. Especially for those in Tai Shing who can watch the beautiful sunset over the mountains. Rumor has it of a creature living here, but most dismiss it as folklore and silly myths, much like the Kappa.
Onigashima medical center- With two medical research facilities on the island, it’s easy to see why this hospital is one of the best in Japan. People from all over Japan come here for serious cases. The building itself is 14 stories tall, and has some of the finest medical minds in Japan.
Onigashima Library- This large, two story library has texts of all kinds to your need. From in depth history or research for a school project, to even just looking for a manga or books on CD. The computers and research terminals are well maintained, and the staff is incredibly well trained, most knowing the entire library like it’s their second home.
Computer store- ‘Data Downpour’ as it has been dubbed once it changed new ownership, they hold many special parts, and rumor has it that the tech owner actually lives here. As well, some speculate illegal upgrades are possible to attain if you pay the owner a special fee.
Nikko Hitachi Hotel- It’s no secret, this place has become known as a bit of a romance hotel for couples wanting special nights alone. In fact, it’s actually shunned to see people under the age of 18 treading inside.
Taxi company- Owned by a Joseph Palmer, the American had a strange story how he brought the company up. Having only come to Japan as a visit, he lost all his funds in a bet, and had to make a living. Instead, he decided to just stay in Japan, and know owns the taxi services of Onigashima transportation, a reliable and friendly service that’s never late and is priced at a fair bargain. He’s a local face that just about everybody knows.
Police Station- Not only does the Onigashima police force settle here, but also SAT - Special Assault Team. They are the equivalent of a Japanese version to America’s SWAT team. Fortunately, there has been little need for it, and crime in Onigashima is practically at an all time low this year, so lately, the police have become more relaxed, almost… lazy.
101.5 Onigashima's radio station Where station 101.5FM is hosted. The building is actually not very big, but the massive tower jutting out from the top is pretty distinguishable. Home to Zoey Holender's radio show 'The Rundown' as well as music request hours, local news, traffic, the 'Oni-guys' who have a late night show with two humorous locals talking about their own spin on the news, and other programs. Security lately has been bumped up due to stalkers of some hosts.
Onigashima University of Education- The college here in Onigashima focuses mostly on teaching young high school graduates the pursuit of education and becoming a teacher or business owner. With a high quality staff and unique approach to their system, the university is voted one of the top in Japan for those who want to become a teacher.
Kissaten coffee shop- Though more of a franchise with higher priced coffee, they do good business in Tai Shing. Most people prefer local shops, but the wealthier people of Onigashima still seem to come here more often. …Even if it does taste exactly the same as any other place and they’re spending an extra 180 yen.
Naginata Amusement Park- One of the largest tourist attractions in Onigashima, and also one of the towns biggest sources of income, the amusement park. With a safe record and a vast amount of rides, as well as one of the worlds fastest Roller coasters; The Raijin, it’s easy to see what makes this park so popular. However recently, when they’ve mentioned the plans of building their next coaster around Mount Tonigawa, criticism about it has come up, as well as a petition against it.
Typhoon Water Park- Another popular tourist attraction, and conveniently located near the amusement park lies the water park. Known especially for their tubing slides and the Kamikaze 110 foot water slide drop, this place is incredibly popular during the summer.
Baseball stadium- As America’s pastime becomes a favorite of Japan as well, it’s no surprise that the massive island has a stadium of its own. Able to seat 55,000 spectators, and even with a massive retractable roof for rainy days, it’s become a bit of an icon to the island. Onigashima even has their own baseball team, the Yama-bito breakers, which has been a pretty successful team especially this year!
Convention Hall- Simply enough, for conventions, meetings, and so on, there is this large center for anyone willing to make reservations. On the second week of May, they hold an anime convention here yearly as well; Onime Con.
Onigashima central prison- Fortunately, there hasn’t been a large amount of people sent here due to the lower crime rates in Onigashima. But on the contraire, people don’t seem to last long here, the prisoners seeming to grow quite violent and berserk inside the walls of this rather average looking prison. Some speculate there is some sort of curse here.
Nobodies Child Correctional Facility- The juvenile correction facility. Much like the central prison, Onigashima can happily say they have few people who are sent here, and have been known to have a positive reform on over 90 percent of the children who come here.
Yoshita Arts and Science museum- Open all week to the public and currently expanding, the museum has become well known not only for the interesting spectacle of art, but the interactive and entertaining science exhibits.
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[6.0] Locals, Legends, and superstitions.
“Hey… have you heard the news? Listen up, …it may be the last thing you ever hear.”

User Image

With the large and expansive island having such a vast community, it’s become a culture in itself on Onigashima. And with that, there is a big history, and quite a few rumors that lurk about. Some romantic, some horrifying, a few even silly, the island holds many secrets…

Blue Butterflies: It is said that if a blue butterfly is to land on your shoulder, it is a mark of one of two things. In your near future, you will find either great triumph, or inevitable death…

The Velvet Room: Normally, every case of insanity is different. But for some reason, 8 people in Tai Shings Nobodies Child Correctional Facility have reported cases of seeing a strange room after entering a door, and meeting a strange man inside this strange room, telling them; ‘Welcome to the Velvet room.’ From there, each experience is different, but the stories are remarkably similar.
DISCOVERED: Now with Personas, the group knows the truth that there is in fact a Velvet Room, and it links to their Personas, and two hosts known as Victoria and Igor.

The Pearl Waterfall: In the Ling Bao Harbor, there is a small waterfall where people believe that if you confess your love on the bridge in front of the waterfall under a full moon, your love will last for an eternity.

Ghost Ship: For the last few days, sailors and dock workers have claimed a lone, small ghost ship has appeared on the outskirts of the shore, ridden by a single, rowing man who looks like a skeleton. Technology and devices seem to short out when he appears.

The Spirit of Cyberspace: Occasionally, people of Onigashima have noticed something strange through their computers. Though rare, every now and then a person would receive a strange email with a cryptic, unreadable message. Then opening it, it comes as a video chat, and there is briefly a flash of a figure shadowed black, but looks exactly like their own silhouette, but the eyes giving a haunting, bright golden glow. The frightening part though… the sender is themselves! This started happening 6 months ago, the day Chisame Kotone went missing.

Violet luck: Some say it’s just because the schools colors are purple and white, but it is said that in Onigashima, the color purple brings good luck~

User Image11:34: It is said, that at this time, the ghost of a lost, young woman can be seen in Onigashima park.

Mount Tonigawa: Though it is only a small mountain at the northern part of the island, it is rumored that a Tengu demon lurks there. However, not a dangerous one, as it has been rumored to be stupid, and allows travelers to pass if they give the demon 50 yen or sing him a song.
This is a classic, and old lore back over a hundred years ago, but some people are still silly enough to actually bring some extra yen just in case.

The murder tape: There was a tape left over from a murder back in 1989 in Tai Shing. After investigating where the murder had taken place, the only clue was a simple audio tape. The officer who played the tape revealed it to be a typical mix tape made by the victim’s lover. However, between one of the songs, a strange sound was heard. The officer found this sound by playing it again revealed that the sound changed each time it is played.
Playing the sound backwards revealed it to be a chilling voice, saying. "Four…”
Playing it again, he heard. “Three…”
Again: “Two…”
The officer was found brutally murdered that next morning, and the tape has been lost ever since. Rumor has it though, that someone has their hands on this tape...

Behind the back: Though it’s a rumor spread far and thin in Japan, it’s more focused, and quite an inside joke in Onigashima. As it is said that if you randomly sneeze, it means someone you know is talking about you behind your back.

Dock 13: A little boy once drowned here in 2002. On cold nights, when someone comes here all alone, many claim that they could still hear the little boy crying for help, and some even witness little bubbles of air rising from the waters.
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User ImageUser Image
[7.0] The Personas and Shadows

“Thou art I... And I am thou...”

[What is a Persona?]

A Persona is a manifestation of a person's personality, referred to as a "mask" for an individual to use to face hardship. A Persona is similar to a Shadow. Shadows are malevolent manifestations from the darkness, their source unknown, while a Persona is a manifestation of the same feelings but tamed and trained. Only a select few people have been able to summon these, in fact, as far as the protagonists know, they are the only ones. But, by possessing one, it also increases a person’s ability just as a human being. Stronger will, reflexes, and being able to push their body further, the connection between a person’s soul and their persona; essentially their extension of themselves, makes them a stronger individual.

Everyone has a the true identity of a who they really are as a human being, but not everyone can summon them. Opposing Shadows, the Persona is a manifestation of the same feelings of malevolent thoughts, however tamed and trained. Much like how one learns to control their innermost desires, whether negative or positive, one can control their Persona. They are categorized into different types of Arcana and often appear completely different, many times, beastly, when compared to their human counterparts. It is not completely uncommon to have the prettiest girl in school manifest the ugliest Persona - mainly because such people have very negative tendencies due to their environment. Incidentally, the kindest, but the ugliest boy in school might have an angelic Persona, because of his inner feelings.

[Persona Arcana]

The major cards in a tarot deck. Persona and Shadows are given an Arcana in relation to what they are. The Major Arcana, which are the only ones used, can be found in two places:
The Arcana is best explained as being a category of your Persona. A tarot card within the deck that best describes you.

[How to attain one]

Unlike in the other Persona series, where only the Wild Card user sees The Velvet room, instead, all those who see it can in fact be Persona users. One can not just find the Velvet room, no, it chooses you, just as your Persona. Basically, by being brought into the Velvet Room, one has the right to use a Persona, as they are “Awakened” to meet their new destiny.

[Velvet room (current seating)]

User Image

[How to summon one]

To summon ones Persona, it is actually not as difficult as it seems. One needs to just draw the power and will within themselves, and desire to express it into physical form. However, the Persona needs a medium, something to draw out the users strongest wills and emotions. In Persona 3, it was the gun-like evoker. In Persona 4, it came from a card. In this RP, the user needs an item that holds a great importance to them. Essentially, it can be anything, so long as it can be wielded in the palm of your hand, and it holds a special meaning to that person. Perhaps a necklace from a friend, a special gift, a lucky coin, an important book; the item is connected to the person in a special way, and with the emotions and will of the person, the Persona can be summoned and fight for them.

Personas can of course only be summoned in the Shadow world, and Persona abilities as well are limited to only there.

[What a Persona can do]

Destruction or creation, a Persona possesses the power to attack, fight, and defend it’s user with a variety of techniques. From launching a vicious physical strike, to launching fireballs and thunderbolts, or even making the user faster or restoring their wounds. It takes stamina though to summon a Persona, but the stronger the Persona grows with the user, the more times a Persona can be summoned in one day. In other words, your Persona is the one casting spells and unleashing techniques at your command, but as they do that, the user can also fight with their own weapons too.

[Persona Weapon]

In prior Persona games, the characters all brought along weapons with them to fight the Shadows. Here though, things are different. From the users will and personality, a Persona will appear, but also, so will a weapon. The weapon can be anything that the user feels is most proper to them, almost like it is a reflection of self in their personality. Once this weapon is chosen, that is what you have though. It is used to fight the shadows and only manifests when you are in the Shadow World. For instance, maybe your character is a real brute and has a blunt personality, maybe he has a large, blunt mace? Or maybe your sly, precise, and cold. Maybe you’ll have a gun that shoots bullets of ice. Be creative, this will be in your profile pending my approval.

[Persona Evolution]

Though not explained yet by Igor and Victoria, one has happened, and so far the group knows the following-
-A persona evolves into a stronger form after that person defeats their shadow. Their Persona also has a demi-human form that can be seen at times, looking similar to their demi-shadow form.
-They also gain a single, unique, Persona ability. It's powerful and beyond the normal element and spells that are listed, truly meant for that individual and no one else. It can be a powerful buff, attack, or anything in the realm of that persons mind. It can only be done once in the shadow world though in each visit, and it's very draining for the individual, often leaving them open for attack afterwords.


“They are not alive. They do not eat. They do not sleep. They have no soul.
All that mankind has ever feared… that is what they are.”

So far, the group has fought a few shadows, watching their fellow students and friends change into one in the middle of the real world. However, when the shadows occur in the real world, time seemed to stand still as the world froze, and the creature fought with the intent do destroy. It's like a rift in time, the world ceasing to turn, an the shadow free to bring it's chaos until the Persona users can stop it. Non Persona users turning into statues, the world going gray and monochrome, and nothing but the Persona users and the violent shadow set to fight.

It seems that by killing it though in the real world, the human that the shadow belonged to also no longer is alive either, in fact, history seems to rewrite itself so that person died in a normal manner days or even months back. Shadows seems to be connected to a certain person, like a mirror image of them. Traits show yellow eyes and dark shadowy faces days before the shadow arrises, so it's possible to stop someone's shadow in from rising, but killing it in the shadow world, all before it rises to enough power and manifests in the real world.

In other words, the group seems to have figured it out like this-
A strong shadow connected to a certain person starts to grow in power in the shadow world. Defeating it there stops the shadow and the person is saved. However, if left untouched long enough, it manifests itself in the real world, killing the person it belongs to, 'occupying' their existence with it's own, and time rewrites itself to make their death occur in a natural way in the past.

“The dark abyss. It’s as cold as a dead heart… yet this place is still very much alive. And what lurks inside… only nightmares.”

So far, the group has learned that they are all connected to this other world, and can go there by entering their reflection. The reflection can be through a mirror, a large, reflective piece of metal, or a body of water. The members have realized that if they look at their reflection, whether mirror or by water, and have seen a docile, yellow-eyed version of themselves looking back at them in the reflection. As well, there is a faint, intangable line that glows to their color, connecting them to their shadow in the reflection. This line or 'thread' as some have called it is what connects a person between both worlds, and seen at all times. No one yet knows how a thread can be severed, but those who have become a shadow had this happen first.

In the Shadow world itself, there are two types of Shadows. Weaker ones that are created from negative emotions that amassed together. Or stronger ones that are reflected off another person, their other, darker self. Everyone has one, but at a certain point, they seem to become sentient and aware, and cause trouble, even gaining a small realm in the Shadow World to their liking and also reflecting a part of themselves. The cause of why these powerful ones exist is still not quite sure, but the group is learning that someone is causing it, or 'pushing' these shadows more rapidly into existance.

Demi-shadows are discovered as well. They are the form a powerful shadow takes that is resemble to the human, but with key differences. A demonic arm, a different size or stature, the obvious, yellow eyes, weapons attached to them, different attire, and so on. They exist only in the shadow world, and once fought, they will transform into their true, malevolent shadow form once brought to a breaking point. Once defeated, they take on a more human form that's not as disturbing looking and now friendly, becoming their evolved Persona.

Just like with the Shadows, this topic will also be filled in as the story goes on.

Shadow World updates so far

* Entering the lake through the park in Yuan Shi puts them in what is called 'The Haven.' Shadows do not come here. The Haven is a large expanse about the size of a football field with a series of pipes going in many different directions. the ground has a very small layer of mercury like waters, as does the ceiling high above, like it's the lake surface.
* The shadow world is a monochrome world navigates through a series of pipes, the outside area is a dark, decayed image of Onigashima, but scrambled in a way that navigation doesn't reflect the same direction and locations as the actual town. In a sense, one could say it's a twisted reflection of Onigashima down in the shadow world.
* You can enter through bodies of calm water, mirrors, or large, metal reflective surfaces. Where it goes though is uncertain, but it does seem each entrance stays consistent on where it brings you.
* Electronics work, but no signals or wifi. Batteries of course will run out, and with no outlets, power needs to be used sparingly!
* The shadow world seems to change whenever someone's shadow is awakening here, even the Haven. So far, the Haven has proven to still be safe though despite changes.
* Chisame Kotone is stuck in the shadow world and lives in the 'Haven' area. She has her own little corner, sleeping in a large pipe (kind of like this). As of now, she has a few books Hiromasa lent her and a pillow from him. A Nintendo DS an a few games Zoey lent her. A spare outfit, complete with jacket, jeans, underwear, hat, and shirt from Hiro, Sypher, and Kazune. And her old bookbag with a long since dead cell phone, old house keys, and a notebook she has an old map in the works of the shadow world drawn in. The group has been kind enough to give her these things and probably more, making her stay easier. And perhaps even delaying the shadow within her from taking over...?
* If you enter the shadow world with wounds, those wounds are healed, but the pain may linger a little. Once you leave though, your prior wounds from the normal world you had before entering will only subside a little, returning, but roughly healing between a quarter to half of the original wound. This can only be done once to the same wounds.
* Wounds attained in the shadow world itself though will be healed completely once left. However, mental and physical exhaustion lingers.

[ -Shadows fought so far- ]
“Never forget the enemies of your past, because they may rise again in a new, more hellish incarnate along your future”

[Wandering shadows]

Killing Hand
Venus Eagle
Cowardly Maya
Zoey's Shadow Minions
Sick Tower
Akira's Shadow minions: 1 (Brown) 2 (Black) 3 (Blond) 4 (Red) 5 (Blue) 6 (Green)

[Demi Shadows]

Zoey's Demi Shadow 1, 2
Akira's Demi Shadow

[True Shadows]

Shadow Eugene
Shadow Lance
Shadow Zoey
Shadow Akira
Sindertech Scientist's Shadow
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[8.0] Rules for Weaponry, Spells, Stats, & Social Links
“Only a blind fool with a death wish would go unprepared.”

User Image

In a world full of confusion and mayhem, one should never be alone, or unarmed. Eventually, everyone needs to learn to use something to protect themselves. Picking up a firearm even if it’s illegal in Japan, training with a katana or spear, or even improvising by picking up something nearby, or going in with just your fists for the most brave.

Fortunately, your Persona has blessed you not only with unique skills of magic and might, but also a weapon. A weapon of your desire, will, and strengths. And even if you’ve never laid a hand on such a weapon before, the skill to use it comes naturally, as if you’ve wielded it your entire life. And so do the spells, even if the names sound off or unnatural, spells and their effects are known subconsciously the moment they are gained, second nature to the user.

But, you are not alone. Not only do you have your friends and allies to help you through this struggle, but your Persona as well. A Persona is powerful if used correctly, but one should never rely on it completely. Every time one summons their persona, it is known to drain their stamina, using the will and strength of the user to empower the spells that come from their sheer determination to survive.

A Persona is just like its user. It will grow, it will learn, it will adapt. And so, although when first getting a Persona, it seems weak with its spells and attacks, they learn more overtime, and will become more powerful just as the user does, often after overcoming a powerful shadow.

Currently for attacks, the users have 5 abilities. Only 'weak' level spell and weak-group level spells are allowed. Please talk to me about gaining new spells and I'll happily work with you on it.

For a list of skills, feel free to consult the following table~
Persona 3 Skills
Persona 4 Skills

As well, the elements of earth and water are added to the spells, for a wider variety of spells and elements to use. The following list of them is below.
Additional skills (Water)
Additional skills (Earth)

Please note that for skills like Mudo and Hama, rather than instantly killing enemies, it will just do damage according to that element much like Agi or Bufu causing damage.

“Might, magic, and mind, a blade can come in many forms.”

Your character when in combat, also has five stats. These stats do not actually have any hard science or math to them like the games, but simply allow us to know the power and output your character has in a match. For example, if one person has a much higher strength than the other, we know that they will unleash a Slash skill with more potential than someone with less of a Strength stat then he does. Overall, it just helps with the roleplay factor more.

Physical strength. A high strength helps with melee weapon damage and Slash, Strike and Pierce skill damage.

Manual dexterity and speed. A high Agility helps with projectile weapon damage, and also helps you to dodge and score more critical hits.

Physical endurance and toughness. A high Vitality will grant you high HP and high defense against physical damage.

I.Q. and logical problem solving ability. A high Intelligence will grant you more SP and help with Magic damage.

Observational awareness and common sense. A high Mind will give you high defense against magical damage and better magical healing ability.

When you make your character, you have 25 points to distribute between these five stats, with a minimum of 1 in each stat, and a maximum of 8. 1 being that the character is an absolute wimp or pathetically bad in that category. 8 representing you are a master, and at the epitome of human ability in that subject. You may only have an 8 in one stat.

[-Social Links-]
“Power does not just lie in yourself, but your also the strength of others.”

At the beginning, one will find themselves weaker, only just learning how to handle their Persona. Yet, even through constant training, it never feels like their Persona grows much stronger, as if… something is missing. That is because power is something that can not be attained alone, but through the strength in others. One can get stronger by forming relationships with other people, by uniting two souls into becoming closer, using their differences as an advantage, and sharing a bond that will help awaken the power in their arcana. This strength between two people is called a Social Link.

[What links exist]

The Social Links are based off the follow 22 tarot cards. Though each person possesses one that uniquely identifies them, even those who don’t use a Persona may have one. Just because an Arcana here is left blank, it does not mean this doesn’t exist. The world is abundant with unique people, and forming a friendship and bond with some of them may have unique benefits to the persona user in the future.

(Player characters are in blue, all others are NPC Social Links)
[0] Fool- Haro Oda (Haro Oda)
[1] Magician- Sindertech Scientists- Jace Westworth, Mortimer Vitision, Gianna Garnet, Celeste Yari
[2] Priestess- Lina Quill
[3] Empress- Lilynet Starla
[4] Emperor- Hiromasa Ikezawa (Will Kenni)
[5] Hierophant- Zoey Holender (ShadowOfIce)
[6] Lovers- Saori Makashima
[7] Chariot- Katsumi Saitama (Chachamaru v2)
[8] Justice- Joseph Palmer
[9] Hermit- Qin Meishi (Nibelung Valesti-tan)
[10] Fortune- ???
[11] Strength- Daisuke Daichi
[12] Hanged Man- Sypher Corinth (Sypher~Anthem)
[13] Death- Chisame Kotone
[14] Temperance- Matsui Kazune (Miscellannie)
[15] Devil- Seraphim Harmonia
[16] Tower- Akira Takumi (This_is_W A R-yoro)
[17] Star- Gerald/Gertrude Barsolones
[18] Moon- Symphony Corinth
[19] Sun- Batsu Date (Angelglory)
[20] Judgement- Ms. Hakunae
[21] World- The Group
[22] Aeon- Victoria, Igor's assistant

[Increasing your social link]

Just as a friendship can grow, so can Social links. Overtime, as two people become closer, the social link can rise in a rank, symbolizing how their bond is stronger and the two are closer. Doing so can grant unique abilities between the two as proof of their bond.

To raise a rank, if two people increase their bond further, those with a Persona involved in this link will be prompted by a voice…
“Thou art I… and I am thou…”
One does not have to accept this though, and can actually choose not to increase the Social Link if they are foolish enough to. In the roleplay, this allows a limit to the Social Links and how fast they can occur, as I will be determining when it’s possible. But, if you feel it’s too soon, you also have the option of turning it down. Or, if maybe you feel you should have gotten a link and I have not said anything, you’re welcome to point out and even request in the OOC, chances are I’ll approve~

Note that after your link reaches rank 4, it will steadily grow harder and harder to increase that link to 5 and above, due to it becoming more personal and the bond growing into something special and unique.

[Reverse Arcana]

Just as an Arcana can increase in rank, it is also possible that it can fall as well. Just as a friendship can wither and die, so can the social link. If the bond is broken, the Arcana is reversed, and all of the benefits from it are gone as well, taking 'pause' at it's current rank it was last at. However, it is possible to build it back up. …Just so long as you haven’t burnt all your bridges with that person. If that is the case, an Arcana not only can reverse, but it’s even possible to break completely, leaving it impossible to resume, and needs to be built up from the beginning all over again.


Rank [1] The link is established: In battle, the two can fight more efficiently together, the Personas willing to attack and fight for the one who the Social link is established with. Though no abilities are gained, it simply means that the Persona will not reject working with that other person.
Rank [2] ---
Rank [3] Spell boost: For healing spells, such as of the Dia school, the healing is roughly twenty percent more effective on the person that this Social Link is shared with. Buffing spells last for 4 turns rather than 3 on this person as well, and spells such as Agi, Garu, and Bufu can be used to assist that person. If one is frozen, you may use an Agi spell to melt the ice, without the fire actually harming them. As well, under the burn effect, one can use Garu or Bufu to cease the flames, without causing any harm.
Rank [4] ---
Rank [5] Fusion attacks: At this rank, the bond between the two souls has become strong enough that the Personas have recognized it as well, and have grown attached. Because of this, once a day, the two Personas may perform a special team attack. It can have other effects to it, and can even just be a spell that greatly heals or buffs the party. For a fusion spell, please send ShadowOfIce a PM or even post it in the OOC thread for approval.
Rank [6] ---
Rank [7] Persona block: By this point in the social link, the Persona has become willing to sacrifice their own strength and safety in order to protect the person they are bonded with. Once a day, a Persona can take on a more physical form, and leap into the path of a harmful attack to the person that the Social Link is established with. After this though, the user of the Persona can not summon it for the next turn, as it needs to recover after the blow.
Rank [8] ---
Rank [9] Devoted Faith: The bond between the two has made it strong enough that the just being in the presence of one another makes them stronger in body and mind. When both members of the Social Link are conscious and in battle, they receive a small regeneration bonus to their magic and their health every round. As well, if one person of the Social Link is knocked out in battle, the other can go into a controlled rage for the next two turns, dramatically increasing the power of their attacks, both physically and magically.
Rank [10] Ultimate Fusion attack: The bond finally at its strongest, the two Persona have found their power to reach beyond the boundaries thought possible. Once a day, they may form a new, stronger attack together. The attack can perform massive damage, completely heal and buff the two, or anything the two wish to create. This may only be done once a day, and afterwards, the two Persona need a round to rest and can’t be summoned. The same rules for creating this attack apply.

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[9.0] Profile skeleton & posting format
“Before we die… I just want to say, I’m glad we got to know each other.”

Feel free to send your entire profile in the same color your posts will be in.

[u][b]Name:[/b][/u] [Try to keep it Japanese of course, unless you're a foriegner. Let me know ahead of time if you'll be a forienger.]
[u][b]Age:[/b][/u] [Keep it between 17-20 if you could, but if you want to be different from this, let me know ahead of time as well.]
[u][b]Sexuality:[/b][/u] [Optional if you want to keep a secret.]
[u][b]Appearance:[/b][/u] [Picture -and- brief description please.]
[u][b]Height & weight:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Arcana:[/b][/u] [Which of the twenty-two arcane best define you.]
[u][b]Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Theme song:[/b][/u] [Optional, preferably without lyrics, like a game OST.]
[u][b]Occupation:[/b][/u] [Student, graduate, labor, college, ect.]
[u][b]Quotes:[/b][/u] [A few character quotes if you want. Try not to have them from some famous person, and instead just some quotes you think your character would say often. Think from their mind, not some quote-database]
[u][b]Strengths:[/b][/u] [This is of your character, not your Persona.]
[u][b]Weaknesses:[/b][/u] [This is of your character, not your Persona.]
[u][b]Equipment:[/b][/u] [Miscellaneous things your character may carry with them.]
[u][b]Likes:[/b][/u] [You can either list or describe this.]
[u][b]Dislikes:[/b][/u] [You can either list or describe this.]
[u][b]Fears:[/b][/u] [Everyone has [i]at least[/i] one.]
[u][b]Family:[/b][/u] [Just direct family. Please also list alive or dead.]
[u][b]Character history:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Misc facts:[/b][/u]

Persona profile
[u][b]Persona:[/b][/u] Your persona of course, picture please.
[u][b]Persona weapon:[/b][/u] Your personal weapon you can use in the shadow world. Guns, blades, you name it. But it's one item, and can have a unique use
[u][b]Summon artifact:[/b][/u] The item you use to summon your persona, something close to your character and has a history to them or deeper meaning.

[u][b]Str[/b]ength:[/u] Your five stats. 25 points to spend, 8 is the max to any stat, as that is the best a person can achieve. These don't have too much effect on the RP, but helps us determine who is better at one in terms of ability.

[u][b]Att[/b]acks:[/u] 4 currently available. No better than your basics at the moment.
[u][b]Res[/b]istances:[/u] An element you are strong against and take less damage from. You can have up to two. You get an equal amount of weaknesses though.
[u][b]Weak[/b]nesses:[/u] Just the opposite of a resistance, you take more damage.


-Also, I may ask for a sample post attached from past RP experience-

Spoiler tags contain the profile skeleton. Right now since we're full, there's no need for it to be around. =P


Rules and format for posting is pretty simple, and custom to your preference. But here is a small rundown.

User Image First, and probably most important is location. In many RPs, people fail to realize where another person is, and just think 'Oh hai!' and can encounter someone like they were right there. Simply put, in your post, somewhere at the top or bottom, write down where your character is. If changing location, you can put where the post started, and where it ended.

User Image Size; this rule goes without saying, but please don't abuse the size, and don't make it above the normal, unless your character's dialogue is a shout or something. But as well, don't make it too small either. We'll allow people to post in the size nine, since that seems to be the cool thing to do on Gaia these days... even if some people do have eye issues. But digressing, don't abuse the size. ^_^;

User Image Name. Simple enough, perhaps just above the location, put your characters name, could simply even be a nickname. Or, you can just include it in your posting picture.

User Image Picture. Yes a pic, though you don't have to, it's encourage that you can use a small picture to the side or above your post of your character, often an imgleft or imgright is seen for these. This is optional, but preferred~

User Image Grammer is nice. Nobodies perfect, and I won't point these out. But if you know you spell many things wrong, please use spellcheck. =3

User Image Speed. This RP plans to move along at a good pace, perhaps a page a day, please try to post at least three times a week. And if you can't be around, warn us in the OOC.

User Image Color. Totally allowed and encouraged if your character has a particular color that resembles them. Just make it a color that's easy on the eyes.

User Image Length. Though this I went over in the rules above, I just cant stress enough that I don't want to see short posts.

User Image Post appearance. Aside from your name, a character image, and location, you don’t need to include a lot more. You’re welcome to add a little flair, formatting, or whatever you’d like to make it pretty or informative, but please don’t go overboard. We’re here to roleplay, not code and be artistic. Writing is about what’s in the words, not what the post generally looks like as an image. This means no lyrics or famous quotes and stuff in your post. Those get old after seeing them so many times. We're here to write, not make some fancy coding. It's about the action of the character and what happens, not how pretty your post can look.

User Image Quotes? Please try to avoid quoting people in this. Unless quoting a characters text/email, or just a post from several pages ago.

User Image Honorifics. I'm not picky about these. I know properly is the last name, but for sake of it being simple, it's okay if you do first or last with an honorific.

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[10.0] Character list (Female)
“If I’m going to Hell, I’d rather have a few friends with me.”

Username: ShadowOfIce
Name: Zoey Holender
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: None; she really hasn’t considered or cared about this sort of thing in her life, feeling like she’s too busy for relationships, and identifying herself as a misanthrope. Though she is passively looking.
Appearance: Zoey cares little about her own appearance. She dresses well and clean, but she has a penchant for caring little about showing off her feminine side, seeing as how she’s usually a faceless voice on the radio. She doesn’t feel bothered about her shorter stature, or being one one of the younger ones to graduate high school, and few people can tell this fact too. Usually because of her glasses, hardened gaze, and mature demeanor about herself all the time, most people don’t even consider she’s younger, and just think she is generally short.

Zoey generally prefers wearing shades of blue and black, and often has boots on, tall up to her skirt. Always she is seen with the scholarly looking reading glasses, and her black hair is always done with the two braids on the sides, showing a bit more of her forehead than most haircuts would. Few ever see the girl with a smile, almost always carrying a blunt, no-nonsense expression. And often, she carries a small sidebag filled with pin-buttons that reference internet culture and video games.
Height & weight: 5’1” 96 lbs.
Arcana: Hierophant: Knowledge, Maturity, Deception, Experience, Discipline
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any markings, tattoos, or even piercings. However, Zoey does have a small scar that’s thing and about 2 inches long just above her right breast. She received it from her mother who stabbed her one time.
Theme song: [x]
Occupation: Graduate of this year.
Zoey hosts the schools radio program, WONI 101.5. It starts at 5pm, and is a popular program called ‘The Rundown’ where she gives out news, weather, updates on the town and all of Japan, and any points of interest and facts that people are interested in. And then people can call in to discuss. She also has a segment called ‘WTF’ which stands for Win Tickets Free, where people can call in to win tickets later on in the show. People have become big fans of Zoey for her pinpoint accuracy, her guest interviews where often she breaks people apart in these and even humiliates said person during the interview, and her cold but humerous nature. People have no idea though who’s behind the voice, and that it’s actually just a teenage girl going on 18 soon.

After the radio program, she works online, usually as a forum chaser, news research, and just generally keeps herself up to date on culture and what is going on in the world, both in real life and on cyberspace. In fact, her screename- Voice_with_a_cause is pretty well known across the internet.
Personality Zoey’s personality on and off the radio doesn’t change much. She’s cold, calculating, to the point, and articulate. She always wants to know what’s going on, and has a ‘know it all’ sort of air around her at all times. The young girl is aware of her intellect, shown enough by having skipped two grades in her life, and she’s not afraid to show off her intellectual prowess either. She’s domineering to those she feel are beneath her, brazen, and very vainglorious, tending to care little about making friends, and more about making others realize she is on top. Of course, many don’t get along with her egotistical and narcissistic attitude, but she couldn’t care less about this. She knows she’s better than others, and isn’t afraid to rub it in their face.

Often, she does just keep quiet and to herself. But the moment something is said that she doesn’t approve of, someone has some form of information wrong, or someone just dares to speak with her, there is nothing but a rude, harsh attitude from her, as she often verbally assassinates someone, identifying people and their weak points and what to say to just morally crush them.

She’s never had to bother fighting much at all, since she believes words are the best weapon. But under stressful situations or conflicts where words just aren’t enough, she tends to get extremely angry really fast. Like two sides of a coin battle, she’ll keep calm at first, cold and calculating. But when things are just too much for her, she goes in a furious rage, yelling out and going at it with full force, not afraid to fight dirty if she has too.
Quotes: “The only significance of me speaking with you, is to show your insignificance.”
“I’m afraid you have me confused with someone who gives a crap.”
“Words are the most powerful weapon out there. A few words are the difference between giving an army a frighteningly powerful morale, or crippling a man in fear. ..I like the latter.”
“Coffee or death.”
Strengths: -Perhaps Zoey’s best quality is her supreme intellect. Though it is a bit of a downfall that she shows it off too much. Sciences, Mathematics, English, History, Mechanics, you name it, she either has a skill and practice for it already, or she could master the subject in nearly record time. She doesn’t even seem to need to study much at all. The girl just has a natural talent for being very intellectual. She’s incredibly skilled with machines too.
-Another quality is just her knack for manipulating a conversation and her silver tongue. Whether it’s diplomatically, intimidation, or manipulation, Zoey knows the right things to say and how to pry to get what she wants, almost always holding the control of a conversation.
-Culture and history; Zoey tends to know how to adapt incredibly well to her surroundings and what is going on. She’s hard to startle and scare because of how open she is to accepting, and often she tries to find a proper explanation and understanding of people, places, cultures, and things, leaving her with a solid, calm personality about it all.
-Driving. Even though Zoey should have only been legally driving for a year, she’s had a lot more experience. Her father has been a trucker for years, and as she was growing up, her father taught her a lot of techniques, and it’s helped forge her into being a very skillful driver, considering it a ‘form of art behind the wheel’ as she calls it.
Weaknesses: -Zoey’s intellectual prowess is also her downfall. Because she shows off a lot and talks down on others, most people find her to have a very unappealing personality, and do not want to deal with her. For Zoey, this doesn’t bother her that much, but she has been at fault for ruining a lot of potential friendships.
-Zoey is smart, but she’s not very strong at all. She can defend herself and run off pretty quickly if need-be, but unless she fights dirty, she has no real competition in strength or endurance. Her smaller, younger stature too doesn’t help with this at all.
-Zoey’s short temper too makes her even worse. Because she is almost always in control of things, this doesn’t come up often. But, if she’s talked down on and has that rare moment she doesn’t know what to say, or she is in a fight or being bullied, she goes into a flurry of anger and rage, and is surprisingly quick and agile as she does. Even so, this rage has gotten her into trouble quiet often.
-Teamwork, or just having to deal with others. Zoey is the type who prefers doing everything on her own, and would probably hurt the team more than help them if she ever had to work with them, feeling like she can’t rely on other people, seeing it as a sign of weakness.
Equipment: At her side, Zoey is always seen with a black shoulder bag. Along the bag though are countless amounts of pin-on buttons, mostly with references to video games or memes of the internet culture. The Awesome face, Failguy, Desu, video game characters, and amusing little things about today’s culture. Inside she carries a small laptop, mostly used for carrying her notes for her show, and a few simple games. She always has an Ipod on her too, which contains her phone, radio programs, more music, and internet. Also, she has a small pocket radio as an extra, but also with a voice recorder attachment, with spare batteries, that way she can always have the radio around, and in case she hears something interesting and wants to secretly record it. And finally, she has a very expensive pair of studio-headphones. The very same ones she uses on the radio program she hosts. But she doesn’t wear them in class of course. Otherwise though, she’s seen even in the school halls often with them.
Likes: -The radio of course. As well as the internet. She always wants to keep in tune with what’s going on, and is known for being almost famous on the internet. Her radio program is even listened to by many people through Japan
-Driving. Despite her height and age, Zoey is an incredibly skilled driver. Her father being a trucker almost his whole life had taught her well, and Zoey can drive almost all ground vehicles with ease, even an full 18-wheeler.
-Coffee. Zoey is a huge coffee addict, usually having 3 to 4 cups a day, and still seen being relatively calm and callous rather than hyper. She blames it though for why she is so short, saying it stunted her growth. Even so though, she still drinks it.
-Winter. The snow reminds her of Russia, which was where she was born and lived the first 5 years of her life.
-Books and literature, simply put, she loves the power of words and also finds books to be the second best outlet for something aside from the radio.
Dislikes: -Stupidity; which is seen as a very broad spectrum for Zoey, since she views everyone as being an idiot. One could say she just hates people in general, and uses the radio to show off her tremendous dislike.
-Television. Though Zoey knows it’s a needed medium for some people, she thinks that television these days has just become completely useless, and there’s nothing good on these days. …Though she does still enjoy anime and sometimes watches the news.
-Being touched or making any form of contact. Almost a little afraid of this, Zoey hates making any contact with someone, unless she’s physically hitting them. She’s almost just a little germaphobic.
Fears: -Perhaps Zoey’s biggest fear is silence. She studies with music on, she sleeps with the radio on low, she can’t even shower without needing to sing. Even in the most requested times for silence, Zoey feels like she needs some sort of noise going on, the feeling of ‘dead air’ making her skin crawl.
-She also fears large animals. Most dogs, or any animal over 3 feet just put her on edge. She can deal with insects and even serpents. But if their just too big, she fears the worst from them.
Family: -Roland Holender - Father - Zoey loves her father very much. But since he’s a trucker, she hardly gets to see him.
-Natasha Holender - Mother - Zoey’s mother on the other hand, she can not stand, and doesn’t know how her father puts up with her. She wishes death on her own mom, and sees her every day since she doesn’t even work and is a drug addict.
Character history: Zoey was born in Belovo, Russia as an only child. Details there are very minimal for Zoey, since she only lived her first five years there, so it didn’t effect her too much. Tired of the mining and industrial life style, her father moved to Japan, where he managed to get a really good trucking job in Nagasaki There, Zoey grew up, having very little roots to her Russian heritage, not even posing to have the accent since she started school in Japan, and quickly adapted because she was so young.

Zoey showed a lot of promise growing up. High grades in school, excelling rapidly, and in her first few years, she skipped the 4th grade. She was a quiet and shy girl, but she was happy. That is, until her mother took a turn around in her life. Zoey’s grandparents died in freak accident involving a shipping truck losing its load of sheet metal. Her mother was devastated, since that was her own family and she was close to him. She lost her job, didn’t talk much at all after the incident, and basically just shut down, remaining at home all the time while Zoey’s father worked the trucking business. As for Zoey, she lost it too because of her mother’s behavior. She once got along with the woman, but as her mother shut down, even getting violent with Zoey and abusing the child, it brought a short temperted and angry side out of her. And so, Zoey started picking fights in school. Enough so that she got expelled, the little girl growing violent. This also caused her to go back a year, cancelling out her earlier gift of going ahead a grade, putting her back on the normal level.

With her mother constantly home, Zoey rarely saw her father, but she loved him unconditionally, and he taught her how to drive, just, him, her, the truck, and the radio, and she loved those moments dearly. Her mother however became a wreck, taking drugs more frequently and drinking, often abusing Zoey and treating her like an object. Since Zoey’s father was often gone for weeks at a time, she was stuck with the miserable excuse of a mother, and started to hate her. Zoey resorted to the computer for her company, breezing through school but putting her entire social life on the internet.

In High school, Zoey had dabbled on trying to host a podcast, and she had mixed success. As well, she managed to skip another great, avoiding the 10th great, finally putting her ahead again. Having become a shut-in, and hating most of the world after seeing the rotten side through her own mother and the media, Zoey has become an antisocial wreck, and isn’t afraid to vent her frustrations on the radio in her show, as well as through people who she feels are practically just a disease on this world. Having just graduated Onigashima High School, Zoey has a radio program in the early evening, and has actually made quite a name for herself. Zoey now aspires to be a worldwide radio host, hoping that no matter where her father is on the road in the country, he could tune in and hear her voice.
Misc facts: -Her Radio program ‘The Rundown’ is an hour news segment she runs at the Onigashima radio station. She's the youngest radio host they've ever had to this day. As well, she owns a podcast called ‘The Friction' which has its own website and has picked up a lot of speed in the two years she’s had it.
-Zoey is fluent in sign-language.
-Zoey drives a large 4x4 truck with manual transmission. To most it’s odd seeing such a short girl drive a massive truck. But for her, she grew up with a fond appreciation for driving, and she isn’t afraid to show off.
-Zoey has a pet rabbit named ‘Midori.’ She dyed the rabbit’s tail pink, and takes good, loving care of it.


Username: Chachamaru V2
Name: Katsumi Saitama
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Homosexual
Appearance: Katsumi likes to stand out in a crowd, even though she spends most of her time in front of a computer, and as a result makes a point of making her appearance somewhat unusual. Her black hair is streaked with bright pink stripes, and she wears a custom-built pair of rollerskates almost everywhere she goes, to the point where walking normally seems less familiar to her than rolling. She's usually seen with a pair of red-framed glasses, but her eyesight is actually fine - she's ever-so-slightly shortsighted, but not to the point of needing glasses. The glasses in question have plain glass lenses in them - they don't serve any real function in helping her to see, it's simply that she likes the look.
Height & weight: 5'5"; 112 lbs.
Arcana: Chariot: Victory, Conquest, Self-assertion, Control, War and Command.
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: Although it's not seen very often, Katsumi does have a small tattoo at the base of her spine. It's a stylized black heart written with a 3 and a 'less than' symbol <3
Theme song: [x]
Occupation: Graduating this year.

On the side, Katsumi 'works' as a professional gamer as part of the all-female clan '<3', or 'Heart'. While they are by no means the best players, they are good enough to make places in several tournaments and win cash prizes for their skills. Katsumi prefers fighting games and shooting games the most, but she can hold her own in high-level play at just about any sort of competitive game. While this doesn't really provide her with enough income to be a full-time job, the occasional cash prizes are enough to keep her satisfied.
Personality Katsumi is all smiles and rainbows - and she describes herself as such. It's rather rare that you'll catch the girl without a grin across her face and a spring in her step. She lives life in the moment, rather than considering the future, and tries to have as much fun as she can, even if it means at the expense of others at times. Not to say that she's malicious - she knows when a joke might be considered to have been taken too far - but she's certainly not above getting just a little too handsy and then passing it off like it was just a joke, even when it's quite apparent that nobody involved believes it for even a moment. She generally likes to avoid causing any real trouble, preferring to stay within the realms of what she likes to refer to as 'comic mischief'. While she's hardly selfless, she's not so selfish that she would just stand idly by if someone was seriously hurt or upset; even if it wasn't her business, she has enough of a conscience that it's bother her if she just did nothing and acted like it wasn't her problem.

When video games are involved, however, it doesn't matter who you are - the niceness drops and she becomes a demon. She doesn't play for fun - she plays to win. After all, where's te fun in losing? When playing, she's not above screaming at the screen in frustrating, or openly mocking her opponent over voice chat if she's doing well. She just views it as another aspect of playing the game. She prides herself on her gaming skill, to the point where she's entered into several tournaments in various genres and actually earned some cash prizes. It's hardly a reliable or practical way of getting sustainable income, but it was enough to allow her to buy herself some nice things without the need to get an actual job. Whether it's a strategy game like Starcraft 2, or even something as basic as Pokemon, she knows her way around pretty much every competitive scene.
Quotes: "That was so easy, I almost feel bad for them. Almost~"
"Sometimes I think I should nerf myself to make it fair~"
"Tap it! Come on, we can win this! Tap it, tap it, tap it, ta- oh dammit you guys suck!"
Strengths: - Multi-tasking ability; a must for any game, particularly real-time strategy games. Her ability to think and act quickly on multiple tasks at once carries over outside of games, but she rarely finds herself doing non-gaming activities where it helps.
- Agility; Katsumi, despite all the time she spends in front of her computer, is by no means out of shape. While she's somewhat lacking in upper body strength, she's quite flexible and agile, as a result of all the time she spends skating everywhere.
- Persistence; Katsumi might get incredibly frustrated at gaming-related failures, but she certainly doesn't give up. If she finds herself on a random PuG (or Pick-up Group; essentially a team of people she doesn't know) and they're clearly not very skilled, she won't quit. She'll shout and scream at the screen, but she won't quit, no matter how bad things go.
- Manual dexterity; an obvious side effect of spending so much time in front of a computer. Katsumi's hand-eye co-ordination and ability to make precise actions with her hands is so accurate that she's proven that she can type with her eyes closed. While hanging upside-down.
Weaknesses: - Easily frustrated at failures; despite her persistence preventing her from ever willingly quitting a game in progress, that won't stop her from shouting and screaming at the screen. Sometimes, following a bad game, she'll spend hours, if not days, refusing to play that particular game, almost sulking like a child.
- Rather unashamedly perverted at times; Katsumi's hands have been known to wander onto the bodies of other girls, and she's certainly not above making comments that might be viewed as perverted. She never goes too far with her actions, but she's certainly been known to make others uncomfortable.
- Poor listener; Katsumi believes that she knows best when it comes to a lot of things. This isn't helped by the fact that she more or less is the 'leader' of the <3 clan, meaning she gets to call the shots and make the strategies. Sometimes she forgets that she doesn't have this priveledge in real life, and she often doesn't pay attention to people as a result.
- Somewhat lacking in common sense; Katsumi's social life has suffered in inverse proportion to her gaming career, and sometimes she asks questions that she really should know the answer to, or does things that some people might deem as socially inacceptable for various reasons.
Equipment: The only really unusual piece of equipment that Katsumi tends to have with her is her roller skates, which were custom-made for her and paid for with the winnings from one of her first cash prizes from gaming.
✔ Multiplayer video games; winning's no fun unless you're actually beating someone
✔ Mecha anime; her favourite is Gundam Wing, since it was one of the first she saw
✔ Cosplaying; she'd never do it herself, but she likes looking at pictures of others doing it
✔ Cute girls; especially innocent, easily-embarrassed ones; occasionally links into the above
✘ Cheaters; why even bother participate in a game if you can't win fairly? It's not like you're proving anything if you win by cheating anyway, and how can it possibly be fun if you're not using your own skill to win?
✘ Sore losers; even though she tends to get angry and frustrated when she loses, it's only ever at herself, rather than the other person
✘ 'Real' jobs; she can't stand the idea of doing something so mundane and boring for a living
✘ Spoilt brats; particularly those with fancy gadgets that their parents bought them
Fears: Hardware failures; for Katsumi, her computer isn't just a toy, it's her main means of communication with her friends and also how she makes money. When things go wrong with her computer, it makes her feel physically sick, even.
Family: Katame Saitama (Mother), Noriyoshi Saitama (Father)
Character history: Katsumi had a remarkable upbringing only in that it was remarkably unremarkable. She had a regular family, without any siblings, and her parents both worked regular jobs, with her mother being a lawyer and her father working as a software engineer. Although they were far from being poor, they were reasonably tough on the girl as she was growing up, both of them wanting to make sure that she really learned the value of money. While her parents were quite happy to give her money to, say, go to the cinema with friends, they would make her earn money when it came to larger, more expensive purchases. Their hope was that this would encourage her to get a part-time job so that she could buy things. Unfortunately, it didn't work too well, as it only resulted in her pretending to go with her friends a lot more, only to pocket the cash her parents would give her for buying food while she was out or whatever. She hasn't had the need to do this in years, but it was certainly an option she used a lot more when she was younger, and - as far as she knows - her parents never found out about it.

Video games were a big part of Katsumi's upbrining, her father having quite an interest in it himself, and it was over various controllers that Katsumi did most of her bonding with her father. She never really had too much in common with her mother, who always somewhat looked down on their hobby, but she never disapproved of it to her face. In an attempt to get her daughter out of the house, and hopefully to some more exercise, her mother bought her a pair of roller skates, and Katsumi took to them like a fish to water. Eventually she got into the habit of wearing them pretty much everywhere she went, and eventually ended up joining a Roller Derby team. It meant spending less time in front of her precious games, but it also meant actually getting some excerice.

Eventually, as is the natural progression for such things, she took her love of gaming online, and found that, just as she'd always believed, she was incredibly good at it. It's hard not to consider yourself to be good when you have people calling you out for hacking on your first match. Whether it was strategy or shooter, games just clicked into place for her naturally, and after she managed to climb to the top fifty of several leaderboards, she was eventually approached about playing competitively, and she managed to even win some cash prizes with her skills. At first, her parents had been incredibly skeptical about the whole thing, wondering if it was some sort of elaborate scam, but when the cash came in and she bought herself a new custom-built pair of roller skates, there was no denying that their daughter's passion was paying off.

These successes spurred Katsumi into playing more and more, reading ahead for which tournaments were coming up and then practicing for months in advance so she'd be ready for them. It meant that she gradually spent less and less time outside, but she it meant that she could afford to buy things for herself without having to a get a 'real' job. Of course, the money from the tournaments only goes so far, and she knows that some day she'll have no option but to join the billions of people who work 'normal' jobs; but until that day comes, she's going to run with the professional gaming work for as far as it'll get her.
Misc facts:- Katsumi's online username in all the games she plays is 'ScarletDeathscythe<3', which is generally shortened to simply 'SDS<3' due to character limits, and also because it makes it's easier for e-sports commentators to just say 'SDS'. To play her games, she has a custom-built top-of-the-range gaming PC, most of the newer parts of which were either gifts for her eighteenth birthday or purchases made using her prize money.
- Katsumi had originally pitched the name 'Hacksaw Circumcision' for their clan, but it was rejected as they decided they didn't want to be known as 'that crazy feminist' clan. Katsumi still thinks it's an awesome name, though.
- Katsumi is one of the top players in the <3 clan, but even she needs team-mates for multiplayer games. She usually teams up with the four other top players in the clan, I_Defy_Gravity<3, MiniZaku007<3, Knives&Swords&Hugs<3 and OnePersonParade<3 ; all of whom she considers to be among her best friends, even though she's never met any of them in real life.


Username: Miscellannie
Name: Matsui Kazune
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Kazune has shortish brown hair that she dyes blonde and ties into twintails for work; Since she's almost always working, her hair has a permanent wave when it's down. Her eyes appear to be a lovely hazel, but a close look will reveal she actually has green eyes with central heterochromia making an orange ring around the pupils. She's fairly average in height, weight, and face, but she helps the last one along with plenty of makeup. The only part of her that is better than average is her bust size, which embarrasses her for whatever reason. Staring at her low-cut maid outfit will make her fold her arms over the area; refusing to stop might provoke her to violence.
While she usually is either in her waitress outfit or a cocktail dress for work, on the rare days she has off, or has been convinced to try to have some fun, she goes for simple baggy shirts and skirts, many of which reflect her strange affinity for plaid. She also switches out her contact lenses for glasses and pulls her hair into a low ponytail or leaves it down.
Height & weight: 5'3", 57 kg
Arcana: Temperance
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, etc: A few birthmarks here and there, but nothing unusual.
Theme song: None
Occupation: Waitress/Hostess
Personality: If you happen to be a customer at either of the places she works, you might know Kazune to be a polite and fairly nice girl who's very good at her job. If you then ran into her off-duty, you would be tempted to call a professional about the personality change. She keeps to herself, but when she wants to say something, she says it; she rarely dances around with unnecessary politeness or sarcasm. God forbid actually asking her for her opinion: you'll get it extremely bluntly. Even the few people who have her respect don't see her friendly side. She'll be more polite, refrain from insulting them, and give out praise only slightly less infrequently. If she actively dislikes the person, she just becomes even colder if she's unable to avoid seeing them.
All that goes out the window with her siblings, though. She's quite skilled at cooking and sewing, and she helps with their homework when she can. She's also very willing to lend them money without asking for it back, which anyone else who has borrowed money from her would never believe. Her parents, on the other hand, only receive the bare minimum amount of respect that Japanese culture requires, although she calls them all by their first names in private.
"You aren't here to chat; you're here to bring food to entitled assholes with too much money."
"...With me? You can't afford me."
"I don't hate fun, I just...Okay, maybe just a little."
Driven - A combination of reasonably good looks, health, and intelligence means that when Kazune decides that she wants something, she usually gets it.
Frugal - She's very good at cutting corners and resisting temptation to save up for things she wants. It's not at all uncommon to hear that it's been 18 hours since her last meal. She also takes very good care of her things, so they last quite a while.
Onee-chan - Despite the perceived betrayal of her parents, she doesn't hold it against the children of those unions at all, and tries to be the best older sister she can be. She cooks their food, fixes their clothes, helps with their homework, and would probably still beat up their enemies if she were under 18.
Pessimistic - The only thing stopping Kazune from achieving even more is her notion that life's not fair, and there are some things she can never have.
Isolated - Her experiences with the people around her ensure that she has no good friends outside her siblings. Not helping this problem at all is her general grumpiness towards anyone who isn't going to give her money.
Self-loathing - Her trust issues are the main problem, but despite actually being rather feminine, Kazune is rather ashamed of her domestic skills. She'd prefer people know her to be a strong, stoic, and independent woman.
Equipment: Kazune only carries the very basics on her person, since she doesn't trust anything else to not get stolen.
Phone - A Blackberry Curve that she saved for months to get, since contracts are more expensive than just buying minutes and data when she needs more. It doubles as her camera and music player.
Noise-cancelling Headphones - To use with the phone on the way to and from work.
Keys - Has keys for her apartment and her mother's and father's houses, as well as their cars. Also attached are a stuffed bunny keychain, and a silver rape whistle.
Wallet - See summon artifact.
Silence - Although she listens to music on her phone when she's out in town, she prefers quiet places.
Drawing - About the only thing she has that could be considered a hobby. She sketches when she's not daydreaming or surfing the internet; she especially likes designing clothes.
Money - Given that Kazune despises having to rely on anyone, it should come as no surprise that she treasures her money as a symbol of her independence.
Lazy people - She holds that a job not done right isn't worth doing; she does her's nigh-perfectly, and if she in charge would have probably fired most of her coworkers by now. It's unlikely she'll ever get that promotion, though, since most of them dislike her humorlessness, but can't deny her hard work and reliability.
Sugary drinks - Some people may call her crazy for it, but Kazune has never enjoyed soda or energy drinks, and has juice and coffee to do the same thing.
Sleep - If it weren't required for her body to function, Kazune probably wouldn't sleep at all. As it stands, she gets around 6 hours a night that she wishes she could work another job during.
Fears: Being completely alone in the world, being seen as helpless or dependent.
Family: Matsui Kazuo, Father, age 48; Matsui Anzu, Stepmother, age 46; Matsui Hikaru, half-brother, age 16; Matsui Kaneko, half-sister, age 13; Matsui Azusa, half-sister, age 10.
Fujishita Kotone, Mother, age 50; Fujishita Yuuichi, Stepfather, age 46; Matsui Hideki, Brother, age 18; Fujishita Manami, Stepsister, age 20; Fujishita Yuuta, Stepbrother, age 18; Fujishita Yukito, half-brother, age 13.
Character history: Once upon a time, there was a married couple. Both of them had been only children, and agreed that they definitely wanted more than one. And so they had the first two, Kazune and Hideki. Maybe he'd grown tired of his wife, or maybe she thought this was enough, and he didn't, but the father cheated on the mother, and ultimately left her and his 5 and 3-year-old for the mother of his new child. The family got by alright, although the children weren't exactly close to their father. Eventually, the mother started dating again, and found someone else. The now 6-year-old Kazune was alright with him if he made her mother happy, until she found out near the wedding day that he'd left his own wife and children for her mother. She could barely believe that her mother would inflict the same kind of suffering she'd experienced onto another family, and so Kazune and her brother grew up hating their parents.
She moved out to a cheap apartment in Ling-Bao as soon as she was old enough, sharing with her stepfather's daughter, whom she bonded with over mutual hatred. Unfortunately, since the other girl was busy with college, and living costs were too high to pay with her parents' assistance, she picked up a second job, which she tells everyone is bartending at a hotel. In actuality, she works at a hostess club, which wouldn't be so bad if she didn't occasionally sleep with customers who paid extra for it.
Misc facts: She finds animals far less annoying than humans, and would have a pet if she were at home more often to take care of it. Regardless, having a pet is one of the few ways to make her nicer for the few minutes it takes her to pet it.


Username: Nibelung Valesti-tan
Name: Qin Meishi
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen
Sexuality: Straight. Mostly. Probably.
Appearance: Meishi She's rather lightly built, with long hair and grey eyes. When she's on official store business, she'll wear a red and black qipao as her 'uniform' (it's a tourist thing, you see), but all other times she's perfectly content to wear clothes that are, well, a little more normal.
Height & weight: 5'4", 112 lbs
Arcana: The Hermit - Silence, introspection, retreat, reclusion.
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: None.
Theme song: Normal Theme: October Mermaid
Battle Theme: The Oceanic Moon Dies in Indigo | (Lyrics here)
Occupation: Runs the Tenka Flower Shop in Ling Bao harbor. She's not the owner, but the owner is, uh, very retired.
Personality Outwardly, Meishi is a quiet, shy girl, whose stammer and timid nature make her chosen employment behind the counter of a flower shop seem like an odd choice at best (in fact, it's not entirely uncommon for her to suddenly get 'urgent calls that need to be attended to' when she's dealing with particularly difficult or touristy customers), but she seems to manage fairly well - her somewhat avant-garde bouquet designs and very traditional outfits have won her at least a few fans among her returning customers.

On the inside, however, Meishi's insecurity sours, turning first to self-loathing at her own weaknesses - how she's terrible at speaking, unlucky, barely managing to get by no matter how hard she works - and then to a mostly-unfair dislike of other people, from the rich, brainless tourists that give her grief most of the time about how their (meticulously designed) bouquet doesn't look like the ones they can pick up at any goddamn store ever to her peers, who first saw her a a prime target for bullying, then, as time went on, moved on to an even worse form of torture - they disregarded her completely. She might not have even existed. Disgusting, all of them. Completely disgusting. Not that it mattered that much - once she got that university scholarship she had her eyes on, she'd be out of there. It'd be nice to start over someplace new...
"Ah, um..."
"...W-welcome to Tenka, w-what would you like today?"
"E-excuse me! There's something I simply must attend to! I-in the back. R-right now. S-sorry!"
Creative - Things are never what they seem, whether in the world of art - or in the more mundane world - and the ability to think outside the box and come up with unorthodox solutions is the crowning skill of the artist.
Polyglot - What do you do when you find you're having trouble communicating in a second language? Overcompensate! Sometime around the start of high school, Meishi threw herself into learning as many languages as possible - she speaks fluent Mandarin, fluent-but-still-stuttery Japanese, and enough French, English, and Russian (the languages of the tourist industry, you see) to hold at least a halfway decent conversation. She's also good at picking up new languages on the fly. Too bad it doesn't make her want to talk any more than she actually does.
Martial Arts - Thanks to her mother, Meishi has had some training in Fujian White Crane-style boxing, a style that emphasizes evasion and using an opponent's momentum against them as opposed to brute force. Even though she's had some training, however, she's never really used it in a real fight ('Mother would be disappointed in me if I used what she taught me selfishly'). She does, however, practice whenever she gets some free time, just in case.
Judgmental - Everyone's got flaws. Everyone. Herself most of all, as worthless a person as she is, but no one else is any better, are they? And unlike her, no one else even tries to see their own flaws. They're worthless. Even more worthless.
Untrusting - A long history of bullying has lead Meishi to be slow (at best) to open up to people. She can fake it if she has to, but when it comes to anything that would actually put her life or similar on the line - well, forget it. Find another stooge.
Cowardly - The faster a battle is won, the better - so it's perfectly okay to fight dirty, go for pressure points, and retreat if the going gets tough, right? Of course. That's tactics.
Equipment: Sketchbook, pencils, portable radio, cell phone.
Likes: Art - the more radical, the better. Overcast days. Foreign books. Music radio.
Dislikes: Most people. Crowds. Slackers. Talk show radio. Storms.
Fears: Being left behind. Not living up to people's expectations. The sea.
Family: Qin Shanyuan [Father, usually not around] - College activist turned fisherman. Has been spending more and more time on the sea, lately.
Wei Lanhua [mother, deceased] College activist turned pearl diver. Died in a tragic accident when a storm sunk the boat she'd been tied to, dragging her down with it.
Character history: Meishi's story starts long before she was born - in 1989, a pair of university students named Qin Shanyuan and Wei Lanhua met during the protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Perhaps nothing would have happened if the protests had gone as planned, but, well... they didn't. The two met again while fleeing China after the government crackdowns, fell in love, and, in an abandoned airport gate, held an impromptu wedding ceremony attended by no one except a janitor and an off-duty pilot. Not that it mattered to them, anyway; they were young, in love, and moving to a new land, free from people who might disapprove.

By the time they'd settled in Onigashima, Japan, they'd realized that love and idealism wouldn't pay the bills, and so they looked for work - fortunately, Onigashima was on the cusp of its tourism boom, and it wasn't hard for them to pick up jobs in the industry - Shanyuan as a fisherman, taking a rented boat loaded with tourists out each day to enjoy the sea's bounty, and Lanhua as a pearl diver, bringing up tiny treasures to be sold in the island's various gift shops. They did rather well for themselves, even on that unlikely path, and soon saved up enough for the two of them to buy a house, settle in and, eventually, have a child - a girl they named Meishi, who grew quickly to be a polite, cheerful child, the sort who always smiled and laughed, even when they were hurt or made mistakes.

But everything changed one day in late October. A sudden bout of inclement weather (nothing to worry about, of course, Lanhua said) turned into a massive squall that destroyed the boat she'd taken out and, when her guide rope got tangled in the wreckage, ended up drowning her. When Meishi heard the news, it was if her very voice had been taken from her - it was months before she spoke again, and even then it was in a nervous, stuttery whisper at best. Gone were the smiles that she'd once had, replaced by a sort of sulky disdain that made her a prime target for middle-school bullies. When their attempts to make her life hell failed to elicit any sort of response, however, they gradually gave up on teasing her. By then, however, she'd firmly settled into her role as 'the weird kid no one wants to hang out with' - she ignored most people, most people ignored her, and she came home most days to an empty house; Shanyuan's fishing trips grew longer and longer and more and more frequent.

It was only reasonable, of course, Meishi knew - the sea would kill him someday too, and he had to make sure she would be provided for.

As soon as she was old enough, she started looking for a job as well. While her personality won her few return interviews, her skill in English got her a job behind the counter of the Tenka Flower Shop in Ling Bao Harbor. From there, she managed a sort of odd, silent friendship with Tomoe Kitagawa, the elderly owner, and, when Tomoe's arthritis worsened to the point where she could no longer manage the precise movements needed for flower arrangement, Meishi eagerly took on more and more respsonsibilities, until she was all but running the shop before and after school. It gave her something to do, after all, and the extra money was always good. She took to the responsibility of managing a business surprisingly well - her shy nature and exotic costume seemed to strike a chord with tourists, and her own determination not to disappoint the one person who actually seemed to care if she existed kept her busy giving everything she had to the flower shop. Life was, if not exactly good, a tolerable and steady sort of routine.
Misc facts: Her favorite books are 'Invisible Cities' and '1Q84'
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[11.0] Character list (Male)
“Keep your friends close, but your enemies…dead.”

Username: Will Kenni
Name: Hiromasa Ikezawa
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Appearance:Hiromasa The most striking thing about Hiromasa's appearance has to be the dead left eye and the scar left behind. While the eye stares without seeing, his right green eye gazes as if to pierce you. His off colored hair is actually natural, and he has a mix of features from his Japanese father and Scottish mother. He dresses at least casually nice when going out places, but oftentimes can be seen wearing loose workout clothes, or clothing more suited for physical workouts than fashionable. He keeps in very good shape, not body builder type, but defined muscles cover his body.
Height & weight: Five feet eleven inches, Weighing 189 lbs
Arcana: Emperor
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect:The scar across his dead eye.
Theme song: Speed Star
Occupation: Works at the run down gym, not only to supplement his income for his run down apartment, but also to train himself by facing other people.
Personality: In most situations, an agreeable guy. While he might appear to be a punk, he actually has the calm personality of someone self confident in themselves. Of course this couldn't be further from the truth, since there are some parts of himself he loathes, but he puts on a good show hiding it. It may seem he tries to come off as a loner, but he really isn't one. He wants to value people working with him, but often finds them getting in the way, which is something he hates, being slowed down from his objective.
”Gonna take you out with one blow.”
“Keep your face forward and push on, no matter what.”
“You've got a long way to go before you can keep up with me!”
“The only thing that chain's you down is your own denial.”
Determined: Once his eye is set on a goal, he will pursue it almost neigh to a point where one would think Rationality has failed.
Tough: He can take blows with the best of them. Emotionally and physically, he won't show that he's affected if he has a mind to.
Sense of Humor: He won't win comedian of the hour, but he knows how to take a joke and roll with it.
Physical Prowess: Be it boxing, running, some martial art, or even straight up brawling, he throws himself into it with abandon. This has allowed him to become more fit than your average individual, as well as more open minded in physical situations.
Cocky: He knows he is excellent in physical things and won't hesitate to say so. Sure, there are people out there better than him, but so far, he hasn't met one.
Tactless: “Hey, is that an Elephant in the room? What? Do none of you see it? It's right there! C'mon! Look at it!”
Headstrong: He doesn't like to back down unless proof is there that he can be wrong. He refuses to see other sides once he gets an idea into his head.
Competitive: Anything and everything can be turned into a competition. He won't do anything stupid like, “Okay, who ever ducks their head in-between an incoming train car longest wins!” But he will turn almost anything into a situation of who's better.
Self-Dependance: “There is no I in Team.” Goes the saying, but he counters with “Yeah, but there is one in Win.” Hiromasa can work in a team if need be, but often he'll play lone support to himself, and if people drop to far back, he'll attempt to go it alone. Often the same in everyday occurrences, is help won't hinder him, he will accept it. But if for one moment he thinks he will be better off without that help, he'll ditch the person.
Keys, wallet, fanny pack with Gauze tape, duct tape, some sports powder, and mini sewing kit. Older MP3 player. Worn leather, fingerless gloves. Ivory piano key
Running: When he runs, he doesn't have to think, just moves his body. Its a great release for him.
Graphic Novels: He likes to read graphic novels and other comic type things. Mostly for humor and Manly tough guy stories (also sappy romance story lines, but you didn't hear that from me).
Physical challenges: To push ones body to its utmost and then climb over the hurdle is a feeling like no other.
Mental challenges: While not the brightest bulb in the lamp, he can appreciate a mental challenge for its skill, even if he can't figure it out.
Piano: He seems fond of Piano music, and from how his hands move as he sometimes gets distracted, he might have played once. But when asked he will out right deny it.
“Can't do” Personalities: Sure you might not be able to do it, but there is a far cry difference between it being to difficult for you and just not attempting it.
Cutesy things: Not cute things. Little puppies are cute. That's fine. No we're talking cute things that someone deliberately tried to make cuter by adding glitter, shine, and all kinds of other fake stuff.
Pretentious people: If you got skill, fine, you can back it up. But don't go talking like you've got something to bring to the table, then it's all shown to be fluff and feathers.
Being held back: When that goal is right around the corner, and everyone wants to stop for a moment, he hates to do it. Sure there are valid reasons sometimes to do so, but he has never been the sit and plot type.
First, but probably not his biggest fear is losing his other eye. Never being able to see again and having to stop doing the physical things he enjoys.
His biggest fear is that of being truly alone. Not just having people dislike him, but of no one ever being around, ever. This fear developed in his stay at the hospital.
Hisao Ikezawa: Father: Alive
Lilliana Ikezawa: Mother: Alive
Character history: The only remarkable thing about his early childhood would be his parents. The mother, an Artist from Scotland, and the father, a prominent Businessman in Japan. Together they bore a single child, that child being Hiromasa. The child made many friends as active children are want to do, so there seemed to be no issues. But on his Sixth birthday, he found out his uncle, Iwao Ikezawa was to try out for an Olympic hopeful. This filled the little heart of Hiromasa with joy and so he would start to run and practice just like his uncle. Iwao was inspired by his nephew and tried harder as well, but all would be for naught as he was looked over. But Hiromasa would continue his interest in running and sports.
Four more years would see Hiromasa Running, boxing, swimming, anything he could do to be active. He listened to coaches and followed regiments, in truth, he was going to try and succeed where his Uncle had failed, to prove his family COULD do it.

It was during a night of running that he ran across a bunch of bullies picking on a young girl. Hiromasa did what any good ten year old would do when confronted with bullies picking on a girl. He threatened to kick their asses if they didn't leave; and when they did not, he made good on his word. He had just rescued one Hoshi Hazuki, a classmate and from a refined family. A long story short, Hoshi and Hiromasa became friends, and not only did she provide him with the company of someone who didn't question his looks or activities, she also awoke in him a skill he had never known he possessed. Something so wonderful that he could not believe himself capable. She would teach him to play the piano, thus allowing him the power to create, to sooth with music. Hiromasa was in love with music, the first moment he played a horrible rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to five and a half years later, when he was playing duets beside her of increased complexity. Hiromasa had also fallen in love with the honest but quiet young girl.

He had also not given up on his other dream; the one his uncle inspired. He continued to run and practice sports and as he entered higher grades, would meet his best friend and Rival, Seito Yamada. They raced together, fought together, laughed together as they both strove to out do one another. No one could approach the two on the field, and Hiromasa became smug with that fact. But the end of that year was when things would turn into a decline for Hiromasa.

Speaking to his uncle, who had long since devolved into a drunken sot, Hiromasa tried to get him to get back into working out, or at least help him to do so, so he could achieve a chance to enter the Olympics. Why it happened then, no one is sure, but Iwao flew into a rage at Hiromasa's request, calling him shameful to chase after an older man's dream. Telling Hiro that he had no more chance than Iwao himself to enter. Hiromasa began to talk back, and Iwao picked up and old trophy and swung it at Hiromasa, scoring from the upper right of the left eye, gouging skin and near destroying the eye as it came down. It took little time for Iwao to realize what he had done and get an ambulance there.

As he recovered in the hospital, slowly people would stop to visit him, his own shock at what happened, and people just having other things to do until finally, only his mother and father would visit, along with Hoshi. But his family would need to be working to cover the bills, so often times it was just Hoshi keeping him company. Finally, when he had worked up the courage, he was going to confess to her, but she beat him to the punch, and confessed that she loved Seito Yamada, whom she had known forever. Rocked by this news, Hiromasa could only hollowly congratulate her, and as if sensing she wasn't wanted there any more, she gave him a key from the old piano they used to play together. She wanted to give him something for him to remember his love on the piano with, and rather than drawing things out, she left. Hiromasa would spend better part of two extra months in the hospital, with only the sparse visits from his parents to alleviate the loneliness. It was at this time that Hiromasa would discuss moving away, if his parents were okay with it.

So, after passing that year, Hiromasa's family would send him off to Tsukuyomi High School, where he would finish his education, and then, while looking in to college, use his knowledge of fitness and working out at the rundown Gym in Ling Bao Harbor. He is trying his best to make it on his own without being a further burden on his parents. After all, isn't having a child with one eye embarrassing enough for them?
Misc facts:
He enjoys trying new foods.
If he's in a hurry, he rides his bike.
He enjoys learning new things... now if only he could hold still.


Username:This_is_W A R-yoro
Name: Akira Takumi
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Sexuality: S-shut up!!!!/Bisexual/
Appearance: Akira is obviously not your typical Japanese teenager. From his blond/orange hair with some black streaks to the dark way he dresses. Your first impression would be to assume he's a punk. Which, don't underestimate him, he is. He is one rough, tough, scrawny punk. Yeah you heard me, scrawny, Akira doesn't necessarily have the best build. But whatever, if you try look past his sharp facial features, and deep Magenta eyes you might find he's not so scary. Although the piercings in his ears may be distracting.
Height & weight: 5'11'' and 165lbs.
Arcana: The Tower
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: He has piercings in his ears, a belly button piercing and a scar on his leg that takes up quite a bit of space on his lower theigh. Not that your going to learn about how he got it though~.
Theme song: Spite and Battle music
Occupation: Akira is...unemployed, but will do handy work to people for cash.
Personality Well obviously the punk kid has to be a hard a**. Akira is not the most cooperative guy you could know. He's stubborn, easily teased, easily angered. Not to mention his attitude. Ugh! Who would want to be anywhere near him!? Well! Rude as the comments you may be thinking are, you should know that Akira is a human being. As such, he has other emotions and behaviors than rage, revenge, and sarcasm. You shouldn't even know this, but to tell you the truth, this whole bad guy act is just an front.
Gasp, hard to tell right?! Well, underneath that hard layer of bad a**, Akira is actually kind of insecure about the things he does. In his mind he's always second guessing himself, unsure and untrusting to those around him. It's this insecurity that made Akira begin to put people off. Although, it hasn't quite worked in his favor. He's pushed people away more successfully because he is unsure of himself. See? He isp human just like you and I. But psh~ You shouldn't even be told this, if Akira found out you knew about his insecurities, hm...nevermind, go tell everybody about it~ His face would look pretty damn funny.
Quotes: "What're you looking at?!"
"If it's in my way, I'll destroy it"
"Why I auta!?!"
"Don't you remeber that time? No? Well I do, now your my slave~"
Strengths: One of Akira's strongest points would have to be his pursistence, if there is a problem at hand he will do his damndest to get it solved. Although he primarily uses the excuse that it was in his way, thus it must be destroyed. While pursistance is a very good thing, though it could be placed a negative lable since often Akira will never let an issue die.
Another strength would have to be his Memory. Akira has a excellent memory, after all, it would be to his advantage to remember everything wrong you do, or to remember when you owe him big time. See~? Remembring things is useful.
Weaknesses: Weaknesses, you could argue Akira has an awful lot of these. Such as his temperment: The guy gets frustrated way to easily at almost every little detail. To most getting along with him seems almost impossible. Another problem would be his spiteful nature. Because of his amazing memory, if someone were to go into the wrong, than Akira will hold a grudge or even try to take revenge for it.
Equipment: Cellphone, wallet, keys. Nothng too special.
Likes: Coffee - They say it stunts yer growth, I was still one of the tallest kids in class >>
Running- exercise, what of it?
Getting into fights- only on special occasions~
Dislikes: Foreigners - Their horribly confusing
His original hair color - Yep! That purty orange is dyed, his real hair is a poop brown color.
Cooking - He's not very good at it, simple as that.
Fears: Having his hair cut by someone else -- "It was a bad expirence okay!! Don't ask about it!!!"
Anything medical - Another seemingly 'irrational' fear. Whatever.
Family: Father - Haruto Takumi /Deceased/
Mother - Asuka Takumi /47/
Mothers 'Boyfriend' - Kaoru Saburo /35/
Younger sister - Kouta Takumi /12/
Younger brother - Aiko Takumi /12/

Character history: Akira once upon a time, long long ago was just a shy brown haired boy. He did well in school, kept to himself, nobody really knew who he was back then. The only time when he wasn't in a bubble was when he was around his father, Haruto. Whom was the highlight of his life, next to his energetic twin siblings. Everything was fine and dandy, until Akira was about to enter high school. For you see, what is life if there are not hardships. Due to a quickening illness Akira's father grew gravely ill. The man passed away shortly after Akira entered high school. The passing of his father was hard, the loss made Akira doubt himself often, if he had done things better would his father be alive? If he did things different would he be able to outshine his fathers wonderful life-style and influence.
Well, one will never know until you try, like a magical cloak. Akira changed his hair, his attitude, he became agressive, more than he was before. Suddenly, after his change, people began to notice Akira. They began to question why he had changed himself in such a 'radical' way. And like his bad guy front called for, Akira retorted back. Skip ahead skip ahead bla bla bla. Tadaa~! Now Akira is a full-time working bad a**. People don't want to be near him because of his sour atittude, and he is perfectly fine like that. Heck! his sour attitude even got himself an apartment. For you see, After Akira's mother stopped greiving, she had begun to date again. Many a men being scared away by Akira, who obviously disapproved of his mothers dating. But one man, this 'Kaoru' character is pursistent on making Akira happy. Akira just so happened to use that to his advantage and move out. Acquiring a decent apartment with rent payed for by his mothers boyfriend. Living alone is wonderful too!! Or atleast, that's what Akira claims.
Misc facts: --Akira's twin siblings, Kouta and Aiko live at home with their mom, however regularly visit Akira at his apartnment.
--Akira is a terrible cook, as such he tends to live off of instant ramen and snack foods it's a good thing he's physically fit.
--Akira isn't at all sure what he wants to do with his life now that he'll be graduating school.


Name: Sypher Corinth
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Sypher is your normal guy with all things considered. A little taller than average, the features that stand out the most about him is his skin color, which is darker than the darkest Okinawan, and his red eyes which can make him seem very intimidating at times, when he's really very friendly.
Height & weight: 5'11" 168lbs.
Arcana: The Hanged Man
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: None
Theme song: I'll Face Myself
Occupation: Laborer- Sypher can usually be found running around from one job to another, not from being fired but because his schedule could never allow him to stay one place to long with school, and wanting to stay involved in his sisters school life like plays, presentations, and sport events. Now that he's graduating though hopefully he'll be able to settle on something more permanent.
Personality Sypher could easily be the thorn-ed stem to a rose or a plain pillar supporting a masterpiece. He's a worker trying to support what important to him, while not worrying them at the same time. On the outside he seems to have accepted his role and moves through his day with a smile, but actually thinks quite often on the past and sometimes future decisions, but not so much that they would stress him. Looking from a distance one can usually find Sypher sporting a stoic and yet peaceful expression almost as if he's in his own little world.

Sypher does contradict himself in as someone who lives in the moment and going with the flow by also readily changing his mind and staying flexible enough to completely throw out old priorities when new ones arise.
Quotes: "If the goal is precious enough, One must be ready to act the Martyr to see a dream realized."
"Another job that has to be done, but no one wants to do."
"The best part about supporting from the shadows is that the contrast always makes them shine just a little brighter."
Strengths: One of Sypher's strengths is his patience. One would think that he would be content in playing an audience member and usually that's the case, but Sypher actually is very good at staying his hand until the best opportunity arrives to take action when necessary. This also can be described as rational since he usually only makes his moves once all the cards ar on the table and he knows whats really at stake.

Another strength would be his flexibility. Sypher doesn't have a single qualm about breaking from tradition or taking a round about way to solution if the course of actions seems better. His sister often comes to him for advice since he seems to always be able to look at a situation from a new angle.
Weaknesses: Although Sypher attempts to find new answers to troubling situations, he doesn't stress if he realizes that he is facing something inevitable usually just accepting and moving on. He's actually gotten into one sided arguments with his sister over him being lethargic of certain things.

A good, but mostly damning trait is Sypher's willingness to play the Martyr. For ideals and peoples he deems worthy he is willing to take the blow to his reputation and even physically to avoid having them tarnished. He is not beyond going back on his word and putting himself on the back-burner for a higher cause or others especially his sister. If it comes to that though he prefers to suffer from the shadows and not dampen the moods of those he holds dear.
Equipment: His cell phone is a usual item on him only because he like to be in touch with his sister and the few friends he has and family of course. Though when he spaces out in reflecting on the past or just enjoying a moment of peace in melancholy he usually misses calls and texts.

His iPod is also a normal accessory to see on him and is usually to blame for why he misses calls and tests since a single track on loop or a playlist can throw him into his own world for hours.

The most important piece to his attire though is without a doubt the misanga he wears on his left wrist. A misanga is a japanese hand woven bracelet that said to grant your wish if it withers and falls off your wrist naturally. Sypher would rather not see it fall apart though since it was a gift his sister gave him to celebrate their first year living there.
Likes: ~Feeling at peace.
~Walking around for the sake of relaxing.
~Doing what he can and leaving the rest to chance.
Dislikes: ~Feeling pressured or rushed.
~Being expected to do the impossible.
~Having to take premature action.
Fears: Syphers one fear would probably be that he failed to see the solution or gave up to early and thus caused someone close to him to suffer needlessly.
Family: ~Symphony (Symph) Corinth
Character history:Sypher grew up in poverty in a small town about ten miles off of the Mediterranean sea. Being half Japanese and seeing that the island nation was in prosperity at the time, Syphers parents tutored him and his sister rigorously so that they could obtain academic scholarships to attend schools in japan and make a life for themselves. Sypher was17 and his sister 14 when they arrived in Onigashima. It didn't take long for Sypher to realize that the scholarship paid for them to attend the school but not for living expenses, and action was taken.

Sypher had to work two jobs while attending school to pay for a one bedroom apartment to live in with his sister. He even managed to scrounge together money to send back to his family, but all of this came at the cost of academic success and ultimately being held back a year. All of this was an acceptable loss for Sypher and he worked through it all with smile as not to worry his younger sister. Symphony did worry though since she thought her brother was using work as an excuse to not have to try and compete academically with other students, and argued frequently during the first year about him being lethargic and meeting his potential. But at the end of the first year of them staying there Sypher was able to buy Symphony a Yukata to wear for New years and she gave him a hand made Misanga to make his wishes come true that he now goes no where without. Sypher doesn't really mind not knowing what his potential is if he had any at all as long as those close to him continue to prosper, but the thought of him being meant for so much more always leaves him wondering "What If?".
Misc facts: None


Username: Angelglory
Name: Batsu Date
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Batsu dresses a bit oddly, wearing a cape-ish cloak over his regular clothes when he's out casually. Under his cloak/cape, he has a white un-tucked shirt, a black long-sleeve shirt under it, a loose tie that matches his blue hair and dark blue jeans. During the hotter seasons, he loses the black under-shirt.
Height & weight: 5'6" & 136 lbs.
Arcana: The Sun
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: Batsu has a number of small lash-like scars on his back, sides and a few on his right cheek.
Theme song: N/A
Occupation: Library attendant, whether it be at the school or the Onigashima Library. Batsu doesn't mind walking to either location to work there.
Personality Batsu is a very quiet person, he is mute after all. Although while he doesn't speak a word, he is still friendly around people. He tries his best to fit in with others, but doesn't actively seek out other people to interact with. If Batsu does make a friend, he will likely actually seek them out just to be near them. However, he tends to be shaken easily by hostility or anger directed near or towards him. Batsu will withdraw himself and seek out a friend until he calms down, most often avoiding eye contact completely with the person(s) that spooked him.
Quotes: "..."
Strengths: Batsu, being a very kind-hearted person, treasures every friendship he manages to make. He is a faithful companion to whoever he has befriended and will always stand by their side in times of need. He is a great listener, always willing to lend an ear to those who give him the time. However...
Weaknesses: ...Batsu is easily frightened by aggressive actions and hostility. He seems to depend on his friends to save him from these kinds of situations. Sometimes he may come off as overly-attached or codependent on his friends, hesitant to do things on his own when under pressure.
Equipment: Batsu has a black and red cape he frequently wears when not working. During hotter weather he ties it around his waist.
Likes: Kindness, long walks at night, reading
Dislikes: Hostility, loud noises, cake
Fears: Sudden acts of aggression towards him, being hit, his real mother
Real Mother: Hanako Ishida (40, alive but in jail)
Real Father: Daigo Ishida (Deceased)
Adoptive Mother: Yuko Date (35)
Character history: Batsu lived a normal live in Onigashima with his parents Daigo and Hanako Ishida without a care in the world. However, Batsu slowly noticed that his parents got into small arguments more and more. Soon enough those small arguments began to escalate over time. He tried to stop them from fighting, but they just told him to be quiet. But he didn't give up, he didn't understand why his parents yelled at each other but he wanted them to stop. He continued to try and break up their fights, but they always told him to keep quiet. Eventually, it rose to the point that Batsu was nervous to be around either of them, he found himself speaking much less. Then it happened, Daigo and Hanako Ishida went their separate ways and Batsu was forced along with his mother. But even being apart, the aggression never faded, his mother would get angry and hit him whenever he tried to speak to her. It was like a monster was impersonating his mother and she was never coming back. Batsu grew terrified of her and outright refused to speak anymore.

One night, Batsu's father showed up out of the blue and confronted Batsu's mother, demanding that Batsu would go with him. A violent argument broke out and Batsu was only traumatized more as he bore witness to his father's murder. Hanako Ishida was taken to jail and Batsu was sent to the orphanage, having no other living relatives. Even after being separated from his mother, Batsu no longer spoke. Despite the kindness given to him at the orphanage, he was afraid of everyone that touched him and always avoided eye contact. Eventually he warmed up to a lady named Yuko Date and was adopted at the age of 10. Batsu slowly broke out of his shell, becoming happier and more out-going though he still never spoke a word. Nowadays, he lives a happy pleasant live with his new mother, always trying to stay away from the nightmares of his past.
Misc facts: Batsu has developed the talent of walking down a busy sidewalk while immersed in a book.


Username: Haro Oda
Name: Haro Oda
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Haro Full Body - Haro's Default outfitt Design || A very athletically slim, compact and agile male of about average height. Haro is decked out with a crimson red shade of hair that spikes a medium spike around his tan, usually grinning features. Grey eyes tucked behind signature half-shades stay constantly seeking the next goal. Garbed in a two piece red track style outfit with black pants, blood red with black accent stripes on each side, and a black collar around his neck that match his black finger-less gloves. A dominating personality matches his bright red colors and he certainly stands out among a crowd.
Height & weight: 5”9 & 151 lbs
Arcana: The Fool
Piercings, tattoos, unusual marks, ect: Both ears are pierced with silver studs. Haro's left shoulderblade has a small branded scar in the shape of the kanji symbol for 'Samurai'. A marking given to him at a young age by his father as a symbol for his family and his great samurai bloodline.
Theme song:
Haro's Theme: Thousand Suns (DW7th Mix)
Haro's Battle Theme – Let's rock!: DW8 - Cyclonized Typhoon
Occupation: Graduate – Unemployed – Does odd jobs for money
Personality Energetic, Cocky, & Perverted best describe Haro in three simple words. Yet, great books aren't written with just three words. Energetic is Haro in heart and soul. Everything Haro does or is associated with seems to be high octane, stylish, and never ceasing. He likes to be the life of the party and not always the most silent or introverted person. There's a reason he's so skinny and compact. Haro is always off and up to do something (especially when it benefits him or has to do with boobs, which he digs a lot). It's all about style, rock, and adrenaline with him, and often hardly stopping or slowing down. (Not quite to sugar high levels though).

When it comes to Haro's cockiness, narcissism also comes to mind, but to a lesser extent. Haro is bent on doing things very stylishly, looking cool in everything he does, and being the top dog. Almost to an extent where he can be competitive for no reason. In essence he wants all the girls to notice him, and all his rivals to be insanely jealous of him. Haro is convinced (quite reasonably) that he is pretty damn good at everything he does. {Meaning he doesn't really deal too well with failure). He can back up most of his taunts and cockiness with his skill, which isn't something to scoff at, but he definitely takes it for advantage and thinks himself untouchable, and he actually enjoys goading and taunting his enemies or rivals just because he's so confident in himself. Yes confidence is oozing from Haro, both when it comes to talking to women and fighting.

Haro is edgy and comical and not afraid to have fun and take risks. He is a reckless ladies' man and a bit of a pervert, and if women do not immediately swoon over him he is certain to try seducing them. He's pretty lazy at some things and would rather complete all of what he wants in one fell swoop instead of going back over and over again. Despite this he is still able to think quickly and on his feet and uses his physical abilities (to attempt) to get him out of tight spots. He's always easygoing and cool with any situation... especially one with a positive outcome for him. When it comes to his perverted side, he is usually pretty vocal about it, and not really afraid of consequence. Whether he says the right or wrong things doesn't matter much to him, he has to say it. He tends to be humorous about it most of the time and not directly offensive. He may annoy a woman with his lust, but he does eventually get the hint and is capable of treating a woman as a friend and not a potentiality. That certainly takes some time, but not impossible. Lewd comedy is Haro's forte and he likes to push limits sometimes, but deep down always knows when he is going too far. It might be best to describe this as a bit of hopeless romanticism. It's not like he'll be completely flirtatious or all over a girl when he already has a consistent source.

Haro has a tendency to be strangely indifferent or unacknowledged about certain things. Funnily enough, when things go over his head, it can be some of the funniest dumb looks you'll ever see out of a person. When out of his element, Haro is almost like a fish out of water. Putting in a situation, oh, say like...arranging books in a library, cleaning something, or being treated like a cute little kid, will send him into a bit of a 'HUH?' mode where he really won't know how to interact and can easily be the butt of several jokes before he can process how to react. It's very rare to get him this way, but when you can, it's good for a few laughs. Speaking of another rarity, to get Haro to be gentle and reflective. Romantic, personal, or even smiling with a genuine caring light, almost like a real human being with real dramatic emotions... well, there is a better chance of being struck by lightning. Just saying.
Quotes: (Signature) “Alright, Let's rock!”
“Ladies love winners!”
“I'm about to embarrass you soooooo hard!”
“Cocky? Well, it is a pretty good size”
“It's not about how hard you hit, It's about looking bad a** while you're doing it!”
Very Agile – Haro's athleticism and his wiry frame prove amazing assets when it comes to moving quick and fluently, like water. Haro is among one of the most agile males in his kendo club and for good reasons, he tends to have rather heightened reflexes and balance, but lacks a lot of core power and certainly tactical intelligence. But hey, he knows how to punish mistakes, that's gotta be good for something.
Persistence – Haro won't usually stop until he's not only won, but made his enemy know just how bad they lost. He's not one to shy away from a competition, in fact he welcomes them with open arms and a cocky grin. BRING IT ON!
Swordsmanship Skill – Being one of the more top students in the kendo club and coming from a family who's practiced well with the blade and passed it on, Haro is pretty skilled with the soul of the samurai. Too bad he lacks the honorifics, he could probably be viewed as a very high class practitioner of Bushido.
Good sense of Humor & Easygoing – Not to say Haro can't be goaded into things with mocking, but he can be pretty laid back and tends to accept most jokes with a smile, as he also likes to joke around a lot. He won't take most jokes about him seriously.
Easily Motivated – If at some rare point Haro may second guess himself (that 0.5% chance of happening) or hell just not seem interested in something. You can always count on it being easy to motivate Haro. Be it boobs or the promise of boobs, Haro will be down! Haro is definitely not the type to mope and moan over something for a period longer than a minute or two.
Beautiful/Voluptuous Women – Haro can have a tendency to be controlled or fall for beautiful girls that can get him into trouble. A woman with ill-intent might find it rather easy to control Haro to some extent, this doesn't mean he's completely lost his sense though. Let's just say he has had his eyes quite heavily attached to Lilynet for obvious reasons.
Tendency not to eat enough – There's another reason Haro is so skinny. He literally tends not to eat a lot, sometimes just plain forgetting or sometimes just in fear of losing his physique. Therefore there can be occasions where he wears himself out easily due to hunger.
Over confidence in himself – Waaay too cocky, sometimes a bit too narcissistic, Haro can tend to get himself in trouble by writing checks with his mouth that he might not be able to cash. The true sadness is that he tends to never realize he has this weakness, so he never learns from it. One day this won't be a problem anymore, right? The law of averages!
Hardly takes things seriously – Much of life's struggles tends to be a game in Haro's eyes, and he has yet to really learn or care about a sense of seriousness and when to use it. This is a weakness that can easily backfire on someone who can be reckless.
Memory to detail – Haro tends to live life so fast and loose that he can often forget things that aren't very important to him easily. This can be a weakness when he's forgotten a certain weakness of an enemy, or how to deal with an attacker. Most of the time he just wings it.
Selective Attention Span – Haro has a tendency not to pay attention to things that don't interest him or things that he doesn't consider dangerous. It's speculated Haro has a decent case of ADHD, it was almost impossible for him to finish his homework throughout school.
Tendency to say the wrong thing/too much – It is inevitable, Haro may piss you off just from something he says that seems so insensitive or harsh. He truly doesn't mean things to be hateful or spiteful most of the time, but it is inevitable one may interpret it that way.
Equipment: Usually walking around without much at his side. Haro loosely carries Yen in his pockets and some in his shoes for safer keeping. One or two keys also sit in his pockets. He usually is wearing a pair of black finger-less gloves. Occasionally carrying a bokken (wooden sword) over his shoulder by a loose strap sling, though doesn't tend to do this unless he's going to practice. Haro does have a cellphone, but tends to leave it at home more often than he has it on him.
Likes: Women – As if it wasn't obvious~ Haro is a real hound dog when it comes to girls. He is typically seen as a guy who likes to hit on or discuss women a lot. Haro is particularly fond of larger boobs~ Maybe there is one girl out there good enough to be the right fit for him to end his constant search, who knows~
The Color Red – If one hasn't guessed, Haro likes the color red and often will devalue things unless they are red. Or, “This would look much cooler if it was red.”
Fast paced Rock/Metal – Haro sometimes refers to it as his 'Battle Music'. When there's a fight going on he likes to envision metal guitars shreddin' in the background!
Taunting/Mocking his enemies/rivals – If he gets em mad, surely they'll be more sloppy and/or put up a better fight! C'mon, let's speed this a** kickin' up!
Showing off – If there's a chance to show off, especially to a woman, Haro takes it and adores it. He likes to prove his superiority.
Parties – Haro is by no means a shy introverted guy, if there's a get together or a party, Haro is most certainly DOWN. It's the ultimate platform for him, he enjoys fun and showing off, it's really just perfect.
Cherry Soda – It red and sugary. Need more be said?
Favorite Food Steak. Medium rare, I'll eat a 20ozr I don't care, I'm starving~
Red Pandas – It's odd to think of Haro gravitating to a cute cuddly creature, but Haro has a weakness for Red Pandas... and if given the chance, would TOTALLY have one as a pet.
Dislikes: Failing/Being Beaten - With a swollen ego like Haro's, it's pretty aggravating to actually get beaten out right. He doesn't like to lose.
Being slowed down – Haro has somewhat of a distaste for things that take an eternity or are very drawn out. It bores him and just isn't very fun to him.
Being copied – One easy way to get under Haro's skin would be to try to copy what he does in combat or in action. It's certainly more of a slap in the face if you end up doing that thing better.
Quitters – “Get up, learn a lesson from the great Haro! Never say die, you wimp!”
Doing stuff the Hard/Unfun way – Haro prefers to do things the flashy, stylish, or cool easy way. Any other way just isn't worth the time and effort.
Uptight People - “Loosen up, You're like a... thing.. that doesn't bend well. Come back to me, I'll think of something..”
Books - People actually enjoy this? Soooo boringgggg....
Licorice – Blegh! Tastes like gross mixed with disgusting!
Lectures – Needless to say, Haro didn't care too much for school... he certainly doesn't like to be lectured on something he knows he can already do.
Fears: A bit deep seeded, Haro does have a fear of being alone, which somewhat explains his behavior to act out or act bigger than he really is. He just yearns for company interaction and fears not having any. He also has a bit of a fear of failure, not wanting to be viewed as inferior or worthless. He doesn't mope around on this issue, but it is apparent to him, that if he fails, he really does feel like a failure and takes it harder than he probably should. There is also the obvious fear that Red pandas could become extinct... Save the red pandas!
Family: Nobuo Oda (Father – Deceased of Cancer)
Mariko Oda (Mother – Alive) (Consistently described to Haro as a “Milf”)
Hideyoshi Oda ( Older Brother – Alive – Works on Ling Bao docks as a deckhand) (Haro currently lives with Hideyoshi)
Character history: The Oda name, once belonging to the unifier of Japan long ago, the great Nobunaga. Now a rare family crest spread around Japan. Of these, there was a great man named Oda Nobuo. An honorable and strong man who lived his life by ancient principals and teachings of Japan. Growing up through the second world war and the devastation it brought, Nobuo still held onto his great passion for his legacy. Meeting the beautiful Mariko, they began a family which would yield two children. The first born Hideyoshi, who went on to ignore Nobuo's philosophies mostly, citing the world just wasn't like the old times anymore. A bit distraught by this, then came Haro. A bit of an anomaly, the red haired and grey eyed child stunned both parents, but Nobuo felt something special within the young child. At young age Nobuo began to teach Haro the way of Kendo, and bushido... even going so far as to give him the brand of his family oath. Sure it hurt and caused his father great pain to brand his child at a young age, but he felt the marking upon his own shoulder blade and felt it's strength push him to know it was the right choice.

Alas, Haro too didn't much seem to be the ideal match to Nobuo's wishes. As he grew he noticed the young rambunctious Haro was an energetic child who never cared too much to sit down and listen to philosophies and teachings, only to hit stuff with the bokken he was given by his father. He knew he could teach the boy to fight, but not know why he fought. Regretfully, as he grew in age he knew it would have to be one or the other. Then cancer struck the aging man, cutting his strength in half, and eliminating what use to make the man the way he was. His aura and soul seemed to fade fast, even so much that the constantly moving Haro would slow down and look upon his father with a hint of sadness he had never felt. Before he went, he spoke to Haro,

“There are two secrets you must find for your own, boy. Two of which I wish I could tell you... but you still have much to learn, much to grow upon. Only then will you be ready... But I know you are destined for greatness, as our proud name will always dictate. Prove our name to the world... and to your brother. I enjoyed our time together, son.”

With that the life support systems let out a deafening beep that seemed to go on forever. Haro looked on in a strange mixture of sadness but indifference, unsure of what to think. Those two secrets his father spoke of haunted him somewhat as he went through his father's belongings. Retrieving his ancient katana made by renowned swordsmith, Soboro Sukehiro, he also retrieved a small banner bearing the crest of his family name. Taking it in his hands he held that bit of his father close to him always, but ultimately moved on with his life as he tended to do. Haro returned shortly to his old self, now with an even greater cockiness on his shoulders. As his father told him, he was destined for greatness... well it was time the world got a glimpse of the great Haro, right?! Let's rock!

Misc facts: -Haro is the most different of his family, having grey eyes and ruby red hair. Two things none of his family shares. His brother sometimes jokes that he is adopted, but his mother and father always steer clear of the question if he is or not. So it's anyone's guess.
-Haro's brother Hideyoshi was intended to be a successor in the Samurai way of his father but refused, wanting to make his own way. This left Haro to inherit much of his father's possessions when he passed away, including his rare ancient Edo Era katana.
-Haro has dabbled in some jeet kune do, but is by no means a martial arts practitioner outside of Kendo.
-Haro sucks at video games and knows it, tis' why he rarely plays them... because obviously, he hates losing especially to Katsumi.

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[12.0] Character Stats

Zoey Holender

Persona: Oya. In Yoruba mythology, she served as the spirit of magic, destruction, and guarded the underworld. She is a facilitator to the transition of death, somewhat like a guide from life into death.
Awakened Persona: Oshun. Also a Goddess in Yoruba mythology, she associated with marriage, love, harmony, and diplomacy. She is the protector of nner souls, and acts as the unseen mother who is present to every gathering, a watcher to ensure peace.
Special attack: Voice of Nightmares: With a piercing noise that strikes dread into the very heart of her foes, Zoey's malevolent, darker side briefly takes over, her cruel words empowered with Mudo and Bufu, freezing her foe in absolute zero and shrouding them in utter darkness. The attack also leaves a random status ailment on them. (Her most powerful ice and dark spell both attack, and a status ailment is left after damage)
Persona weapon: A Witch's staff that helps empower her spells and mimic other magical effects at a very small cost of her magic power.
Summon artifact: Her pocket-radio. It’s about the size of a flash drive it’s so small. Her father gave it to her last year as something he got during his travels. She hardly uses it, but it does remind her of her father who she cares deeply about.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Vitality: 4
Intelligence: 8
Mind: 5

Attacks: Bufu, Mudo, Tetrakarm, LifeDrain, Ice Boost, Bufula
Resistances: Ice
Weaknesses: Fire

[Social Links:] [The Lovers/Saori: 2] [Hanged Man/Sypher: 4] [Death/Chisame: 2] [The Chariot/Katsumi: 3] [Temperance/Kazune: 0 -Reversed-][The Sun/Batsu: 4] [Judgement/Hakuenae: Rank 1] [The Emperor/Hiromasa: 2] [The Tower/Akira: 1 ] [The World/The Group: 3]


Sypher Corinth

Persona: The Archangel Ezekiel~ was said to have been created Reapers in the 1st century B.C. Some legends say that a Reaper can be controlled by an angel, demon, or skilled sorcerer, although the Reaper itself has no interest in the sides of heaven or hell.
Persona weapon: Syphers weapon of choice is actually an extension of Reaper it self, taking the form of a scythe with a cutting edge on both sides of the blade. Its ability to cut and withstand blows completely relies on Sypher's belief in his own ability. Which is very low at first since at this point Sypher would have spent most of his teenage life making sure his family and sister got ahead and not really working on himself.
Summon artifact: The Misanga bracelet on his left wrist.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 4
Agility: 6
Vitality: 6
Intelligence: 4
Mind: 5

Attacks: Hama, Evil Touch, Resist Light, Me Patra, Rebellion, Fatal End.
Resistances: Light
Weaknesses: Dark

[Social Links:][Death/Chisame: 3] [Moon/Symphony: 5] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 2] [The Chariot/Katsumi: 2] [Temperance/Kazune: 2] [The Lovers/Saori: 1] [Devil/Seraphim: 1] [The Aeon/Victoria: 1] [Emperor/Hiromasa: 2] [The Tower/Akira: 1] [The Hierophant/Zoey: Rank 4] [The Sun/Batsu: 1] [Aeon/Victoria: 2] [The World/The Group: 4]


Matsui Kazune

Persona: Durga, a Hindu war goddess. She is another aspect of Parvati, love goddess and the wife of Shiva, just as the dark and violent Kali is another aspect of her. Durga represents independence, patience, fearlessness, and fierce compassion. She's often depicted carrying weapons and practicing mantras simultaneously, and is said to never lose her sense of humor, even during battle.
Persona weapon: Although Durga carries multiple weapons, Kazune gets a Saber and round shield.
Summon artifact: Her wallet, which was given to her by her parents when she first began getting an allowance. It contains her hard-earned money and pictures of her siblings. The wallet itself is plain brown leather, but she's sewn a few mascot characters onto it so her parents have a harder time telling it's the same one.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 6
Agility: 4
Vitality: 7
Intelligence: 3
Mind: 5

Attacks: Hama, Mudo, Slash, Tarukaja, Swift Strike, Firm Stance
Resistances: Slash
Weaknesses: Fire

[Social Links:] [Justice/Joseph: 5] [Chariot/Katsumi: 1] [Hierophant/Zoey: 0 -Reversed-][Priestess/Lina: 1] [The Lovers/Saori: 1 [Hanged Man/Sypher: 2] [The Magician/Jace: 2] [Emperor/Hiromasa: 3] [The Aeon/Victoria: Rank 1] [Death/Chisame: 1] [Sun/Batsu: 2] [The World/The Group: 4]


Batsu Date

Persona: Heimdall In Norse mythology he stood at the rainbow bridge leading to Asgard as a guard against attackers.
Persona weapon: A longbow that never seems to run low on arrows
Summon artifact: A photo of him and his adoptive mother on the day that Batsu was adopted.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 3
Agility: 7
Vitality: 2
Intelligence: 6
Mind: 7

Attacks: Garu, Analyze, Rakukaja, Marakukaja, Posumudi, Healing Wave
Resistances: Light
Weaknesses: Strike

[Social Links:] [Hanged Man/Sypher: Rank 1] [Chariot/Katsumi: Rank 3] [The Fortune/???: 1] [Temperance/Kazune: 2] [Priestess/Lina: 1] [Fortune/??? 1] [Death/Chisame: 2] [Hierophant/Zoey: 4] [Tower/Akira: 1] [Empress/Lilynet: Rank 4] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 1] [The World/The Group: 4]


Akira Takumi

Persona: Ares - Greek god of war. One of the great Olympians of Greek History.
Awakened Persona: Horus. God of Egyptian mythology, Horus is most known for being associated with war, power and healing. He is a protector, one who is to be a healer of the people and a driving force in combat.
Special attack: Phoenix: Searing a single opponent with a heavy fire assault, the amount of damage done to the enemy will be evenly divided among the party to recover their health.
(his most powerful fire spell hits an opponent for full damage, and heals each party member by the amount of damage he did)

Persona weapon: Long spear, over 5ft in length. The spear has a sharp edge which obviously is for stabbing or penitrating targets. And a hard blunt edge edge can be used for blunt force or pushing something away.
Summon artifact:His dog tag necklace that Akira always wears, it was given to him by his father so obviously it's important.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 8
Agility: 5
Vitality: 5
Intelligence: 3
Mind: 4

Attacks: Single shot, Agi, Provoke, Media, Maragi, Fire Break
Resistances: Fire
Weaknesses: Water

[Social Links:] [Hanged Man/Sypher: 1] [Death/Chisame: 1] [The Star/Gerald-Gertrude: 2] [The Strength/Daisuke: 1] [Emperor/Hiromasa: 2] [The Magician/Sindertech: 2] [The Chariot/Katsumi: 3] [The Sun/Batsu: 1] [Devil/Seraphim: 3] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 1] [Hierophant/Zoey: 1 ] [The World/The Group: 4]


Katsumi Saitama

Persona: In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified victory. She is seen with wings in most statues and paintings, while many other winged deities in the Greek pantheon had shed their wings by Classical times. Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and vicotry.
Persona weapon: A bright magenta-coloured rocket launcher with a rainbow stripe down the side and an endless supply of rockets.
Summon artifact: A pink USB Flash drive with a <3 on, full of photographs taken at tournament she's participated in and screenshots of scoreboards from tournaments that she participated in online.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 4
Agility: 7
Vitality: 4
Intelligence: 4
Mind: 6

Attacks: Cleave, Double Fangs, Tarukaja, Sukukaja, Marin Karin, Null Enervate
Resistances: Slash
Weaknesses: Electric

[Social Links:] [Priestess/Lina: 1] [The Magician/Sindertech: 1] [Justice/Joseph: 1] [Emperor/Hiromasa: 1] [Hierophant/Zoey: 3] [Devil/Seraphim: 1] [The Lovers/Saori: 4] [Hanged Man/Sypher: 2] [The Hermit/Meishi: 1] [The Strength/Daisuke: 1] [Star/Batsu: 2] [Tower/Akira: 3] [Death/Chisame: 1] [Moon/Symphony: 1] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 1] [Aeon/Victoria: 1] [The World/The Group: 4]


Qin Meishi

Persona: He Xiangu - The only female among the Daoist Eight Immortals, He Xiangu is said to have attained immortality by consuming a certain mystical stone. She is often associated with the fenghuang bird, and is seen as a paragon of feminine virtue.
Persona weapon: A set of katar in the shape of bird talons. A switch in the handle allows the blades to split into three separate 'claws' each, changing the damage type from pierce to slash - but it requires a turn to do so.
Summon artifact: A hand-made bracelet set with pearls her mother had given to her.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 4
Agility: 6
Vitality: 4
Intelligence: 5
Mind: 6

Attacks: Dia, Garu, Aqua, Dodge Strike, Dekunda
Resistances: Earth, Wind
Weaknesses: Pierce, Elec

[Social Links: [The Tower/Akira: 1] [The Chariot/Katsumi: 1] [The Justice/Joseph: 1] [The Star/Gerald-Gertrude: 1] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 1] [The World/The Group: 1]


Haro Oda

Persona: Miyamoto Musashi - The great ronin whose stories of excellent skill transform into legend, outweighing the true man himself yet growing with excellence. Musashi's philosophies as well as legendary prowess behind the blade give him a truly honorific name among the most revered of ancient Samurai.
Persona weapon: Kogarasumaru – (Meaning blade of the crow) An intricate katana curved blade seeping with pure red energy-like substance that forms the blade and runs off the mechanical-esque blade. Sword flame mechanics
Summon artifact: A small scarf bit baring the symbol of his family, obtained from his father's possessions on his death bed. Haro wears it around the side of his belt, with the symbol facing outward. Usually on the right side of his waist.
Aura color:: User Image

Strength: 5
Agility: 7
Vitality: 6
Intelligence: 4
Mind: 3

Attacks: Blade of Fury, Fatal End, Garula, Provoke, Wind Break,
Resistances: Wind
Weaknesses: Ice

[Social Links: [The Empress/Lilynet: 1] [The Lovers/Saori: 1 [The Chariot/Katsumi: 2] [The Hermit/Meishi: 1] [The Devil/Seraphim: 1] [Judgement/Hakuenae: 1]


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[13.0] NPCs and townsfolk
“Know the world and people around you, it can be your best weapon.”

Height charts of the NPCS and characters (thanks to Misc!) Ichan's height charts: PCS NPCs
(Refresh and zoom in twice for full size :b)

User ImageDaisuke Daichi: Height: 5'8" Weight: 128 lbs. Age: 18 Nationality: Japanese
A wizard with technology, and a natural genius, Daisuke has always been seen as that typical geek, often talking about the latest technology, or about how he just got the latest gear for his level 80 paladin. Rather stubborn at the worst of times, and bragging about his intellect at his best, it’s easy to see why at times, he isn’t very well liked. Fortunately, he’s been able to avoid getting beaten up by doing numerous students homework for them, while the ones who don’t have anything against him, he’ll offer to do it for a price. He also currently works at the Hobby shop, often seen upstairs in the gaming lounge where he hangs around tabletop gamers. He is one of the graduating students of class 3-B.

User ImageSeraphim Harmonia: Height: 5'4" Weight: 130 lbs. Age: 18 Nationality: Japanese - Swedish
A brash, insensitive, and even sadistic girl, Seraphim has grown a quick reputation of the girl you do not want to get on the bad side of. Both in school, and around town. She is said to be extremely wealthy too. Some say it’s from a rich family, some believe she’s actually a criminal and robs people and places, others think it’s because she’s the head to some gang. Whatever the case, Seraphim is a difficult girl to handle, but if you’re lucky enough to get on her good side, she’s been known to look out for the right people who she seems to like. No one knows either why she wears an eyepatch. Either way, the albino seems to have a self-loathing about herself, and takes it out on other people. She is one of the graduating students of class 3-B.
(Full Pic)

User ImageSaori Yokina: Height: 5'11" Weight: 139 lbs. Age: 22 Nationality: Japanese (Kyoto)
A twenty-one year old graduate of Tsukuyomi High, Saori is a carefree girl who still has not quite found her way in life. Though related to Kaede Yokina of Biolife Industries, thus making her rather wealthy, Saori has turned down any desires to become an heir to the company. Her family has still tried convincing her too, raising her in a rather aristocratic life style. However, Saori finds herself much more pleased with the Otaku world. Rather than working for the company, Saori trains to be a voice actor for animes and shows a strong will, talent, and dedication to such a desire, and has even done a few gigs. Currently she's in a rather difficult relationship with Niwatari Satoshi, and can be often seen around many of the town shops, or visiting Satoshi at the Koba Tofu Grill.
In public, to her boyfriend, and her friends, they believe her last name is Makishima, the girl never wanting to tell others about how she is an heir to the company, almost like she doesn't want to take such a position.
Also recently, Katsumi discovered that Saori is actually one of her gaming clan mates~
As well, she also ended up breaking up with Satoshi, but hasn't told anyone about it yet.
(Full Pic)

User ImageLina Quill: Height: 5'1" Weight: 92 lbs. Age: 18 Nationality: American
An eccentric conspirisist with a taste for fashion design, Lina was never very popular in school, but she never let that bring her down. Having moved in from America back when she was only nine, it’s hard to tell her American roots if you didn’t hear her name since she’s perfectly fluent in Japanse and knows the culture as well as any citizen. She’s a friendly and quite cheerful girl with a shorter, cute stature, but had it not been for the fact that she thinks half the world is filled with aliens and everything is a government conspiracy, it’s harder to get along with her than most would think. Still, she’s a good girl, with her heart in the right place, but her mind certainly isn’t. She is one of the graduating students of class 3-B.
It has also been revealed (at least to Seotta's knowledge) that Lina lives in a broken home with an abusive stepfather, currently seeking to leave.
(Full Pic)

User ImageMs. Hakunae: Height: 5'6" Weight: 134 lbs. Age: 28 Nationality: Japanese
The teacher of homeroom 3-B, and the schools math teacher, Ako Hakunae just started this year for teaching, young and inexperienced. Constantly she worries about making mistakes, not shy, just stuck in an inner struggle of self doubt with herself. Seen as a klutz and always forgetting things, she’s often tripping, losing students work, and arriving late to class. Regardless, she still tries her best and cares deeply for her students, but finds it to be a miracle that she made it to the end of the year without something horrible happening. It's also been revealed that she's quite the drinker.
(Full Pic)

User ImageMrs. Starla: Height: 5'10" Weight: 146 lbs. Age: 31 Nationality: American
A woman who easily takes the reward for ‘most shy,’ Lilynet Starla works as the school’s librarian. A bibliophile with an almost literal love of books and a sharp mind, Lilynet is a talented woman who is well respected in the school. Also, she is married to Lance Starla, the two seen as a perfect couple. But even so, she still has the self-confidence of a mouse, and stutters constantly in fear that she may say something wrong. None the less, she has never let a student down, and has even gone out of her way to going to the Onigashima library just to get a student a book. Having a bit of a mother-complex over her students, Lilynet has mostly been well liked by students and faculty, and as nervous as she is to admit it, she wouldn’t change that for the world.
Recently, after Lance's death from his Shadow and his past being changed because of it, Lilynet has been missing. Zoey discovered that she may have started working for the police force, but no one has confirmed this yet.
(Full Pic - Current)
(Full Pic - what she used to look like)

User ImageAlexson Bliss: Height: 6'1" Weight: 129 lbs. Age: 26 Nationality: Italian
A prodigy of a doctor from Italy, Alexson is Onigashima medical center’s top surgeon, and a genius in diagnosis. Being only in his mid twenties and graduating from his university at the top of his class, he was sponsored to travel here, to help show that Sindertech should commit some of their funds, research, and products to Italy. The young man seems to have it all, a good house, a well paying job, respect, and an amazing talent. And yet… in irony of his last name, he’s quite possibly the most miserable and depressed person on the face of the earth with an OCD to an extreme degree and is mildly autistic.
(Full pic)

User ImageJoseph Palmer: Height: 5'8" Weight: 152 lbs. Age: 26 Nationality: America
An American who was quite literally stranded on Japan when his funds ran out and he couldn’t catch a flight home, Joseph decided to turn a prophet doing what he does best; driving. Having done taxi servicing for years in America, and claiming to have experience in a more professional form of driving as a sport too, Joseph had a knack for getting around anywhere in a car, fast, efficient, and safely. So, he started small, just using a rental at first. Then over the course of nearly two years, he managed to start his own taxi service, which is now rivaling the subway systems in Onigashima in terms of transportation. He plans to one day make his company spread over Japan, and despite being the owner, he drives with the rest of his employees since he’d rather be on four wheels than in an office.
(Full Pic)

User ImageGerald/Gertrude Barcelonese: Height: 5'11" Weight: 142 lbs. Age: ??? Nationality: ???
The owner to the hair salon, Grateful Head, s/he has been seen all around Onigashima island for many years, known as the finest hairdresser and being quite a social butterfly among the islands patrons. None have yet to truly discern the barbers gender, as s/he will be in a suit one day, and then a frilly dress the next, even switching his/her name to suit the style. But, this has become widely accepted from him/her, as people have learned to look past that strange factor, seeing the barber as being a friend to just about everyone on the island, and always being a good host whether it’s at the barber shop, or the local bars.
(Full Pic)

User ImageSena Akagi: Height: 5'5" Weight: 132 lbs. Age: 21 Nationality: Japanese
A college student born and raised in Onigashima, Sena seems like your normal young woman until you get to know her. She's energetic and competitive, a lover of video games and actually going to college to become a game designer. At college, she runs the Games Research Club, and is a bit of a legend to her old game club back in High school. The girl has a deep fascination to hardcore yaoi and will happily rant about her fantasies the moment someone sparks anything that could even hint the topic. The girl is best friends with Seraphim, and seems to know Saori. There are hints that she used to have a lot of other friends, but they had 'moved on' six months ago, which she refuses to speak at all about.
(Full Pic)

User ImageTammy Naga: Height: 5'2" Weight: 106 lbs. Age: 21 Nationality: American
Another foreign exchanged student, though she came overseas in her college career, taking up a career in digital media and broadcast. A stern girl who is stale to humor, and sees things in a very pessimistic point of view, she's the type who prefers to be a bit of a loner. Friends with Saori due to being a member of her club, she met (Ruri Gokou) as well and became the best of friends with her. That is, until Ruri had to move unexpectedly about 6 months ago, shortly after a tragedy happened among her friends. Leaving Tammy with a gift, Tammy wears the cat ears she was given almost daily, and seems to follow in the footsteps of her friend who moved on and she rarely sees. Currently, she works at Onigashima's radio station in taking calls, screening them, and monitoring shows, one of them being Zoey's 'Rundown,' where the two are now friends even.
-It was revealed that she lived in California before moving to Japan three years ago, and is quite the YouTube Celebrity in America.
(Full Pic)

User Image Symphony Corinth: Height: 5'2" Weight: 129 lbs. Age: 16 Nationality: Mediterrainian
A first year in Tsukuyomi HIgh and younger sister to Sypher. She and her brother moved to Japan from the Mediterranean to make a better life for themselves. Young, bright, and energetic, Symphony made it a point to not disappoint her family and take school very seriously in every aspect, even joining the swim club to make sure her body was in peak form like her mind. It was that way of thinking that made her argue with her brother about why he didn't keep up with his studies and finish on time, but she came to understand why he made the decisions he did and while she doesn't say it enough, out of embarrassment for arguing before, she is grateful to him. A deep rooted secret that Symphony is sure that even her brother doesn't know about is that she is in fact an otaku and cos-playing fanatic, who sometimes even goes as far as to hide her costumes in her gym bag and use the excuse of having swim practice to got to anime events in them.

User Image Hideyoshi Oda Height: 5”10” Weight: 165 lbs Age: 24 Nationality: Japanese
Haro's older brother who moved out of home at age 18 and never looked back. Not really into the whole classic Japanese culture his father pushed, he went out and got a job on the Ling Mao docks where he works as a deckhand. Currently he opened his apartment spare room to his younger brother Haro since he currently has no job, Hideyoshi can best be described as a bit of a shady fellow, often staying out of the house all hours of the day and usually coming home with much more money than he can possibly earn from his job, also a good amount of alcohol. It's suspected Hideyoshi is involved in the Yakuza and has the blunt toughness and jerk personality one would expect that comes with the territory. He can often be harsh to many people in the way he speaks and often speaks about some people as if they aren't worth the air they breathe.

User ImageChisame Kotone: Height: 5'9" Weight: 138 lbs. Age: 19 Nationality: Japanese
Once a local resident of Onigashima and high school student of class 3-C, Chisame went missing six months ago without a single clue. In truth, she actually ended up in the Shadow World, and was trapped ever since. She claims she too met Igor and Victoria, and she and her friend(s) were the first group sent, but she hasn't seen them and doesn't wish to speak about them, and has been stuck here in the time of those six months. She too wishes to solve the mystery but also be free, but since she is fused with her Shadow, she is stuck for now, currently working with Hiromasa who she befriended. The girl is upbeat and athletic, but sometimes a little too cocky and not known for taking things too seriously. Her Persona is Freyja of the Death Arcana, her color/aura is gray, and her summoning artifact is a set of blue dice.
Persona moves known: Dia, Tera, Sukunda, Pulinpa, Scan
(Full Pic)

User ImageIgor: Though at first appearing to be a bizarre, aging man, Igor has shown to be a vital element to the awakening of the groups Personas. A Proprietor of the Velvet room where space transcends both dream and reality, he provides the group insight regarding their powers, emotional bonds, and even possible dangers that await their journey. Despite his rather striking appearance, Igor bears a calm and courteous demeanor, seeming to have a much greater knowledge of what is going on, but often reserving to disclose such information until a more ‘timely’ moment. He has called himself a ‘servant’ of Philemon.

User ImageVictoria: Height: 5'5" Weight: 119 lbs. Age: ??? Nationality: ???
A denizen of the Velvet room, Victoria is Igor’s current assistant. Her personality seems professional and sometimes a little cold at times, as if she is purposely distancing herself from the group, and only giving them the facts needed. However, she is actually quiet curious about the world that the humans dwell in, and what their lives are like, but she doesn’t want to drop her professional appeal to admit that. She has mentioned to be one of three sisters among those who assist in the Velvet room, and now acts as the current following in the footsteps Elizabeth and Margaret before her. (Full Pic)

User Image Kouta & Aiko Takumi : Younger brother and sister to Akira. This dynamic duo is the perfect pair. Kouta is energetic, dynamic and very blunt about things. Aiko is the more reserved, quiet twin, most often speaking up to say ludicrous things. Together their a duo who has learned a lot from their older brother. Despite being so young. The twins, after losing their father had resorted to spending more and more time with Akira, despite the relationship between Akira and their mother becoming sour. If not seen clinging to their brother you can find the Takumi twins clinging to each other. Wandering around looking for trouble, or wild accusations to make.

Sindertech's NPCs

User ImageJace Westworthi: Height: 5'9" Weight: 160 lbs. Age: 31 Nationality: English (???)
An Englishman who works for Sindertech, and is one of the top four research scientists, in charge of the computer engineering department. Like the other three head researches, Jace is not from Japan, but known to be one of the brightest minds in computer sciences in all of Europe, Sindertech paying him extremely well for his bright mind. Married and with a single daughter of 4 years old, Jace is seen about the town when not at work and lives in Onigashima, almost like he's been trying to avoid his family some, currently going through a troubling marital life. Often he can be found at the park of cafes, sometimes doing something as menial as drawing or watching the people go buy. A surprisingly calm and kind gentleman with a bit of charm despite his superior intellect.

(Full Pic)

User ImageCeleste Yari: Height: 5'4" Weight: 121 lbs. Age: 26 Nationality: Netherlands
The youngest of the four head Sindertech Scientists, Celeste is a genius without restraint, or without a very sound mind. She's actually labeled as the smartest of the four, and while her talent knows no boundaries, neither does her insanity. Though one could classify her as legally psychotic, she's safe -for the most part- and always gets the job done, and has a method to her madness. She's bright, cheerful, prone to random shouts, scatterbrained, and never staying in one emotion for long as she talks so fast it's hard to keep up, but aside from her random tests she might run on unwilling participants, she seems to have a good heart, and wants her experiments used for the right purpose. Though she usually works in the Northern Europe branch of Sindertech, she's been invited to stay at Sindertech's main branch in Onigashima for some ground breaking research, and is currently residing in whatever hotel can tolerate her.

(Full Pic)

User ImageMortimer Vitision: Height: 5'6" Weight: 131 lbs. Age: 33 Nationality: French
Considered to be Vangilis Sinder's right-hand man, Mortimer is a no-nonsense sort of guy who seems cold at first, and very blunt and to the point. however, there's a complexity to him that people only find once they get to know the intellectual and strict man. Past his textbook, rule enforcing nature is a man with dry humor, and a love for puzzles, word-games, and riddles, often known for throwing them around to keep people on their toes, and really finding a joy in them. He works constantly around the clock, and hardly gives himself a break, practically the lifeblood of Sindertech. He's even known for sleeping in the facility rather than going home. Currently, like the rest of the scientists, he's staying over in the Onigashima's research facility for a very important research project he has become obsessed over.

(Full Pic)

User ImageGianna Garnet: Height: 5'7" Weight: 132 lbs. Age: 30 Nationality: American/Italian
The 'motherly' one of the four head scientists, Gianna is a hard working but always has a relaxed, calming aura about her, never seeming to break a sweat. People see her as always being 'in the moment' and in tune with things, with a sharp intuition and never stressing. People around her often become motivated and work harder, though some rumor that she's not afraid to use her sex-appeal sometimes to get what she wants. Gianna also has been pointed out for having terrible luck, where things may almost always seem to go well for her, but then when it goes wrong, it goes very wrong for her. The woman works in the New York branch of Sindertech normally, but like the rest of the scientists, she's been invited for a special project at the main Sindertech building in Onigashima, where she currently rents a home and can be seen around town when not working.

(Full Pic)

Characters who are no longer in Onigashima, but once played a role

“Though gone, you are not forgotten.”

User ImageEugene Ivon: Height: 5'4" Weight: 136 lbs. Age: 18 Nationality: England (Wales)
A foreign exchanged student from England, he arrived last year just before school started. An intelligent and hard working young man, he first came to Japan as part of an exchange program to learn about Japan. But, after his days of being bullied, and becoming a well respected student of Tsukuyomi High School, Eugene has become attached to it all, not wanting to leave. His parents plan to take him back once he graduates, and so he is soon to begin packing. But Eugene is willing to even become estranged if it could mean staying for even just one more year. He is one of the graduating students of class 3-B.
Reason for leaving: At the graduation party, Eugene had become a terrifying Wind and Lightning wielding Shadow, attacking the group without mercy in the unnatural world of gray and stone. Defeating him, the group awakened their Personas, but at the cost, Eugene seems to be gone for good. In fact, no one in Onigashima seems to even remember him, as if he never existed...
(Full Pic)

User ImageLance Starla: Height: 5'10" Weight: 152 lbs. Age: 30 Nationality: American
Owner of Shiroi Tsuki Café, Lance is a young, married man who has always told himself that he’s never quite matured, even after he and his wife moved to Japan. Laid back, a little childish, and always looking at the brighter side of things, he opened the café for students to come to after school, and has made a successful little business for himself. Because of his youthful nature, he tends to understand the younger crowd, even among their inside jokes or chatter about teen gossip, even making references himself through the items on his menu. A master at the bar and serving drinks, and even doing favors for the teens while knowing nearly every one of their names and faces, it’s no wonder he has such a success with his café, and why almost every student gets along with him.
Currently, his Shadow is on the loose.
Lance's Shadow awake, and due to this, he not only died, but his history was changed to compensate, saying three months ago he died in an explosion from a gas leak in his cafe.
Reason for leaving: Lance's shadow took over in a most exlosive display, and right in front of our heroes as well, becoming a violent shadow they had to put down, much like Eugene. His death changing his history, and Lilynet's, causing his death to appear like it happened 3 months ago in a gas leak-explosion
(Full Pic)

User ImageTaketani Yoko: A student at Onigashima East High, Yoko is a sixteen year old girl with a lot of attitude. She’s pretty, friendly, and loves to be active. Her passion at the moment is gaming. A member of the <3 clan, she’s hellbent on breaking into the top five and getting some respect in the clan for her skills. Of course, she is reasonably respected by her fellow clanmates, but she loves to be the best at anything she does. She enjoys racing games and first person shooters.
Reason for leaving: Due to family business, Yoko was forced to move out of town with them, her father getting a unique offer in Tokyo Japan that he just couldn't refuse.

User ImageSeotta Uehara: Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 lbs. Age: 18 Nationality: Japanese (Okinawan)
The self proclaimed "Pirate Queen" of Onigashima, and a member of the Persona group. A fun loving tomboy of a girl with a wacky attitude and penchent for the dramatic -all in pirate theme- the girl is a part of the Persona group, having been there since the beginning, when Eugene's shadow struck, and the groups Persona powers had awakened. Though she doesn't take anything seriously, her heart is always in the right place, and she's grown to be a valuable asset to the group, reckless and headstrong, but brave and protective. The girl's family runs a seafood shop in the Ling Bao Harber district, the family having a hard time putting up with the girl who doesn't seem to take anything seriously, hoping she'll 'grow up.' Her Persona is Selene, the Greek’s archaic lunar diety. Her body is entirely composed of water.
Reason for leaving: She went missing on the night of March 11th in the snowy storm. No one has been able to find her, or realizes she was killed that night...

User ImageNiwa Satoshi: Height: 5'11" Weight: 141 lbs. Age: 22 Nationality: Japanese
A graduate of Tsukuyomi High, Satoshi is a twenty-two year old male with a "cool guy" aura. An all-around "good guy", Satoshi is friendly and sociable with everyone, if a bit awkward at reading the atmosphere from time to time. Reliable and a hard-worker, Satoshi is sometimes seen as boring and doesn't seem to let himself loose enough. The young man's plans for the future include becoming a chef and starting his own restaurant. To that end, he's worked as a cook at a variety of cafes and restaurants since his last year of high school.
Reason for leaving: Recently, he broke up with Saori, and is soon moving out to France where he was offered an apprenticeship with an elite cook. The next morning, he was already packing up and making his leave from Onigashima.
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[14.0]Soundtrack and Links
“Let the rhythm of your heart, soul, and surroundings be your escape.”
(The links have the original song name in it. This way, if a youtube link breaks, we still know the song and can find another link to the song and know what it was still~ )

Character themes

Zoey: Ronald Jenkees - Clutter
Zoey (Battle): DJ Amuro - AAA Full

Katsumi: Yugioh -Toon World theme
Katsumi (Battle): Gundam Wing - Black Wind invites to the death

Kazune: Kanon - Last Regrets (instrumental)
Kazune (Battle): Kill La Kill - Ira Gamagori theme

Hiromasa: FFVI - Searching for Friends Mix
Hiromasa (Battle): Ryu ga Gotoku 3 - Lyricism without tears

Akira: Mabinogi - Hamlet Music
Akira (Battle): Mabinogi - Boss Uroboros

Sypher: Baccano! - Kioku no Tegami
Sypher (Battle): Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks

Batsu: Chrono Cross - Arni Village - Another World
Batsu (Battle): Chrono Cross - Between Life and Death

Haro: Thousand Suns (DW7th Mix)
Haro (Battle): DW8 - Cyclonized Typhoon

Meishi: Creid (Xenogears) - October Mermaid
Meishi (Battle): Kaigetsu Ai ni Shisu - The Oceanic Moon Dies in Indigo | (Lyrics here)

NPC themes

Satoshi: Baccano! - Nagai Nagai Yume no Naka no Utage

Seotta: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Itsumo no Fuukei

Saori's light side: Pretty Light - Yellow Bird
Saori serious side: Mogwai - May nothing but happiness come through your door

Lina: Tycho - PBS/Kae

Daisuke: Ronald Jenjees - Speaker 1, Speaker 1

Victoria: Eden of the East - JUIZ

Seraphim: Mirrors Edge - Alcorus: Shine
Seraphim (Combat): Melty Blood Actress Again - The End Of 1000 Years

Chisame: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbrush Symphony [Withered Remix]

Jace: Analogue: A Hate Story - The Ryus

Celeste: Vib-Ribbon - Sunny Day

Gianna: Megaman ZX Gigamix - Awake

Mortimer: Mass Effect 2 - Illusive man / Crinkles Remix

Ms. Hakunae: Dave Johnson - Smoke Rings in the Dark

Lilynet: (Past) Samurai Legend Musashi - Mystical Princess
Lilynet: (Present) Samurai Legend Musashi - Mystic Princess (Casual Version)

Lance: Bartender anime - Hemmingway's Daiquiri

Joseph: Miika Mettiainen - Night Sky Anthem

Gerald: Homestuck - Hate You

Gertrude: Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru - 7-weights

Sena: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru - One Note Saturday Night

Tammy: Black ★ Rock Shooter animation - Snap

Symphony: AnoHana - Last Train home


Eugene: Homestuck - Candles and Clockwork

Alexson: Massive Attack - Teadrop

Plot point music

Intro (Page 2) Current theme: New Days (Persona 4)

Eugene's Shadow: Soul Eater - Krieg

Personas awaken! (Shadow Eugene fight): Persona 4 - Reach out for the truth

Aftermath of Shadow Eugene: DeathNote - Light's Theme

Velvet Room: Persona 3 - Velvet Room

Zoey's radio show 'The Rundown': Ronald Jenkees - Piano wire

Yuan Shi park: Kenmochi Hidefumi - Thousands

Shadow world theme: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - Trauma

Lance's Shadow (In the shadow world): HomeStuck - Dead Shuffle : Midnight Crew

Lance's Shadow domain: HomeStuck - Ante Matter : Midnight Crew

Chisame and Hiromasa sneaking through the shadow world: The Last Remnant - Breakers on the Shore

Chisame and Hiromasa standoff against the group: DeathNote - Tokusou Kira han

Enemy Shadows appear!: Hiroyuki sawano - Stray

Hadouken Haven theme: GetBackers - Gymnopedie

Lance's cafe theme: DemonBane - Arkham City

Hiromasa's night life: The Secret of Cape West - Man's Back

Lance's Shadow awakens: Ace Combat Zero - Unexpected

Lance's Shadow fight: Devil May Cry 3 - Damned Chess Battle

The consequences of defeating a shadow: Persona 3 - Their Own Past

Seraphim sneaks into Akira's: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Door of truth

Game tournament: Halo 2 - 3rd Movement of the Odyssey

Zoey speaking to her shadow: HomeStuck - The Lost Child

Zoey steps into the shadow world to join her shadow: Sigma Harmonics - Watcher of the Time of Disasters

Chisame hunting Ameko: Armored Core 5 : Protrude

Zoey's shadow world: Armored Core 3: Mode

Zoey's shadow minions fight: Armored Core 5: Why don't you come down (instrumental)

Zoey's shadow gives Akira the choice to kill Zoey himself: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - Main Theme

Zoey's shadow rises to power: Dead Rising - Undercover Scheme

Zoey Shadow fight: Umineko - Bernkastel's theme : The Executioner

Zoey's Shadow fight: Frozen Hell: Umineko - Strip (Rougoku)

Zoey awakening her new Persona: Umineko - Look Back

The new Lilynet: FF8 - The bluest fields (tribute)

A bright new day in Onigashima: OC ReMix Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Streets of Whiterun

Saori dealing with her sister: Jake Chudow - Going Down

Saori and Symphony's friendship: Mogwai - Take me Somewhere Nice

Chisame's memories: Umineko - Discolor

Party at Satoshi's house!: Oreimo - Nenrei te no Ikou!

Kings Game - Round 1 - Ameko: Renai circulation (english)

Kings Game - Round 2 - Sypher: Suzumiya Haruhi - Higeki no Heroine

Kings Game - Round 3 - Akira: FF6: Slam Shuffle

Kings Game - Round 4 - Saori: Oreimo - Baka no Aniki!

Kings Game - Round 5 - Katsumi: BlazBlue - Comedy

Saori and Satoshi's breakup: Kanon - The Day When I Waited For The Wind

Zoey's apology with Kazune: Nujabes - Mystline

Zoey's truck: Hatsune Miku - Append tractrix

Akira's beating from the culprit:My favorite things - Maria productions

Seotta seeking the truth at the pier: Castlevania symphony of the night - Coliseum

Akira's shadow world: MikroMatique - Under Construction

Akira's six shadow guardians: Accel World - Inner Paradise

Seotta discovers the culprit: The Last Remnant - Creeping Shadows

Seotta loses, her death at hand: Umineko - Rose Crimson

Seotta's death: Alan Wake - Tom the Diver

Akira's shadow rises to power: KPM music - Dark intentions

Akira's True Shadow fight: Noragami - Roar of God

A melancholy morning (Sypher/Symphony) Baccano! - In the Speak Easy

Sindertech's job fair: Death Note - Kitai

Sindertech's 4 scientists: Portal 2 - Robot waiting room #1

Katsumi's presentation of awesome: Final Fantasy Unlimited - Cid the Genius Scientist

The two strangers who know too much: Crises Core: FF7 - Dark Suits

Sypher and Zoey, almost: irisu Syndrome - I Didn't Talk to Anyone Again Today

The third shadow grows/Sindertech Scientist's madness: Corpse Party - Dead Patient

Third shadow fight: Corpse Party - Book of Shadows

Meishi becomes a member of the Persona group: Analogue A Hate Story - Hyun-Ae (innocence) ]

“What if I told you… the world you know was just half of what there truly is?”

User Image

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[15.0] Banners, art, misc
“Even in chaos, one can still find beauty.”

User Image User Image

[ Pics used in RP scenes/posts ]

(Images that may have been edited or taken online, but are good for referance to events or objects.)

Symphony's Road Cosplay

Gerald's Buggy

Zoey's Truck

Saori; 'You've been shown who is the boss!'

The Takumi twins: Aiko and Kouta

Chisame's Loneliness

Chisame's memories: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Onigashima at night from the mountainside

Saori, have a beer!

Kazune, have a beer, ..and more~!

Saori's break up

A regular at the shooting range

Satoshi and Saori photo

Saori's old group

Katsumi Critical

Zoey Critical

Batsu's scan results

Seotta's death

Sindertech Logo

Sindertech Building

Katsumi's clan: Azki, Saori1, Saori 2, Ace1, Ace2, Ayumi1, Ayumi2...fail, Ayumi2

Saori's business attire

Katsumi's business attire

Batsu's puppy

Gianna's dismay 1, and 2

Lina's wacky drawing/directions to Batsu


W A R-yoro's Akira face-shot~

Misc's Fire Emblem sprites of Katsumi, Zoey, Seotta, and Kazune

Misc's Fire emblem Zoey and Batsu

OOLoves sketch: Zoey

OOLs: Chibi Chisame

ShadowOfIces Persona Scribblenauts

The Katsumi trap, by Misc. ;D

The big ol' relationship chart

Because the Poll demanded this

Solid Seotta by OOL

Wearing a dress is hard by Misc.

Katsumi with rocket launcher by OOL

Batsu sketch by OOL

Omfg adorable chibis! Bought by Misc

Epic battle picture: bought by our summery of gold~

Maid/Butler cast by Misc: Zoey, Sypher, Hiromasa, Kazune, Seotta, Batsu, Katsumi, Akira



The female party members as playboy bunnies

Sypher's Harem

Katsumi's Harem(?)


Do you want to build a snowman?

Or make a gunpla in the hall?

Misc really likes Frozen, can you tell?

Never too dead for cosplay

Kazune does not get along with vents

Saturday Spoilers

Miscs Personamon sprites

Misc's tracings of Ichan's height charts: PCS NPCs
(Refresh and zoom in twice for full size :b)

Google maps view of Onigashima, with and without districts labeled.
(Same deal as the height charts for full size)

[ Misc's Gaia-Persona avis! ]

Gaia avis from Misc

Genderswap Males to Female Gaia avis from Misc

The whole Persona cast as Gaia avis from Misc

Fire Emblem versions of the group in Gaia form, from Misc

Females gender-bent to males, Gaia avi style

[ Angel Glory's sprite work! ]

Main characters as Sprites

MC's (unfinished) room

MC's (mostly finished) apartment

Residential area are outside MC's apartment building
Outside Shiroi Tsuki Cafe

Outside Shiroi Tsuki Cafe at night

Shiroi Tsuki Cafe, including karaoke stage

A rather out-of-place door...

The Velvet Room (standing where Victoria should be)

A nice little garden in a big city

(Extremely unfinished)Yuan Shi Park

Oh God, what kind of horrible map is this?!

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