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Birth of the Golden Age

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    The Rules

    On Posting

    ~ No Godmoding or Auto-hitting. Killing characters without permission is out of the question. This will be dealt with SEVERELY. Since I feel like being a little nice, you get two warnings before I boot you and kill off your character.
    ~ Follow the Gaia TOS. Romance is encouraged and Violence and Gore is fine but keep it within limits.
    ~ Do not join if you do not intend to stay. I detest it when people join, post once or twice and then vanish. If this happens, I will kick you out and will NOT let you rejoin the RP. PM me if you'll be disappearing, if not, i'll assume that you've dropped out after one week .(See? I'm nice.)
    ~This is a semi-lit to adv.-lit rp. I know that I am not the best at coming up with something to say, but I am always trying to get at least lit. So you can to.

    On Characters

    ~ All profiles are to be sent to me by PM. The title of the PM must be 'Adventure' for Pirates, 'Justice' for Marines and 'Ambition' for Bounty Hunters. Only after I have approved the character can you post him/her on the profile topic.
    ~ As of now there is a limit of 3 characters per person. Only one devil fruit users per person!
    ~ ALL Devil fruit, cannon and non cannon are up for grabs unless they are reserved for plot purposes. A List of Taken Devil fruit may be found below.
    ~ Powerful Devil Fruit users (eg.Logia & Mythical Zoan) CANNOT have above average strength/Non-DF abilities. This is to prevent overpowering. DF like this should be greatly weakened when their powers are taken away.
    ~ All Haki will start at a dormant or basic level. High level moves like Soru ect. are also banned for now until we reach the grand line, with the exception of Division members and NPC's.
    ~ Do NOT give your characters a bounty. Bounties are based on their exploits and will be decided by me during the RP. Also do not question your bounty when given!
    ~ Do NOT overpower your characters. They should start out at a low power level seeing as story has just begun. There will be TS's and opportunities to gain more power. There are no ranks above captain for both marines and pirates till after a time skip.
    ~ If you've made any changes to your characters please inform me so I can take a look and approve.
    ~ Please tell me which crew you'd like to join, but note that if you choose a crew that's to popular, I might have to reassign you,
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    Dapper Hunter

    T h e S t o r y S o F a r

    Many years have passed since the age of The Straw Hat Pirates and the famed pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy who reigned the seas as one of the greatest adventurers and pirates that ever existed. However, the straw hats met their match at the battle for the new world, eventually falling to the overwhelming forces of the marines and the world government. The world government has brought new peace and order to the people of the world. The era of piracy seemed to have died down with the times, becoming almost non-existent, as the adventures of the straw hats became no more than myths and legends passed through generations by hearsay...

    Until now.

    A document has surfaced from the depths of the mysterious past, the last will and testament of Monkey D. Luffy. Although the world government fought to suppress it, a small excerpt was stolen by revolutionary forces and announced across the word:

    ❝The legacy of the straw hats, our treasure, i have left it hidden in the grand line. Nine 'keys' exist in this world. One for each crew member, for each story, for each friend. Scattered through the land, sea and sky lie the keys that will lead to our treasure...

    And the legendary One Piece.❞

    So just as Gold Rodgers declaration the generation before, the promise of treasure brought about the beginning of the next golden age of piracy. A race to find the straw hats nine keys began.

    Faced with such a threat, the world government could not do nothing, not after the events of the last pirate era. A hunt began to exterminate these new pirate crews, the marines coming down upon them with brutal force, unwilling to risk a repeat of the previous age...

    Now you stand at the crossroads of destiny. Will you choose the side of the pirates, hungry for adventure, or will you choose the side of law and order with the marines?

    The choice is yours to make.
    W e l co m e x T o x T h e x G o l d e n x A g e
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    Aji Aji no Mi (Flavor Flavor Fruit) -

    Z o a n F r u i t s

    Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Bison (ウシウシの実 モデル野牛(バイソン)
    Tori Tori no Mi, Model Falcon (トリトリの実 モデル隼(ファルコン)
    Inu Inu no Mi, Model Dachshund (イヌイヌの実 モデル ダックスフンド)
    Mogu Mogu no Mi (モグモグの実)
    Inu Inu no Mi, Model Jackal (イヌイヌの実 モデル ジャッカル)
    Uma Uma no Mi (ウマウマの実)
    Neko Neko no Mi, Model Leopard (ネコネコの実 モデル豹(レオパルド)
    Zou Zou no Mi (ゾウゾウの実)
    Inu Inu no Mi, Model Wolf (イヌイヌの実 モデル狼(ウルフ)
    Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Giraffe (ウシウシの実 モデル麒麟(ジラフ)
    Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu (ヒトヒトの実 モデル:大仏) -

    L o g i a F r u i t s

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    Mera Mera no Mi (メラメラの実) -
    Gomu Gomu no Mi (ゴムゴムの実)
    Suna Suna no Mi (スナスナの実) -
    Goro Goro no Mi (ゴロゴロの実) - Lethaniel D. Devonheart (Ikiru Koto Nagedasanaide)
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    Toro Toro no Mi (トロトロの実) -
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    P i r a t e s
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    M a r i n e s

    U n k n o w n

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    Dapper Hunter

    P i r a t e H u n t e r s
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    T h e B o u n t i e s

    Emerarudo G. Flex - 60,000 bellis
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    Devonheart D. Lethaniel

    Going to deliver Bink's Sake
    We are pirates, slicing through the seas
    The waves our pillows, the ship our roost
    Flying the proud skull on our flags and sail

    Now comes a storm through the far-off sky
    Now the waves are dancing, beat upon the drums
    If you lose your nerve, this breath could be your last
    But if you just hold on, the morning sun will rise

    It has been exactly one month and a week since Lethaniel started his adventure of being a pirate, and exactly one week since his grandfather, his hero, died. The once crowded fishing boat, now feels empty, but that wont bring Lethaniel down. The sun was still shining and the ocean was still pushing him to an unknown destination. "So I need a navigator, a cook, a doctor, and a shipwright. A first-mate is a must too. and I would like musician in my crew to. If only I could play an instrument..." A slight smile crawled onto Lethaniel's face as his thought about what kind of people he would like in his crew, his nakama. "As long as they like to go on adventures and they don't mind me singing, anyone is allow in my pirate crew!" He threw his arms up into the air like a champion winning the tournament. "Speaking of me singing, Grandfather.... this one is for you."

    "Yo-hohoho...." Softly and quietly, Lethaniel started singing both his and his grandfather's favorite song. A song of the old pirates and sadly, a song that is no longer sung, Bink's Sake. "Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo. Umikaze kimakase namimakase..." Lethaniel's grandfather taught Lethaniel the song when he was four and the two of them sung it every night right before the young Lethaniel when to sleep.

    Then there was a sudden crash, and Lethaniel's sing was ended with him falling over the small boat's side. "Well I found land." Lethaniel's said laughing as he got up and brush the sand off his shirt and wring some of the water out of his pants. "I wouldn't expect that I would start my adventure without you Grandfather so soon. But all I ask for is that you just watch out for me and keep a plate ready if I am to join you soon."

    Where: The beach of an unknown island
    Who: Me, myself, and I
    Condition: Excited and can't wait for his adventure to begin
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    Hilarious Codger

    I am the horseman; I'm mentally mad
    xxxxx۞ See through the darkness ۞
    xxxxxxxxxx No matter how dark the night,
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx somehow the sun rises once again
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and all shadows are chased away;

                                                B r i l l i a n c e xxx I n s a n i t y
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                                Not far from the beach that Lethaniel landed upon sat a city, or maybe a town that was just a little larger than the usual one. The place was rather large and seemed to be thriving with people. The harbor was filled with ships of all types, a few marine ships dotting the the docks as well. This was certainly a place under the control of the government, but it didn't seem like most were doing their job. Well, at least to Roland it didn't seem like they were doing their jobs. Most seemed to be lazily sitting around watching people go by as if it was just a daily routine. There could be a pirate in this crowd! A filthy, horrible pirate that was walking among these innocents! Why weren't they getting up and checking everyone for weapons. It would just take a few men to check a few thousands of people. Roland wasn't the best when it came to thinking logically about a situation. He was always making the smallest things incredibly serious when it came to pirates. However, he just let out a sigh and let it go this time.

                                                "I know I got a new ship assignment, but I the damn idiots forgot to give me the damn name of the ship I was supposed to be on." Mad Eye said as he glared down at a document within his hands. All the document said was, "You have been transferred to another ship because of your performance. Please, do not go so trigger happy that you blow up a keg of gunpowder again." What the hell was with that bull s**t!? It was just an entire side of a marine ship that got taken out! Easily, a day or so of work if they had a dedicated crew. Again, Roland wasn't the best when it came to logic. He had been reassigned like this multiple times now and he was sure his head would soon be on the chopping block... Literally. He let out a long sigh as he crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it over to a relaxing marine. Before the marine could even react, Mad Eye began to walk away from him and towards a local bar.

                                                The scary eyed, young man pushed the swinging doors and tried to make his way to the counter. He got caught in the doorway when the rifle strapped across his waist his the sides of the door from. He looked like an idiot as he got pushed back out by the doors and his own rifle. Some people laughed at his stupidity and watched as he walked back in with the rifle now positioned so it wouldn't catch the door. Roland's eye slowly went over them all, the group still laughing, and scowled at them. They seriously had no respect for a damn marine in this town. Maybe, if all of them died, they'd learn a lovely lessons. Wait, none of them would be alive to learn anything... Still, worked for Roland. An evil smile came to his face from the thought, one that freaked the female bartender as Roland approached the counter. What the hell was this freak of a marine going to order!? "Milk, please." Roland said with a pleasant smile. The girl blinked a few times and handed Mad Eye milk. Soon, the young man was happily sipping on it.

                                                ( Short post. It'll get longer as I get back into RPing. Hehe )

                                                M y xxx T h e m e xxx S o n g

    Even in the darkest of timesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I can see my own path clearlyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    And will light my own wayxxxxxxxxxx
    Glowing as bright as firefliesxxxxx

    And in the darkest hour of night
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    The soft humming of an incoherent tune in the back of the 'Purple Nurple' bar, rang out in an odd tone, it was clearly melancholy, yet having a hint of cheeriness to it, almost saying that it was cheery about being melancholy. Dark blue almost black hair covered the man's hair in the back who's eye's cut quickly to the front door staring at the man who entered. Mad Eye Roland... The name received from his optic prowess and impeccable aim. Flex sighed hoping the maniac didn't recognize him as he turned his glass of single barrel whiskey straight up, letting the burn slide down his throat. With a heavy exhale he expelled the burning sensation from his throat by oxygenating the remaining alcohol with his heavy breathing. It wasn't that big of a deal to get into a fight with a marine, however he was attempting to be low key until he had found himself a some people to join his crew out here. If he wasn't mistaken this was Lougetown he was in though he hadn't yet spotted the gallows.

    Turning back over to the marine Flex smirked as he motioned for the waitress to come over to him. Shuffling his arms around he removed them from his sleeves, for more freedom of movement, the blue coat he wore was new and it was making his shoulders stiff. The waitress was kind of dingy and seemed to have forgotten who she was coming over to, despite Flex sitting directly in front of her. Reaching out gently he grabbed the woman by the wrist and firmly pulled her over to him to catch her attention. "Oi I'll have 10 shots of some more of that single barrel whiskey, two bowels of your cabbage soup I keep hearing about, and tell that marine over there to come join me." He said his grabbing her catching the attention of the bartender who moved her hand out of sight, Flex guessing she was reaching for the pistol they had hidden behind the counter. With a smile to show he meant no harm he released her, the dull witted yet beautiful young woman blinking as the bartender did when the marine ordered his drink and food.

    The ex-sailor didn't expect much from the food, and truthfully he could've made his way somewhere and away from the marine where he could've gotten some supplies to cook himself something, but that might involve using his power. There was also a risk of this marine recognizing him, though when he was enlisted he would have been in a completely different department and division. But Flex had a plan, that didn't involve leaving, in fact he felt as if that might make himself appear suspicious. As he sat there he watched the waitress run over to the bar tender about the drinks, then tapping mad eye on the shoulder to catch his attention. "Umm excuse me Sir...That gentleman over there seems to want you to have some cabbage shots with him and whiskey soup!" Sitting in the back Flex had a surprised and let down look on his face. Is she serious...? Sighing with a slightly amused chuckle he raised his hand to get the marine's attention, waiting for the man to come over and join him. If all went well he would have not only a crew but other goals achieved by the time he left this town.

    Location: Bar in Lougetown
    Mood: Astounded at how ditsy the waitress is...with a hint of sneakiness
    Company: Mad Eye Roland
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    Hilarious Codger

    I am the horseman; I'm mentally mad
    xxxxx۞ See through the darkness ۞
    xxxxxxxxxx No matter how dark the night,
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx somehow the sun rises once again
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and all shadows are chased away;

                                                B r i l l i a n c e xxx I n s a n i t y
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                                                Mad Eye was just finishing his first glass of milk before the woman came up. A very content smile was upon his face he licked the final remnants of the drink from his lips. He didn't really care for alcohol in the end. He wasn't able to hate such drinks since he never had one in his life. Truthfully, it might have been the thought of losing control of his body that frightened the young marine. His knowledge about alcoholic drinks were completely based off stories and observations. He would watch on as other marines got completely hammered and then fall onto the ground, amused by the sight really. What would happen if there was a pirate attack right then, or some hit man that was just waiting for a chance? Roland always wanted to be ready for anything that this world threw at him, or just whatever the pirates threw at him. Becoming drunk would just become a disadvantage for him and turn into a victory for some pirate.

                                                His head whipped around quickly as Roland felt a tap upon his shoulder and went inside his coat. He seemed ready to draw his weapon and send the girl to an early death right then. He had a murderous look in his eyes they came to rest upon his target. However, when he saw that it was a woman behind him, he caved into an entirely new personality in an instant. His mouth curled up into a sweet smile and a light blush appeared on his cheeks. His head slowly came out of his coat, a clinking noise was created as he did so. Apparently, he was holding the gun just then, but let it slide back into the strap, the bayonet tapping against another gun within the coat. He let the hand go up behind his head and scratch it. The boy had gone from a guard dog to nothing but a tiny, harmless puppy. One foot swung as he began to address the girl's message, "O-Oh, I see. Well, thank you so much. You're such a sweet girl for telling me that. I-I bet you get that a lot, huh? Well, I should best be going and doing what you told. Time to take some cabbage shots and eat some whiskey soup?" He got out of the chair and began to walk while thinking about what he just said. His eyes went blank as he went over to Flex.

                                                "Cabbage shots.... Cabbage shots... Cabbage..." The young man repeated over and over with each step he took towards Flex. His mind was just now catching up after a long period of being away in some place of pure stupidity. He was never the best with women, and it only got worse since it pretty much made his brain stop functioning. Only when he reached Flex's table in the 'Purple Nurple' bar did he realize what the hell had been said. However, he didn't quite work out that the woman was a complete idiot and got the items mixed up. His eye twitched with anger once before he broke into a violent outburst. "Cabbage shots!? How can a man enjoy his cabbages if he doesn't savor it! All you're doing is quickly drinking it down, not letting the taste warm your mouth with its sweet flavor! Only someone truly evil would enjoy cabbage shots and whiskey s-.... soup? Wait..." Roland turned his head to look back at the waitress and let out a long sigh. He then turned his head back to Flex and cracked a smile.

                                                "I must look like an idiot right now..." Mad Eye said as he took a seat with Flex and let his head drop in shame. Every single damn time! He consistently made a fool of himself when it came to women. In his embarrassment, Roland hadn't taken a good look over his companion and thought this all through. He just kept his eyes downcast upon the table and thinking about how much of an idiot he was. It didn't really matter though. Mad Eye didn't have his checkbook with him at the moment to see if the person before him was a pirate. He was getting a new one commissioned by the government so that it was up to date with the latest wanted pirates.
                                                M y xxx T h e m e xxx S o n g

    Even in the darkest of timesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I can see my own path clearlyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    And will light my own wayxxxxxxxxxx
    Glowing as bright as firefliesxxxxx

    And in the darkest hour of night
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    Dapper Hunter

    User Image
    Devonheart D. Lethaniel

    Going to deliver Bink's Sake
    We are pirates, slicing through the seas
    The waves our pillows, the ship our roost
    Flying the proud skull on our flags and sail

    Now comes a storm through the far-off sky
    Now the waves are dancing, beat upon the drums
    If you lose your nerve, this breath could be your last
    But if you just hold on, the morning sun will rise

    A little bit away from the beach, Lethaniel found the rather large town. With no map, he knew nothing not even the name of the town, but some how, the young pirate manage to find his way to the main street of the town that led to the harbor and was littered with stops of all ships and a bar that seems to be it mantel piece of the town. "The 'Purple Nurple' bar, huh? Heh... that's a funny name. Maybe I can find someone to join my crew!" Lethaniel strolled over to the front door, Lethaniel kicked open the door and sat down at the bar top. "Mister! I would like a shot of whiskey please!" the excited pirate called out to the bartender, "wait.... What is the drinking age here? You know what! Who cares that's what! Make it ten shots!"

    The bartender brought over ten shots of whiskey and set them in front of Lethaniel with a very skeptical look on his face, but sighed and walked to the other side of the bar, Lethaniel then turned on his seat and stood on top of his chair. "Anyone who wishes to join my pirate crew I will give you a shot of whiskey! I am accepting and all who wishes to go on an adventure across the glorious sea!" Lethaniel smiled proudly at this plan because he is so sure that someone will join him and that nothing will go bad.

    Where: Purple Nurple
    Who: Mad Eye Roland, Emerarudo G. Flex
    Condition: Hopefully
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    Nix S. Gallen
    "The Silver Demon"

    I've just now begun to search, over the splashing waves
    For the everlasting world
    With this overflowing passion in my chest, I will go anywhere
    Seeking the light yet unseen

    When the summer sun shakes my heart's sail
    That's the signal to open the door to a new world
    Swaying on the waves, surpassing my despair
    Aiming for the other side of the horizon


    The clean yet salty smell of the sea, the melodic sound of waves crashing against the hull of the ship, all of it seemed to bring a sense of nostalgia to Nix. Though it also brought a small feeling of dread at times but the reason is unknown to her. Since the woman was alone out at sea she was sailing in to put it bluntly.. A Dingy of sorts. A shoebox compared to the much larger pirate ships out there. "Ah~. An island is up ahead. I was starting to run out of supplies so I can restock there before heading out though.. I can't get to the Grand Line by myself and in a tiny little boat like this." A sigh passed her lips as this realization hit her. One could only sail so far on their own, without a crew. If she wanted to see more of the world and possibly find what she's looking for then she needs to join a crew. The downside of that is that would put the Marines back on her heels, she only avoided them so far because there was no wanted poster of her out and there was no pirate emblem on her sail.

    "Oh well.. They'll come after me one way or another. I don't remember what made me a pirate in the first place but it's not like they'll believe I don't remember." Nix muttered as she reached the dock, a bit glad to be on dry land. The pirate hopped out of her boat to tie it up and then head into town. First things first, she wanted to unwind a bit and get something to drink. So to the local bar it was! While the name 'Purple Nurple' was odd, it didn't look too bad a place. The silver haired woman walked in only to see a Marine, a stranger offering to drink with him, and another person who.. 'Did he just admit to being a pirate infront of a Marine!? Is he insane!? She tried not to let the shock appear on her face as she sat down at a table by herself. Some could see Lethaniel as brave but the rest would view that as just plain stupid and reckless. 'Well this day has started on an interesting note..'

    Where am I now?: Lougetown, Purple Nurple
    Who are you again?: Lethaniel, Roland, Flex
    Condition: Perfect
    Out of Cash: o wo Howdy all~.

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